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Tuesday, March 6th

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I'm back Jason Regina did you guys have been EST. And it's been two birdies here or give his name is Jeff Goodman covers college basketball. And all levels of basketball for years paean. Joint. Jeff what's going on demand. Good to be back kill somebody you guys and no it hasn't worked out I don't know why. A little bit travel whatnot. And could be got W and does it. Your little busy and we're not relevant anymore not relevant and Freddie and that's what the cases where we're relevant just the men's basketball program is. I'm neither right here yet exactly you know what I was always told grown up man you make time for the people you wanna make time for. They're good mightily based Altima. I think we're pretty good yeah they didn't need they were at the because you were also how about this Jeff we're also getting a minor league soccer team. Wu. You know what. I'm not a big soccer samba but maybe you guys can you know bring me over there than than you know and then we'll talk some soccer. Probably more relevant than the tigers but that's a different conversation for a different it let's start with the tigers obviously Tubby Smith ended up making. National news with his comments on transfers went on with go doing go this morning. What did you think of his comments about transfers at. Problem it's his decision maker actually that is an election issue and that's no way to keep this or read. The comments. Not eldest and I respect W a lot. I didn't see his comments this morning on what you can go to winged it this morning. He'd be back titled I think would be fair to say at little Betty wasn't calling kid's quarters but the but he stood by that week we do have sort of book. Maybe where were allowing kids to quit topic was his point but that he wanted to but how about I wouldn't call in kids that transfer Witter's topic is pretty much the gist of what happened this. And it's just societal issue right I mean if you're not getting what you want right away you'd you'd choose to go elsewhere in and that's cannot. Not just big kids these days but certainly the people around those kids tell them. Hey you're not playing you should get more shots you guys know a minute that's that's kind of the way it goes so. You know I I agree with them to some extent that some of these two dark waiting. And not fighting through it I also feel like some of the transfer epidemic like I had coached. Tell me a name the other day decided to transfer this and done it for years. Put this get them transfer list and then to get me backwards. Yesterday hey hold off a minute because. He's not sure he wants to leave meaning they're trying to force Amal. Tell me hey you're not gonna play you should lead him to pretend that I'm not. I'm not sure wanna leave on the actual ready to leave so. Each person glitter is what we're trying to say it like there's a lot of transfers on that list that are people that are being run out. Either atrocious. So there's there's different. There's different levels of trance. Lot of a lot of people are in the point two that come from Toby but a guy who's changed jobs a lot to joke I think that's what. That's what wing going goal except lipstick and avenues that you know will you change jobs to do you know you made a commitment to Texas Tech and sure you left for a better opportunity and in a lot of these kids you know cases they're they're looking for better opt to. Some people yelled that it came from Tubby Smith. I guess raised an eyebrow will be. Yeah I mean again that the key to transfer up. You can't really fault that item being recruited high level. You know when it came out of high school and yeah maybe they want to mid major played really well and then it got a better opportunities get in you can't be simply ML I don't think I don't think saudis thought about them. And recoveries obviously talking about the ones that are. You know that's our that's our fight through. That are that are saying they only got five minutes their freshman year. That they're leaving I think those are the ones that that he get a lot of other coaches are talking about in net. In the old days probably want to be guardian. Yet these kids would fight or right away and they wouldn't just look look for another opportunity but again I I'd blame the people around the kid. As much if not more than the kid themselves this just I think those are the ones responsible. More so then then then the kid vacancies and I don't want to tell them go. You know you've got to get more playing god no matter what happens and that that's trying to be issued visas. Jeff it's it's strange room overthrow the statue there is a real buzz down here. And the timing of his strained because you look at what Tubby Smith has done on the court you say okay nineteen and twelve with a new roster solid job right fifth in the AC we picked ninth. But there's a buzz and start this weekend. Jeff about Penny Hardaway and that you know Penny Hardaway maven. You know think that he's got that that Memphis may be looking to make a move right now what I'm mark question you would be what would be the national take. If you if Memphis after two years with Tubby Smith. In a season two seasons in nineteen and twelve if they move dawn and hired a Penny Hardaway would they get killed nationally are we got a remember we've got a guy here in Memphis that. Probably wouldn't kill him but what would what would it be from the national standpoint to have. No I don't think I don't think people killed I think they killed just about higher tubby now. Manigat would be bin it kill or be killed for the fact that why you get hired to get rid of them two years spent and have to pay out all this money. But. Ultimately I think a lot of people would look at it and say maybe panic you make this program relevant again. It hasn't been since the early days of Josh crowd starts at an obviously again it's it's hard because we know the expectation we know that they're the cabinet. You know it's it's helped Gary. And I'm not certain eventually get back to that and what it once. But I think a lot of people probably nationally feel like sailors and you know what. Get a result but you know it's similar to Pittsburgh right now you up Pittsburgh way worse. We worse in the ACC right but. Ultimately they're relevant Memphis is a relevant nationally and in 1912 is great. But that's not the standard. Not played for 1912 in fifth in the SEC. You're playing your claim for at least to get into the NCAA tournament every. That's my take you through Memphis. And that's kind of what passed there was do and I don't out of his numbers in front mean Albert. That's what he's doing more often than not right and Soviet. Orders get me in there work there weren't doing anything. But they're getting in so right now. The pair met this then you're still a long improved always stated ball Whiting well I'm a lot more talk for the cal Perry days which you've been to oversee. Well I think that's fair Jeff what what do you think of of of Penny Hardaway. You know I don't know how much you know you've been around them but what do you think of him and possibly. As a as the head coach of the University of Memphis. It's funny you just probably ask you this question two years ago. I probably so that in like. And then. And then load tubby are either put. But I probably resign and I just don't like these former NBA guys you know most of them just don't have that that drive and that. But I've watched them last couple years in the summer and she is just. How active he is were these kids. How connected he is with some of the moment and and again he's in it he's unit. And that's the difference with him and some of these other former NBA gaps he would actually involved. With this program. I listen. I gotta say like I've come around. But come around in this certain we can't walk all the NBA guys together right I mean like Chris Chris Mullin doesn't really do a whole heck of a lot today to. He lets his assistant coach racing team do most of the coach. He watched Patrick Ewing he's way more ball. And its got impressive kid I didn't expect that but I guess by being an assistant coach in the NBA so long that probably helped workers almost never coach so. You know it's different for each guy and what I've seen not a Penny Hardaway would lead me to believe that I think he's going to be it could college coach is. Again he's grind it out lately. We were talking to Jeff Goodman covers college bass well at all levels of basketball for ESPN's Jeff I believe you're the first. To have this story about that motto former Ohio State coach meeting with. Ole miss officials in Oxford that was over the weekend. I'm intrigued by that the do you think it happens. Yet the 24/7 had a peak form you but but I've I've spoken of that this year actually. I spoke to a few weeks ago. And I didn't push him about the coaching part of that I was just dog is actually really like so much is like the lowest key guy. He's so not so certain then and that's China shows what this right. That money goes out and meet through Goldman's and he killed nobody. Point 47 breaks it he tells nobody about where most coaches. Would get it out there right I'm interest in getting back him. Now the one thing I'll Stacey doctor get back in just to get back get it turned out Butler yours yes. Nobody goes to turn down Butler. Yes it was a ready. He wasn't ready. And physically emotionally just wasn't ready so now what if you feel like physically he's in a way better spot. Inkjet drop wouldn't step back issues and you know he's fifty years old 49 last year when he when he got fired but he looked old and and and now talking a couple of weeks ago really not talking coaching are just sick and get out of it that I feel great the wouldn't do all day. So I do Arendt and I'm I'm getting my daughter's car fixed right now. I'm going to grocery store accuser so he's been a regular guy who isn't consumed by it this year it's Alex he runs out like. Other coaches that are out goes to every practice or anything like that he just he he's he's a father and out and punishment. And and I think it's kind of rejuvenate him a little bit and I do think he ticked the right job although I don't personnel the coldest direct hit for. So if it's not that motto what have you thirty buzz on who all this might end up with. You know you hear the names that some of the similar names that mean Kermit Davis. Steve Forbes. You know those are guys I think fortunate because it. I do like I've been fortunate big guy that. It to me don't miss you gotta be creative and who brought me govern transfers Gilbert actually got to bring overseas students get a little bit of everything and all messed. Big force would be a guy that I would certainly look at in the mix. Who's your national coach of the year pick Jeff and how Kyle that list would you put a Bruce Pearl and Rick Barnes. Really. Yeah Chris holt live would be out there from Ohio State they're taller like this might be the best year. For what coach of the year that I've like ever seeing the bonds. Oh my god I mean it's it's it's really got to Columbia miss and hit it your telling me right now. Who's done the job that's been the most surprising yet this year but experts. Because not only has he done what he's done right what we've. You know winning you winning the SEC an elite we've its opera okay opera. And your beating Kentucky and Florida and a bunch other programs that we were history. But you took away his two best big guys at the beginning of the season. You know one of which were probably them dip or not tomorrow. End. You gotta do what all this distraction. All year with the FBI stuff. And and him kind of basing it morehead on them John Miller Indian fielder the other guys and a bad deal with it so. I don't know I mean again he's not gonna win it. Because people are gonna vote form because of although the FBI stubborn people think he's guilty but pick that I equation. And then you say like yeah I mean to me it's it's it is to be experts pearl. Art we're stripping you of an out of covering college basketball hall on all levels were giving a new job you're running the grizzlies as you probably see right there usually. Where is gonna have the number one pick up I don't know if you believe but we're start to believe got in Memphis who you'd taken number one for the grizzlies for office. It's not even question anymore. I don't like like this conversation can even exists led lives that yeah Andrea thank it's like a 100%. A mintel John Martin why. 100%. John Barden at the would you go. It would flags and know exactly yeah stuck back oh boy that I loved Bagley but here's what I'll tell you. Can you project Marvin directly to DS star. In the NBA superstar guard guy who dominates games. I mean I see a guy who can score from all three levels and is 611 I mean so I've personally believe he can be a star in the NBA yes I do. I think yeah I agree it is when more upside. He's seven more and he runs like he is well he can block shots he can re bad he could score from all three levels and he said that Awad head up forty. Thank you. I like I like about Mexico I'm totally fine with Bo and marks reaching the end at least here jets you can Felix Carman. Here's here's do we beat the the only worry I have for their greatness. You know like some before Jesus and who these presumptive. Agent Kevin Garnett because how hard that play. I just got a chuckle because I mean smoked and yet like so he's he's still got a long way to go in terms of how party place all the time. But what he's got he's waves further along. A mad man in the in the basketball IQ right end that I thought he looks so I would hate to meet. I'd be shocked if he doesn't do it a shot. Game I hope Michael Porter played here. In the SEC tournament and I had a source tell me that they would be shocked if he doesn't play. But I I still need to see it to believe it because I think his family has signed up on and that's. That's the biggest hang up but I had him in the equation actions that I would have taken from the one before the year. Yeah I'm not gonna say that now obviously with back issues and it would have factored generate it's been so dominant. He's way more impressive than then. Then I I expected so I would I would go Lleyton won. Porter. You know I wouldn't. I'll wait I can't believe you're gonna support with his back is you I'm not back. Not I'm not I was can say I wouldn't put him to just because of back issues and they've lingers it's not like this is only talked about it except for a couple of years so often now. So I would probably go back we adopt to object number two and three. And that's how probably save maybe Porter depending on how he. I don't care how he placed it becomes back right now I don't. You. Yet resources and get out there and I wanna see in the workouts and I wanna see his medical information I wanna talk to my doctors. If on music grizzlies GM that is so. Although Chris do you really can't. It's like a dinosaur just you seriously if you open which brought. You and I guess at its greatest guys ever tell the story resilience in scuba. I would have you heard about Dodd's like I use it only watch you know Real Madrid basket like what have you heard about them. I watched a lot here he he's got a lot of stuck to his game you know like a lot of swagger a lot of top but it six feet. Hi hi I cute not great athletes. But but thank god it. A lot of teams slow because again he's gonna make people better he's gonna come in right away he's got a good you know. He these NBA ready terms or even his body and it still says. So I think. People feel like they're there might be higher upside. Certainly would Dayton and even Bagley. But but people Lowe was conducted. In remote entering this season that I feel like he was is the consensus number one guy yeah it felt like you don't UN taken number one now. No but I haven't seen the person either so that's not fair that people gonna put them at number one. Are like Jonathan to pony yeah who has seen Jimenez a proponent of a lot of overseas players and I loved god but let's face city. He loves me loves you overseas kids. Which is nothing wrong in this I didn't feel I just haven't seen this didn't person enough to say I would take a member Awad. And and I don't think it was there was no number one there was no consensus number one. Before this season to me that was not exporters say here is Bagley there was balances who's probably those four guys. Gentlemen always a pleasure these are you for the time element that I. Have a media as I appreciated and you know the sad part is there's no there's no regional Memphis this year so we can't hang out. Yeah now I am I that was actually just looking at some photos from that trip goods aren't you brought it. While we we need a reason give us a reason it on the Boston thing we have yet to approach other reasons I will will will. Hey you guys should come to Boston this year yeah not quite as warm we don't have Beale street here. We kept the north then it's not quite as entertaining but. But you know you come out here McKittrick a bossa. Yeah we'll pass that on intercom now I'll I'll carry alien to my brother and I thanks Jeff thank you judge. That it is Jeff Goodman covers all levels of basketball. For. SP.