Kevin Noon, Rivals/Yahoo Buckeye Grove, discusses Urban Meyer situation

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Thursday, August 2nd

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Kevin noon at buckeye grove dot com it's part of the rivals dot com network kind enough. Two take a few minutes out of what I can promise you is an incredibly. Busy day for him. As a someone who covers Ole miss and was in the that's what's been about 5354. Weeks. Since a something similar happened that'll mess I can relate to what you're dealing with professionally you're. You're covering multiple stories at one time and fall camps going to begin in you have to actually over the actual football. So thanks for your time I'll start with here what's the latest out of Columbus as we. As we talk here on this Thursday morning. While I don't think that there's really been a lot of movement since last night when the university issued a release saying that Urban Meyer has been placed on paid administrative leave. Ryan date who has a second year coach at Ohio State quarterback coach in an office coordinator has been named the acting head coach. I think right now at this point it's just kind of a question of seeing what happens with that Ohio State investigation that. And you know what they find out that this paid administrative leave it just released just buying some time to crack. Together some sort separation agreement or. You know if if they're really gonna be able to find a way to to keep them and I think a lot of that up in the air right now talked a lot of people. I'd say it's probably 6040 based on the people I talk to that. He's coached his last game at Ohio State that I don't think anybody truly knows at this moment. It's a number of things that you itself start here. Give me a scenario. Where Urban Meyer. For lack of a better word survives this. Is still there is still patrolling the sidelines. In Columbus in September what what has that happened. To make that even possible. I think they have to find a way to prove that. That Shelley Meyer is white did not tell him what was going on in the Al relationship between now former wide receivers coach Laxman at a news. Now ex wife Courtney went. I think that it becomes now that urban new and did nothing that is that's going to be too much to overcome but that they can find a way. Putting in a plausible liabilities. He didn't. He didn't know I mean yeah it's gonna it's definitely going to be a public relations nightmare but you know at applicants religion you don't really participate and and you know. Fire somebody. If it it is they didn't know what I don't know how they go out. Getting to that point in getting it you know getting it. To a certain. Standpoint where people will accept it because those who like Herbert Meyer are there are a lot of writer I would and those who don't have already cast judgments and hope. Not that were already at a that it impacts. I think you'll agree with me a year and you know I don't have a dog in this hard and I don't have a strong feelings about Tuesday about Urban Meyer. I I I find the prod them the idea. That. Shelley Meyer knew about this abuse saw photos some of the photos that we saw in. Brittany Murphy's story yesterday that she saw those photos she saw those text. I find it difficult to believe just because an atom you you're a college coaches to college football coaches are obsessively. Neurotic they want to know everything information as premium to them inside their program. What's going on with with different players what's going on it and every recruiting battle all of those things. It it's almost to pop is frankly is completely impossible. For me to believe that Urban Meyer. Didn't know and probably didn't know specifics with the tail regarding what was going on in that relationship. Involving Zack and Courtney Smith does is that a fair. Take on it if you will. I definitely think that's fair to say about all I'll say on the other side that I have never worked with a coach. That has been so little tunnel vision as Urban Meyer. That are kind of joked with friends were not in the industry experience that I think somebody probably cast checked amateur is wearing pants during the day because he's so focused on recruiting he's so focused on game planning or whenever that. That he can be completely oblivious to everything that's going. Around him and you and I and I don't stay active you know sound as a mixed sort counterpoint but it just. Something that I've noticed about him through the years and I'm and I'm idol in. In in in the police but you know back to the point you made. Yeah I mean I think that it would be free the you know pretty difficult to believe that. You know that it is in Shelley Meyer is truly concerned about Courtney let wellbeing and everything that should probably didn't. And even in passing mentions something current clips you know what without being sent with him being so tunnel vision you know he'd probably each he couldn't discriminate or. You just you just don't know what you know what at all pleased I think it is going to be difficult to prove that she did not. Go to him even though let me Mercury was saying on me it appeared on. Wednesday night that no there was no you know he had no direct knowledge and I could have it at the burden of proof there's going to be hard court. Let's let's assume for a minute that he was an assumption and those are dangerous. We all of this school coaches. So as we know what happens when you soon but let's let's have from that he knew. If he did it Big Ten media days. Just in the last couple weeks last week or so. Why would he respond to the line of questioning. About this very thing the way that he did. That is a question that I I have no answer for. I don't I don't know when I was standing there are during the breakout session where. He had to stand at a podium basically for about an hour. Answer questions. Berkeley came up with about two minutes left in the session and went back into action questions and urban did not are really responded very well to the moment. Said that there was you know he didn't know where you know where this story was coming from except that the talk presenting next to me. That's going to be a problem Pandit has proven to be a problem and it was even in an even worse the way that he was so like the very confrontational exchanged hands. Egypt is just too not just to not be all right at that point did you know that admin you go to several days stroke you don't you're losing a historian. Why don't think maybe necessarily blown over eating meat is lost well that is being within. Yesterday I am going through my social media and our C department worker story and it all you know it all comes to a all comes to a head in the you know in a very quick manner very reminiscent. Of the Waxman's talking together a couple Mondays ago and I think in the Pat Day now. Obviously Urban Meyer has won Saturday. Incredible level it is time that the battle Tuesday they've they've dominated Michigan they've won on the national level etc. etc. Now that that's initially I mean. It mimics for the fans we all do it if it would whoever you cheer for you you you do mental gymnastics to. To legitimized things to rationalize things to justify things. Now that people had some time what is the U you're here there'll on a very. You manage a very popular web sites are very popular message board your you're able to see in real time people's reaction has the reaction to this story. Begun to change 24 hours later as opposed to what it was like initially yesterday. I mean I still think you're going to have. Very. You know very strong divisions you're gonna have decided that. Without you know without. Absolute lock stock and barrel evidenced text messages between urban and so or. Better our corner are going to supporter I think this barracks. Another part of this of the fan base that is. You do not really going to be able to tell me and I think that make calmer. And they're ready to the next chapter and then you have a very large middle section. And I do think that that middle is probably becoming a little bit more concern. Out. The evidence and what's out there that you know how stories going in probably going to the Arctic is agree right now because. There's a very real possibility that you will be on the spotlight on September 1 the Buckeyes host Morgan State in this in this season opener and you know it'd. If you weren't in the midst of it in terms apartment cover professionally the very interest interest now watch how everything is. Is you know the ebbs and flows of up everything with it but. You know I mean I do you think that we are seeing the middle structure of the total one direction. Tell me about Ryan dates and not a he was not a household name before yesterday obviously a now in college football circles there's at least a real chance that. He is going to be the Ohio State. Acting head coach for. Probably season right. You have that would that would be my belief I mean he that's actually lap. Two assistants with head coaching experience on the strapped with rich Jarno and Kevin Wilson but. Each of them come what doron their own baggage capital there was relieved of his duties at Indiana were. Allegedly mistreatment of players and then. And then we all remember what apple was great she Jarno and he was he was at Kent State whether he knew what was happening with the cherry pick that the situation. He was named the head coach at Tennessee and stands went bonkers over that and basically got Tennessee that. So to back out of that deal to be continued to see any money changes hands there are corrupt. After memorandums were drafted but you know back to the original question about Ryan day. Writing these days and up and comer on the on the coaching states yet experienced both in college and in the area now yeah. Coach for several years under under Chip Kelly in the NFL. And that's in urban Myers clothes chipped Elliott went in went off on a recommendation from trip to bring them and try and create some new light into the offense and Ryan's day actually you can believe the reports out there was. Potentially awkward the Mississippi State head coaching job and turned it down remain at Ohio State where he just aren't we a year deal was. One of the first two million dollar assistance and state football coaching history. I think that he is a good fit. A young dynamic guy with a lot of it. Ideas I think the players actually like them. But he's never been a head coach I mean certainly at this level so. There's a lot of wait and see how things and could be especially between that it's going to be. Extremely distracted as if they do lose their head coach. The next question they're Gordon to fall camp I think you said they start tomorrow with their their first practice. Have you had an opportunity. To get any sort of a gauge as to what the reaction inside the program is to the development. They've done a pretty good job of keeping people off and on armed walked down I think that there's a lot of disbelief right now means that everybody's trying to cheat. Be very supportive internally at this point urban Meyer's record is still part of the statement that you know cookies. Take in this paid leave of absence in order are paid administrative leave cheat. Not be a distraction but let's be realistic that's just not gonna happen and is that the situation that. There are a lot of elder statesman on this and while they didn't use a lot of other leaders from even our. All now off the NFL the next phase of their lives. There are a lot of older players that are that are going to be able to buy it you would think rally this team together but. We really won't know until there there in the in the middle it indeed it's going to be very interesting moral think. For the opening up all camper pregnancy. The national attendance at a at a at a very high number. Where would have been normally routine that some perennial top five increased decent team but I think we're gonna be a lot more people there. Trying to trying to get out little nugget or inside about how this is gonna react. Ohio State the top five program by any measure the question about Alabama and Ohio states like those names that immediately roll off the wrong if if Urban Meyers does survive this and I'm with you and I don't see how does them I'm. There's no it in my mind there's no scenario where where he's the head coach at statement season. It's incredibly. Attractive job nationally. Twofold question is there any scenario where Ryan date gets this job on a permanent basis. And if not second part of the question is. Are there some names that would immediately come to mind is as. Top targets for Ohio State if they end up having three or four months to conduct. A kind of a national joke search. I absolutely think that there is the potential for Ryan data get this job on a permanent level. It is going to be very different didn't win Jim Tressel was sort of dismissed it looks tickle tickle took over. And you know they struggle then at a six and seven year. You know that are Meyer comes and grind day. I think is going to have a stronger team nucleus to build our club I think it needs. Probably more prepared to be to be head coach probably has pretty. I'm a better staff around him than it looks sickle did and if this team wins the big and mean even when the Big Ten east. It's going to be very difficult to sit there and and and and and China at army they've made huge commitment in order to. To get three more years them and we know what college contracts. Work but not really work papers are signed non supper. Purposes and things along those lines but. I think as long as this team does well may be part Knox to toe and offer to him because there's been a lot of people who believe that he was supposed to be the heir parent tree. Urban Meyer but let's you know let's take it to the other side things don't go well. The disastrous siege in which he talked Ohio State and needs to losses but meanwhile the take it further match. Onion I think personally that a lot of people are gonna wanna mention. In the in the world famous he's going to be Tom Herman attacks that speak has arm permit was or Nader our state received and and may be a top pride beat as permanent. Really kind of stirred in his career at Texas a graduate assistant and that was one of the jobs that many people feared that state would not be able primal wave from. Another name would be Matt Campbell. Mistakes. He was a former go to Toledo he's. From Ashland Ohio apple you know have a lot of ties to the state of Ohio or Meyer actually should import all the coaching job. At one point Campbell sent no. I think he's a very realistic. Candidate for them. To go after. They expect that they do have a couple of assistants that have the head coaching experience but. British is gonna be coming up for the whole situation. With Urban Meyer and what did he know being an attack situation I don't know the board of trustees and appeal for comparable. Indian into jumping into one of those situations and then you know another meeting dark horse doesn't necessarily have a lot of ties to Ohio courts say. It is just and what I think that he's another name of you know just another up and comer that. It definitely has you know a lot of upside. You know where we kind of have to see what's happening there when a plastic comes calling it. It's very difficult and lecture real really in a you know in in in a perfect situation to say no and I wanna have one more name is kind of from. But files. It'll make you think what about Bob Stoops who's from Youngstown Ohio our you know. The great cardinal Mooney tradition their TOP he will be 59 or he would coaching game and stated they rademan. To be between nineteen coach I know he's given when you interview saying he doesn't look coaching that you have to wonder. What would happen that aren't they made a proper set at one of bringing in for your coach in waiting would he be able to turn on the. Last that are so here with Kevin Noonan buckeye grove part of the rivals dot com network and Kevin really appreciate your time. If you had to guess that I know at this point it's a little bit of an educated guess. What's the timeframe. For a resolution here I can't believe that Ohio State would want. Limbo too to stretch into the middle of August for example I would think they want resolution went the other the other guests. What do we know some think somewhat fun. Well I think if they moved too quickly it is it shows that they are already made up their mind and you know I think that is probably some people over there in the administration I would love to grind it out just. Saying hey we're gonna suspend them for four games. In hand. You know he'll he'll be he'll be back really partisan crowd sort of leak of league play. I don't know that's going to be realistic I think that it. If they're going to make the move their opponents if he is going to be look at them happen sooner I think the longer that this strike out. Probably shows more what they have been trying to find any excuse possible to. Two to hang on Tommy even if you don't have to be sanctioned heavily. So I don't I don't know there's a prom date but it kernel like when a when a case goes to trial wouldn't it you'd get a quick jury decision that in the mean one thing and the longer take gonna meet them and now. I really think that no one of those here. Kevin give thanks that Tom and you have a lot of work to do a lot of things to write a lot of stuff to cover so appreciate you taking some time. For us here this morning good luck with the story the rest of the way in to visit with some. Absolutely.