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Monday, June 18th

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Welcome back to outdoors with Larry you re brought you proudly by. Tennessee wildlife resource agency. Darden power sports sportsman's warehouse. And best care home services. Good morning everybody and welcome once again. Or was there right this is our final segment on this Saturday it is just flown by. We're coming to you from the studios that he has been in 79 here in Memphis Tennessee. The year also broadcasting on Brown's full of nine to five point three in Jackson Tennessee at 101 point by now you have figured out. This is not clear favorite this is frank Barton with filling in for the introduction. For this segment ruler you know with this they're also is got tree Bowes who's been coming up we'll talk hasn't moved. Monikers to hang on to learn. So without. Further ado the new leads. Oracle of the outdoors. And no wonder boy go wild life and go long and it only at Blair era. Well I think I'll just leave and go home and you know I think it's hard to stop the human player and then will this week's gas won't agree with the idea that you know some main you know she too you know they do well that's for sure. This did not old deterrent Rick Carlisle okay all right Rick Rick knows the mean how much I love horses and all these different and the things that will we will get into that that. I have no everybody say when and where we get Rick Carlisle home. In June it's not bird dog time or anything like that but he has been busy out there this week and a plantation the didn't feel track course he said it was on a tractor and get a lot of work done that. A lot of folks. Are very and arrested in advance that happens and changed plantation. Once a year and it's not the national bird dog championships. It's the annual heritage. The name of this thing is a follow heritage festival. And it's one of my favorite of fans stood to hand and so I heard risk usually rumors that this would not occur this fall. So I civil let me talk to Rick in fact what is the status of the fall heritage festival. Tell our sister Rikki what's what's going around with a festival. Well last year we celebrated our cornea and he'll while they're oh. And Larry we had over 6700. People yell and yeah. Now look at night cry out bear now. And whatever we can effectively handle or prop Alvin birdie buyer. The when he gets above that band and the thing thing yet party interest in just tranda type aircraft or body of Mike sure that I get where they need to go and not expand Atlanta Lyle in late net sort of banquet. Out of that 6700. People we have RT paramedic call that night. And we had two individuals that had to be transported to medical ability. And it was two people dead at they had had quadruple up like that it quadruple bypass surgery. And I picked that date to come back out into the public arena and it was a any degree day. Yeah and both of them passed out. And so that was an issue the other eleven that and we're just the adoration and we got that water and that sort of thing but. The trust days all our night out and operate them like the year and will lead this everything that goes well planned nation. That drew a red Flag Day I started lighthearted look at that the liability. That we can possibly Al it should something happen. You know that the where somebody was in girder or whatever. Then it it was just LB too much or and so from a liability standpoint. I decided that we had just had our twentieth it was the biggest it was a bad. And that was again a note to end now. And that I would discontinue that buying. Primarily date old guy about it earlier just been successful. That's what I meant that the words isles won't need to see in where she mentioned Jamie Evans who has put his heart and soul into this event. And had a literally that's. This is gonna hurt to the quick. For him and urged a lot of us that lovely yeah. Love the event itself but as you said. This was something that really was just too good. Debate drew and you reach a point where. Where they expenses I slinky said we're pretty. A 150000. Dollar sum up along that line but you also mentioned that the crowds were so big. You had other issues out there this was not any slaves yellow didn't cull this fight the foundation made Disco. That is correct the update is about guys that might be doll. And in this thing is grown. When this when it started. I can remember when it started richter and I've never heard of fans that Al has outgrown itself and had to be stopped because it was too good. Yeah that that's kind of a unique that you like in the park here that we added. Laughing at about 400 people a lot of that yeah yeah and it is just grown every year since they have. Out of that one a year we at writing exams during the night and and act haven't dampened things but I guess it was probably for about a year ago right. And we did not target patient that that we still want it to people is not right in rough or. I started simply don't had wanted seven under people coming out of that. Amazing and and this was not this is not an easy event to put all right. I mean. It's it's very labor intensive. Jack he would which we have plantation. Historical society and a lot of those members would volunteer time yeah exactly jacket would at some point 82 under volunteer that would help that buying every year. Yeah out and that include your wife. I mean absolutely. Ever. Dressed dressed up in. Annals don't let the times clothing and things but it also give you a chance to showcase the place now. We want to let people know that. You can still go and Dravid C gangs plantation right this is not close them down the plantation. Of visitors who would like to come out there and NC would go zone. There. That is correct that it currently we still our state entered the manner Al there's still open yeah. On the aid yet solid open outlook or start the afternoon of each month from. March due October. And then Leo after close hit there in November. They December January or February but I'll have built trials of the drug they visit the net or buying that. If somebody would like to tour the Al large groups like Intel are all but the alphabet and apple schedule to work. But well you're welcome to come out and grab the public road densely what we're. We're still conducted virtually dale. We still have eight plantation in historical look Vietnam that. That out it is they'll run and it still work in. Jamie is still working with Roche college only archaeological built billed as well as universe you met its. And so we have a lot of activities that build all well and we you know we're we're here for the public company. And and you guess that the folks out there. Other a lot of history names and Rick. Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean you've been there how are now Rick 78 years how long you've been there. And and an adult years I mean. It's all hear about it and every year art but not RT seventy year. Oh my guys. I knew you when you were thirteen just started out there so good. Absolutely indeed you are but under day. I wasn't that out where we can in this now you know what we're getting carried let me ask you throw it lets you get back on the tractor and everything. A great advance the bird dogs the national champ to Gary Lester. Galley and me that I can you give him mice are gathering Geary. And and to do what he's done. So a lot of folks around. What do you do now yet you say you're getting ready that the courses and things like this this is a year round thing for you guys to keep that thing. Going right. Yeah just suspended the national championship the noble way to we are mark and not built Rocco yeah news. Late new constructive parting. And it is beneficial that I am after the oil wells and after we get departing and it epic coming and we've put him a lot that we plant dot. Would land over 250 but he plot really probably if you end up I'll sacred honor like bikers. A lot it will but he and now. This year I'll put in some deals antibodies. Drank our government and some delay and Egyptian late. And that they debate plot and and and that's where. Arguably released later that pol as well as not while part of our life and they'll that you lot of vote buying. They ought. Well Rick we appreciate you taking time on this. Saturday in June thank you buddy for road and it's a sad announcement. I know what's gonna just upon a lot of people in it disappoints you guys I know but it's something that has to be done and you you. You need to create things aren't good you know running only on an. That's that's kind of hard to do for you guys out there I know there was. Oh yeah out there you are correct that we got a lot Dolan and and you know liability and despite the biggest civilian aid here and it just got they want the truck state. Appreciate Rick thank you tell everybody hello I'm still vertical guy. I I've bounty hunter. And Rick Carlisle. You know you just don't hear about advance that's postponed because it was deuce is fixable. And and when he gets banned to a united mentioned some of the things theory to only that they had some. Food poisoning happen down there are several years ago a hundred people can't fake it now is different kind of things and they had to pay the medical bills. Just crazy so much anyway today this morning and added to. Indian motorcycles a mountain Iraq we're gonna have the what does that name and early on the south. Or manual fallen heroes memorial ride. It's in the memory of the two. Miss the start apartment yes firefighters that also lost fifteen years ago when the Family Dollar short or far and Frazier. And it'll start this morning and started actually it's complete authority there right now getting ready but it's at registration to economic clocked. And first by is that handy you know after a motorcycle to come and participate in it just come in and show your support drop a little bit of money in the in the register for the folks they. And why you're there appreciated why either buy a new motorcycle Father's Day in my that a few more through your father led them in for a day it go get the motors. Maybe a slingshot. And wouldn't not the not the and that got Trimble had taken away from him when he was a kid that the real card that thank you body. Go to jail are outdoors dot com and see what jazz got post on my website. Thank you shell do make golfer loved being here and course. Regret that his back they're taking care Shelby not that she needed taking care. So listen layer re ramadi do age every week that it doesn't cost an extra safety debate that's sort of what else guys. God bless the USA. Yeah.