Jason & John Hour 3 (8/9/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, August 9th
Talking NFL Preseason starting tonight, Memphis Football and more in Hour 3 plus joined by Geoff Calkins. 

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You're viewed you want anything I don't like trees like when you risk you know who you're crackle here marks and hungry. You want to cargos will be Bedford we have had these pre season games the night I was at my bears last week I don't get to see any real players don't play and knows them play too risky. We're actually nine minutes and actually ninth tied got Green Bay this is it Jeremy got disarm Watson back out there you see your first. We'll shot Issaquah Lombard actually the only player in daily life like true snaps the problem well. I'd tell you won't play just two snaps. As they may feel. Right I know plan is a gazans are pestered them and let's let's ask him and of that game and that's why they are brilliant quarterbacks you got him and there's a sort of got twelve games I've there's plenty going on. I'm actually. Well it's been a bit time watching Dennis titans. Onions are on number one and I'm Charlie can't ons down now Bennett Bennett confirmed this forced and not. We all are they are not I'm. And I can't tell by the TV guide I'm pretty sure they are but I've been the best way is still lives and live on 92 knows a lot on my and that's what I wanna do and 6 PM might Keith on the call I'll be listened with golf that I'll be listened to Collins that. A doughnut whatever arm. Don't know if they don't. Is on TV they're to have people that never call games you'll allotted subtle sound stupid so listen to the Brady a prominent question for what's out. Do you want the unifil. Or do you like. The raiders just being enough. Because it seems to me whenever we talked tighten interest may be bears are answers they'll. You're not his interest if we're talking raiders and you've got Robert Mays on you can ask and couple rate of what you are engaged but if it doesn't include raiders yeah. If they're not relevant. You don't wanna talk football I don't wanna talk NFL. Aren't you just are are you not a fan of the league itself I am a fan of the league itself I definitely am I like the NFL. A liar no I do ice if you love you are you excited about. I decided since I first we really grizzly doesn't mean I would with the story vitriolic the raiders but I like everybody else but I have real reasons not to like tightened you don't have a real receipt unplug advertisers yesterday I'm glad you didn't this yes the aura about that yet but yes but it was a yes no basic human polls are willing -- why you don't like the tides on the annual -- and open our little little baby is still have always tell you and I was a little headway where you are essentially out I was editing a thousand dollars and humility and ended Montague and -- not wallet I ever go to those nobody did that's the basis of the college tried it but your mom told you. These posters aren't going to be here for long and then we'll hate these titles are the arrest of their time that there in Tennessee and contemplated in these whether it was domain the fan experience. I saw came Whalen says he's with ya know I've I'm not saying it's on three dollar holders for every you know like that but adds a medal since meant tonight's. We're meant for nights you you're bad of a franchise whose owner was from a town called Libyans meant and I yeah he's dead now yet and it that's fine that he was still the owner. Atlanta Olympic silence from the grave. But Adam yes but Adams. Does organic -- you -- like the saints you can like the big angles you can like that and how will you would jags. It was either seven Roland job yeah I was like 789 I don't warrant yeah 78 Nagano is 78 or nine now becoming a sports fan at that age that's when I mean what they did it so he's explain and there's a lot of ties fans in this theater just like does that mean for me I was -- little kid I was like is my first ever NFL game and so of course on there with my dad certainly Damon he's like look this is the home T is the -- it in their doing this and having your lunch or how old. Either the number 31 books as leader rated nine and is not an uneasy evidence from for many better your age here in Memphis it's I don't know it's gonna you know honesty is doesn't tailored slightly high and that's his age or below us multiple times and many it's going to be your first team says all the tires. Can't help him a fan of flight I was at George and that's and that's the team that I've latched onto was a child so of course of bursting he had not had won before there now and they're here at bats are some imagining for his original dying young you close your eyes full. This is it's a. Horrible pick as if that's a horrible thing to be born into. I feel bad for you enjoy Las Vegas police you're born into you know my first team because I'm an entry in what the tigers. That's that was my first obviously that was mines huge value just that is the titans pro team. I said in F 51 NFL game John making proteins motto was the raiders and the X about going to tiger Phil bombast audiences for awhile broad on your child like crap any extra. Our text vote and deliberate go through mentally and well you know why I'm so excited about Chicago Cincinnati tonight because if it's the official. Start of the ads in Millen error he did not play last week obviously it's Baltimore he won't get threats to dart I hope significant ones. The starting. In Houston's outside aren't bigger it'd be different player per share arm and I'll be obvious that I watch will be. A little bet that's the best part about being a bare frame right now and Memphis. Is that got folks that maybe got no idea that dialog they never root for bears and if they care now they care wac has animals there. I'm relevant you're not. It feels good we have Jon Gruden as a coach of course some relevant I. Because that's also Dubin was what was I supposed to know loves it and what's that supposed to mean those lies some news relevant on the sidelines OK let's say Saddam ATV games we got what do we just have Robert Mays on yesterday saying. If it if it's just coming out of coaching football feel good about gruden when it comes down to one have all the power you make it all the personnel which it seems to be why do you hate to write her so much. It's not about eight owes me. It's me that's what it is if you guys electorate because of it. The audience stood and in Cleveland Dallas and Brandon Knight but again though here's the thing with a pre season it is I realize it couple series super delegates not real footed at this army usually the warning it's like AAF football at this time you can't wait a minute you don't if you got a team you think might win you know at least 78 games. You're into. In my bears went cavaliers get you don't last couple years and we all went for gay is not as into the pre season win loss as a matter of you know and I'm not dude I'm talking about my regular season record of I have if I have. If I think my team's gonna sucked out of I think I'm right I'm not I'm not into. Did you got my my bears going to be wrote enough with the the titans going to be wrote this your first taste of a football again the matters pre season not in Los sticking around through four quarters Nolan must think he probably. Through the wrestler all the third no rat but you can get excited about football being back. And tonight is the first. Testament that is the F twelve games on like twelve games tonight in the NFL earlier today we are all started about Memphis football. And sort of their journey. Two. You know increasing their fan base and increasing season ticket holders and eventually maybe one day getting to a point. Where they average. 45000. Combo in the F Weber there was to do it this year that's the goal he's I don't know it's not. To average 45000 and so it's important this is discussion it is now last year just to kind of give you an idea last year. They averaged 33000. And change. And as we've already said. That was affected. You know negatively by it by whether. I live weather as the monsoon weather was too high it's a hard there was one more. I think actually get rain wondering whether I wanted to write at a hearing ordered to lay gave everyone in this just the facts of the matter like you're not gonna wanna go outside if it's raining. You know like she is just you're not gonna break remember you have got postponed. That's right of them that's right the made you'll think about now you see FB IU CF was a road game it was because the hurricane that's that was well that's what happened. But. 32000 changed was the attendance last season. You've the season before that that believe they were 36 and change this is before that. 43. Now again that 43802. Number included a sellout crowd burst they ranked Ole miss it knows also win important. In terms of the deal momentum because they then after that Roma's game. Got 50004. Navy and that was really a game where I was like whoa. It's they can be done. 'cause when you get in 2004. And I believe navy was unranked they were good they were on ran right. That was the point as I remember a game and again. Maybe he can happen at Memphis maybe they can consistently draw 50000. Or so for home games. And they lose the game and then it's never quite the same just twenty believes excellence does the verso touchdowns against us and you at home finale. But it's never quite the same. I think sort of to explain you know the next season and the minutes the next season. Puente was gone Paxson lynch was gone you're you're starting over completely but it was a new. Yeah it was an blank slate basically. And you're gonna lose some casual fans when that. Happen I don't the number to me it's most important is that even today you know it isn't the 45 that is until Europe. And what the tigers were last year it's that you see a number to me. I think that showed that's the number young 36000 last year with the season they head right to me that's the context that you need and and and and to get it anywhere around there. Or up to forty again make the point again the work 67 years ago. People are talking about this program as one of the worst in college football should you despair and get rid of it right to to get to this point now where your possibly. And maybe even gonna hit it this year where you can leave the AC in attendance whether that's around 36 may be worth thinking that forties possible. The what's been done it's all the main. Yes 457 there's a great goal but don't. If they don't reach 45 let's not look at this thing and say oh man fan base got to be better. The same success because it is right it is when you keep it in context look where you've been dipped. And and look at where you can possibly go. Getting up to forty be incredible and I don't know you know with this schedule I'm not sure you can do it for somebody that question let's what is the measure as did the let's go to discuss Oakland and but to finish out the one point you've got a jar if they start out if they roll. And right and we talk about these are three home games and they should be blowout if you keep the thing Roland Wright may do you keep that zero on an L side right. It starts to build where it doesn't matter the navy's coming in or whoever put that in the season it was coming because they wanna be part of some special. And play in May be on the road though the second game of the damn media would be nice to have may be here yeah I am not and then secondly not have been second game. Let's head you're exactly right that's going to be tough X has it does require so much disciplining the problem is that we don't say I mean you. Brady's gonna have to be sued and settled in behind him yeah I to be navy because we all we've seen that game before we've seen this movie a thousand times. I don't care how much that tigers' defense is going to improve we all think it's going to be better than has been last couple of years yet you can't stop that threat email that eventually it just keeps hitting new and there's a breakthrough and that's the thing you have to be so disciplined yet big day where US. And so what's the point you gotta score Natick and Brady is not you know if he's not comfortable in there at that point yet. And look I mean by all accounts. He's been great other than the deep ball so far in practice so so he could be ready for that game right committees on both bust them up with the intermediate routes do that whatever. My point is if he settled you got a chance if he's not. He's today if you're still trying to Salman Ahmed do we need to go to day yet no chance and John I'm hoping. I'm hoping he is that Lamar what he's the guy let's do this exercise with the goal is 45000. Quarterback whisperer if it goes 45000 a game right to average for the season let's go through each of their home games and determine. What that game if they will get what if a thousand around us who are you ready area first game of the year the home opener Burt verses. Mercer 45000. Or not well. I'd say yes. Let's say they do because I'm looking at the schedule across college football. It's not great it is the opening weekend but I don't see any like super great match ups. A power five teams. I mean it's just not a greats are great slightly Tennessee's playing West Virginia. Guess that's decent. But it's a Lotta Lotta these are cupcakes thumbnail 45000 honest I don't know if they opener but you what you I agree or not out of open the way it is 383940000. People in their from -- that is a huge crowd say it's a huge crowd and we're going to be around and I'd say they're not gonna have a huge crowd artists and a negative 45 let's do. Good Alicia admitted to you don't think there are a lot of people yup about commercials are coming out of the sequel another coming out celebrated ten when the barge unit ever stand there and I'll clear that beautiful weather I want all that I'm deciding where Ravalomanana we are of course stipulating good weather. They're coming back to Memphis after a game against navy version Georgia State 45000 or not you know I'm first three games no. I was real if they don't I get 45000. I think in any of you know this is they scared that it's not all Memphis is all no one wants to play that you would rather have eight. Big time power five school in those first four games right now so I like like a you sell. They're not it'll play you right south Alabama and the answer is now they don't want you. So. So so yes I think they will for the season opener I don't think they will the. Those are you only of the some ball games average or through on names are the fourth home game is UConn Memphis they had 45000 for that. When is it he wants to Nokia you odds are I was looking into Linux on the road. I'm glad to bring in this because I'm gonna say it right now. You know well how are operating on the assumption that they're not Memphis menace will be around the nineteenth it's that they wanted to as we look at the grizzlies pre season schedule. Concerts for your nineteenth as good date. I've heard. I ask it again no we didn't sound Jun young man's always upheld elitist because there was a lot of zinger buzz. Yeah we said for the we would or you are three home game you'll let me break this news what this article and I wanted to build the odd I don't know. A I am if it comes up because. You were born in the next home game on a football schedule that's UConn we had talked about that nineteenth date right at this man is you have all those prospects in there. That's an official visit time. But this is on the road that we've been planned Missouri you don't have a football game to tie it. As far as I know you guys can check the schedules for the form around October 4 to keep my ass off writes what's. 42 days you can start forty today ordered a 34 for your first game yeah. So this would be a lot of teams starting early October they got so October 4 you guys can check schedules. I think. Mr. Spence could be that early and so on the fourth you've had this year. You're tying those it is battle full ball game number same barely enough. It's earlier than we usually do it there what I'm hearing is that it could be on the fourth that's a Thursday just imagine madness the biggest myth has matters of the mall. Could be earlier than and and we're or whatever where would that fall and he got a war were switching between basketball while at the festival are way down BJ's visits. Number you we were saying that I had been the last one I got an opening it would follow it that far after his mr. B school as an opening but I'm asking that's assays are one after it wouldn't have to still be last now it's the fourth now one more in the Alabama class yeah. And he went on a day he would not he would not make a dazzling. God anyway point is that this man is probably October 4 based on what yeah yeah going to schedule lately I've got to it based on your viewers are down yeah you gotta let me let me mark that week off Omar scheduled there you go on the need all week to prepare that October 4 post is longer all right October 6 UConn Memphis so what I'm I'm one of three so far. Permit some games get 45000 or more than UConn Memphis as support from air of the season wears on you tell me this did they beat navy. Sir. And they are coming and that game 123 they're five and if they're come and again I don't know. Under and he forced a tiger. So for if our island and their vomit out with a 41. No not the tigers. So therefore no dug a 454 UConn if they're not they were not I agree to put UCF Memphis the next week. As here how dumb you show up show up maybe. And that's one of the two games on the schedule looks attractive you wanna be there. Special potential Heisman yet no question on area among on the Hilton yeah occasion Milton then you're on the road we know them you're on the road for the next two weeks at Missouri at east Carolina come back the tenth of November 1 hole saw. Again it depends on how the seasons going if you got a special and things are role and you did beat UC and you ahtisaari and stress on our realized that. Yeah it doesn't matter the Missouri game if you're if you're top of the league racy right it's still special isn't gonna say now around us out last year around that time lash vows are again issue did they have a decent cover east Carolina last year. Yeah harassing and I'd see it went well why was his Subaru Hungary and what I O'Meara did bubbles up there was it was the wind is a daytime yeah it wasn't an airline buys that again or some of that I don't I don't ominous they never. It and then suddenly have SMU. On the road. Vote and then they finish with Houston. Yes the that we ski Thanksgiving week I would say yes that's I think so with L'Oreal. And one and one sort of with a master is but it looks like three out of the six we think three had a 62%. Would be. 45000 television to an average fortify our but it might well not to an average of forty and I think 40000 is that a slump that's not hard for and I like it's our main topic that's probably what they're shooting pool. In exact shoot out I question about it. I've come back just comes doesn't talk them about many things including Penny Hardaway as always. Jason and Jon and its benefits ESP. DC united ME SPN has met this is NFL station isn't for the titans game against the Packers tonight coverage at 6 PM kick off at 7 PM live on 99 FM ESPN this. Tonight keeping your history remembers his home. Tennessee's and is still on your future practices over Tennessee Titans. He's the titans on 929 SM ESPN. What's all the commotion about her. Just in UNC game once you know on these. It's only a dollar. In twelve different versions featuring twelve different dogs. Look pretty good dog days of summer with the new law. Instant game going the whole letter today only from the Tennessee Lotto game changing but it basically responsible. And here's summer classic from the Tennessee lottery. Does this fifteen. From the Tennessee lottery. Just inevitably response. 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By the music of the Memphis madness is back. Performer not to do not yet announced what we believe will be performer he joins us now Jeff are you familiar with the work of money back you know. Money bag Euro. That's not. That's a now familiar with them Jeff. Believe he's going to be your former and then I have email you some lyrics he was a good read on what's on the radio Jeff you went to Mitchell high school. Really a big time entertainment money bag yellow then. It came kinetic candy yo Gotti are either yelled I got to deal. Believe young guy did side and the C and G has a record label they go. And I don't know what can we pick up my bag you know. Got a nice hit. Called big backs which we just brought you into. What are we traded MS be a bit. I could perform. Say it does I'm glad gesture because it doesn't matter what week thanked. Doesn't matter what the fans think it's about what James why has been in DJ Jefferies and Sharon and watch for thick and. Oh OK what do we think definitely. Well let's debate this more clear what you think that it Beck. They're going to love it. He's not go to if you wanted to review it was explained this is a moralist or some idea of if you go want to go analysis Lomax Twitter go on you know James wise and whoever did did you resolve. Right now the hash tag the big one that they use all the time Jeff you'll see repeatedly. They facts well that's that referenced the money that goes song you bring my bag go into the end this madness and the form for that night. As for those prospects don't look at the very well that's their guy right now and that's right Jeff. I just let this thing it's it's nationwide. He's be. Back he'd been there are big they are not big stacks that facts. What big fat. Big facts BI GGF a CTZ. Real big fat I felt like because Shaq like money now not known as someone else work. Yeah big backs big bag the facts. You went around you went about it the wrong listen we can't take you out you're dead at a certain Geoff Calkins got a degree from Harvard big facts. That's it has to go to sleep either I don't I don't like the opposite they basically exactly and now you're on to it it's like it doesn't take you loans. Caught other code. Declare it basically on this matter it does get out of your data that at least five to seven minutes to get it they're there at the person that he had it ever did fact let them take back. Right I heard bridge back I would think would be in favor of a cure a up all any human being really. But I like big facts I am I'm all for. Big time now is that to demonstrate that you truly grasp what it means we're an easy to use it in the Senate's. Well okay you got ready. Gigot the job just re upped their deal tactic Dick fact. Without the okay well you know we doing all right we wanted to let me edit digital content to production picked up. New act. Right. Off the bat well you know I have to use the pass tag but that's an extra touch which I can appreciate them. Pilot door get your destination right now are you gonna look like you saw why he's got to make sure you spell it right don't just do with a Z don't miss nobody else and there's time Jim there ever any doubt. Your contract would be huge to get out. They've got to know lashed out Ozzie and better and better is like I hope you start using this garbage on your show I think it would be good idea would be good look for you. Big crowd got a big factor it looks now on deck that is Dade today and you'll I don't site. You listen back to use. Yeah actually we're not on. I'm not gonna play the song underneath that I'm I'd prior to get cleaned up version I don't get it is that right yeah yeah for sure. Cannot get I'm gonna do your big factor that yet today is good facts and then a little you know what it's gonna happen I'm gonna yeah not an. As I turned it we'll my fifties and the birthday or another big factor that got a bit beat up. And I'll look at the W as the debate about it. It's that is exactly right here's a big idea why can't wait till I do if this is going to be shipped chat what's the approach ballot so I'll probably. Regulations. Never like literally. I've had by captured it got Gary says doctored it up. That's his option picked up. Halladay would twittered about it before. It's it's trouble so I've put aside the fact it you're the first person. Cast doubt that got a job to actually tweet. That applied to actually shot at bad I shot I loose. The other outlets but yet I literal I wrote I just a little bit tracks but I also. I've got a deadly killer attraction though it was bad there was ever any doubt. On the Internet access to some I shall. Got you know arts spot. Absolutely have to have crushed it and some of that because bush. Jason shop somebody pitching yes because whenever you bring jobs yes men and but it's but people but really I think really should know if you guys like Jeff and I do take it that you get budget bill would be Charlotte track. So they've got very hot air pollution. Regulations. And looked it up and I'd latch picked up. You got a tuna I don't know how you got to meet you got out so I. Happened twice and I never could ever trip to do we. Look. Say every time my paycheck comes in every week that may its own back. All right Ali they're this guy finally gets a raise and he wants the sarge we in his paycheck. I don't ever raised but I didn't just let it ride but I bet there's so angry and I do not exactly. I job with a jump into that chick. Have you and your pace. Here's a big guys were mutually the paycheck are. I would I would not to let the other semi good candidates are what are you bet I'm like yeah I mean you're exactly right. I haven't you ever exactly like action it took I would get a static set. I could never you can never make it on my way to justify the value bring to them the end Steve's an employee. That is probably true but. They could try harder. Are there and I'm not kids honestly I'm very happy about is that your new gods are. And I want you to another item but I am happy that you guys are happy you know your speak it to occur but that you are back tribes that that I secure ourselves. Let me tell you somewhat earlier just OK I give you my dream. My dream is a one day not know when my contract is up for negotiation. I want to have so much money that I just don't know when my contract is up denies those that's a real luxury it's just does my coming up I have no idea of a tougher out there are I guess they'll let you know it. Don't I thought one but you can tell me it's not. You know you're taking your monitor yeah. Scott's. The Hindu Gerald early unless they fix blog I have the camp that the eagle eye contract and that lost their retro like it so I V I got the idea let the government contracts or radio did you go to the the newspaper business there's never the other two I worked at it right now. And though that a contractor that it is a different kind of a deal yeah it is very got captured agent's identity and all his. Number of different that is a yeah that is that you're zapper I I have another big factory Jeff. What James Wiseman is enrolled at east high side. That's what did you take classes and thinking that is enrolled buddies in class apparently which means that he is sort of the school year. At these high school what do you make a big fact. What it also ought wanted to know what it gave to the tibia. To the John Martin percentage O meter. Not where we laughed Jason on James lies that adds John Mark 51 as it gets to 51. I never did this just stated that you want there was I just want to I don't think that's correct. Triad going down 151 John your your wise and was irons into well how was it was us. It was good it was it was was he didn't you know it's OK lies in 57 point five I think that this that this is out of the yeah it should wash circuit job to claw back district and I and I and I a lot of unity on the pretty. I looked like a clairvoyant they're down a number of only declare it do you do you keep an editor if you want right now what you're trying to watcher Stephen and if I'm given at 51 made David the 49. Might go to forty got a may give the 49 review did get a it just depends on how appeal today located did you wonder if you want but. Where's gained right now under it and 99 point six. Okay and where is. James why they're on Gilbert he's so important part of change. That is why then is has moved to 65%. That a lot of frustration while you are you are trying to take it seriously. Don't you can't kid do this like this is life or death a young you can't do split right we gotta get a percentage and exactly right so yeah. With a new and he's starting in Memphis where his senior year they stand at his resume here. Absolutely it's got six about how I met with the CeBIT two I don't know if I'm Phil for. How would that put money back you know common. I. It's like we are talking today on my show about. The group laid off the end. Now what why aren't where. A government think it was a bit ago possibly. But. That bit or black white it was. I think people should be privy austere and at that good off speed it sort of intellectual not being that's a good idea oh yeah outside that's a good idea. Oh yeah that epic center is. It'd be sort of intellectual think what your head technology it up I can think there's a little Peter patter of parts when it comes to. Janet Jackson junior uncut so one thing that didn't want you to go to a game one that didn't get blocked shots that's the one thing but can't. Get your arch started but largely. Because secretly think about the yacht. That people can't think about because he's awfully to it's it'll actually acknowledging. Cute pretty good off season I should whereas. With the tigers it's this. Crazy or rational or irrational exuberance that comes from not just sort of say oh yeah the good. But from all of the Keating yes I bet you could possibly Muster I don't know I would actually yeah. Right now in Berry fan base in the country. It is more. Excited. About its basketball team. And the university amount of them. Maybe Kansas. Our country back on a minute load. And that's the look like and as of today like right like I'm saying right now Jeff there like. Don't be a better basketball team the company partly just accept. Children knows that troop masters positive same every year yeah I mean there was no question. No question I mean do I always coming to your point Jeff just kind of roll with your form we just have all our mom all we got a ton of bats woke me some football was NASA Beatles hold on. I'm so happy that Memphis has finally got a real basketball coach that obviously didn't work just as I never believed it. Paul find my ball and Hardaway are telling us to show up with our football questions whether you're point. I come out that they signed off on the segment by yelling go tigers. Did you eat you're not yeah the early did that man goes tiger paw. I've I've had that Bible but yes. What do they piazza and at all like to use the expression tiger. All. Back and today I don't think pretty diet yes you think he actually talked about that when he was saying we're on the football program basis and I there was a time where I never thought I'd see this and we were gee you know we would joke wraps yeah. All those with believing he had a lot of is now yeah. You're good yeah yeah yeah. In fact that they're they're deserved so I think you're at the editing your data about football program most there was cougar are totally. I totally understand that but yes to have appointed as they have a guy who actually has talked openly about colleague who is I do think I ever call before. Call it. College mental side garage and it would go tigers. Do everything you do says that the power of it yeah it's been so the power out of the power toll and teach again like. You sure hope but he goes back to this point without reaching apply actually do about it that it would complicate life. Where. I would have bad and I did. That is the I have to get have. Or fifty BS six yeah how I still believe that yeah life took that yeah. I get crazy again like it it would be the best whenever they got to got to be wonderful blog that. People acknowledge that this judge solitary it to count you brought up again and so they're not best. Expectation. And is that it'll be deflating if he doesn't come but it won't preach. That deflating applied the classes really good people believe it carrion that's what I sort of forgot that I. I said that. Also on the air but then what SI Sports Illustrated we're coming to do a story ought to ask a question that's what's that everybody. I do think we're reaching the point. Particularly is job percentage O meter continue to rise from. Where we're reaching a point where if he got a trump about dress it. Get a feel very different than two months ago now that. That's the trick you take clutch you're glad that is becoming more likely to be air obviously. But don't you think at this point that if people whatever reason they could. Turned it he'd get dot. If you right now it would be the way people are feeling that would be much or deflated. To have at least felt about this is bad. It's not a question baser a bit but Jason I had this conversation not too long ago right and and Jason you know he reminded me. Getting james' wife and his wife Penny Hardaway was hired IAA was a big part of it. It is him being not not is not is getting involved put. But ultimately landing him was a big motivating factor you know for why the change was made when it was a man that that be we can't ignore run from that. I think it was why and end. Dead people and their problems that we want it was BY and sort of symbolizes recruiting but I think if you. I mean I do believe in the tightening the department why you're the only one shot budget why not all of the heartburn yeah but outlet at. I don't think when David Wright made that change. Did he necessarily Italy if you went deep rut with a bit rattled either. I don't think he would have said he's got to get kids what necessarily would as we get political courage you've got to get you implied that he. I didn't think it Jason's point. She did it because of the perky Derek they're bleeding money we that would no doubt that they were believed they opened their connected but they Connecticut they were bleeding money. And they had it easy a ridiculously. Easy way out look at the petty debt could cutting will it take. Okay because right now I don't think coach is exactly as much as they were pretty much is they're paying coaches before look at the wake can be contract was structured it. But agreed to let. Bet you have you have to know where the fact it is why wait a year and let more damage he's done recruiting budget it appears cocky. That was part of it true. I think it was the it was james' wife and averaging like the world wide yeah. Did you elect and hey the yeah. Then and I. I'm still stuck like it's incredible it's it's each and every single fraud whether it's. It is whether it's dealing with the media which would want to question was put liquid called call to crush a couple of staff. Which is what clustered mother looked like a you know where that of course what do you could actually lead. Doctor do certain what he could get one of the boycott UEG I want the idea that he get bulk like. On and on and on. Every single question asked and answered it occurred so. Another update didn't watch the governorship goodies site scroll is. A fantastic. What you love to know what. John cal Perry were thinking what we got the definitive news that James why it goes steady. I'll load I would love to have to because I because also report also broke that news to. Did you hear any news at present and this is he definitely knows who I am now womb. Oh yet shall staged photograph. It does and never use that's more than that he never miss the adjacent erratic orbit at exactly yeah I don't know yeah. John I don't know yet you argue with the U with a good day and yeah. I was I had nothing about it I have no problem with the second half of that state. You know it did he get motivated you know it's a fire hitting exactly the irony this show in the job. You live fire for glances at it exactly right now you're breaking anti Kentucky news that a returner. I'm a little like cal that way where I have to kind of create things that drive me we got them like manipulate it enemy narratives that can go a bit. It that interest and that you just showed that. I think that's true hope there's no question I think you do you look for a reason to be offended that could motivate Belichick's guy. Oh yeah true yes that is it's I don't know if it's a flaw or it's it's a I don't know what it is big it. I'd like I I create invent things that I think people might have said or might think. And like Joseph Jackson and they keep me going except I don't I don't sell X. Well. Well I think I mean I'm limited. Jump jump did not come from much I don't mean much of the terms like he juggled and I think it took it but would you like people understand that. You can't from like be viewed your mother love you dearly to contribute or hungrier whatever help you pick up a whole lot to write a bet partly. Absolutely. Come on a museum here don't I'm here now and I don't ever want to let go. And at a few still walking with a limp a picture will be complete. That's your job. That's or you're exactly right Jeff you'll be back in studio tomorrow big fat they are the outbreak that we look forward here you met Blake and I will break this duck with the fact that you love advocate Laura welcome this once. Small the other way I can pay yamana is Jeff. Cause I apologize for that. That well at all they were was Paula we won't trying to be bad they feel bad about it man I feel bad that I do that you do I could feel bad that means probably let me take that back this time didn't feel bad we'll we will diaries is allowable you ended June oh. The way he's Spartan Washington. It's. I would come back John as you wrap all of Jason is that is Jennifer and yes it. 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Apparently scored all set adrift on memory bliss is we around and I'm definitely not where I don't hard to decipher out about it on the sex office. That's part of respect whatever it be about senator Bob memory bliss sorry of youth. Yes I abused. Cordon and haven't cashed out because he's not because he's with Kevin Nash is on your mount Rushmore hall of fame huh huh. John Lee has joined Jeff Goodman Pete Campbell bad forty John fine scene Dana O'Neil and Dan dockets. As the group of media members that median fans hate Kentucky fans hate our UW joined according to Nevin cash good for you was Dane docket charting on it. Sounds like I guess I don't know I didn't edit them then only on atlas I guess so I'm going to assume that most she was headed by any family bullet being midnight so I don't know business doesn't hit us or fun announcements. But it's most of the coast special it may damage especially to have this fan base I mean I am break and all the bad news for them this true. But do dale goes out the dollar mentally that sounded even know I mean when Murr remember when you talk about me make sure you say Marconi. News leader is what you said they go to Sunday night I saw you got to remember. But appreciate Geoff Calkins for joining us today. A country got picked up brother you have been. Kamal. You've been on really don't think I honestly don't been dealing yourself I had a bad angle no way revenue amend but that sets you back it up you you leave a popular on the on the leader welcome I gotta talk it so than less than oh say that's right yeah that's what did you say video pay your way out slow Max where he shoots two straight guy got its ground. Two straight jumpers from the balcony. Into the into the hat into the ring into the into the basket no rim an amendment twice in around an innocent as he makes is that when he goes all get like Nantucket. Eighty yard away. Let's just wagged legend as the youth what I got from the that would about five months and you finally got a real cocaine again fighters that are created is highlighting that one out got some real it was. Has been good for us today as always Jason's and so is in you by the wing group stop box. If you are hungry things alright guys thanks environment cap thanks Bob Bob Bob thanks Geoff Calkins for joining us on. Today's show Eric half size up next don't you dare miss it. Jason I'm done we're Roth. The tigers. Movie she's ready to manage and ESPN radio to. Just an easy time anyway and save us today on the defensive and he's more of our list. Only on the best Memphis is a sports station. Hey every. What's all the commotion about earlier. There's a new PC game once you know August. It's only a dollar. And a little different versions featuring twelve different dogs. To celebrate good dog days of summer with a new look. 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