Jason & John Hour 3 (6/22/18)

Jason & John
Friday, June 22nd
Live from The Wing Guru Grand Opening in Bartlett. Joined by Mike Norvell and The Wing Guru himself Billy Richmond on site in Hour 3. 

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Dominate you know I don't I don't think that's fair I think this kid can develop with the right staff and you hope this is the right system on that right as it off by use your imagination I think he's going to be part of this team franchise for for in the years. Whether it's one thing to say it's fair to have questions. We view it doesn't seem like you have any question whatsoever about this you know I believe that a problem you have no reservations at all I'm kind of in between both ER I mean I. That's fine pocketing and you know I can you have opinions CI and I did this or this. An opinion if you see here's what I think I think that it owns a jury Ain Al until this many years from now how nobody knows when Illinois so. Young yeah gotta give it two years to him to make a judgment on an Emma and Michael in the building all my goodness Mike novellus here. What will commit to Mike Norman how about that particular whether it is part of we have got everybody in here three weeks of my get a bonus of but he thinks about Jared Dudley might and I get mobbed as he studies here maybe a slew of this awful. It's our society on its way. I bet it did did you get sultan of the hopefully we'll get a chance to rap with him today so we'll keep you updated on that for but and I think you know you look at Jerry Jackson junior's numbers again I gave you the black person it's better than they have these days on college questioning him and we'll show 45% effort NBA range like that does it matter to you. I says that's something that I've created out of that they're not at all. Oh god agreed with the most points you made of this kind of look a little strange that you seem to be all the way to feed you know 100% disguise it. It happened with this nose. Would she do about this front office's records there. You deserve to have no questions whatsoever scandal but usually you're all over the stuff you got a couple questions about the idea. You just throw caution to the wind made it feel like you wanted projected today I got up eleven sit next was a donors father well you know what we're gonna continue to get it the national perspective on judges ally here. With crop duster he covers college basketball for NBC sports and he see a lot of when we come back Jason and Jon did you have him as being. Movie he's ready to nine FM ESPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and favors us today we have the best and at least one Bartlett tell them fast then this is a sports station. Buick GMC chuckling to what I try to by the new or used car or truck Czech girls are in Memphis dot com did you wait so. Cars and trucks to choose from 20101000. And factories highest 5000 immediate financing rules are present and Verizon cars and drugs under 4995. That's a lot of showcase our says the financing plan for everyone. 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When Germantown Carl Austin do it for you for the same price as those automated express losses including vacuum in windows starting at just twelve bucks or they can clean your magic carpet Sears chairman John Karr lost. 7601 problem revenue estimate there's balloons or Intel hardware. Germantown car wash its way too hard to do it yourself. What can barbecue it happening crap that we're here. Yeah broadcasting on 929680. Yen and on line at 929 espn.com. And the experience that she's. You know presented by the wind blew only on Memphis is Ford station 99. My ESPN broadcast live today from the wing group grand opening its. Selling one night guys they drove the wings durable. Right and from the week who Rubin just above coach Mike Rabelo just walked in. So it is pocket here in mammoth 71 netted nine stage road we are getting after them in there that it will be here will be here until 2 o'clock obviously but the ground nonstop and I don't stop all right rob DOS or covers college basketball. Four in BC sports and what I've tried to do really just use my platform. We'll use our platform to educate you have done that the city and state sits to your buffalo yeah Jackson junior. Ron dodge gonna help us rob what's going on at. We'll Cuomo got the bottom of my only love that phone university and I don't know your work yes put toxic gas sold out bumper. If you think he's definitely come on the radio all night so blurted. But I am I'm glad you're now a hard look at the item honored young showed. Rotted actually the last showed on our breaking up afterwards of that that we honorary as cats who are interrogated cats so why why would you be dead for about rob a figure Robin eighty cats before we don't need cats we got to Ulster about it I should ask for us it never hurts to have. Or you know whatever you want Texas been your you know what half thanks to David thank you never known as rob never know yes way what they're not winning and it takes only really wanna find out rob it's what you think of Jared exactly as I don't know if you'd be surprised to hear this but we got to watch party last night. Post launch party here in Memphis and it was boot the selection was booed universally it it seems like the city of it this just. Roundly hates this pick does that surprise you. Well we weren't. I feel quite like the top three guys in this draft old guys that are affected because I heard it was thin and accidentally ended up with a force that. Not you know it's awkward situation repeating repeating again and an appeal to profits not. The bottom of the transaction said it best profit if you struck he's. He seemed like the archetypal what you want out of the small ball ought to be defensive anchor yet and yet he is somebody. Who want a better shot walk of the ball ball for one year opportunity and about half the bonus at all and the numbers back that up block. We couldn't see it got so you can. What percentage of shock the player walk over on the court sir Jack who last year was fourteen point three. Small fumbles thirteen point six. Don't care Jackson by the numbers with a better shot blocker lucky in the maul Bobble one. Despite throwing a fourth hole down position Stevie got good movement and athletic in the Swiss ball. You they got the can be three to have superb person bookkeeper because she was a freshness. I can be able to kind of plea on the floor that are a little Booth did. To me. Right down the road can take into mutually Ford used to find it there what I think you're looking at he's more let somebody hit it let's say quite developed but people should look at tomorrow some of it quite sure some Thompson but it'll shoot what Jamal what you're kidding. If we got to be switched all they can which match up looking like you can quickly but also with teams like Golden State. Also be able to have that kind of protection. It being able to speak or to need. You're you guys are gonna. Town of Purcell with the comparison and I don't think you can say player but he can do career or an organization. What jury monk read those for colds they know they're they're different plate right. Remote region the theory very good play they couldn't put a little at a point guard college Jerry Jackson had eight points seven assists turnover ratio. Trademark green six point six Jerry Jackson is excellent the three month reduce certify at least Spain. As far as I know Jerry Jackson is not an opposite player like. What they can do defensively pretty empowering youth under that posture to get there or they're able to eat something on the often supported forced well with a keynote speech. That's what you can do Kirk or that team for that roster for those pieces and I think would you look at that and that's. It can take him a little while to keep their. Put your consolation cards and an NBA draft even doubt that could end up being that good wants it to be defensive player of the year but that's a pretty good consolation art than a month before they expect nothing guaranteed in the draft I think what you're eating and the guys. We don't really really hard or it could end up being you know the fact that supported me and you won back. And ultimately having like it doesn't every profits are not like it's going to come down. The coaching staff developing him right and it's gonna come down to you know. How he's used in what they're brought. You know pieces around him look like but just what I hear you say it like I've loved the pick because of what you referenced offensively. I've seen enough of him to know that he can guard if basically anybody in the league you know the way that he sort of slides with his beat the guy he's got a good footwork though because it had to go to. Low post move but I like the fact that he could block shots is a lot percentage was better that it be davis' account that I just think this guy. It's hard for me to see this guy. Not being a good NBA player for years to come in and I think it's silly for for grizzlies fans not to like this pick especially for. I mean I understand why they're so don't because. So we built for this group who died in this kind of called them look more poll gives him younger Mike Conley didn't younger and it. If you look at blog Morton back we can do. It's pretty well won't cut Marcus told how quirky look at Lou good conscience but that would be the perfect guy to play awful my on the back like those two guys come in right away. Now is that she went. But he defense and that's part of what happened lottery so in my mind that this being. Widget you told you to apply and be upset not a lottery played out what you got some straps. What made you what an ideal it certainly was not a tactic without a bad thing. Organizations. That you will in the best case scenario like you know. You gotta gotta be built around in the futures point to make sure that you quirks which I think will and won't make sure that he develops. That the government version of that plea mediate and bump our belief she put the VP of each also went there with a monkey she see. She's really heartened that you have yea so he has. A background of basketball understand what this indicates Turkey where he wants to be but it took the whale did this instead. Was I got that was contracted and ended up playing in the NJ and putting or in Peru in 1990 done. Don't think you know would take a pork in developing its accord with compact which ones ER just. I think you keep spewing is incredible and I think that you go to block for the future and will not just. I lol what he could end up being in videophone. Won't look adorable too much hard ardent I look at. How EPA's going. What this kid is gonna be able to do. And then to just do or street another liberal Republicans keep the team on younger than both while he's fifteen months younger than ER three and he scored two months certainly the Michael or no. Key is six months longer the marker that. You could senior year I was still call it what you got got the clicking this would that they could end up being the best start to play and yet people were so I don't. At that comic out how good. You're right rob and everything else this all sounds great and in that relies too with Izzo and situationally with the other Brendan Quinn who said there were times even when. Not so much that you didn't foul trouble he's not playing maybe because it's situational. Maybe you know it is what whatever. All that said. Best case scenario. John's talking about LaMarcus Aldridge I've been saying Serge Ibaka just shot blocker right how little shot blocker step outside if there. What's best case scenario in terms of accomplice got achieved you know guy you know maybe did you in terms of what this guy can be. I mean there are boxes that is the name of that appearance. I think if he is eat he would change beautiful political that are under. All but I mean Serbs regard we're confident you're looking for what the prototype for which often uncomfortable with Mikey. A block is the guy but I think he can beat. That is concerned about especially defense we met the death of wanting I understand why. That some of the criticism either party ticket guy to ever produced and how long ago I understand what has opened a concern. But he didn't produce soft on. Defensively he was. Unbelievable support at least he was better than both although we're talking about being you know the next. When people click right so I I understand the concern about what he can be offensively I don't think you can you got Eric Gordon. You'll meet fifteen point gained sixty quote being looked at it that. He makes open or these attacks quote out and make sure that he pulled because we were let's I think that's really what is valuable until we never could averaged only five. But Jerry margaritas and adversaries are pointing them what he does for colds they obstacle course looked at. And there is there anybody in that there's I mean ask me for another agreement is that they could trademark green is like a top fifteen or twelve player of the NBA right now. If you. Think you're right. And if he can be data lead defensively he's worth well about a way of any shot about fitness or disagreements and shot 40% from three. You know so it's not like this guy is complete a complete liability you know he's not where he needs to be offensively. But he shot 40% from three last year and 45% from three point range according to some metric I saw so you know site this guy's a couple of playable in on one side of the ball that's not true at all robbed of robs just from just firm for clarity say that if your for your the grizzlies you'd taken Jaron no doubt and not taken for a for a young. Yeah probably wouldn't take Israel on our concerns that I've hires England and try a little bit obscure news you know there's conceit. Oh wait if it plays out where you end up being basically Jim and partnership not in China where we're generally playing basketball term that's set economical CU play out we're Choi young is next occur so. These days. Yeah I mean community depends on whether or not actually be able groups and whether or not cool to be good enough to have all of the pain from what you can eat that the or the eight. So it trillion would you risk your I think it's Aaron Jackson is secret the very least what you gonna end up being. In really good defense peeps know what it anybody complaining about. I think Igawa called propeller literature possibly insert Epoch or god just imagine sort of box you know in three years with a little bit older potential or keep stereo. But your index are just. Our IP TV period their receipt take into the guy that's going to help you bask adept at pitching at all. What is it he's taken the world by. It equal to OK we basketball I'll tell you this. He's going to end up I would I would bet my life on this as you end up winning more basketball is certain to be written off that. Wow. My impression I just think that down yeah I mean you won't. You're right you don't want hope that we don't have actually grabbing my Pennsauken writes every few weeks we did last week and a piece of that report sounds like obviously well the. Maybe maybe not fit my life but I want that would be that I would hope that my cat for. Plus some only like these. You'd better cats like that Jerry Jackson junior wins more basketball games and Marvin back left. Yes yes a bit down keep it out well Ahmadinejad it's not quite as much but still strong. That's typically. You're gonna have like got heated cup and after you. I've employers everywhere the rescued. You can be thrown at me. Well yeah you got out all right what about it's about Carter is that we can text a little bit this morning that that was the grizzlies other pick there at 32 huge ball Carter who obviously benefits player of the year. Fits that sort of gritty grind mold as you know rob what do you think about about part of their dead into the business. Names that taxpayers are going to absolutely love that guy. He even be news to play because he is on the Kindle book golf ball defenders that I can ever remembers it. And he is horrible to you can make shots and the federal and a lot about how that is airliners but. The duke just plays so important because they're looking eat eat. I think he's basically people Tony Dow closed for or historical focus ain't hard to see you don't do you know if they don't want this same kind of person now because. I really do think it's either a guy that can be able to carve out. Oh hole in the career. In the NBA just because I mean defense works here you know we did he Patrick Beverley. That's basically two years and is and I feel like it's are there death yeah that's always and I feel like Patrick Beverly will be perfect fit for that city and for the organization I just. You guys your actual catalog you can be seeing fever. You know even if you only a complaint until mid game you can be somebody that that you guys really really do enjoy a connect you know. I think he had the public and be eighteen skaters that we've gotten the guys are in of the the police first round or second round will be looking for someone to play a role where I remember having a conversation. Wouldn't that he's got about this. And and he basically says that. Don't you take it won't be halfway QB guy they could end up being a KED are going to be you know Karl Taro during that being somewhat that. You'll be looking to see somebody to do jobs and whether or not going to be able to catch up well if you look. Did you all caught looking absolutely didn't talk. You know I think you also organization don't mean you could be great Tunisia and make millions of dollars which did not get Mon chi. 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Lucky they got two locations one of 312 Madison avenue mitts on one at 513 south first street in downtown Memphis or of course you can check him out online at blue. Team trivia every Wednesday at 8 PM in midtown bridge to even win some greens. Music of the blue monkey midtown Friday night atom heart and heart that this band on Saturday bluff city back sliders. Guessing on 99 succeeding piano man on line at 92 million espn.com. XP is that she's gonna tell a joke tonight doing little old ladies on Memphis is scored sixty or 99 FM. ESPN broadcast online today. Grand opening of par 7199. Series grow the wing mirror. Yes sir that's arrest anyone that advanced stage or it is a special day and Barnum and go down hard on the job I'm Jason Bartlett evidently though let's open that window open and I got a couple of special guest with a right here. Both doing big things in Memphis Tennessee. Want as the wing guru Billy Richmond and the other also do you expect here in Memphis coach Mike doorbell yours in of this football coach thank you Gelman both of Dell. Feels like a historic day. Because I've not known as places I had no question about it you come in Cummins who pulled up well you have seen all the cut the parking lot full everybody decided about the grand opening new day and a just ecstatic to be part of cool to see a tiger like you know entrepreneur who are here opened a possession they will now he's going to be down before home. This year for tigers games wells was games to come up this dude is the jobs they use a seat on the wall might normally it's all the music games and never got reduced to lose a game says the only injury. We lose the new standard. It feels like he's got blown up. Ideas and your ability I've got to know each other for over the last year and I tell you it's it just so impressive to see what he's doing near the vision. Other growth you everything you this what we sell the war guys then you come to. If the tigers have a great experience and then you take that in feel less filling progress in your career or whatever it might see and feel there is a wonderful example to that. I know this day for you and me. My goodness how long we've waited so I know you must be very excited that happens then I would be here you have some obstacles to real bad some alone time we. We've been defamed her pay if he landed ten months. I'm so excited on produced some delays. I'm I'm proud to be a tiger. Without tiger nation. Coast mobile and you know guys like big these would be possible we'll meet today. Had a dog that got him like how did you really get to know itself. Came by the the the other location pesos while total my total might become second out and you know within that it didn't take long I think after that first when he went down I was I was I was gone for life is a woman is everything I have gotten dominance both a couple of visionary. When your visionary here's the key because they've done they've never worked with caddie give people the Bard. It's is that the communication isn't being relatable for both you guys that because of the flies in the face. And I think it's about being an all inclusive and when you when you have a great product has something that is that's incredible you know whether it's a football program you'll obviously game. Restaurant here or maybe. It's it's it's not just what's what what happens when you open the doors and walk in the stadium at about every experience it's about the way you communicate. I don't you open launched the community tennis that's what makes Memphis special and we. He's fine he's fine gentleman. Young ladies that that believe in that fans and he's genuinely who they are I think success follows and that's what that's what I love about it. Obviously our son of Billy Richard and Michael bell here at three through 7100 on stage roasted grand opening. Farley coach in rusty good must feel good it's sort of walk around as you might doorbell around this time around it's crazy exciting you know you guys have expectations. It must it must be good to be Michael about Obama's good. In that tiger and that's what you know at the end of the day that's what everything that we're assuming we're building this for the and if you were continuing to to create excitement when not if I'm best job in the world I could coach the young man with a so they're in our program and what we're trying to continue to elevate the standard of how we got great what we'll do. We built some wonderful relationship so we're excited about the future and and then do what's in front of us were you when your investor and tigers athletics like you walk them rich enough partner obviously decided that list. This guy you can give them. And I made that makes it easy to do right they had to earn a spot now. With cultural. We know now with him when they are away from it seems like we can possibly have the best success is that what departments of I had to keep you help them. Did feel the perfect time. You know he. They decide on the my plan will come back in the corporate myself into the mid afternoon Sunday anything can be they had to revolve around and I had to kind of in a great. Back to tiger nation into this whom they know of the facilities is unique about any given day. And you know. I'll keep makes ties with the school absolutely they've they've been wonderful. You know from athletic department. Through. He's used to think why don't you tell us you've missed a business and investment analysis do that we get a good start giving them the doors and over the entire my. All of Bartlett desert him and a line it's again totally out of the only down. Three more sweets and I argued and then the baby go to there was you know an excellent viewing them fresh out as I think about it if I can tell you I'm in the yeah. Yeah empire grows up like there's lots of answers you lose from the get go out how about a 51. Okay are we don't wanna keep becoming condolences to keep it faster because you know they wanna keep. Am so so we're in coach what was it mechanically or your house yeah I kind of thing. That is there all the time and hours a lot of via Twitter attitude of this department is capable partner I mean so Wednesday night we had a team event in my house and that's and then we try to do you know. Couple times throughout the years justice. Frazier for the kids to go relax and they're in the grind of the summer. And so we brought in the couple couple of events and oh it was it was a fun night and that was ahead of that battle boldly editor. I did not get on nobody got to get. In snatch that is to grant moment I don't know exactly what's my story out there and did you guys case you got to be careful now no question innovative if they can't. Recruits Casey did got a pool at fault that it'd be ridiculous yeah that would be you know you get a standard to hold yourself to me and I'm not the economical. I wasn't allowed to go on I'm a bears fan I'm so excited about and I know about those that every day probably what they open after that they have you know. At the Chicago but it looks like it's a perfect. Period he's a grinder we need receivers it's a Murray gosh you know for that to happen and how it happened in Chicago they they identified a young man they wanted to coach they want in their program they. Obviously you trade they traded on the ought to go yes they did and they could've picked a better young man he's doing a wonderful job. A huge guard Avery up there with Cleveland Browns is doing great job coming in that's the thing to do that excites me CC doesn't have. And did their experience here in Memphis men they they go to the program to do with the right way and then they get an opportunity to do something the next level so. You really got to ask you that we're real excited about both nitro did you guys go. We appreciate your stuff dad Billy and I know and don't forget about the little folks violent man on man come in Philadelphia in the FW millionaire. Well thank you all this answer we'll talk about Jason John editor if any has been done. ET nine FM ESP NBA's Memphis is NBA draft station the Memphis Grizzlies so lax guarantee. Here is the epitome of a modern NBA game to your home Sunday NBA hoops city. 92 FMC ESPN now. 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Barb you're welcome you finally got that we do in Riley you're welcome as welcome were close enough yet he has little limited to play in this all right so the NBA draft was last night and we've already determined that the Memphis Grizzlies were winners. Yeah I'm looking at winners right now is the end of socialism is but you go right it and they're gonna lose about ten years it's that you're going for the sexy there. And this doesn't qualify succeeds themselves whether the waiters reported that he has been an article on it's it's a with a winners for less than that it draft. Well the well I'm sure they were but the hogs did write the Dallas Baptist leader not last I have listened to the radio broadcast they had on our station and I believe as PJ Carlos most said that he thought of the grizzlies were winners because the Javon Carter picked. Said he thought that was the steals second round. Hopson a couple people that have been the grizzlies and feel good but I don't see it on ESP NO. Dallas maverick yes we'll see. Dallas Mavericks obviously things have happened for Mike Bobo lie and it allows the image that you just yet and yet extend that might overlook it just got a standing ovation. That this whole ball but you dozens of yes and those are the teams that that that these analysts at least say. They loved the nuggets obviously we have not talked about that where Michael Porter junior landed last night. Don't surprise the that the fourteenth I think it's a usage I wasn't surprised because I told you I was out and the more we heard about it and think that English teams we're going to be out. Yeah I thought somebody might take and quite frankly I'm in the slot as week. They're out who decide to go to the direction. Right on the board but what will say is easier to spot. Denver it if it fits likable he says Michael Porter junior has to sit on the entire season. Denver can take they can withstand that they are close enough right now that they could probably make the playoffs yet that we do us a gutsy when apple will Barton. But I think they've got enough clearly well that's that's a tough fight yet and now we'll see what happens with will Wright didn't wait for my point you can wait you can afford to waste if you're doing wrong. Michael Porter yeah you went 46 games last year Zito he's. You've got on love where he used some of the situation you've got to bomb Marie there you know you've got Yokich you've got a good team good nucleus already in use your you have like you said your position to take that gamble because if you works out that's the difference you guys superstar fourteenth that if he does it. Oh well grizzlies can't wait you know it. Yet here's the thing they need they need to keep that thing fool I did it with a small I realize it's a different situation right that said. I don't question that we've back injury that could take before we'll talk of gospel superstar that's what we're saying we're seeing instead of waiting to see if we've got a good big man two to three years you're waiting to see if you've got a potential franchise changing. Possibly face of the league type player now were you I will say this and that we haven't brought the subject itself secondary but. I did not lie can. And I love wounds that I love with his coverage it is the best and I think loads of if anybody any sport right when it comes a breaking news reporting on oranges or you Moody's and go to. But. Ruin the draft. Last night and I'm not talking about with his good tweeting before the pick was made you relatives' homes stopped it right and so he was clearly not happy about that. But the whole here's how the top six is shaken out poor clock. That's what I did not like related let me down there because that is that right there if it. If I watched. You know nobody's one buildup took so long did it like to me a I did if you if you wanna have bestowed the suspicion ruin your you're not gonna get on Twitter before the pitch but I shouldn't have to avoid Twitter or clock on the on the day of the draft right because quote is gonna spoil it like to meet. That that rule in the united is that we're gonna have more forward now we're gonna know you know I did well. Well we understand your luggage you know plugged in and got the World Cup stuff but he'll have to ruin it for the rest of us. There's an innocence there are some details bills team that I've done yes it does all right yes it's a dud rate that blows you. You know we'll tell wolves to be bought the team just take a step back don't the world in this thing for the broadcast. We'll got to be woes will get a break stores and get a drop bombs you got your money finally so that that's what we found out last night that. While yesterday and got ready to go in terms of news right especially NBA but they got they got they got a guy who's not a team player. Well it's not a team player that knows and I would just ask you know and at all about him don't between the first six picks may and we don't have to know. You know the first six picks so do you want says that always plug and we know that like of particularly in the heat of the lesser evils it's just like you've come at all until almost to start the show which we knew who have been I've told you so badgers got so it's not brotherly and that's what it is not nearly as good as. Closes his job so I have to I'm gonna celebrate those views the views don't you know I gotta I gotta celebrate those small victories. When I. It's yeah but but. But I terms of the other were you surprised to hear who's the one on one of poetry. Colleen sexton the Cleveland where you surprised. I don't know if I was surprised about what you've got to go in that raised an odd thought column is going to be the one that dropped to like a quarter profit maybe a fourteen right quarters that guy Cleveland and people setting that LeBeau. That goes to show you though. We're team's war in terms of there understand almost medical though that he contends that because most of the teaching before addressing what hole vastly right thumb. Come on sex and that's a star possibly post LeBron and what you saw last night trying to convince LeBron to stake out liberal the collapse to a lot more than that yet to get LeBron backers of that that if you have one let him know that the label we're talking about lows as you see that story from the Atlanta Hawks GM. Yes about Torre did they were gonna trade up from ninety. To seventeen that they saw who the books for the cake at seventeen and it wasn't the guy they like so they did have to. So I wonder if going forward we're gonna see these GM is exactly a little bit more tight lip because it actually is bad for business if you know you could have got something if your Milwaukee if you could have got excited because the dancer guy cries at night evening period Dante di Vincenzo if any could have had something along the way instead Atlantis stood pat. At nineteen because of the lead to pick her to projection. And they got their guy anyway here's the one thing I want him by her bottom or talk about his lens on holders some sort of of of of change. Everybody gets the medical's. Everybody gets everybody's was right the minute that does not the way to do this right that in game plan or some no more than others right is is not fair right it's not fate. That should be done going forward that seems like an easy fix to me you release the medical they don't give coming into the league everyone should know as much information on you. And as the next team knows it's also explained to the kids because the first question June Jackson got last night on the comedy as solid as well why did she give the grisly humor and what was his answer about what he was just like odd thing that was all blown out of proportion because it's not. Them doing that at their camp and so if agent in the kids are going to see well that's the downtown and I think about age is under total yes. I mean that that that look from me. When most lead at 617 the Jarrett Jack several comparable prospered in the draft and would afford that you lose sometimes don't look at that point and and and did you talk about him who wouldn't it. Do at 617. Yeah we knew everything before they announce it's we got six but he was the thing we didn't know. We're all trying to and that sort of talked myself into his tweet earlier that it had the top six did handed relievers on you thought of the genre later yeah later announced that that was addressed yet but it looked like he was saying. The grizzard trading out whoever gets that forced out of that trade with is going to take your Jackson junior. But didn't you get the one at 617. That says Janet Jackson junior. You know got comfortable with David resumes its medical that was betting to that you need and that's one dollar us are crying its OK on the crying anymore and I appreciate the guest you've had a whole lot else to look I've tried a lot of that's I want a lean that way yeah I wanna believe what rob Dawson says that he could be a second best player in the draft. The brother all I've got to go along his hope that potential I don't have thought you work. I don't have a home office that's made. Good decisions and run spots over don't understand that there's only so let's all pray with you domino like effect on the economy and on you brother. Faith is Bob and today I don't know I don't know what what the phrases that faith is just you know well I'm leaving without seen. About we have space and Torrey right we have to your brain that's behind some bad wrap it up Jason's and added Jennifer and yes you know. This is Memphis NBC's medicines stage. Our kids Jason Joseph. Broadcasting made. Six EAM. SP news Memphis East Asia and I didn't know. 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Against 275. 81 citizens found modes for water show it has. Name today from the wing guru. Appreciate everybody coming it's been hard for me to concentrate with the smell. You know I mean I'm in there about super hungry -- you all you do see people we've an -- and we've been here since about 1050. And it is about to -- 2 o'clock it is not slow down and we have not had a bite to -- we tonight in my view of the work we've gone on offense where we've always been confined here to this little corner here with that in mind. Proud of him and happy for surely. That here I am in. In maybe Billy and often with a since they won't listen in Melbourne you know with the way Roger looks. Thank the folks that have come out today from Bartlett obviously from all over the city looks like folks on the bag and got folks all of the city to come through here including both Michael bell have. Yours and if so. Thank did thanks to everyone has helped make that would make this thing success yeah absolutely it's a point 07199. Shelby drive it. Your state for Obama you must really what I say don't just feel the drama is great personal none of them are doing great stage road you interact it's Friday sprouted seven went on and on stage. Road all right before I get out of here the Memphis Grizzlies had a draft last night they drafted Jackson junior no. Overall the selective about Carter at number 32 not the fireworks that some of you guys think you agree Jason we're expecting our available sexy you've got no sexy get sex you've got to and I don't even know what I've got so I'd agree environments that I got. So if we go back if we were distributing draft grades all right if he had given the very people we know Georgia's they gloves I'm not gonna say plus speak out if you have a B plus. A B plus with a chance to be in a later what would be great for the this. Last night. How much do you sum will be read. Good. C plus six plus that's that's totally understandable. So what what you really like that yeah. He doesn't like doing karma and that's effective who. I don't like Javon cause I like the player I don't like the picture right there on this thing doesn't like to management understand Jason does not like any move the grizzlies make is as he does. You like about the Harlem have been apple more move odds are you did at the you like. If you like let it helps you will ever forget. That I and the Pope the man that got on the radio. And told John my company had another year another level you liberals look at me like I had three and then one at a stroke he went out there and show view you'd run by guiding inviting me and I think you're not riot obviously would acknowledge giant of the William trying to constantly that moves the grizzlies make you don't like most all of the local going to be reasonable I want this kid should he do I want to be served -- I want I want I want demand Carter to be Patrick Beverley you know I just have a hard time believing you want to recreate. Greek variety to that level of success. Of key in this league have a hard time believing that I was still execute the process that we're past that now we've got we've got let's see it couldn't run well welcome back Greengrass. What we're happy it's one that you. How old I can bring back out it's like to Jurassic Park for its you know we just can't put it right there is that he goes he's a mad PA announcer down at the down the fault and it's got a mole. You can say oops yeah that's who. But champions here today at we've got a good show so he warned that 99 stage of the energy. You Rhode I guess I'll go on the record over time we got here I love to execute and make sure that you know that we know I think that he is going to be a big part of this franchise for a decade. He's going he's going to be all star game appearances John. Two. That's more than you're gonna give Alonso who never make you want well. Oh he's he's got a ways to go I think the executive makes on student body all star big man in the west yes yes a cut as you mentioned there's just not as windy as it is these. With the agencies but he's a force in the west but I think he's going to be a big partisan enough for the next how this'll be wears an appraiser and I'm happy playing someone that detonated celebrate that there is an opinion for you doesn't look good you. Not he's a great kid in the press covered air by the way to a club of at the beginning of the Aircastle time show Jerry Jackson may join the game yourself. A little bit later this afternoon the governor that is those will. Oh yeah it's not there's a lot of very busy day here on the show appreciate everybody that came out to the week and thank you all 71 betting on stage where. Roads of course there's little excellent even lower revenue officials are about to them by a few days are hungry. Thank all of our guests McCain. A third and quit my doorbell really rich well off their pockets and drop down for free don't join the show. Today that's good to have throws error test time is up next for. Jason got a weekend. 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