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Friday, January 5th

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Back Jason and Jon and as promised his name is LaDainian Tom that he is one of the best to ever do it. Pro football hall of famers teamed up with FedEx to promote the FedEx air and ground NFL player of the year award which recognizes the top quarterback. And running back from between seventeen and a post season he joins us now LT what's going on I'm a happy new year. Thank you happy new year. Yes. Awesome to have you we will get to the the nominees and just the second but the big news of the NFL. Today is this story that came out via. ESPN. And it was a story that described a rift between. Patriots owner Robert Kraft bill ballots second Tom Brady and basically said in the piece that this could be their last year together because of a power struggle. How hard is it. To keep everybody involved and a dynasty like that happy for as long as they have. So I think it's pretty you know it it's. Almost impossible to do to be honest with you especially when you talk about how long. They have done it in the net. You know that will began in 2001. Of the reasons it was small rookie year. And so we speak about what is it that killed seventeen years later ultra sound and you know it it. And it's amazing feat and they have been a model or demonstration. Altered over that time. I'll leave talk about the process is gonna put in place from top to bottom. It's. It's impossible to do for that long particular. You know people have their own agendas and egos getting involved and he's usually. Someone. Com filed a way to mess it up to be corn on the phone but in this case. They were able to lump. You know to have it. Two to maintain it for that long but now it does seem as if things so are you come to a pavement and you know it's its own. But given that the union the pictures but you know who knows this is historian. And we certainly don't know what's gonna happen yet but. These guys so they're professionals you know we've talked about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And I would be surprised at all. If they can continue to just make it work for the next two years. You know LT I'm sister's school us how many stars in the league coming players in the league. Have a guy like Tom Brady has a guy and Alex Guerrero have they've you know everybody diet trainer. That may be you kind of bring in in kind of worked into the team and they get eight they get a role like Allen's career did did you have one do most stars have warned. I mean that that seems to be at the crux of the of the of the the feud. Yeah up. I don't know how many guys on house. What Tom Brady has in terms of banner with a two. You know helped Alex habit that type of action. It into the organization now. You know I Q when I've played out Alex what Mike Hart and the school little you know he would come to San Diego every week for a couple of days in. The only work lead but he came to my house it was good karma might have I got since you know he didn't have access. To or an organization and and we'll be lamps. So our I would say it's a bird is probably the only guy in investment and that that kind of access. Olivia has it exactly should he have should coming out you guys formally should he have access that kind of team accidents we let. Man ethical question approached it. I've heard that they give opinions on how many guys Alex was treating them you know compete bid either no problem wasn't the only guy. There were all other guys that. He was treating. Home. So I. And then you know from my understanding is they all had a good relationship he and you know some of the people the coaches and some of the people in the organization had a good relationship with Alex the China understood head turn. They had they had a pretty decent relationships so I can see. Speaking to a point where built felt OK you know would give silent passive than man you know for the game he come in treat these guys are entry that connects. But I can also see where you know they can become troublesome. You know what some of the guys fit in the they can get to a point where bill had to kind of you know pulling in the reins and Secretary General loud they're feeling more and we would not have allowed this anymore. We are of course talk with a great LaDainian Tomlinson who's here again on behalf of the FedEx air and ground players of the year awards voting opened up today closed on February 1. You can vote on Twitter use the hash tag air and ground and an Last bad acts LC or touch on one of the nominees for the air award which is who is Carson went season. The way that the Eagles have stumbled into the playoffs without him. Should that mayor in VP consideration. Given how awful they have looked without him. Yeah are you are bigger the first point. Because completely. Caught him loading VP when he was plant you know I think. You know he would have been the guy named MVP if you would've finished a season without question. It did to validate why he would've been me deeply. Look at what was going to help me out to them like they did it carpet and score. You know and so that gives you are not deal what this guy brawl today achieved. A big impact that he and on. All good guys pot he made every one else better on that king. And so yeah I think that's validation is a full report their course and where it should be easy to contribute even more of these VP now. Of course the other nominees for the aero war before it gets a to the ground Tom Brady of course who may be the leading MVP candidate out in record and then Alex Smith. Of Kansas City who who obviously had a terrific season it's weird though because it seems like Alex Smith is on his way out he's played his best football his career. It appears that he's on his way out did you think Alex Smith displayed somewhere besides Kansas City. Nick season. I do. You know we we you draft a guy. Actually wouldn't touch of my home sweet and what she had a big world. When you grow legal accounting and did the right moved on wall I mean that's you know debt that is what could be that it eight states. You know you eat there all the a number of guys that. You can you can get a guy in the top teams hit the quarterback position. Forward to a three years. Remember that deliberate or hit and Perry Rogers. Models seem bird or. Being cared feeding in amazement. Alex has played two richter but allison's. It doesn't have the credentials problem where for so quick cut demand say OK it's all still gonna play. You know a quarterback of the scheme or blogs is it's gonna have to sit there and that happened what three years. But in this case Alex minute he doesn't have that you know that type of poor to be at the city. No you know I'm gonna continue to be the quarterback in this seat. I believe. They drafted tragic because they want to be more explosive all understand all the ball downfield. And that's why. I think this will be Alex made it. On the question can see that but I do think they're they're going to be a number of seeing large enough to start out that. Alex is the winner. And if you if you lead somebody to come in and stable are altered our beat you mark you wanna bring in Alex Mitt. And then the ground portion of the award Levy bell Todd Gurley and can't see it right back Fremont. About the season Todd goalies had LT and we came into this year wondering wow if he was a bus that he just decided. He was gonna hurtled over everybody. Linebackers critics everybody it how about the season he's had and and obviously getting them that organization to where they are this season. Ortiz who. He reveals some of the things that he had shown. This year has been outstanding. You know then told to borrow. Talent that he possessed. Big guy can do it all manner you know he is he is a premier player in the national football Lee. And you have to farm waste to get from the football. You don't work I am not surprised because remember his rookie year he came battle far out to eat. He got killed the whomever he came in with a lean injury but did miss I can remember remember. We're probably the first 45 games of the year it's about the that. You know we can realize the way and he she was rolled lecture it was a bit of setback because. They had an inhabited by now nineteen you know. Dubbed it Jeff Fisher worked on his way out if you guys remember there was a lot of dysfunction don't let teams. State you know and dull it's a lot of work in good at all. Let obviously big play what he has done to open up that alternates benefits are currently. Are tremendously and we're seeing his talent Compton. To fruition right now with what he's able to do. All in all I'm running back Els tee. On the Jason and Jon show me ask you this LT titans chiefs bills jaguars you feel good about any of those or in terms of derailing. Well we all think is going to be Steelers patriots which one do you would you give the best chance to. How I would say yeah actually driven guy simply because of their defense down our opt you know. I know offensively they've been up and down the running game has has been up and down him. And Blake portals. Can you always struck him probably not. But because of their defense can't dominate they can beat the special with those two corners well we know. The patriots and the Steelers look to rough total football so you have two corners Dick matchup that's gonna make it tough. Or go change. I think. They have the best chance because of that defense now. If it Blake can play like QB is. You don't build the middle part of C galactic is when he you've really played his best football where he was. Really showing up and the limit for networks how would injury and he was. Suspended a game putter blade border flows deal can be done benefit if we can see that played almost. Look out objections can surprise some people and go home loan. There and then last thing LT. Jon Gruden by all accounts is going to return to coach the Oakland Raiders and you get a a couple battles. With him as a charter cornerback he's been out of the game for a while. Can he come back after so many years off in the way that the NFL has changed since he was last in it. And lead the raiders back to prominence. I think Jon Gruden. I think you definitely can't. Because it's not it's not like he's been beat. Detached from the game. You know he's been still order to gain policy. All of Monday Night Football but even beyond that who murmured jobless door and we know that the decree draft stopped you know with the quarterbacks and and looking actually on the breaking dousing a machine with these young quarterbacks were dormant college. And and and coaching tomorrow and on how to to transition into the National Football League. And so looked at fair I think he had a great understanding it's well up. The way football has been employed right now on the evolution of football certainly the current. He's been studying that he's had time and you go to really I think just understand what's going on and understand like you she came back. What direction he will more adult like how would he work it also is. Put this staff together so I do and I think that story there are able to. Two layered there will be a huge. Huge blow for the raiders born in the right direction. Once again voting is open for the FedEx air and ground NFL players of the year award could vote through February 1 on Twitter using has take air and ground. Ended in a product comes last FedEx LT that's always a pleasure to catch us her take ninety LT. So what are pretty sure he is LaDainian Tomlinson. Hall of fame running back former San Diego charger former. Nightmare giver to me do you realize that this year. Keenan Allen broke. Let Iranians. Reception record. Chargers reception record 100 he and Allen at a hundred decay it is that a measure that has more room on my service says more about LaDainian or. Those little lack of receipt site where their receivers that you admire it and he was there had some two years with gates. Yeah I was actually handling today's it was him and dates when they're David Boston. You right I mean its receivers at that point but grant to his. It speaks to any of that thousand was Republicans stole it in some ways you could argue that day comes it was one of the first ever like proficient pass catcher running back. You know I mean he was kind of one of the first guys that. Popularize you know forget about it a man called nine Thurman Thomas he also threw out the thoughts on the day and into it and yet. And a Hampshire he's second on the all time list always do depict the boring hole not a mama don't learn a lot now referenced it was fast you have got to have that he had already have in the same PTX that he can bring his related letter notes. When when you Tom Brady you don't have you know different about different rule what do you think of that store about the way. Do you think this is it well though because like guilty sit tenant toward the end. I think they'll use it you that you don't win it's when it's. The world against the patriots they have a way of pulling the get punitive and and and bill as the mastermind right you'll use this and go at that time we got to work this out right pull Alex and Eric you all worked out in public all went two for like 23 more years to get political more some balls by what's going apple let me ask you this abandoned together John take Robert -- that because view of the picture. Who's more valuable to Robert Kraft. Is it is atop an aging Tom Brady forty year old Tom Brady or Isabel ballots have everybody of course and all Nobel. A very big Bill Belichick touches turns a one. As. Even when they plug hasn't even when they have had to plug guys in for tie on the been on. So of course builds more about it you pick whom but like it at the store sort of man who's got more career early as this or this clearly clearly in and as long as go about it what's coach Bill Belichick. You know but haven't already been awesome this year mostly he sees tell uploading at the but he's yes he's probably going to be yours you see it feels like it we watch it we don't see a decline and we think we see the plan but usually not it feels like John you and I both know he cannot. It cannot happen it can go take a much to try to three more years I. Not any dominant that's how would you think he's got right now is about Aaron is domination by the can be pretty. I mean him Gurley who you where I think it's about I think I think it should be Wentz given away that. Brady well last couple weeks of the season heard on and then the way that the Eagles have been terrible without him and support and he played thirteen games. You know enough I've I think you should be you know I mean you know without. Can make a quick point to one other thing that he said what jags look. There there are going to be the bills this league and they're gonna get he Visser rated by the Steelers or the patriots. Like there's just I mean I watched that if you haven't serviceable defense against them morals can't do any. All I'm much as always worried about the steelers' main man up to this offense is real it couldn't keep mundane to follow the ball with mortal on supply. I want and I if if the one that comes it's not gonna lose the game for you if he comes as manager don't lose it for you without may be the Steelers are mean and even if who we don't really know you know he should be back at the end which he should be but it would be. Like they get they aired it never been able to beat them twice and I did at this year they're not deserving of a feel good and they're not bizarre or they're not deserving. They're not deserving they have a couple. He leaked defense of players. You have now and that's the ad listen I don't have any league play harder team I think art seems more well rounded and there's now yeah. Now natives have a couple guys that are like the next level defense of players. Well I'm sorry in the tide. I reacts. The war or won't he game. I will come back. It's really isn't gonna join us at 1 o'clock which aboard that we will talk to him about. Tubby Smith. And what he thinks about it and on a real vocal included. He did. Infamous that we just higher pay and you know credit. After they were in Cuba is that that was that emotion at the time that minimal we'll ask him or does he really believe last or neglect on this Jason and Jon right here on a freaky Friday. Attitude out of them ESP it.