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Friday, July 14th

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I back on Jason and Jon on a Friday and has promised. We are in the midst of alleged and his name is Larry Brown the only coach. To have won a championship. At the professional level and at the college level is name is Larry Brown he joins us now coach argue it's an honor. Yeah. It. All right so the first question is we saw you out in Vegas hanging out with grits coach David fizz dale. So how did you get hooked up with with big is exactly. Allow up well. It work for Mike Woodson. And backward and and I are like a sad that they have. And then Bobby Bender who worked for me. And also were for David when they were together in Atlanta. And no obvious daughter went from college so the pros won't mean. In Philly and we've remained close so what's. You know I saw like you've been that part of the trees or whatever people call together and David's been kind enough invite me numerous times that I you know I'd try to try to stay where community did last year and if he'd been on being an estimated come out with some really did. Just anticipate. You know with him. And fiscal issues in this involved and who's who's the better experience than ever imagined. What do you think of of coached is I mean we obviously really liked him in Memphis and and you know he was successful in his first season as a first time head coach make in the playoffs. How how good is ms. dale. Always great. You know he's got he's got a real salt compassionate side and and he's got a real up side but it's. It's quite young kids me being here I think. You know to me one of the greatest gifts you can have this the ability. To get on somebody. And have them understand you're just trying to coach and they're not also have my understanding love and care about. And he has that and most of the great coaches are saying. You know the kids know they pay below room. In almost two or anything formal. And then he's got an unbelievable background and you know when you come from now Miami cultured. You around patent it's all about winning and winning championships. Menu would would be in in this it would be had in Atlanta. You got a pretty good background and then. You know these these from that San Diego triage I go way back with Anke and from the airport terribly. And coach Egan. Is connected to coach Smith threw about beer. So. It's almost trying to comical because some I feel like I'm connected to David. Even before he was born at the old. But I ideas. It that you surrounded himself with a grace that. And then they did a remarkable thing when you now that after that there's this summer and you should come upward. You know CoBiz Simmons in Brooks. And rant. And then last year you get dvd. You know added the draft I mean. They've really put themselves in a position in the future cities can have a chance to grow and develop. On. Sought but those are pretty pretty neat thing to do. I'll soldiers. The way they go about you know prepare for the summer league in. You know their values about holding kids accountable and playing the right way it. You know it was really fun for me to see. And I saw a lot of growth in over the seminary days I was together we're those people. Yeah 'cause you obviously got there and and and I know that your sort of mentoring David is doing one of the things about him that I think people have have really grown to like is that. You know you hear it from from guys like Zach Randolph when he got the job just how straightforward he was you know there were there was no BS with him to put it to but it frankly he just. In how he felt about roles he set those roles immediately as soon as he got here aid do you think that's one of the traits that. That helps make this success was the coach the fact that he is so straight forty doesn't worry about politics when he is a situation like that. Are absolutely you know Paris wanna be approached they got to know they wanted to know what you expected them. And and I think he's really varied and test them do things are not capable of doing. And generally you're saying you're asking them to do it to me. Is for the good of the team. You know that their culture is all about winning. And making sacrifices. To make your teammates better. You don't care much but enough about your organization. You know I'm I'm real close the vents. And I assortment invaders. You know and I told Vince what as soon and he. Yet unbelievable things to say. You know about David and VO you know big coaching staff and the way they do things. On. And then I you know watching. Them coach these kids. You know. When you get you have thirteen of fourteen kids who that are there their own aspect of being me NBA. And the reality is there's only a few he's going to be on an NBA era. But he coached them all like they were the most important person in the camp soul and that's not something that I. I really admire because you know I would. I was in college. Left for years in the last five years in our store all these kids play a huge ball. In every one room basically going to be a lottery picks his superstar in the NBA. So many of them come out to assume. And the way America's approach is good. They assume these kids are starting from scratch so. There and wrong their decision from the minute they handed it to him. So they get up the next morning and ready to go again. In every single one of those coaches. You know are empowered by David Villa. You don't have an eagle where is not afraid to let people. You know contributing coach. It and they can see that in and it was pretty pretty pretty neat for me. We are of course not gonna basketball hall of Famer Larry Brown he's actually working with Briscoe saved his death coach you better on this day a long time. Com who who who intrigues you from from the young grizzlies summer league team was there anybody that that Kutcher I specifically. You know I comparable coach Smith open one to search a girl say that but. But a lot of them did one night they beat the you that you know is gonna really blocked some would be coaching staff they have been on my. It might not happen overnight but he was an address this year. There's no but about my money would have been a lottery ticket. On. You know to get Kobe Simmons and who wouldn't even drafted to me loose. An incredible thing because I watched Soviet days you. And you know that's what happened to really get drafted his grandmother's situation. Our own. Interest Syrian respondents. It's pretty incredible to me he's got unbelievable speed and quickness he's competitive. He's a pass first kind of kid. Is upside is huge and I think with the respect they have. He'll just really grow I. I pulled wade had a real good care. You know you're not a true point guard may put him at point guard got better shape. You so long. Defensive minded it's competitive. I'm I know I've been didn't get to play but I and wrap around and gave you an. IQ. I thought that was. A huge pick up Brooke. I mean Brooke's going to be really terrific outcome and Morgan east. He's got unbelievable confidence he's got awareness you can score the ball better to spend as law. So like I got excited about him and Sheldon. You know he he did really really well I think. One thing a lot of these kids zone man realized in this some relief. You know they might be the first second third option all of a sudden they get looked. Yeah NBA training camp in their roles but changing a little bit. But being around him I think he's willing to do that and and Barton struggled shooting the ball but he did all the other things which which excited me an idea. You know we've played LSU. When he was there would go Bryant and Jordan Mickey and you know I like him as well I. The whole experience should be Louis. Unbelievable result learned a lot they allowed me to. Contribute without overstepping my about deuce. Just spending time would Bobby and David again was just wonderful for me. Richard you're one of one of the select few who have Bennett at a high level at the highest level. Ed is in both college and in the NBA. Arm for you personally did you did you. Coach the same way regardless of whether it was college. Or whether it was professional that'd have to be different did you have to treat college players differently than you did professional players and just curious. Did you did you did it so successfully in both places. Pat how did you handle that was at the same all around their did you have to be different. Own up on the coaching seat should do the same way actually the way area code. In the NBA was exactly how I approached. I approach being a pro coach. I was a little more sensitive maybe my guys and we'll tell you that about. The fact that you played so many games in a short period of time. But everything we did was sports specific. You know I don't understand the game now to be honest it is like a video game debate. Everybody's trying to play like Golden State and I just. I can't get my grabbed my hands around that I think we game should be played inside out. I'm not an analytic guys even know I did analytic sway before anybody else on. You know I think he analytic side used I got from all the great coach I coached. I've played for all the great coaches just sat next to me you know what good shot what's bad shot. You know we gotta out rebound people we got to get it free throw line we got to take. Take care of the basketball McCain cannot give up easy baskets we got to get to the free throw line. So we can you know. Put your team back on it feels there's so many things that I think. We've always underestimated but they're taught analytics but at the end it'd days it seems that. Play artist regard that. And share the ball. And rebound the ball. And at the end that they can defend like crazy usually the ones that weren't. And he Golden State is so unique because of the people they have and that's not for everybody to duplicate. Do you think coach that Golden State in in the style that they play which is to say like there are shots that stepped curry takes. For 99.9. Percent of the population you'd call there was anybody if you caught a bad shot in those are shot he takes regularly. Do you think that play hurts the that this sport. You know at the lower levels in in middle school in high school when kids are watching that and think that hey. I can do that because the know that the NBA champions are doing that you think that. That that may. Produce bad habits at the lower level. Well I think I don't think we have enough to choose now I think a lot of times media. I'd school coaches out of the equation used seat kids playing in four different high schools in four years. Things go go quite that way. I never Allen Iverson never took a bad shot. And in my mind because he commanded so much attention our best Hopkins. Beside down and didn't say it was rebounded the second shot. And the right I wouldn't even have a three point line so pins got polyps. You know I've wanted to learn how to passing catch and take good shots and get the streets are lined in the learned to keep people inferno now. You know the way the NBA games played has been gamers people war and about close out or running guys off the three point line. And when I was taught. Didn't do the free throw line getting a high percentage shot a mid range shot it was a phenomenal shot that you. You know make more than you're gonna miss you have a chance to rebound you have the chance to get well. In a ball let you know you don't have a chance to give back from the break. And you look at Memphis I think they'd be Golden State tries last year on and they were more inside out. Even though David gave. You know to solve the ability to step out on the floor which was. You know an area that. People didn't believe he can do and he did pretty well it was pretty remarkable debated figured that out. But you look at Zach Randolph I'll take and Zach Randolph whose. They kept the ball in the pay they get down they get high percentage shot and they open it up for everybody else so. That is so unique just like review review the in this shot that leaked. In. You know I don't talking too much but the kids Jenkins. That made that side of the North Carolina them. If you could ever heard woody said it is mom never let imputed shot out that a sixteen feet earlier is that high school. It it and he's one of the best youngsters that could have ever been around a lot of that sank so. There's only one set are in my mind. There's only what the current period in that might my fears are gonna have a lot of people that think they're that carry and are not actually that Perry and they're gonna draft coaches crazy. What do you think of of the NBA today coach where. It feels like it's it's an arms race now for stars to. Join up with one another and and take their shot at gold state. Is that is that a good thing where players are are joined an up and we're seeing some of the best teams ever constructed. Is it is it detrimental for the rest of the league that can't have superstars like a place like Memphis where it's not a free agent destination. What do you think about the way that the NBA has sort of what is sort of become now with free agency stars join up together. How luck in the NBA. You know it it was an unbelievable experience for me to be part of that but I don't like BI their guards came and on you know but. Everybody got to make their own choices and in both the media don't they Michael magic. Well Larry Bird of Korean people like that wouldn't. You know demanded to go on the scene where they have a chance to win I. I kinda like to see you know. Competition throughout the league. And not thought this season where you figured out there's only going to be a couple of teams can have a chance to win the championship. I like to seat people have the opportunity to develop their own players. In the and I think that the media users is really really important. I've art somehow I love Chris hall. You know I don't like the fact that he hadn't won a championship would be contributions he's made and how hard it tries it. You know it is it's just a little hard to get up to rent one of my favorite players of all time. And I I I do anything to watch him play and I do anything they have kids. You know be exactly like him but he came from. One quarter away from beating Golden State. And you know he was when Russell and and I'll look at that team in the opportunity that seemed had a few letters page. Omnivision is troubled me but you know he won a championship. Every time he stepped out and according to help coaches because you play the right way. But I just it was a little disappointing would that night. I'm worried about some of these things that might have not have a chance to be the final destination. Home but. But it is what it is and I guess you have to be like Memphis right now and together. Surround these kids were great coaching you gotta make great decisions on the people you bring him. And when you bring any better do everything you can just see that they grow and develop and get better and it ought to me being there are weak normal level. We of course socket two hall of Famer Larry Brown here on Jason and on the court thanks very much ago coach you've spent a season and then in the in the Mecca in in the center of the universe in new York and just curious on on your take of everything that is happening in in New York with the knicks organization certainly seems to be. A little bit of chaos going on is is that just New York Knicks basketball what do you think of everything that's happened at up there. Well you know I've been held there are so it's hard for me I grew you know red Holtzman Torre had to play in it. I'm groping Knick fan and I you know I don't think there's a franchise and the more passionate. Then the defense. On the NBA needs a great New York team. I was disappointed because I think Carmelo trying to do the right thing. You know when you when you bring Carmelo in and sort of monetary and you know how he plays and our home. You know sometimes you can't put a square peg in a round hole these these are not offensive score he can score inside and he's score out side of the via the big economy's gonna drive into the as the little guy on news or put him on the block. And it's hard you know to change they eat people forget they went 54 games. When Mike Woodson was the coach. And they had Jason Kidd hurt brought out Kurt Thomas. And receive them on their bench you month mentor and guys like Mitt and strong effort and Carmelo. And then all of a sudden I went and got younger well this is not a young kid lead in yet or Vietnam younger and younger and younger. In that the thing that troubles me. I'm home I don't fall and hit some us at a high school and he's like what LeBron and Durant. There's a lot of these kids had a heart skips and if they're gifted you including golf and tennis. Eleven command at a high school and nothing happens to make sure you. When they're done and they can go back to college in the enviable place sort of paper and it paid eight. Let him pay more than one year. Because the worst thing you can do now is going to be NBA. And not be prepared to play. You know worked on everybody that these kids don't make it. They're not prepared to make a lot of times. And then not being coached. We have always worked out approach is still a lot of times. They don't have real coaches over time Mickelson and columns to me was the greatest. You know mightily system ever so I'd just OP NBA trigger as a way of life like baseball can make or. I agree I think they do that and then there have been New York question because trying to avoid that. I I totally understand and I do think there needs to be some sort of reform lasting for Lago coach you've been in. The American athletic conference the last few years so you're very familiar with the Memphis program. It's not happening as quickly. As I think University of Memphis fans would have hoped with Tubby Smith. What do you make of of of him and this job is it a good marriage can it work will it not work. What do you think what do you think about Tubby Smith at the University of Memphis. I go way back at W no. G educated Colombian and myself with a qualifying coaches you know to this Sydney Olympics and then because drew was sick. And then we all want together this in the no can't be forever. There's not many better coaches and Lovie Smith. But it is a problem you see velocity kids leave. That this is believed that going around college basketball. In oh era over 700 is Stratford. Ridiculous. That this committee. Is one of great job because. There's quality players all around there and mostly kids wanna go. And played for great coach like tubby. Alone I don't know many guys that are more dedicated in years cares more about cute so. And the American conference needs of mean it is strongly on this franchise. I didn't. Program. You know when there's great tradition there and I'm I'm pretty confident he'll get it on the east. He's got a little knuckle battle right now it didn't happen right away for John people forget that. On you know dust started going pretty quickly but because you know the fact that John all. But I believe it is kind accuse Eritrea. It is hard so those hard nosed kid and then I hope they get any involved. No they've won a best thing they could do get candidate help television and some day. Twelve years old resign and they are who are there there's. I've been around watching may use a lot not seeing what he's done this size school you know be a great combination. Candy involved. I coached the U viera they are already calling for penny today they want you to have the job right now. Well. I don't think he's that kind of guy I think Terry would be a great asset to tubby. I think tubby would welcome nano will not speaking out at. But I got a I got to spend three and a half months we've Temi it within their. And but also an all star break he was gonna narrow it down like. Broke my heart because. You picked unbelievable he may use great for the young players. News an unbelievable. Advocate of what I was trying to do so. That's his muscular but don't give up on Tubby Smith there's guys everywhere. He cares about is he cares about kids playing the right way Korda beat. Really quality young man so. Let's all hope it'll work out. Absolutely coach it has been an absolute honor and privilege to catch up today. And I hope we can do it again soon. Are now. I'm not that who did implement this now with the way they figured it all coaches treated me so that's that's no problem. I would we will get John again here's their coach thanks so much enjoy your weekend are. Yup he is basketball hall of Famer Larry Brown. Wow. Like you within about a guy that has done at all. And has has died at the highest level again I mean the only coach bro. Who has won a championship in college and in the NBA and still plugged in my body let's not every. One I this breaking losses lever to get you guys it's it's pretty awesome. NBA level it's loud. Thought it was really cool yeah MM Larry Brown I cannot believe it when they said he'd do it when he said he'd do it and good stuff good stuff if you missed it. Please take the podcast because that guy is that's a legend will come back in just a minute Jason and Jon has done today and it's not event ESP it.