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Monday, June 18th

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It's. Here's. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Asking them. Yeah. Hey. Mac OT. Okay. Good Saturday morning and welcome to another edition of the award winning. Outdoors with blaring away brought to you proudly by Tennessee wildlife resource agency. Pardon power sports. Sportsman's warehouse. And best care home services. Now here's your host. Larry your way. They did Saturday morning welcome outdoors. Yeah. ESPN. Radio right here in Memphis Tennessee that all you folks out Brownsville. A 15:20 AM and then at that point three FM and of course. The folks in Jackson Tennessee now. There's talk one on one point class of this June 16 it's hard to believe anybody knows tomorrow is Father's Day. Hope they'll hit it. Which putt dead. Still here I don't know a lot of us do I know. Both these gentlemen sitting in the studio with me this morning. And today ads and really had an influence on a low. That right got trade well absolutely. Yeah how about you frank. Earlier today goes Bravo for Kevin list click on the like this what a way into the show and we'll start to show with a little remember it's cause I knew. Gadgetry goes day and and you folks at that there would not be a saint Jude golf classic or whatever it's going to be next year. Without Joseph tree blow and a dad explained to our listeners little bit about your day. Well of course it was a local car dealer. But he was also one of the original organizers of the fixing what is now the clinics and you've classic actually where is the eco. Notably cults close world golf invitational I think they're gonna call it. I don't know about that but. For many years right well the very beginning the day you know what that first started you had. Kurdish person yeah and Vernon belt and so we're gonna. We're gonna put to put on a a PGA tour event here in Memphis and and Vernon. Was gonna handle the business side of it and Curtis would get the players certain but this these were members of colonial country club there was a member there. So what they did. To raise the original prize money they had a hundred business. Man in the community. Donate 200 dollars 200 dollars a base to 20000 dollars per the first year amazing now if you one point seven cookie may make to the winner if you're in the last place after making the cut you probably get more than the more than that yes but. It was having been raised out there and that tournament. My entire life not just my dollar bullet so many people like bargain now and Curtis yeah. Dutch acres in Ohio drinkers and all those guys what they did for that tournament. They were all volunteers yeah now in ages grew and grew and grew and then FedEx guy involved. But and now of course it's. Major and it. And one of the oldest onto your post your dad I'm so close to dad and you know lead. He did a lot of things for me along the way but I'll say this that ultimately this yesterday. My whole life growing up. People went out of their way. When they heard my name to come tell me something about my that's right read about what they thought they are then yes he'd get a lot for the city in. And you love the hospital saint do you hospital. And always. Says as the chairmen or whatever position he held a tournament he always remembered that this tournament is being played to raise money that. So and you have how many. Hit two girls and boy right I have four kids in my own it all grown now all four of my kids have one. One child so that four grandchildren and my youngest daughter colonies as she's pregnant again maybe which made it to him being we can Tivo world all those days. Is important for the tree goes absolutely. And that frank I know you're the third right you are frank Barton the third right. That is correct okay so frank Barton this second but somewhere we did upgrade some things but it OK we'll tell us about your day. My dad grew up in Memphis area was. Very successful business story out with his father yeah. And back in the days and the they were called cotton factors. Content type and working down there on front street. They bought. About content from. Local former ocean turnaround and sold it back in those days with the the cotton factors were actually the bankers for the file they work for the for the former familiar. It would borrow money and then they were pitted. Pay the money to pay the loan back from their crop. And he started out what that meant an opportunity giving him the farm equipment business and Tibetan. To order dune of things and kept on doing those are things and so dear members following along behind your dad's a certain things. I can rip I didn't actually I worked toward the businesses that Monday it wasn't payers independent advice is. But I was you know fortunate that news dollars a phone pole right yes and a oh and a little bit different from that standpoint but my son took four and yes I business and I am just talk about that now is Franklin is. You've got to son in daughter front and have a I have a son and daughter daughter. Has a gift shop with Franklin walked over Denver so strong in Blair resentment in Maryland and Marion America and there'd been very well and you have. The one there one grants and he is what's his name Franklin Franklin Awad. Franklin is the fifth is the fifth. OK so you're gonna but he's actually he's Franklin hardened Barton practice hard and Barton okay and how old losing. Bradley partnerships and epic and look at Frederick Barton a muffin and congressman team right now. We will via alma algebra. I okay well everybody knows that I'm the son or use guardian or new car dealer and my dad was. Very involved and automobiles grown up. Such as what mystery Bo was well for gathered Monday and Lizzie actually you. The owner of the first and only cast or Frazier dealership the state of Arkansas. A lot of folks say what was that Kaiser Frazer and they'll it was a car ahead of its time and and so was the Henry G day. You know he had the Henry JE. Leadership in Arkansas and very big in politics back in those days of the Democratic Party. And the lions club if my dad ever knew that. Who voted Republican. I'm not sure what he would do to me you know and actually spoke. Lost to a Rotary Club and he really let me have it you know because he was the lions club person but. Happy Father's Day to tell you folks out there I have a son that. That I wish the happy Father's Day to him tomorrow. And I won grand daughter who is 22. On twelve feel like sometimes but special special times that we're gonna have a lot of funnel today show. As we talk about different things. Going on the state deny no. Frank it Ed Barton power sports whether it's in Joel's borrow or. Wes Smith or Smith this. Art far city we're area and we got the Indian motorcycle leadership brought here writer on the court run around the corner from the radio station. I know that. This would be a good time today if you wanna lose that special gift. I'm total over one of those places right. That's try to put especially come to Indian methods to die. We've got we've got a pretty pretty important event going on this morning it'll. But we have in this we have an hour you know well we have that actually we had though OK we did and we we did have a last week which you Oakland. Well we that we are having say. Memorial arrived. It's four. Or fishing Kolb of fallen heroes foundation. And it was organized. A couple of noble ladies. Oreo might remember mr. about fifteen years ago this week. There was little fire at the Fenwick harsh for a from Frazier yeah. I don't remember deliberately deliberately set yet there were two firemen that winning this year or to the to the fire to. Save hopefully they were trying to save the person that set the farm yeah but he wasn't in there you're just up watching the farm burn. That the two farm and diet yes and they're widows. Found unfortunately that there were some holes and the benefits that were four of them and so they came one about Newt. Started this thing done as fixed fixed the problem and they've created this foundation so were having arrived today I'd start to. Registration starts at 9 AM this morning at Barton Indian Mathis down pitchers have entertainment Barack and Indians open milling to and don't have to do the whole thing you don't want to become in registered the money goes to. Very good calls that helps the families of other fallen heroes sleeper mainly firemen and it all enforcement officer prisoners of the great thing you know and it's I was pretty cool. And you only half to. Out of motorists are problems Clark and his fellow man in the morning and you can do deride or you can just come in and donate to because and then. But to no vision the people that risked their lives every guy went to take care of us. And probably would dance. They both had two children there you go yeah in a minute and then I remember that Tutu and I remember that the moon. That they were trapped in sad and no one in there but or the people that work but it. He worked for me now part time was a farm and he whistle back call normal real he was he was clear at the same one when that happened. Well all of sample of friends that are firemen. And you know and policeman for sure but just sometimes firemen got a little overlooked that this is this is a ride from. Pardon power sports Indian motorcycles over her own no amount for a two Lily ten and would you be riding with them frank. A bug or do the middle part arrive I'll be there at the beginning of thanks Nick Price off and then I'll be there at the end when they. When they go to the final stop and that's awesome to support our super thing saw this this Father's Day week in. Hope everyone takes part in something with their. The day ends are Graham Paul or whatever it might be in course we're just coming off free fishing week inland Saturday. So we're coming in this time right now and that the the golf tournament is over what a dramatic ending. Late what do waiting and it. And of course the US opens going on now and I understand that three or four players have been lost in the rough. They have been found for a couple of days but. Now it's pretty pretty rugged up there in New York where is and everything. Will I know do we do have shelled McCall. Do and our show today is a show producer Greg. Ratliff is right behind her. Coaching her and everything would go aren't children don't learn a lot about the outdoors for we get through here I can tell you that goes. Who was Greg was such a great outdoorsman when he first came on with us here that. We've talked to. A little bit too great to do so let's take our first break when we come back we are gonna hook up with the whole bit. Himself Tommy calling we missed him last week we Oprah fan in the middle schools post a hard facts sometimes whether. We arrive back on outdoors there.