Jason & John Hour 3 (8/21/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, August 21st

Revisiting our interview with starting Memphis QB Brady White in Hour 3 plus joined by ESPN CFB Insider Adam Rittenberg in Horu 3. 


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That saves lives on cnnfn ES. The end. Earlier today big news over the University of Memphis. Pretty light has been named the University of Memphis starting quarterback to start game one against Mercer. And David Moore has left the team. They will transfer. So there are some rumblings out there. Whether it's from my people that you talk to Jason Michael Brown says people have gotten and David Morse a year lawless long. You're down one of them for sure I. I guess from Mike's perspective. Even though he says the back of situation is better than it's been the last year whom. It's still below their depth. And and and you'd much rather prefer to have a guy like David Moore who you believe then and who was that you don't who was legitimately competing for the starting job as at least made some plays for you this pre season right and and now that you thought it was a competition and now you only have. You know freshman ready brown probably the kid's name is Connor a day here. On rose's name and so yes. It's definitely a blow the depth and just sort of year. Yeah you're room for error I guess you'd say. Is it if if if god forbid something happens injury wise were to come out and that situation it to Bernie Davis every Weis unit then. You're basically Japan handing the reins to a a freshman quarterback and that's never ideal. You tell you you. Tell me what that's a good backup situation or the best well I did I think there's a there's it's sort of righted and main. It bridal read dad's locates it he's got confidence in me right there there's some of that but it's also beauty you there's a way to put this job that it isn't it that's also some spin right and there's no question about it saying were okay. Following this departure win no you're stronger with and here we get back now none of us fault. Our kids for wanting to logo somewhere where he's going to. We get that I think we come down a little bit different sides of all on the situation where YouTube or yes three a little bit of a difference there for me but. Will not want something done and end. In terms of David would fault him for for wanting to go somewhere we can play. Again though if your if you're too if not far from the job. I wonder if he was the key was three. Death there. Any rate Betty White is starting quarterback and he will start the season. As the universe or miss arbor against Mercer and again this is the guys accomplished that started couple games last year at Arizona State but got hurt and ended his season. A premature got a lot to prove he does though is there's a push he does. But he has started in division one game bush and not look terrible and he must and it's a great baseline but again Dennis who brought prospect. Yet he was a using very very highly ranked prospect for that matter that does matter to those now of course was our time our Q and all was a highly ranked prospect who are. I don't know there there are a few weeks. And he was terrible. That is their deteriorate. We had pretty light in studio earlier this year and we were very impressed by him. He has had a certain presence about I don't know that's because he's from the way on the West Coast are he just one of those kind of guys but it you'll hear it. There's a poise with him and and I can see why after Mike you like that and NY given the nod even if maybe he hasn't had the best performance. You know on the field consistently so here's our conversation. Earlier this year with the university of the starting quarterback Brady went. Jason and Jon did you kind of grand ESPN we have ladies and gentlemen very very special guest in the building. He's the newest University of Memphis quarterback his name is Brady why he's here in studio. Pretty look at the show. The price of the city. It's been it's very pretty it's unique. The great community or around. The program and to surround the city of Memphis so obviously in New Year's dug into right. Yens and now all in this is in and you need stuff about it all in good places to eat better yeah lots learned by its been real good demand sides. Continue to be here. As a mentally and very active thank you for the kind things you said about the city yes are both here and in the paper I read the story and a local newspaper about but citizen in bus so go weather wise for you going from you know Cali Arizona demand is right that this is beyond us assets and adjust it that's suck right. And it doesn't whether the whether you know I understand it decadence. This is George your insurer you Dudley and a he looks Cali right now do you think your story Arizona's tough that are he's you know. It is. Doesn't have the big impact on the yeah I mean I came in right in the knows snowstorm and knows it and I knew as an as some family has been out here before and does not normal also that if you really praise the Ellison on the ground and I'm gonna take out the live readable if you know is covered in line though we don't really really beautiful bunt down. Yeah after being here for like a week in the snow started to clear out and you know sun's coming out under its its nice out. You know and I've been used to hunt into my degree heat he added Alice nice view some clueless. A live on and adapted to. Madonna's disease got the Jimmy gee looks when he got a dollar in the young gay man that it has written all over the failure nationally that Yahoo! feels that might we be today so you played Jimmy gee if you ever got there before. Actually just got that yesterday I interviewed one of our mandate not really been those are emits a high compliment like I personally and I looked like Jimmy you they don't say they are elated that they don't say that armed. It's hard to leave the West Coast bubble to let a lot of people who live out there. Like they've they rarely leave because it's like so perfect and was it hard to leave the West Coast bubble for you. Now I mean none OS because Gavin Graham Kelly boy and all of claim that those that I'm glad. Actually if I've actually enjoyed the East Coast slain. Ended in the change that it came without Marty. And spoke with multiple advisors coaches teammates about it and the differences that the city brings. The program hasn't and just the culture of you know surrounding this area. You know is different but I actually like it a lot and so it's been it's been a cool change me that I'm actually enjoying a lot is this. He kind of similar like this and on the west of there buys like to relax chill yeah same thing kind of here is is it is the speed kind of the same. Speed is not really. A factor I mean it's always there's a lot more trapped they can press the little things pretty crazy out west has led the people here Austin like it says various that it will. Then. Super welcoming. Both the team coaches in Austin but also the latest that community around this program so. You know for me it's it's been really easy transition like that I'm enjoying every second and continuing into learning grown. Among the very excited for the future the recruiting process and in this game you hear how do all play out how quickly did it play out after all bill context again once you know once you come join me. I mean obviously. Is it was a lot faster than a normal high school you know recruit right. You know they didn't catch cancer. You know before anyone could talk some ads Gator release and be able that permission to contact and so. You know once that had taken place. I just was ever reach out. You know whoever I want to and give that. Other than packed close schools and then. This is they would. Connect with the rebellion and obviously you know everyone knows here crewmen high school and was able to coach Rick Perry here so. We already had a relationship established are my family's you know my mom always keeps up with Marriott and cut misses none at all sorry excuse. And so. You know it moved faster than what you'd typically expect for it. I've ugly on the very mature individual and especially being grad shares sermon a different spot right you know in my career and in Miami and a you know personal. Development so I need a lot I was and I you need show me all your facilities known Andrea is like you know let's get down in business and obviously and her for reasons was that like. The relationship hadn't missed a beat and how are you touched on this in the papers stored and how how closely have you kind of followed him in Memphis. And it's our between you know I didn't have a lot of conversations with them short but. My guess I said in and one of the previous there is there's a lot of Thursday Friday games for Memphis us here do as a five or six tonight about the Fisher well. So you know being on the West Coast and and the time difference in your browser to catch a lot of those games. So it was cool to see. And doing well just because you want to support you know your fellow coach and people we've been less than I was happy to see him doing well and and it is an error trust mine that's kind of beer but again we're having keep him I had a pain in Memphis absolutely he was sought after on. You mentioned the recruitment how quick it was like. Was there whether other schools involved or just because you knew where coach sorbo was a year -- there's a statement this is Roland. Did you gotta have it in your mind would let coach contacted me I'm not really and entertain the rest or were other schools of all. Not I mean I guess that I eight semi are at least two most we'll schools that I'm gonna keep that confidential draft but it. Then de guides got a good plan for me in. You know put him back on you kind of look back in to see you know how how many how much stuff has kind of worked out and done you know found the place and you know I'm here at Memphis now on I'm strongly believe that. As part of our plans for the planet kind of guns got from me and I guess that I'm very excited to be here and Syria take care of business coming up soon would have got about the facilities and yards against the tore. A wedding there I was. Not not like this is new every one of a bit in your head doesn't matter to me. You know co star loses or have those stars for is an awesome strength and conditioning coach in any way he cancels first day as it doesn't matter. You know what your equipment as long as you get the words and I've been firm believer in that under the signing period doesn't matter what she you know. All these recruits get caught up in the nicest facilities and that's great I mean not no doubt that some you know recruiting tool but for me it's just about. Jim Harrington with the guys and and that's what I'm most encouraged by as this team and the players that are on this team they they got to work mentality they had a blue collar approach. And so I love that because that's a lot of grown up and I've always wanted to just. You know you have free time you're going to initial word yet and so I'm very excited to viewer and these guys right now but also to continue to get. Read symbolism gets a known better. And then you know approach spraying bullets attack mentality. What are your expectations I mean obviously you take with us for a reason you know what what are your expectations of what you're gonna come in here and be able to do. I'm I'm not focused on myself. To be honest I mean obviously you know Iran's gonna clay on them but late in reality you know it's not about me. My expectations are for his team to win. And that's what they've done in the past in addition to your job well if I believe. You know Kush fun says where is the let you know end of his career and also you know cushion and well coming in they've they've set a standard they set a foundation. That needs to be built upon. And I'm here do that now obviously I came here fairies and then I want to you know play. But I'm gonna help this team in whatever way I can. And you know I'm not worried about anything that they set them on firm believer in my faith in another Gaza and take care of me and as want to help this team win a wanna help these guys via best they can be. They engage young gay guys on to the next level football but to be just success successful men and I'm I noticed the impact you know official and on the pass and the strength staff and in all the coaches not just offensively. They're gonna do that and says wanna help in that process. How do you sort of in any kind of missed and we're talking of course the Brady why that is knows quarterback edition disc. You get thrown into a new situation announced that you mentioned you have a great relationship with the coaching staff. But it's new guys it's new players what do you do you just go out there yourself the same way every day you go out try to make friends each day. You know I mean when you're in a deal valued trying to win them over how do you navigate that now. I'm trying to win and Ono are now I'm a deaf Lynn on earn their respect on that night's live I'm not gonna come in here and be someone that I'm not. And that's. You know Kushner also encouraged me do and I already knew that coming now is gonna come and Ambien myself you know the I believe on the personal persons. Son just came in. It's not about you know China when our guys and if you guys is always talking and in. I think if anything it's more important is his gear and and put the work and show these guys they hear hear about that and your dog though life and you want. To. Go at them and in better yourself and also better this team and I think that speaks volumes especially guys that you know you have guys with that mentality right. So you know I guess said the team the teams and Austin Davis who grew welcoming. I've got two very messenger Kaiser impressive very view of helped me. Kenny gets situated in on the game around and then. You know just the locker room's been very welcoming. Kind of this open armed Ximian. Helped me just hit the ground running and so. I'm continuing to get to know guys and and I you know who worked with them in the weight room and on the field so. You know I'm super appreciative of that but you know I'm not China and m.'s China being a guy run and environment there. So as a way to how much of your gun because I can hear it and it's all over you nobody can insert some guy asked how much has your faith how much have you leaned on for you during your career through here through the injuries how much has it played apart and and make it in making the guy that you are in debt that's. It feels like it's all over you. As a big part of who I am on the I'm a big believer and and a our series is Christ and I am I have been since I was a kid. And then obviously in sports. You have a very unique platform and you know you're blessed with. Daytime skill set especially of this as you get to this town particular level so. Understand your question about the injury mean. The only time I was really didn't like emotional about it was that night that it happened might just trying to crash and off the field here. That well ahead of me but when it happened and even after I was in the AM possible. I had no doubt in my mind I would be fine. And I think that's the blessing I think this is how you know a testament to my parents and how they raise Meehan. Also it's do you know who I believe you know that I believe in on and you know he's. He's almighty and he can do anything and he's tell me give back to where I am now and he's put me in this position so. You know I think you know. A big a big deal in give him all the glory and making sure that we'll. I'm prison and a portion of them and spread in him with my. Do we respect the heck out of there and it's novel you know you're in the right place yeah you definitely tell the right place at faith is your thing. You'd have we come the right place in terms of and there is an opening right right where he's headed in the NFL draft. What is your understanding of how that's gonna play at a competition and if it's going to be competition how do you approach it. Time and run yeah rather obviously ball out the last of the reason and it's been great to. Even before impacts and so you know they'll kind of established that day they can produce and you know with him being done there is an opening but there's also some fine candidates aside from myself and I've done some of those guys is well on their very quality meant to and so. It's probably going to be competition you know obviously just a question you can ask the coaches and don't know everything and I in my home and sizes to comment. Work hard. You know earn their respect to my teammates and their trust. And then you want you know. Dispute in sync and all those guys know it comes to competition. It's not I hope you do bad it's just you know I write in my around some and it. Do as much they can get a 100% you know effort and I'm hope for the best and I was them prepare for those moments prepared prepared for that. Opportunity that you know. You know competition brings out the best and everyone's so you want that level of play behind and if someone's. You know mess and you learn from their mistakes and you guys just grow together so I think it's kind of more of a group approach rather than night. So you know. Just be separate parties and don't worry him you know don't kind of message that got to wrap things you. You grow together Vienna you know I hope you had a bond with each only going to be in that room for the whole year together don't you know why would you want to make an enemy here. You know try to separate yourself from them I think you've got to grow with them. But you know he also are competing in his long down the field so. This he's got a patent handle that and the right way so what's your manager will UAU who kind of course we take a I'm in the air masses sports cars NASA's program is starting graduated and and taken. I think he's through courses right now. I forget the four names on another they're pretty difficult death threat. You know through the sports those experiences things does not make it several undergraduate program where you have so many classes that. Maybe aren't right up your Alley right boy you love it actually variants that and I'm in law they may be a little bit more difficult. I enjoy it and so it's it's definitely push myself let. Gaining more knowledge knowledge is Aaron and Maureen got this. In China you know are those who are your and insulin is gonna help you in life and also in football you know be pretty sharp as quarterback and you're going to be successful. Mario you're one of the top. Quarterbacks in the country coming out of high school I think if I'm not mistaken 45 touchdowns his senior year to win twelve games what was your. Or would you go to day year what was the what was the plight of the play they couldn't stop because third eleven. What's your what's the Brady why go to what could they not stop you. If those they're an eleven I don't remember. Our plays specifically. But it I knew I was looking for number four. Okay and number four question Airpwn news starting at Stanford down and that's and then my guys since like seventh grade so. Senior year especially you know. One thing I would have loved our high schools Lee you know we had guys that had been together for awhile after and so everyone. Had the mentality of wanting to know is it matters if you know trying to get the ball thirty time does it matter if you know everyone was just in it for each other dumb but there and eleven you know less senior year. If you look at the stats. Tune of four connected a lot but it got you I trusted I chose that everyone in my teammates and whatever. Coach called. I'm just gonna make sure that I went through all my priests never imposed staff. You know checklists and aggressions and made sure that I do our team the best chance did I got to well move the chains or does. Don't put ourselves and the best situation. Now does your family just produce great quarterbacks for. Is that just okay calls just in the genes that you've got a broad yeah YouTube right yes I guess eight. I think my parents had a pretty good job of goodness they I don't know my roses stud and is he as steadily as you were coming out of high school via audio yeah it's yeah he's probably better not listed. He can Oca. The Big Brother there it is ugly way he has the understand has the potential to be just as good as me. Now he's a recent commitment just visited Alabama letter only cal didn't say he's gotten pretty good options. So he's yeah he can be and as you will be if if that's what he wants to do obviously. With a Princeton you know he's he's gonna be set up if that's you know all regardless I'm in a Saudi cities the simple life. After I think all kinds they're nervous that's what I thought was you know I've. Then fully supportive and he's gone through. You know he's experienced a lot of adversity announced and so am proud of him for overcoming some things that hasn't handling doing has so. I said in God's got a way of ordinary thing and I think he's yet and rewarded for that right now not so I'm excited to see you eat the way it happens with him. He knows I love and support him and I think regardless so they goes to prison Mary goes that is some local school. Org spam I think regardless even after football our whole family will be successful just because. Those who we are and how we're raised than in what we guidance AutoZone. Yeah pac twelve with the admit this offer I think we have isn't out there a list of Tennessee to affect. Yeah he visited Tennessee he had plenty of offers aren't I think Hugh the way he went about it was great. He never. Then it's almost anyone in. Well it wasn't sold on anything I tell you the kind of did onto you'd been through the recruiting process early I mean I had all Big Brother yeah my dad's pretty bring good at that my dad and my mom have been through it myself so they were able to give them a lot of good advice and I do whenever. That he asked that. I also want him to experience it for himself as so he went through it I think he did the right thing you never felt the true. Tenacious than anyone and didn't feel like it's an obligation to just go commit to some when he went through it. And you know and have fun at Princeton and yes there is committed but now. There's a different variable into the equation other health and yes there so well. Acts are celebrating where commitments fans find you on a social media Twitter insecure and where where can they find a gig if. I'm on Twitter and mr. Graham. I would have to look at my handle serious enough because. A thumped him on the only am not. I'll get on there but I'm not suit very involved and it right out of so I liked. You know highlights interact with fans and and be able to put some stuff out there but I also. I've also believe in some privacy end and you know not just. You know I've done everything right on my social media pages bill that would be on their checking everything on. I'm seeing all the pictures and those that everyone else puts out things indicate none of those Buddha as they can find me on Twitter and Seagram. Are you got saved by grace owner it's at Brady like two to three I love about radio. Is that the home and each other. It's easy through there as Twitter. Yeah it's literally and was one victory list of high school numbers to influence a football last. Are you play basketball and then yeah I'd really guard are your point Ungaro she's a junior. Like you watch you that's what ballad like that do try to be why would you assume would guard. What do you mean he's a leader all point oh look he's a scorer quarterback or ball toward the leaders the debt and had played well and dialed it back in his bedroom where you were you good. He would start. Yeah I started I stopped after my software's code solvable. Because that you're there for obviously yet but I I loved us businesses. For both went for seventy safety time. Tell me that you are large I'm on that win the shots one drop and you still play defense and all that he did not lose so no I'm not on the play never thought I would ride in my zone Monday. Irish castle like I like ours I don't know what that would as far as we have without that this basketball but if Mike would be open to it I think they could use you over the as I was about Santa asking a lot of them I think all right you're saying those last. Larry little better than that. Well we will we appreciate you guys are all welcome to Memphis never ate well actually yeah yeah I appreciate it is university that this quarterback Brady wide packet an adjacent that each and an event ESPN. Why should additional capital home. Because they make you look great this is Geoff Calkins and I noticed because of folks -- don't call recently made my son Denmark great the government is suit first 21 birthday Saddam walks and he starts to look at the suits and then Paul sweeps and sizes a band decides he would need to have something in return the shed any calls out this great blue suit could seriously should spend better than anything in history has ever sit down Savannah looks great. 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Holidays businesses such as these funds are greatly influences taking loaded the milieu is vessels anytime I don't look good news.com. Are there protests on the BC and I succeed EAM and on line at 92 million espn.com. This case chase and Intel. C sports station and maybe it's not EST yeah. Basically judge 99 FM ESPN and ask promised his name is Adam written buries a national college football reporter. For ESPN he's been a very busy man lately joins us now Adam how are you. Under no doubt they do everything is good met this man we appreciate your time so lots to get to and honestly a couple stories that you sort of led the reporting on we will start with a Ohio State. They are going to have a board meeting. Tomorrow. The reports are to share their findings what is the latest with a Ohio State and what we can expect to come out of that meeting. It will be Investigative Group met with the board of trustees on Monday. And shared their findings you know verbally which is interesting because that means that they're probably won't be. A whole lot of kids there at the as far as the investigation. Because the board that will be web today. Precluded public session but that go into executive session so. Out of the view of the public to discuss. The deliberate what they were told on Monday for the investigation has gotten. Now if that's the border testy meeting on Wednesday morning most likely into Wednesday afternoon and then along with president Michael Drake of Ohio State they'll decide what. Happened with Urban Meyer and where and you know what whether he's back whether he gone whether he suspended. I would imagine that will come out either at the end of the day on Wednesday or Thursday. Do you have any theories that format as to why urban was so loyal. Two to Zack Smith. The great question and adding everybody as blind spot they're light and I think urban. You don't his loyalty to Earle Bruce who you called the most influential man his life back stated father. You'll led to a lot of that you know back pocket he coaches you know really got the last few weeks. And they all agreed that went out with a special coaching staff Ohio State. I believe it was your January 2012. You know exactly it was beloved that makes that. Yeah everybody else was an older coach everybody else was a more accomplished coach. And then here's back Matt do you we just stop occasional Bruce's grandpa not quite done that in Iraq he did the good thing they're recruited well. And the think that it was always bit odd that you without a staff with. So many accomplished coaches guys who have been head coaches guys who have been. Coordinators. And added obviously that this all fields of off field conduct in and so what we did know about but. Yeah I I I get I would just attributed to Urban Meyer loyalty to back minutes grandfathered over Ohio State coach Earle Bruce who got the way earlier this year. Yes and it makes sense if you had a handicap Adam what is them the most likely use you know outcome for Urban Meyer fired multi game suspension and or really nothing. At all to speak up. Yeah I would say about that game suspension but I think everything on the table I hate that thing that we don't know about is what matter most of the Investigative Group. I think a lot of what the media. Think well Urban Meyer essentially lied a Big Ten media day or at least about conduct themselves appropriately which you acknowledged in its statement. Yesterday he should be whatever or. He can't back Schmidt audit that after knowing that that the bit. How could you bring him back at the coach but. I think they've been the Investigative Group deserves some credit I think they hired the really good people. Who oversee it. About a mayor Mary Jo White the former. I chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission heard a lot for what it usually very well regarded. And and the woman who who who led the kind of steered the Investigative Group as a former house speaker in Ohio. Who I've also heard the really good thing about so yeah. I think it if they're is that the process with with some integrity but we just don't know what they focused on. And it got so we're gonna find out hopefully on Wednesday and Thursday. Added if Urban Meyer was a worse coach it is that the conversation and it is the ultimate outcome. Different because it seems like most of America is cynical in the sense that even if urban. Did know about the alleged Damascus on the and the investigation turns up that he did know about it. Most people seem to not believe he would be fired. If he was a worse coach would it be different what the conversation be differed altogether. Well I think Ohio State votes would say it shouldn't and it really about their university and what they want the universe it is bad orbit. Yeah absolutely after the actor here because this guy had is dominated the date and yep for much is it that you're 473. In conference play he made a couple of playoff appearance that he won a couple of meet tiles or division title and a national championship. So now that the club away a look at that and a big argument the debate in recent weeks is that. Ohio State will win regardless of who the coaches and I as they always attract. Eight top quality coach by you saw what happened year after Jim Tressel had to step down and what he allowed that statement a major step back. And you've seen what happens that the other program but there's. You're not great. Stability at the profit and coaches and art and I'll leave out whole so yeah I figure there Meyer's track record absolutely is a factor here but that the put side of that is. If I stated so good. At W resources and would have the ability to attract great coach no matter it urban Meyer's there were it's another day or another I year. That they're gonna keep winning so I both of those arguments are probably about an eight bit Investigative Group at least that they're doing their job. They shouldn't factor in urban Meyer's. You know who won loss record at Ohio State they're looking at a lot of other things that happened under his watch. Adam you surprised to see Marty McNair is the father of of late Maryland office lemon Jordan and their command support of the school's president. She well you know not not being in I was you have I think we're pretty close that story I think bed. Yes. At that news conference last week was. Pretty up front in terms of accepting responsibility. For what happened to Marty son Jordan. On May 29 and I hate that resonated with the McNair family with the with both of his parents with their lawyer. And 88 they believe that while slow is sincere in and in accepting that type of responsibility now you know he was very clear. I hit interviews spoke with Good Morning America would like Ali kind of damage that. Yeah I'd say they do not want the DJ Durkin return as the head coach. And I'm sure they want the other folks also may be out of their jobs who what when all said and done but. I'd I think dictate what they certainly have a lot of a connection between not Jordan had a lot of friends were on the team and they might it be Maryland as an institution. I don't absorbed except going forward and eight they say they thought they could the president to do that I I really think it was the way that president low conducted themselves. At the news conference last week. Very remorseful. And very open quite frankly about live where you felt were the missteps that that the university had. That that contributed to Jordan's tragic death. No I wasn't present we of course talked to Adam Rosenberg national college football reporter. For ESPN. You mentioned that you guys have led the reporting completely on this on this very difficult story is it a foregone conclusion. Based on you know everything that's out there and what you reported on that boat deejay there today and athletic director Damon Evans will be out of jobs. Well no I I don't think so your game and evidently tried to come across the pertinent to lead Maryland forward you know loudest period I Elliott beat incumbent but we now. It is important to remember as he tried to avoid it but you would be how they correct there are made by night he was theater of athletic director so yet he found a permanent athletic director but there was somebody else. In charge on that day he also would be administratively ape on to the football program. So that I add another layer of scrutiny you know a RD day dart in there you know there's a lot of the a lot but there's some players that are coming out and supporting him. Parents and so forth I've heard he's been very. How aggressive and try to get people do that they something nice about them however you are matured but there's others that was I think is very significant especially. With the pending litigation against the university. And also the fact that recorder who is the main subject of our story. On August and that it had to say to conditioning core coached it out and we basically removed very quickly. And if you if you look at the history between DJ Durkin and record and also our extensive reporting that story. They are completely alive these are the two men who created the ought to be for the program or record may have been more than that. Hop DJ Durkin may have been the good parts but it very hard in my mind to separate those suits don't you'd certainly be days. May may be reinstated I think it would be a very typical thing to do at that point. But yeah it in my mind it very hard to separate those two men. And one of those men that got. Until you're in this canal and how do you think should Paterson gonna work out there you think though Harbaugh lets them play you think you over coach them how do you think they're Patterson worked out this admission. You got the big question is speaking to sources that are familiar with that offense you they are are buried here yet. As Powell did seem will be at least going to be calling the shots that you had Jim Harbaugh. Obviously not that the background you have at Hamilton who that'd be the coordinator we've been that is all kind. But Ezra and the different that the book that a quarterback you have just not going overboard head coach showed up at the background. Yet Ed Warner is the opposite of why coaches in the opposite coordinator at Ohio State a few years ago so. There's a lot of I that room bat hit it about the day they'll lose their jobs it Daniel brother Monday but in other analysts have been coordinator elsewhere so I think I think they. We do it shakes out that the does that. And they have to commit to it even if it doesn't work immediately but there's so much pressure on Michigan guys. Two to win the win that first game. Against Notre Dame because they haven't played well away from home back in the down the road Saturday at the defense attorney and starters. It'll be their signature viewed at her for the Irish boat gonna be a real challenge for Jake Paterson and at all that. It out bad and if they don't win and are they gonna go back in the old op Ed that that Michigan has played the last few years. Or are they going to stick with some of the things that we negotiate how are they can do well. Will be really interest things the other plays out best quarterback in the country for you Adam is it would you take will Greer would you roll with with someone else. On best quarterback in the country for you. We're right Lackey I think will careers certainly there I think Khalil A guys that there is is art college quarterback for the guy to take over a game. And is that there be a doubt without. Is on the West Coast last week that the time of the actual program had the EE is a special player yeah and the coaches really everywhere throughout that we. Are hurt elegant beer can but another guy out there that mention who might ride this year he could stay healthy it or get adjusted Herbert he's a guy that. Well all the coaches say he's the legitimate and I thought about that you may be the best pro prospects. A right now it's aren't eligible players. Juniors or seniors for the going nineteen drought so I would keep an eye abducted Herbert had a great respect for will Greer how he's turned his career around here at West Virginia. Editorial page of their own. How Ohio on your list would you put the kids in Austin The Who were obviously very familiar with in Memphis. Yeah terrific player of the idea that did him had a huge numbers last year for you Fiat and they're trying to create continuity there which got it all. And you know I as as the weapons back at you got it that it stop running back in number two receiver back in. So ugly budget you look what we can be don't you can do and also a magistrate McSorley a guy that I wrote about. At at Penn State you know incredible numbers in it Bertie you're the starter. And here's a guy that has won at every level you won three high school they dated debt and blocked the order. In the final game elect Penn State to a Big Ten gently took it at first you're the starter and let them to a Fiesta Bowl championship. It has figured that I heard a lot but Bennett so I would I'd Milton and McSorley that looked as well. We are we're talking to Adam remembered national college football reporter. For ESPN and I know you're you're very familiar with sort of what's happened. At the University of Memphis Memphis was certainly thrilled. To be able to hold on the my Nobel after that ten win season. Last year what's his reputation. Nationally is he sort of is it understood and assumed that he sort of the next group of five coach to get a big job in the power five what's that what's his reputation across the country. Very strong reputation he obviously got a coordinator job under programme at a very young age you know it was highly regarded Arizona State. They complement those. And EU led them to a lot of wind in his first year they don't there are obviously quite a little at the pride that he did not land a job and allow. Cycle animated and other factors involved there but there you think about the job that were open. Edit the Ole miss Mississippi State Arkansas those are all. Not far from meant that the didn't get any of those but I do believe that I cut another strong year. He's gonna be a candidate now. I had a about the earlier this week that. They're not that many job that you can say that the pressure coming open at least in the our eyes and it could be you know the chain reaction situation they're guys go to get a dollar. The surprises along the way but it they say it got like Ellis unit trigger. Other jobs. That might could may be goatee I don't know you can go right prevent the seller you've been a big possible they certainly need a guy like and and it Baton Rouge if they're not successful this year who could coach authentic he coached quarterbacks so it yeah I think you'll have opportunity. If you continue to be speed and I think you will because he's really chart. And he's got a great op Ed the approached him and how does a great track record there and that that does become. I didn't it program for the Google I did at the neck the down. Entered the updated that that their program and made it a very attractive job we've been at like orderly anybody there are a lot of candidate. To compete at their. As this is a lot of fun man that you did you I'm as always. I got appreciated by the big. Yes sir he is Adam Rosenberg national college football reporter for EST. And always good your positive things not just about. 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Yeah man on line 92 and ESPN dot fellow. Steelcase. Only on that this is sports station 89 into. His yeah. USS. So we understand that there is no out of place then Memphis. Then August it's the stuff fixed muggy 'cause there with a machete anywhere. Even in Mississippi River just looks like it's about ready to boil over that is everywhere in Memphis except. I'm about endorsed you in events where you can drive Italian made stroke are the three took a fifty miles an hour. An air conditioned glass and on Monday through Thursday it's got a bit of that you can go out there because you get one free race certitude that you purchase we've done that she raised one time just promises. Here wanted to have more than once and go get this deal Monday through Thursday in one free rates for its repurchase. I rely Ailes decisions wouldn't try to figure what do in Memphis remove until maybe just really not a lot of it's fun it's always cool. Far back Jason and Jon and it's not a fan ESPN's things that are red bird for joining. Us on the show. Obviously been a very new Z show today because. The quarterback competition over at the University of Memphis. It is over there to talk about it all day David Moore is leaving the program. He was it was. I had a battle with Brady white for the job and today. As it saw it was is the person is ever happen as I mean the last time it's ever happened ever that it never happens but. Other guy you know one guy loses the job leaves and did a pretty wise and solid starter. The question is. Which is in this economy it's round and you've and you've talked about it today as did David word. Not only lose the starting job and duty guy also get demoted. To the thirst or. Which side you know what makes some sense. That would make more system in terms related you know it's unfortunate and from the from the standpoint. You felt much better about at least your depth. Going into the season. Than you do now and I know I know that Novell's confident because he believes in McBride in an inner and our respect and I believe that's true. But you kind of laid this out we got to Iran will now with with more dollar that's done. Yeah you got Brady wide out there and in your to you tell me. If party's unsuccessful again he's got a lot to prove if he does a much to prove everybody says you're sitting out after sat out because the injuries. You you tell me you you like that situation you raised from a bride out there to season and so now it's I expect like that's not the ideal situation. Right so you'd rather have more here than not. And again I go back to Europe nor bills hit this thing about our guys know where they stand at that some kind of way that the the issue is there. You can tell. Awfully well they're from David Moore side get a little bit more to have but not your move and all were at a place we thought we'd begun kind of bold on this very wipe the starter. But no you're you're stronger as a program. Adding everybody Evan David Moore there whether it says to his three whatever also it's a little bit of a blow there's no question habitable blow. Now it's Arizona to your depth and we've talked a lot about David Morley and we have not talk as much robbery white getting the job and earning the job. We've said we said before the season in 08 and four feels very doable. 93 probably on the high end. Com now you know starting quarterback but it does it it no reason to change that or. Now I'll that would change because that because the one thing you know at least from of the people little watched this pre season economic. He's done the routine I think you're not out we've got he's on the routine well. And then and then that's the key for the mavs quarterback this season in Angolan army impacts went to rally first and right now it's about. Not losing and and that's the phrase all of the used for QBs not losing the game does go out there and manage it looks some some people looked at as a slap in the face or saying something about the skill level no. Is deep ball has not been consistent and the key for the quarterback in this softens what these kind of weapons this year. Should be just get rid of that ball not make mistakes Oprah picks the right make the right reads keep it simple that is my point that he can handle that I'm quite sure he can handle that hopefully and and that paid for that guarded threes still low. Right they're just came around at Sochi variety can't already bald and yachts and I've got to be rely on the big ball you're gonna be relied on intermediate the screen pass was just listen. That's what that was what was done for a long time even the not gonna happen and if a quarterback or NFL French quarterback every single year despite going to be the way it is out of anybody consume around it and I'm confident that it's Michael about next but now we move forward as we know who the starting quarterback is it is. Season. That's gonna resonate as always Jason dye has presented to you by the linger Russa about if you are. Hungary thanks to all of our guests who joined us today face on Salisbury based clay Travis. Thanks to an emirate berg for joining us on the shows that we've got a little bit of a surprise tomorrow young I've had a review isn't an analyst at around stay tuned. They should be a big day tomorrow Erica size up messing around. Jason I'm John Breaux of. He is ready to nine a ME SPN radio. Listen anytime anywhere and favors us today on the surface and at least one Bartlett tell your best business news sports station. 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