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Wednesday, June 6th

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Broadcasting on 99. I succeed. Experience. Since then. The business sports station. Did you not have been and yes here we are back. And what is now as promised his name is Jonathan bowling. He is the second highest tigers baseball players recognize drafted in the Major League Baseball draft we talked about it yesterday huge news for the University of Memphis. John the ball going in the second round to the Kansas City Royals he joins us now. First off congratulations. Are this big that do only David Henderson how does that feel that must be surreal like. Are housed on John has a ton of folks have put on that tiger uniform. He played baseball for that program a ton of good ones and to be the second highest ever draft that is it like for real did you know this was commonly. It's for scherzer will remain at no I did that I'm an early to know that until a salt to sweets. So mean it's. It's been all some sort of four some did you know that night if there was a possibility that you'd be drafted that high did you have no idea did you were you ready go to bed what was happening Rome well that night we knew there's a slim chance of various slim chance and then. As a night Illinois. House when they start to get phone calls are starting to serious so owes some Tomas so files like. Are we gonna hang around so. And then because I was about to go home earlier that night because we thought there is no shut because things where Penn and now we and then it got so real. And then I just stay there until the whole entire thing was over in the make him in a phone call so do you start here from a lot of like how does it work for referrals for us nobody's Rangel never don't have a joyous tonight as it all going to be agent do you get all the calls like what happens it happens. Well I had an advisor and advisor and we went to a co work out her. Three or four workouts got and then so we had those teams talk ensues and then. The business part of it was the advisor and the areas countered the the head of scouting got you so. They were the ones in the phone calls and then my advisor was on the gave me the phone call before the area scout and then the director of scouting him a call after they drafted. What was the your dad was drafted back.