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Tuesday, June 19th

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Back dated John attitude I have NB SP and we are two days away from the NBA draft and it has been particularly silly. His help us break it down they've done that nobody covers NBA draft board draft express he's here now Jonathan how are you. I'm doing great about you guys everything is good and methods were a little bit on pins and needles there's some anxiety as you can understand so. Maybe you can help us through this at this point. A bomb from from everything that you've heard about the grizzlies what is the likelihood. That they trade this pick attaching it to Chandler Parsons contract. I would be surprised if they made a straight up salary dump I mean the number four pick it's such a valuable out. There was such a painful even to get to this point in the united. He got two more years on camera deal I just can't I just can't see it personally. But down. Are you guys might have more insight in about the mean. Well for a long time out we we certainly hope they would not do that because it would not make much sense given their sort of their future and uncertainty of picks they'll have going forward you have maintained for a few weeks now. That you could dodge its may indeed be there at four for the grizzlies. Based on your Intel is is that still. In play that bad Luka may fall to four. Yet elated I'm hearing out of this morning that the king there either gonna draft Marvin actually. Where there are gonna trade down and take Michael Porter so. And then at three. You know I keep hearing that you know all have their hearts set on June injection unless somebody just come in and blows in the way it was an offer. In hopes of trading up for either Jerry injection or what could I just so if that scenario plays out. The way that we're hearing on that today then indeed look at dodge it would be there on the court for them for. I do what I gotta get your thought is up obviously you've got you covered the draft process for a long time. The group the only top seven top eight guy that the grizzlies have been able to get him for a work out at least that we know publicly. Is window Carter junior Jerry Jackson worked out the mavs they couldn't get Martin Bagley and obviously no Luka. What's your what's your sense of that why why is that the case why have the grizzlies struggled getting in. Those top five range guys. I think wolf fairly or unfairly. The scent or you know among the agents that I talked to among them under NB eighteen and I talked to is that they're great lead or not. The most stable. Organization in the NBA right now they're it unclear. Who we've deciding on Leno who's making the pick you know what it's Iraq are gonna look like two years from now. You know why are they they're losing so much money the army you know they just went through this ownership thing which are now resolved but. You know parrot paid a quite a premium ticket to keep that team. And so I think either under just a lot of uncertainty and people around the agent they're saying you know we'd like Atlanta situation better. We'd like delicate situation better. And so if we can control the process at all which they they they can only to a certain extent. We would rather have a guy is in either don't choose our. Or even in Orlando sick since so. You know in the big integrated are gonna do what the currency meet their answer it any other guys that they liked it. Is there for right they're gonna take them and the NH it's gonna get figured out I mean I think gauge that off your current army lieutenant apart guy gets picked fourth. Nothing in the world we're still gonna report rock and a whole. I gained very tight situation here this isn't like you know the NFL with Eli Manning or whatever so you can only control what you can control in the NBA and so. I think a proper and just to beat three time but I'm here today to grip and take in normal whatever special for that for their franchise. That I can sense the frustration loyalists in the dome podcast read your tweets just about went with dot ticket release the what what it sounds like what the information you're getting. Our teams just over thinking it with him we go look back and and look at 45 teams maybe six teams in and say man what were you doing. Yeah I don't know it took me back quantity of teams are. I'm surprised personally emailed by the local skepticism. That I'm hearing from NBA people about. Dodged a prospect some you know that there's uncertainty in regards to any prospects are known including. And I'll all the guys at the top if the big men that you know played college basketball and you know not to say anything about Michael order with his medical situation. So I. I'm more surprised any thing I'm very curious to see how it all plays out because of the NBA team kept you know they get a lot of money that it to make directors and then. You know they know maybe they know more than we do about you know bunch of black about let it sit down on the ninety going to be able to get by guy is down. All of that and so I'm I'm here yeah how how little place duct. I mean can he meant this is such a great situation for him because you know he's he has the couple have a guy like Mike calling next to him. Who is in L all star caliber point guard. Who you know can help ease the transition. For him. And he doesn't need another ball handler on alongside him we've seen in the late in the year here once Sergio or you'll. Came back if it helped dodge it should open up this whole game and he's not a guy that you want. Being the primary guy you know like spike up and cement in Philly for example so. I'm purity are all played I think knowledge is gonna be really good but you know we just have to wait and see what happened. If he's off the board if dot its has gone before the grizzlies pick for. What do you think happens with with with Michael Porter junior do you do you think. It's too risky for the grizzard for do you think maybe they do take the chance on on the report he's been there there seriously considering you've said it. What are you what your gut tell you on Michael Porter junior. Which it's reading that you lived in el Amin the owner prepare come in and cents. There's no reason its roster can't win fifty games next year and Michael Porter doesn't get you closer to that. Next season maybe he'd die too rich or years from now. But this sent some hearing among teams in the top ten. In that there's a very strong likelihood that Michael Porter is going to have to redshirt in the year and that you know and I accept similar to you know oil analyst Anita. Yeah and so. That doesn't get you closer to fifty. Who wins and then you know and a year from now all the setting. You know console contractors are being up then you know where you know maybe. TE our total rebuild it already won membership looking actually when not intimidate the site take Porter and say you know we're gonna trade Conley or trade markets sold. We're gonna you know we we need to blow the whole thing up you know do what Billy bid. You know for a number of years then I'm not I I would tip my hat to that because I think that's what they really need to do what state they wanna winning championships five years from now. But done so. You know that's not the center of world getting and so in that regard. I think I just makes perfect sense and I don't think he's he's he Jessica's not better prospect Michael Porter. We of course talked in the great job in Livonia covers the NBA draft for you as he end up and you guys have put together. Your sort of all commit mock draft the perfect pics. For every team and I find the particular. Pick for the grizzlies interesting because it's the guy in the Obama who they have not interviewed one of few teams. Taking what they picked it did not ask to interview Obama and they did not bring him and for a work out given sort of his freakish athleticism and his attributes is it a little surprising to you that the grizzlies have shown virtually no interest in Obama. Well I think that feeling is mutual is no Mo bombard. Has refused to come to work out for Memphis and bigger future shared medical had told them openly he would. Prefer not to be in Memphis. And then if you look at the fact that you know markets sold it obviously -- on the roster don't want position them Obama complain that the fighters don't want position in the market slocum played out at five. They're talking about winning fifty plus games next here. It just you don't act or I think that's all coming from but like I wrote in a great amateur I actually had to recruit sleepers on the team has. I would reject it I said to me. Does he need to rebuild you know like so let's just take. What who I think it's a bad car but on the board at this stage we already had not just gone in this scenario and and I think you know I have it. Andre one. Look at the luggage too. Obama three and so you come away with smoke bomb a year or who I think has a chance to be the bat struck the commit strapped. Amid talented off the charts I think you do it and email view you figured out because attracted all about buying them back player. Three to five years from now are not about how many winged you can make get make your because these are long ways away for being honest returner. There's no question about it so we I don't think we have heard that that information Jonathan that my Obama refused to to work out for the grizzlies. I accurate yet while about that no matter I don't know medical loss. Biggest riser in this when Jonathan you're so good at this guy maybe it's outside the lottery got its gonna come up and and and be the biggest riser come draft that. No question it's been Gerald Robinson also where guys are in the process. And where they are now he with a guy in Boston College I'm lineup for eight CC player of the year behind Mark Bagley. You know start the process and I intricate image they game he was just packed thing he wanted to try to get compete back from teams. The feedback has been phenomenal the guy in the green room on Thursday that he's gonna get top twenty pick. We're hearing about a week ago it high eight and the clippers twelve or thirteen. And so you know no one has helped and so mortgage process and what's funny is that Robertson supper I'm very minor wrist injury. Mom you know about a month ago until he had even done that many work out so it's it's strictly opt teams watching his film going back. You know the interview process some all the Intel and people have been hammering Barton College. Plane permission to coach except when they are there may have gotten out of them quote they would not dumb and so he's he's an acute writer. And then finally job and we appreciate your time they are very biz I'm agrees there's also own. The number 32 tick. In this NBA draft and of people aren't necessarily clamoring for info on the second round but. How valuable can I pick media that they can get it a good player given the depth of this draft at 32 overall. I think that this super draft a lot of the guys that we are we're gonna go back to school for another year. Decided to stay in there have been some lighter fewer direct approach this guy like. Kevin herder like in an Dante given Chang so like Jerome Robbins then. And and that's kind of push them guys. Back into that early second round and saw I think the grizzlies are gonna get some pretty interest seeing I'm hearing a little bit of Melvin Glazer. I'm from from from just leave at the guy that they like and hearing Tyreke comments from Creighton another guy that they're really looking at. It's it's pretty clear that the wing position is it one that they're looking noble or I'm not sure if you know I'm drafting a look at budget that changed intimate intimate MBA. You need for five wins or your loved Dirk really high quality wine and so it wouldn't hurt to get another guy like. I mean electrically and Allen is around a Bruce brown. So there's so I think it can mean no shortage of a very good weighing options for them to be choosing from. Jonathan you're the best so we appreciate you sorry you're you're our weather vain in what is a very crazy times that we appreciate it. They're army guys appear Korea Asia achieved is Jonathan go Vallone. And appreciate him coming on the show what is obviously the busiest time of his life right now how about that news Jason. That Mo bomb by has refused to work out the grisly end. Refuse to give degrees these his medical help there you. Go. Oh wait we don't they. You know what I'm paid to be a top five pick amicable you know on a picker would Dikembe duel in the single wave mode to in the finger waving us on a compliment. It there you can't believe that and that makes me upset. There's a chance assault on another short time. Yeah like I mean why didn't mean why it is Dell is like a little more attractive situation there was a point where you feel like one of the grizzlies on McCain to Andy's got as and from work now when you when you hear that. Think it. Makes so what's wrong with a player. All this man I mean I'd say that bad now if you talk about I mean a week we really immediately how we about are you serious. I mean I have my Obama has turned yield on the city of Memphis. We can't have old some sort of saying and against this man I mean and I like my Obama to do with the that nomination hit me blind side and I have no idea it was he stopped like it is public info. I know anyway basically had nobody else whether we're eagerly as you are the only means so now I'd sort of makes cents. I did like is his bit about bill bray who did you buy before anybody while I liked his bit about the button. As we all know it's come yeah yeah blow this thing it will sic we'll see we'll see about that Wednesday after another bid it's predicted that. When I got bit about the I it's fifty cent wins 49 last year I'm hang around there now I know you IDs here's your club. You at the close of all of so. Good for human and it's stuff from. From John not as great as enterprise willow will bring a little smarter we come back Jason Jack and editor of India's it.