July 14, 2017 with guest host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, July 14th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey welcomes Chris Herrington to the show for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss his thoughts on the developments for the Grizzlies in Summer League in Las Vegas, the performance of the Grizzlies in Free Agenecy, and more before turning the discussion to "The 9:01" to discuss happenings in Memphis this weekend.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey discusses SEC pre-season rankings from Media Days, Lonzo Ball's latest performance in new shoes, Rachel Heck's performance at the Women's US Open, the Mayweather/McGregor World Tour, and Tim Tebow's walk-off home run with Brad Carson during the Take Five.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Brad discuss Evander Holyfield's expert analysis on the Mayweather/McGregor fight during the closing argument. 


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As they have moody kid who went to California for college I know overly sensitive but I could you perhaps tell the audience or listening there. That is cemetery gates by this message. Mud odds song from the mid eighties about. I'm going to a cemetery with your friends you humbled gravestone that read poetry together. Which are sort of its closest I could get to bomb an appropriate song or. Eight new judiciary does start ignited elm wood cemetery at this show sort of classic spooky movies at at senator. Robert Smith. All our suddenly say tossup Roberts at the Morrissey who do you enjoy their work more. I I more business spans are in high school I liked those but dismissed the deathly stayed with me more than you're ahead SI guess that's gone into adulthood and make sure Kearney are. And again we're so aware of some commercial that's. Appreciate is our update I definitely agree for whatever reason I guess the pressure I don't know I secure is like one of those bands that influences lots and lots of bonanza like that. Whenever like I. Thank you so like now when I go back and listens like this pardon just really do a lot for me anymore but that's that's the united McDade did Jeffrey O annoyed by seventeen year old that was learning how to play the guitar that was that was where it was at. Chris all start here with you let's go let's let's as they looked at summer league what we looked at. Last night Jeff and I started with the the question and I'm gonna ask you the same one because I trust you Moore direct a church or brain more than I trust mine. Do you really think the overall in order out yeah I was I was the in this they've thing. We'll know I have to I have to trust just more because that's my my financial wellbeing as is trusted is is entrusted to just sprain so that the but I have to put all my colleagues it's not one. Do you come down on the question of does winning in some early actually matter. Blue well it inhabit. That was so I would say it matters little right now both are single elimination bring it matters if they get to keep playing here. We won as many games as we can't really argue we get these are correct and see more of them and so I think it matters and they took. Matters sheet we could actually you actually get to get more games by wedding I think that's good. I do think it matters a little bit in terms. You know that the terms of the meaningful less of a redshirt Getty you won't play or one normal or try to win game a whole point right. And so you know I think it it helped spot we were competence and what. Sort of recreating. You know situations. You're gonna have in the regular season and so I think there's doubt you win at that prosecutors. It's particularly important is certainly not I mean we were all watching these games or try to learn more about certain players that matter. I'm much more so than we care about the outcomes. And true sir great and they're winning. But comparable Lleyton Sheldon doesn't wait all the best somewhat back academics more people. And if they were winning because you know. Some 24 year old Dili terminate advantage here that would have a good summer leak but it can be on lost. You mentioned the necessity you thought on Wednesday when he joins us in this in this that's the only thought of wade Baldwin really kind of attacking the rim more and being a little more purposeful. With the ball when he goes in the paint what did you think about last night in in regards to that. Well I execute our staff plus side only solid second half but you know I era clerical couple plays well yeah when I was watching and where. You don't want regarding transition and got around it may have an additional them at all but he finished all of the great scrawl your transition which. I was sort of hoping to see more on him so maybe we'll see more going or work. Badly made a strong loop you know could get right to the rim harms were referred to go ahead bucket early game winner. I'm he needs to get circle are all this game we need to get stronger both physically stronger and stronger with the ball and look at scurbel. But I actually think we're seeing progress from him in the summer when you're a mean I think it's all agreed that he gets from people. After the date that that most people I know this scrutiny for that most people. While still having concerns about his development. Pool still better about it about him coming out of this summer league and they had to make up about and it and so from that from that standpoint I think it's been. It's been a good several weeks away all. Based on conversations you know I've had about shall we say that this is ability to love. Almost an also ran I type card hidden wondering last night would wait Baldwin have been better if he would have just kind of been like an undrafted free agent. Well the British or Whitaker history with that right when you Mark Green what it looked at some point shelve it but I do I do think that we judge what are your expectations or Corey. And then wait Baldwin. Well the highest traffic regret police apparently wasn't a lottery what were you so I'd pick but he was quite spirit. The grizzlies have had shed some Dhabi and very. Which was vital oil long time ago and so. I think the cuts are such a hunger for rookie to be such an Americanism because what they route it. In this you have been in the context of this franchise American bankers and I occasion for them. We're also really neat place with a little bit cocky Nestle little bit of sort of pretty used to it came out big picture easier or people. We reserve all when he doesn't play well and so I think those two things together are. That implements reaction to him the yard just this year were quality or lack thereof that is why. And then you mentioned Dionte Davis what did you feel last night it seems like certainly Twitter thought that his office and games development. Well I gave Kentucky did more to escort and our chat but I didn't say I get are from you know these gains are aligned like you know each. Yugoslav election only my European watch apple might. Need to get your. Site. So I gather that he could he make a jump shot or staff. Or about definite idea. Our truck combat air but. I get a rebate from jumper from the first draft order earlier in the week we talked. I wanna be urgent to give him a shot into more opportunities to show that talk and and you know yet eight shots I think last night apparently got a rookie ball a but he got some from from the orbiter which is good yeah. So I mean everyone was looking for more productive former Astro can't show. You know. Are more they'll be quicker that criticism and it is size. Did you generate a mock sincerity that was you know good size of them. Yeah I think that's more than pared it seemed to me that there were is. You mentioned that you would like to have seen a more concerted effort to get him shots it seemed to me last night that one of the one of the ideas coming in particular in the first half was. See what he can do offensively rather than. You know maybe having wade Baldwin try to you know dominate the ball or how many Wayne seldom dominate the ballpark. Wouldn't would have gotten CNET items where can you write it arranged by eighteen feet and hear what you know midrange jump shots. When you've gotten so cute look okay it sure looks like that it looked out of broken trot or more it looks like something that each in the bell. And when you watch him in college I like you know watches game film. Our. The call triple shall travel by convertibles a number of attempts but he looked pretty good shooting the ball UNESCO. I think it's probably. I mean he's at a scoreboard should point it's a lot of his points on put backs. And out you to suck like that. You'll be able to enough of a little jumbled peaking towards supplement post. I actually think that other than you know the book faction in the out due to best the best dumb path for him to become an operative back or. It's probably more so midrange shooting that bit bid as coast. Just a way to game played in what seems to be sort of limited source skill level he had a tumble post news. I think you need to develop a good little 1518 coach or are building their current spirit. Chris Harrington joining us at the 90 wanted to know when the 901 is up eight we have eight picks spectacular study cloud. Bobble head opportunity now discussed will discuss that in just a minute old for you to that I wanted to ask you this because I I noticed that you had tweeted about it. Not that it was obviously given that Chris is would have been a player for Jonathan Symonds after the after the spurs essentially released him on a completely. Getting rid of him. However now that you said that the gift of a little bit hindsight now he had the opportunity of time. So far with what the grizzlies have done in free agency do you feel like any of the moves that they've done more. Probably. All crash I guess how shy sit do you think they were insensitive of time. Well what I tweeted that it was you know because I write about the greatly saddened at sesame they bought it all the sort of strict about regret at least. What are we about that also led an actual general commentary on previous. Week we'd quiet that. That get in the market there we're gonna be. Good buy low opportunity late. When most other people's money what sort of steps and you could see that last year it's always a gamble you're helping to go play out elect our speed and so are similar situation like Harrison Barnes was ready out restricted free agent. And what people boy Campbell 'cause of the gold sacred actually currently starring Jim Parsons. When you look up and you know two or three weeks the job Brando happens sadly he's done restricted and an aperture or get them. As we have a situation where. The group we could not find Parsons and chuck Boller aspirin. But they have come up with nothing but then later champion air embark sort of a game or take it so. You saw the same thing play out sort of a micro level right now. Where if there hadn't who knows what was shot and simplified form we're still trying but they don't find their lack of more than they have the financial or Albany can offer. All Germans are they mostly portrait a better player. To the same time that you could come up with nothing at that point and so you know it's a tough thing good to negotiate. But I'd get right at the time in the medical Morse sighting happened. And I thought there would be better deal holes later for agent play. And I think Germans won't fight you going to be one of those for somebody. And the special mother cried out there who you know. But you shall overcome deal and subsequent Deron Williams and aren't anywhere I don't look back in Arnold's. He put the bat on the beat them last year accusing leaders backup or somebody. Oh and ensure immediate it'd been really good in the Eastern Conference playoffs up until the finals now. Right and so I think he would've been that that would let Tyreke Evans so much overlap but I liked Eric Evans RT. But he thought it would have been like a good fit for the current leader and in that he should she or somebody so I do think. I do think the bargains and create as you're going to be more moved by and large deals made later Prado. Understand this is dealing only in theory and on a promise and not try to depress the grizzlies fans but I did just make my mind wander. What would the grizzlies look like today if the Chandler Parsons contract does Harrison Barnes. I mean that they've obviously looked better I do think that theoretical Jan what more than what which may never yeah. The theoretical general roar and I do think tropic what they're currently cousins. He's a better all Adolor three point shooter and sort actually what they needed between Gasol and calmly. But he could not help the locker bet serious not error and so I think forms. I think a lot of basketball people. Moore really that high all Barnes. Well they look at it closely but I think he sort of groups some people wrong about the had a pretty good seat and put them. In sort of relate more greater role he's younger shall pure. Wager the grizzlies and here you go ahead after he split Chandler Parsons arson warrant knowing what you know now he would do it without hesitation I would take. So yeah haven't but the question is would be of immediate acute at the way it all for what you've chosen in the early outs and then epochal step. That yes that's a very very fair question and I don't want is up at commercial peeled dot com the topic this week is. Things to do this weekend and that meant this EU will lead where the movies and maazel Leon's what's going on in the movies mausoleums front here and increasing. Yeah architect sir at the opening with a song. What cemetery so great absorption and Gerri at this sort of an outlive you you know a middle way. There are either starting a Motley arm don't series shows were classic sort of spooky. Totally orbit sort of you know hall asking movies you that night in all of big screen in the cemetery. The company that got another quick blurb about triggered a cemetery. As payments are doing their support a really big deal they are. This sort of based small or sort of local portion of that Purcell tonight show and are what are are the baby Jane. Which is an early sixty will be with an eighteen Betty Davis Asians don't call murder. Service please shut all went former actress and I guess sort terrorizing each other sort of a charity or operate. They partnership or go to our chart Lou the and then ends September usually young right inside. So I hope these are successful up and they keep going to sound Parker really cool thing that day. They got gonna have to go see young frank it's just I think out of respect to mr. Brooks is working it out go like seeing in an element that a bad seems like something out today. And then the other thing that caught my eye in the night no one today. This study clap back flip Bobble head that is going on tonight at autism part. That might be the best ball or had ever seen it. If they integrate I've I. I can't get out there unfortunately unit unit polished the first 200 I'm sure they'll they're not speaking under more easily tonight that's but that batted game promotion GS they're really earlier earlier what Gerstein. I do her like. When I was I think it was like either in second or third grade to the red birds had there were had there were you know camp where you got to go in and meet all of them. And basically the entire camp was. A bunch of like nineteen year old sitting around waiting for sunny cloud just a bunch about it plus a crap like I don't remember anything about like learning infield technique or are learning fundamentals of baseball. I do you remember just like saying can you do that again. And your neighbor Saudi clap you can back slept I think it's this sort of it's it's a perfect storm situation relics. It is fantastic. Chris we really appreciate the time my man Jeff we've back next week and we look forward to talking to you than. As far as. Yeah I was actually I got out what those ball has shout out to the red birds for dropping some off I'll give you mine about that would you like mine and you really want one I I mean. Like is probably not the appropriate her love the U wanna get on top there's a thing well get this thing now that seems uncomfortable it doesn't seem to me I don't there's explain it to our our production director who just moved here he's like. I can't figure out how to put this ride on this thing and and put it on and on like you have to flip him upside down yes it's it's an upside down I tablet Bobble head and he's like I've never seen like that and I think that that is the point. The red birds we rarely talk about and if ever. On their absolutely killing and in our upper intended so armed. Not it's not that we purposely avoid the red birds it's like the NBA's become a year round proposition but the red birds are just they're they're back from the all star break in there and there's smoke in the ball some. In order to proceed for whatever reason. Baseball has in my opinion has never lent itself to talk radio you know and now there's the problem with the public told Saint Louis it does not here. Oh sure I'm missing in general like the idea of baseball is baseball is not. Baseball's more random that is narrative. Well and the other thing is it's it's more in my opinion it's more x.s and o.s based its theory it is like the old rage or road O'Leary's. Yeah like I used to do you like common nerd so I used to do that though the cards in the whole deal but like now. Basketball has these characters and that the Alonso bolster its way more theater that's what makes the Bryce Harper stuff during all star game awesome you know all what's striking to me though is baseball is by far the best game to broadcast. On the radio for whatever reason baseball is much better on the radios eternal hope all basketball or hockey. Right in the pacing of the game allows for story time and there's something about it you're able to. You're able to recreate the playing your head much more easily than you all are. Well all or basket and lie and we talk radio as a segment are as a topic. It's and he said it's just very you have to you have to gets so dry that nowadays it's not it's not good for the need the casual fan. Yeah as any game sort of allows you have these and the broadcasters I guess are charged with doing more you know because it sure does slow the ball one silly anyway. Yeah now he then it's got very slow very slow okay you ready for my area from hot take that there. I think overall Vin Scully was bad for broadcast. Tell me why is is it because he was so Vanilla no because he was so great. Because he was so great what he did was he started creating all of these guys like I'm getting even still I'm Lawrence college. And they all tried to start a copy of Tom Brennan is one of the worst that where he tries to become story time when Tom and all these. All these guys basically try to recreate what he does it's like. The key to that he's he's. Arguably one of the greatest storytellers that ever made a living as a professional. Hawk got I think that that's probably why I gravitated Harry Carey even though I wasn't a cubs fan because. The idea of a broadcaster drunk in NA calling a game. It is fantastic like Mike Sheehan and is I know what's real close to earth so yeah. That is our Segway Sammy here and it right. I I know he's he's we real calm my (%expletive) because he says the ridiculous thing volley if you can see the moon from where you're rat you know or whatever but. If I enjoy that a lot and I but I enjoyed Vince Scully like I saw on the other day on yes he's an idea now that brings back a lot of cool memories well he's he's tremendous rally to school out there like. I always wondered like is this worth the high continued watching game is CD's do you eat at the end he did a lot of TV sure and so you eve watching and you realize. There's no one else in the Booth with them he's telling stories and have you on the edge of your seat and and he never misses a pitch from right. It sits on probably doesn't it's ugly horrible sound good he was how he does it. The SEC pre season rankings are out according to the media has voted. All line at media days we've got the first second third all SEC teams we also have. 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She knows that because of this needy. Play golf right now. How we model and I think he's trying to keep me away for maybe keep and you're getting out. They sell its plastics out of the US to make sure I don't get over your golf game two on Zarryon out of window at this morning well that but to all the probably get out there the sadness after the show do not worry about. Have you you're not I have no life that. However now it is time to fire up the take five battle. Fine stories. There's eight guys on the Jeff cook and show on 929 number five. The SEC football media. Is concluded Thursday with media in attendance predicting Alabama to win the 2017. It championship. I hope ever was sitting down that I hope no one had a program authorized I have predicted yes when I first avoid generate only. Whoever it was OK with that sorry the the league also I should say the lead media also did pick. Georgia however to win the east they got 138. First place votes. Florida Tennessee South Carolina Kentucky. And Vanderbilt Missouri. So essentially they had the exact same order I did except they flipped Florida and Georgia. I just think Florida. Bull and I'm I'm still all all believe that Kirby Smart is going to get into a title and when I see it because I'd get to see a save in the cycle thus far. Do it I don't know anything about South Carolina is that a good team or should they be good based on the recruiting they haven't they have a good. They have a good solid young quarterback down and then they have a defensive minded coach that finally stayed out of the office. And for the first time like in his career OK and so they've recruited obviously had a better at a better level they had been the last three or four years the end of the Spurrier. Now Spurrier did Spurrier did have a about a three or four year run where he was did not just did today be on cloudy that sir Stephon Gilmore he had a lot of pros there and so he certainly had a run their but he got. Inky DN need Canon gamed. It's certainly I think the golf course was more important than another or higher standard. And then in the east Alabama of course picked to win of the west Auburn. Comes up second. LSU. Is third Arkansas is four a and M five Mississippi State six and Ole miss seven the difference between mile list and being pressed to the media's list is that. They had. I don't we both had no more aside and they have and I guess if I sell on an Arnold had a chance to look over that do we get we get through all the teams got their all the teams and you're the SEC championship vote guys go through that this is pretty outstanding 217. Media's members of the media picked Alabama to win the SEC eleven common Auburn and 116. Pick Georgia. Three picked LSU on three pick four OK I can. I can theoretically understand this those are fine. One to South Carolina and one takes Vanderbilt today and wanted dark now the vanity pick you just got it shaker and the Antarctic I'll got gas not been able Arkansas could all have. Those who doesn't pull attack victim those could have good solid seasons I can make a case that I think Arkansas can win up to nine games. Wow really you can make AK I'm voting day in best case in their case in point gap right. I think I'm not saying that from get rid you can make you can Austin Allen's good player right quarterback is he is in my opinion he's the best pure passer while she's. And good they are is there. The problem arkansas' had these last couple years as they come in like a ball ST and then they lose a running back in camp all on on top of that it's kind of a metaphor for their exact season because when he came to the actual games last year they basically blew. 45 touchdown leaves in about 3 am when Mississippi State gets an ever so why they'd they'd pull back that Angela just shoot changes always gets Nadal takes the gas safety points and just it's nutty but now. That's so that is where they stand when we look at the Ers team. Yeah all SEC pre season team of course the quarterback is -- on hers because that is the greatest job in the history of the world yeah now I get to play quarterback with all of those all of those stunts around me about what is somewhat similar to what they've had in the past is Jalen hurt so I gave a legitimate first team quarterback. As it pertains to is he the best quarterback as in if ya if you had a quarterback draft would you whine about Whitney FitzGerald. Giving extra okay. And the big difference though is Jalen hurts. Is exactly what they need when he is not only is he a guy that's become a game manager for them he's done a very very good job of it right. He's also able to escape and beat you with the likes OK so he's he's also now it's without a doubt. He's the prettiest runner I've ever seen in our policies and of his deal like they'll just like the way like the way it. Toronto it's like he lied he doesn't run he just kind of like smooth legalize and he has. Outstanding position of his off ball like he'll have the ball on one hand really analyze and he understands that the other opposing hand. We have now the weight of yet this form there's it's solid solid solid all terrific analysis John first team running backs or Darius dice of LSU and a knicks job. Georgia and a first team receivers Calvin Ridley and Alabama Christian Kirk. Texas say NAM Isaak not the young Georgia tied in gets first team. All SEC pre season honors Braden Smith of Auburn. March as idea Florida. Joseph Williams of Alabama. Ross appear Schumacher of Alabama. And frank Bragg now writing notes and Tony are soft Arkansas all get first team honors the second scenic FitzGerald of course. But Scarborough camp Pettway get first Irsay team running back. Some other names with the local interest Jay Sean Robinson of Tennessee. Its second team always honored Garber a second team. Because Darius Dyson nick down. I guess now. I mean there is guys that get played other thing that and does it hurt us Scarborough is while he's like a genetic freak I'm Carrie has like that for that factor that none freakish liked size strength speed everything. He didn't. Billy breakdown until like the last couple games whereas Darius Dyson and nick child were pretty consistent all the way around okay but boy Austin Alan gets third team. All SEC honors Ralph Webb a Vanderbilt congratulations buddy buddy chase farm they'd. I used to work with down and Oxford east Liotta Carrie do you Ralph web banner Sarah Durham area. Our good friend Mike Patterson also fullness. One Jennings of Tennessee also earns third team honors. Greg Little also earns thirty yards defensively. A lot Alabama have ever gonna sit down for that out also. Marquee Haynes of almost. Earned some honors ardent key of LSU all see its first team. Honors but overall. With the exception of a couple of of cocoon guys that are discussed a thoughtful basically do that in the distressing things like. Fill out of Ike now I was even put out whatever Jesus like NCAA thing right now even if I don't. Really want to take the time to fill it out. Take five minutes in just take it seriously ya know I it's easy especially if you you have to think about where you're coming from like if you're very if you're voting for Vanderbilt. As a national champion or an SEC champion like something's wrong it's why I love wait what Gary does. When he double poll tell things Leo discuss is like. You should not put your name on your vote he should have put your name on you generally simple nod against her own I had that far and away a Memphis connection here isn't what actually. The kit for Memphis still on illness is he the kicker stare scary 10 yeah. Kerry areas scary guy. Third team place kicker which is snow today something umpire if he's behind in a calls and data Carlson's gonna kick and make a Lotta Lotta money for a long long time now in the NFL. They Gary's a domestic. They have a third team out there is better than ten Americans say that for sure number four number four hour. Well on so I gotta tell you buddy I'm woke. Are you excited about Alonso ball now Moore oak under some on the my fastest I've Democrats in general I got my I got my I got my. That's an amber and I'll go and heart. So. Alonzo comes out game one out slips falls looks like he's gonna break his ankle during his lawns or two's is a smaller brand's signature shoes yeah. I'd never get day then. It's this CoBiz then goes out it's triple double out. Last night wears a devious so where is not easy it's a triple double ICD it is now and it's a triple double unharmed here's where I'm look out. I think that he's setting up. For torture deal. We'll know he's setting up tablet and then there's gonna be like a release of the lawns or threes yup and there's gonna be like a big a he's gonna say I could have worn the CoBiz you saw what I did the Kobe Bryant usually you saw what I did -- in the James Harden the deed is man. Now on now. I I could've picked either one of the issues instead now I'm picking Alonso for I'd do you think this is a setup for something coming down the pike it you know likes some sort issued deal. Where big ball or joins with Adidas or Nike and and here we go but. I think. First of all the Skechers jokes are already coming out like is yes you know like they're just waiting for what's the third the fourth option yes down the row when you pick case was still dishes I think case and they'll make she is actually my case he could feel like he can go the gulf route and just like orange and have puma you ask him well I just try try something totally different I don't know what he's gonna do next. The triple double thing is wild and we were making fun of them a couple of days ago because DDR fox thing and I'm DR fox against is injured so it's it's like karma you know. Yeah I'm. From what he also asked if I was just like it's out through it just feels like everything he can't. Especially with them down you can't take anything at face value nine and it's the biggest policy GK NL you don't know where what what's what's going on behind the scenes on the stuff it's like I don't. Don't really have a problem like Lavar ball doesn't get under my skin like he gets another deal skins the only thing. That I do you think is probably. Counterproductive. For. That would Voller does is the bar puts a target on his son's back and I'm a big believer of you know if you're gonna put it are gonna back you beatle wanna do it but don't put it on someone else to go and fight your battle for well and I think the the other thing is that. I think a lot of it's just marketing and it he did. Turn it over to magic Johnson and say like I've taken it this far on but it doesn't prevent him from from stalking into an all sorts of crazy stuff. No other player has a triple double at the Vegas summer league line Alonso has two of them okay. So for all this crap we've been talking about about lawns ol' ball. I think he's going to be a good player any I I I might argue but probably haven't in the rotation right off the job when he gets it into the lakers all in my opinion there's a reason not to know I think you put him in the rotation I brought out of the big days by the backup point guard in the and then he's gonna play by some of the two yeah I would I would I'd see there's a reason not to play him right. Number three little bit of local flair racial hat. I mean fifteen year old from saint Agnes. Is in the first create women's open. Frankly a lot more positioning in the USA days girl's high school golfer of the year she even par through her first round. At trump national and Bedingfield. New Jersey she is six off the pace. And I asked. You Brad Carson. Your biggest accomplishment fifteenth. Oh god. I I didn't have I had an accomplished anything at fifteen lot of Palestinian 28000 snarl like that that I thought about this this morning my son is nine years old and and I've spent a little bit of time with him on a golf course to try to get him started on the game. And says she's only six years older than Jake that that's bananas to me is like Jake is pretty tall for his age. And I and I looked at pictures ever it is she's you know looks like your average fifteen year old likes you know not. She's not take a look eat a larger young lady. She looks like somebody you see it you know just walking around saint Agnes is campus you know and for her to pull this off. Arm and I'm sure these amateurs are all sort of nervous walking out there. She is already committed to Stanford which is one of the top women's brands and our idea that. Gash I had an account I I can play the saxophone. That that's about it I think he's. I've before my freshman year and Els was the biggest thing that was by fifty or should ask you this what it Yuri sophomore and US right well I was notes private you had to leave the kids from private score all of a ten year old. And so while you're Richard of course we all red shirt sorry I forgot what that does is we had guys I bet. I would public school first through third grades aren't. I was if not the oldest kid in the grade I was like one of the three or four oldest kids in the great you know I get to private school Mike I'm not even in my top pack. I don't I'm in the bud that dead square middle select they're kids that red shirt on top of their redshirt. So. Which not to pick on you I think it it it's gotten a little out of hand and in some circles it's the weird thing is so then my brother. But because I'm I'd we're back to backing grace and it makes sense from the other to be in the grade behind I know to be to get held back. He ever did in some Blair finished Blair graduated 73 quarters of. These classes been held back. They're all like on a world birthday parties and I have to guess we'll see is little Johnny eleven. Or is he twelve because it's it they're all in third grade you know like it it's a little preposterous in mind that we did as we did have liked kids that I'd like for our February birthdays now. You have one guy turning you know seventeen while the other guys turning to always rich and the same great like what. And then I'm still getting used to that having moved here fourteen years ago and now being 88 younger parent because it's like out. In on growing up in the midwest and you know. Somebody named Hossa is bigger than the others in he's the same age as you like you come here and it's like nine times that attend little junior's just been held back twice. And I don't know if it works or not there's been research on and I haven't read enough of that but a mom my guess is that it all sort of evens out at a certain point. At a certain point like natural ability. Takes over like our at a certain point you're either going to weather beat. Aptitude like academically are there certain what gets its assets. So at a certain point we are going to take an objective criteria and try to judge what. Oh yeah your brain is capable of so right there a certain point like there is a natural level playing field. Athletically. That's where I'd I am a little curious because. If you get a kid that is a college in a high school sophomore he's bigger stronger and faster and everybody. And he puts up some sometimes that would objectively hold up be a runs it forty M good shows good size and strength. But he. Basically never really develops beyond that I've seen kids that have gotten offers from that. The challenges when you hold junior back and he's obviously bigger than everybody and obviously has a lot more skills academically. An inch is mentally than the rest of his peers he's looking around going. Man. This is boring down. What what am I doing here snuggle under the Einstein yeah I worry fails like math yeah you made an Ozzie RD near it I Israel what are we doing now so and I know it and if I had more boys and girls but. If you think that little junior is going to be you know John Daly it's just going to happen OK. But if Bob I think at best accomplishment. Still thinking about this guy I haven't thought of any others. Yeah a entertaining and like now I'm now that I'm 28 and bird picked a minute I'm holding on that I'm not the point where I don't wanna be a year older I get the power like holding on because as I get closer and closer to a year that rhymes with. Thirty. It all evens out when he's target of his thirties and forties on number two look at number two as we move on the Cotter McGregor show rolls on line. And it appears Brad to have hit a an abyss of a bump in the road signs now. I I watched the press conference last night and it was not good I mean and it was layman it clearly clearly there having meetings before these press conference call because. This one was now stilted. For Mayweather by far yes because McGregor was holding back and had. You know it just clearly was with stilted at 44. For Mayweather. And it wasn't good like now the jokes are running out and like the crowd is getting and CNN and so they've got one what does it another one of these today our guard like London is this weekend yeah I mean I I've had some world who I know it's the world tours that they did Los Angeles they did. Up in Canada and Toronto they did New York last night at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. And I I I specifically wanted to watch because the first I thought were pretty good you can tell by the end of the second it was satellite. And K what do they get ready for the third and now it was the same boat we're talking yesterday about oh no we are some of the the all star game about how this element of I did notice that there's going to there's definitely the grounds for this one ups man ship shore and certain points like when you keep trying to go bigger and bigger and bigger eventually there is a Plaxo well and I I do one thing I did enact and know a lot of people on Twitter were panning it I thought that. The wade they address the racial component to started out yeah McGregor saying I'm half black from the waist down I actually thought that was pretty funny but I go pretty I got I go for those jokes usually I'll guess I'll have to balance and number one now and then number wine. I posed this question to you down Brad Carson OK when we discuss problems in baseball now. Is Tim Tebow of the most famous baseball player all by far not even close. I mean it Bryce Harper is if you talk major leagues is that beyond Bryce Harper. On its tough and there's no question Tim Tebow was the most and that's what it Brooke and they told everybody they promoted him for that reason. There and they told they're like hey listen we we've promoted him to regular single a ball because like. On the Hyatt in for an glad it okay now so since that's the level below double again drank. OK Susan saint Lucie yes or is that. But probably I try to get a radio call it's it's just all of YouTube videos and stuff yes Minor League Baseball but boy he did a walk out he'd pick the swing that swing looked good. He's hitting over 300 he's on eleven game hitting streak right. Yes so like you can say what you want about Tebow but man like. He he he sort of looks the part. When he has eleven game hitting streak it's sort of like talking yourself into McGregor winning a boxing match a little sad. Not a little bit by a lot exactly. What's the high end what's the ceiling for Tim Tebow at this point double leg kitty kitty kitty make it to double A Jeffrey Wright reached the point where I'll be surprised he does not dress out for the Mets at some point. I think I'm the same way you like it there are already saying they're promoting a minis any takes advantage of it I think there's a chance you could see him and I will give him credit. He clearly has more natural athletic schism then that then the act. Average human beings so it's not like this is a guy that's. That's just going back in trying to play baseball well in in that in that home run here last night it's sort of that theory and a home run derby were when you can when he connects with that he's he can throw it can get it out of the park as a Russian built in now. I will say. He does is. He's your minds essentially of his that same makeup that the rock cast Ryan like Tim Tebow seems like the guy that. If he's standing around not doing something that. Is productive or contributing to his data like he just drop down and we'll start doing push just because it. I he's wasting time and yeah does everything you do so I will give Tebow credit like are you excited about it and and are you you have to go watch the story. Now none Annan drilling and I and our. We come back we are closed things out we got to get things set for Jason and Jon. Sticker I am listening to the Geoff Calkins chair right here and I chatted them ESP at least. C 80000 other free agency preloaded on an 89 FF ESPN. In 1000 dollars just from listening weekdays starting Monday at 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM at 3 PM text the word 272881. With a fifty minutes and you could win 1000 dollars like other local Indians in this national contest data messaging rates apply. 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Citizens and members of police appreciation day for you this Saturday. Yeah nine FM 688 AM on the WM SS I had 929 espn.com. Seriously is there Jeff Hawkins you know. ESPN. Today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. So I'm back fairways. I did see that we desk yes she answered their readers and there are other people that work here and just on July. It was done deal. Center at this bad boy a moment. Closing argument presented by. And ration Memphis here's the bite of the day. So I've got to Vander Holyfield talking about the Mayweather fight okay I'm in. That really code or go. Lives about a boxes so that they box why don't wind if they do that MMA. Article Lou. Are there you go. Oh thank you owner does it Boehner sound like someone else got punched in the head a lot of times like I'm concerned I'm really concerned and this is. Yes that'll wow that is that is age is subject just to reach out. They are boxing SoHo it will win if they were doing all of opinion let me write that down write that down Edwards did do a UFC fight in MA Kennedy noted do that in MA that her that is the most boxer like old school boxers they like I did that in and they think. Tremendous here's what's coming up next. Next on the show we have a nice guest on. I'm Jason Jarvis can get my notes together here Jason and Jon have Larry Brown at 1225 today. Is a spectacular against the no actually talk a lot about grizzlies. Because you know Larry's been with David is Dell's been sort of if you call a consultant down. Four. But since that's 1245 coaching consultant I was well that China all right does it wants games Seth Greenberg also gonna get in the 1125. Jason McEntire will join me on the air cast such of the big lead FS one Dan Walken as well as Kevin life today. With scary scary issues as well of course GDP second hour so. That's our guest hosting TV joining did later on the day thank you my friend for now though I got to thank. Jeff I think Jamal lesser I think present and I got to thank Brad. But for now I got to get away Hemingway of real town Jason Johnson and next. Do you have persistent knee pain is need pain affecting your daily life you may have an option medical researchers are evaluating any investigation a device for people who still have knee pain following meniscus surgery. You'll receive treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. Your physician will monitor your treatments at regular follow up visits using advanced diagnostic techniques. If you were thirty to 75 years of age have had meniscus surgery over six months ago. And still need pain you may qualify please visit me in this kiss dashed trial dot com for more information and to find out if you qualify for this clinical research opportunities. 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Could you enjoying that double header there massaging shampoo can this be real are you dreaming if in my case Jean about the eighties like a feather my hair was sick you know what reality is actually way better is now you can beat the heat this summer was.