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Monday, June 18th

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Welcome back to outdoors with Larry you re brought you proudly by. Tennessee wildlife resource agency. Darden power sports sportsman's warehouse. And best care home services. Good morning everybody you welcome once again. Do outdoors with a clear road and you can tell this is not there is news prime parking doing in with the introduction for this segment. With me this morning news the other co host available colors show who's got revoke them into you from this spacious. Studios of the he has paean seven lining him also coming to you from around shall I mean five point three in Jackson Tennessee at 101 point. We're going to shift gears a little bit we talked fishing earlier we're gonna go to work to different segments so without further ado. The newly dubbed oracle of the outdoors and where irony. Alone math and into the oracle of out doors and without further do you get that down we're a do one more time here. Maybe my voice much. We're getting all this we've got children McFall McCall skew me in their dude is a show producers she has taken all this down. So we may work this in the future shows this introduction that you guys do such a great job. Oracle the outdoors. Well we must say this next guy as the oracle of camping you know because this he's been with campgrounds of America fur. Along tan he was Smart enough to leave the newspaper business like. I've never did and still Lambert is back residues by remote really gad glad to have all today show my gas. Of campgrounds of America he is the vice president of communications. Based out of Billings Montana and Mike totals with what we came only here. That. They have a hundred in five inches of snow in Billings. This past winner which matches the heat index we have today in Memphis so no amount in my. Good Portland I you've been here for sixty years in the showdown I've been with KOA almost eighteen itself. Guess if you hang around long enough to get a lot of new title. Yeah you have a tear in a good at it the beautiful places you've been out I was looking at that you've been the Corvallis. That's a great place debate you're Billings gazette which I know world. As part of that net Aberdeen, South Dakota. Bad day what I spent 34 years in the myth by Brock couldn't get away so I I'm still doing it but. Let's talk Mike about the K away camping you get as. Are the you know been around since what 1962. Is that right. You laugh and I graduate passcode sixty ones and I tell you how old I am now I mean that is put to the and that. That started in Billy and you're still in Billings. But it has evolved in your years Mike I know. You know the old days. Packet and in the back of the car. Are maybe the station wagon is at two don't know what that was and and hit the someplace you know. Tell us about tale way in the sixteen years that you've been there and how it is changed his or is. Different things social media all these different things to of our. When I got here course social Leo it was Yugoslavia and that he's not just me. Yes it was a social. But 2001 we had about 425. KOA is around North America. And today we've got about 400 tired to fight to be 505 Cahill is real and and we're still growing it's. We just completed in two and in between seventeen we completed or six record here and grow. And so after after a fifty being a pretty picture oh companies and also let me get record years breaking loses. It's quite phenomenal the interest of sins let's style and we. You know we're well on her way yours seventh your hero of record results. Camping so it's really excited exciting that. The Kemper basis continues to grow we roll again back in that back I got the company and in 2001. We thought we were the pretty protected because we had this huge problem maybe there's going to be hiring the next twenty or 25 years in Britain which still benefiting from that. As baby boomers it's you this though RB lifestyles of anyone that anyone spent time after retirement. But it's that but it's certain that the campground itself. As undergo own. So many are renovations and things along this land. When you pulled in that the KOA in 2001. Compare what you Matt polian to KOA in 228 team. Well in oftentimes it was a nice squirt turned to get in years yes. And that this site small because a lot of the camps at the campground were built in the late sixties early seventy's you. Up until 1980 hasn't most of reciprocate ways examples were built. And so we've spent a lot of time. And retrofitting these campground and be more accommodating to that that the new RB of the world again these campgrounds were built before the age slide outs yeah stand and forty foot rigs towing a twenty footer 45 foot vehicle yeah. Before today. Poll throughs so that is now everybody wants the pollsters can be wants app to disconnect and it's one easy in easy outs that we had to adopt accommodate the campgrounds that. Another thing this big changes that people really want that outdoor experience yeah did the course the RBs that are permanent action absolutely gorgeous. How easy it hold on illegals. Yeah although we handles it yeah. And it that they want that they want to extend that that it that is. Koreans to the outside now so we got to kill it at the sites which are hard surface you know concrete. At least 200 to square feet. Patio furniture gas grills that would. We we can rated their they're best outdoor backyard experience really honored on each side is we go. So you can find that those Kiewit patio experiences over system. And that's the wave of the future because people want to be extra. In joy yeah yeah odd hours on this site so it's no longer just stepping out of the rig onto. I'm piece of dust skiers and yeah. And enjoying it that way so. We. We still wanted to be camping and we don't want that camping adventure by it but we open it up a lot just with those obvious sites and then we've also got deluxe cabin. The salute and a the full bathrooms and and so. That's open that the folks of one of them but Lowell a different level of comfort pistol and be able to go laden and answered that they need to of one. Or around the campfire that night and and makes mores and enjoyed that outdoor activity with the elements. But when minutes so they could go find and it's comfortable bed and with the made easier conditioning unit met with the pages to camps so. It's still campground it's. It's still that same experience at a kid but you've tactic that we wanted to. Well no. One of the first things that I did. 01. My son was young we we took a 6200. Mile. Grad to Banff national park. In Canada. And we pulled a call one pop up. And I can tell you what that I've stated KOA and I always look for the pulled through news. Because I couldn't back that thing around and up and solar I know that those days in the cabins and things along that the again we're talking in my gassed he is the vast residents the communication. Our good friends and campgrounds of America. And one thing I noticed. Mike do you guys have come out with a report it was very in arrested back in April. Some figures that you guest tells to have their in this report to them. Really opened my asthma house look at that. More than six million new North American households have adopted the campaign lifestyles since 2014. And the number of campers who can't three times or more each year the most Evan group of campers have increased 64%. That that's said that's a number that we've really re really attach themselves to because that means that. Natalie are more people trying camping what people like it and come into it. Yeah absolutely David Beckham and again it's. We've been doing the north American campus report enough for years we've got some good trend lines that we can follow him. We're not just majoring kiwi campers are camp where major called camping in the all people identify themselves as camping in North America with this survey. And and you know. To have it increased by two point six million campers in just the last year and hampered yeah. That that just that just speaks so well capitalized balance speaks so for the help of the industry that it's just it just means that people our there searchable we got to offer so. It's very heartened to see that. And again it is if we're looking at the entire. Camping public out there. And attempt usage is way up would get 61% of our campers yeah notice identified themselves as tent campers yeah in the KOA world that they can't be equates to about 12% of far apart customer base. And campers so there's a lot of camping going out there outside of our business. And at 24% of campers in general it identified themselves are being urged. In art in our world that's like 80% of our our customer base polls in part these so. They're obviously finding a lot of different ways to capitol on different locations. And and we don't care because we notice it later in the show up decay away because we want we have to offer. Economics too involved in this talk talk a little bit about that because. You know it it can get pretty expansive. The stay at a hotel now so you guys have done your best. To keep the rates I think is best as you can right. Chair and all of we got most of our campground or franchise so and so there but by the pollsters they're rated pretty yeah yeah and obviously they've they're they're making their living is opera providing this great experiences and on each of their properties. And we do you know manage the races as well as we can so that. It's still an affordable way and we were doing that really by opening up by a opry at any way you want it happening if you want a basic ten slate come clean lie close to the bathrooms coastal water. We got that it is what it complete set of luxury with a KOA RB patio site or a deluxe cabin. We got that cute so that no matter what price which are. We can do that and that that's a little bit different at a motel because. You know typically there the room she may have interest between. A full bed king size bed in order to queen's and that's about it otherwise rooms to room. And it and doesn't make much difference that the big difference silence talk about between that the motel hotel industry camp against. If you watch if you walked back story hotel I'm not gonna don't introduce yourself Republicans call the police. So yeah yeah yeah everybody knows everybody that KOA campground like it up there. Lead you you'd probably gonna have helped sitting up here sitting at a campsite. Year. Getting your money out there would have. About it back and in your camper. You know idea I have Kenny and I have money have they were also that'll launch here watching me you know sort of tired and yes I. They might we get to go. I want to stay in touch with the eager isn't enough to get back with the Jessica. Maybe I can do a story on this down the road you guys have. It's great to us don't have doors solar array of we will stay in touch OK birdies. Thanks very thank you man let's take another break come right back in this got dribbles to earn dinner tonight we sure right yeah I don't mind as oracle. That's that's that's really her pleasure to be right. Yeah.