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Monday, July 9th

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About Jason and Jon and 99 FM BE SPN it's a big day. Here in this city of Memphis because Kyle Anderson is the newest member of the Memphis Grizzlies his father coach Kyle Anderson. Is here with us now first of all coach congratulations and welcome the Memphis. Thank you very much really appreciate. You give enough apart recommendations on Twitter. And I guess I did Ed go. Would read. Should Sherry. Aren't going to match to look like little crowd go remote is really important. Meaning there are people who are not yet. I got to well if you if you need any other recommendations you know exactly. You know exactly where to go didn't you guys play. At ethics form with the wind when Kyle was that you see allay the tournament I wanna say yellow came here for for tournament game. Our sophomore year we should exchange. They had to play the global launch aid Florida Gators and they they did take Al. To a Billy Donovan and his crew. Did you get a chance to do you go to go around downtown at all while you were here. Yes sure that's just go to a no Beale street wrote regimented. I spoke to coach. They're Asner. That yeah broke out Josh. But I tell you up like get the according to the ground and you I. Coach you mentioned that we cannot put that there were look at you know time look for apartments and town noting that Santa Ana when the Mets were you surprised they didn't did you did you did you gut instinct that you have to go that way kind of take me through that. Well. Basketball guy and an and I have been coaching long time that. I didn't think were that they were not going to match. San Antonio history they don't they don't really have a Q matching. All for well mr. reagents. I just didn't they are aware of the war and who they say we're gonna change now. So. Everywhere else around me my Brothers you know damn they all all the other Mac getting great year. My insight was out and. I got you going from going from starting. You'll where he was through three seasons in the last do you go from starting fourteen games went fourteen point to about fourteen minutes per game in 1617 to last year. It opens up your starred 67 games it's point six minutes ago. Was it hard for you walls of famine was it hard for Kyle to be patient. You know that that's sort of wait your turn. Well we're talking about the other who who had always. It alone or this or eagle what I do basketball. All. What number Batman it. What ever baton hand on the gene which number about amber always the great Robin. Birdie though they don't know I got. So it was normal proper him and I've Ers are already a adverse should be like that are bigger coach. He he understood what would only Morton you know whatever coach that's we should do and endured you know we're with a smile or if they. Whether or not happy inside you know that's accurate position or your place to show you a job to go out there and do you do. We're of course talking a coach Collins and he's the father of the new Memphis grizzly calendars and here on the Jason Johnson out in terms of of of organizations to be drafted into their probably are not many in professional sports. That are better than the San Antonio Spurs in terms of getting you. Ready to be a professional. And grooming you what did those four years with Santonio. Mean it is to both you and your son. Well let me first. They then. They are and learning how to be professional. Probably at a spot to seven years old NBA career. He learned of the incident I'll go oh what should do game day game night. Give you a quick story this year we go the gym and bought it and we go out to dinner and a friend with me. We had back to his hotel like you were they are or. Aren't. We go about their totality of the I don't have a lot look at data outreach to our tulip yeah Albuquerque. So Kurt you let everybody understand you get the you know you're literally. Get the OK I like the dog will be a learning how to be professional. We we our course on the coach Colin and again it the father collars and new with Memphis grizzly. So when you get the offer sheet from from the grizzlies fully guaranteed almost forty million dollars to Friday. What are you guys doing that night did you go out do you celebrating have a big you know big party what do you do that night. We can't have a fairly dinner we. We got together his brother than and I got to shift to live dubbed LA and she happened to be in town and so. All of love a brother and sister than and his mother we're divorced or. We're cordial. We all got together and went to a nice place. Right across the river from New York. In Edgewater New Jersey and actual family dinner and talk about. What was going what are Estrada remember what are tortured so you go to Matt. In order that they weren't well we thought it was a win win situation. San Antonio matched that means they're bringing them back to play. Vocational meant. Edit it didn't match then we understand agree at least they've that they weren't in the leg rotational minutes so. Tocchet limited fell on the story that was written right after the spurs drafted your son. And that look like to talk to you bitten talked to your son about. You know just how athletic the family would you your finally have a how many folks played you know football basketball and a little bit of everything. And there was a quoted him in if from her son in that story about the way you raised him. And and how tough few world and obviously your coach and that's that's some we expect that sort of relationship went on my coach and and somebody said it you know times are so tough he thought maybe you'll root against him and he said that's what sort of led to the to the humble guy that he is right now maybe even the professional you know be able to understand look it's gonna take target through these three years. I I suppose you wouldn't change a bit about the way you raced him what was that tough. To be tough on him that tells just tells family. If you were struck a lot of the special will all play our would be a giant change cargo. Hard cardinals. Oh a very good track coach at a all black school. Merrill Lynch me but it was Merrill you were really short little. When I was young boy there are a lot of tree. That I learned from when I was very young. Did manage you know you have to. Someone in the top one or one person trying to get the there's going to be a lot of people who are gonna actually the and the greater then like split. Active. That number of people are we going to actually. Are outweighed the ones who were telling him. You gotta get better product. Because the cool I am out there I think mine Charlie you know look I think he carried a little more weight. Little shocked when I read an article in and he did you know I didn't think my dad thought I was glued. Until our packaging or something like. What are. There were some time to win. At least he charmed. That I look back and it was borderline child abuse are there when I look back. At that time I just thought it would sure. Yeah mark shorten the way Marie EU in. How the people. I got to let you just may keep them in the jail run semester laps that got to dive and that one with you when you say board Laura just. Pretty pretty is that how you mean. I'm not that we're a commuter all we should go to a what do you about pictured very good bad or can't. Five years old and he was 789 year old. Because of the high school coach told you would go with YouTube and I would be with order Q can he be would be younger kids. In the in the book called debt shouldn't write on the Hutchinson river and will we get out of the subway. You gotta walk. And and you block it equivalent to any other places however should the government and you'll tennis or general. I hear or record number of people looking at my feet. I got the quarter and you're thinking what can you spot where you can't look back our course street. Bakalar for only an ideal kind of karma don't go to camp put it. This ago. So. I'm glad look back and say you know what could have been a little. What you know. Yeah and he's got absolutely as always that now have forty million dollar contract I'm trying to be argued that all's well that ends well as they say we are of course talking to coach Colin Anderson he is the father of new Memphis grizzly calendars and here and Jason Johnson so when you look at the situation now with. With Kyle's new team personally only 24 so he's gonna spend his crime in theory here. In the city of Memphis what do you like about the situation here in Memphis. Well what I like about situation is that they're familiar with it gained and what. She brings to be able. I think they're the and I hope at least that you're looking at sure what he does well. The coach. When you're coaching game situation you wanna get their artwork or player would do well. What you won't have to do you know work on what they don't do well and I think that the coaches that their special chat board. I think they know what he does well. And then not to put him in the position where did do that saying he doesn't do too well actually three point shot. It sounds like the idea with Kyle. If we are so sort of believe the reports and snow and what the grizzlies. Roster situation is that. You know Kyle's gonna have a chance or or if not I expected it to start yeah from from day one is that kind of the idea. I think the Hershey bid. It right port starting spot. I'm. But what I what I will give yeah I think that you got to come down here and and you were. And it I'm I'm very glad data. JBJ to chew on that way because I wouldn't expect it'll never be ended any he's never been handed anything. I don't wanna be handed anything I'm not going to hand him anything. So you know JB made it clear that end you'll be fighting for our. So you guys are you guys flying in today tomorrow what's the plan. A day. Took a break. Oh. There are all out there are not only can't you cheated. Summon a game now my notebook signs contract. Flying out there. Today in any gonna spend the due date normal gene built building would then and now. Get to know what you chief major and coaching that involve yeah sure bet that you wanna go electric no I'm headed down to Jersey sure. I have I have one of the German shepherds in the car with me and I had my germs. And a privilege or an attempt during mutual. Love that about and that is simple live in their coach we have let's say they love this Malcolm the map as a congratulations. Thank you very much I really appreciate it important meeting you guys got their man. At and away. Talk dissent coach you coach is coach Kyle and it. The father of Kyle Anderson about that one what what a childhood for calendars and my goodness I would have I would have traded. Three bouts of town abuse reported in dollars and 24. Allow would have tried that okay well you know I'm always got to figure out the best way to procedure you know like big and what these ads on what they do I don't know about make conceded on those New York flight and in New York. They bought or lose me I think what we have what are clearly paid off it was on sale and so he's got some next year's view it. We will you go up with a group trip to New York City yeah. And we need to walk the block and our place in a significant negative CJ can't keep up way he just can't keep Dodgers lose him. Just golf but if you keep him if you can locate him. That we got to change into forty years people will get a forty million dollar got a bad as what we've learned today. Some real wisdom there. From coach Collins was great and I was great it was good to have him glad to have him in Memphis welcome back key the laws are gonna join Jason and Janet it and then he has Ian.