Jason & John Hour 3 (6/13/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, June 13th
Talking to Memphian/Current Titans LB Daren Bates in Hour 3

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And anyways my dumb self call must of rewarding muscle we'll above all by tomorrow and give it to them. Some don't and you can't. It even you. Had heard enough data so we have a lot like my from deficits we've issued I thought things were good with you and dad. There is always. You say the worse he got to realize it's always. He could have 234 days to years of any can always fall back and that's exactly and and until it's got yes sure going to be disappointed. Yes in him naturally as his son. But you've got to find a way to not let it kill your life. Not let it when you're waking up and there's an there's a fine line through that because. Like I told you I'm at a point now where like I'm ready to just went. Move on I can a consensus about your. And stuff that people give you good advisor but I'm gonna I'm gonna have you know look at that some some different fronts and different option and I'm telling you. Just talking about it look here's the other positive of what we're talking about dad and your father and crying and he comes through this and then that you know and that you. You get what you're looking for which is for him to be around for your kids are right there that are aggressive work work work work were praying for that. But here's the other thing about. The idea that you had that on your hard talking to come off so money or else I guarantee you there this is what I'm telling you. God put that on your hard because there's someone out there there may be multiple people out there. They need to hear to go into exactly the same thing maybe say it may be at their point but I'm about to cut this man off because he's this or me or this woman aware that this for me so much. They can relate to exactly what you want to maybe they heard some we said on its. That's what I believe while that Natalie no doubt we got we got the positive we'll hopefully would your father for Abraham noted it's gonna get better there. And we got deposit the hopefully someone else urge you to. And and and could relate and maybe get something out what we set up I have no doubt in my mind that's how god works. I still know two Gord ash inciting by the way there's no easy way to slow when you did just don't know you have heard what did you think didn't source say this I was told she was given at 1215. But usually want to honor info what time is right now it's one newspaper and who edits are citing some I think I mean it's like a grand entrance in but now no no official word that can Cardiff. Again this is a Ryan Seacrest production and audio you'll see what he wants you see I want a bottle of lost a lot of respect if she gives of video of it leaves us that the author. And because we've we've dispatched people. Asked Bennett if she's responded yet twos is instant grounding them okay what we'll ask him there was no response she did just post on Twitter about her makeup line but that's all that's the depths he did there's all over it I don't minutes ago and that private jets she's probably got Wi-Fi so who knows Margo onions he could be on the judged there to Memphis who knows. But nothing official as of yet we will of course keep you apprised of any Kim Kardashian live development two of course the show all right we'll come back they're based gonna join a little bit later in the hour. Jason's done nice Jennifer and ESP. The official. When was the last time you replace your toothbrush and allowed an awful about that in the past he always brush twice a day for full two minutes. Paying attention to these could have its has a huge impact on her health. 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A walk away young on the penny there's no harm upon and that's why you should call redeemed your. 4518 of its five. 4518765. And on the web. For gamers group dot com that we did just had a caller phoned in Jason according why is it. And say they can't KJK. One of the most prominent celebrities in the entire world philanthropist asked her of the glorious Maximus. Has been in and out already. As hardy come through Memphis which are with Alice no way and she's out. Thought I was told so she just can't pick a balanced take your that it today show tomorrow so she wasn't there's no to war and I'll think there's a tour. Guy and I don't think there's a lot of disappointment. I mean you know get when you're such a big star you've got to be kind of in Todd needle about these things. That's our I'll keep you updated as Amanda hi my name's Diane Lim hi hello I am looking at a photo. Of someone's house where the cameras are set up it was three hours ago that's probably our house right government and the little girl's palaces. The local organizer tells them moment enough. Jim did initiate a bit and she's been an audience als is out. IBM and under get daily news stations are all police had been all over like Bosnia and locally the news stations that have already done and his without us would just go to als also went on in the cup I believe they are I believe they are but I think there might have been. Like slip out the backdoor types that I'm not sure the yeah yeah he says it has seven in real time got lucky be updated which they don't want any news shine to come off of that not what I mean from the Sherman since that. This is for The Today Show oh yeah order of the car I'm Tony for the big show for the Kardashian shows though. They're not given any local stuff you know what I mean any any in nation extra long shots or interviews. Yeah if I'm about to hear the UKK is worth about 200 million dollars rather turn net worth and you know after what happened it was it in Paris. Lose it was impairs where they were rob that's correct she's probably hyper Kudlow better safety is does this is familiar environment this is my Memphis. I get a text that says what we're asking people to send us shots of Kim if you can finder. The text is. Just solve any of the bluff is and straight fire. There's still hold omit is that this thank Kim K 2018 Kim K watch it's still being Hardaway watch it's still university and has basketball watch that's who people looking for is the Stanford absolutely it's there it's that. Perfect Memphis thing there are other good pictures acute care fortunately Jason thank is our evils we dispatched people and I'm so let's try it. But they're probably coming out to be paid out or anything. Jack can we hit the applause Biden for Bennett's efforts in trying to get as can Canada. Well deserved OK you made to Penny Hardaway it is a news and of the basketball. Obviously you we talked about earlier Sam Mitchell will be the final Memphis basketball assistant we did that we use you knew that we had him on first we had him on exclusively beautiful. And he confirm that he was gonna come up to Memphis that next day and finalize everything Andy's excited about it. Listen. This is not a slight to Sam Mitchell I think Sam Mitchell will be a fine coach but I know I can I don't think about this dad being from. We did without thing about Larry brilliant in Italy somewhere helping someone their national teams or something and he is now he'd never choice and anything he couldn't work here. Well a lot of work here. I think that was a mistake I will never save money on that I think it was a mistake to get in the way of Penny Hardaway hiring one of the best coaches ever. And you'll never ever give as we know he is. Bra while it. We have to throw you off the Candy Land bus what you do and asking and asking questions as an being critical I'm not able what was oh yeah everybody I'm not bicker and I did it when I did this and ask questions here critical pity I mean critical Tom O. I spared and it know what is satellite you have got an overlay or brownies still texting you. I had Larry seltzer woman alone know he's been busy you know has moved on job while he yeah he's had no choice and you and so should you. I mean yours you can't tell me that Larry Brown. Should be on staff right now you can tell that he should not be a several minute decision be working out the kids right now as a Memphis basketball coach and instead he's over Italy lord and our guys will never sniff the NBA John we did our best of convinced humble and why. And for whatever reason. He didn't hear our our our our plea our call to him OK he moved he its size and stand pat right we have to accept it. Yeah and we have to accept Sam I don't have to accept that tumble in his right. You tell me to accept that I mean and you tell everything you send me this thing going go off the rails now and going to be a failure because sales. Now Venus has no one that always hit the lead assistant bill is like world any addresses that and storage. Okay well I'm says they don't have any rankings nobody I know you're gonna. Just the wondered did. Signed number you look at who's getting the most money right every turn that battle August sort it out at a later addict I think Sam Mitchell is led by coach obviously is as a coach of the year. He knows way more about exit knows that I do. Right and had a good year 2007 made and I enjoyed talking to him I enjoyed hearing his pitch from at this basketball. I like what he brings from that perspective from being a professional coach. But it does not solve the issue of only one coach on that staff having college experience Blair Brown couldn't get to. If Larry Brown is in sorrow. It is is he is you know I know it's done and no it's oh you are bringing me down I've been nothing but give you about tigers basketball ever since I heard the reports about what towners and David when you were doing their last week and you are trying to suck me back down and make me sad to Blair Brown in the world leaders and you know that remains they get it back to Tom Bowen somebody needs to hear it on his memory event for me has moved on from that John that the availability and round we did we backed over him. 'cause fumbled the ball and told us to ease the boss. Okay. And we've rejected Roland we picked up Sam it's a good pick up he's he's not just somebody out there had their thumb on jar. He's the former Dodgers at their hits I can match. Is it 2007 in nickel time I hear I accept that all right I see that quality and caliber of player they've got in there yes. All right don't you think Sam Mitchell as something offered them I think he does. I don't think by realizes that the talking off the lead I'm Larry Brown again. And fizzles like two months ago. And I wanna talk about we engine and Tyler Harris poll that allows them out but now it's loaded and nobody comes does as we get any gobbled up again and I've not been able to let go. You know it's still burns me up but I so they'll be fun to work out fine let's talk about you know stores. I was headed below I've got that at the stories breaking news over commercial Kodak. Obviously peace peace cancer going all right out every bit ability during one of his camps today they do have the workouts going on as we've talked about they did. For some detail on that. They've broken government 22 hour practices. So basically what you have and what about those four hours that's where coaches can beat with the players during summertime otherwise your hands off your players. Is to be two hours thank you for last week what Memphis did I'm expecting them I didn't do it again this week they they went to the it they waited at the end of the week it was Thursday and Friday if I'm not mistaken. Tutu our prices are and a soldier what we've heard about Tyler Myers told what we've heard a baby widget looks like. GA and auto backs up what he's all about wins it he's all of six and also Janata between about a cities in there today seeing injured. Told jaw every report I've gotten is that he looks the part. And the other thing was that scrimmage they played last week a a a things 3545 minute scrimmage yet. Irish aren't. Especially sharp as some point. I think they've put Alex Lomax with Tyler. And that team ended up clobbering the other one that. All right yeah it's a Jeep and there's nothing about a year something that's good news Antoine Jones at her last week. Went down with a with a knee injury again I wasn't aware there was major minor. But it's not saying anything about Antoine Jones being in a boot or anything like that today. Makes me think that he's okay 2000 my thing that's good news. Yeah absolutely I'm glad because I I say what and I am I am pretty. Of all the guys that are gonna suit up form of his basketball next season yes. I am I think most irrationally excited I'm I'm I'm very intrigued by tires I was is you know we delivered him to Memphis. But I'm not opposed to Yugoslav but I am actually most intrigued about it one Jones. That is the one guy interest that I am most curious about on the court because the governor of the least about. Just in terms of how you play well yeah I'd like he'd like obviously he was committed he decides exactly and then all of a sudden when they wasn't they became and we and we never heard from him he never gave an interview we ever it was weird because we were. His coaches coaches guys coaches shrouded in the sassy not to be interviewed. About him we found it very strange exactly exactly and so yes part of it is the mystery. Apart as is because like. I think I heard about him. You know I heard and we talked about is are heard that he was a little bit of a bonehead on you know on the court and hot hit. Then you bone is well yeah as well a hot head but I would go that the hot hit but. It's an and that's why he was ranked where he was right now because of his ability to top 100 yeah I I think you have taught outside top honor with some places. But that's why he was ranked where he was right now because of his ability to because of his personality for whatever reason I was on that little strange that if you're scouting service why you think an account. You know is it really years for a response would play psychologist and ring got his own person I don't understand that. But also because of his versatility in this the guy that was once upon a time ranked the number one shooting guard. In America. You know much like run Iverson he was once the number one player in the country those guys can play you don't get ranked the number one anything. It's by accident. Com there's talent there there's real honest to god Talladega and they're gonna have a need for some versatility at the three and four. They're gonna happen and so I think he's gonna get a lot of minutes and so I had opportunities I am most excited about Antoine Jones you I would Rainier will get the initial ma right. Yes he is not as a senior coming back after three because of his versatility to get that done the three but on everything we've heard about Antoine terms of the talent. The Giles to speak to her all the other stuff the off court stuff that the what kind of teammate stuff isn't a but the talent. On everybody you talked to says how what a great. Score this guy is what a fantastic rebounder and about six yeah I love lands and that sounds like a guy you could plug right into three. And he's you know strong enough right now unintelligible body. There's not much development that needs to happen obviously he's put a plug right it could still feel like I like it for a guy like you right because he can Porsche Rainier. And look at you know dragging a marine from the get go this year. We got some out of to replace your rather than a deal with value like frankly could could dance one Jones BA mortals and Antonio Anderson that's what I'd legacy like is that what he can he be of more offensively skilled Antonio Anderson. You know I see him being a lot down the Boehner he's going to be you want so I don't know player. Well again like I've I've I've heard guys and all you know which are lightening you know and we dug up a frame. It just feels like that's gonna be the guy who guards the other teams best player. Given that what we know about their back organ yellow looping a little bit on the smaller side are I. Penny hasn't said this. But I get the feeling with in the and the way he's continue to add players. That he feels like he could have a it's sort of platoon system. And I'm not sure. That that works. Never and right I mean all we seem to Kentucky you write you got to be loaded right to do it filed off put a whole another five and I get the feeling it right he feels like he's that deep well they have he feels like everyone's gonna play but John let me tell you some. When those games get tight yet. You know it's go time it is like I gotta get this when I'm not losing the film and rotation destroy every Tarrant I've seen this every. Three season saw with Joshua played deeper this year I think we're now and indeed we couldn't maybe even go eleven deep maybe you know and you get to that season. And those coaches change everything they said it titans right up and that is Saunders Josh I think fundamentally it's most coaches that they can talk about being wild it's all about how deep they are but usually what do we all figure out people it it kind of all figures itself out boils down to where you come up without a select 78. 08 may be may have stretched that you trust now I think this Memphis basketball team this this card idea that this version of it is different. From there the last 45. Because clearly there is a ton more talent but I'm telling you right now John. You know. You've added Lance Thomas who's gonna you know sit out a year obviously Ryan Moore sounds like he's gonna richer freer be a walk on this year you've got. You've got a lot of talent there and and I'm Tony is right up pennies. He doesn't. He knows he he knows what can happen because he's seen it happen at least. Players such as we know what I'm like an arrogant Obama here I think I'm I think I should be playing a little bit more point guard. Right but he's given at all all those news Dallas woman so you know what I'll I'll get on out here it's happened with with team pinning yep right dude comrade who column exactly went over to CP three decide you know what I need a little bit more run over there and be more the stock. Where this thing hit on the and so we'll tell you this is me raise my hand the bus again where with this many players and a consensus. A consensus headed to that consensus you know a kid a kid being told a man you Indian nation and on this team and this this and for you to. Here's what we don't pick he's been through before. But it's a different level. It's a different level one when your college basketball all the cameras are on your. Some half the teams getting it shine their. And the other half and didn't talk about. That's where you start figured out how good you know it it's not just the x.s and rows that are coaching part of that's right it's the dealing with all that as well. That's where we'll get challenged well and frankly here's the deal and you've made it that way because of them the your ability to recruit such a high level sorely. It also quick. Glee as sue in part I stated that when I promise her any expectations I promise you. Guys transfer of the season I promise you it it just happens everywhere yeah aim and with the recruiting class they're bringing you when you get this kind of tally really you mentioned a Kentucky lastly duke. Absolutely. And there is just they do it in there is is a difference though when you're. When you're bringing in talent. And losing. You know current players because of just the reality and then there's a difference between net. And just losing transfers. Because of you how bad situations and not replacing. Them with good players which is why it was such an issue. When the loss and left. You know they're about as it was transfers happened yes they do. And even notre Josh jot just lost lots of guys that transferred there but the amazing thing about him is that he always had top ten top fifty recruiting classes. Raising that he had he still was increased at the end you want is so toxic runners to have it done excellent work signed the kid that oh we're typically a Garland was it was a top prospect who is committed to an of one fortunate Charlie Moore such are wrong committed Armond. Yeah he committed IndyCar on Davis committed the needy committed the same things I'm pretty sure Lille to December and always used to make Aaliyah was just talking and they're backed off once thought it was a and they don't think about Amman but you're right you had. I'm and you had guys signed up yet if I start Charlie more sour note. Exactly and is within everybody around or synagogue couldn't coach people people will accept that as long as your bringing in. Top five top ten top of the recruiting classes there's only so many minutes to go around. You know and that's going to be yet that's gonna be listened frankly you look at all live the big responsibilities in the big challenges and hurdles for penny in his first year. It's going to be establishing those roles and keeping guys happy because you have so many mouths to feed and that that is a byproduct of having so much downtown well. As a sign of that arm as evidence of of the points you just name I think. This is why act when you're asking Janata asking the question we all want an up or who shot and in the workouts until last week was layers and it was very careful. Right didn't didn't mention any names that although apparently mentioned one. But what it had to be pushed Tony mentioned Lomax but it but it was in the context of just did the USA basketball thing I think that will help him here he was buried in a you've heard from me up the towers and a shot and we just in their Shattuck he eat he didn't he didn't bring that up why possibly why. As you don't wanna start looking like okay this guy's doing but this guy and right you'll start that already absolutely and that's Smart. They're Smart Smart about pin and that's why you don't see you know who stay now here's the quote. I think things are deployed he knows he knows what he's what what this is about when he got this close out what happens is careful not to single too many out. Exactly all right will come back edge air base and hopefully join us. On the other side you of course is it meant the end. 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Support the tennis the tide he's a nephew and graduated from olive branch he joins us now they're based what's going on man. Well the Federal Reserve boom. How was your duty of Allah what what are you got amid this is mandatory minicamp he got going on right now. The air assault is just there's so six. May account. But weekend. If they get a good luck and it won't good go to may have. I saw this is this is season number six for you correct in the NF about it. What had what is the biggest lesson that Daren Bates has learned about life in the NFL and sixties and. Of that it can come and go play my. Kind of epic come although you do realize it yet doubt about it here. Now I'm pretty sure a third team and to do it because and I'll be at the Euro member of the that our team. To a remote most important data due out in Latin band that they're. When you've been through in your vet like you have looks at six years now and you've been through many camps and you've been through this part I'm here right can you get up for granted you still get as always is it is it a grind you don't want your event like this. Mini camp itself. Editor cook both firm and Georgia could mr. Obama all right okay popular third day. Lamar what time but it almost got to do it Beirut or ordered good dual card we will could you give up begin. Whatever word. Cy Young gave it my goodness he's geared toward the eight urgent. Obviously you know you you've got to leave for quite some time you're only 47 so it's not like you're ancient by anybody's young like do you find yourself like saying those things about you know how I can come fast and and and then go back to rookies like do you find yourself. Talking to young guys like that are is it just competition and Rolf fighting for the spot here. Are a little bit of both worlds you know cook he's also are are part of the competition paved the way this quote joke about sort closer brother there. Apple won't. Jeanne good. Do you have a field but even if you're on the planet to be or our I've got off to recruit people who build car this year. Yeah did answer their respect. You know you're not. So what do what what what can you tell us what are we need to know about Mike Vrabel. A Darrel let's let that transition once that been like tell us about it. I'm attitude is different digital mostly I don't know who you are right and we throw got there on game day do we got a new time. And has been beat by album can't situation and there are upset so. No it's been good fighters but it can also. Helpful sort or I don't put he would sort of a player partnership. Osama teammates loyal book. If you are right good luck to change not a group called earlier or allies. Especially acute because the guys that you played belief expressed you know when I was in Oklahoma watch simple also and not a move that would dictate your mental candle duty so those are also. Cool to see somebody very large studio. And one of the best and I picked a better term you are out of our back there overall. Do you worry it could it cause it's it's just we're just in the playoffs right you were successful team last year and your cheat you changed coaches is there any concern. I did not take a step back you know what I mean like you're starting over in a way with a whole new young got a brand new coach. But you're also building right because it feels like their dollar write they're you know I mean like it's a different situation for you all with a new head coach here because you're right there it's just taken the next. And there were no guarantees do we know between plays for real fielder. Me we have grown that had been at an attention look any political entertain early and late edition has done that our guys do it. So do what they broke comment Peter couldn't they do think there will look outlet I had earlier. Motivation we have last year they're beginning and wanted to play out you know addition looking forward. Yeah altogether bad and so they are solid you don't you have no matter are colts. We are her saga since it Tynes linebacker Darren debate here on the so he's amid fear and have you by chance seen the news I don't know if you have not Maggie is in the news and Andrew Luck is throwing again and if you have. Do you do you have any thoughts on him throwing again. I mean Saturday no more weekly on the CD out there and yes I'm married. Are due. As as a competitor right leg as as as somebody did and one of them frankly one of the best divisions applause I Muslim in the NFL like their competitors use got to be like yeah we want we want the best quarterback on the field right and it is is that is that the sense. As a competitor yeah. You have thirty yard Ortega a bit too long. Habitat on the one hand how many no matter who they're put do you cook you normally a good good good warm. The big bird. I was last in piggyback off that day and yelled look at the division you're in right now as one of the best only because I'm I'm looking at a you know you see looks on. A buzz as you hear folks in this cares about is back. Got to show Watson's back on the field. Obviously we know what you guys they would Jacksonville did. Man where would you put it like that division this year particularly. The division debt are we definitely want a bit and I'll forward saying he OK bird or eat. Well there are certain no one on the accord gave directions as they're told me this a big great years or you didn't think. So and do do I have this right are you are you afford nice guy Daryn you play 49. It's called Paramount are therefore not good people let their feet. Are you place we've got us docile story where we'll. Lotta Lotta years your teammates they play more nylon you're not in that though. I'm I'm I'm bored I don't see. Yeah is a big people click with the titans got a couple lets you know somebody got. I got blown out we know BC announcer ask bill but I easy upload your heart not critical of you are on the bestseller play gears. This horrible built the has Darko woke up I have a bigger surplus or are. There because I had the pleasure of of covering you in high school above all is one asking this question because in out of you know talks with the guys that coached you on earth person. Maybe people had the biggest impact you coming up or on your football career was a coach was it was it parents having. Biggest impact of the of the person or persons that if you really give the most credit when you think about your career you don't think about it without thinking about those folks. Or anywhere between coaches. Wal-Mart parking coach whose clothes are trapped council period at the same county he he looked out of our two young enterprise it either and there's football game. But he always looked Dario or they don't give them in the schools firmware anywhere and well appreciated you know we got those out there are good they're well. It is they're talking about it assists while in your car to Louisville and I got considered at. Close by marriage are also around even more of those who. To me one bit cooler. Our best people are permit. Who could do what part of our you know a lot about it and it. Aggregate you wanted to regain its says. And who also I don't. They have the most influential. Bob Welker. How how much better do you think Marcus Mario and a tin can can give you can be because you have to take as you step there than left and he caught his own pass for touchdown and it's hard to get better than ever but but how much better can he get in and do you think we'll look up one day and markets Mario is going to be the best quarterback in NFL. Have city from city where your date of hard work hard pumps and got the tracks of the beat. Or just how old Carmen men and they are trying to get their little thing he can't do nothing we will do. Woman no code view movies serve and hopefully. There are not alone puts you on the spot too bad here but you you're in Nashville. You from Memphis I am we will you know you know of the robberies in Nashville and Memphis can use or or even though we had a million tide can you still give us that. That one sees clearly better than the other the other. Come on now you are in no bodyguard yeah brother at all. Today that it may come close. At some of what you like what you did the like you ever like hang out national do you do our do you combat Hollywood you do it national. Cargo that hard you know. Fear you could do it attitude what movies. Will be here. Two a law did he do he will luck out there and I'd do meow MM. Did that be based low key as always man always good you guys are vanishes into continued success well. America IQ is there and Bates as the titans line backer always enjoyed catching up with. MI try to give me say that marks Dario is going to be the best quarterback there ever again I gave me opportunity and opportunity in and so they're giddy because he knows. What's what is bit now but what has been now what does he give you doubt that he thinks he knows. The titans are going to be good there's going to be an I don't know what they're going to take the next step job. They're not taken a couple of steps backward we thought I wouldn't do and honestly let's look at their schedule real quick I it it's June we got my god knows I don't think you what I'm already know you're ago. Last year colts last year he's been all down right. My dad division not what we think it could be this year I was so this schedule is half let's assume let's assume that dogs that don't be scared being an attitude that you know my last season total that's a good setup and ask any good second have scheduled our status to let's assume that Andrew it is and don't let me let me nearly missed the schedule is and then Georgia boy yes I don't know I just told his team as a walk on offense and he's back. I never go first game this season and Miami that's a win. Don't Houston at all. I'll even give you that. Two jobs. Shall be able rusty at Jacksonville Al they'll. They owe you one bit in it you gotta do it they owe you one brother YY. I have to say it ain't going down there you're losing you're not winning shacks and bill come on their years in Rhode Island when I go here sixteen and oh. Tells us 21 Philly at Philly at home L. And yet let alone stepping into the wind is playing QB. Went out and Tony back which will be back but yes even maybe it all the rest area below rustic so you did you guys we have certainly reasonable. An 02 into and I got to start of the year let's be reasonable best shots started you're considered the worst case scenario and I'm still at the next and as at buffalo that's a win W. And how they're not good Baltimore home that's when. Or do. At the chargers lost. I don't know I'm gonna go down the deal all I did many road wins. Yeah believe that sort of third quarter of the year as a W where I'm gonna go they're better than the charge you got him at six into them. Yeah I've got a good five and three okay and I love and Rihanna I heard on the first half of the roughest parcel let's go all right did you tell last year about we at Dallas. That's a loss. Isn't it with a loss at any minute she's cowboy fans. You don't fall off clipper back. I saw win seven into video on a little bit more confidence in years I think you mean you got one of our first argues other show was Tony from our deck I press guide you love deck press got now you turned your back on that ma saw what he I've seen the throes of seeing a little more we exactly and he's got and a nice setup around him to be successful one at all or maybe Ezekiel Elliott. Thank you yeah headline no doubt now there's no deaths. You Cornell for real I'm going five and fourth I'm I'm I'm I'm mr. There are number one I did the heat they got him but he won't be the one who is the one in Dallas and did you hear Gregg Williams did Colby either so it's a scrub. It is a man who's their number one. The best. They went undrafted our boy Cedric from a Boise State is right and I and they lost its it's despite be turned. Are you kidding me he's. Coming Albany and sure you've got hit I knew I have may have what do you there was you. They are gonna suck they're all this is going to be aero thing. Jason wind effect. He's gone I don't know. They did leave other weapons erratic man they are gonna suck on our let our dialogue continued by outlook during that was six and three I've given that you're giving up around the that would have made them five enforcing the Essex are very Iraq on Saturday into your sex and John I'm good naturedly nearly that are thrown. LL doll. Should six and for our daughter Valerie. Add into that Tibet be united at Indianapolis. If they do eggs plants and now. Are you seriously asking is terrible dude on the road you don't watch them play Atlanta Jack and lack apparently bit thinks it is gonna win every road game they've played this year you're unbelievable there's no object is every night so we'll let you come on think the colts get a big and Holler crazy that got you seven and three lower what is this what is this what about with me. Six and four or six and four. If sixers for her to keep them on the colts like sucked all the way around let us here at six and five of their six and four after New England not that I really am. There. So you've got them. I know isn't so that you've got simpler got a citizen file for blossoms are out through the past loss yeah all right good so fearful then at Houston as well. Well. It's and it shows you said the first half was the worst. I don't bills I got to yet I've got to six and six under didn't get the job at home that's a win. Eight and five. Jackson's home ideas split never asked to 95 ever made six at the giants that I did it out of ten and I. Your column nine in six wrap around the Washington at home I'll give you that would. Let an odd looking good now you're playing for seeding and then India home. But I see what I am too important legal have a whole lot yet to be the likely you're silly record that may I in got a lot of the other two as excited 115 there's no way you can talk yourself in there they're going to be good this year don't you were reasonable and gave them a split down. I think they'll likely scenario win the division is they split would Jacksonville and Houston and B I think they beat Indy twice. I think if your life's not gonna play all season I mean deduced grown our full balls right now c'mon now it's college for now man. Not the report John would come down but of ten and six looks like a worse case scenario that and there's elements and I got a six looks like worst case that we know you straight hater going through that they need 86 losses that's still playoff thing I've god I think they could lose both to the chargers and the Dallas I think they could lose those two road games. So they could be nine and so he wants you guys are so bad with room honestly what I that are going to be operating. And 98 Nader should not and seven is your floor goes like without injury. Which is good which is good places jaded you can edit decision the yen or eleven and five was like you're stealing not a seven measure Florian in between that be good to Goodyear about that. I said Illinois about the times. You had to have we have to talk UN food and you actually go through the games I told you there and their anger I don't backwards and they're back in the playoffs. 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With a quick electric toothbrush that your first with the fact free if you put dot com slash Smith it's spelled GE DT UFC dot com slash Smith is back brushing. Healthy brushing habits with quipped. Are back Jason and Jon netted him nine FM. The as the NE SPN dot com has. An interesting it's cool piece up. Called courting the king right so they gave got a bunch artists together and they've. And they've gotten together with a Wednesday once since they got together but. They went through each city each NBA franchise or thirty of them and they sort of devised billboard. That would help our recruit ya. Thirty or billboards for LeBron to bring LeBron to your figures that it now I'm sure you're wondering I love the one from Memphis what the billboard and then we can no chance then. Any I mean maybe if you mean maybe if you and load Joe's contract a dude when you stop. Are you were supposed to say. Nothing right but it's still fun during I guess I makes the point back into doesn't three the grizzlies were one pick away. From landing LeBron in the lottery while such so things worked out well for LeBron must earnings were in Cleveland. Who's to say is legend wouldn't grow if you finishing off in Grande city the artist John. Are usually with a noticed a mom assuming his local because there that this. This thing has what BB king Elvis Presley it's really well done someone that would need to know Memphis well listen in this artist Tim Cook is local yeah. Have to be right. And it's if it's what I said it's it's it's. Here kings become legends is what it says on the deals are on the billboard. Hash tag Beale street brawl on its got BB king Elvis Presley and then sort of vote portrait of of LeBron being the next king. I love it. The only thing is and always we can I wish we could actually submitted as a bid to LeBron. Maybe with Villa street bronze asked maybe you would feel you know but he would feel this bill street bronze got a nice ring to it and goes on and stop. Why. Stop. Is there what me like they didn't want these are all thirty India attained a dead and the art is really really cool. Our bus so shout out even though will never happen shut out of the artist and cook for donors the chairman you know I'm taking must be local and you can click on his side of you these local. Don't you think so because they're bad billboard I mean you wouldn't have enough you don't have to be permits and a BB king and elsewhere kings and that's kind of what we do but you gotta have if you look like. Maybe they're commission a local guy and he's local and he is in Mississippi native at Tennessee resident. You're exactly right exactly right oh that's called what it's called instincts I was just called journalistic instinct every should get this guy and Russia are I was thinking. We should get and is actually it's really can clearly spent a lot of time on. I hope ESP and paid him well for that now that I hope they get in my other guys right here that's what she won announced really countless years in pay that's always what I want and now the don't want I gotta tell you another one of the lakers did is probably the best. Stop you did you see it annoy Schiller the luckily won because that's where a woman going the lakers on the bet oh it's California it's LeBron head. In the state of California. Like all his beard is this shape. But he's did you see sighed his sigh profiles really welled in his beard is the state of California. I got to look at what's in the crown is where your crown. That that has Kareem. And magic. And shagged and Coby I mean it's just I mean tumble it. Is truly unbelievable that's the best one I've been so and the Philly is my hope for LeBron in terms of destination. Philly Warner's. As the bond as Libyan looks like George Washington and lead and then Simmons and Joseph will indeed to a title. Titles just like floating on the road it's weird I'm not sure it's it's very welcome. Yes I mean listen that's not gonna help the Philly. Aside I hope our pitch. The Atlanta Hawks have on the says do it for the cold sure. That I cameos reference good track. It and instead they won't be letters or. I think we have the best billboard you think so yes agreed yes that's a look at these but I think Tim Cook I think it's definitely up there the clippers have a a secret I don't view does note templates and shut up this is I'm not got to got to contact your party got the Internet and on how to we can we can it was love for the we can certainly. Do that but yet if you tell me we're back to brawn and no longer can carry watts were backed LeBron watch we well okay. Hang on hang on white AIC a picture. What did they sit does the CA has some has a picture looks like. 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Saturday when your name is go seminoles a limousine and oh yeah.