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Thursday, May 18th

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Coach what's happened. What Norton. Young man. I let's you can come on the Sony that you want to keep on me that I'm on. Well. I understand that you have you might be going on the DL yeah not might M going on the DL it. Little little knee surgery yeah so here's like here's what I realized. So I hurt my knee in Boston in January and then I I thought it might be. Less severe than it was so I played a couple of at times playing basketball with some guys Mora suitable to my agent it seemed fine. I could dummy then I went on the big court with some of our young assisting coaches that played like division one basketball and some rather young guys and thought that I was that age once again in mind he quickly told me that I was now. Those things do have a tendency to happen you know once you. Take on competent might feel that much but yeah I'll heavyweight you know why not give you gotta go port. Yeah and let's first time I've ever gotten some seriously hurt so I've figured 44 I am I dodged the bullet on an outbreak. I let's talk a little baseball or at the corner away mark and a lot of talk in the American League about the Yankees and about the Astros right now Baltimore hang in and their Boston. I think that's going to be a fun three team race tell me your thoughts on that yankees squad they've got such young talent. In the offensive side and with the loss of a world is Chapman very few teams. Could survive something that will would still on the chances in Tyler clipper they have to capable closers there if they wanna step in that role they're getting good starting pitching. Is this Yankee team good enough to sustain this or will be Orioles and Red Sox overtake them. What I think you're good enough to to all go one on it that's for sure I think it's going to be a knockdown drag race with those ballclub because. You know Austin and in Baltimore looked every pitch in the tank. That they did they have our part so you get that don't you can do so. Boston's gonna be there the Yankees going to be there but you know what it's no surprise to me that Chapman blew out you couldn't but don't lashed years. What the hell are we used last year. Now in the in the post oh absolutely I mean they warn him of the ground. So let me ask you this there's I wanted to talk to you about that a little bit does Chapman's out now. You hear a lot of people there's a new book out talking about how the new stats of baseball are kind of ruining the game and the save is one of them. Obviously the closer is a is something that you are very familiar with you had some great ones in Atlanta. Between Wohlers and when John Rocker was on his game and end. Guys they could finish out games with the best of them. But there is the notion now of why not use a guy if you've got the role as Chapman and you've got. A situation where you're the home team and you've got a top of the seventh inning where the opposing team puts the first two runners on. These guys make their money through stats likes to saves but if you get a guy and you can use him in the seventh or use him in the eight are you in favor of battered do you believe heavily. That there should be a set up guy and a closer guise of pitching coach where what you stand on the. Well I would stay and B and W here you're closer in the seventh inning I don't see nothing wrong on that when the ball game on the line to save situation. Because that big now. A lot of lot of your stable opportunities earlier closers. You know that they're very really commitment to inherited runners in the night immediately starting with a clean ending. And then I think that's what that's where you get the feeling that all the stats are overrated when you get so many say that. And it season so and they all are preparing to sit at Betsy to go to what the big deal is about due to realities in La can be that would not that's ball. That's that was his approach he was closing out games force. And Egypt think it was that big a deal to get three outs and I don't either that have been made a big deal by the media but the picture was. The what do we look forwards that are written and verbal president it would come in the game with inherited runners and they didn't score. What ward of two I was used to look at an and the debt are really looked dead and what person guys and it carries a lot closer can't do that the so called closer in the seventh and. Yeah I that's I kind of fallen that still I get or these guys wanting defined role. But I'll watch in last night's cardinals Red Sox game. And Boston may eighth in the bottom of the ninth with the game tied. That they bring in Craig Kimbrel. Because they don't want Saint Louis to win the game is about will roll the dice and they went deep inevitable that it ends up paying off even though the cardinals had more arms last night. The Red Sox end up winning the game Brian O was in the game for Saint Louis at that point do at the top of the ninth I see it more. Where you'll see a closer pits the top of the ninth and a tie game but rarely do you see enough on a wait team closer. Pitching the bottom of the inning. To get out of that bottom of the inning and then he's done I think teams sometimes try to keep them in that we've got to use the only specific roles were I think. And if you can give me got to get three more outs and give me a chance to go back to the dish again. I'm taking it and I I think maybe that's where if I were a Major League manager. I might have the clubhouse want to do wanted to chase after me after a few with a few illegal slaughters but I think in the end my theory would would help you win more games. Well of course this seems to be a weekly news. It never use your clothes are on the early on the road in the in the ninth in a tight game but you lose yet free adding it all with a closer exactly what you yet. India but there's nothing wrong with what you know you in the unit and a guy in the ninth inning on the road pitcher closer because I don't get an extra I think it'll bring it and right. You know I mean what sort. I don't understand all that they can you know it's based on common sense and any you know I gather the elite pitchers to the other every year. And you don't god knew there was going to be times when you're gonna use your closer and closer needed a couple days of a breather you know. Yeah so I would I would column I'd call together not say is there anybody on this Major League staff of Major League bullpen. It doesn't think taking it very upset and it. Hope that you get three outs an inning what are you doing here right. Now they don't think so if you if there's nobody here I don't think I think this why he won't be that there are getting three outs in the seventh. We're getting three outs in the might like to explain that to make yet all we can do that we can do that but I think you're seeing guys. They're react differently in different situations there's some of that a couple of or the seventh and and guys with cold or stuff. I want to support the night. That guys in double that close or stop the same approach all games in the night I don't throw the metal approach. But you know that's a pitching coach that's I used to approach the guys to try and make sure that you felt that there was somebody you can go to. When you can go you can put your clothes or what time. Yet you find out who's got ice water in their veins and whoo yeah yeah I don't know it got a quick thought it couldn't. Yeah that's been back there it always does one make me wonder sometimes when I see guys come on and and they can move the ball all over the plate and you think that on my guess is that would make an incredible closing gets the opportunity to do it. And all the sudden he's very very different act different look it's not gonna Leo Mazzone in here Sports Illustrated. Three years ago had a cover. And they had the Astros on the cover in fact it it said. Your 2017. World Series champions. The Houston Astros that baseball's great experience it was George springer. On the cover at the time they took a back last year predicted they would win last that did not happen this year they are by far and shoulders right now as we get the quarter mark of the season. The best team in baseball. RD one point nine a 41 games they've got a season as they've got a series this coming weekend with Cleveland where I think if they do what. I kind of expect him to do it on which is when at least two if not all three they're gonna release solidified that stamp. Is this a team that you see that has all of the makings of a world champion. No question about it don't want tell you what there's an underrated. There this year that wasn't there last year and he's idled late. I don't think it's no accident that accuses pitchers are ever rebounded from last year. You got Brian McCann yeah final plate yeah and he has made a huge difference in their club plus the fact is that he's still great they all run to that ballpark. He's one of the best receivers in the game. And so he's doing a great job but I mean back to me what is a huge addition to the ballclub. How about the fact that they have get had. It's good guys that were and it and that typically that he brought up Evan Gaddis and Brian McCann are back together again in Houston and we're seeing Houston yeah that this thing. He's not I thought they get so I think it's great I'm actually root formed a win their division I'd like to say I like the way they play the game like the way they. I love. They'll get a pitcher Google publicly glory. I mean he changes speed up late disagree game against the Yankees. Oh about 45 days or whatever what I wanna watch that game. And want to watch that series with Houston in the Yankees in order what is series with the cubs and yankees in the so it's it's gonna it's going to be pushing on them going down urban but it you don't like. You have a couple divisions I think that the races girl already overtake that's actually east is over that yeah sure and it looks like he extra couple await everybody. I mean that that the Rangers have won seven straight game yes great. And there are eight games behind the U stance via the gift babe on seven straight games and there's still eight games out and you're gonna grab by the way at the up forty game mark. Your plan for the wild card it's done unless anything dramatic happens there is done and they got a great bull bull and I I really like. The youngster odd events ski who has 44 strikeouts seven walks. In 24 innings pitched which tells me one he's thrown strikes and he's willing to challenge hitters. As he has given up a few hits here or there. But he's willing to go after guys rather than try to nibble I like to see that. As well they're smarter individual god. Well I I think they would need only win it when you only want you when your walk and anybody give up a few electorate but yeah spectacle or your bank and a budget strikes so. You know I'd much rather take that in the it'd be the other way around or you're. Would you Wear your walk of people in the Euro stood to a metal base as the other direction notched. We're open that Freddie Freeman hands up we're still here on her B word. As of yet still trying to find out the word on Freddie Freeman. And his injury it's data available at terrorist is the last time I look bad attitude gadget on the wrist last night. But he had fourteen home runs going in the last night Ryan Zimmerman has thirteen. But the big names Bryce Harper Mike Trout now airing judge we're getting some young players playing at the top of their game once again. It is true I think that baseball means a superstar how likely is it that we can see these three guys with harper with Trout with Aaron judge. Even a guy like Freddie Freeman and some of the other younger players coming up. Really helped this game continue to grow in its popularity because it is a battle now because of all the things you can watch on TV any given night. Whereas when I was drawn out look it was pretty simple you re the watching baseball or your watch and a sitcom now they've got 900 channels of everything. And baseball's got to fight for viewership. Well I think baseball still property of its game I mean it is I think it is popular now than ever what bolt the world you know what it's it's basically that you look at. You look at hockey he's hoping that. You know Nashville in the that we could be an unmarked playing in the Stanley Cup they wanted you know yet if you wanna see. The Yankees and in new York and Chicago and all and LA and separatist go in the big big time markets coming. That's basically what sports wants to see and but now. You know I mean Pete. You the small market team it's great they're great stories. Small market teams are great stories. But small market teams are gonna draw all the ratings on TV that you're from big market teams that play is simple right in the end sooner or. That's what you see I don't think it entertaining to do without. Young players that Babbitt talk about young players up the last two years amid a baseball starting Major League Baseball has a great group of young boy you know and it in people that are people who are going to be good for a long time. I think Trout are already in to that start status. Just a little longevity will give the superstar status and I'm sure miss that a few guys other that to date from you love Mike de blob would be to double mister trouble the other night. He looked again no bigger than like 56 and about a hundred pounds young gives a a great opportunity to take complaint that we big struck me you know to be this huge guy like in clip already NBA and that. And I think he's a great example of a young kid that they don't have to be super super human in order to have it to. Professional sport it's it's the ups it's the only coaches. That are in the game with these traveling I'll start teams that try to make these kids to argument that the problem not yet. I agree with that and see and I him Dustin Pedroia and some of the other. Some of the other guys in and around that's I mean look look at and their NCR day he's he's not that they're Ahmed Al will play like they're really really good player. In Atlanta I coach cows how's the coats and affirming gone before let's go. And I mean we had debt they're 47 and forty orbit taking back from like eleven in nineteen another 2724. And here and there are tournaments start next week so. Appreciated the report they don't know yet. And in the course you have to win net win that tournament to move on in we'll see what happens. Wishing for the best for you there and let's catch up again real soon and then now that it's summertime once they get off the crutches. We're set now that hang out too late for sure. You got it because you know. That would wee bit about this for two years remain app. Our enemy and happened Purdue and at this summer for sure partner like oh yeah and always appreciate it. Take here Leo Mazzone right there the best simply the best.