Jason & John Hour 3 (6/19/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, June 19th
More on NBA Draft plus joined by Grizzlies TV Analyst Brevin Knight in Hour 3. 

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You don't try to make things happen and it sound like couldn't we we talk a lot like over our at recruiting quiet start could go yeah critics here in. And you know this is golf and to see how much she's been inaccurate and there or got the equipment so I think everybody would expect that an uncle who. What I think you've made the point last last summer had you want to become the one since school and and my information is that they are looking into that. Havel about and if they can determine that there's no sort of you know advantage right there or or recruiting violation I could I think that's I think that's gonna happen the mavs got at least basketball wise gonna be one cent school. Yeah I think you know early on whether it's any model in particular gunman wearing horse which is the one so we'll move on her record books. I mean that's that's one of the coolest thing ever and of course I declines as much looked good. You know it's such a rare thing for a gun the coaching that level in global water but also that the sponsored by Rembrandt with Dick. If you look at Patrick Ewing or some other coaches that I have their own issues. But everything all lined up in terms of the Rangel and so what and Edmonton I don't want the perfect storm that. OP critics of that and. Exactly mic man appreciate your dress I am always main banks. Yes sir is it nick DePaula covers this your game very fascinating as always. Love getting those inside look into the issue game. Colonial not quite as the editor that was that was worded very poorly on article and I embody mention that because it was confusing your made it seem like Marin deal was bigger. Or as big as categories as they've clocked at one close is 2.2 biggest sensitive to. But even that is kind of surprise witness the biggest since KD every my goodness I'm actually currently open and some Casey's. And Arnold and I love them absolutely not he's on the phone user that you know the it and get it but I love I got them open and 82 Miami heat's. Love them. Good show I mean they hold up very well like you'd think like it was that says that's they don't older shoot it'd be bulky and heavy and it looks like it is they've made it feels your own court. I can do pity can do that. Are you just saying that because he's coaching tenth. No I mean I wouldn't have the pennies if you I was eating there obviously very population while players love but from what I hear I've got two pairs of pain I got the pity five look at me and I got paid to. Miami Heat to your souls on and so special. How does you should buy a pair to Wear to the bluff I've got the old little dream team bear full well what amount on Thursday night for the draft are good luck. A thereby does they they bring their little dusty I'm not like Ben and Al Alam and instill in the box that you say paid bidding got dusty Jews he wears dusty he keeps his stuff in the box though doesn't it Dustin got. Got put on side are Brett and I gonna join is that once we found it awhile. Since we caught up with him because he's going to be in town lives if they ask on movies if it is got to have a favorite so we'll talk to him at 1252. Minute Jason Dunn editor envious the. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio to. It's an easy time anyway and favorite us today the professor at least one Bartlett. 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Go to forehand dot com slash love at all or HIM as dot com slash love premiums slash love. Go. Addressing on an easy 9:16 PM ten online in 9290 espn.com. Here's the allergies there's not a joke it's the wind blew through a little late on Memphis is sports station 99. I EST okay. Gentleman's do not care about your hygiene when you feel fresh got that confidence on once you have that swagger to you look Chris. Like he just stepped out of a sense. We all know that Memphis is crazy hot and humid it is right now I gotta do is go out and feel of the season lose that little swagger and confidence on top of elements they had a few. You do that with the old spice Pearce Ford and a first round he'll keep you feeling so fresh and so clean in this heat. Doesn't for me. What the other day party and handled vessels that boat kind of season right there barbecue like I was this we can you wanna make sure you stay fresh. Saif locked all day long. The gables vice pure sport in person and a track we'll have to beat that Memphis heat look cool while doing it don't let the heat beat you everybody needs a good wing man right I've got one. A got a couple here. Once name's John Maher no one's name bin Abdul. Oh we all need better wing man and it goes on jobs don't wish yes we do. And I'm telling you it is all spite your support enforcement will never let you down. Our backs. Fred and I could address that once we've obviously had a lot left you speechless. Why did addicted I am an old spice and I was actually looking at I was trying to see if I could find Sammy is Mahan a fashion on the Internet. You know that's what it is saying he's been fashioned and apparently beat 4703. South Bergen locations closed room there is one in south haven now. So we cannot totally rule out your shopping at Sammy and fool I told you a shop and Macy's. You've never been in its own enough of them and how there was a rite of passage. Now. Now Ireland due out in I apologize you can't I can like you you have the amount you go on there and get a twenty dollars and a three piece suit. Put on about it it's affordable and and I advise you if your ball the budget there's no better place so I'm not as writers that's a rite of passage from me. That's what you're saying about me in my home. Considered don't take that I had the same of the leg of the responds then and whenever a question of doing cars drive Mikey can't drive nice cars right is dead and have a good limp. A top field. I did do maybe you bought up and we can only afford donate a dollar from peace may you volatile do you go by two and three piece music have a soup hurts you coach who certainly the government in a different color purple. Turco knows and are paying them hate bush rolled it in Ramallah that are inside edition and target letter dollars to analogy to have its wheels leather chaps. Us is that whatever target brand is there what is the target modular now it's new it's harder today out saying now they are violent Raj date they brought in some New Bern and now it's targets exclusive won't Wear that either so it's not just send me slander on here. Are you aware talk RJ. Yeah. Like if you look ahead to think what this is my Jason will tell us your boys are very Koreans Bobbie you know what's so that was very snob it was less funny when it target. Brother it has been years since they used have a little concession stands so hot dolls though they still do that. Did that hard yes they still do that that that's how long would it been the target clothing game is is on a different let you do what you probably and I'm sorry I don't know him but my kind of brand names in there abrupt. Like what. We polo full okay that's inside and doctor Leonard Paulo our everyday iiroc Apollo where color pants right now. Follow KUS pa US Paulo now I'm not that cannot turn around and showed downer but the other day it's got a real all OK okay male horse that's a mule. Dude knock off. As a mule bro. You know that we not only about minutes wardrobe as bad as all be led barrel had faith that they secretariat as the war you saw that the U Oreo but that's not. That is not. That is now which you've got to mean huge off the rails there manhunt and I. I don't still will now looks a little offended by and has gone out earlier that you mentioned obviously it's something that bothered by your boy that'd you'd have me back there I think the union back to the street I could be a focus on what you call because thousands laughing at David do you going to say and he's in the Ambien last. And I fight in that your back other economies move like I've just come and an all time you're late and it like this savings who. I next we got a lot for savings bet. Are you out of his our bodies so I'm not I'm not I'm not like clay Travis the ozone I'm not allowed no place has got a number to be happy do for their rabbis who usually you you take I'll have a number percent is that coming up be the bit about their turn and all the way around. Giving you say we are right now. These jobs you want us to do dissolves by. Buys wanna you know Nevada now and as things unless they're loud out there for you have everybody right we only do we don't want to give away the Santas and then yeah I'll take care argued about in there we got them all packing a wing to root Sammy did everybody the same is now called a rite of passage as you did jump a does adopt that is my line my tag line. Well hello central and Allison said a holiday sales and listening and I'll tell you they're real over studio days that we get lately to convert him he'll react like he'll go to CME's come on now. Brother I've never. Looked at me in my eyes and that it can you tell Marla you see us as our answers I've never in my life. And I never planned to Godwin. Stepped in saying he's not and that is offensive. Sorry I didn't realize as the instrument. But your swagger is like it's hard for leader I can't matches so you know I didn't know or where it came from while. Stop trying to figure things out that you went any any understanding OK okay. As you say stupid thing do you ever bluff outfit picked up. On Thursday for the draft party now I'm picked out about how part of as you period they I don't need to do pets or you figured out plain some 48 hours in advance and laid down a bit. Get all our Ed you said you're always so crispy when you step out for our bulletin guess that's because I get Moscow drag queen unlike you that's what's called by the dry cleaner to Lawson to yell about they directly and I MA. I don't do that that'll get you think I'm and I you know giving no yes I do I got my start to dry cleaning business are okay. All right well there is a draft party on Thursday that will be there you can come by say a low streak come loved here's a list. Enjoy the dialogue old spice up there a smell like old spice and some fresh Sammy is out there don't. Thursday that you've been odd odd odd odd million dollar house on I attended do things like that too much I'm done I'm albeit over your arms are you to go to yoga Sammy it's not even true. It's OK you don't notice him this will come up some time down the road but not anymore today. Our there's got part of that will be there will be a good time. This could be a particularly intriguing night for the Memphis Grizzlies because earlier today. We had we had so they go boating on disputed middle names and and he told us several inched in there looking one. My Obama. Refuses. To work out for the grizzlies. He refuses to give his medical's to the grizzlies and he apparently has told the grizzlies openly that he does not want to be there based on a finger sign him now what. Dismal Obama have against the grizzlies MFS. I don't know I mean you heard you haven't said it we have and Barlow. And maybe it was because we are having balls on right after but you heard what Jonathan said about that about the franchise and what. When he talks to agents when he talks to other NBA front offices. His feeling is that I think I wrote down the third. And unstable franchise right now. And obviously you've got the pair situation settled down but to his point you talk we saw all the numbers John we know how much. You know this team needs in terms of the revenue sharing from the NBA what it needs just to get back up to look. But what you're not drowning right Reitman we've seen it in and from that standpoint if you look at from that standpoint. I hope you say well maybe there out the most stable organization in the in the leak to mean that it today that is what the rest of the NBA bad about us than we asked to. At some point acknowledge yes that's what they're saying no we don't agree with that. Well global war part well there are a Wagoner and say stop you know picking on our grizzlies but it this is how the league looks at us. I'm gonna sit there may be provide everything is just that you know you hunky dory there for novice and that I have a clearer saying of who's making the decision we ever known that but I will tell us about that will push back a little bit. Let's just take a step back the grizzlies own the fourth pick in the NBA draft argued that they do you think. If you're if you're a player who's outside of the top three ranked right I mean there are some financial implications that come with being drafted. As highly as cost yes if you get drafted seventh as opposed to fourth. You are losing money that's great about a ton of money but it is still money and money is money and when you first I really didn't pay absolutely do that difference. So do you do what really sit here do I really believe that players are think it all I don't know who's making good decisions and our problem are gonna go riding that's stupid. Whenever Jack that I don't think that's. I don't think that's why the grizzlies aren't getting top tier workouts I'm sorry I just don't believe that. I think why the crews are getting word out frankly is that players don't view that this as a good market. You know and I don't think they've. They don't understand that they probably never been to live this well they don't understand what basketball means to that and they just look at. All Memphis Tennessee small town to you know Bailey at top fifty market and are really gonna be a superstar player and I'm sure there's injury just so much a passenger to Marcel back then yeah now. Oh words make an advocacy organization so that might be something that they hate you had a triple but it Kerry AJ Wright why would you not. What you're guy to work out. At the highest possible cloudy beach the lighter weight a martyr for an agent is just fundamentally you should one go as high as possible meaning he's gonna get the most money because of the Judeo which means you get more in your cut exactly. Fundamentally makes yes it makes all the sense the world many agents tell you that you granddaddy got take reform instead of by the way I that was a little research I brought this up several weeks ago. The rubio. Did make it clear I read to some of Chris seconds old Memphis fire archive there rubio did make it clear that he did not want to on the left. Did. And we got a little Ricky Rubio situation on our hands here. We weren't taken bomb in the first place that they decide whether there's no reason to be all outraged about this but okay believe that like many contend out. If it that they asked for a big. Quite good on the ass and work out he said not yet let's say yes or is medical's they said now and he apparently has let them know. That he does not want to be here so there was some interest from the grizzlies. And doing their due diligence probably right right but got absolutely no none arming the and we said they need to do that so you know what exactly like that he said no. To that stuff when you made the request absolutely not right and I considered. Fake outrage like I was open they're gonna take borrow money anyway and say oh my gosh what do you do when you mess this thing up. Is it a go or is supposed to go inside here. Right are you gonna root against Obama and you know you made the city of Memphis they maybe I won't pull for him as much I really was pulling for that kid object seen interviews with him recently I've watched some that in. I'd love how Smart this crop of players is a made that point yesterday one of our interviews. Look it's we will usually get the Smart players right did you get the best to get the best athletes right economic and usually wit beautifully with what comes with the enemy got the commander of the really don't you're already. Just to get into the pleasures of it but this crop. What what's on what the were taught my window Carter or borrow a book. Bagley with a with a high IQ but particularly those two bigs don't you're looking at Harvard. To go to school. You know you have that to me. Says a ton about them and so for me. The intelligence level of these guys makes this class man special to me right me over 'cause why. Because we've just seen LeBron playing with a bunch of dumb ones. And certainly out you know what I've got some I put a long JR Smith and but but the point. LeBron said afterwards you can't be Golden State without without much higher IQ guys. Basically I don't have that right now we are. It's important to have all the hops to be able to make the switch is defensively all that stuff but if if if you're not a Smart player. If you cannot pick it up fast you got no chance. You got no chance and so I mean with with these if it even dodge which is his game IQ clearly through the roof because he's been a professional or solo. Arm that's the part of of this crop. That a few rogue element of really good about an enemy would want to root for these guys want or even with a little slice from mom. Yeah exactly I mean you know again I just woeful form to launch a thing as a Smart. Did you grow apart you're part of a fifth team when payments taxes you didn't get the first round and the them yeah you're you're supposed to redefine basketball. And I get you the fastest guy in the history of the world that your size but. You know passes and longer as well and I've Alan I'll be purchasing a bomb a Jersey. You were onto an anyway I'd like smoke bomb I was asking you know why did it feel like degree these were showing more urged him Obama and now I know now I got my answer. And I don't like the answer. But I got I got my answer there a couple other things. That that Jonathan mentioned market where junior's gonna take a Red Shirts either or and a so so I'm a liar which takes him off the table and more. Appropriately puts him probably in the eight to fifteen range he could bottle water there's low wage part because he'll get rather violate latter's name but. If he has cigarettes are year. You know he makes no sense for the grizzlies. Like we got we all agree on because there where the plan yeah right he doesn't help you got Jonathan's point. He doesn't help you next year which is what the plan has won in fifty games and left. And finally. He believes Luka will be there at four. He believes Lugar darts it's you know the eighteen year old phenom from. From a Real Madrid a base than married out the back we'll go to do a segment of trades on the did you juggle three it'll be a fun night America away and I can't wait your outfit I can't wait to be at the bluff I can't wait the guy who vigorously draft would have but I got a lot of things and I'm looking forward to move by the ranking would go. Number three it would be to see all our listeners at the bluff our number two it would be to see what degree is it to a number four did it again number thirty or do and that and number one. That fit that Jason fit is always it's always must see TV so there you go come on out bluff will be there at 530. All the way through a guy on what the grizzlies do summation you come out say what's up I will come back Brevin Knight AK AMR Jeter real is gonna join us we will talk to him. About what traffic was like for him. What he thinks the grizzlies should and will do and not to get too with Brevin Knight he's up next Jason Dunn editor of NB SP and. 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He joins us now Bradley was a brother. Not much are known and we've been trying to get you on the show for what like 34 weeks now no one does that not that offseason hit UCL macabre stay on the golf course. They're just at the golf course coaching my boy didn't. A kind of put the phone to decide a little bit. I Smart and we appreciate that we appreciate your time he came back in for the draft write you back in Memphis. Yes I'm back in terms of control and enjoy a fine draft party national yeah yeah. You know the ability to have this type excitement of all time my business so it's a winning change. Did not it's it's it's a great time we'll get to that in just a minute but at first but we get to go to the grizzlies what was George raft week like what was your draft process like obviously. You picked in the first round 68 overall by the cavs what was George raft process like in the days leading up to that to draft night. Nerve wracking because I was I was one of those guys that. You could be at this number or you could be at that Lou is. That that Jordan was at least I was invited to New York so so mice thought I was don't go high enough. That I deserve to be in New York during that time. Let it if it spoiled child that also is. You that your joyful because you know the dream that you have so long is this almost there and so therefore allows anticipation. Is building but they'll also just just fun and enjoying the Taj thought. You can go to a lot of places don't do a lot of things shall free you better enjoy it for free right now because there's stops later all right. I've always wondered about that event how much you can enjoy it and and how much there is a real fear when you're invited to New York in the green room. That you might slot just from a couple years ago without a kid we love here's Gallup this year and in watching his face man because we knew my guess is a little bit different you fell for the kid more. Just is that feared just in the back in my when you're invited up I guess the best of the best. Probably not but the ones that maybe don't know you know maybe like turning your situation is there is that fear real that you might slide yells cameras in your face. It and it Israel and I are really real for me because it went from being as well I mean he. And I haven't looked so wait until the cast came back a round of sixteen and so. If it goes from your word but happy and when that day comes you're sitting here right. Please just don't hand should backyard there just call my name or consolidate terrorist that I get that you get a little bit of worry register their little. Longer attached we are or targets through Brevin Knight mr. key to realize a let's talk about. That pick that number four overall pick it is a premium pick and obviously that you know dependent on our six out you could end up with really good player who contributes immediately. I guess for you bread and what do you hope the grizzlies accomplish. With that number four pick. All culminate they get somebody that they have a very good understands what else. Where they are right now in any kind of weird and that they're they project which they. And it only we are sort of what between getting this situation would do less or greater play right now. And so you let lets you are still at the mercy of this reaching the head of Hewlett cooled HH and then what do you do at that level Forte and so it is. Mean there's still a lot of things that are up an air hopefully there are so what that ready to contribute now but still had that might upside that oh. Revenue mr. Tebow real mr. park you got a couple parcel personable guys you really like they're that you think might be around for just is your favorites. A different about the fit so that the doctors here at I like because I think she is probably. The top players are ready to contribute right now the sore but I also think he had to at least let alone. Outside of the guys that you Shea are in them are in that position you know you look at and say look how much more people the only bigger. You know you're sat there yet and out of the camera so he had to go. Those that can't rotate that you you don't know can Negroni where all of a sudden look it up somebody out of supporters here it is just it's also because of how. And that he had already dealt with the a lot of health situation also. I you don't know if you wanna add that to the scenario will. Let's think back surgery you know he says that he uttered recessed area at least two out of use back in nineteen years old friends so that. Very hard to do so I think those are the badly that you don't achieve their blood of those pot pie. On I think you like to get some light and great player right now but you know if you get that got it ready is how much quarterly well you don't go. Yeah look obviously that. Three young is not going to be in play for the grizzlies because they have Mike Conley and and they're very happy with my coming but what do you think of him as a prospects the arms I am. I am pretty skeptical of trade young simply just because of his size and his stature I know. If it's what it's ironic to hear me say that when my colleague is here in Memphis and he's kind of built a little bit like my colleague but. But I'm a little bit more skeptical of tray young as a you know especially since he's being billed as the next death what do you make of train young as a prospect revenue. I think he would be a great panel I think we all apprehension that you have. Are saying that I'll have but I. But because of the ranger yes you shoot the ball there is that you have to just tension further it was GS course staged. Give it to create and stay away from. Bigger defenders so I think it relies on this situation that he goes to a big are paid are allowed him. To still play a stepped search step current type game where he's able to shoot those those Sharpton navy units on the way to get absolute or try to make. We've already structured gone and now. That happens that the options aren't they play closer to the seat they've done more to get the play close to the basketball coach at defenders. Get a date that he had a chance to be at least as aware that. There a way you're all unconditionally and whole band didn't have a great chance because it does become high scoring lead yes that's what the rules are. Are are geared towards the thought of any ball he thought I'd say eight hackable crude. The center position like as we understand it Riley when I think senator I think of Shaquille O'Neal just physical dominant force back to the basket. Do you think this senator position. Is being phased out in the NBA. Hold it not because some little loved beloved people making a comment very during these are you also so powerful and all started here. Was so much switching going wow. That certainly could be able they these big need to be able to set a screen when they switch a small mineral sort of look I guess that all school. I am socially tiebreak you have guys that or are able to be switched on. That are 610611. Can't guard the senate but they gave up the thanks so. It is if you can't still have a big. I had the ability this initial paint that but still had a little mobility I think that put you ahead of the game. And in terms of being able to use that screen a hole I just use tech guys say finish or above the record job with a guy that total ought to. Say to force a double came walking get a score so I I think it is may be fading out because it. This just say there's people acting that the only way that you get basic assessment did you make a jump shot right in India right now but there's still. Other stage of the game that if you can combine them and I can't would just say medium range jump shot for a day I think you can time and the. Well I'm ugly ass is somebody who you know who played the game and you obviously played in and six Q O'Neal's pay day so you would know better than most I saw a video on Twitter of him. Just shooting three relic he was a student from thirty feet he was making him Jack was. And that was it was a recent so I obviously wasn't what is planned but you know scheck got kind of ridicule because he could make free throws and he was just that. You know under the basket guy do you think he would he could thrive the way he did. Back in the 2000 today or do you think his game would have just been different do you think you would have been shooting threes and learned to shoot threes I'm just curious. All I think he would have dominated the game the way do you expect what he must have because he had a dominating with Trout you have me shoot jump shots and child. Not saying that was a product of how he grew up and there was it was in the armed services so he wasn't gonna take any let and I can't I play the game. And so I think that that mentality but how would still be there today in today's game because each one of the biggest proponent big today. I can't score inside and so I think that he understood that. Beckett BA dominating feature fourteen if you ever got that delegate totals also on and cheerio that any playing time. You can get up eat that Oregon is a class or accomplice a rebound. Just think that there are still equation to state game. For real senators. Revenue asked a little bit about Marvin back earlier third you know the narrative on him or by says though from the one Sama once on the point you know maybe it's morning in ten guy Ozzie and has the production there on the offensive side you treason coming and do that but everybody's got that other side the Cohen says old defensively. He's got so much learned duke had to play zone when he was there you know just doesn't have those instincts. I forgot the play the you can tell us. When you look at Bagley is he not someone that you think can improve on. And we're what you were just some of the switches and how important that is now. Since he's got the quick twitch atlases and since he appears to be an intelligent basketball player can he not and can he got improve and they're good possibly he does. Or bread and is it more if you don't understand that early you're never gonna get it in and know that will always limiting them I just don't like. That's something he can learn bred animal. Well that that this thing do it can't he's learned should be a play maker can they learn to score in different ways and at the end below election. They're essentially every one of these kids that we talked about at the top of the draft pat loudly he's all right yeah yeah everybody every last week will be right defense of deficiency. But I every want to mention god or every word because that leapt up and that they harp war wounds and I and our league we have got an artery that looked like he has played out at the L hall of Bartlett is what you can learn. The offensive skills. The ability to grow with and what you do right out that is so badly I think it does that mean that you become a Lamar Odom type player now Bert nice start to be able to step away from the basket and duke thank. Or does that mean you are more like Jake junkyard dog type player where you go get some stuff around us some scraps or opposite how possible what. I think you short forehand that's been at duke he was like a man and again which it was the cute it's public so much more physical than their way out. That age I think he knows that a little bit consulate gate but the acknowledge that he has. These are local and adopt identical the potential it's affected the way they did Kyle. Brevin puma just called they ask me ask you how much it's gonna take to give you slip into some pumas for the cities that it is going to be a season deal we made you lifetime deal do you have another revenue for the boom. But it any good anymore would they put out there did you say what they need to whereas almost it's not you know. Are they there will be all right I'll stop every day and every how would it be to do. Did you have a shooting ever. Yeah are not part of the commerce went commerce system goes going strong and then went over and Warren. I'll see they get I guess they thought it out from Jersey we play our play our oh network anywhere in the air and won't play about big security money. And not been rebuffed. And I go and warm remember I remember this I had a pair I'll raise my hand here is Jason Smith would say. I had a pair the star Barry's and I love them. Man of the hour they'll want that our go to the great. And it does so while there won't listen to our club a buck I think it will come out of my ought to ought to take some of that I don't have it. Two days since this is available ones. Man listen they'll lose there was a great combination if you worry if you get daylight June and you can download them this. Beckett today may have won was the place I mean I'll betcha there's Brennan let you know how this stuff goes on a basketball court like I get it they're spending money and they're trying to make themselves legitimate polite. Do your thing got brains got to give roast on the court for warmth in the locker room no rose then man. Using their lists and vote don't vote does know what they do it when the time when you start wearing Oakley didn't make huge you can't they wanna get ridiculed without question it. You wanna show you initiated check that this is where you lead me exactly yeah by that regular talk regular talk about the pull itself and honestly it. He asserted that tiger saying a joke laugh. Not that's that as I had at the bottom line on the managing to get ripped the cable revenues and lower Thursday may get to catch up. Thank you for the amount. Yup third they'll look at look at a lot of people out there who have applied they're good and I. Yes our good growth in revenue he is our Brevin Knight mr. keep it real. He's exactly right I mean at the end of the day we can joke about it we can laugh and all that. And we can say you can buy your you know your new. You know Bagley loyal and boom a growls whatever they are call at Sandy's but. They're getting that check that check and it's easier to easier when you've got. Jay-Z and you heard. In Europe and above all we got what it. We skins going to be wearing them again it's like a cultural move. Well be able to say you know my gun she used I called daisy. Come on ball I mean that's an ultimate trump card that comes as the studio they're taught them about a mile today in one go away. That would arson and objects are dude yeah did what we need to go away where's what do you think it's bit and we things about us I had on hiatus or someone. I hate him maybe some other company yeoman with a sore arm of the professor Ben I know I'm very familiar with and ones like John and John's favorite player for a good stretch of his life the professor yes they don't tell me any different and only woes. I mean not you watch all those makes thing I enjoyed watching him yes I got a FedEx over the Peerman guy wants a one out with a I went to one of those and one makes their two worst is probably the pyramids on I enjoyed ourselves hot sizzle wells was there a lot of sizzle. It's as Nene went on the that's what the other that's a lot solves fu I'll tell you about how sizzle suit maybe didn't in the risk of tomorrow that was Rafer Alston yes if moment helicopter. Are you out of the league for to you a believer. That's exactly. Are you would have been the new you know you keep trying to sign up all this tigers for harm on matters that saw it of this respective. What are you all these guys sign a frail one in Harlem globe trot has that needs equity or money for him did you compete to attribute out of money first this is this is that's the easy money. As though less than. As the retire on money right there yeah hot sauce also when bots is just just on us for the cool people did exactly. A body else they want to relieve enough. I think the day we had a professor Vienna hot sizzle BS gets what when their fat guy. When they're fed they're the leader one who is the fat in one guy. God I know for a the the guy that was doing the of the announcement on his back in a permanent he had a great job he did you're gonna grow our would you pass. I'm into my name any bid people are escalade Jackson that's against the odds and escalade was his name apparently I apologize he's no longer with us. So I apologize or mother or other issues. And neither others except Britain's got some boxes you need him exactly. Match him up on that novel animal on the I would come back rabbit out Jason Bennett is Jennifer India's it just. It's the best I can taste of life goes on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash 929 ESPN FW WSS seven AC one worthless W an investment. Ladies and gentlemen miss Friday's turbulent night gave has its own their own look it's happening to win grand opening. We will be their broadcast live from eleven to shoot shoot I've missed it there ivory and a bunch premium flavors of the world. Roof come join us that this is supposed to be should not ready to unite and the ESPN. That. Control freak you know does not mean. I mean sure I think spontaneity is overrated and a heat and the gas pump stops at twenty dollars and one sentence to. But as long as things go exactly how I want them to I'm totally flexible. That's why I love how region's market lets you lock my regions personal cards when it and how I want to me it's just a touch of a button yeah. So is say I wanna control when I shop online. I can keep my card slots until I'm ready to purchase and lock them back when I'm done its order if I don't use my credit card and ATM so I can lock gas. And if I really use my now prepaid card in stores well you can see where I'm going with this the reasons Lockett puts me in complete control. 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I don't instead of 32 radio commercials about 75 words but that's what has twice as many words so that we can talk really fast not though as fast as a Formula One inspired and lectured Italian made from guard to Audubon indoors between events they can go of the fifty mile an hour which is more than twice as fast. As the cards your father used to putter around in less freedom Italian. If fathers Mario Andretti his cards may have been faster. But only slightly Jason these cars thrown about sending it to burnout and never burn and their tradition tried design of the world friends the months was the fastest commercial Memphis from a place as the fastest cars in Memphis it's appropriate on and on endorse the witness. At 639 and I'm sure we've so to drive it there presto front those snappy supersonic. You know you get the picture right like a battle move models there that are you did it fast Audubon endorsed the UN amidst its well they're always asking. What are you racing forty they just read their brother made me time that's how fast that was all right. Back Johnny has visited Germany united NB SP and I love bottom barb. And they got their son and so should you irate when you talk about this quote from mark Porter junior. It's actually from yesterday but we did not talk about it we need to discuss it. He said right now I would say. I'm a mix of you honest and Katie. I like going the hold of what Acadia is like bump into people and a little bit more physical and Katie. I like to shoot the ball a little bit more the artist that's knowledge compare myself to concentration a great. I compare our own and now I doubt allowed to those are three amazing players it doesn't feel bad to be in the same conversation does them well Michael the only person that put you in those conversations is you. And I have never heard anybody else put you in that don't cover. And that that's the greatest NBA player to ever walk the face of the earth this Dana combo on a guy that came to any honest. That's here. Like there's that abandoned as part of an. We ask players like him all the time compare your game right and we're looking forward. Those kind of answers right we want them to say someone like that. But when you use that your your your some sort of combination mall for real yes starting to sound a little. Mobile I think what's over confident that you are on well soldier felt like he's been just in his views everything else a little bit too much because. Stationed about how healthy you are now that's how good you are your greatness remember right I think has been Michael Ford on the lets you tell you might need you guys we have like a life and they don't know. I'm let you roll a lucky like you have an outing scheduled here. But again up so don't wanna be in love with a man but can't just so risky what I think it is first voids are beginning to look harder when you combine players. It's just it's. Bound to be silly of me what is the value combine like the greatest players in the league right now big guy that's silly that's who I am no doubt yacht is entered and Kevin are you might forging her unproven at this point then you've got some backing any guys are always got grandpa back that's the real her back as a combination between my grandpa and my dad grandma. That's the way you looked up search. And they do Gary pears to have around you that's that's got that quarterback let's talk about that who had that compares to you right now there must be real Michael. But but anytime you combine any players. I think you get into some treatment or mistake and I honestly I believe. He's hit he is he is tiptoeing in a way below territory for me because there is it there is a a fine line between having confidence and self. Him being delusional don't you think I mean I think he's built more dilution we talk about with a with Jonathan kimonos start the show and he says either it's. Badly to write or order trading weathered and you know or wardrobe or supporter. Now it's trading treats you did selecting bad idea to friend them you are right that's that that's the thing there. They're not gonna take it that are now earlier this week in late last week all the tall. Was about how poor was rise. Rising and maybe the top three top four. Looks like there's only one team that's even that's seriously considering it and it just doesn't feel like John with all this risk with all the in all these quotes read all this info that's out there are there I don't think we'll take him to. I don't think otherwise yeah they were not and so. Would I am intrigued while Florida can you try to get him well Corey goes and each trade with that's still a possibility right well the question is who wants to come up. In who wants to come up to sit there at pay. Whoever it is they had to pay a multitude. I've I just that funny to trade part of will be that's what I'm saying what trade partners gonna come up to two to take the risk that you're not really willing to Thatcher now grown to take it to a trade ups entry instituted to address to. Yes no question knew that what team wants to trade at that track back what team with the trade up to a magazine team turning up the draft Dodgers. A jackets the team. Covering him in his skill set. A playoff to you Jeremy dale one of the better teams are just and it's not like from Gibboney and then the bad teams can't stand out is why would you say well vote they're there looking at him from what can he carry exactly teens are seeing him as and you could count that's how you should you are saying this is a perfect fit he plays well the findings of peace darts which is a very good piece but if you are so it's a must come up if you figure it's a good thing. A 100%. Yeah as I gotta be like the candidate for that to me. Would not make much sense. They have to keep they have to maximize what they had a lot like this road this roadmap kimonos are laid out forced to pay responses to fall for looks realistic. Oh yeah looks like they're Amanda good positive good chance to good likelihood if the grizzlies in Dublin dodges on draft night dumb comment that you know there will be no crime and it came goal at the blah not here. I want no one dollar won't grow. Now seems confident in Atlanta and JJ Jake I mean I think we can embrace dark suits like I really do like I think you'll come here you know I still miss Wong Carlos. So I've I've waited for that you know that foreign guard wing time I've been waiting this is okay this is what you do want and also Juan Carlos left. This you've been quite a long time like Juan Carlos you want go. And you spunky and firing any of his ability to be a big shots does not only going to change the game and well we he allegedly dungy to do anyway aren't you could and they are just to get out of town right starter coming in here and they want plug in you writing and brother but yes I think I think Memphis will wrap their arms around on I really of whether they get past the initial disappointment of drafting a European prospect. I think we will embrace doctors I really do and I think he will help them. I think I'll watch a little bit for the press conference was because he's still playing and you won't do subtly will. I think it's the rest I think they played a night they played there there and that there in that final series tonight and if they win tonight he he will be loaded be around yet they are you got a couple weeks I'm really only some time off that early July. Maybe partially let you get a little bit but any need some time off he's been playing forever. You're exactly I had a chance to take a break it was seasonal play all the way through at the good points that's a good point but he's a team as young and spry. And he comes they all that he gives my colleague Judy playoff was almost where he's arrived at the end. 1617 yes all of in my life it like that idea lots of versatility and options we're getting close and I am file has amassed yes indeed scheduled for us today thanks to all of our guests who joined the Saturday Jonathan devoted just glazing clay Travis that DePaula. And Brevin Knight was a loaded show appreciate Joseph riding. With. It's a scam over us say we're always as always and by the wing groups out by his son hungry air cast signs up next. Or Jason I'm John. We're gone. The official that he too many of them ESPN two. Listen anytime anywhere and savor this today probably the best of at least one Bartlett tell them the best business news sports station. There's John Morton for the blue monkey you know Memphis is a truly amazing placed in springtime when you're geared up for festival season all the politics plays during the episode may have red birds game or any other event. The blue monkey should figure strongly. If your plans of blue monkey features the best tavern atmosphere anywhere. In the miss out would delicious food. And cold refreshing drinks enjoy something light like their secular so Jumbo shrimp appetizer or whether cool Chris sounds like the southern sound fresh greens and crispy chicken or. DA gets down with. 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