Jason & John Hour 3 (9/12/17)

Jason & John
Tuesday, September 12th

Discussing who should be the next Mem International Airport spokesperson with TA gone. 


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Yeah if he took off one day two days the rest of time and that be fair test. And had a good career move for I'll stop focus on you know voters are serving your you're your subscribers. And we did he even had time but it never gets the Porsche parcel to the point of you don't you have any on the head downtown. Goss of Florida. At night that a golf tiger you know retirees on him. It was important evidence that had a thought and I wrote John I have when we got a note that if I will we come back. We've got to figure out who the spokesman for the Memphis internationally departed port is going to be. OK we also need someone to tell our show we can schoolchildren spin. No actually that was an important call him OK so we have lots of jobs that we have to fill well we're into our best do that next Jason's done and it's not a family is here. 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We knew that was probably going to be the case. But it's now official sent a one year 2.3 million dollar deal. With the New Orleans pelicans which of course over the season appear at FedEx Forum so we have every good reunion give reunion first game of the year. Got voted down that Tony Allen back in town. Should be a fun time. And we talked about what this will mean for the Smiths group is on the court. Obviously you lose. A big part of your heart defensively and you lose intensity. Of what you lose a guy who can really. Sort of just jump start the entire team. With one's deal with one play. Not just only one side of the floor either he elevated the entire teams played just he could be locked in defensively when elevated everything effort everything affected and an entirety and under rated at times. Offensive rebounder. You know guy you know a guy who kills a question with his effort can just have a ball and they capitalized and has thousands I was impressed and those are things in other that are hard to replace. We also know. Have to replace Tony Allen. Got to Memphis international airport and we have to replace him as the man who sends. Voicemails and try to also be Tyson it's which again is a very important posts we are talking about two. Instrumental jobs here to our community. Okay like Tony Allen's commercials first team like those of those have meant a lot of that airport and I know their agreement over there today. But this is where Jason and gentlemen we're gonna find Tony Allen's rightful successor. And we may need your help. Because I don't know maybe I'm missing somebody here but I I just kind of went through and I. And I try to pick out some of the best candidates that made the most sense so we got. OK so right let's just kind of go through these one at a time okay. And you tell me if these if these. The guy when it hits it makes sense to beat of the now in the face. Of those who don't both jobs I think they need to do boats are we don't have the money to pay two different people from the point there anyway we got to make this a basically one did. A talent comes and my doorbell. University of its football coach what do we think of my Nobel as the new face of the Memphis international airport. Scary isn't going that's at those. Not only CA and in the same situation in a year to you know exactly. That's the only drawback I am an eagle fell longevity here we needed good you know four or five years out of this well you got I would Tony you've got guys that did he leave them and that meant that happened and photo with get me excited about the airport but I would be having to replace them. A woman Monticello is you don't want there'd be a lot of turn over what this job correct you know you want this to be sort of like you know emeritus kind of you there for twenty years and you know it's an honor kind of thing right when you step away right. So we're not going my nova. Even though he would be great he would he would obviate he would be getting on one of those planes have been in its final. Afraid that's going to happen it's inevitable all right. Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fay is there. As the poster man for Memphis international airport is the man has been everywhere he's been everywhere. Man a right. Obviously goes from two different backgrounds. So he's got some there's some diversity there crossover there as. As our man. Sergio dip would say that some strong diversity there divers is important in this city. You're just the best of both worlds. It's a grizzlies coach I don't think he's going anywhere. What do we think about David as does the spokesman permits international airport and I'm not Phelan the coaches have and a coach is the spokesperson. Allow any any light at lake somebody you know super famous liken you know like in and as an athlete a superstar like. An actor. Is a little bit too laid back you know I like. I can't tell you yeah your life you want your now what's your airplane exist like you want your your flight experience to be laid back you don't want to be intense. 'cause like year you know that's like whether they are last situations in your plea your planes upside down and Roland than you'd you know descend into the ocean and I. No use trying to get people excited about going the airport authority and in and out because maybe able to relax on the as you know is too cool so cool because we don't we don't like David has been. I don't know I think right now probably too controversial he got the city made about a statue right in a big tease too controversial right now Finnegan spokesman. Rather in our lives matter at the mid international airport Tubby Smith. You know feel and it pays and out. He's a good man and he is a good name is again he's hot he's a future hall of Famer probably. Not he's a few Charl what is a future I'll have a certain. Admit tubby Ritz. This Amanda knows. Airplane travel well he's everywhere he's there as if he's the only one minute taken five different things in the NCAA tournament. They'll tell you that every time we talk about he's he's experienced and end travel. Do you think he's gonna become the only man to lead six through an NCAA tournament I don't know whether there was a time I thought that was inevitable death. But it gets a good listeners suggestions it was like to hear them. Let's get through Obama was an area guard the and they continue to send them into mar 1990s the united tonight so they literally level. Oh right I mean we can question that are unfairly catered OK okay are so rigor and you want there to be a little bit of enthusiasm up about this at some fun with that yeah okay. Our Mike Conley. He is the conductor well. When I saw him that at knight's suit. Whether it was the SP one and the FDA award in an era for the humanitarian award yes that took it to another level for me of my colleague Mike is the conductor. He's the conductor the maestro. Mom and I are you he can he can you know I can see him on the runway with the batons and you know he's these big guys yet what he does he runs the floor Dolly worry I had there is you know it is you know. Loud in light you know. Excited is Tony might those Mike is a good pitchman I feel like I got. I absolutely love what I do and are you doing Mike a disservice making him follow Tony's not airport spots now. I don't think so I think yes stays in the grizzlies family I got my colleagues beloved it makes sense to so far I think your best choice. Marc Gasol. International star. Global too moody we don't have enough international flights. Who better thoughts on the biggest thing duke showed directly in pick and have a thing. A southwest. I notice that Spain obviously but like we are we do that federally we are an international holes and I have an international flight to Spain because if they don't announce they did to me Mark White as the other from Marshall isn't complete it's as good lord. You can say the same thing about. Now art market saw that you say about Mike Norma. Afraid you may not be here all stopped and it. There is a real risk there's a real risk. Non aligned I guess that's fair are right there in the really bad and then you've you've you've said this I don't know if you're on his payroll or something I don't know what did what the motivation is here but you suggest this and someone's gonna say it. Big magical more because of what it what is your what is your reason I tell us he Jason said it. Well he's the only person I can fly on that team jump now I'm not right now. Obviously one of the wings to seek. This broke Julie but now been for not more to high flyer let's not let's not but he's he's I can't rely on him right now wanna be able to rely on my. My airport spokesman I don't want my plane to be a battle broken dam Wayne. Are you to see the commercials where he's taken off you know. Enact more taken off you you really can you see though is it just because the as a broken foot that you can't see it. He's done enough or do you just tighten on this guy he's dummy thing. Is what's his reputation goes I'm happy I was thinking high flyer on them look at the grizzlies whose athletic who's not. And act more like most of the gaps are we had a couple more before we get to some wins or suggestions. I mean the obvious winners Justin Timberlake but it did it out more when the press comets are pretty didn't win the pressed on why he's still don't I don't Hamas I'm a mom may be OK with pass on probably you know I don't like I don't think anyone was aware from that pres conference OK let's has declared. Justin Timberlake. Yes for me. That's a pretty obvious one you know. The pretty obvious when and they like the note when you when you head into the airport only got mixed feelings on just why. While little what do I know what's going on he ripped presents us when it's convenient all Orioles who have moved to cool. The is about to perform at the why can't be the pilgrimage best on Franklin Tennessee it's his best over he's not Foreman and all of those knocked. Man comes here when it's convenient for him ventures staying when it helps him hot these flames and then they would help I can't I think you're right. At a film fiery hot and I love him as a performer odds don't get me wrong I think he's fantastic and sounded I love music everything and I respect he stays out of trouble clean you know keeps his nose clean all that's about respect and about it I really do. But. He's been called upon and many a time Memphis madness and I know he's a biz has been busy man if he has not answered that call how there's. The only thing we've heard him represented the only the only I can come representing is that when he was inducted into the Myanmar hall of fame coach tiger it goes just happened to beat all this. I was there okay male. It was amazing do you think if he had not been inducted into the Memphis music Karl famous he would have been saying in wherever he was now. But now I know you weren't there bro that was a magical. Night light that was that was good stuff that was a Memphis evening alone without an austerity and he was great absolutely great our nose in any cried and he loves Memphis. These guys are both wrong what what what what does that what was his famous line from. From that from that speech about just Kabila and my wife came glad. But she got a booty like she is without ways and this is someone she's got a very nice she's from mental as well I am yes it is fuzzier close yeah I was on the money as we said it was dead space I remember the speech is pretty get. I still think you would have represented that that's the way he did adding that happen to be getting inducted and hide out with you on college had them on you not had their automatic ultimately may not respond to the call yeah he may he may not tell you about a spokesman for the show that the Nashville and airport by now there are those. Are about this is blew off the beaten path but to stick with me here is easy it's for just for diversity purposes Kathy Bates. Love our Kathy I love our. His wife facing bad we've been we we were working hard wanna get her on the show. That said. I don't know I'm just here to picture an airport in offing Kathy Bates up in the misery. Right he thinks there. I think crazies she's I see her fight Joseph America horse stories do fantastic actress Kyra yes I has already edited. We're gonna take a break in the we're gonna take your calls on suggestions we're going to skip Robert Mays today. We're gonna we're going to take calls on your suggestions who should be the Memphis international airport spokesman now that our beloved son. Tony Allen is heading down or we are paying our proper respect told -- by gently wiped out everything we're doing the day for now yes absolutely and we'll be dead you have to they're 537765. 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There and quit his job they know how important it is to try to find this one got several. Great suggestions. And we did I mean John and that what we felt was our obvious list American united and obviously this in terms of candidates to replace Tony for the job and I have. That is basketball ambassador on it. An article right Betty are always one of those guys I should build an original list that's what they needy guy. We've got to vote for any. I think it is it's got to being either he's due he's our basketball ambassador I think he's at so he's he's not on the list right there might. Well she got. Ever turn music off. Like talking on you know would normally where where we were ever back now been worried he had no it's it's kind of nice god knows I doubt we're dead and said this before we go we bring to the segment. And these home phone Darren law out relaxed mister dean has dean has been on the line for about 45 minutes. Like pitied I think penny is is there is a tremendous. Recommendation I know you have your differences with them I have no differences what I believe. He said certainly get to. I don't know what the T that was the blade is a bad day out how have they can mean I don't know are there any rules that do that are. Again employees technically nothing coach Wright as Reagan exactly to do whatever you have a pretty our way are we want your suggestions out there five ESP embodying this that I don't just what is suggests some things and they ended just floats away. We never go bad I want this to wanna come up with a real answer right now it's Mike Conley. And I that makes a lot of sense like over ten. Mike over pity right now but it is a strong when let's I wanna I wanna I wanna hear what does analysts is that the same by the bug through seventh I was inspired to five years theory go today deal on who should it be. I know you regard what period. Old school old school and regrettably. You've still got old school still declare carpet. Still think every day with a rare birds. Still viable in the community as a global. That's it actually is I think I think shot that suggests a well from the great ND why's he who suggested sunny cloudy of the person because the I think it might be a little bit too recent like Kevin they're having some great success here now I don't know if that would would stay in the do he's got staying power he's done it now as a player and a manager here. That's a good suggestion. The it's it's all of your baseball is not part of my life. So I'm not gonna discuss it. And the guy that comes in and gets the airport spokesman job cannot be a baseball or ridiculous job can be a baseball player. Can get it can be a baseball person can be a baseball person. Bestselling classic great suggests output him right up there with as he moves into the top three. Cop again he's done as a player and manager your job of their products as well. Are either 53776. Father obviously we go to MacKenzie MacKenzie Yahoo! should be. I may not cable media I'll have this discussion yell about the main person who'd come all behind you got. They're castle. Cassel then. There you go park and Arlington. He's got he's got more creative about it with a greater he will be a great spokesman. Wow well guys or home air cast tie up that area he's right Erica ended here is a great spokesman for anything right he can specially Harry's. I mean downtown come so close. They're going out and give Nash a kid yeah and it's only because. Of him yeah he's terrific. Dead did not figure Ritter pass resolution today. Is that I think he definitely has brutality us navigate paerson mission and so do we really just how. He's got like seven jobs aren't a lot highlighted our airport ion Austin like Gary pairs as a as as an air as the final lot things stick with that cam went home. The march Hamlin I'm okay Aaron we're getting somewhere I still in my colleague number one nobody about 37 that was exactly five ESP we go to Randi reindeer on. Yeah you get regardless of the I can't anymore they're great grace commission back OK Mary Morgan Freeman singular voice over. You know Morgan Freeman would be good. I'd probably aren't you are I was wonder you know I mean here's the deal here's here's sort of our criteria. You know Morgan Freeman is eight. And now. At and we want weaknesses you really could kick the bucket in time because there isn't a bad car accident like only lived I think he led an elbow on the same you know. You know lion of why because he's got his. That's right is god. But he is lady and on is how we want the whoever did. This job to be with us for the foreseeable future so I don't know that I appreciate what Andre was in and did little brother Morgan Freeman submission also don't know if we got some but yet that's the second Morgan Freeman we're talking about you know enthusiasm. You know you don't necessarily think enthusiasm meeting Morgan Freeman you know you've been laid back like deep voice talking about the arc. And I got animals and in Noah's Ark for sure we go to Elliott Elliott you're on. Okay we'll go live don't listen so. Yeah could you imagine what actually below the pollster bill at the airport. A little bit of whom. Could that I would always go back. A little bit about many. Who he broke and he graduated from overture lucky. I was sure. They are show. She endures Memphis he or she claims us. You all the time resident who called. Was she is. Here here's my problem here here's my problem was came to sell I know who came to sell Liz. Weighed 80% of the people who are traveling through Memphis airport know who came zealous. True no way 80% of the black people. Watched. Casino although we are between these socio new reality show. Will realize he says you are. You go. And oh was love and it she got own salute. Lotion shoot another pop whose although. Yeah ocean don't weathered it okay says she's still love about you should go to Aruba. How does don't think she's I've she's at she's very talented very satisfy some of the I don't think she's in that conversation memo presents its mistaken though on who is there is there a woman. Candidates. Now Kathy Bates now know was followed caddie is about moral purpose now I don't know hand at a dual Paul Rand partners on the right. That's why is Ellen now. I'm glad I'm not tolerate third. Noted though. And our fire chief a woman. Believe it and unfortunately the throttle or leave women out I totally ruled out either if there's a good one. What about Aretha. Meant the end. And so far I've written this great moment capable campaign plans are or how does that women live longer than men held is Aretha Franklin Aretha is. Only 75. Only about only seven DC still performance she's performing Oden Johns from aids event. So she still get after it. That's my vote are Rich Franklin has my vote really yes. She has usurped my timely as far as I'm concerned I. Aretha Franklin is my vote do you have a problem the rate that re the Franklin. Well because I don't have much does Aretha Redmond says he's going to RE SPE CT negotiated cancel her live at the garden performance. Well I live without the respect. Out of let I don't wanna slander anybody Ernie thank Aretha Franklin is my pick that they should be fantastic 5353776535. ESPN we go to Justin Justin your own. They elect has never forgot large almost be Angela Williams adds. So you have solo man and he doesn't have another job right now. Luck but it never forgotten no matter where yeah Murray beard is already. Always our activity of course they love of the worries grow. He is a true he's been a true ambassador. Not only 200 university but to the city. And you know what for me. These guys got one for you I think he's an absolutely and that should have been on the no bribe journalists he should have been on the number you know we had DA doesn't present got wind DeAngelo. It was on the show about three weeks ago. After summer slam he said if he does not have a job he's gonna come to every minute is dead at bill like. Our eyes and I I think he's definitely gonna be there this Saturday. Are obese I'll be shocked if he's not there the Saturday. So be it because he continues to come back he's unbelievable record I'll turn meant more so than anyone else did he told people fights you've had a over Memphis has become a mid major our lives what lives they more they did absolutely yeah. Like if you try to say that Memphis is sick or failed to any thing. Why would that I Risley at the red tie fighters sitting. I do think the fact that he has embraced all reps does better than I am I think the listeners are animal too much fun when this one because I have three votes for Margaret fellow. Yeah I mean some of these are what do we know what somebody somebody actually voted in mud between did you Margaret are yet Josh said Margaret felonies getting quite a following off of that and so on a driver's merciless that he suggests Al Green which do you format Aretha out marine I a you know others treasure. I enjoy our selling himself possibly a little short and should nominate himself he may talk about Memphis treasures. That's been around for decades I like it when you see Jarvis you think meant that sense right and I think but it would be able to back to go back to De'Angelo real quick when you play I think what has helped him in this case is that. If he was a tiger right. But in his. As his career has gone on. He has also embraced the grizzlies in a major way up. He's just a fan of men the cities but don't tell anybody just about the university so I think get loves the Fed has definitely helped his campaign for sure why there will be top. We go to one for you east Hillary. Reid is a great you pick. How come everything is not a pretty hands load I mean I think everything is just seem so perfect or she's across seas across the board misses a freak him legend. She's a stubborn as he's amid in we go to Shannon's tenure on. Yeah I would say it's been about maybe Priscilla Presley. And respect. What's the logic behind for so. But she's always coming back every term there's something and personal. Go on on what Graceland and all work. Closer connection to help us. It's hard as simply connections Elvis and I think that would probably be wise you would do it if you do you know you have there's actually it's actually good idea yeah for sure and I'll figure trumps De'Angelo in my career the Franklin but I think for so would. You would sort of consider Jennifer's or the car and I and I will say there's not a whole Elvis thing until it's right over there and excellence and let let's let's let's make let's make sure we agree here you can't. Keep Tony down as your spokesman you or I like you've got that change that we've faced some oil and why we're doing yeah yeah like I had a couple people weaving says young acting like that man died no Bradley didn't play immensely more yeah admit he had represented the mint is there I didn't hit it well we'll we always welcome Tony badge you'll be immensely and then K. You cannot meet. Though the men as spokesperson in Italian Jersey Iranians just you can't do that hey you know for any amid is that you control whatever. It just is what it is so we have to find we at the find somebody else did you on Twitter suggested. What if we rotated and random citizens. As this as the spokes people. Well I like it in there in terms of incorporating people in the city but. We need recognizable need recognizable songs like that yeah this is our chance to really make a splash on. I've got to factor is considered a sponsored by the is there we got a Mike Mike who's your pick. Well last few guys displayed and there on the living legends as we got it down here you lose in the river now. Hanging hanging on the a moment out reentering okay I'm detail about green all of our admire Michael and royal comment. Jerry Lee Lewis so yeah those are those are strong. Who that we missed that we miss anybody out I feel bad we got this far into an outstanding Angela because he's Tony right now as the number right. There and he wraps us hard. Once you once said wait Baldwin because he loves the airport strictly certainly is. Will he won't be there for much now that they Dili busy with tears in south they. Right so is he may not be that none after that. You know I can tell you eight ball and JG juicy JE. In several GCJ's recent 36 would be actually that makes some sense. Better be funny. You know I mean there they would they win an Oscar and Oscar winner. I may actually revisit that 36 it would be a damn good choice got some players flock submissions as well. But I wander through six legal trouble legal troubles would sort of get away in a name like I mean precinct is obviously awesome though like a wonderful. You know. They're legal issues would we'll troubles Jews who have. I'm in a head on their data ahead run and the enemy of Islam that is and is talking this out. Oh. We don't I don't I don't I don't love don't we give people second third or had a window there. And we double we're talking about a guy that's cool I'm I'm with you I think there's there's a bigger toys are we go to Dave Dan your on. Knowledge base gag. I think any higher wage should be number wind. You think about it. Think about long term about before he had done erode until it may have Don you know today the great blue Yonder retired. Any Hardaway that stand. Yeah imagine what that would do it for recruiting. And they know. Indian born. First thing they did Penny Hardaway everywhere. Now that is. That's a wrinkle. That's a wrinkle that I had not consider them. Because he is going to already have now again the number one player in the class between nineteen. When I have to take a flight to Memphis because he lives here he's an old that he and his name is James Wiseman but. There will be several awkward recruits you do have to fly in the lives international airport and that would be great optics. I like where your head that day editors at the off there was. I think we should consider that man. You cannot go wrong having I guess those folks that we had to reset this 'cause again are missing here what I could decide no we're not let the fly away and not pick oiler and we're trying to you know our top people Longwell who liked the best for all of us okay you are there. They are Penny Hardaway penny De'Angelo De'Angelo Aretha Franklin was only your various I like Ariba no good alternatives are provided Iowa now we can legally and we have to agree that there might be only we agreed I Connolly saw maintaining De'Angelo Mike Conley. Priscilla Presley when the high right now no one's got their. None of those were high 3366. I think you've I think you've brave you've you've Branstad enough now where you don't have to have a and Elvis connection. Ones the ones getting the most votes or penny. My doorbell. New got a couple for your JT. Morgan Freeman got to. Nobody De'Angelo a young guy he's good on. Al Green got too when I play that new young Gotti son from my wife see it's very angry why are very very offensive regular. I just the strip book. Yeah then I had the tip of 120000 one's CC on that what if you're gonna get caught up in the lyrics she's they have meant. I already know and you may have. Is that another best is that there I know for you is a deacon is probably tell bud lite now is that now we'll. Now what are the beds. Open bigs to the revs org ever non not for me I just the skipper then I had to dip OK just 40000 more a good job they see on that. He say on that. Already know. On this on this open they say almost storm. I love that big it's economic listens or when I'm driving I'm gonna tell our life 35 presents uptick we go to Chris Chris Gerard. Well I guess part of the triangle what what major danger yeah bargaining. So I need a good choice but what about someone like most top mistress saint Jude where Steve cropper. May lusty golf course pretty classic. East internationally famous solos so as low time that you share on TV all the terms saying jeered. I think John likes those suggestions yeah mom and I enjoyed the yeah. Job Chris I'm looking at unlimited Jason and I'm like please A please tell me who those who are alive and he's that have been made but I'm sure that I mean you're right this is it. It's say it's a difficult decision because you were trying to cater to a bunch of different generations. Angel. Troop carriers Steve cropper you ever the social land on who has. Anything about Booker TNG. Educate them certain certain outlook docket of the day absolutely. So that's Steve cropper. I got shot per say that Chris thanks for Carl thanks for the occasions got medication but I like it man I'm all about it love Steve cropper I'm I'm all about it. I think 53776535. Years also is the top three Canadians love Mike Connelly. I mean he got a lot and Orville or emotional they'll be in the top down or we you know we cannot do norv when you went on we would not only overnight to a minor role because we're afraid he's gonna get don't want them saying it's just every time. Up crime is an in this is a job we want them items to its key for at least five years or so you know we don't wanna have to be doing this series allowed and yards and yes and three are probably right now probably pinning cancel 5353776. We go to. Matt Matt you're on. I am afraid Jerry King Lawler. Jerry Lawson they're one again should have been on the no brainer lists still hours ago when I agree with you perceive that Matt yeah I think guy he's he's obviously. Pretty below are now at world renowned so proud men in. You know he's he's he's got a barbecue he's not tomorrow not go out Rick flare route right where is like having to be admitted. Let's play no doubt they're great one I know he doesn't claim it is though like these bodies more for Charlotte guy. But I do legs are low we go to Elvis Elvis you're on. Hey look on no matter what brow. Out actually on you did actually spelled my answer how little they rig wreck and move on you know completely under that no child not to allow I think there have been a good short. I think reflect now I'm a little wired about how close to kicking the bucket well we saw where we. Oh yeah does the fact why do you why do you usually has worked her five year plan why you bring an oil was down over some side he said that. And good America. Say Tom yeah I know Rick well he's not available and then you're dealing gang target the Slovak and Darren halftime does well out there like no you. Of course he'd known nationwide court as oil is so. He's been they've Memphis the present though he's he's been to Memphis Grizzlies game so he knows the area youth little known fact he was born here you know. So he's definitely somebody that we can throw on that list I don't think our top three is unchanged though. OK we weren't take three more on this all of my name Fiona in a tough for. But Lawler I don't care what the top four as we get the figure we at the pig won't get that one all right I'll volatile and yeah let's take let's take three more we go to. Errol earlier or. A surprise no one has stated Elliot bulk spare. I had. And he's a great ambassador city and oh yeah and and has been for years Eliot very adept yeah he definitely. And he's a business doesn't live from the our unity and for the U series that was a mother should be considered a Russian Uygur girl Tricia the car. We go to great nomination Jeff Jeff Geron. Path that we should go with the safest bet which would be used in the grid of mascot. That's an easy thing. And not your heart you'll that's that's a safe bet that is that is very says now mom and a man Eric is is is that ain't going anywhere. Right but you're right that that agrees mascot is is never going anywhere efforts say because I have a very slowly we go to. Paul Paul you the last word on this who should the Memphis international airport spokesman B. The yellow forgetting somebody on the list that. What we Libby had a conversation went were killed there our feature. Oh my god. Are OK the airport or even. And even Tony doubtful. I love that all adds a damn good point to certain I appreciate all the way Bagram the. Memphis international airport was it has and always has been a great recruiting tool for the University of Memphis there's no airport like RC is the only he heads out comes in the ninth as a national airport we have a decision to make man. You wanted to go to Lester equate why don't we OK let's OK do we I may have this and if that isn't an overwhelming. Lean one way or the other with some of our top. Alas I don't know how I go with everyone they got more than one vote that a narrow it down quite a bit OK so we've got Mike Conley might Norville Marc Gasol Justin Timberlake. Penny Hardaway mart good fellow if Paula re third Morgan Freeman Jerry Lawler DeAngelo Williams. Ric Flair and an Al Green those are all the ones that are more than one vote. But. So it's really down and selling flat and study clapped out more than one vote is over us John it comes down to panning. De'Angelo. My comp. Right let looks at why is that one more tough force would but it took all of them. Jerry off there lollar he should be the forehead yeah. Yeah lollar I think these are the four strongest candidates. I I think we take them to take a break do you to a symbol and and come up with a winner and 100. Will crowned the next Memphis international airport spokesman Dorman doc for when we get back Jason a definition as any recipient. Thanks for the memories Sony had. Is magnitude nine NFL. ESPN. It goes by many names are paying bills bones rib cage cast she's better plans to narrow down Franklin. Screen that's Jackson's Lincoln salute him. Paper instead so no matter what you. And that's exactly what you could win when you played important meal money in six games with top pricing starting at 2500 and ending. Million dollars new money into the game. You lottery game changing. Just remember that play responsibly. There's a lot you can do to pass some time like running you know people loved running just fueled your feet I don't in the paint that actually runs and always fun. You know it is always fun keynote go from the Tennessee lottery. Withdraw its every five minutes. 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Loose diamonds and pandora is excluded everything else asphalt before locally owned robber went to a location goma on. The sale was not available on line get oversee how. Guys we have got local celebs charming and or if her last came whale says he's free Israeli go you will be in Memphis as we we need to get him on the show and we will believe DJ steffens. Now about this for nicknamed air steffens or DJ Airways. No did you. I'm sorry the beloved. He has that we're not going to re name. The the airport after you pray you're you're just a spokesman David or you're just a spokesman all right. We put our heads together. You guys called and you guys in China and we appreciate our phones been blown out its closed ma'am and I'm glad that you guys are because we recognize this is a very important job and and you definitely get to those there's. So Bennett if you woods. I think it sounded out Sarra. Our successor to Tony Allen as he has down to new laws and a one year deal or no longer going to be the spokesman at the international airport salute to you talked so they salute to you rather. Right for an free every day route forty ever did as a player for the played against the Memphis Grizzlies. Bit hit. OK so as so I guess music hang on Wednesday. Yeah. That would that we at least six listeners about it. I don't know what the votes and what they want about sex. So narrow lead. With 33%. Mike Conley. One late runs is the listener but I am very very very early in the voting area early this thing looks like it could be changing they're out there you know. And so what we had to do with we had to step back. And we had a names. The these folks ourself. So without further ado. Your next. Memphis international airport spokesman asked. Yeah I get the applause ready vanity got the applause ready for Sanjay gets hit it one time we have we have. Euronext Memphis international airport spokesman is none other than. De'Angelo way as. How bad the flow needs a good job. First of all these guys probably didn't even say god it is out of money on Broadway at summer slam he needs them and it's a game pulling come okay. He's a great face very recognizable. Absolutely did at a high level in the NFL. Representing Memphis unlike most other athlete any any vocal about he's allowed about he has we love it. Very far removed from the University of Memphis and Memphis. They can tell he's a comeback he continues to represented for that very reason he's been all over the world he's been all over the country but he still holds Memphis near and dear to his heart comes back. He gives back and if so for that reason we believe DeAngelo Williams is. The best candidate for the job so congratulations to the end though I will be getting in touch contact with people letting him know that he got the job. And ready to come on the show this week the Serbian town of it's usually on Saturday a sore so. Definitely. Appreciate everybody that chimed in as we how to make a very difficult decision for slots a great candidate. The schedule for us to day thanks to Jason Biggs. Thanks to clay Travis and once again as always thanks to all of you who called in and and participate you know we love you. Aircastle type who who just narrowly missed the cut for Memphis international airport spokesman he's up next don't miss it specialists everybody. For days comes our golf. Is Terry Pearson you'll likely know my wife and I had a baby a regional one helped last year if you absolutely can't recommend them not to like I told you before you do not have to experience emergency to get great care. From regional one help them right now. It would doctor Chris Cummins and learn more about how they're rehabilitated medicine at the east Kansas can keep you don't. 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