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Tuesday, April 18th

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His name is tar black. He's a four for the Los Angeles Lakers former university Memphis star former Kansas star and he joins us now as. Eighty married newly married man's black. Very true very true indeed congratulate our listeners our relations on jumping the broom. Thank you so Mars and I just think those those moves toward the end of may have on the later book July's. That you can't let that go because you don't Marmol. When did you know know that you had the ladies. That's blaster live when did you when did you propose what did you know she was the warm. Our market although all star break there aren't move forward and just because order that'll work that we have are written actually enhancement. As you move before you partner in crime and it is an outlook and probably a big about there Americans are at. You know as you know knowing that you know people executive person. That fusion restaurant in Queens and. You've got married at City Hall are and it was by mayor Jim Strickland out that's why Al why City Hall. Because arbitrarily prevented it though and it doesn't use artist or in the media and because if you hadn't yet get beat each person. And bring them to move people on immigration and so are saudis invited salute and where are you ward and Tuesday that. You'd be willing to do well in the open arms like it is very appreciative of it from the very figured out love. And I also. And preventive they'll bring about a new turn that down. So I am getting married in Nam. What is it now about a month and a half and you all have been married typically for about an hour. But what if what advice can you give me man as a married man what's so what it what advice can you still pond mates are. What are the that would ban will on young lady looked in. Well they're mean though we dislike with me in just they're in the current political party just that I got married our you and that you don't quite expect a late. Because she has school tomorrow. Just finishing out school. A bit there's there's that I don't know why you'd again. I'm very fortunate. One making go there you central planners. You actually look at him and don't openly. And the biggest thing and that is communication. We communicate so well. And you talk about anything and then sent all our conversation they don't aren't argument. Just because you disagree did you talk that it doesn't territory if we can actually communicate and weekend. We can now that we got rhetoric. And figured things and you agree to disagree. That you have to respect and respect judgment because of it merged it just marked the communication. Is. In the world that uniformed back. I love that well you're you're your new wife is good friends with Taylor slipped so I have to ask you have you heard from Taylor Swift yet on your nuptials. Check it could. I don't talk directly let's. Pebble and what they need you know vegan and you know she's the power warm and she walked on their own little. Rather rapidly as you decide that it could Russia's Nadia ball. Or we all go out. Good there are a thing as you are they were hurt and then I have a master. They've well then what will happen at that Adam immediately think Mueller airport. Though. I'm not user would have been giving which receive it and don't do that I've been here about a small. Governor to a bigger one a big one later target of under there when lighters or you're cool with what you had today is that it. We will we will have a deputy what many people honors she does and I got a bit better than ever that on our way. Very the people that you are they thought that the people want that that'll be next summer. Good results and who put together a plan. Or a big way and that there knew it would have been so we're very frustrating and it almost impossible. Do it what more do that well. We are talking of course to Los Angeles Lakers forward Tarik black and Jason John. I talk you talked about it you're in town yet you got a big announcement this afternoon down the streets ministries downtown. Are you announcing the formation in the dark black foundation your putting on a camp it's called transformation fifty basketball life skills camp. Up front probably due to Memphis talk what's the mission. Of your foundation. That's tomorrow validation of the bill lies you know them and think and aren't you open their perspective thank you think the record civic community about that. And we do want give back in the community. We want to be our community blog as Puget. It's safe community have been well and that the all that are is that this. That known. It because they're because you bought the community be that you are about foundation argue about then we'll chart or we're just horrible little hook. It about the community ball because we can't do what being out communities up and actually our foundation. That ahold of the city. Instead of just the outlook Monday morning what is actually want it to be your community bank. Foundation would have wanted to so that or on top of water vital because I. Well it betrayed that everybody's been looking at the end it didn't. I remember us having conversations to argue now when you were still in Memphis about wanting to start you wanted to start a nonprofit. Arm after you're done we're incredibly well. Really I guess it's going to be so why you're still playing obviously it is arm and you talked about. Want to make a change wanna make a difference when that clicked in for you for tar black how old will win when did you know all right this is this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make a wanna make a change from my city how old were you were at what point the maturation process was. Well on our right to call me and lit bit. Democratic leaders say we're back with who's there to support them or they're more rewards. Our metric America dark and except remorse he's spoken you lose this speech. Because dude and I'm I won't they because they won't because that will now law where it needs. Awarded in the bat Bartlett award sitting speaking out I don't know perspective out by those war let me speaking on how. The platform will allow them or but it didn't that aren't going to be different curtain. But it it would be what all year. And he would speak him on how on that platform the name is that the mineralized and it is pretty well there are no man who better and even bickering very period there. And though. The and that record these they've been written that it will be oh well it will become a mom reiterated. What got in the car. But it won't do that Tibetan. You're not that we Millar let what or where it. The united and that lead in that note you have an obligation. Get that leapt forward mall crowds are saying and I think also slept well. If you get that platform that platform grows. You have more more of an obligation to the people. Our first formal vote you get to the plate and help build that platform because nobody below have down here right. You have an obligation to give back developed and the outlook hopeful that fortune. And so that mimic the activity in that in our prayers go there. The fifty kids that'll be part of your camp how will they be selected what can they do. Are you guys working that out. Pro what are our friends that are known there will be. Our culture there and we could alarm goes to dominate on kids and they though. Word in either felt the need of assistance then. It beat Chinese darkness to reject it could be helped and missile Orton won't boot camp. As so we're at accept the nomination and told you probably. Ought to start camp. In regard to Bolton denomination. Myanmar Staten. More people gonna select and one slick Rick and interpret it via small numbers like you've been intimate look at actually have an impact and say you know you are now. And then we can move forward and other programs and other NATO be it the community as well you know reiterate that community about the outlook that. We are of course talking to Los Angeles Lakers forward target black he's a man he's back in town just got married. Earlier today are eight on the some basketball questions are gonna you had to exit meeting with lakers management. Last week and I know it's got to be kind of different because there is new management there there have been there's been a lot of change. How the exit meeting go. What do you expect the next few months to go like for target black. They're leaving work very well. It and down we've broke Lou Mexican. Immigrant in this regular policies in order. They want things go in that victory obtained. They were world he. Arctic mark don't abuse. Or that was all about like American. You Nittany Volvo order made them some identity. There. I'm I'm a firm believer in Edinburgh presented your players in Beijing which you don't you don't care that commitment. Our plan on what they're more work. Advancing getting better. And come into next beaten armed bolo. Broad and incompetent what did he not gotten used to it gave Bill Maher are so much. Note that the program more more topic culpable and more on multiple part. About in game now though. As planned on continuing soon. If a diploma. Directly to continue to go look at increased risk in never back. -- lastly we have some big news in Memphis. I'm sure your aware of it now but the the loss and announced that they're transferring Dieter can JJ going to. A place you know well going to Kansas can sit out a year and at the Kansas have you talked to them and if so. What kind of advice would kind of what did you what did you talk to them about in terms of plan and Lawrence and plan for Bill Self. Dipped on data and reached out to me before and Ambien and then there talkback or a little bit well is that these men are less year. That there won't agree that global. And him and keep your careers on the keyboard and that a problem on their new outlook I would probably give the guy that we knew. And make some of self expression your dad bought it invests. And have been mocked and he's been in college. And we thought that Zardari made it hurt little pink or blue truck of course I got sick met him. Similarly the article and others are doubtful that he saw them get builder. I respect it Lamar and I at large that decision then and I also understand it. And I'm the last person is isn't anything like that because double. And you know it is because our data go back on the and I to point B 811 of the people to reach out taking a lot of respect for and I understand mountain goat. And they're not a cakewalk do you just because you won't do you present yourself but then you won't have both you know it'll go in and work. Well what more are in the outback in our sport and Ahmadinejad. Took chain in the mall will be so important it is more. And all that much not to say you have to Beijing. No it was dancing a little bit that you don't want to me it. Well hello. Once you get there's got to cut it anymore. What kind of impact itself have on you. Personally end of the young men believe basketball. How big of an impact of the playing for him Madeleine. Go toe meant the world to me. At the world union are told about thing you've done my teammate. Is. Yeah changing I think if anything if you look at the word where I'm. We've all honor and Molson center. And appreciate total log shown appreciation world watching you appreciate him. In this Obama's news is acknowledging lived poached and not even about him speaking you'll about a visit how to coach. Now you understand there's an acute from back let bill come on at a bit it. And there are a bit we need to admit sources. We need someone to help insure debt. Definitely program luckiest Wharton knew the mature and has been. It is they sell products and they've sunk about that that argument well. I've got to appreciate it do depends always who are we remarked that it will respect. Blood on one of those who. Got. Is that it and well marked these in these and they are all too well because. Vision that they you know blow. That wears well it. I'm there also have been bigger than me and then that mighty eagle or. Detained in that situation. And just him talking in an apartment in mail on the guys I'll play and how people like me in the audience I just kept alternate source should be. As these as part of their work on things like it. It can be exploited and MM in the world and traditionally they also have all that. We are of course wrapping up here with historic black University of Memphis graduate. He start his foundation here in Memphis give him back to the community Los Angeles Laker lessening or really go tart you are university Memphis graduate. You're your vacuum at this all the time so I know you still have a vested interest in Memphis basketball. What do you make of the University of Memphis program right now what words would you give to Memphis fans who were concerned. What what would you say. Well I'm in a similar situation they would elect rebuilding yet be patient and bolt all. Meant it in the winning program everybody min respectively in the regular. Organization and our victim lived blip you rebuilding after practice patient. And there's a little bit tougher on a college level because. You're talking about young Mahan who. You don't want to put that much pressure and then we signed up warning on the Letterman and argue well people David say that. But it is why. Then portrait they go more war in the restaurant scrutiny on those young men who. Accomplished something. They are look are put yourself mentioned before we'd door wired articles or do you think about look at the their policy. It is so the national bird and understand their perspective and Dan why would you want rightly that it will understand. These indigent Murray and outsider looking in on what they're doing it that have been involved because if you wish rolled vocal impressions remodeled cute. Probably contend that they are quite well. And I also say the post be nothing but respect and you look in the world distract her you're you start grabbing universe is amazing. And I've been so well. That although. Have turned around under under that it goes on his so. Tuesday may make it harder but if you go into practice are embodiment are looking for is your who doesn't. We'll talk about your standard and come visit der standard and you equate him you didn't understand witnessed or inaudible you don't. Trust and you'd better shortage record speaks for itself. Well allow them to do what he. Which in turn programs around yet become live Internet where underground where it mall it. Thank that it happened overnight but be patient and I also. In cars are what children would be young men belong to Alter the program. Very bad. Request a number of respect although Whitman and Jerry and their partners in a broad I'm. A volatile and also give been to give them. So patient and merchant and great on them and taking broken. The pressure to screw him did you know you don't even really understand football at all. Did not help the situation actually pandered to anymore. He is tarred glad doing good things for the city of Memphis Los Angeles Laker reason newly married man to tart we appreciate the time Manny can graduate regulations meant bank of lessons going forward. Thank you up for Robert Stone represented the homeless and mentally and Alton near Newport and have been together for long. I'll probably meant a prod you thanks thanks Brooke thanks for the timing brats again broke. I just heard that is tar black.