Jason & John Hour 3 (7/11/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, July 11th
Joined by Gary Parrish live from Peach Jam in Hour 3 

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I think we've found all you do is take a write off some rounds in the lookers right across the street from what part of that are. Being coma for 9127581775. And then number 2758177. It's time to mow through an X mark. I'm alone more store. Are back Jason and Jon netted 29 FM he adds. The end. We need to talk about this yesterday because the video came out yesterday we got very busy. Obviously happens happens and and in you know Edward July we can push things back a day and I value of contact them. Gordon Hayward. Is going to be a father again he has two girls that right now with his lovely wife Robin. And he is now about to add a third child to the mix now as you know. Not popular these are for instance and Riley. But Jim to reveal what if what I'm just say how to get around Asia right I'm I'm just say in made a gender revealed okay well this one was not very creative. This woman just like a box of odds are two for some overt for people so rich but the failure could go pretty extravagant. You know some people like you got your Hutton type. You know you might get like the must get out. Election balloon as it all comes at a certain like this is a real leverage up a bit more respect you have some cover for your first IRS it'll be Sambo is known you. I would not be doing a in us that you have in a reveal parties out money. Out of all I might have likened revealed video and like Gordon Hayward had a it would not be a part. So you don't have to worry about on one of those rather old to want you to know people a bit more about what happened. Twelve so they're doing this gender revealed on video his wife's there he's there there's a there's a box on the ground and and his two daughters are around and they want to reveal to the world. What did gender of their next child debate and this is what happened. OK let's eat. They anything hot you Carl. Okay. Oh. What are you were eight. Betty happy. That is always happy. What you couldn't see there and is that when she asked him as daddy happy even. His back this time he's walking a caddies walk our way is he says that he's always you can hit his ally gritting his teeth he's like daddy's always have V. Mark yes. What do you think is the case here. I hate that this. That was put out of the world's loud like you know that's out there he can't because now. Now I suspect. That she will hold his reaction. Over him for the rest of his lifetime I have personal experience that's. I saw it wasn't the junior revealed now to our farm now I'm having a ball well through the roof. Through the roof solar rays enter nothing nothing but I figured girls I know for. Trader will bear all the figure as it has abandoned there and brother got to get twin girls. Maybe a little more high maintenance than onboard maybe I was a logical okay illogical to think from that standpoint so I was all about board however. Remember this day like it was yesterday the day that my wife. Told me she was pregnant. John we were back from a beautiful vacation in Puerto Rico while they're gonna keep in mind that's. Are among whites homeland right there she's had reached and keep in mind. At that term. I am I balls deep in debt. As they'd be brighter. At this yeah. Worried though because John elected to elect don't make my wife electrical little I didn't. A wells going and debt Boca. So this beautiful trip do we get back. And she comes less than mullah. Admitted on new era when she said while have quite frankly as if upsurge of muscle here. She tells me Jason. I'm pregnant. Or and unlike you. I don't think my first reaction was I allowed no it wasn't what she expected my first reaction been there was. If you look at in my face you can see literally the words aren't pregnant going through my brain. And I'm literally putting it in a math equation about how Mort I'm much more broke I'm gonna. You're like oh it was just my natural first reaction I'm thinking about the legality of the situation you exact galvanize an egg and that a gift where he's like calculated all the men exactly Brooke. And here's the thing I remember I told you this my wife had been treat me like meat for years trying to have his baby yet right is like getting here it's go time. Willow had his baby you know I'm ovulate why that's that that takes the anatomy. Takes the passion comes are hard at the job right. And so so when she finally tells me that I've gotten the job done right. They're there is a part of me that's like OK finally show you know someone just be like a piece of meat around anymore I've gotten that job done but number two now got a now financially in my stable enough to support a baby my dad is going through my mind right as she sitting on my lap and unfortunately men. Mean you know this those of you that have been in the situation that's the worst reaction that saw this is what I'm gonna tell you on this. This is the one time I'm on the give you a pass some things okay going to be okay. To lie through your teeth yet the pretend that you have you've got to put it in court that you have to pretend. That should add an eight and look eventually you will be. Eventually all dawns on him and get a little life you made a life form and knew that the life form comes out he loves you and all that. And you realize is the greatest thing ever you've been a happy boy or girl. Oh right there in the moment man. But you cannot let that disappointment come out like Gordon Hayward did right there. You can't do it. Because they will hold it against you for the rest of your life in even when you add in some good weeks and some good months and some good years you get into an argument. I'm taking this argument that. You weren't even happened. And we were having a baby that's the tough part of the because it's it's it's effort and it's gonna be your leader are removed or if life and it's it's beautiful. We isn't in whitworth. You know we if we work or on very simple things you know look Leo logic right is is a big one for us correct and so wait we wait things. And and that in and when you are not something like that your immediate reaction as a man and graduate. Wanna hear it here this is the good are Mitt we wanna take energy. We wanna promote we wanted to because that's all we've been told we're we're supposed to do it's it's hit us we want to provide for you so that first time she's tell me just a can I do this bird and John yes I was happy. But I was also. Cognizant of and it's sponsored by life and she got that reaction as opposed to the men and picking her up and they were tolerant about providing for the child anywhere did just being excited to worry I'll probably not the word but concerned yeah I'm on a good place in my financially right in my gonna bring this baby in the world he's gonna have every chance possible that he needs to have. And I would it was a good thing about those that right but you can't do it and the first moments you have you can't be logical and you can't you know get the crowd awful. You need to cry need to pick a woman up tell I had yards. Now they're dead baby you're the best in into if I had a back that's what I would have I would have. Fate. Exactly. The excitement it's really what's tough it's tough to fake. Feelings though I met because it because if you break it and she senses that you've taken at such possibly the works I would rather hurt. I rather think I'm faking it though the meat head I was genuinely disappointed in the gender of the child out rather just take it and heard on vacant then. Actually give her material like that it's tough if you're the world because of that OK you don't you don't what is the beard. Of a girl. I got to carry this for nine months. You know I mean what they're doing the work say that day and that's been here that that's the part where you start to see you know wood to we're saying this what Tom reveals and how we feel as man. And that's the part where you gotta. Yeah take a step back. Because they they are doing the work and so it in that sense ride you wanna have the right rash because we we did a are the these may. Right he's the one doing the work that one's got to carry in for nine month exactly in the good news though is that you Scott you ceased being a piece of me and that any time it happened. However short it was. We know your four made a man it was really it wasn't for a gold goal that was his passion. And they've got how many four men that spans there aren't like three to four years trying to make a beta that's a lot. That's a lot of our man right there it is the net and hey it's okay norm for four years. I wanna live I think about three years we really trial there for awhile right there aren't dumb. I listen Gordon Hayward has two girls. And he's raising two girls already. For am and I understand it you want something different nobody likes to be outnumbered that's the other thing in this. Nobody wants to be outnumbered in their own home by the opposite sex it's just true I would you ever win an argument exactly anything to win at any day when Meehan about when hit my wife and her Stanley gets together. I love her family but it's very hard for me because it's meet in and it's her three sisters and her mom and assist. You're you're exactly right I used to feel ganged up on. In my house right now we outnumber in my life. It's me and it's my two male dogs that those are those of they are children now they are still not a guy named John that punts out of the ills that dog moms and dog beds. That is true I'm sick of that is that video because of the dog data you don't parent you know. CN he has this guys ridiculous as this care because of a dog mom. Probably so it's a female thing so only women can call themselves dog moms and men cannot call themselves dog back there yeah a year really like they're your boys and yell out number Sam are you serious right now yes they don't talk to aren't they do express themselves Jason. Dogs express themselves. You shouldn't you I want ominous indecent material. There was a very touching Twitter story of a girl who's taking her dog to be put down and at the event. The dog and nudged its toll back to her donor as if to say. I don't need this anymore. That's express. That's real you don't think dogs express themselves. He's right guys. I'm and that's of on the side you don't ever heard you don't know because you've never had the joy I have had pets. You know what they did they run away no four told you this had eleven halves loving them loving them when I have a pet I love it you don't want a dog because you're afraid of putting it down. Exactly yeah I did too attached to big yes I'm with you becomes a family member it's CJ got the sense that you don't like your kids say that there's a difference aired on Santa's give me a little bit in film what you guys who think it would dog. Excuse me in the sand and they've had a long talk I don't know where we are barred talkers when we get the new house that's all good dogs are an end to biscuit. The Pug. Going to be a hug there while that hadn't been I don't know paid by me I don't know if you're gonna find out attach it to donate dog thank you been I delegate give like a collaborative like I got the best dogs in the world in my opinion. But yeah this is about to get back to Gordon Hayward this is about being not being outnumbered and he's frankly very much outnumbered iso Joseph would just that he won't stop trying to vote. You know once I'm maybe still had its own. And Josh specimens emboldens Gordon Hayward that are you know try to try and try him daughter dotted our daughter leaving John walls as and he's almost it just went down. Don't you go again truncated bigger and figured it and he did he. I don't think. At it and stop tip jar. Is that you and keep trying to he has that boy I hope we never had a son right I think I've got two daughters. Kobe has that's correct yeah Kobe didn't have as I hit it up with a CoBiz Imus does that tell Kobe Bryant I'm just thinking of like famous last name is famous athletes would like only daughters are got you know to me. So yeah gore add Gordon Hayward I mean I think it always try for more. In the went off I always elect when you have that much money and that's why he's still just measures don't go around wrote exactly like he's got a well why don't you just got excited you yeah like coming into the room is exactly known for do you alma and oral. There's nothing wrong with with raising girls though. I just think Gordon Hayward wanted to boy he just wanted to sun every. On every father. At the joint right absorb. Wrecked and at her and there. It yourself politically correct judge you look at you're so they don't have we have women listening to you what you want a son and a daughter. You gotta be the perfect little family when I'm on someone and yeah is it and I think you need to have a daughter no kids you have a daughter. I'm 41 job before tradition what you want you'll may have limited value for the dollar in an elementary school. I hope you're done but I don't think it's that serious you have the kids you're honest two point seven years old Yuen did it need to get it get with the program I'm in no hurry. I'm living life I'm having a good time we'll Bennett's broad approach your thirties right young authorities. Ramon waited Bennett if I didn't get to work what I was bigots on the clock ideas I mean there is absolutely no doubt about it if it if it's if you know. If you still have it needs to happen and soon. For me I got some time. Some abide by Tom writes Obama appreciate it meant I will come back talk to Gary pairs we might ask him about it whenever it's actually does have kids he's got he's got. For your voice he wanted to girl he said. He wanted to ought to because he wanted some different you know I guess. And so we'll talk to Gary about Gordon Hayward reaction endowed peace dam and all that we come back Jason had done and it's an amphibious. 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Stage road that's the newest one that's what we were at three weeks go in the place was backstage rove was act why. Has been Richmond the former tigers got the best you can and in San and they write down there actually got I. A Twitter listener who went by there today though testimony and he said they were the best his name is Michael Pittman. He said these are the best I've ever had passed tag. Game did you not know of Michael Pittman never told a lot his life but this would not be one of them on the job we've been done until he knows that and just what I'm just blown smoke you go tried over the wings the roof. Still say the same thing as Michael Pittman I'll bet you and the reason you do it does not only is the chicken good you get there he's got the best premium flavors anybody in town has. Some of those the garlic so rocks of the spicy taco the honey suicides the nano worn out of the national hot he's like in mad scientists. With his sauces don't tase them for yourself again. Don't slip on those. Don't know bone he called slip and not have not charm of gourmet burgers they're fantastic I just want put that word in for yet another chickens there's a troubles when members want to and when you tell when's he gonna Richmond tellem that Jason. And John since you of course Karabakh Jason and John and Jennifer and ESPN everywhere in the at this time we talked to do. Dairy pair shoe is on the ground at the peach Jimmie joins us now JP welcomed to the show. It's nice to be here sorry. I'm good I'm good are you in your hotel. I am at my hotel is it nice hotel. It's. One of the nicest hotels and Augusta and that's all relative to people ever been here. It. The perception of a play. And the reality of a place. If I don't think you can be more drastic than it is with a caustic when you think Augusta does. You think of Augusta National. Do you think of the golf course you think of the masters you think of this deal that wealthy and privileged yen. And then when you actually get to a gust like that place actually exist. Really mostly look like Goodman wrote torture which helped our way. It's just one chain restaurant slash fast food joint after another after another after another. Blame hotels and it's certainly not a nice city even if it's got one of the nicest golf clubs in the world. I really enjoy the Buffalo Wild Wings there. Yeah I didn't like hit that that's what you end up at places like you know Buffalo Wild Wings and unburdened. Like you did you TGI Friday's like unity is there I should say there was a place we win it. Last year's that was not a good book go back again I've got to read the name of it but David Gregory you know that the political correspondent. He was actually at the bar that I Wii remote and I was like. He walked side of our cable outlet that did a territorial capability of doing here but he is doing something here he's playing golf. But it would be nice restaurant I shouldn't say there are no nice fresh tried to what I should say is there're there are very Betty it's mostly change after China strategic. We're just talking about the Gordon Hayward video it obviously did the gender reveal it was it was it was kind of sad honestly it I don't think Gordon Hayward he didn't appear happy. Do you think Gordon Hayward was happy and have you ever been where he's dead. Yes go well let me answer those in order no he was not happy yes I have been where he's dead. If Gordon has two daughters already and his wife was pregnant with 83 child and if you haven't seen the video of people that they've. If there's a gender reveal all and give the people who slice up that he had that although where he realized that I'm about to be the father of 83 daughter I'm not gonna shut still not gravity ball. I would be exact opposite you know what people act two of the same gender yeah. I think it's completely natural to want to be helper. And soul. Both times we got pregnant at. After eight Maine and Oliver. I wanted to girl and both times it was a boy. And if you do have this real mold lived a disappointment in fact cal lead to even tell me. Initially. When we found out Luke was a boy. Because she did she knew I would be disappointed because I wanted to daughter very badly that I wanted to daughter just as badly as it does seem to or they were awarded. Aside. And then you know event that dog didn't you just look at that pretty quickly did you play healthy baby right yeah but I think about the movies I guess it was yesterday. If somebody did you know they're GP. You know real real related gender doesn't matter. All that mattered giving help to David like let's adult talking about all that matters like I I I I know all that matters I'd put it that moment. You want. You won't want to watch. And if you want boy and it's a girl you're slightly disappointed if you want a girl that's boy just slightly disappointed and then you start going okay. If it is what it is now let's have a healthy baby in and I can't wait to race through boys but once you have your third boy you're you're there girl. You wouldn't trade them for anything in the world but and that won't let. You know you keep you do have a preference most people do I don't idea I didn't Gordon Hayward seemed did and it was clearly disappointed and and I I went through that I went to that exact same emotion we just don't have an avid program. This is Gary as a national commons when that when you go to a peach jam. What what are your goals do you wanna familiarize yourself with the with the you know the top ten guys the top top five guys did you set aside hail like I want to get to three good features out of this with one of the top guys. Is is it best for you you know get the most out of maybe you don't pull a coach to decide find out about his team going in the season like for you. What's the goal when you go to peace here. I care very little about writing. To hear you because if it is usually a waste of time every minute that you work and hotel room writing. It a minute you're not too. Watching the prospect who's gonna matter and college basketball vary so cents or you're not talking to a coach who you know if furthering our relationship work developing a relationship or starting a relationship or finding out things that. That it may be duplicated talk about basketball for a living you use unique you know and so. I will write premiere but that is. I've always bounded the ball it is my iPod policy see yes. I got hired in July 2006. And the first thing idea it was I think come to teach Jim mode uttered what the saudis the Teradata ECB can't keep it to Jersey. And my boss you know I kept the job that you wanna go prove yourself really quickly and might provide copies and he said OK I want to go to a shady camp. Her you know I think it was just five days. And I don't want to right at work out. I want you to meet people I want to talk to people I want you to go to dinner and I want to take people to drink if you. Because when I got this job I had never done anything except that I have Memphis beat writer I you know I had. I might have killed five college basketball coaches in the country do you like is that the Memphis coach who was John told Kerry and that like other. CU SA coaches have come clean and Rick Pitino put in my I didn't have very many connections and also. Is that that was my goal initially and over the years and all these years later it is still. And not the same thing like a you know you there's always new people to meet there's always people to CNN. They're competitive the way college basketball players. It is largely going to be impacted. By eight freshmen each and every year because until the one and done rule goes away they're gonna be the most help the players. It college basketball each and every year because they're the only ones who haven't been allowed to go to the NBA if they're talent enough to get there. No big advantage of coming to disavow having gone out today it is a you know use it for young before anybody else these are not using Michael Porter before anybody else see Michael Porter DC market badly before anybody else these marble bag which that you're able to hopefully talk intelligently about them right intelligently about them before they ever step foot on a college kid that you could reasonably say. I think this team is going to be great and it's because of these players who you've never seen but I and over the years states that states proved. Does prove worthwhile for me I won't say that gives you a little different than just last year. I don't think the prospects are as. Video like let's get him back yeah this bar and if I believe that OJ why does that all play in the country he doesn't carry that same sort of cash today. I don't think he's nearly as good as well mole or you know when he walks into a hotel lobby to people know who that. That's a guy like date it would Mormon bag elected it would be Andre eight. And so. If you remember last year he still we get the Marta Beckett reclassified story. Like 08 the market that is going to probably we kind of apply in enroll in college so that was something that that that was a big headline that originated from here. And did they get do you have to look for a ball just circus which was unlike anything. You know we've ever seen and it did summer. We don't have a player of at least stature were probably not gonna have a reclassification story that. Actually didn't get all upset the top of that preceded a raging. And we don't have. In less as far as I know we're not gonna have any Lavar ball. LaBella ball because LaBella the professional about not playing grassroots basketball so it's it's it's not nearly as exciting. But you know there it is you can still get to the skill to see you get a small deals with the best cook it with the most famous college coaches in America. Watching the best cycle prospect of a war. And tonight if I'm not mistaken you're gonna get one hell of a match up that I'm sure yeah be discussing on your radio show tomorrow which is. Vernon Carey vs James Wiseman. Yet that's the top two pick in that country. The the number one player in the country and the number three player in the country the you know I guess I don't think date. They register were quite like Dion create New Zealand market badly and mold bomb book but still you know Tim's life is that. Consensus number one high school player in the country and Edberg carry the consensus top five guy and so. I think that game tips says like 6:30 eastern. Say that they that it's for people possibly Ortiz senator sessions film and every morning at night and is basically there's there's four games that Tippett. 5 o'clock. Four games that chipped it 630. And then Ford gave it to get eight or something like that and that they won't be in the middle session and it'll be yet that'll be the one that. Where the Jimmy Jam packed and you there are those seats. And there's really nowhere to stand in your heart put eight and you don't get there early you will not be able to see he's from and and you know I would assume Jack cal Perry and his staff will be an agenda that. And Anthony are when he steps will be an agenda that. Our Gary have you seen. Vernon Carey played we have aired bossy on last week who says that that each time that that was an interior met up at least in the past and in any AU world that Carrey's gotten the better of them had have you seen carry a little bit and is that some that she would agree with that case if you had that carries. You know taking him are much Iran has gone against the. I don't remember a specific. Mean watching that james' wife and Vernon Carey doesn't mean I didn't see yet but I don't remember that usually when I go to these things. Eight I got better recruiting analysts like bossy or just Portillo is there Evan Daniels did so I don't follow what like that what I usually try to do is lock key and on the top guys who are about to be seniors in high school. Because they're the ones who that are being towel and the field at that disputed status so what I watched I think you know what I got to watch what I go to I think I'll go watch belief mulch. If you often as possible or Keyaron Fox involved in this part of wards John Wall involved the possible I don't remember a specific white men. Scary matchup but he said that I trusted to be true to themselves. Then it changes is gonna be donating to prove but certainly if that's if that's the perception of what does happen when those guys have messed up before. Then they may be why it would be implied that forgive me for that two to try to get better and tonight. Is going to be maybe I'm wrong on this I am wrong is some of it is this is going to be your first time CNN that the staff on the circuit. Yesterday glad they try to go out and April because. I mean I'm I'm I'm married with three kids that have been on the road street and sells. It had any effect the rest to trust it figured arrests on the road that is at all. Polite it's just like at some point you've got to be a dad in LA and it you can't. Be on the road or at least I I can't justify being on the road. All of you know November December January February march and eight and that immediately go back out on the road to watch more basketball liked. Yeah that that's that's been like over recruiting analyst or a single man. But that's about list with three kids and so I never go out and they brought never actually been out in April oh yeah I you know when everybody was talking about. No kidding didn't Tim where in this that whatever I doubt I would not any of those events but. But they added but tonight we have will be the first seven in the gym with him as a as a college basketball staff but I imagine they. They resonate certainly more so than than most I mean they elicit might just give my shift into account to reject out area. And Thomas those condos sold Roy Williams Roy Williams when they walk in the gym people noticed but. But you don't get a Hardaway had to be Hardaway and Mike Miller is super famous and when those two guys walk into a jam. They're not just famous coaches they are. NBA icons on some level pitting first team all NBA in my two time world champion. It would I. If I don't speak for every sixteen Kennedy you'll backcourt player in the country but. I think they're probably why Powell a little bit more by players and coaches. And when those two former players. Come walk again. You know they've been oblivion. You know days that if only because they're double tall you know tuck helped a little bit about my side. In my hole and engaged also and then they're they're famous basketball players themselves. What it can originate that it did have a certain presence about I would assume that that's true. Does this say because you know you jump around me when I it's waited about this but. I was that I was at the because Garland Atlanta and I sort of god Mike Miller and antennae are we were to sit on the baseline. And and in and a woman comes up and and gifts they are always autographed by guide I've. I've covered a a lot of these types event that I've never ever seen that. I have. I don't say this way it might be different to any of the college go to deposed routine politicos. But I've never seen a tie which coach take it many picture yeah. It'll let us edit a peach jam event as giddy as I've watched indicate that it might be because pity is. You know college coaches are really allow to be around parents they're allowed to be cordial. So if you say hello they can say hello back but college coaches are not supposed to be having a conversation without. Without any sort with anybody at these things because they could be somebody's brother. And and it's and communication it is it's not allow right now. Do you get there you're ill its direct call to the July recruiting period it's not really it's actually be July evaluation period. Coaches are there to evaluate but there that they are to recruit cannot let that these conversations about they had been. But they're not supposed to happen so that might be the explanation port parents are our armed. Reminded over and over again do not approach any college coach and certainly was a college coach last year. But he is now until that might level with a little bit but. Yeah I had a little bit put people act like. They put together a staff they can't be competed we have. You know because like much you have peace staff has. It is is led by my suggestion like that at another level when game time cal Perry same deal but in terms of I mean they they have a famous basketball staff I don't know how much Sam Mitchell resonates with people even though he was an NBA coach but certainly Mike Miller is. Let's illustrate some pretty early statements they've been famous for along time when they walked Guillen. Two agenda that is to college coaches there to series' famous people can't go to our favorite. You know like if I look at the airport in Atlanta at Travis Ford was sitting there. That's a guy who had a top ten team that the guy who oppose the big twelve what the single person's word to him. It is that they're by themselves W recognized Trappist order cared about Travis Ford but it they Harlan would have been kidding of at saint Pete he would have been approached it might know. We're witnessing and it seems state he would have been approached I don't think that's that's a pretty unique deal that the death. JRR call I think we're all appease him I think John Mara was there as a thank so we're on the same room your table would Donnie Jones also Jeff Goodman was their tooth but to your point about when you're at these things at the beach champ. You and you can take these guys out today saying that you don't drinks with a whenever I think you were you were having a tremendous and then what Donnie Jones that night. You think anybody liberty that I talked about. Us as media members and acid even take myself out of that mess I'm not writing a daily basis but. You you know GM not oh whoever you know who's a recovered tigers comes and make it maybe some other national guys. You think every dollar ever be sitting at a table with any. You know shoot the stuff. I did the. Oh yeah shaped that for. That there are just certain. Definitely but they're so late you're. That people have to break through before you can actually get them pretty hard on. A house he he's great with your win. Put you back yeah that's the type of guy. Like that trying to say this to do anything other just give you example based on the question that you Rasner but like. If socket Smart comes to town. To overcome cement just to recruit. I might get a text message that says hey JPM until just birthday yeah meet for lunch whatever you know like that that's a pretty. Normal. Saying that happens what coaches coming down to recruit Memphis. Com and he doesn't strike at the type it's going to be texting media members. So like just hate to just don't get a couple cultures the report dead heat guy he keeps it pretty tight circle. And I think some of that because he's good. David felt probably for three decades now and he's I think that says he with a child and eat when you are. Thought of the way it was thought out really by about the agents probably sixteen or so. You've got to be careful about who gets close. And I I think you can be difficult it to us. Just scrap that at you know later in life like if you've always been guarded it. He probably just always going to be guarded so I don't think he's different in that way. I. I I I don't know the answer to it but I I I cannot escape it you know this is weathered a certain. Lay your that bet that protects him from not protective but keep them. It'll wind it keeps it all linked well on it away from from just people in general. And yeah I know I I haven't noticed that changed really at all since he became the head coach if we want it on the radio show he's great like it please see like abide by it I would ultimately in the lobby of the hotel he would be great to. But I don't think. I'm gonna walk giggle restaurant he can be sit there with eighty cats you know or are they already think they don't feel the least bit tired web I don't think he'd. I don't think he. He's the need to like have allied to the media as much if he'll be friendly with the media but that. That and the way that a lot of coaches are a lot of coaches feel like they need build relationships I don't know that he feels that way. I and then finally here for two hours ago. The advocate here invitational bracket came out today did you see it. IE. Think idea they don't go to Oklahoma stated that if they win give Villanova. That's exactly right so my question is are they going to see Villanova in this tournament. I would lean towards no. If only because. In all states not great but they they're not bad and there's got to be sold many questions with what benefits you know it's. It's a first time head coach it's totally reliant on a lot of first your players and helping at reliant on a lot of first declared I think we do it's going to be reliance on a lot of first your players like just gonna be reliant on. A lot of first your players who are going to be lottery picks makes you. And medicine going to be a lot reliant on a lot of firsts your players who are going to be sophomores in college that you. And then junior in college have been senior in college it's a different level of talent themselves. I would lean towards no polite. You know it's not like they got to play Kentucky ticket to tell available at a young age as always we'll see but I would I would imagine they'll be an underdog in that game. While do you think Mike Boyd is a better coach and Penny Hardaway. Never have I say and I do think that that Oklahoma State I had to pick up a big twelve roster just in general. Is going to be. Probably better today and that meant just roster. Of intent November of 2008. K this isn't this isn't just play. Here we heard you stretch in the fit in your man lost steam on that number eighty S you yeah yeah and I saw you know he's no Jason ridiculous Jason mentioned the name John ross' and I saw your face from across the room. I you that statement has inducted just eight to be AC outlet members appreciate and tough talk real Smart head. The only thing I several is that it's not the craziest thing in the world I have a book and you know I know some people pointed out Dickey had a bite last year having finished eight they can pump it out like let this basket. But it was not the tip of Christina the American voter confidence last year even though it finished tied for fifth in the league stating. Imagine according to the most respected metric. Eight college basketball with the eight best team in the ACL I think they're going to be better than that this year if they get bigger better players they got what cal and win that was going to be better than that. All right. I don't biggest outlandish. To think that they'll be to eight best team at EAC even if I do think it's wrong. I GP get back to a man thank you thank you are. Is scary pairs him every afternoon from four steel and predict and brought sticks he is managing Cooley thinks Mike Boyd has more talent to coach and heading our way Jimmy Memphis or give me death while soldier elect one of Islam. A when he thought it was you I was Underwood. My point actually went 2115 last year here he had big twelve roster shot and they're super average big twelve team average big twelve minutes to beat them I don't know I don't you know them for yeah he didn't win the locals it will probably be favored by two and a half the learned a look like a good went on charisma exactly exactly are welcome back wrapping up Jason's done and it's Jennifer ME ST yeah. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free 3929. FM ESPN on the radio does come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Reveals just how. Glistening and then. ESPN that. 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That you're looking plane smelling good Chris feeling fresh all day into the night. I'm telling old spice yours or out of office superiors what protection easy for me to get out and beat them at the seed you look good doing it. Allspice pure spores the perfect we managed to keep you fresh clean smelling good all those outdoor festivals as John that I'm trying to find and now they've parties. He can't seem to find those we'll keep having them without him. Allspice fears forever for gives you the best from what protection against. The Memphis feet. I apple and a day party says this shows though you found on Yemen go on and end up and up Celtic for the second half of England Croatia. OK. You have intolerant World Cup cities and right now we're right up my Alley but we're in the files all right. We're in the final four England got to bring home England's one mil path well side but apparently Croatia was pressing there at in Latin us. Assault Timberlake ripped in England. And then we're gonna bring home. I'll allow it doesn't even rep America. Now he's deeds in a concert there yes not a lawyer date and you know he's gonna make it personal class saying we years there could be a North Korea doing a concert certainly would say week exactly broke. I got more do you. At a glance we did tonight just how appreciated Memphis is owned JT now are those of us my goodness he knew if he. There's there. We can we cannot go another minute without mentioning that we don't have minimum less I don't well this tiger's former tigers tennis player to do that Joseph Salisbury. He's in the semi final hope tomorrow's doubles and he's the feed the first. Ever even reached the quarter. And he's now in this he's in the city they won the quarters. Now I in the cities against sickness that's worth a bunch of about five Norville go tigers on them a very good team they're ranked thirteen in the world I don't know who Michael Venus and raven Claussen. It's Joe's sells Mary and Frederik Nielsen that match tomorrow noon tomorrow at 7 o'clock Tommy come on the air will know if Memphis tiger. The finals of them positively finals great doubles finals that night so tiger didn't get up at seven wash that man Mario mile. My has worked hard I don't know give up this week. It's all Wimbledon has noticed on the lesbians all when will be watching anyway exactly check this guy we support tiger's show they'll be on court one. Geiger on the show freeway and man do we only imam the guy that they're not Arnold's I don't know we'll get a body even if he does have been like we have to be fun he's actually from the United Kingdom. Don't know ouster he went to Memphis he came to Memphis love that as a as a tennis player so. There you go out that's a pretty cool story and again it's it's it's gonna be Hammond Frederick Nielsen vs Michael Venus and raven Claussen. On court once more deaths. Good match you liked you reminisce about it and their number thirteen in the world the other thing their plans Salisbury Nielsen not race. Held around. They've beaten the number twelve team in the country they beat the number sixteen in the country could be the number fourteen team in the country are they teams or is that seeds are Wimbledon or whatever yeah like thief you know what I mean. And if anything if you know what I mean I was a little we all know which remains. So. There you go 7 o'clock am happy for him yeah we'll see you love tennis as you can tell her we love I have every levels works. I gotta go watch think and having a Croatia keep you updated thanks Jason Dunn as always is for it to you by the wings. Guru go by if your hunger thanks to Ben Romans thanks to evident as the thanks Gary cares for joining us on the show two days. Thaddeus Young is going to being in studio sidebar yesterday. And the arm your right is found it will happen. 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Yeah home and devoted son. It's yeah.