Les Smith, Jason's Dad/Legendary Memphis News Anchor, on the J&J Show Friday

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Friday, May 18th

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Broadcasting on 929688. Yeah man online at 99 espn.com. This news that she's been done. Already own purposes. Station 92 night event ESPN. All right as far as found. Face down badly in 99. FM. Is being. And Willis now Jose Memphis legend. Found that would have the Bebop fatherless Smith while lenses now what an honor fresh off the rose. Tired he is free. Life is good. Life is good I just want to say to begin with I know. To use that it had historical fund that pays because you're dead he lifts you would ban to do with the it's known here. I don't know that was bad for you the listeners know man that idea because they played they knew they know how much some issue meant what I know there and I just wonder is there any money left and you don't need any lights are elite largely eluded gambling ally on the fourth level. You don't need any you put it all up and you could very well I think he made the plays -- get near the gory blood yeah the paint delicate real purpose of the go funny everybody realized separation programs should be worse balance that is best man arrested this man used to be a man beaten like us but Denny looked tropical mantra if you look like a vacation either married I'm gonna have all but we've got I got a pickle paired shirt on with the yellow veterans listen close that is heavily moves since it's an open air bar with the thatched roof let's and I love it and you have on the back paired O'Meara on the back and I repaired again with the current with us and I don't believe this guy just went and shortened those block off Oakley is a somber mood. Now they're now not doing it later I needed glasses he acted. Bloomberg News well that was where we need you want it how does it feel to be back I've got to get on their home I was the field and you've seen a few friends and had a few films in a few fell on her telling everybody seeing. A few. Family members and we wanna see more of course we more see more reforms we have four more days we will be leaving until. Next Tuesday but I just to give here. With seventy now good lower CNET you know while I'm embarrassing you well I X you couldn't go to the paint in. Once you can go to the bar for our people so they know how to get to you you can't just flat to Belize city to get to you to take a southwest by go directly to police say that's great but to get to use imposed since you've you've got to take a hopper he got away there had not ever for a world believes the end there's no there's no lights by the airport unless wanting to get. I regard though I don't realize there why have been now there will there are no night flights are they cut it up because the airport he believes in and that's that scares me glad I'm not allowed to use a little bit narrower and no light cut off. Flights coming in. And about six when the sun goes down or whatever so no flights coming and after that I wouldn't you have hopper flies to will take you once you get to Belize city. The way we came through was through Lannan all net income. Down to believe city in the take a hopper flight now how long is that flight that's only seventeen minutes to get follow us on to where we need to be at Nero. Now other animals goats and other animals on this flight with you on opera like is it is just people don't bring out. The other acts he's on top flight though there are other actual people on the top of our lives are made to kill Al grouped user and no group t.s they're big red what do you miss most about Memphis in the time that you've been going in and I know you'd you'll. You'd save you know family and all that that's up there but I mean the city and the would you miss most about the city of people. In the food. We had our bench in all passed through when you can over the other than where I've got me out a narrow window seat you know we don't there's no fast food and man about forty or drizzle in our way. Yeah about like 48 crystals that. Idea like the first I got really Regan because they can't. Well there are we're supposed to crystals ear gel well Cory Bennett but I I had winter that we've got Arby's and all that but you don't you don't have now what we do have of course her. Fun lobsters which we use pulled directly out of this this a year and that come eat them on a daily basis that. Keeps you healthy Nestor did a and we have a lot of Rome so between Roland laughs you're becoming a little more time in what time do you have your first drink. Around as Lisa bring the first 730. AM excuse if it gets what is and it's a bit it's a bloody and we are doing is okay ours is our view is a collateral libraries. It starts at 730 watch your television and today show things like that carefully and told him we knows all that yet knows more about your that well and then. We I usually do the crossword puzzle have access to New York Times. On subscription own on the Internet audience. I do that and in about that time were you noted by then are you like your only now double blow mayors and your own good. Well if you don't feel good and Tim then the next winner is blocked and in Orange on Beckham Bechtel is done. The bad fifteen minutes after the first three bloody Mary told Landis its its order for every day. This is is this was Johnny's night last night the regiment and I'm heartened today yeah. Yeah well it's a Reggie you get used to it and it's like. You know we're not alcoholics or anything we just you're tired man Blair I do different live we'll go round going to go so well there is something about living in a tropical invited her being in a tropical plays that just is you know it it it lends itself the wanting a drink. That's exactly right I don't know how to explain it well it it's true and you know we're not the only ex pats. They're Americans or Canadians Europeans who lived down there who believes of course is in English speaking nation right so. And the American dollar is two for one. That's why he's so nice popular retirement nest as popular retirement destination so at least if you have trouble for most argued there's no stuff you can tell you I mean we're we're 24 so we actually love each other so there you go we go we don't get on each other's nerves and we enjoy each others who will. Go fishing together we will swimming together we go and we play music revealed Monday night life that's a beautiful. Beautiful life argue. I hit this one and you can tells where your own but few weeks go on FaceBook you posted. Basically that you were going to name all the crooked politicians in Memphis Tennessee and how you were not a sure out sat it's easier for you to do that. Now I'm we're a little. I'm onto you wanna play nice willow where will we were cringe a little we wondered what are you come back here name names would you undo what's going on with that you said more to come on FaceBook or you are you've got scum lawyer named the names of all the crude bounces and Memphis are you doing that later what's. What's happening within half. To read my FaceBook page. In the following week what's what's happened to use. I'll warn you all my ducks in a row is there. Great coach Wuxi. Did occur. So I'll get all the ducks in a row all the information and Hannibal the individuals and am going to be bringing up is this for real here. Yes I've been working on and everything else that trick it no rhetoric against yeah I mean it's study in you know. But here's the thing. I'll put it in in this bank. I'll let those whom he met the City Council. To look at themselves personal. And say what have I done. For this. Whom what do I definitely got the idea what you are you living in Belize Janine paying taxes anymore and you're still you're only a year old eyes out real accountable. You vote that matter where you know and that's what I've does play a little bills that it that you still cared that's why. I do I do still care about is people and the other thing and I'll lawyers say are to the people themselves. Ronald Reagan. Wrote the president feel warm and furry. When he asked. American the American people are you any better off and you were four years ago. And the resounding answer would was. No and that's why he was wounded this is the same thing the voters. In Memphis. And Shelby can issue an ass and sales because it would be elected politicians have done are you personally. Any better off than you were four years ago. Eight years ago. You know that put the questions of poverty. The questions of unemployment. The questions of well rampant racism. Still exist no question about and so I think that. There's an election coming up August morning in 1920182019. The City Council several members. Are going to be up I mean you still aren't blessed you are up on it so I'm just saying the when you go to the ballot. If you ask yourself as voter you'd think the person that dialect. To this office. Some years back. And head has done anything for me Newton and have your answer is no if you can't they go warning saying. That they have done for years. As opposed to their cronies. Whether colleagues. Whether own self interest. Inge should vote him out that's all things are gonna be more information honestly. Now that's the helmet speeds lord that as they have and how heavy it was good there was very heavy but I'm glad we have people like let's Smith told me about durable we need it. Well it's because I danced I still cater I spent thirty years in this test you guerrilla. Yeah I saw you write some the other I try to stay off your FaceBook has its parent to parent. Sometimes. The people that respond to you because it I do it'll last a Renault get angered but would you made a point on there. Hum not too long about how Memphis should be and could be the perfect. A thank you put an asset on our mayor. Petri dish that right because we're in a predominately black around. But what Wright but about a place where it could work. And we've seen it work right and and ends in which an American sports went right when tiger's goal programs going while wall pull in one direction would see how beautiful. It is in Memphis Tennessee. Oh what the common interests are music athletics. All these very little assault that pull us all wondering others so why in the world can't we take those thing we should be taken out and showing everybody else ought to do all those Ghana and that oh and l.s talk about you know we talk so much about old music. Why can't Memphis. Doom doom these. You know and then nine confuse me out. Well we talk about Elvis and CB skiing I'm proud of our Arab news out there inherited Danica what we need new blood we need new music studios to create new music. Don't always just rely on. All the pollsters I know that they'd make money off all the souls. And end. I give them all their respective owner duke. But we and I got you know minced onion and moving. Music movies you're you're wrong as you all know what a day do it here in in Memphis as opposed heavily go to Nashville and do it. I'm a bloated measure does more go ahead. One Annika because I knew I was coming on with the number one radio show all that's kind of but I'm low amateur around. I'll have you seen this have a will ask you this because you've covered this case you were on a back in new format have you seen. The new info that's kind of come out of Lorenz and right. The pretrial stuff food of the of the bond stuff on all of the return all the sneeze a third against. A third conspirator. Jamie Martin is is shares cousin he's apparently involved. Helped plan the murder. What do you think did you did you. Where you'll guy. That believed share originally like many of us did that that she's the wanna put it out there right lemons it was legal with a boxing a flip drugs and economic or did you always think that. The air must've had something to do her story and governments and it just never did you ever I saw April Thompson had had a one home with her did you ever have a an interview directly with Sierra I talked. With her attorney at the Tonka. And also heard divorce attorney Gail Mathis win when she learns new words are trying to work area divorce settlement. But it things like the mysterious men who. Came up to the door and they just know who write no right or summarize in 98 or goal is to an advocate. Yeah it for the let's start. These stories that she told they were numerous and and end all of lowered different. In bills so I'll always had it in the suspicion. There it all wasn't factual. Now the thing is now. What they're going to do and you can see it coming I mean if you watched law and order a whole pot. Bowl laurel arena knows what have you got three now people. Who or you'll under the micro scale only to charged yeah London's network elements on Broadway version as well you know they're gonna start turning on one another. Or maybe two alternates was just Sharon O'Leary will dance double who has a murder on who has Steinbrenner always an American Heritage or marble relief supplies pertinent information hoping that he will be spared or given some kind of look. A shortened sentence. So you're going to see a situation where this is what I. This is what hope does that happen. Let's not drag and they go to trends in ride our man aren't a lot of percent Alnylam you know so we've said it all has there go we are so it's all up all Sully his memory somewhere and selling that things that he. That he did for this city and as a as a community leader. Don't go and all these all this other stuff and all this trash. People have lots. OK not everything that they do is the greatest thing in the world okay. But that doesn't mean. Bet that things that you QG. Especially community one thing should be. There detracted from writing doesn't it whatever aiming low and personal life what he did for this community was inflation coming here playing at the school. A big high school store come in here playing for the grizzlies all the things. I mean eastern and always have smiles but has always given back during his career during his career has given about. I'm I'm with you on what you decide emotional man all I do you know because I interviewed rings and back in size. You know and I got to know him. A little bit. And so whenever you'd do it whenever you see a tragic income to someone whose life you. Briefly were engaged with us. It's a tragic situation especially when his children in low near. It's terrible to let me ask you this Tom. On air and with our listeners listening what it's just not talk about this on his show this morning. Kind of compare it my whenever we have Mike Miller on the now universe in deficit a system to play in India alone town and a lot of spots including Memphis you talk about mr. Obama might he talks about. What that does mean some NY you know at the people here just the feeling and that's why he came back readies how to make a home here. Back in here in the early eighties when we came here our supporters for your you'll come north for channel five and we get the gate while. I'm sure there were. At camp for a lot of people that are in the TV business writes about getting to the next market you try to move up markets are trying to get to the bigger market. Why was Memphis so perfect for your family why was it why were you not let me get to the biggest mark because that's what we were try to do that aura which I MacArthur wrote yeah slighted we settle here what was it about Memphis that. That kept the the belief. We used to we remodeled when we're here we send out here because we've found. Happiness. We want is we're trying to put our finger on what is it about mental audio format in Memphis and that thing about Memphis is number one it's the people. The people that you meet that you worked with the food the people that you meet. Just out doing your job. The great stories great securities great history at this place. Not just in sports but in history itself. Even a king assassination all of things it's a part of the Olympus legacy. And Memphis people are good people. Yeah 1%. Less than 1% may be out there doing bay. But the not mean nine point. 9% of the people you know are here. To live and enjoy their lives and they give to other people we have become the city of greater boom. And that is true yeah I mean visitors. Let people who believes seeks. Who have come to me and they find that all you from Memphis. And they ego that's a great place. We would dare we visited we AD you know we did the whole oil was little and we would it ain't it ain't for all below like it's unique in our people letting people from I I just wonder what it would is that. Yeah well it's that it's a magic Memphis has of on the magic about it. That draws you hear you may leave Memphis but a lot of times you come back no question. That's in the end there's a reason for it draws you back here. Because of the people. Who are here yeah and and that's the bottom line of innings. I'm happy now now yet the legend less Smith in studio. Flew all the way from bullies just it just to come in studio amount woes that is you do your voice already over. Below you'll thank you will allow appreciated on this on this hearing your voice to we don't have. We don't have a great deal interest in sports and leaves you guys don't listen to or show them. Yeah I'll occasionally we get it where you are just completely bored. Well hold. No only when you have good as a cute amends you know what you know we have good. We'll be trying to learn how we have to try to I'm not an Internet. Well you do in it and that's a great thing which leads of 101 to say about you two guys. You guys are setting a new plateau us nonstop yes you'll feel you know I don't know I'm just because you're my son. And he's mile wide and I exactly. Yeah but it it is because. Memphis radio has always been. Segregated it is the last bastion of media in this town. It has been that way and country is countries whose rule. There's still there's built in or action. You know if you don't see that and now you guys from Kabul and a lot of they're the reason that that your popularity. Has risen to the heights that it had. Is because you you both come from different backgrounds. You both come from from from different areas different different thoughts different histories Deborah. And now he you'll. As of the first real black and white team on the radio in Memphis Tennessee. Now when you don't really know and how well you re not a lot out of LA LA LA is that in law and respect and I have been raised that bar and and you've done an issue because both you guys. Are intelligent and you're Smart. And you've opened up on issues and brought people in you just don't dig act kick kick kick kick. You have necessarily run a report on here to death the other thing you report you give honest stuff. So much of sports radio and there's a lot of you didn't wore out. Talk talk talk in the room. Rule that you drew a roar shoot my guru undated you know pretty out today do you know again I'm not I'll show it who's dad worked. But then you know you're like Neil deGrasse Tyson you had him on line a look at why does your white son Dario they're white and got him. There you go hang out and you know I had all this campaign Sinbad you have all these people. Who are some Dutch people now the first week that showed what I'd go see you as an hour or I don't know and now if you ask. I have listed and I and I America but no lodges wants you to know that you guys are the number one radio show. Because. Of who you or in what you've done. And you took you went from north. You guys went from no Moody's we saw bill of Korea there stroke you're sure you're. But now you guys give him a present the ball are so. Very very kind of you that's you need to do that to me talk and makes. To see my dad proud makes me so thank you think things that I did in the of that money I thought I got the money. That embodies the Bob hey Gerri yeah yeah. Notice. The lady but let's not there but there's one person in this show of this three bancgroup does give the money I'd bet it's got sack lunches over there on drop my 2006 miles six there's only one part allies that cruise around a brand new. Truck I got right out for a there's one person get the money ran deadening me is that right now that we don't start someone you know your legs you break up the candidates started ago when we opens. And I don't really sort of authentic via this video started a forty page for the same reason Jason Day which is he's so distraught that you let wall there you go you know well Larry yeah now now it's good having you back what do Shia plan for the other four days you got left yup you got your lovely granddaughter is graduate from Germantown tomorrow morning yes how many more people the you have to see in Memphis I imagine you allow for lineup my brother Larry is coming in these you know its Euro coal iron and now he's bringing a boatload of slopes. We're gonna see older friends and our favorite haunts a great to have grandchildren graduate high school gonna make you feel old. Don't wanna eventually bought from your appreciative or something up all these people would tell me the grandchildren the greatest thing ever like right yeah. I'm not with a it. No lobbying weird deal if it's wonderful to have the the legs when your goal and we do now active in India and in the C guys view and in India do so well and be so successful and contribute and and yeah it does it it makes you feel grew. Mike signatures coached our spring football team dad used to play for our bear. About that things have changed the humidity about the spring football got AAF Obama staying your laying. That's what they need to do look at the history of the US for a role in all these other teams that the village came in. OK if you gonna star league. And you gonna go from from or how long is it anyway right after the Super Bowl site and starts and yet and regular season we have February tell the charities and April. Yeah February that it may be character has got CBS did a lot of big absolutely I saw the opening. And it's dad dad Dick Ebersol sun behind him Charlie and act. He's been on the show before yeah and we've got Spurrier is gonna coach or land your opponent and stuff like yeah and it is girls and Salt Lake team. Yeah and Brad Childress is dorktones go to Atlanta but it. And there are only four and except stayed in your lane. If you're gonna if you go to do that limited amount of time built late to a state USFL did they had a good thing going on. And then led by Donald Trump. Who's the owner of the Washington should oh cool side to go all we're gonna sing the national political agreement right and they yeah and they lost at all. So home let Lee go. Let this league you've got the TV contract. Use that and stay with in your lane and then who knows what will happen from there or maybe the NFL will adopt the some of these other cities and open up a little bit lower but. Please don't go. A lot bigger and other not trying to compete with the NFL I don't think they have the right at that doesn't wanna be PX FL let's come up into doesn't want to write it feels like they got to beat him yet and it's not that bad they're actually it's not an adversary relationship with the NFL college and I completely that would enable these funky I think you're I think you're right they know that that's the plans that try to be well Arlen anyway and he ill legal and then every talk to your dad since they are way yard don't. About that. Oh. The excitement is wonderful. And I think electric. I really do I think he. He'll surround himself with good people and I think that he has got only on analog your memorabilia towering bad luck in whose Bill Clinton is still talk about Yemen and I think that this is going to be an exciting time. For for mental brother feels like Anthony feels like we were grown up no parades through midtown man and 85 and all that stuff yet you still like you did like we could get back says he'll do the midnight madness thing definitely -- all at midnight like but I'm almost come up and feels important juicy targets on the bus up blood we have live or I. The bill believes again just from midnight. Did you read it to be ready for thought today you know you ready for. I already young and even know no help on and off I read that that's little did I do what they've already. L article I'm ready I can read your regular unleaded bag over let's Smith. Are they realized that not going to be planned tiny whining Edna was bands that now we're on the wanton we we will really more like bit. If we did we you could tell us if you still wanna call OK okay they'll play it up well then. To some. Until it's. Yeah when there was a stage on account. It's. Terry Goddard OSS. It just didn't factor I think oh please don't. That is tough for them. Right there and somehow we gotta get that news. Mainly and as a veteran for that stuff has found lets out a written in Nevada we. He's admitted free six he's Lecce Iceland's 36 for you and you also played some love crew in route that rattle around focus and hi. That is money that you have there's never approved for performing live as man you know I honestly classic written all over them okay did he give you know let's give him. Yeah it's. Gonna be all right good deal. There are you gonna do I use three of bets from believes owner to have gambling that it be legal here I don't know whose country in a little bit I know. Police say two things about that's a double a.'s soared okay yes he is like if these neighborhood of the stated previously. Does not give involved with is a way we you know we will win big they'll have to because Arkansas and Mississippi are already well along on top of this for sure they're gonna start making some money it's probably gonna say. The the casinos into America. Aren't you know l.'s all weren't already way out in front on their mutual bedding a beaming captain. Now here's the bad part. The bad part of it is it's we don't need any more people addicted gambler. And I see that coming as well the human side of it is you're gonna he could. She is ruling. Society in those they are more susceptible. To gambling they're in Obama and that's what you have to look at you have to look at the human factor is will also have to look at. I don't believe themselves. And those players. Or those. People around players that how older. You know the odds are raw video. Who might try to sway mostly integrity of iron you don't mess with integrity so they have to watch. I'm not the love what I'm sure the it was fun for us opens trumpeted lament the standard I assume where I guess will be waiting for this. Big expose they deserve revelation yes of vote yes got a lot coming vote face it feels OK feels like a shameless plug the little did I have a lot more and we ought to live through that little shameless movie analysts. Yes but I I'm not you know. Other people common pollutants and just do it filters was fantastic having you in the studio we've got to get to disarm the oh yes we do qualifying that we sign it group it. All right well reporting legend listener. It's hopefully not sound off for the last time you'll rejoin us some. I think yes. Did you did you commit Tibet's millions. They're they're not really out of here and the pro dance around that memory while it was hard because I don't they did they got god or you wanna do it are we prepared I mean we got to do we get news again last night. So ago. You guys if you guys want me to be alone he thinks we don't value the segment didn't know why oh are you. Say that I don't think of that exit at. A lot of need to be with you war got to zero mall and did I ought to be where we aren't I'd be more than happy outcome won't be too late third season now we'll look Morgan you know my homework and as per usual but maybe even an out if you are an idea and they don't I might even have many names of some of the code does for our players I guy makes it better yet we love that. But either way we just want to be a part of the show for as long as you wanna be going forward aren't in appreciated everything that you have done for me and for your white stuff. Yes thank you decadent. Well I keep police. All right all right. I root we'll do I need to undo what it. Yeah I don't ever uploaded this. Okay are reminded listeners and now we're overdue welcome back around an all out general John noted Jennifer just he.