Jason & John Hour 3 (6/12/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, June 12th
Joined in-studio by WWE Superstar Samoa Joe in Hour 3. 

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Of any wrestler in the inning in the world he was the biggest year let's have a saying he's below you'll get a big post lies is than he could possibly get a world I don't source Morgan a big timer in there oh Samoa Jose big time and a movie had on the show so far from done Debbie while wonder how many of them a big we've had we've had some massive reserves Equus is she still around on it oh she's yeah. Are you kidding me she used to she just wrestled Charlotte player beater last week he got himself every extent about. Not right now but she's about to win money in the bank you know I had a little early on him down we had Bobby route don't remember about you root in him he's a big ties and they are as many as Anita in it in exe or my favorite he started eat kicked off your homeland you don't remember it now from one of my favorite interviews we've done was in -- from the past whose big billion dollar man who's also tell us now says yeah yeah we're gonna legacy we have Mick Foley we have it Falwell he's always seen a couple of beware cocoa and where I am Ali how significant that was for the show absolutely not culturally. Exact it just was big well we had tied it he was excited wrestle mania though I did little right OK on all the draws and you're right we have brought it on stroke ahead the kind al-Qaeda Anderson no that was good though those are not your favorite you do not a very much invested. No to their Daytona anybody really started kicked off brawl last night there moderately we have had to feel that we're wrestling show. It kind of does knew we had some big big time wrestling gas and then wrestling show in recruits. Family members and one that we have and we specialize in group. Mid day as far as legacy as root ball you're guy who. As of people's champ. Do the people's champ is an idea and it hit a dead man that Neiman know John exists and impede the peace deal wouldn't come apart they show you brother showed true you know about me about it and understand. He Tweety John twice he did it once I believe it's framed and leaving got a frame once a Christmas only out around truly after verification that that is that I will virtually strip that's how these things work you opened doors when you have the blue checked I mean in my life is changed dramatically ever that they got that. You know and I hope one day DeVon walker understands what that life is like a really humble bra. And yes tomorrow Joe's going to be in studio at once revival we were talking earlier. Got off there's this was good stuff we were talking earlier about a mount Rushmore of Memphis sports the reason why we're talking about that is because margin not have a project is on a project the great undertaking. Is CA dome re emerging as the leader they really are I mean that that they were rising do not hold them we are not dead just because these folks believe don't think we're not don't think we're dead and nothing says we're back let's go mount Rushmore absolutely. So it. He has put together a mount Rushmore now we we talk we we have a mount Rushmore legends helmet and it is completely easy for untouchable. It's until and non negotiable as you put it it's Larry finch it's Penny Hardaway. It's Zach Randolph. And it is Jerry Lawler now I can you argue that regrets Lindsay Bowen Lawler arguments. Whereas under the symbol or placebo you know yeah the feelings were great. But was he you know. Won't wired what did you really win within their using slurs I saw a lot of Western Conference finals is a small markets hate us that's pretty much the ceiling like. Szabo deserves a spot he reinvented his career years ago they act he's gave back embodies a media felt like he was votes I got asked although I've seen a lot of Heatley and a lot of De'Angelo so yeah I'll just say I you wonder what's not get on the mount Rushmore because he does not really come back. I'm sorry. That's really that's the kicker for me. It's on an oil got silent like you said something that shouldn't be said slicks like Thomas and and I thought he. It's athletes or. Uploaded her record you know it's. I don't know and Keith I can't speak for him you know I can't speak for. His his grudge right there it Andy's bears a hold that maybe what there have been things that we don't know about. What I like to see that that in that bitter you know if it's I don't know bitterness is the word out after he wouldn't use that word but you know come home. Yeah yeah man if he came home to the conversations differ is was he a was he a better player though we're obviously you know I mean now well now announcing both a name out is a zebra. Campaigning here at Memphis. Was he better than the but he gets it done and I'm not mistaken for time all American yes I don't know I'd love to throw the pass out history out yet I don't. I don't throw big desks and in the eighteenth present yelling hey he's also leads in overall value rebound or do I want to tell you our main domain to alike. In terms of greatness college players don't get much greater than Keith Lee now the after obviously Penny Hardaway got beat on that. In the NBA career he's needs. But you could make an argument a strong and keep keep deserves to be out there. You can make our in his best gospel or come through here you could make that argument. I'm no opinion on the you know what he was going on video equipment and payroll and a greater and he was a consensus first team all Americans it would only played two years. And plus I think he'd like keep lead is not bump off Kenny Harley because Penny Hardaway. Penny Hardaway has globalized world of Memphis he just head and he's given his money back to the school Orion and he kimono submitted to it over a million dollars for the for the penny are well faint now you talk about the sort of the millions he's literally he's literally generating for that athletic department right now. Yes I'm not telling you take if we open our just putting aren't out there are those people that want keep on their wrapping its failure writing it's fair there and obviously people have a right about the end though as well. But D'Angelo Lawler some do bluff got a couple of does that sound sports or put him on there. And it and I have offered Tim McCarver or for a live how they does guns they were sports in this I mean reds got a lot. Yeah yeah he is Fred some I think about for applied he's he's bigger than sports honestly like he's bigger than Reggie put all Memphis exact icons period there is omit this without FedEx and MS is the absolute fact of the matter. I don't know how you should they wrestling in this is that like to still be some kind of like big dialogue about arrest him how can you say that that resting is not sports. It out. How am I used to do just to try to achieve you know agitated as anybody up bodies and this is not require that ability like you guys watch what happens the rain I mean they are athletes delegates make sure that's is. The committee to outcomes is basics of our needs to be if they're athletes what they're doing is in and it's athletic weathered out there like chick like OK so cheerleading is a long would be that because the outcome is predetermined. It's not us it's not. It's not real and MBAs rigged so what's the difference in what is now thanks Katy Kirk took a moment you had another part of this right we were named include the caller yeah and we. Well we've got we have time we always have towels are eligible to yes yes indeed. Are greater task Jim has it right. We don't we've actually done the work for him so maybe creating. But there's a greater task. And now we're gonna have the nine's my grip on the winds that please correct that and he was not carried little cough they suck at it now he Wii's top Tate in PGA wins it was guy that shot the 59 OK we got our major amassed be run he won three majors. Unfortunately that is luggage on the mount Rushmore at sports sorry about. Recipes and cared. The greater task is deterring the impact. This Memphis like war that mount Rushmore. Major out and obviously got no anti met mount Rushmore it's like they're better of the of the villains. Right big guys who have come through Memphis they athletes the coaches who you have just grown to just like. Like the the opposite of of greatness. And I actually think it since the conversations about a 53776. Because we've done this by the five ESPN who would be. Are your anti mount Rushmore of Memphis it's a real quick on cause I got my four earlier I we have take on their couldn't go much but I'd of done the work. When tick. Tubby Smith Arnold tough because he tells next wears a lump of Olympus and more you tribal Abiola iris war Chris Wallace anti mount Rushmore as well there's no. Qyntel Woods Qyntel what it's going out I had to explain that man. I heard Qyntel Woods. When he was asked wouldn't give back to carver. Is high school barely came around. He represented the city and I bet that he got his room and left. Peace. Okay I've. So Qyntel questionable balance yeah and I didn't even think you would be in your in your consciousness. Qyntel Woods or he had an RCA get back car reed nice turnout and down on edit them that puts so what else what else nobody radio that he dog fight. Dog fight yeah I know you hate that I certainly hate that I don't and I you don't. A major strike out down well you're you're you're you. Dogs getting killed is for use worse than they have amended submit death or the human yes it is amazing yes it is the father but through 776 by 253776. You have an opportunity put up the for our worst and most hated. Most load Memphis coaches or athletes that have come through here. Yet opportunity that we go to college birdies nervous however Europe. A gaggle you know mom. He got the bad Jerry Lawler on the mount Rushmore he's got to add any called the. On the mount Rushmore on the anti mount Rushmore it absolutely yeah okay all right absolutely somewhere put Eddie Garvin on the I mean he definitely was the deal. Right because you're a minimum mean of its people got similar words or man man apart they had a chance. Are we a little bit of news here Jeff Goodman's leaving ESPN. Although there rigorously and yes and we we were we could put him up on the anti amount rose worked and on the Moody's and 52537765253776. Who would be on your anti submarine Jones owned was as Jay will no way. And that's all part John Martin salaries Jones how could you put. You know and then not just Johns idol there's no way there's no way he doesn't mean we'll have a roof we go to riding title right here on. I felt. Locating coach here but he got into a radio show all they can't dock. You have good pitch I know good take dead dogs definitely. Is going up on the anti with a mean that that's the best of you think about the anti mount Rushmore and not limited to just full. Do you can you can put as many dudes on that if you want an angle outside of town maybe in my frequent those and be at the end pockets and then dogs deserve to go on that illustrate. Hater. I don't know about John cal Perry now Santiago Collins aides are cal Perry and what I asked I bet you do you think about that may be the only I didn't put on both. Absolutely and make fair arguments both absolutely so by other five through 7765 to five ESP or go to frank frank you're on. Without god I'm actually just bought the call at about jobs out there you gotta yeah. Sure. Looking drawn and tired you're sedans but at every day every that he gave view though frank everything he gave you. Yeah but look what he loved it she put out program. And it terrible publicity. He did I mean well out or made you don't think that just passers recruiting classes were boosted by Memphis is success. Undercount. I'm me evidence Clearwire but I eat would believe and and by. Yeah I don't wanna come today after Eric you had a month he did. I agree right don't let John forget that he said that office as coach of Memphis reached out to those recruits as coach admits that he could have done that if you move on to W too soon and in recruited into Kentucky never forget that. I think not write a project called an absolute right. 53537765. You're five you know 776. All right so we got we got there were some good years we got their dockets. We've got John cal Perry we somehow for some reason have Qyntel Woods well take price tubby. Again I'm not here and a tubby aguila de Gama eyebrow. I'm so I am really all he tried to tell us will you know what what Memphis basketball should I'm good tubby unable to an overall we try to say no it should be this sample and all his barter counts on the an anomaly on the ninth rated amount no one way in to be fair to subject is tubby and the staff it's not just it's now Libyan style so it goes tell people who Joseph and del sol that they got to be up there with and you can just take it for hours so you're on that say they're -- coach you're guilty by association. We go to adjust and so they've adjusted your own. And so. As thousands in the output or eat there what about like some bread urged players that came through the organization eight turns and play. Albert polls or. What about Yadier Molina mostly baseball players urge being owned. And. Right this yeah real malice I got psychiatrist they just appreciate because she's inched yeah I don't I don't know because I'm a Memphis when he's not Memphis enough. It and he did they come through really came as Hillary to negative people that have left in that case yet but the Rockwell wrestled you remind you where you're in the middle part of country rider I understand a lot of people. Which means that time I had the money out 3000 hits by the 53776. 353776. A symbol ban time by the way we we need we need anti. That's costing more than they are we have we had the other one figure RT you've solved that puzzle. Leo to rake in midtown restaurant. Well output. A lot of writers a manned by. Not rushed for a ninety day timers yeah I didn't. Yeah. Now aren't going your yeah they not Iraq all are exactly come easy out there I never like oh you're you're hold onto it I mean your whole none of them announced we do not forget. Now we don't not just as an out here in Memphis with the dogs they pass it to today's commerce. Gosh I hope not married and I apologize if you deny you as like competent and I don't he got he got fired up right it was an umpire I don't know if we're probably they rejoiced right now and probably when appropriate either they got so so so and so people not from Memphis to be on the anti analyst. Well I mean you know Oregon. Well I'm just trying to get the cards you're right I think we would then doctor John and that government is a straight ahead of exactly Lester yes are you trying to say they have to be from Memphis was you have to have a very strong enough if you pay just all of you got a shot exactly so we go we got we add today sounds who would seemingly go to Chris in Germantown Chris you're a good one. Hi guys about just caught our kids it's just it's. I would guess like I would go to on the line that I hated outsiders. As individuals and during my lifetime one of those would have to be get a car. How many girls like the way you think that's a good one Chris weirdness they can stand and that's the beautiful thing about the anti mount Rushmore like NS SO so Bob Huggins goes the better and the good thing like when we put this monument out where the confederate stats he's used to be. Downtown you can just go defaced it all the time you go do whatever the hell you want a good idea don't put up an anti mount Rushmore whether confederate statue. Your brain and a it's fascinating I got this offer little it and just let that. You know you sort of don't back yourself up too large UK you know all this then you don't want that space to go and use its premium reals that is you guys know we sold it for a thousand bucks elect when you left at your own jokes well that's sometimes I have to. We get sued Thomas Thomas Herzog is all comfortable Thomas you're on. Dear lord I also in a liberal. What's your position as a top flight is traded on the gas utility about it you know I'm going to be pushing gold. To me it would go to notre noted gold medal there was. Early you know you that was your your alleged when those those of Jeff front are the promo that stuff. Can you create that magic without us. Okay not particularly in light Madrid open and pull did. I could not only played soccer and girl. And mount Rushmore. He's older now I don't know did we really want to talk about it I was do we really want to get about it. Why not kind of said. That the senate scored a good thing it's kind of echoed. I want to change my enemy if you believe not all that is forty did something to zero. 2000% because it's an interesting entry into submission date occurred to him. There's almost things that complicated do it ideas. Who do we contain. It arm and all I am just saying who who helped bust him right but says how likable dude you look right right you write that he was later. Eric O'Flaherty certainly wouldn't be on the right on the mount Rushmore is certainly would be consideration their interest in submission yeah thank you legend Thomas we go to tip in midtown tenure on. Wanted to say how I'm going to be one to attempt to build it back to her columns and got but I wanna try to keep could go up. You think about two and thagard that match and Kendrick Perkins Blake Griffin. Okay I agree and gasoline hated I surely agree on flagrant I don't know if there's a such a there are others like a passionate hatred for Kendrick Perkins anymore Gallup Chris Paul Lawrence. Chris Paul yep I I play is not as strong now yeah not as strong as the east 553776. By the 537 cents a this is fun this is kind of therapeutic you know this is more fun it is do that I did do you know like I like our little list here. We go to John John Iran. John. Yeah young and Larry Porter mother and mortars all there is out quite done Lattimore has not has not because we do you know. They have fans out on now but he was awful it was off they coached the heat might be the worst coach ever. But the first two plays we jump balls bounce yes against mr. exhibit first two. You think do you think we're Porter is the worst Kosovo coach at a division one level ever. Now come out because he because of the because he did. I think failure that does it. He's in the conversation because you and I both say and it's cliche but it is true that meant that half of coaching at some more of it is the recruiting part of it is getting right. He could do that pork right and and frankly they can't be the worse fish continues to get jobs. At big time scorer so we you know it was it was not about to do it again yeah that's probably didn't have the vision he was not good down. We go to mark mark Jauron. I Adelman I wanna put up an honorable mention input further. Meant assault saying. Garrett burrows into the first round draft pick by the Buffalo Bills that went on jury yet take number score. RA what their fourth round pick but it laid a god decide hey dad did talk to other crap from Nashville he's got a little wild and. Am not planning ahead although I'm glad somebody remembered the you mean thumb had Paul Archie. I make a light day he's I mean to admit this in Nashville or like NA she did just. Are you may destroy I'd already you know just trash talking. But he's got to go somewhere there. What we're gonna do market averages a mission we're just gonna put up a farm. That will represent all the arsenal with you just a thumb like a thumbs up to and I both come out. Liberal farm had. It's not that time to get him back on the show mapping so we showed figures should get him back really did dad got it back on the shows they can laugh figured question laughter your question again I sometimes watch cars he spares no what are what little we yet which of the season started what do I got Paul Garcia and then now he's on the same date and still it now bashing you'll Automator day and give him more a lot of winners and stood on the same day we do clay and everything we. Everything will be good are paid all the way through like way to win would look heyday in during the summer and that's a good idea. We go to JJ you're on. Blue double. Lou I have to do it had not been lecturing get moved. And now wanted to go to break John Barnes. Judge their their. It doesn't and there are expected wondered got a break beyond the hard part is that book they're here Chandler are including Neil beer every loyal or Canadian we need their pursuit ever been urged worry. All right and to talk about some of these are fair about it was Denny to talk about something blood. I don't know we hear why is why. Why is Josh passer. On this I mean he wasn't that bad come on man he wasn't that bad. Just there you beat co speedy mutual coach. Dick holding the broke the interest that this player and put the ten to hit it at their their job ability to go pick quiet. He got all those members' kids in 2013 though. DP it but he didn't do it if they split them. Well that's a debt sorry it gives you street ever Brad batteries in order to grab bag go there walk all over Freddie and oh yeah total under keepers well. I would not argue with you there I would argue and I will not argue with you on Chandler Parsons either JG you you cut him thanks Jack you cut him brother. Thanks for listen and and thanks for hurt my feelings today. But I wore a natural part of the presence of this long to get highs announcements on the there we got out we got three more presented by its participated it has been very constructive thanks because well we go to Joseph Joseph bureau. Chris Wallace and Larry border. Larry reported that at the first Chris Wallace. That's the first crisscross the that we mentioned I'm Hillary doesn't about I don't see how it's got to be only many feel like he does and then we go to Charlie Charlie Europe. Yeah. A wall nominate. Dick cartels. For anti. Okay well any particular reason why. One more than a bounce forward eight narrative even mention. My message is a nice even hold onto this for a while hard Charlotte. He loves the blue bloods than intro no love from Memphis Charlie appreciate the comment pursued the caught on among Glenn maybe now that we're gonna. Immortalized it bites out down there. With a confederate statues once stood that you can let go. That you could follow legs I was about who have moved there. They average go to let's face it we go through leave leave Iraq. But photo from the early retirement elbow. Are about got a nomination we got to go all the way back because history predates Memphis but you're the villain. And I make it a name wrong billing that first general manager of the grizzlies for one reason and one reason alone. The oldest court Currie. Media Otis Thorpe trade I like it is going on the list Leland brag on Ollie thank you brother there you go Billy knight's going. Going up on up on the anti mount Rushmore too. And Rick I mean we can do like if you rule if you wanted to redo it the whole city of Memphis and let Willie parents and that's going on there timeout ideas. Why. Are you scared that his goal and on the anti mount Rushmore. He is I'm sorry did you remember the rumble on the river and some how does get it he did some good things permit the sports. He did. The Guantanamo from a city perspective. You'd think you'd think Willie Harris and Todd Ayers is is missed when that massive shake them halo yeah he was so much you. Here you. Know it just like you guys have an opportunity you can vote him back and he's run for reelection of thank you guys you guys go ahead a move and so you may clearly Bennett's been waiting for this day you'd vote Willie aired I just got meanwhile blob blob bring that into the discussions are being real we're having real talking with a Eustace on mum and some schools for car. As is it's important our car back for that matter of those mayoral days. I think mine was was it ought to be Watson if you had John NB I had done a BO Johnny B it will come back Samoa Joseph is here or should help residents thought it was good stuff is good. He'll be a studio it's mode so we'll talk to him about many things will be in action tonight at thanks warm smackdown live. Vacuumed days and done nights out of NBS PC. 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Also opposite yeah measurements so brother really to know are you sartorial list. No I'm not you look like when you could've pulled me. However it is here and there we're looking good that I it's a last month ESPN asked the question. Is 28 team the year of Samoa Joseph what would you say to that question suppose I had the answer is yes absolutely. Yours won't. You know we're just give me and revenue mean you know obviously would elect last year to be minor but Copeland who's got a subtler things this year health they were feeling good and so much from Def frankly your career is one that is it's pretty unique in the world of wrestling writes I mean you're you're. You're the epitome of grinder you know you you work toward two decades before you've got to the W donate them want cheap right. That that is the point yeah that's what that's that's true wanted it's tough to do it's really tough do especially in this in this modern age but. Yeah I managed two to get them 22 call open. Bring me into the fold so it's it's been pretty good business relationships and what was that meeting like just accurate I mean how how fulfilling for you look and that's obviously the goal you do if you get do you get the call and what was that what that mean field. You're really surreal than usual simply because we did that the original terms become in the it is time trying to help you dolby ex chief brand into the toward her in the news today and yeah men do it was a while you know but then after having the meeting folks who you know felt really good to look at natural fit. Most of you know kind of mocked former coworkers that kind of graduated to the office London W so I had a pretty good. Rumble support coming and so it was the coolest. We're talking about obviously you you're in other promotions and you're successful writes Alec you were just. You know doing nothing but is the goal always WW ER miscarriage says that your mind I mean for me the goal was to sustain you know. Busy relevant in the industry and and and be out there on the national stage in their own. You know I I think. I think Debbie W was always open in the back my head but it it well if if it didn't happen I mean I was pretty satisfied with the crude into the so far there. So right now B and endeavor Debian kind of feel like I'm in the bone muscles IMAX you talk about fits you so much you'd fit into what you're doing after you've been a mortgage bank broad mortgage broker you've done you seem like you could fit in any avenue anyone I've done a lot of the allotment a mortgage broker. Had a I was that yeah you know what it was who. Probably the least gratifying job that I had but. Made a lot of money so I guess they come to me and what other jobs if you had. While you know. Do you have those jobs that shape femininity and yeah I go to Atlanta chicken wing places and former pleasure and our guys Jose Capellan underage bouncer was. Underage yeah I'd like which is great when you're seventeen you're thrown out grown men. Where you can grow quicker. In radio show host on the weekends though aren't citizens that I could talk the talk show. Kind of a kind of wrestling comedy Harvard shows so you know all you're doing that before like the boom of wrestling oh yeah like you're the you're concerned that we five million outcasts or even nothing yet I we gadget. Like do you use your own name when you do doubt that she's more known and we're part of a network or comedy world time that a lot of a lot of county town stuff enough. You know we less that's different markets and you know we would that is funny we have probably the worst spot mostly the weekend afternoons but we had a tough markets because nobody had really good we can them. And so we're about less than you have really done everything yeah it's been awhile there we are local courts are gonna Samoa Joseph in town and identity smackdown live what is you mentioned that mortgage broker that job was the least gratified. What's the most gratifying thing about being a professional wrestler and identity you honestly it is the and we don't talk about this a bit late you know we get around travel is kind of like experiencing. Especially just the United States and himself he gets some more rural areas smaller communities suffer just kind of realizing. I'll varied in different countries ever go ahead and you know it's funny you look at several strong opinions about this country but they are tell people mango will travel around a little bit no gloomy some people talked about about the situation. And I think you have a better grasp of things and I really wish was something that. We as Americans it mourn general cold tone of voice like Memphis where you automatically you hear and you feel below for wrestling yeah every human menaces is arrest and sound business there's no doubt about that immune you know. It's our with the king you know he he cancer in any and he put it down from Memphis and so to come out of these two this town and and and to be a continuing part of that's dishes Drew Coleman because. You know cast live so about it and and in this terrible yeah. How much did your life change like when when you got the call like I'm still it was like a tangible thing that happened that you thought oh my god like my life is different forever now. You eat I mean not a lot you know I've been doing this for a bit and but I will say this I mean the recognize ability factors over the deathly goes a special we got the world's it's does that mean. Yeah there's some of these international shows a mean way. You know it's it's we you know it's not unusual mile walk from Americas and you've noticed but we need to be walked around Prague and Budapest after stopping the rest. Humbling when you win you implode and when you get away war what do you do. So I have. I have a inner sanctum if you. I want him to automate capabilities is thought intersect somewhere else or is it okay so I gotta get out of it yet be dug it up to make you dinner or iPad. And say you know. So what respects a man in case the motel six guys like Joseph I don't know exactly am I thought that aren't sexy writer it was and that thing with the hopes we got surround sound we got BR we got teams everywhere minutes. It's like evil evil. Geniuses like layered mentally did things setup man that. Technology everywhere it's great and yeah well you lock myself in there for days just to recover than. C'mon chuck how much time you get this spending your inner sanctum though because not enough people I don't think people understand how grueling though you know scheduling I'm good restaurants were where were on the broad probably fortify our days a week she. You know we have a couple days home a recharge and and chided. Fiddle a week's worth of home life and so couple days. Enough delegates in humans so are you sports guy absolutely don't think we hear James might seem so you know darn early lakers and always will be OK you know LeBron James is the favorite is now the only after the brown today I don't know not from Russia argued that big market money you know are you OK are you gonna get involved in the recruitment like I hope you like so muscle around all day British served my agent LeBron it's weird same agencies or you -- -- government always. Ladies and we have a little connection there will there June is try to try to work it out. And always earlier Laker anybody else you know in football oddly enough Philadelphia Eagles fan okay well you're year to how did you become a Philadelphia Eagles so when the rams left of Sanders my family we were darn hard Los Angeles friends and then left. These big mess but she's tickets. It was a big that it did blow my family we always tell my goddess Brothers one brother liked charges have won the panthers' home and a house B Reggie Bush and telegrams and so on with the Eagles suck the members of a failure right and it was a great year for you pay off yeah so tell me what it was like a grown up and and your family and I what was what was it like so much my family we we ran the largest mortgage mission. You know probably in the world of time and you know we're we're always performer gross travel and you know we we were traditional analog I mean we just really. Yes so I mean this federal lifestyle that's diminutive yeah half of the a bit on the drove for while also you know probably SR one of us are grizzled and there has been a crew that I that I have been involvement in attendance from fashion and of what should we expect to my brother tonight smacked a lot of work FedEx and you know since it's our lasso Memphis for the year it's it's our big show leading in the money in the bank. And you know any time we got that last show before BP interview with a lot of students from me nuts I will be. You look like one in the bankrupt last full Hillary agree and. I appreciate Chicago and MS that evidence is Samoa Joseph smackdown live tonight. At the Fed ex formal come back days and done at a Jennifer and ESP. Drowning an hour is did he can't afford to pay the need to take advantage of special IRS tax programs that are available. 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Love Chris through its course more on how his businesses such as these funds are greatly influences take a look at the menu is vessels at any time as a blow good news.com. Broadcasting on the 829688. Yen and all I. He later says they believe that life is filled with many graduation that's more than simply graduating from middle school or high school or college there's that one moment that major coming of age. When you beat your daddy. Maybe it's a foot race maybe it's an arm wrestling match your arm Raza your dad know. Yet it was about your play cards with your dad move to spokesman had basketball and someone flies you know there's nothing quite like that feeling that when you post your dad in the ideally it's something important. For the person who was always represented all of what's good and competitive. About you still felt like a win to me perhaps it's fitting them with Father's Day coming up. Ladies and gentlemen hope you all gonna take care of those that they can celebrate those dads and grads everywhere are giving them a gift card good anytime there's a need to prove. As Johnson whose fast would that converse them online and Audubon speed dot com. Or in person at 63 and nine Shelby's view drive to whether have a lot of fun you know look like spend more than you did your dad and be proud of you for that he's and appreciate that is. About endorse speedway in events where there are always asking. What do you race and for today fired a -- you don't you run a very uninteresting story to us was that John I want our values that you you said there's something about a book that somebody close LeBron is riding or reuse formerly close the LeBron yeah it was let me find it. It was LeBron mom's ex fiancee you're saying yeah apparently pose an anti Iraq he posted on. Okay. And it is it's. Although he posted something on is to Graham saying that he LeBron mom's ex fiance he was considering releasing a tell all book and one of the one of the parts would involve that LeBron had an affair with one. Beyoncé. What it's real this is this is so let me just get this would be groundbreaking load off LeBron whose moms. Ex fiance of bronze mom ex fiance dar re a Lambeau speaks on IG about releasing a tell all day and divert them don't rideau real Lambeau yet done real well yeah Amazon comes sound written questioning moms Jenin and man speaks on IG about releasing a tell all book cool claiming brawn had an affair would beyoncé has a Drake style secret baby mama and much oh my gosh. While. I don't even though I have a house out deep to sing my foot in this cause it to just be some mess flood deal would consider the source. Mean that's are under real memo the real limbo is the ex fiance of the mom. He's a jilted lover got cut off yeah exactly he got cut off from your LeBron police shot. Is sniffing this out already a Maine so it doesn't have a credibility does not I mean frankly no. He does it even if it's true it's like you can't believe it coming from him. Now I've Gloria writes a book and says bad things at that you know those things are true that's one thing right. Now do you believe not always gone all out on you be careful I've always thought that LeBron James was the model professional athlete husband. Sure he's been with Savannah. Since high school right they're sweethearts the main elements in high school has been the entire time all right I mean I think they've been together for as long as he's certainly been in the NBA. Although we priced them for that you know he's he's he's out we did great on it and we we brought up on the show and Iceland podiums and some of that he did cited the as the Heidi held back. Oh back. Heidi when it was as though we last season the redhead that's a weird like Carter remember charm bracelet and Jordanians ask some questions he did. What questions are yes fifties she would teach them right out I'll run or something right or fish or something I was Harvard's until I'm no sobre. Not now Bennett is trying to get an education on how to hunt come all they're all as they marries a man who you ask you have money was hunting. He was on the all right it's hunting some tales. Again players John. Oh sorry. There's gullible you all you you cannot as a married man ask a woman another woman to show you how to do we think this is the reason is an unwritten rule. Dude my wife rarely let's me best friend my former girlfriend on FaceBook. What do you a different former girlfriend yeah. Just got a point there and solar day I always allow only join a couple of years ago or you try to defer and not trying to befriend anyone appointed face in the for an inquest and then argue my wife wants did that not all ideas though you're now you don't add the friends are still ahead the former girlfriend don't go away looking like what I do that I'm not LeBron. Don't respect what brother husband or a victim teller were were these are jokes. Okay I wanted to isolated clarify your former girlfriends I view and then your wife says you cannot. Accept the request per month as you see you can probably tell if you listened show there's not much trust in my wife and I as marriage. Minutes predict I think she wants pinning. She she probably thinks all my whole performance bogus that you heard about what's your base are right now we love each other deeply no okay. No former for girlfriends on your I mean there's really you know. My BF two or they're down underneath haystack OK I've had to be found I have I think I have one X girl from a friend's list but that all of us here. If any ex girlfriend and your friends who have not become clear wow what's because you never had a picture of aren't you married earlier of let there. And so malaria not true much like LeBron that you guys are much wherever you're pretty funny but yet we look at LeBron is like the model professional athlete husband so this 1% calm as a little bit of a blow to me personally. If it's her. But it is beyoncé could be possible. Oh is curry could it be possible by goodness. I think so it could be possible moss and another ball out among our Manhattan and we all look up now Rihanna is this Rihanna is the one that loves LeBron right. I don't know I think Rihanna has a huge crush on the grounds that term. I'm pretty sure she goes to the games and she loves the Rasheed depends LeBron I'm almost positive out and beyoncé got the I don't know. She's all she's always watching LeBron if that is why it waited this there was a the picture of there's a patient LeBron might get yeah Rihanna and it is widely honored you know beyoncé. Roll album are about Jay-Z cheat on her for the most part like you know revenge someone in and wanted to do these issues anyway even up is to get back and hopefully for Laughlin is not during that time days that I described a theory what's that besides the wolf always scratching. That theory is not for miserable on my and you come over the stuff was okay and me I'm a bad back and say it not for nymex were a little blond. I got you in on into Libya they did that with Iran and do about it is that who does that help. Who who does that benefit. No one it doesn't benefit anybody to girl's moment writes he's Whippet that exactly I prefer. I prefer the two. I for Ivan Drago article are someone's diminish their right for our anti well Rushmore and I guess it works and I guess there last hour or sort of residue book. Now he's like the draft got to be making not all because I think we should get him on it's possible wolf just a jilted lovers Ryan figured they could give present and we would have the other side is that we've never had a jilted lover on the show. The reason the reason I think we should get a notice because if get him on and then LeBron will catch wind and he was on our show how we had an an opportunity for the other side and I know so I know you don't wanna you don't want to use the platform for evil. OK let's say we have him on he he he does these crazy rooted in then maybe LeBron has to come on the show and answer I don't think LeBron is going to do that. And it. I appreciate your ambition but I don't think LeBron is gonna feel the need to do to make our list he can go on go looking window. Instead of Georgia. I've got it but they are we did get some submissions that we can I get a chance to our read for the for the entire. Memphis. Machines would be if we didn't mention obviously is a no brainer what are coalition of like Fatah also appalled at what about bloodiest and tweeting and ended at about what Adams. But I had Adam's daughter as managers it is early and deserves some consideration when it does absolutely but I have goes on that without a doubt Sarah write you mentioned yes. Jericho on land that maybe even before the trial. Yeah I think we know enough to. But we know she deserves our consideration if nothing else she's the one that put us in this and narrative that Poland's almost out of control I gotta get one. Let's look Francisco Garcia. And we hated him up. He's right I'm not a movie goes a Payer we'd we went we made him relevant like Blake eight but we made it. For literacy in an ally like I loaded unique from one because of of an opposing coach he's a guy that we. He was he he almost wanted to look like you wanna kill as much as we want to kill him of exactly so good stuff there for their body that's submitted. So name I was two on and there if you'd like and the by the schedule for us today as always Jason Johnstone is presented to you by the wing Gurode. We are Amir of and they that is away from the bar was sorrows and will be there so front yet. Reddy's that's a good for us to day things about remarks basically traps and thanks to Samoa Joseph I got to get ready for smackdown Jason's absence on the night. Are you taking minutes now. I'm sorry sorry that it. Jason just convert. Oh. The officials. Today doesn't. Mean. Okay. The rain isn't. Boy no decision. Just be who is a reflection. Sleep innovative. Didn't get any say. Smile and more dynamic floor. I dragged my destiny and I go ice. Drowning and our is dead and can't afford to pay the need to take advantage of special IRS tax programs that are available we'll. 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