Jesse J Holland, Former Memphian/Wrote Marvel Black Panther Novel/AP Writer, on the J&J Show

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Tuesday, February 20th

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688 down on the WM FS I am 929 ESPN dot. This isn't Jason's. I never forgive nations sent. There is always. They've made this connection or maybe. More than one Memphis connection we're gonna highlight another Memphis connection right now his name is Jessie. For the AP the author of black panther who is the black panther a marble novel he spent some of his earliest years in Memphis he joins us now Jessie how are you. 200 aren't like you never know there's a lot of absolutely Sola how's how's. How the world of Jessie. Then it will conduct national independent we go about it. We look. At everything adored. So you you obviously you wrote this this this book which is a black panther who is a black panther and we've kind of been referring to went on the show as. The accompanying novel to the movie is is that a fair description there is this the company novel to the film. Put a bit I mean. A lot of the characters in the movie Lou. Caught and Britain all Scotland run. In the black pepper comic book. Between rebel heartland when Kirk who were directed how party bag Christopher creek. Cooler the first black writer at marvel comic. All probably character in the movie came from the bottom of the group black men. My book take those same characters. And held the comic book or urgent. All of the black panther note story set in modern art and story but it would be AT. It could go wait for people. Figure out whom you Carriker are the people talk about in the movie could I use global call. And and this isn't like some independent. Sort of venture you worked directly with marble in this book right. Yeah didn't knock fan fiction lucrative marvel actually aimed at me. And there we will republic but you don't look or. We want you to take this classic comic book or two of the black elk. We want you to write a current novel based on this people won't know. What the org not a trolley is. Book or legal but will employ you up Eagleburger read 3040 years comic book and figure out how the child become the black pepper. How to figure out sure years. The bill world let Wanda and Gloria lookup and it. Go all the same Kirk I used in this novel. An article print quickly about marble and do they go through Pablo. My congrats yeah absolutely I mean I saw how I mean how does that even leg work do you just get an email from somebody a marvelous. Like how does that even happen. We cannot. Be incredibly lucky marble. And as you know marble and both bill morrow well old but did you know. Goal it turned out that editor at dignity. We got Democrat Lucas film had been reading below my earlier work. I originally started article writer of our African American culture and not render out African American history here in Washington street. Would edit or it could robbery at about my work at that hey we got the new black Carrick coming out its star award before awakened call this. We need somebody lit throughout the background in the book would you be doing that that you do it sure. Out like a court go the very earth movie I ever saw. Look the original Star Wars in them. Though. When they told me that you'd get argued that two do it and if they think bit I believe that. Our role then after bear story came out. And after marble. Appropriate that hey I love what you're doing. In a couple of years now going to be black grip the movie coming out and Marmol walked the novel. Updating that followed origin yeah or modern time who wanted to take the ball. It out and read comic book about five or six actually grew up in order mile. I remembered Florida College wearing right across the border between Luke my apparent immediately moved or tomorrow so. While probably three or about my band started buying me comic book. Well going to handle Ian B I'll I will reading comic book and it occurred or removed back to polish spring I would have to drive back to approve. Back report did covered book. It's so I would already familiar yet with years and years in the black Panthers or to the comic book. If we get a chance to update or rewrite Obama spoke like a dream come true by a. May I'm a former newspaper got some curious I'm really curious about your process about your writing process and an MM here's the deal. Could you have done this these are not these novels that this work. Without your background. Of having covered news I mean you covered Supreme Court you covered the White House you talked about writing about African American history. I wonder if it could have been this good what you're writing now if you hadn't done that because. I wanna if it you know those covering those news axles and make you putting that into the story it just makes it all so much more real and it seems like it all kind of goes together. You know I mean I would not trading week month or looking career. It's given me a chance to experience than speed dating. But I wouldn't have other ones and big ticket give me inside the outlook how politics really work. And of course it brought me here in Washington DC. I actually opened the black panther novel. Right on the National Mall at the Smithsonian African American Beauty put him back when you don't look African American history culture. I've been in that that you live maybe ten glued to maybe it doesn't. I wouldn't have had a chance I get a access to these huge bill and be able to describe that a new bit about my early career work exactly the probably. Of that but what I've been picked up the novel could I really love that didn't think. Could do much politically and it moved from Oden look like rapid thing you can beat or be realistic or not vote book. Outfitted writing it in my Eckerd merely look back be a bit. Man I love the political flavor that you have Gould who will go low deal would rate relate to and with with politics. United States out like you know what I didn't hit him. But that every daylight here. And got to be reflected. In your victims of the best fiction. Hold a mirror real life that's an apple and apple are track duke the book. What are you. Tell us what you learn about growing up in Orange mound I'm I'm just curious because you know you. We knew we could do this today we dropped the awards now. And you see although the close businesses and and that kind of thing and some of that dilapidated houses and you don't you look around and you might. You might make the mistake of saying well there's a novelist here there's no journalist. But there's a lot of that in there in order that would just never taught I've grown up there and in what you remember about about a loan amount. Man we are correct because you Wear relive our political David street yeah in or growl right across from or ballpark deserved the about five you to be a moment oh well there with a woman pulled Eric Arabic people who put a volleyball net the goal there. Arc put all the ball. Am proud to I have rules do. I have relatives who still live and or about areas are you walk. Green in my house my godmother proud. Wouldn't like to handle it over there or who walked to school walker Amelie actually had to write a book go to B I'll. Let me. Good good coming from a childhood memory book I'd look living your award tomorrow and all of my friends were there. All of my rolled I got the hang out with cub and read the mid south coliseum. Right across the world trying. It's. Still there Jessica wiring design thing. But it is still there. I delivered eleven call let me. You re used to go to every event that happened at the fairgrounds where but it will rodeo. And whether your load. Any any kind of built the big gate good PR cookbook Barbara clout that started at this circuit that the liver at Liberty Bowl. I mean it would. Felt that this state but one thing I miss. Once they are myths about note that. Newt permit south coliseum and the paragraph and there were always pumping blood on their bit. My parents would take weeks and I really reflected sir but I can't leave the debate but wanted to double you have. Looked like out or stop like that yeah but I didn't really miss. Well I do it in order route we were always outside there are always you are there were always being the big. But I mean I have great memory to learn about it anybody want under at the break what can't come out or more about you know what that's. You're making a big mistake I love that guy that's say this as you can take a family vacation to head to Memphis and back doors down and I promise you the mid south coliseum looks exactly as you left. It is. It has gone we we we that we just can't bring ourselves to do anything whether it's is gonna sit there as as a memory let me ask you this where all in the world. Has this book taken you. I've been out and about October let you. Year and you know I've group then right now just I get out in in Washington DC let the world go by. But to know what I've I've been getting contacts from around the world complete book. I don't gaga contacted more from the African Union. I wanted to know about would come all of them here the pocketbook there and the beat period give indeed Pete about beat. Black character and what it spent about African American relate you know what. Every one blow these stories these sort of beat comic book hero. There are modern the policy move move bear the order of the stories that are gonna get passed out ArQule. Full these stories are very very important edit just. Oh crucial that we now have one of these stories on the screen. We're big hero that looked like a real hero bit you can take young kids from or tomorrow. From poly where you can pick built here they're gonna beat. Someone who looked like that there are people that that they can be not looking at funeral for different skin color or go look at it you'll that looked like that. But Darko played black at the chart would bow and build from South Carolina I evil welcome there. But you know. Good you can eat for a different amber from South Carolina Auburn don't ever thought Carolina. This movie won't show. That we had the people can do anything be any pretty and we can achieve an eight feet. If we're given the opportunity and that also chose children they could be beat you were they can beat somebody like the black pen if your gross you could grow to be the black red or dorm Hollywood war or you can go local combat. In that movie. So you know good to go up that little point in air payment history and I we're all they have American history. So it also show that week. Can have a story. But with the Euro per from the gritty hero blue black and the writer of the movie who are black the director of the movie whose black. And gold not to America but world will come muted the group in Hollywood what was sure about that up but now they know or back there have been done right. People will want to back where we are now hopefully it morbid and. What is what's next for you. On some in that I can hear the excitement in your voice some insider re the next thing you write what what's what's next on the plate or do you. You you I mean you obviously I'm giving you time not Russian you now much of basket then. But I got to ask you what's next does that mean you've been on Star Wars now this. What's coming up. We did our our you know you get. Probably the most proper right now well right now actually start to heat up go to Millard debacle could not start a new and creative writing peachy. Blow up speaking at school around the around the could be the area around the country I'm on do I I'm working on. The non fiction projects. And and he warned that the project but you know you don't hold anything until he got the contract but I just want to know our work at all. What it could. Contract a boat people over they'll. Nor understood completely I think well we we would love to have you back in Memphis and I think there are so many different schools here in the community that would. That we need in love to hear your story Jesse so we appreciate you coming on today in miss an honor that are given a slow but your time and your busy day to celebrate just congratulations on the success. You're almost at any time to get because bureau wanna do need to look though. Yet they do that he is just the it's powerful. The two with a two min pins and I consider the Buffett has really live the ABC and if you spend time here you know when you're on the battleground limits of calcium like he January measurement you know. To hear a guy like that. Who came from Orange mound. Right in your right man like. United so he's have passed through there and they there's nothing there right over the Melrose ISO and then nothing's gonna come out of there are you can't be a novelist for Morton Downey can mean you can't be creative. Person from George ballot this is not. It's now what you're supposed to dole also came I don't ground and in terms of him to stay in my writers the great Ralph wiley. Really if you know that I did not know that British or the Ralph wiley went to Melrose about that mom and to see you know and to hear a guy like Jesse who. You know grew up in an orange around home yes mam where there's not a lot of hope in the neighborhood to come out and to do what he is doing it. I mean that's that's the kind of thing that really matters and if if that's what. This if that's the biggest thing this film accomplishes. Right. So obviously the movie in the people in the movie when the movie very good but other people around it you know who had something. However small to do with it yet. You know. That's that's the kind of stuff that has a profound impact there have been inspires was once just once and you know about post going to be a lot more nets me thousands just one and so I view millions if you mitts and if you miss start our interview with Kerry Vernand used to deathly check that out on the podcast in the movie she's in the movie as a as a member of the Dora. Mineralized day united and selling what we're saying is what he says it's nice little worried that we have it all he semi latte. But she said reproductive renounced their right as she was actually back. Thought Iran I guess and to trust our yeah we're gonna trust her. In the unit for both of you see these guys that's right she's in the he's ever take that out because she was a universe in a distracts our. And obviously Jesse grew up here in Memphis so. And with the CI also mentioned that fell to local tie as the biggest story encounter an absolutely so appreciate both of them for coming on and if you miss them. Effort into pockets will come back up and all up here on a Tuesday. I Jennifer ME SP it.