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Wednesday, April 11th

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Spend the castle tonight show. For the summer. Studios where guests who. Via the lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brand phone line. And 1929 FM ESPN. That today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. Peter estimate this football team will host its annual Friday night strike stretched. Friday night April 13 at Liberty Bowl memorial stadium admission and parking for the event is free. The team also do the tiger walk at 6 PM with kick off scheduled for the two quarter of that set at 7 o'clock of course. The tear gas coaches this year Jake Elliott and DeAngelo Williams the man that leads the entire program. Mike Norville joins us now coach good afternoon we appreciate your time today sir. I appreciate gently on opening goal. Let's go well start first here with you. When it. When you approach this spring practice and obviously it's a bit of a transition year you you're breaking in new quarterback you've also got new staff members. How do you approach spring football this year as compared to last year where there was a lot of returning elements if you will. And I think you are you approaching each spring has the relatively the same year you're looking does that somewhat established the identity of what you're came imports gonna look like they yell it even even in years where you're returning a lot of the leadership on your team neo you've got to that you got to define exactly what this group is gonna look like moving forward in each. I yacht that we've got a great great spring so tomorrow eleven practice per ruined you'll dobbs everything's going to Friday night but. You are really liked and but the mentality and the mindset of of what these kids have shown in the way they've worked in that you're just the way they're they're building together. In general what's always been your philosophy. On spring football itself because a lot of coaches more or less use it as an introduction to their program were others. You know they have a mindset of may we're gonna build more physical this spring or try to create some type of identity. For you personally won't how do you approach it. Just as a Phil what about philosophical perspective. They settled out of the mix of both you know every every person on arcane that. They're returning and even some of the newcomers that devastates just stepped in a bit and their people to define their role and yeah everybody wants more they got. If your favor you audible or time in the future I'll let you acquire it ought to be able to let. To be out there and it would contribute at a higher level was at age just you everybody's looking ever grass and integrated saying note that that helps or shut progression of competition. And that's what I've really liked the eagle. The door to door offseason program. How were a bigger or faster faster more physical football came. At this point than we've ever bit and so just to seek guys you played with the confidence with that there's the game that they can't physically. You it's been fun to watch him you would do a great competition there really at every position that that you guys are trying to look. You really etch out exactly what their role going to be here but the affordable. And of course with coach Mike nor bell the University of Memphis as always on Twitter. At coach underscored nor bell in the church or some of those names that are there obviously familiar to you that may not be familiar to fans and the people that watched the tigers that. Thus far in the spring they've they've really made an impression and have taken the most of that opportunity you just mentioned. You know I'm really pleased you know doctor Thomas says says move from corner to trichet speech. Ideally graduated Jonathan cook who's been at it great player so stressed that the last two years and by the divers had an exceptional sparring you know he's he's got you're great cover ability you know there which we showed the true freshman last year. Tell you a beetle to play an impact for us but. You know attack happened and the judge Perry there on the back end they got sick that relate but solidifies you are art because of backfield which they just exceptional players. That happened plate see their development. You know Keith brown as a newcomer that was that toward our program but there linebacker spot very personable young man's you know data breach break or OC a lot after bleach. I think Sean dykes says he really continue to build and grow as a young man. Regularly yet to me at the great game and then in the championship game last year was a thing called talk or sixty yards receiving but. You know you've seen in the consistency of yo what what happened to develop as a blocker as well as the secret that he has. 'cause then you're you're definitely great to see it. Yell it at every position we were having guys that are improving volume targets to single out you know be a one guy here or you just heard but those are couple as a social Al. Of course again Friday night the tigers will host their annual. Right now it strikes it is of course the spring game for the tigers 7 o'clock is kick off admission and parking is free for the event of course at the Liberty Bowl tiger walk is at 6 o'clock. The coach course the other issue that kind of stands out with with Friday night stripes is. You kind of upgraded the coaching positions so. What was well within the decision to not retained Gary Parrish is service even though he likes to remind us he goes he's gonna go down undefeated. You know got unopened Gary out actually a little bit again in the can't stay unique. He gets to show he got to show play exactly what he did they last year he'd be able to get the W and so what we're gonna we're gonna let Gary go I'd be awarded the not just always keep keep the trophy they're a battle lightsquared. But no blemish on the record. It really is where in football you always go out like Barry Sanders you wanna go out you wanna go out having every window you know he's still out there he could come back and play but he he chooses not to be retired at the peak yours went a lot on topics like. Yet that's exactly what GB I am not sure he's not sure he's still a pretty good about. Now where we're excited you know to have DeAngelo and ducks NG Jake delegate count that India part of that night it's that. It's a great compliment yup our program but just steady it and that. You know well the past is connecting with the president ya talk about that all the time in your what we're building for the very special future trial program that. To have to have those guys you know who won a compass detailed don't wanna be a part of it to go see them on the sidelines. It's going to be great our stand is going to be great our players. I mean you have they yet it's Super Bowl champions injured Kelly NCAA record holder yet lunch and so you're saying it's going to be a very atmosphere. Well it is that the predator tries to become a low water pool of interest break up or prediction tiger football and we're excited Gartner put on the show. And then in general I've as a football as a vote look at myself I do you always feel like why love sports at this football season there's waiting for football season. As a coach. Is this kind of a tease when you get back in football mind set but then you realize even after this there's still. Another 45 months of waiting what what's it like in the spring where you get it kind of the taste of competition you're getting back on the field. But he also know a we don't get to hit somebody else at least for another five or six months. You know I'd have been giving out but it is not my favorite times a year because you know to they negate the slowed down they yet there. The process you which we try to practice every other day you were able at eighty. We you everything's focused on the individual development of the student athlete and then you'll be double collectively. Yes see that growth and and spent four relate to what you're gonna look like as a group and debt. Our guys did they really they embrace that that time and the opportunity that we have silenced that is we know that they're saying they're gonna happen near the sprinkler put us in a position to be better. What accounts are appalled and you know just an example last week we went to a national Saturday where first scrimmage on the road it was an an option stressed that. Can't simulate what Rogaine was gonna look like. We we drove down there. Gave them the morning the in fact they boarded that. Had a pregame meal get that a couple of beatings appreciate that we walked out there and it was that cold front came through about thirty degrees Obama so you know the adversity it the adversity of both upbeat outlook controlling elements that. I got are got tangled in a great way because you know like two years we believe Alberto you'll weather's. Whether showed up at what that your our cities and you know we got to control control. Thought of course with our coach Mike nor bell again Friday night stripes. 7 o'clock at Liberty Bowl the team will be doing the tiger walk it six all fans' interest through deep three ever will be sitting on the west side and encourage you mentioned connecting the past. With the president I'm curious. Even can try to connect it to the future when you have three guys that right now according to not hyper. Are you have three guys that are going to be drafted from. From last year's team and you have a guy that right now is projected to perhaps even be the third receiver taken anything Miller jarred Avery is now starting to show up on more and more draft boards. How is that helped you on the recruiting front when you can point to guys that. You know you can still tell them that this can still get to the NFL and now you can actually back it up how much is that helped you on the recruiting front. It's great now I mean we talk to kids all the time and there's a program that's well planned acres and you know when they get to see the that you're not just. You know the stats than what shows up in a from the game but how organized play how our guys are showcase. And then had to be able to see the transition from from college to that to the NFL lynch. You are lesbians celebrated it thoroughly what they've done but what they know. Do it and it's a great compliment to our program match and you know what you think you know like the game here on Friday night you know we're gonna have a lot of workers at all. That would show up and be a part of that yeah that event. Today you'll its search structure any extra are committed to showcase the support we have our program much. You know it it there's always the brokered people are always watching and those kids ought to be able to put themselves by you in the place and it Tbilisi themselves or to the experience that you know I don't think there's you know did a much better example of what you've seen some great guys that you owe it but you just let. Mention what they at the age. You'll run early engine power in the big that it great success as players but dug up also positioned themselves. I have a great future of their the National Football League. There's another guy that's been relatively heavily scrutinized and I can understand with. With the quarterback position being so vital in the NFL and within obviously being. A position that. Doesn't have a high success rate of picking guys when you Sigalet Josh Rosen you prepared form is Salma liven up close and in person. When you think about his NFL future. Do you think that the criticism around him his fair. You know I've been opt out I think a lot of Joseph Josh and not drop my career biblical gets twice you portrayed as freshmen that year this past is that a you know he's in extremely talented men do you know he was he was an idea a unique situation where he had been out in local or. Coordinators throughout this tie it there yet battle entry south. But yeah I really I think a lot of our visibility and you know what he does as a quarterback and how. You know I would. Cannot would be shocked if he's not successful there at the next level. Because of of what he's able to do it. You know what would you you look at that you guys like Iraq Iran first also going to be yet. You know you go into this process from the guys that are Smart guys that are accurate picture that did they have this the physical tools they called for those. I mean that's what the league is all about do you think sometimes guys get caught up on und uncertain if factors that don't really matter. But to what you can process information and put the ball marketplace I elect a but we got these either at that perhaps the saints except. You've also had a pretty good a pretty good track record of identifying quarterbacks and recognizing what it takes to be successful and obviously the college level is a little bit different than the NFL level but. When you look for quarterbacks what are some of the what are some of the the characteristics were some of the traits on the skill set. That you look for in a quarterback. You always want got a when he steps on the field it makes the other ten guys around him better and you you've got to make great decisions you've got to be able to to take. Take command in and that and can have confidence that an end date decision but you they had to make it a split second to you know when you install processed but done. You know I mean you obviously I think. I think what does things considered there's so much totally. He'll underrated is is accuracy and guys can put the ball on the location. You know whether to contested catcher whether you guys were wide open. But they don't locate the football also important you know after making a split six it is the split second decisions so. Yeah that's what things that we feel we got great competition right now on our all of our. On our campus and that you are got to go to a great job of battling back exports but. You were look at for the consistency and make those decisions that didn't make everybody around a better. And that was going to be about my final question for a coach how is the the open quarterback position or should they they opened quarterback going for us far through the spring. And I Obama had a great time what that it's something that not done all kinds of bacteria have or place say yep. You know great quarterback candidate you have all you have a template guys at all content into that spot so loud in there where we're gonna get look at all the where about you wait every every single day which. You know placed its progression of we're Roland. Coach we really appreciate your time again we look forward to Friday night. And a best of luck TUZ close out the spring and may ever when stay healthy of course as is always the thing he always wanna say. Operated embryonic go tigers. It is coach Mike nor bell. And he hits on DeVon my favorite point because. Almost every single person that I know when they talk about the quarterback position. Guys I think are good at figuring out who complain quarterback. They're guys that put tons and tons and tons of emphasis on accuracy here. And it when people say why. You know why do you. Why do you may be. May be going too hard on Josh talent it just comes down to I've never seen a guy be a 56% passer at a college level. Go to the NFL level and all the sudden get out there yeah America. And to me it's just it it seems to be wanting to you. You have this idea in your head that the Josh Al looks this part and he looks. Everything that you want a quarterback yeah. Fortunately the bulls snapped. He's an Christian Achtenberg from the year ago or Shaq and bird look the part everything. Just an absolute. And actually work out all American. He's our Jeff Greene a football is a Jerker double the ball and get there with our all star looks the part all star first guy off the bus we come back rendering upper victory in the war rent I just tell. Tiger Woods may show up in Memphis next summer. When we come back right here up on the air cast our share 99 FM ESPN. Internet providers from a small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. 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