Jason & John Hour 3 (8/11/17)

Jason & John
Friday, August 11th

Former Memphis Tiger Great and #6 overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft William Bedford joined J&J in-studio in hour 3 for a great interview. 


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I'm looking forward to this for some time he's a former tigers star was star center. A former sixth. For the first round pick of the NBA draft who was selected number six by the Phoenix Suns played at Memphis from 83 I two and 31986 and bow windows in years. A part of that 85 final fourteen his name is William Bedford. And he joins us now and studio in first of all sorts of armour did I was tell enough and I know you don't believe this for some reason. But I was telling the story goes when we opened the show when you're 98910. Years old. In the middle all that fun you guys were having back in an affair like we were I mean are we united targets fan back in. And you get to be in the presence of those guys that were your heroes a home. It makes a little nervous so you'll have to excuse me if I come a little bit of a fan in this world. How hard you. I'm good I'm good I'm doing pretty good he's faced man how is life because you you sir have got quite a story and I'll ask you that question. With a little story of my own. What also at the paper are got a chance to meet you have you come back to Memphis Wilbert a 20112012. Somewhere in there. Got a chance to go into the fence sitter with you. You had not been there you can see the new tiger's press zillion being their alone time and you looked up at that wall and saw yourself up there and it was I. You tell me I thought it was almost it looked at me like a man I was looking appeared almost didn't believe that. That was huge. God and believe that a noted there. And you'll like this if it was my first time variant of this facility thought I'd never been a chance to see if nobody told me about it. You have been away from Memphis for solo home and that's a question I'm always one NASCAR member and in 2000 Warren. You were talking ESPN. A total to about this before the segment hum I think you said you know one of the reasons I don't really go back to an official figure in Texas then was that. You're always under a microscope when you go back probably guys like me. Always one employee inside and asked about the old days and then why the blue dogs are much not so much confidence is. You know when you when you're out and you turn enjoy yourself there's always going to be somebody. That the missile situation yes sir. And thirteen and 100 wanna come back in town a lot of stuff was going. Around town you know everybody was in no trivia into every day no more image is scheduled phones and why when I go back there and and in. It into being an embarrassment when they're doing something wrong you know have already been down that row before sure you know resources and make or backwards is that. So I was born in 91 and so unfortunately I missed 85 and in those days so. How would you explain and describe those years to Thabeet. Amid the state tiger to somebody like me who heard all about him but didn't get a chance to live through them. Those of pouring time when the city came together all of my end here permitted it. You know as you look back on it and you think about it we aired. People all over the city from west wound. North side east I mean all all from everywhere meat milk and one police have to follow certain. To a basketball team their hair. At least one player from each one of those tools parts of town made so. And therefore all was to come and enjoy playing together it really brought to city together yeah. So I mean that's where as we're going I really enjoyed about the must have been more. Obviously when you're when your team there's pride in your plan for the pharma Jersey but what it's Memphis and they're from Memphis and a eleven of the twelve guys and 85 team from the low parts of town in Memphis and the pride must be different if this is most different is like marijuana look. It's teams now these guys from everywhere put Memphis and his night. You know I don't think is hungry these guys into. I don't think so it's a different world nominates a whole different word here from at least in the bone bruises you admissions is is it is not to like. How close attention do you pay to the program. Of info on the program for the last four years ago I amounted to about as we have our parish Domingo and explain. About Tubby Smith I was tempted to assist people a chance. You know you wanted you have your image is he's also coming in on someone assisting his intention is to build his own team and see what ago sure. You know one of the things that we what was amazing about that in your honest that was eleven out of twelve over my Memphis I mean that's unheard of and now you'll hear from some people that you can have there is such a thing as having too many Memphis kids. On a team you don't subscribe to that means you you would think that there was all Libyans omit this back then I. I have been saying this since I came back to Memphis. None of them against the coach instead of nothing against it universal mistress and their decisions. To mean. Why did you change from Memphis state in the first place we got him a few Williams around the country. You should let Goodman state. And also. I consider all due respect to coaching staff would hear about it if you make their coaching staff. May have this coaches. Pitching on key Andre paying. In all those coaches. And green mean these guys from Memphis. That's in this eroded area this playing now. He was you all know that era of basketball from the University of Memphis. So you're saying there needs to be a Memphis present numbers downloading this they need to be America's presence period armistice. Look at it is that you read up because that has been a point of conversation. Before tubby. You know especially with Josh folks is about Josh Josh I got their own different post on FaceBook every other year about how Josh just did not. But there are local guys that just passed on or did not interview or didn't give serious considerations if you think that's been lacking over there. I think was the blackness is coming out soon used real true at least this investors. I mean you can go around some encouraging sort of Crocs and you can go to somebody's on listeners are guys have to embark it is unbelievable watching these guys play it's like American you followed your career as a nobody wanted to about a college you know causes some of course to have been may have gotten into Obey agreed to a Mubarak took on nation time and our home. Put steal their basketball ability if you look at these guys is like. These guys can go walk only eighteen. It is it is shocking. And I was like you know if if if we can get more these guys off the streets and in school and be able to commit to go to university news. Usually don't know they're. We'll build a dynasty on boats we will build a dynasty you have one. Trust me endlessly 85 team you will see that continuous. Do you think there should be eleven kids. On audience failure and excited to be all right the 2000 pages did does that I want that's what they of omens are not a good idea of OJ exactly what I like to see. For Eric Smith as coaches. As played there. In every kid on their team is from mistress. That's what I like C and it'd be that bad that to be added you can watch if you why sit back and watch. And what happens there that love to have different got a product like Dallas and here we're just glad to sit out this guy's got different terror in the hearts. It's different and I've waited. Does that just come up to this later that would mistress has been built from basketball. And preferably to universe or miss his best one degrees high school during this federal loan write mysteries of their basketball. You said get out a lot of high school games ago so I don't go to a lot right. Sneaking and listening to out do people still like come up to you. Social and own obstacles didn't go to that ever amaze you like I mean all this time later this summer terms. Does. Don't like Kimberly Bieber moment certainly gave it to him about it accounts of the game and it does. I don't know about that yeah yeah yeah. Are you still close when any of those guys and any party. Pretty much Audrey turner talked to him you know. I'll talk jubilant mood which is Kim and his brother are in terms you know. But most of the guys don't laugh to an old saying in no way downgraded about doing coaching working and doing this today you know you barely have time do you think for yourself there's. It's coaching something you're doing now my understanding is since you've been background yes I've visited Tennessee prep academy coach you know post where a team. And it's wonderful. You learn you have met and every child has got let's just yet they have gotten it yet but I will always have liberals who like him or your knickers. And do a little bit everything about 666. I think to have made him become doomed to do a better won't. A minute are you do us are simply Wii's release. Talking course to. Tiger's great. Well William Bedford writer Jason John 99 FM yes camp when I say the words they occur to you what are your first thoughts. We're coach whom. No matter what everybody has always always love them and yes sweetie I'm there unless he gave us chains there. He gave us the chains Tesla. What was his personality. He's a great host an uneasy followed Ryan talked to a Reno. And Minnesota guys and proud layer when you try to talk to him and he wants to do his protocols. No what's he say what he has to say you know we always do this thing Greg hood you know he always I'm assuming gathering of what was the toughest coach or player for it was a Hamels or someone else because you you've been the leak you'd soft coaches. I wouldn't see any coach is tough for ages is to episode is due carriers and in him stay in shape. Produce. We need I don't think any coach is really tough talk to me I haven't had a tough coach or you sound like coach now you sound that's what satellite and so I played really view means charged as far as I wanna do to coach is garlic Lewis like cars and you have learned something you know that's an interesting way we will proto as the Iowa that's who bush rove is no more old school coaches these days in you know Hillary auto these are your hopes lives they're still OK Judith Miller time out and enough to hit a predictable source. There. Innovative and there's those who coach know you want to me to go giving this gift and a photo or listen please pay attention well. I don't work. How often do you think about 85 note in the final four and losing in the final Ford is some info behind you some if you think about it and a world world. Now and our workers from these other dazzle them overall auto sales. These guys most would be asking me about it. Sergey I'm wondering. And they're bringing a frivolous and wanted to I don't know. You know at that point I was just playing the guitar did you ask you must naturally you might use it. I used to have been goodness about it you insure three years. As I wanna see guys on TV down able free throw it could win a championship game format you have to go about our own someone live or would it there. Now as you gotta go to orders your life you're rewarded. Here's guards is disarm and it's. Oh yeah we're never live down 2008. Now now that's never been lived down. We will be on about that forever forever or better will always remember you there's no question about it when you when you think back 85 and some of your teammates. It they did it feel like I mean when you're talking about you know Larry finch in enterprise basketball home delivered did you ever feel like. Or a curse here like there's so much tragedy either so much like things that have happened afterward. Did you ever have you ever thought about that. Well no of always talked you know. Even though we all sit around as a team and like we are your dad almost was a team right now. Who knows what the future may hold for any of us. You don't know if you're here today gone tomorrow afternoon you know so I mean I'm always is of tennis as it is just life right you know. I mean. We didn't think any red is gonna happen we've been your impression of Q weeping best visual cue we think those prisoners who have always clumsy day you know. We hinting that there. But indoors as part of life if you do real long enough you don't. You wheeled into the past when you can still hear fearful that what you know. Just say it did you know well. I've never I never thought about it in the way. Have you seen these stores that donated six draft where you were selected sixth and and kind of what's become of some of the folks in there and that draft and you obviously did you know the limb by a story everybody knows as sort of that. Tar plea Washburn. Or those things like man. I mean there was some fun day expect him and fast times are perceived image and in what everybody don't understand is back in those days speck of 8685. And 86 is when the drug area first came out alone every sport. You know. And guys were in you know across the board. And in zoos everywhere it was everywhere. So. I mean eight. A look at some guys who benefited six in there you go low because who visits us about the Brodeur yes. You know and Jasper is there aren't so. I mean you know it it's. Some of those you know took a wrong turn and made wrong decisions you know both. You know it's almost uniform and Pirillo and until people about it that's where it comes just. That's setting him now right yeah no kidding kept him not to make that same path you know because as they're hard to come back from. Brother are we good news is our electricity scooter make. I'm a former tiger. Play Tennessee is well what you see Jimmy get busted and out and I and I don't spring and it's still happening today it's easier I don't know today why it would Geoff Calkins ask you this why why do so many of us go that route I was trying to explain to him now. It's quick money and it's you know we don't plan is in terms of 4510 years down the line as opposed this law's brother's and we wanna right now. Is that is that. Is that one of the reasons we go that route that we take that wrong turn. Things just won't keep living a fair sized room you know keep all of. When are you doing your due to the point where you know you you make honest money you live in his past that you get these things you have these things really go where you wanna go announcement stops. So how can very cute back to limit fast and gain. And is the first thing people. I could fill us your mission now but you can tell people your story and say. Christian industrial heartland owes more planes and especially for guys and our coaching at army a message to guys now going to be. Where I am because of guys and they should never ever LaBroque you know because of the money about a sailor rogue what I say here. Demoted their American male. It's ridiculous compared to what it was aware of how we talk measures would say Anderson and her stories and there's no way is jazz where we'll be talking about well. I've got to go through a rare off of one if I got to sell his house of reps at it equity rent you know and it is not like. Mean you know you move on to a different life you know. When I was drafted and I got the league and then made all his money did things witted. I live my life and now this is another segment in my life I'm not pleaded BA ball on selling cars now well Jim kids now and you know it and where you can make sort of brazen marquee it's now in China have by the folks ski so. It's maybe the most important part of your life. If you're talking about a ghost writers now it's their innocent. When you think about. You're NBA career begins as a high draft pick and you mentioned like the money's there. Do you think what do you think about the end of it is it because you. Everything happened so quickly for you did you come from an environment where you know if you're if you're in Melrose there amid the city high school like you I suppose to have this kind of money. But this does is is that is that the struggle. For for people who are resistant to it this is look at. You can pitch any keep this city. 1819 years old wood nothing. Ten dollars twenty dollars you know here and there. But also who go there next year Ramon give you 2.5 million yeah what are you gonna do it's blow it he brought a blow to go spend money legal butcher of hands in everything you can possibly get into Google I got all this money now and I had nothing that I didn't have militants so. It takes somebody described it dragged a person to decide. Which is very very hard to do absolutely very hard to do you can't tell somebody not you carriage element of him he's just he's got meals policy he's the boss now. So it's like you've got pulled aside and tell them any. That's owner Brett. And is this the hardest thing in the world do is tell Christmas photo you just got always huge contract that you have that if you have somebody saying you know ideally to buy you what are you we we we got a slowdown did you have that. Idea idea that I had a couple of guys those Omar cited episode hour. A bit but you know when you first get there you go though you read our house you go mark are you about toys you know you got your continued cost. So. I mean did later on life after you do and and you could define that is really a business. You know you have four games a week and four different cities gives leg barely see home. And you get sued for a while Curtis and policy. Of not going to be doing this home button and restaurants and just do us news. You know temperature swing with the pistons from and you had been at the top about it all men and a benefit of into debris some. You know edited and in sin a different set of life and now. Are you happy you're back. Cause they're member one point that you didn't wanna come back you've been back are you you happy you came home. I'm happy for me. Of course I mean after you didn't. See it is forward. I normally open. And on helping execute and don't teach them and I'm I receive them listen you know I. You know that's what makes me so want to be involved with these keys to Tennessee prep cause. These guys are struggling to get to weigh about bitten and I wanna tease each and every one of them how to get there without two struggles I was you. Well that's Vincent askew said in 2008 needed that that 1985. Years and in those years of the state where the best of his life. Is that true for you. It was the first base. First fan I don't see a lot of confidence yet there I was the first based on the hour. Also remember almost as effective if until people now BellSouth all of how recently loaded when their own cafeterias and and go to class Ross attracts monitored in England I think there's gonna open it back Kos. A me it was benefit a decent live over their wish everybody on school. Right. And wasn't what was the most war at least one of the most rewarding things for you in the midst of all that that you felt like you were bringing. The city together because and this is only 85 talk about it you know we're not talking about like this has only been twenty or so years since an OK the CI that's why I that you were number I really would you be telling me all this stuff about basketball and business abilities. CIA to purchase of a friend from Ireland we were we were jeetz. We enjoyed playing basketball. Together or separate against each other in return we had to and so we didn't just go and play their practice in the field house is that we went to parks don't screenplay. We go to west will go play we go to break apart and amounted to go everywhere and play borrow against each other. Know that may wind I was playing well we're still we are real discomfort then doctors are we didn't know. That's an about. How people looked at us as far as. Our Colorado City stars on. Our great team and other women really think about noted that because Bruges or he's right we're just playing basketball just haven't for. And and so we. You have an actor doing a decode Becker about comedy house on prelude and there's days you looked at my current. That's true. It is it that maybe is it departed when you reflect back on and you see you had with Alitalia that may be when you're in the moment and your -- you just you think you just played basketball did you but you don't realize like that people are watching what you're doing you have blue -- view. You have blunt your impact as soon as we were back if we would display and that's where would go to impact. We would have been a history. Re really history. That folks was to be Tom out of his decade today you did you think of three teams when you think of University of Memphis basketball absolutely it's 73 it's 85 and it's 2008 that's that in some pity teams of course select the three prominent ones like those are the ones that you think about and that you were on one of them. And like you know for me I was born in 91 my first memory of tired basketball's my mom tell me about. That 85 team like you did you made an impact in the they're people look at it right now it's more like yelled that was my if my guys did. America's. And our nation's full wanted to manages over there. And you seem in London told me whenever he played basketball he was pleased every Tuesday night who had. What I am I bet it. A third term corporate bears. Are the kids different than elbow because now you coaching them are they softer at the parents ruined and you know what I mean is it or are our kids just in general the same and they're to be molded in the if they've got the right one mold humans I think a thing. There are softer the Mac when you played very athletic part of the key aspect of basketball players and football players I think there are edited by a run on same just some tough you know because they are. They would they wanna learn when a good afternoon and push hard and and run hard and do everything they can't return on their bodies we can be strong. In Aussie a lot of today. Did you did you always have a low car salesman and I hear you're doing very well not morale auto sales which include. Did you and did you ever think you'd be seven Cox I thought I'd be involved we sultan do something would cause because I've owned a lot of yourself. That's I didn't know that this. You'll be doers of good with them what is the sweetest card you have the sweetest raft. Any. Think I have to say my 68 Tamara who when you have them. I was in Detroit news you wanna Boris 68 from Merrill on Novartis turkeys and it was a code blue Hawaii straight. 33 inch tubes in the back home we bars and our second quarter mark my goodness all this is a car man right here what happened to those who jostled you sold room. Stay Sally admit a lot to me. Yeah in the help but see I was born in different it is very I don't know god it did tell the great things into their because I have put it together. Purveyors of everything about labor of love you just got its operating. If you don't we really at home. Home oceans on the jumper with no seat in the folks you're here. About ought to do it all over here and been turned things over a studio and own and all let's go to do not put numbers ring. What was your proudest moment and that that is at Memphis state in mid year year entire life like when you. In your career but what's been your proudest moment. Some. The proudest moments. In my whole life sooner see him accused born. I think there's that's one of the most Protestant as this race you don't own noted here. Nothing usual us. Their car you ball judgment. That was a bonus for us. But to keep his troops. Is your champ. There's most honest thing institute watching TV game boy will be the first person that it appeared to hold your child. And look down and say this is. Yeah knowing every film being there hello no don't brush that bothers you know not hours ago the same week he will get you girls died of Marion would get there is no rush just governor has got married alone. A long long were you with we've good lord we've been together since on and off since 2009. Or traditional. We had a little break in there well. How messed up I don't I had to mature as may have another segment there. I decided to hold it could be today to read it that is not going to be another segment today you have done this before yes. Win. I don't know are you doing right up until and opinions and you did mention I don't do radio sometimes you can't. Sound like Barry White. It would be the our new radio so it's an idea late night on the red is a sweet Lou I eleven closely monitor unduly hard. Yeah you Willie Davis is tough finish for everybody NF coffee cashed in on that. Don't drink. Billy Richmond former tiger now businessman as though wing spot overall amount around. And out at the end of every commercial do former state. I ghost Puerto tiger. Tell Billie that says he's been since cynical sort term boost and he started doing that with you and say go over sport has tiger. Your mom around us they'll buy a car for memento of a man we benefit from just. What you're going to be very you're not really my goal I won't let you may have for yellow about it when it. Yeah I worked out out off there are well known to science Yahoo! worked that out on your landlord. Oh man willingly goes back to you in his own house. I think we're and we we push for certain what I mean yeah well what would you like we can't pick you know this and your alleged handsome millionaire by the floors just put the microscope on what would you like tonight I wanna know. We are going to Obama we were in met we got married in Mexico so we combined it is. So it was K with you right there alone. What's this a little bit over two months you knew you couldn't get blown right. What are you made that none see I forgot like I know the date net solid matter are you what are you planning for the anniversary. Oh my goodness I got to think this far out yes it's been trust me man all right. A VI SI haven't even thought about him dharma yeah heading thought about little guys on there out of that this is somewhere around this business of the Meehan has been married okay us. You have to play and its lease. Eighteen months to. The years I hate for something for her I really exists for okay. Because they have all type of stuff to come up did they cannot cancel. Right they will not cancel. OK yeah what you play as gets canceled yet no question so would you may the players that far ahead it's baby we got to do disown this debt and other date. Okay well this week. You have to it and input dead down in stone. Oca and didn't do what I'm late I gotta I gotta make up here as I'm in a world where only about what ten months out announcements. All right I'm gonna get on how they really go out of the country has that somewhere he does great yeah we've got some other country's elites and pain over in a lot of people here admit this is not even be announces date yet. Or the city of accounting yet and apparently it does have a shot until you run into somebody's here it's. And US and there have been today Israel lived into the water park in Atlanta they go to you wouldn't on them have been there. What are you go to relax when you do Barack. I like or do you see official around their long term. Both I'm about to you about. And I'm also working on my book two of the well a little while autobiography what made you wait till third today netted out at the end of the there was a lot of books are available because other awards are a lot of oh okay well isn't it what's it about I mean I know it's about how well I didn't borrow lavishly to him. Heard gambling then you got notice about so the whole it's going to be everything from the beginning of the end game today. You didn't hire me isn't as a ghost rider and are you doing this on your own and I've done the writing so far offered to lose time of really good out cards right now so. I've been doing this since 07. So while riding it doesn't via sole. You know when you just can't just jump started writing books and okay well are right disdain our right to know your name as you've got to go to a lot of the fears that chamber of those days in those terms in Europe think right so most of you know our government read what you gotta make notes on that we are too. Periodically due to date right to combat can finish it out so always one write a book it's an artist artist is just starting. If you found it to be therapeutic have you found to be tough is very therapeutic it is very tough. You'll go to a lot of synagogues of yourself don't you go below that go beyond his humility wouldn't put it in New York. Which you also noted you know this is a part of our. Well almost you most about it though that's true good point. Every nook you come back on of those that do before the vote comes absolutely comes out we ever got I had beyond any any idea when you're gonna finish it NEA's go. Mark those we ought to run ratio to be done next year we'll we will absolutely have to get your little heart out. Yes I'm an excellent idea we can't it is I think you have a long line of people that would love to read a book. I'm thankful for this we've ever really pretty showed no problems fascinates and honor thank you guys have absolutely welcome back Jason done to Jennifer ME ST it's about. Time of the year when the Memphis whether really gets weird you know god isn't that can produce some serious storm so perhaps it's time to go ahead and put Danny Moore some roofing and your phone this is Gary Parrish and and it reminded that if you're really suffer some damage due to unpredictable weather anymore sinking to 200 new roof had no way out of pocket expense to you that's right getting used to work directly with your insurance company gives you taking care quickly and professionally and most importantly I had no way out of pocket cost you you've heard me talking about a two years and people ask me all the time -- this is legit I'm telling you you can trust anymore and handle you roofing needs and you can call him at 901870018669018700186. 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He's facing much Jason had done attitude that if any is PM holy crap was that not a blessing I mean that you know again I. To have him on the show I was born in 91 and so I don't we heard. The fish stories. About William Bedford and that team. But you could just first of all the dude is massive. Like he's every bit. Seven foot is a correct obviously several one room our fair he's 71 he's massive and his car. War is all cool dude man. And ooh it's always like it's always like. I don't know it's it's it's comforting to hear of a perspective like kiss from a guy who did what he did at Memphis in a lot of times. If for example like Keith Lee from that team. He doesn't. He doesn't talk. You know doesn't aren't publicly that publicly who exactly now publicly in a similar about Memphis you know EA doesn't you know. Come back or whatever it William Bedford to hear that he still sort of holds the universe emit the sort of the state. You know close and near and dear to his heart he thinks that every kid on that team should be from Memphis and at every coach of the played at Memphis like I don't care how unrealistic it if I love that. What shows what those terms meant that does not know what how much it meant to them obviously. They think there's a right way to do it because they were part of I think that's the way to roll I cannot and for that not do I ever think they'll be a time when. You know fourteen of the fifteen guys are from Memphis on that squad now because learn a different age now and you've got some we talked about this. While not with Toby that you know guys grow up not necessarily wanna play here anymore because I say that if you give you some play for over there the one ago. There is it we are any time now where you see Memphis kids go to Murray State and become lottery picks you see them elsewhere seem all over the country. Is it a zero Vic at Kansas is yet you see tar black in Kansas guys are are are getting it done. Going other places yet used to be where you felt like well if I'm gonna get it done it lifts in and rep my city yet so I do I say oh let's say I don't think will oversee again to your point where there's that many no doubt on his luck as you know but man it was a fun to listen so to what that meant to those guys and to know that. It's still so many years later decades later that times the minute break up of the way investor. There's nothing like world while a lot of people spend time. Sort of minimizing Memphis talent toward trying to slander Memphis talents they are you can't have too many of them home one team came with the right coaches here's a guy. Here's a here's a former Memphis guy who says yes you can and believes in Memphis talent as opposed to try to tear it down. He's trying to bank say yelled late if it's it's out there every corner of the city right. Except maybe Arlington. It's. To that point. I think. And I believe this to the right coach could handle a team that's known for centric but has more you know mostly Memphis players now as it is little different. Yes. There were all there were there were these you know there were folks in these guys years back in the eighties tell them all you should everybody believing they were in the year. The works folks on Twitter and all over the country we talk about the world's smaller place that's of the old fan base. Can can can tweet at the player loves you don't know means that you had if you've got more it's it's it's there you're way more vocal in terms of the critics and the vultures that are out there. But W due to his point in a a coach with Memphis blow to. Maybe it out from this but you've played here whatever he understands it yep. He understands what those players the under are going through when that when those voices are and if he understands the vultures circle because it. He's learned from Memphis that's why the attack goes down and so you can talk to those kids and keep it and I always thought that that the right coach could have a team what. Nine and it's what just put Josh would not talk about so many years ago he had an all meant the starting five you know you can do that here. Is that the best thing now maybe not necessarily it's certainly not the only thing we've seen it. We've we've seen Memphis win without all Memphis kids saw John went the pretty much the highest level without so you can do it both ways come. But you can do it with them to ski as you can get to the final four with Memphis kids how will always believe that we'll live image is that the kind of tells us. Amazing about his store and did you should take a podcast if you missed it it will we look thirty minutes with with William Bedford I mean I got it does not do interviews ever. He came in here for half an hour and and talked about at all so you should efforts at podcast in case you missed it but like the about 85 team. Right and in his right leg yeah like death is a part of life frighten you live you die that's natural but it's just don't know the way. That doze guys on that 85 team win. Are you know we think about best available data that horrific moment of sadness you know what do you think about Aron price who was shot down a in a unit gun deaths are jacking. Larry finch had strokes throughout and you know Dana Kirk was gone a year later now for his own doing. But still it's a candy and then after 85. He goes in the 86 draft. Which is probably the most like afflicted NBA draft ever know Washburn are we Len Bias William Bedford who had obviously has issues absolutely. I mean this is crazy since any. You know I and you have to beg. I don't you don't you wouldn't think lake or curse or whatever you know you do what you ruin what really is in a sometimes. Things happen in life on the jazz decisions and kids and everything like that bad decisions but man did. It is so tragic but it's it is a good story though because he's write his book and he's successful now he's back in Memphis and he looks back on it longingly into mean that. The best part of the story John this redemption story are we in Bedford is that he's back home and there was a time and and obviously had generated to you know wrote to William. Weren't even as as recently as 2001 and so reporters I want to go back to Memphis is there room under a microscope. And Gaza RJR Martins there's even more has been questions and just don't make me comfortable and any talk about that getting back and that life every can be pulled into the wrong direction that. I'm happy he's home that's the best part of this story to me and now like he told us. Coaching is well on he can tell kids about his store and they can learn from that. It just brings it back full circle is back at home where he started and open. Helping kids just like I'm sure he was Hilton told to do right things now I can be a part of book impacting kids with a story that that any kid could learn something from. It's a lot like mine you know go from where I came from and to be an ABA player yeah you can take a very I could inspire serious or real moment. And ruin it a lottery quick I can understand that it's not that it's not that different from me so I am proud of your new NBA career. Do what about that 86 draft. I'm telling you it's crazy it's knives man usually is and Brad were taken late in the Brad authority have the best career to anybody in the 86 Grammy nominee got Rodman. My main Rodman yeah mark price than Rodman's probably the mark price was us both draws and Petrova had taken sixtieth overall on that aircraft crazy naming Nolan. John Salley was in this draft. Len Bias in the last course was number two what was he did like within 24 hours later I played there called Johnson's that was when this draft stopped book Johnson yeah. How about that for you in the Memphis tiger. His dad to Bob Johnson his dad former. He's rocket but Johnson what's what about. I will come back get jury for the weekend days and done attitude and opinions via. Engineers to injuries the markets Laura. What's on today's itinerary for the Jones family taking care of their backers. Upset the F plus drives. Dad take. Keep your business. Paul HPCs are on sale. 240 dollars for you by HP. He laughed about with Intel Core I seven for just 459. Office Depot OfficeMax. And big twelve. Start your own colors are. Colors like champagne and people. Sherwin-Williams. Look for colors day. Sure when millions dot com slash see if we kill sales all. See store pretty. Hey guys my name is Jason tells firefighter from flag canyon Arizona. And I love firehouse suffered. 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I just heard and I know that. But we had a lot of stuff got to negotiate. And and as my age I'm sure you'll be in the mid the middle of those things that's going to be a big weekend for me congratulations to me. Hurt launching my AB decorated that you should be thanking me progress to me once against. Thanks. The Coffee Party thanks to Mike Wallace thanks to William Bedford are all joining us on the course of the so today it was a big board check the podcast if you. Mr. that is gonna do it for us there cast signs up next for Jason's. I'm John that we can have a good weekend or cost. He took things all the time. Played your email every ten seconds warrior x.s Inkster Graham. What checking something as important as your credit. Well discover makes it quick easy and best of all free. Discover is now offering for like a credit scores to everyone for free even if you're not a customer and checking your score won't hurt your credit. 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