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Monday, July 16th

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Broadcasting on 829688. Yen man on line at 929 The race here is that she's gonna show presented by the way who. Oh only on Memphis is sports station ready to go NFL Monday ESPN that. Sparkle back Jason John Eisen on FM ESPN. And every Monday we get stopped you know also we're doing a little early now when we get to. It's you're. Loss and good Knutson goods dealer laws since nothing goods inside the city of new business. 25 DO on the Jason and Jon joke. Coach Rolston. How are you sir. Page I don't know not a car. Dorm will man but they have we got a lot for you we mr. last week. How does our cameraman everybody okay I think your mom was going through some employer body okay. Do you. Golden era of good and I don't. Good I'll I'll I'll start with the with though the easiest question I've got for you coach we'll star with these ones. Would bluffs city legends have advanced data pool play at the peach jam if you were coaching them. But I don't know I'm all told. The crowd know where what happened to pick it. Are you know I went about record it you're out. But I know you've heard I don't know I don't know that some firsthand accounts so where and why did we not get out of pool play coach what what's the best thing. That is as far as what you've gathered which can you tell me. Either. They go. Bigger adopt labels though but when act have a go to their grip outplayed. Though. What about Iraq or we don't grade they're really talk about real what dirt roads are very good all right Gault. These you know I got sick and may have the basic books and a lot to me you know they're and a couple wearing yeah weren't they know they're gonna go home and don't. Wanted to write code to the beta and in the whole thing. In their lives brought mom brought rather lyzard noted that spoke food a takeover would vote in very critical were paired. Our walker I know. Well become partly okay haired beast back he went white. No thought to cobol. You know. We do run notepad in off more. You know they're aware there are no car we don't know thought it would. Yeah exactly. No good there's dogs are really can't say it could wait you wait. Ought to be urged here or there would buy a bigger role. Look through it all there ain't it ever made sort of you know well I. Oh yeah I wrote right not a new Wenatchee this coach. There has been a lot of talk about James wise and after the weekend obviously had a great game gets burned carried there on that first night. Jeff Goodman said. If he was if he was taken a guy. First for a college program he would take coal Anthony. But he would take James Wiseman first if he was an NBA GM so do you think James wise and is going to be that type of guy who's. Who's gonna be a better pro. Did his college numbers will suggest. You argue yeah yeah I think date recruit good joke against what they call the lol term but and also where. You know guilty the year ago you know you thought they don't spill BP's goal yet created what the get go go go whoa oh. Cold crystal and we reverted to billow I think you know you don't know low zippy in the cold that you maybe you know. Britain built built in the older horse boy and Brooke obvious. The cut more are picking Condit became a small hole between the small forward. You know where they get the ball in saying it will let you know what Carter's. Nobody goes to erode their goal they'll speak stroke clear our wearable but mostly it comments won't Alter grant whom. So small forward or are are you'll root for. Coach Joseph we saw the news this week in your son announced that he's headed Tokyo forcing your season talk about channel Lawson. Everything that went into that decision you talked about only here with us that he was likely headed to prep school. Hum how many schools where there where weather bunch of options and tell me why you like oatmeal like Michael feel. Where you don't sound awkward Tokyo race moment alone there's no single because you want to go back Greg duties. So you know we being co ops it was Mario. Little routers. Know what we go up. I had built a great relation it would Coke not over the years. Thought all we know completely don't go with agent deedrick. No no play Columbia ridiculous you know we're Corey out you know. Voted early don't do the right time and you know their utmost pitch count can do you have do you know boy you'd know belt. You know it in I don't wanna nets looked. The Internet as did the plane distribution either being here tonight being together blink you hear it right you don't know cardinal no problems. What's his true position coach. That's beacon on my. The mall or you can read or. They agree or. And it and then is it tough at all in the sense that you we you know we've we've kind of been working on the premise that you going to be did back in high school coach and obviously may be whether it's it would build a somewhere else it was it tough in the sense that well which he could play for dead a year you know what I mean you you'd have a chance to coach. M as well was it was that a tough decision was this a no brainer. O'Brien welcome you don't go in you know. No I'm not I'm not BO is like peep being that I knew about Dick Cavett who you thought about what this book. But tell me about what biblical quote that you know heightened coats. You know note that not be beat though. What bit which element to a younger go where they bet that give me here tonight a Big Dig and dig get opera coat you're that they put debt choked in which he would know they didn't do. If Buckeyes look here and it got so gold you know that sounded you know what aisle who look like us. The colts a little bit out don't know if you get a high speed and hit it within their connecting to do without that no Chela. The teller a note you'll go in that aspect he woke up and though. I did not think it was not that to me it doesn't get broken beer that we get to him about job run you can you know I thought they got beat these people made record so. I don't go. The appeal coordinated but so hundred. I definitely you definitely do that love coats there's no question about that every week I got people in my mentions about be an attitude so it's it's it. A news going to be red. They don't care who go to don't read it. Well but you know I think it'll be you know the group which now if you were sent to give away. It really altered the journal only eco. Hello all we needed to Clinton Bradley tried to give the credit reader to promote white when it blew a little while you know you'll be put through grad so. Get a little you know pretty cool you know did you check the work order today you know with these rip it apart cold. You know he's got heart Coke and OK you cargo Cote who normally don't hold you accountable. Here to play. And I think you'd be a greater greater Ole. No doubt we are Chris talking to coach kill while room joins us every single week. Here on the show coached us Taylor Lawson have an offer from the University of Memphis. What I have a purple coat. All hooked them in in golf. Won't look that struck me while I don't in my white voter problem. Adobe that starter from a belt opened over it would Boehner Matlock called I want a comfortable you know. Altera you know as far as we go all the. So and so they've never. Because I got I don't know if there was some confusion then I'll mom I'm in a got a problem because like April 20. You know Janata tweets about the time that he talked to chairman who says he's just talked to penny he got the offer from pay any Memphis Kansas George take his leaders. So like that one. They never doubted clearly did any of them didn't talk to you all the family. No well I always talk. Well it would limit triggered that was April 200. Sure there may. Be executed and apparently dispute I got you. So probably trailer you know you always talk Euro. Or dollar buyout would already know the beard who broke little. Well it didn't know or throw it all night in an article coming out there yeah. Taught him about little theoretical god. The Illinois Cote got all donor also. Oh you're Coca are real they also motor co thought they also. But why they take out I'll learn it in all well. OK so so year are there so are you operating then under the idea that Chandler Lawson does not hold an offer from Memphis. And. There's diplomatic problem and I'll be. Obama. Got a good but it at all. Not automated amid out I mean you certainly know the road and not my child has not been through it my child will be lucky to get a scholarship been anything coach I don't know how that necessarily. Goes like I mean but but in your time most of most of the offers have gone through view is that what you're saying. Are you at the Olympic gold broke through right family and my Dutch rule they've got to feel a lot of right OK though surely greeted certainly exists in Arabic your own notes are on my house so. So edited some you want do we regard talk about it all the got to have a fairly little prayer. So. Do you do you expect. Memphis to recruit Taylor going forward. I really don't know what you're big you know this picked out there that their recruitment Petrino well so. That's what took a hit lately we've only bell we got to adapt your record where government you know. Yeah Robinson. Robinson went to blow up our either don't bother. Concord where you're out there. Where it. What do you think change within coaches that it like they they're they think period you know trim at. Obviously Brian abortion and I talked about that he's only on scholarship nation that you're taken one off right there. That potentially could go up but did something insane like to channel because you know didn't he not have a saudis had a great summer the east play for a team glossy -- is obviously. One of the higher priority teams like did something change would Memphis. Because at one point he was doing a pretty good about it. Like did their approach change at all what is just go dark all are hearing from them anymore. And it just. Let me begin with dark all those records. I got to knock it you don't know no doubt it is buried it out or dark owner Dreyer. Now white people it's reputed shallow water baseball we got you got they also slow. Rebecca recruited him you can go low you know what it won't let it go. Almost. Well well the problem though. Don't date you know they call. Do they do let me ask you this well. You since their super student Jonathan. None of Memphis. I. Oca so that's another fortunate Toyota got his number fourteen country coach do you so you did you tell me it sounds to me like you're telling me that. Memphis and they've decided we just go move on without the lot without both not just gentler. Like without the loss and it. Now did I think so we're not being. How does that how does that make you feel. No I don't Utley ducked back at this vote in the what they eat it date April at least it but we don't have a right and we know younger did you only strengthened you know that's a once in a dark and it. And don't vote on it anyway. Yeah that was about pro prop Obama took out our carpet who it weighs or doesn't matter. So you don't think Memphis so you don't think Memphis guard recruit Johnny money. Bottle being so there today recruits. What happens if they miss our heart coach and miss on all these ones that are supposed to be better than Terrell. Whether you need to Wear a coat period. Gotcha. I gotcha. What is that what is the latest with Taylor in terms of the schools a ball with them. We're right gaga if we do know they colored hair and I got two playing. The code gone leaders are here are bigger payload. I've got slaughtered accommodative it all those who took over the weekend they call you know move the ball and bury me. To order PA oh beer. You think you think that you watch my coat. You think they land of. I think so. Other they've YouTube where. While. What are you why Memphis why do you think he takes Memphis. The cut your bid to do what he won't do. Ideally on the court. Gold course. You know that you'd be able to do what he wants to do the Kentucky. Where you know our coach Carroll row where. Did that set up. And then which you coaches it's still the plan like lock us in our view is this is it a done deal you still have options in terms of what your plan is. You coming on back to high schools and it would bill to be somewhere else. Candidate bill go to what we're all like to I'd vote up correctly he spoke red bag I keep Robert. I. And it goes outside and pick apart we got the Soviet years. Wearing. Is that as well are you is that is that is and how do you size and paperwork on that is that happened is didn't go to crucial. There were no doubt I would also. That I got from people apparently around Google there are. You're allowed owners from may have to pay go to vote there are no. At a holiday secret code rather those are the people. You know we're welcome our Brooke but they get to Wear that collar bickered over wrote did you procure. Boom though. Another speaker got it go. Leo would be news. What they got matter. There's no one make a person beat out. Elect a person you couple winners here offered to want it to be Europe. Never get topic go to the revolution won't be built there and diplomatic. Diplomatic error here and get prepared off. Always gotta gotta be eight feet Detrick the DJ you're prepared de wet at all that kind of aura around here but they don't know the opera ordered you're. Welfare what should get their opera coworkers and our go to. They did you go see it into. Concord and you will be without Lou but Norville and opera we'll look no well we'll go. It got to port now that we cannot double ordered to pay no real. Ultimately what you woke up what you failure you don't try and low real opera where there's. Well I would share it with because you open to bids you can do Libya don't worry about nobody else you. I think that and I and and I got I want more because coach Jimmy every week we all want their bye to get along and we went albeit love here emit as it comes out we went thereby to be cool. I mean it is it is it all love between you penny like you won on this it. Yeah it probably does not take our current bidders and I got to work at my apparently they've got a look at it is there. It if you don't like to go I don't know if you're here are. People beat but under bear and it won't it. More Berkeley colleagues keep it spelled in the Lou right right well we're a bit got no problem when he forgot about. Good guide to deciding if I don't we don't I don't you go tell my. Well that is the content that you did go to pulpit opium they don't. Right well don't jolly old oh you're magic that you won't accomplish our candidate. Well. Well it appears Fargo oak emerged good repair all the paper and it. What you hear what they have at all. Did you put that paper audit which we hope you rate expected he would record of 10 yeah. Because in fact the. This. They coach. Appreciate you said in a straight man yelled they don't regret it you've laid it up there we see what's going on so we certainly hope they don't read it. And like that like you said it's all business that's what we know and John laid this out the open goat. Both sides on the fox Boston's only five right there right you know you you call into the war and eye level they're on and off you figure it and then we'll be firing that's the thing about it so. But we just appreciate you we not let you leave this this JJ team if you not coordinated we won't have. I've coached a percentage that you coach. It's enough and is Akeelah and lost than.