Jason & John Hour 3 (7/12/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, July 12th
News from Peach Jam, discussing Antonio Anderson's comments and more in Hour 3. 

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But those guys mold you as a coach and make you what you are. Coach lets you gotta you gotta go win in my could come take care important former Murtha staffer know you just aren't as a multimedia specialist is still serve units that pretty well brother. Now he would absolutely awesome we feel really fortunate to have Mike here. As of may one day we get you down a road little home and home paying muscle men in the bottom Memphis Miami won't ask you commit today but that'll put the bug and you're here you don't mind. Put a bargain Teddy beyond doing it we got at. We'll do a coach thank you for this and I let us pick your brain by the thank you for the time. Well thank you so much appreciated. It's doesn't matter he mails Eric muscle men Nevada head coach can stuff man he's been around long time. He's he's he's all of these out of these fifty and older people forget that he's at he's been an NBA head coach twice. With the kings and the wars. I think I think. You didn't see him taken off fish certain things with the kings and orders now into an off for the sweet sixteen exact I've you just get the feeling it's there you evolve with. Young people and kids exact involvement of development and all that stuff and it's. Maybe more fulfilling for him as you can certainly more foreign India there's a question about our combat just got to join us at 125. Jason's done at a tennis anti European. It's the summer 1000 engagements and Robert early Jewelers and how we can people really buy diamonds on line. Of course they can but I'm here to tell you it is. 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Engagement events are Roger was dot com or on FaceBook and arduous for a bigger and brighter diamond check and a robber would Jewelers. Off for a local Leo location you guys norm Barnard south haven wolf chase small organs extended you can follow mall FaceBook follow them on the Gramm or if you have a question the great thing is you can tweet tally directly on Twitter. Act ask. How he K or act our hygienist they'll do it I was gonna take care. He's ready to nine FM ESPN radio halftime masters and anytime anywhere and saved us today from the office and he's more or less. Don't know Chris that this is a sports station. Broadcasting on 9296. ED EM and on line at 929 espn.com. I'm Maria SP case that she's an Intel. You know presented by doing guru only on Memphis is Ford station and now he's not an essay. My ESP NS. Guys earlier he had that million studio and it was so good. We felt like you needed here against acacia missed it this is. Long stroll down the career definitive of fans I'm miles one of the best men pianist ever affiliated professional basketball. From Memphis for you guys are. Act Jason and Jon attitude that FA ME SPN and as promised we have got a Boller. In the building and don't deserve that always got his entire family's name is that you Jong I you guys. NBA veteran Indiana Pacers or he's in studio brother what a treat. That is young man how are you. Don't don't this and John has some with the families as organized trying to just trying to. Continue to keep less of a state Andy Griffith is is welcome here. It is always good to see you back home do you do you look forty didn't back there and back or the Salmonella southern didn't didn't cause you once you're here you're here for the summer RG. Well this summer has been pretty busy been back and forth in another town. I have a lot of business from started out on to this this tech industry and to start page. Again mr. here's it's an you know brought get ready for in. Well I thought the basketball like crypto currencies outs or did entered Brooke I prices don't really like to do ocracoke parents is OK it is not a governing system right or use I haven't really got into that but. You know these tech startups. Start to really get its he's forced platforms now live. That's was really in big you know by outside he wakes up early on plays for tonight and was this summer is just today is had he's he's really it to a slow you know there's plenty of very fluid and it's he's platform. Oust really started out and so a lot of distance telephone company sprint out of almost marketplaces. Smarmy and I don't want different things so you know it is is a good thing you get into you know because it's is they hit in this industry birdie you know you do hit. If you can really hit as is seen a screen sat phone wanted to do one of my friends the made a 25000 dollar investment in its appeal packed which was just acquired by Amazon and yes he made two million dollars of that in the way owners thought. It is a lot of different payment and you did so with his take industry you know why he aces is all the cars and is an open doors like when you're an MBA player. Yes definitely definitely me. It there's saying course that it gains. And you know it is. The best thing to do loses you know legal have fun multi accuse and then you know they don't usually get it until sometime business investment or some type of this relationship and just I didn't dawn. You know for the past lives two reviews so. Just sign a legal and you know units of these different rounds of life you know being named you know go from you know talking to lose your little class and those players that look like ghetto. You know one of the guys who who started you know from the struggle and you know as you know Brazil army could easily makes the top has been successful what. I still wanted to be able did walk our own life. Let's all look demands that we and and we do I think we knew that about you early on that whatever he did you know whether his basketball is a big big time basketball career but the dude it's honest I was like taken. Engineer and his people like it and I are great and it's like he did Larry and yours is a natural light up realm for you to get in his newsletter. Yeah me a is is more along. You know the video game platforms. How they're doing it you know we've dating game legalize the stuff like this though. In RA is this something did hear about it these are really is trying to look towards a deal to especially guys live in a little bit of bridge. I'm just a little bit deserted as well looking at Osama you realize that this season just completed your eleventh season so I'm not mistaken you passed. Oddly Penny Hardaway Bobby bingo Smith out of Melrose Place with the cavs I think he's got his number retired with a cast. You passed them in career points com. Bit and and you got a round of applause it's on the something's gonna make this official. Out of Memphis as of about that that you did it this year rather it is just it I mean if rebounds points. You're the best ever come out here feel less theft listen. I you know is that is that is a good list of players this came out and if it is you know. You know I love it's a definite. Does is there's a Cecil blessed to have a long career and been able to play. In you know you know those guys this is his name okay bingo. Those are some bad boy is yeah. And they've done religious revoke the team. You know just just across friend. You know we are note in his daughter and and this is what he did it east. It always had the best look in when it you know his the things that he's gone. Nobody attended a you know I'm just gonna judges have fun long Jessie and her ability massage and join hands on bass are just trying to stay healthy stereotypes. In his former you're born in New Orleans which you raise an episode you you are live in new claimants. Claims both a plan of what goes on a lot of us a list of the New Orleans you know but you know I was businesses is the place where you know I went through the struggles ahead I absolutely don't want to do it the tough times. And you I grew up here here's one that everybody Obama fan was so. Lou when Mohamed day you're able formal law passed in come on why Sam is here. You know we we all my cousins so. A lot of people. And we'll see here's my thing on the list like Lou. This year like scored 18100 or so he went until like 111800 what do pat would protect the sea blue doesn't claim us so we don't claim. Lou see you go right right out of the house I think because he moved often like the six or seven great it was great white Gordon had known that a man he's like why not comedians that come from our that you love. I'm not count him isn't it is instrumental but he can reserve the right to claim both I guess yeah but I. They found I don't think he does have a sort of love I know he's got the Stanley heroes of this that this is actually and it comes face serious and I'm glad tiger is right and he. He we actually. Is 'cause me again is what is left few bumps along blog wanted to work that it at our our gym so player market yes why doesn't this sound when your dad is he's organizing authority he faced Lou two days ago. And Lou see it pay out the top he's now the top clearance they came out of them to go there. I think advantage. You'll hear the stuff. Know exactly I think he would do all the love you I'll let fire eagle because they know I thought oh points. That you are. George. You and Jack Levin who are you Larry. He's. Exercise is true close though he he's still claim that. Let I don't like it though. I don't like they'll listen so so in honor of that and I wanted to do something very special and Memphis is also normally sort index this summer out of my man cave now I'm not sure. Means a lot to me that I'm I'm not just visiting such cargo bay this brother I mean that means something Mia wanted to give you substance that's the bizarre. I'm worrying about me now seeing Al take it away but what I do is out for the site and other. Plans you do claim rules are good. But she will accept at least on behalf of the how good how apple myself how little I lilies that there's big news from you man operation I don't know if everybody's favorite this. This and after this let's talk about your money a little bit after this season at five a calculated this correctly. You will have earned that can see this is like a you can look this up so I don't think come on come out of school here you will have earned serve. Almost 97 million dollars you ought to do insofar as you're here for your contract heavily with Indiana congratulations on that by the way excellently. Alms how to get a double. Site loaded better by the UK for you you got you all authority yes our authorities as you look you look good so we expect another one. Yeah I mean I expect it though it's that I spent one is here you know they give it to you so I gotta go through my loafers guys and once again I ask all that. On Twitter. Like a felt look like the fans try to get delivery Foreman because some somebody it's sweet happy birthday that lets give this guy contract yeah you're like yeah this right here you have as good as you look at Jerry Lewis it was he stated today but what's accurate and in a couple of tries I don't do this publicly you would talk about years. Yeah a lead you know like a light Indiana like who built absolute like the team elect socialite model. Arms levels on religious unchanging kind of held hope you are new culture all apology was leave. And eight is just one of those his ways and work you know they. You know they made this season where there you know so don't pay your is. Does decide to feel things that right right now you know when a situation where. You know bombs yeah they wanted to cap space to be reduced things that they're gonna have a lot of cast they snakes here to do it Ellis haven't haven't a lot of expiring contracts and right. But they have a lot of young gasses. They just one of the biggest things it wants that these are SS are gonna do which is. You know Smart move back. You know GM and president of book of the come attain our team did so you know Dole's considers overseas last year. And I'm not mad with the way bill like that you know these are the things afternoon is a basketball mind. You know I SS I know what I have to do that system has had told him he if they do day in. Not of said that I did you get a stance I want one blip. You know it happens that it is today is a business and I understand the business that I'm a warrior jumped soldier a note I got to go out and duke and you know. Look it is you know war is always prevail there they continue to work I'm Sandra day. On Indiana Pacers forward and in the end that he's young what do you think of the additions we know. I'll tell our parents are world record I think McDermott as well what do you think of the additions that some some pop off the bench I think. Yeah me I think you know Dell's wanted to the true as things that we really needed we really do. A better when ascent that we wouldn't have a good chance we had a really good legislation and I think you know those two additions. Well three disc has got Kyle Quincy Lucas right. You know. I think we've really do this dialogue on our parents I think as news about the shooter. We view those core demands and and play maker which is all Tyreke. And you know we got callow Quinn you know he can he can bound and paying Emeka makes them on series jumpers. And he can he can provide a little leadership also with the sickness I think that's one of the biggest things we we love big. You know we know he's part of the right hands off Lucas Christ comes you know in dealt a big study actually called me personally and let me know he wasn't on the bag you know that's bad respect to certain. And and no house there are very upset about that let you know on the stand I say we both understand is we don't it is. And now you review like old man now yeah a reality lousy lately about belly I think a writer about it you set Tyreke about like four years. So yeah it is very but the good thing is like a hostility on only thirty years old and I asked Abu along town of what we. That feeling now for you guys LeBron finally left the east right you guys went seven games with Sam could easily gone the other way. I mean you got to feel like you have had in late at night I visas allows. Feel like there's an opportunity there's an opening there for you guys. Avaya we go we we felt last year there was always open. You know on you know move the weekend fills those who loses laid out and went down four left and a series went on and we took it upon ourselves to go out there and and play as best as possible of pain in I think tells us that. You know in this series you know we lost four quarters. That's all it. Well yeah ours and yeah yeah outscored the cannon right off the Stanley loved the series there and just the look on everybody's face who walked into the locker room. I knew that we had something special. Everybody was down here barrels a sit. Iran's does that have been a mission right elements were bound and your four here this guy who doubted it will foothills death live listen you know article out that's how to take those guys you know but. You know LeBron who is a muscle within itself you know but. You know we still could be a we we really. She put ourselves as serious and really you got the steal lifting gunmen broke in do your part if we really we really. Kill ourselves in this series and took ourselves out of out of certain games of their series if we. We would have secured business are they equivalent campaign's five the supply him and we've secured his game five with who came back home. Ended a game six us open that. Do you replay moments or UN we'll put that behind or does not like you replayed in your mind at all and I mean. Every time you take allows you shouldn't play those games and you go back and watch films he would secluded. You know what does. We we do is actually have we do we do we showed us a shot ourselves in the foot and we knew there combat experience. You know it was don't even tougher and we are focused and locked in and everybody's work Arkansas. Like guys have been in itself also along the young guys have to give him Darryl I think we. We had. Some young guys coming a little earlier this year and we've been. Conversation with coach two veteran teams there's talk and talk to different guys and then when will we got new guys we are welcome and welcome them and so on. So it's. Been so important to come back to go in the free camp this week Dan Mitchell some you do every single year you come back into that. You do go to the Susan G. Komen every year an and honor and contribute to your mother. A wise they've been so. Important to you guys we'll have to do free camps guys ought to do it every year and you've continued to come back and give. Well one you. Noted that it camp situation. You know Dell's learn all spotted me but he assume metro. Was affairs vast talking about who wins who. And then and the friends and our camp differ tells it the first who kind of subtle it's un and us doesn't it you can discern. So let's throw bombs echoes Austin. You know you hear just gaze and you coast there and donate Colin has made it would I like to have Mon cal with him as soon metro system oppose. You know ecstatic. In you know because I have been doing a moderated by. Judges could be with those guys and sort of be a part of you know just showed Mitchell process has been around 2530 years. Yum I've been their houses there is static you know. It wasn't affect those in our nose the have a lot of campers and feel like there was more onerous. You know their respect that I had from those guys are Mosul coaches and all those old guilty today that works in the school system from an. Government meanwhile apparently in those those huge I was very happy his static Susie komen is obviously. You know mother she passed from breast cancer so. And yeah I holes Susan G. Komen. You know some virus. Members. A close and its Smart you know outside to do something each and every year you was Susie cold weather is so host and some some are survivors as the gang Mara. You know even Indiana we're doing stuff with Suzy Thompson outstanding so this this is deaf to some apple closed due tomorrow it's because of the situation Mohammed and other people about it even close just a few daft cast soon. So in Iran that it is always. He's from me as one of the reasons this city loves it's one of the reasons to another one of those reasons I think animate and some of always on talking to people about you have always point out. Marijuana when you and I we talked about this. What one when I see you on Twitter I'm following the watchman because basically you guys are always together. Our guys with your family got your two sons here mrs. young is here in the building you got to shift if you don't go anywhere without your family and so as a as a man and you've always been a guy that you know you can point to a segment this that this is looking at all you know he did the NBA life it needed it is a way. With the folks who love keep that tight circle in its seems like it's always you always got your salmon with. If a main this is how Israelis know hanging out there ever ring it as a I'll I'll always thought you know it is keep your family close Duke's lead. And you know because you know bombs. You have a lot of he does is you know. And I don't want you actually all the time BA down our dealer compounded. You know tight. I'm glad it's over have a guy saw trip. Saudi. You can't write to suck you dry the you know. Guys either my family are always. My best friend. And you know mark Potts or someone that nobody other than that that's how to keep it. You know some cool calm coup on you God's rides. In our own and another thing is I'll let people fill my hero will bull by not like I try to stay. It oh. You all know I guess you'll be mediated. All all on the dollar like. Yeah I know OK we'll know what I do. You know Obama's capacity has always been great. And you know I just wanna continue uses TV re just continue to have fun be Meehan. You know and yes sometimes you know when you have so many people write some invoices annually it. You know it's like a cloudy a crowded space right I don't like crowd is faced a lot of you know like the kind of gave that they can sit back relax a little bit sometimes it. Let me ask you this do you think. Your shoe collection. Could compete with mine. For surrogate for sure well I I got on I have the guy got some coal mines. I got. I got a couple pennies I got a couple pairs of pennies. And I got doesn't crazy eights crazy days that it is behind it says and I got a new project Roberts I got to. Rooms Huff is what it's like you stupid right. Good how they don't understand it gravity rooms and cesium. That was who's about to reform. They've found a slight bit. Five followed data week you know we I was bookstores also thought. It is too there were would you say chooses you you your advice maybe you weakness you'll spend on issues like like because I was until we'll all still laugh free those are out. As it's almost everything yeah let's give as this story. I can sponsored athletes us are so you'd almost all of relate to put it but it just. So it's like what's the proudest shoot you've got like what are you most proud of what can. I'll process. Why do this is the first she'd actually. Probably. My first one offers an Yates is somewhat. A one on the day. And they were little price without pay for it anyway you know like 600 also on my guy who. So. The coup grade Jordan elevens OK so called bottom. I had I wanted those so bad you know oil and I was under so. But I had a chance actually get them you know base our got a man and I still have those thoughts that is they ask us that some shoes when outsized. Like last first and bronze. Both. Colby's. You know there was not clear addition CoBiz stuff like that have all a lot of little player schools as a different color ways that a lot of you develop are not able to give. You know exist I'm dismisses idea again I got there at the uses of our feet now the ninety versions though yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I'll yell hello all happy it'd be used to create the champions who have. The hold it was like a brown should be in power that I see you know white label parodies a first a meanwhile went on a date that's all of us are light you can bet that after you got paid full body. Might it keep it out a bit of a area that would actually God's at this broke into it I get home I guess they I guess they carried out he got us on needed no war but damn yeah we. And I came up a little bit yeah enabled load got a couple of because that cobol code book called baby Jesus. You know. Struggled this man was for all your friends don't argued she'd do you mandate but obviously I'll buses down out of my entire herd always is live no inherited when he sees itself to though darted out it was a good thing yes thank you keep money that let you don't spend it in renegade you try not to DA does outsized you have. You don't pay in order you to view lowered down that. In if you work him in because again you know they used you know 23 times a month. You must be proud of what that pro what's your program has done heard obviously coach and it I'm in the program direct your fathers involved you guys take. Guys and you've done this year after year sure you've got to have had stars like Tyler shares of common highly rated but shall have taken him and his Gaza let him right now to our long who's who's who's risen 5060 spots in the rankings. It seems like you identify guy's been beat up take the ones everyone wants you take the ones you like and you raise them up and by the time you're done within the better prospects literal Vickers GO like go to my list. Is we we try to go to churches and go get it yeah Muslims he dolls that it stretches of Iran a year of the year and young ladies big the good thing is the key is that we get. They understand that they have the work to figure where ER and that's one of the biggest thing so would Tyler you know he wasn't always. You know you write you out you're right I'm always there and he just continued to work percent of size it is just pertain to work that drove it continue to work so efficient his work was short. In our d.s I think that's the biggest thing you know we we want to put a product or out on the court pick and David wanted to work in this don't play hard you know if you. You know we don't we. We gay guys. That can be top ten tennis online and talks like potential blow it off I don't we we rather have guys as you know. Just sit outside that's how long Nigeria that we can we help them and Olbermann Olbermann and make its assault and and as being grateful of the past you know 678 years and we've done really good job just. You know trying to nominate and coastal low and tees and this is how things that I ever done and had some mobile work so me in the summer so. No date they get a feel for how actually how pro athletes guys whose room is Oscar loses like you know. Do that this week but even death it is that capsule most of all work out in out a long day with the camp as well. I used in Waco and 8 o'clock in the morning live. It you know did speed agility work and that's how do you know all right today you don't court. Put some goes south so it's drill work and and now Michael recognize who he's also there. So it is this continues work. Day in day out with you gotta trust the process I guess the biggest thing they are a lot of guys they get tighter process right now I'm not a tennis not just don't get out of process to sausage you know my doctors trauma that's capacity because I capitalism at work out of myself. And some people the people and its young with you know while I'm not one of those guys are going and you know tyrants or hobbies feel alone and and go to work always ends of this craft and I think that's the biggest thing you know you gotta professor craft and I love preferred Democrat. We are talking of course in emphasis or that is so we gotta get him out of here because he's got into his old can't I Mitchell high school did what I asked you this though you still you're big in a poker. I tell you how I solved it to you plan with a bunch Ole white folks I couldn't they look like somewhere deed indeed Indiana. I sent a playbook also who you're gonna flex are also well who was this table all white people you look like you're an old folks home do you spoke of well the season the seals over owls Indiana and you know it is still in school are around. You know my wife she actually knows that I tar out of place those who knows a little bit. Our bus. Sells like local relief you know kind of on guide that I go to is there is a freely satellite. Well I don't you think those. Let's go out this cleric lead you know they did so a bit little. Low bold now it or like a little restaurants I do this series of food is that their play poker and and you know talks sports talk basketball and India you know a lot of thank you know they're talking you know it is how to sports. His laugh out heroes who have houses that are looking at the lightning just look at the car. Heard patent act yeah well it is today. You know it is just causes flooding and and you know ages hell's he up affected at poker they're both crack evade their economy every week. Part of Soto went too few weeks and the second time Daisuke we have made it to the final table. On elitists. I'm not a well eluded her Earl Barron is real goods like he's played an hour you barrel again now girl girl is like he's legit is he gone by he's going to actual. Vegas aren't allowed to audit I mean I'm not not yet let them and they're bigots who. I will eventually one day you know let out right now like to sit out are you and value in the business yeah yeah I'm kind of figured figured his old tech industry out right now. I got my first one they said nix so next Saturday my first big poker man's night twice Alabama. No idea what what I mean what's the big advised is going with the by FaceBook face off. Or start on on on you do is that there be is being cool like who would be thinking let's move just in Yiddish phrase are you hosting. Now I'm not hold my gifts to one dollar bar and an ideal. It's like you feel left out right weather center outside a bit like damn man you come and a lot of luck on the roster here to Colorado iPhone arrived by post that I thanks for everything you do for the city given back brother thanks for the time coming in here with your family everything and you as a Roland. Our brother thank you congrats to all results are we score we're just. Yeah yeah yeah. If you want to claim that the film of throw freak pre campaign did exactly and I can honestly can't accept what they would have loved bag and there let an addict. If that I'm an idea and I had a colleague of mine let them know. You had to call that's exactly is that he's young Indiana faces for we love him here in Memphis Tennessee that as well thank you guys that says will be back Jason's our 99 FM ESP and. I've always managed my money carefully but it was just one of those months and I need some extra cash to cover my bills do you actually forced every dot com am I'm back with a flexible. I just logged on to apply any of 24/7 dot com representative called me back. Process. Into my bank account it was so easy. The flag flown from AF 24/7 dot com just got a little more flexible but news aimed at funding. 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Perfect for residential and commercial use should check out their selection today it would allow more store the located within the commercial equipment company at. 55 when he Shelby oaks drive really easy to get to take a write off some rather than located right across the street but what. Everybody in town Muslim that's I think almost directly not a 12758177. Again that number 2758177. This time emote do the next mark. Ira quick. A couple things. Margin out of that the peace there and he tweeted the following. One that notable development here peace dividends a lot of our lawsuit behind the scenes shoot company in basketball folks talking. James wise man's mother. Okay we know whereas Dunn's allay some big names was a way. Carrying. A geek Kentucky's redshirt. Who saw its suit. Yeah yeah. Yeah thin your blood bags he's wearing a big ticket mom wasn't wearing. I'd love. Note. Okay. You have passion on this is unbelievable. I. And obviously very fired up as well I don't know if you understand the gravity of it on don't you know I have not did you not a word about would failed jailed husband's mom is aware and that's a bridge too far. I latter. And it has drummed yeah. It wasn't what you do you Google you look at Kevin down until chicken and names although Google got away you know down the lane when she's where I now know. Okay I'll talk about do you not know how. That's on you woman where her. Just sitting okay. We just made James wasn't going to be a pro MacBook. The news this sound like there are they've already made their mark on Dan's laden for what that's 120 draft what they're going after all the big. You single moment that stick out a met with feet. Orioles dugout doesn't I mean I can tell you what color that is but sticks out amends the law like a little mentally a little pain there. You know they're doing as well you have to stand that they're your you're Toma. For God's sake. You can't I only add on and on and since this must disdain for promo we originally talked about almost out of these casual almost it's almost a disaster once they got Jane I'm joking around and I decided I doubt it punk rock I found it funny is that it's one of the big develop yeah. What if I. I've dated Margie now does a fantastic. As fit and better and believe it they're bootleg imagine like Jeff Goodman at the peace Jim. Later than June we've just received word that James was when's mothers wearing a Pulitzer wetsuit according to a source says. She's the mother in fairness of the number one prospect in the country am I knew I mean I ain't making its way he has like he is two years away from signing this huge deal. Or at least he better be. Mark does let you know puma started work if confirmed it was a puma school I feel like I'll man that's bad news. I would go ahead looks impressive but that's that's a it just means he's going to pay buffalo Maroney is the NBA I'm not sure what's it huge development in the thick thick that it over the visibility you're not on margin numbers are good job I know you're not left there's just go on eleven hit a mob is the way that the tweet was crafted it was light. He wrote the one of the big development here dot dot dot. James wise amidst mother was wearing not. So. Well though so that's that's one development. Margin out of Austin is that really the best thing all of that's what they must hundreds of Bordeaux on the last night fell big experience wasn't going that they've always mentally I know and I've been I thought that was you ever look at what mum on his way and yeah out. You know you got tweet about Obama is wearing well. People don't pull back colonel bit. They don't like you now. Are right are you itself as unknown to this and so GO not a product is being an under the balloons were about you know if she got all of whom much we should go boom on the back right. Did you sample because of because of the they would they if he interviewed James Watson at the airport right that's where all stems back from yes and that's what they did Tito a double use that video against. James lies in the eligibility case yes understood I get off to them I would imagine you and out of the enemy well you gotta did talk to David Weisman. They got over and apparently they've they've patched up because James Weizman told him. Bit and you won't roll back there he says these is that you have a good dad if you had a mud nonpublic Jon globe microwave he got a little bread pizza enemy and ready gov finish this strong out of the tiny Judy you lean cuisine visa before every show. Okay democratic push Hewitt a good frame of mind opening was seen in the sack lunch executive he lives outside lives he really lives that it goes but he said accorded margin OJ is wise is gonna release its top eight after the Pete's been about the top eighteen. At eight. Can appeal it's I think they sent back I'll be looking for whether Florida State makes this list. And if they don't always you'd have no idea what's common I'm moss and I'm wants and fury. Down down Tallahassee. Are between floors they basketball it was a lifeless listless as its on this right now. What do you have against Leonard Hamilton. Cubs don't have that. I think was when you have again just stupid to waste their time like that. Tony for a bit you Glover clearly six other five other schools at least have offered Jane Wyatt as well as a waste of time handles it. Carolina. You know I mean like the blue bloods if you're not a blue blood you are wasting your time. And and even if your blue bloods are what really waste your time Internet is not a failure Memphis. But still like. If florists say is not on this gadget a look I stand wasting your time made the point during your time recruiting could be dangerous but that said. I don't understand your outrage about Florida State I had the same ironic dollar Florida State basketball on the front and Obama. OK I just don't get either one of them I don't understand them I think that's where comes from. It's just a matter of not really understanding why either exists slump omens are in this to win that looks like they are all the credit man and they Jaycee now plan they got they got the big there's one more or besides Aden and Bagley Wright and they get one other downside here the irishman that you're okay like they got one more they do more another one after for a young but did you get him up a little more than. The bureau of Adobe a player sounds like going forward including we'll see you puma games working on Angela more importantly mark do you not out sees you work and on James Weisman and dons a lump always watch we got to find out what happens with him in the the CIA and they. And the daily look I'm ready to find out exactly what the sweat suit look like. And you can't tell me that dogs lay his words let's have been well don't give me a picture on well he had the same issue last night people told them. He tweeted about OK if any stats and right next to Kentucky's effort talk about Disney opened the show on we start off Daylon clunky tweeted about it or do when you're at peace stand. Broad YouTube people that are that are read each week. They need pictures where it because they don't know what it looks like Zach that's army unit you can make is viewed these interest we have a picture exactly you're exactly what the focus Wallace what you do I posted a picture of pity in Mike's an excerpt of phones on your health blows up right. Talladega as global or a month. It was a little blurred but. I still won awards are we'll come back rapid updates and John and its benefit of ESPN. Easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's our three key favorite 929 FM ESPN on the radio does come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Listening anyway. ESPN that hey it's Aircastle sent from the Memphis Grizzlies here. Tell you about the best place to get a free on vehicle on the entire midsouth and that is DeSoto auto sales you can visit on the at a December auto sales dot com or simply had on over to 5704. 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Beating John Marin have a lot of on indoor speedway evidence fast on. And coo of are backed. Jason and John DC nine F and. He asks the air. In the one thing that we had not talked about enough is and there's enjoy the show of course former tiger. One of two one of two winningest players. And history the Memphis basketball program. And said he wants to fight in Sioux. The NCAA to get the wins back I says he fought for those wins in those winds to find him he's an MBA players an average got out he says that his words. And those winds helped sort of give him an identity and the back of they were vacated at least that last season. You know he. He wants him back there remains unknown. And I you know we know tone. Didn't go along and have you know great but to hear him say it. It kind of highlighted it right that that. That's my legacy that that's kind of meet at those are my best years you don't mean in in our put a lot into those being my best years sort of here. You can your passions sports I just saying just hey Louisville's donut Solis tried to this is now we might we I think we got a better case than Louisville that. We got him on Johnson right here in the seat he's told us he despises the NCAA now. Why not fight it what I go for I got up another sums that you know we've had a couple of the listeners tweeted us. I don't know that the lawyers. A between those were about statue limitations that kind of thing yeah mine is here I have no idea right now yell we're just getting started there's there's such a little out of his own something like this in ten years to that it ends in my husband that's a long time you know statue limitations I don't know I'm not sold so I will plead ignorance that we don't know yet yeah we don't know yet but. Hum surely there's some of our times in the as they do that hurts our own enough and I hope and absolute we can at least find out if this is a possible something that you can pursue. Are we not want to what what are you have to lose I mean nothing nothing I mean zero OO or as we thought that we know Memphis got a job in this and that's the things that. You look back at the facts of that case. And they you know. Retroactively. First ruling there grows eligible and then after the fact. Retro actively ruined ruling you know didn't do that and chains we have been here and stamping that. That that that ruling with the phrase strict liability and we're glad we thought they could even mean I'd. I learned words the slogan go under right. Now you are one of those either Ellison. Somebody points out are you really gotta get their grows you know. Two signed or or or are testified eggs he really don't wanna go do that I wonder about that daylight any view doesn't do that and if coach cal doesn't do that. You know then that's that's a totally different story there but you can't tell me that the NCAA ever had enough proof. Because the burden of proof should have been on the NCAA exactly John and they never had any of the of substance and yet they still ruled. They still ruled on Oprah is a solid rounds and I hope we are not loved him. Doing inning we can't support absolutely gotten on the lose one or by experience that retired either Jason right now you can get us what have Antonio Anderson in that. By artists that do for us today show as always Jason's and so is if you by the linger or stop by if you are hungry thanks to bad young. Thanks Antonio Anderson thanks to Eric muscle men. And thanks to you. Should do for us today Erica size of the actual quick Jeffrey Wright is just the damn warrior warrior. I mean he would respect together does hosted potentials of day one hell of an effort here on an unbelievable as it he's up next days and it done as an event yesterday. You just ready to nine SM ESPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and at least one more or less. 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