Jason & John Hour 3 (5/22/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 22nd
More on Student Section Names plus joined by Clay Travis in Hour 3. 

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That life is filled with many graduation more than simply graduating from middle school or high school or college there's that one moment. That major coming of age. When you beat short that. Maybe it's a foot writes you a lesson about their race in the back yard so sweet barefoot board arm wrestling match more cards game more. A board game there's nothing quite like Fairfield and when you win at something important to the person who is always represented. All of what's good and competitive Jason so perhaps it's fitting. That today. Don Tuesday we celebrate dads and grads everywhere by giving them a gift card good at any time there's a need to prove who's faster you can do that are personal online and Audubon speed dot com. Or in person 6399 show review drive. It looked like you'll spend more money than you did. That'd be Friday for that new grads don't think that's marked Audubon endorsed be wary events when they ask what are you race in force today. I'll really quickly wanna thank Baird Jones for come in studio. He is definitely on his way up in the media career. Now you know and he's not just a former player who is who has gotten media opportunities because he was a former player. But the guy knows stuff he's actually like super charming and entertaining to talk to would be idea he is so he is powerful. All of my don't mourn this guy did if I had a radio show. I'd be worried about it because he might come and give the spot. You do Saturday this year there's is that really devers they were getting and by the way I wanna announce that we are open for business. We are you keep saying that well we have new listener jets announcement was that ours is tomorrow OK well now liberals may sit out there are a delegate our listeners a preview. Of what we're gonna announce tomorrow. Which is that we are open for business with so come on down advertisers. Come on down. You like to thank you John OK so our mission today has been one. It's very simple yet so complicated saved them. Right Penny Hardaway right appears through that deep enough for you will not give us a Penny Hardaway came on. With your peers yesterday and what I believed to be one of the best and reasons of all time overall group and there although there. I think Gary cattle and takes it to another level Brent. Published about but he came home with Gary yesterday. And and said many things but one of them essentially things is that. He. Has been thinking about possibly. Putting wooden bleachers. In the student section. Now I still don't understand the importance in the Pacific and I were over analyzing the bleachers part of this we heard the clip that maybe we should plating and the jump into the you don't bid if it and as I don't know that we don't I want now to. A pop and I don't disturb him calm and alma is prepared for that but again. John the bleachers part of his very small on gay and all he was saying was he wants to find some way to to give us some extra significance I think I think. You know we know we should look to deepen the bleachers as the zone into bleachers and only bleachers in need someone's gonna separated right and that can be done with. Possibly just the bank possible death separated with a nine absolutely. Now let's give you look look at a little bit of Bagram. The suit sex little bit of history was caused instead you have the numbers at the university of met Erica. First and foremost everybody just assumes that if you get good games and if the team is good and then then the students will come. But it's just not that simple I don't think I think that's oversimplifying. The issue is more so with the man you're right it's more layers than that now now one of the one of my most proud works as you know days. Is back as he doesn't level and I was just immediately sports editor of the daily Helms. I wrote a story about this very thing that is into does eleven obviously that's seven years ago my god where does that time go. But at that time Memphis was considering slashing the seats and half. So syndicate 2000 and they pay for those seats rightly there's a student athletic feet. Now and I don't know how much it is now it'd gone up by that's kind of picked 300 reporter bucks I don't know what is now. But that's do you pay for your mission and that right and it is part of your tuition. The back then because as soon as CSX it is was so poultry. They they thought you know what why don't we just. Give them a thousand and sell the upper seats right in mid to general admission make 500000 dollars on it. You have to make sense first like us that's always looking for a get a big range got a back to analyze everything you've got back in 2011. It was hot. And I Josh is bringing in that doesn't take one last I mean those are the united that was at the peak of Josh its powers at that time you know and at that time. The they they averaged 821. Students a game which was at that time the best ever in the history of the fourth still not half full and so and still not half full. The dare gross sees in the ten national championship appearance and honest nice estimate 775. Since a game which is only 39% capacity so. In the armor RC stands on the back I think there's interest there but they just don't see it. Whenever I thought I alarms and in the right in the in the non commerce failure besides though that the on the big ones were murmured they had like they had George like our own bombard games but it seems like most that scandals pretty good out again that number seems low muted their rosier yes that Arizona. At the forum they had source the former Tennessee anymore they had a great home schedule. The best home schedule that is that is and somewhere in the heck were we. That I what is your question right who I was student and knew it was as all of it was new issue was not that knew that it was not brief four years old yet I mean it was like it was the first season. You know I was not that news. But it was always bizarre to me that if you know at that time there's eleven Memphis had won the third most games. In ten years behind duke and K are all in there were announced that it. And you know in the student section just denied the series is not the not respond now how much of that do you think is the fact that it is a commuter school. Big part of at that time 83% of the sin embodied late what was was labeled a commuter cancel a big part of I don't know what the numbers are now we just is there. And your student on campus and much more likely to go through that things on campus of its right they just ball in their here here's a go to school girl that's. Typically you don't necessarily become ingrained in the fabric of the school hmm is opposed to maybe if you lived on YouTube up now we're trying to there was one time where. The Memphis state of the Memphis student section was behind the opposing. Bitch right and that had value you could we talk but does dobbs show you that you could get on you get into with the coach right you can you can do you could stay on the timeouts make it tough form right. Having moved them to the where they are now sort of behind the basket. Look out I don't know how much it affects the game but I am I know again if that thing is full depth again we keep in mind that's got to. We'd like give more money from the television back is that we have it is a very good partners in the sense that you were always on ESPN is and always got those cameras onion and let's face their. In the last few years it's sort of been embarrassing. Right to have a camera on a certain section form whatever was it was insertion not know Quincy what we saw. Which was no not much enthusiasm which was people trying to hold onto the enthusiasm might the of the of the real true blues down there trying to hang on and say man Yost commander this is. Hum the value John. Is sort of what. What we can feel right now on Memphis right what we have every day it's bubble in which you know the you don't pay any DJ don't people on the list than we talk about what what we've got to. What you do with that stay in session you put a name on it. Well than the rest the nation sees the boasted. Right right now the rest nations in opinion are always getting players most of them. We talked the experts think the players from Memphis they don't see yet deputies recruiting on a national scale and I believe we'll continue to do so. Not what they'll see John. Is the bugs. When you saw Bruce Pearl in front of those old Tennessee you know. Student sections with a shirt off what did you think. Man that's that's. That's something that looks wild right now it is something that looks hot right now they as a college south that would absolutely look it'll they look relevant they look all in. And that's the value of this thing that that's why to your point I mean. The bottom line on the on you know. Are there other over a thousand students there are others. Beyond that doesn't. Think about it it's the atmosphere that you wanna show that happen the rest of the mayor that mayor is not good no it has it has not been a long and so that from that stamp what I understand exactly what Penney's same. You wanna get that back because that was an advantage. Because that you know again you have fans that graduated. But you you want your student body to be able to take pride in in its vast closing and it's any day and and many other sphere in very simply. Recruits see it too yes I recruits see it only ESP NIC how lit right it is at Memphis games and they wanna be a part of it because what they show game that they don't show that they don't so that the fans. Right they are so disturb the normal fan base they showed the students absolutely that's who they show. But it was a the most lit usually the camera crazy that's where you get too excited just to Ed Pitt look you try to name this memorize it up off camera crazy as we spill formed frenzy. I'm I don't I don't dislike it I just all of a rolls off well norm frenzy and a legacy is like it's there's I don't like the fact that it's not plural. Year in art form frenzies mom I don't even know if that makes that. But earlier today. In soared in the spirit of trying to you know come up with the way it's re energize that fan base in that particular portion of the merely had to name kids wanna be a part of their best in the coming down I Gannett and the blue collar within. The blue crew is not the student section the blue crew is a section of the student section. Is there Colby joined. You know I think it was like our members like seven I've considered joining it. Back in the day come but I never did. Physics every five bucks you got a W got a bus you could ride out of the games of the Humana have like a food voucher I can't remember that we ought to went into it. But some new I've been diagnosed as like you talk about those new and improved in your that you can't go with I'm not I don't mind if you arguably groove there's some big hole on that now house about how does a zinni wants knew something and then was Calvin mastermind behind the blue crew Bob Dole if he was the master I'm. I feel like he was a load there was a mastermind behind that name. Not the name itself but the existence of the thing. Probably what does the Bible I'm not sure I don't run everybody hates cal but he was so invested in improving the big game day atmosphere at Memphis. You know with the idea of the of the blue crew with the deal they TV giveaways. Like he was invested in that more so than we've seen any other coach that come through here again out penny is trying to sort of well he's not gonna face the same issues that now. The Indian and not not necessarily the same intensity level right cap cal was. Trying to rebuild bring this rebuild this thing we'll so it's funny I realize that from a basketball standpoint but but he's got an advantage they counted well hold on now I mean he's he's come as any starting from ground zero day he's got an advantage being being the hometown guys editor and editor come on the Miley got hired he started from a bad place. Yes they both missed their grizzlies pay out completely for the first time ever -- not give you that I'll give you that but but what I'm Tony's cal had to go out and like like working yesterday I may have to do the store with the Bible we Nemo did not had any inherit only added to this day that he was gonna win I'll press covers much of what he said John Margaret why because we all love him we're all excited the that a former you know someone with blood in the program is getting the gate correct it wasn't gonna matter that does your honeymoon is going to be longer demand because it's been yahweh yes that's yet unclear yet what he would like you're right -- that do anything he does not. At John had to work that yes that that is staffed thing but I do big pit he will have to as well. I think it takes to get to where he he. Ed you know self admittedly wants to beat. He will have to do that if he will have the nobles on the creative and now in a sector which is what we tried to do today but I'm afraid we failed well he's. Took to keep that going on I don't wanna make it sound like I'm descent and he starts his finger stuffed it sort of putting work into it because he does and we saw immediately on the first page only made the point about it. You know Africa's don't oppress comes what does he do before he goes off some media. Generally works the room. Literally hand to hand. Person to person works the room penny it looks like he's in and that was one of our principal of one of the policy concern that was something we raise our hands and well. Analysts are just celebrity culture yet put the work in and by all. Measures that we can bounce on his first two months dude is putting in the work day as he he won't have to work boarded nor like cal did to rebuild that they like that agreed yeah agreed there and didn't Europe years after art so we try to do. It is that we tried to add names this student section because we feel like if you have a name port. Then you might take I'll cry and it don't write you might actually one of you might be as it revised that to be part of it right. Now I went ahead and named it about this everybody gets free phone posits. But again I'll come on I think we can afford that now. That's up everybody gets I get it done and thousand pairs of phone bothers. One or one RC. OK so 2000 paired us home closet yeah well my calculator. We're into retail value here too hot 2000. Times through fifty is 500000. Dollars. Possess would have a appear on buzz caused you to fifty well Luskin that she can. Bertha chief kind army and one that boy okay not that not the highest and we can come now a little bit and we know they'll do a 150 or something a hundred dollar 0100 for the editors didn't dull given up all posits then how about like you give away a pair of four paused the game is in section. I probably would do it they want a list on one I would go prepared a chance to mellow brotherly Palestinian big decision that you're available through it all I wanna get all the students on how do that every game I mean that in there would literally be fighting to get in their job and that it would be legged like late in line on Saturdays the money we get shot and then we had sub don't stop. I'm just saying like you know I'm not you know arms on the troop. So but how about up that's actually good idea give away one pair up Obama's per day easy easy by the plays packed. And I know I know he's got them to give away because he literally gave Mike Miller for payers just hit the road and just from his closet but he didn't wire dude when he barbs foam posits come out. Are you kidding me gets them Fauria any well Ali wants new speaking give me give you in there right now exactly. That's a beautiful idea. Thank you how it they have a game on Friday won't bother Friday. You come down and you get to you get a chance to win one pair of foam on the other one winter doesn't fit. I love it. Thank you me the name. Well some of the suit techs and just about. Foam posits. People. You are struggling. Struggling I'm having a hard time I have been any Elaine any bank we liked any bank we liked. Don't tell me where settlement for ground gang guys. All we'd all like growl gang anymore. It feels a wimpy we're gonna need the or any guy that tiger. And about tires and on that gets my creative juice won't know wise yes it has failed so far for you want that's on the table like pins in his people. What's wrong with that. What's wrong with our arena pays for evo is he got our Dziena represent us. Not on we are it's coupled Ebola said the bank somebody on Twitter and you don't put pennies and a bank and data set in the hallway but I don't like America's each I'd hate us I sure. But bank but the opinion bank makes some sense. But tigers in which is where you eat where tigers eat you can be doing James art knowledge from the Camby and pray do need an up the phone. I can you see that actor art. We're putting. I guess rout gang in the final hours as the earth are grabbing an attack country. About says like tech companies and it's been real participated sick of that did digs at thought everyone agrees that grounding was a good one and now all of a sudden it's like you know that's kind of Blaine guy is a allowed just seven and just for the other what was the of the lonely you and I both had we seem to know each other pick this thing and I think the men great minds. City thrives that is tri city area. Oden I don't go to section not a one maybe my favorite RM a strike that he's good at expressing great minds that we both had it and it didn't didn't in and doctor's note before we get some calls it let's take a couple calls father five or 776 and you have to turn the song down. I want everybody involved whatever but it it their way in over this song I like you're right now I would be better for the gold heart and I was amiss stopped like the islands of legs and jokes like. I don't know come joke should thank him but I don't like we did that exactly right. Love thirty and yet I assume most people probably gonna think like me so. No wonder that you don't want your sister to section to be. Any any joke potential. Not at all so if you have any suggestions 5353776. I cannot promise you that we will not rest you if they're bad you know how we get down on the show. Let's go to Cedric Cedric what shall we call the student section. Dependent. The hit a mob okay. Cedric the in this I want my opinion I think that Larry Brown have a mom obvious and kind of mom down there Larry Brown down SMU they had some off yet it known that they call themselves. The mustang mobs on like Ole mustache. From maybe must think Bob is good because it's like it's a litter ration and it's the mask of just just for you fully donors' dollars Zach Thomas tweets and heck no drama myself about five others who recipe human every game early to get front row seats created into a father knew with new opening a fix on. Al like it. But he wasn't behind I apologize about the public yeah he did not immediately I don't wanna give him credit where you have irrigated to argue I get credited California a desolate Todd says it was not that I was not Cal's creation I think he did have a lot of good ideas go to form oddity that is instituted. Let's go to mark mark you're on. About a penny loafers he got. Penny loafers. We're both sound slow down slow and lazy what we're not moving we wanna be the fastest pace team leader we do we need to encourage and empower our students on one offense and defense that's right we don't wealth around here. Let's go to say I'm Sam Iran. It's called but it. Maybe express. Is that like that sponsored by FedEx. Of course of Sam I'll I don't want to express I love it felt like inning and got express and I don't know if out of college to play don't pony express OK you had the al-Qaeda can express OK won't you pony express got the federal express what can move will slug fell away OK let's go to us Spencer Spencer here on let's name this in section. Tiger case. Tiger hits. Okay all right percent that's been sort that is don't know if it at this and does that feel and seamless to me tiger tiger pit. But there 53776. With I'd rely title possess ESP and you get you guys know what Jason are suckers ward that's a liberation. So it works every time you get if you miss hit dozens of liberation you got a chance to be in the running for the final. List one of the litigation means the most to I don't know I just there's I think it is let's go to Jason Jason your on. Oh yes sir no we had little paving how about. It. Little tigers much as sound like a kids section. You have ninety days in a czar Rossetti and oh all I got here just with. Is there was spotted. Days and I'd it is delegates have a little bit like kids that develops off. Fathered 53 sevens over the next five revived fears you monarch his films like manage asylum herald what the hell is going on over there are bit. We Joseph zoo Tom talk. Top virulent. You know you get dollars go to market any thought the. The pity posits now we're any positive that's for a short for phone positive. And get somewhere yeah it definitely and is posits gives exhilaration when I look at people where there's Bea don't pay any body. I don't know Tom thanks you are struggling. You're struggling bothered by preset attempt to expire after five years I have best we go to Alex Alex hello. Pay it and spear to get to that school. The twelfth man idea if six connect. The sixth fifth. Okay. I know I got like the imagination that the problem balancing is here that you're gonna have to explain this you know and if you have to explain it. It just lose a little bit not that there's anything wrong with that I think six that I like it well man I get a sixth man I get a six cents. Bruce Willis I understand. As a big six cent got to explain it which I think is gonna ultimately kill it but based or guardians or does it also. 5353776. 5353776. Cent we go to stick into an. Randy. Randy you're on. But it wasn't enough yellow. We've been here now about. Good tigers layer. The tigers later. All right I really appreciate it. Now we'll tell you this I like. Originality. And I just feel like tigers did tiger's lair tiger's own tigers bed what I did just doesn't feel like its original. But maybe originality is not a silly needed in the situation. We go to David David you're on. But the name of the first quarter not my choice could dampen these army is Warren okay. But the fact go well like you'd warn that Ike goes. Lucky. Since side goes. OK if I would like go ahead of the allied effort he's only a little bit better and he's already out there and elegant areas where I gotta I gotta get these game there and we will we will we go we'd love candy. All right David thanks resolve problems and it. All right. Many more are men warrant Euro on. You armored and now I mean you aren't your brother. About Cheney's value. That is why did you go to any bank and by their religion not a candy. You have a lot of my right ideally in a back she's doing about it. I mean yard appreciate the call brother and then we're gonna go to we're gonna go to frank and I'll do it for us. Break you know last call on this make it count. Hey man how about. Those. You come that over that open here a minute drill. Yeah have come by saying that right the nostalgia of the tomb of doom as tiger then they did of do I can get down that franc appreciated Matt Cantu. Can do better zigzags and iced it the liberation it's nostalgia. It makes sense. Aren't they want more we ought to Blake Blake Europe. Our guys submit this to me martyrs. America's main motto don't be mean mug and everybody actually holidays that's what we do in Memphis it's like really seemed he was an ugly looks. Our. We actually the actually much better than well looks like the people in the for the listening some that we found something more than a pilot did exhume my life. Equities are Australia has a lot of cost a lot going on just that still don't like there's still is or did you just were busy. About another stoke on a low and you guys are passer and our beloved naming things as they do. I look for their by the took place and participated today. Section not along with I we may have a certain somebody ought to let you know tomorrow we can run a worm run some names by. A certain somebody that would be great yet so we'll keep your day around we don't want to say the name. 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PM and on line. Espn.com. This news. Memphis is sports station. Yes yeah. About Jason Biggs died in 99 have been media as being an every Tuesday we get the opportunity. Thought the clay Travis we talked to him now clay I don't man. Yeah I did my true but at forty and now we're gonna get it out to the beach here a little while it. I'll look look down your the next week I don't know why I show it studio in Panama City Beach and then. I am right here to the deck. Play and so jealous up a little let me ask you this like asking personal questions on that pins and needles in the last how much and your fortune has been made. Gambling. Not much not much of it is that laid out quite yet but you can't gambling on my cell. We'll be ya I RE we gamble on. Are you know that's so you all write in idea in my regular life. I mean nobody you know you can do it casually and I thought it casually whenever I tell myself. But nobody ever is actually let you view dude this oysters would you like Campbell over the course of a year two years three years nobody ever actually ends up up right. I mean I think some people do but I think it's a matter of you'll like you have an edge all of life is about integration movement may I record I epic apparently people or. Several here now it's apparently listened to on the dole. You should I get up the stock is I feel like I understand the deputy to eat that all girl really well and at the last here is crippled. And I kicking myself because I act ought wore it I go because it's all been writing about that all people like. To be expanded scope greater I didn't expect it to run up this much by. You know that it's something where I feel like I've done there sir I looked at the numbers. I have eight better comprehension of beer business in the future of their business that the app which Ers and does. Sometimes. I think in gambling I can do that as well you don't have a better sense for what the numbers are when it comes to parade the college football. The average person who's betting college football I probably got access the rhetoric patient. I know more people. About the games either frankly I've spent. Some odd years watching the guy coach and play against each other I think it's all court yet at well. Cannot in academic coaching so I just have a good sense for what I think in general quite happening college football. Like I think ultimately. Basic game. And that you or your betting on what 181940. Your home or what to do under pressure situation and so. I think it's more about you know having bought gambling. And it is away which trying to put your you know that that the people really are serious gamblers. All in what you happy substantial input based old adage I think it's market beat the yet or get a general. Have you bring up the Debbie Debbie yesterday was a big day for the company. The news broke that smackdown is moving to Friday nights on fox on on the cable network fox. Don't all know it brought up or a genius series you your brackets on a broadcast network fox what what does that mean for the company. I don't know no war in critical but I think what fox is doing it should look at bear all programming schedule is betting speak on why. Op program. So hopefully since they spent a lot of money on Thursday night football to put that on the Fox Broadcast network Al don't have it would yeah ours are smack down on Friday. All line Saturday they would have the big twelve the tact while the big and the best gain all of those are the and it on Sunday don't let the NFL but what does that. He's kind of going after the quintessential out of they don't look Erica. And not focusing on the New York City yet to yell late market they're trying to buy it somebody out there. I they're watching guys that are merely a male audience for all the Dutch sports networks. The current law. I don't know for sure war but I go national I know their pocket people who want gradually I coped pretty tropic debt giving it is Sergio wrestling can bet this that there are a lot of people are all the car background to what wrestling event could clear. I don't know that it that popular at York city and LA as it looked at that part of the country I think that certainly trooper football. As well so why I think back or recurrent or your or I think guys to preschool what. Raw because obviously that is their number one show it's currently on USA right. Is it staying put what do we know about raw. I think it's staying pull it off and I think it you don't. I don't let my kids don't want it don't read it you know on Monday Tuesday. Not sometimes there's a little bit of wrestling 88. I think don't have a little bit better possibilities and to accept putting them all on odd day its crackdown on Friday. And I didn't pay a premium tiger. The entire process and also allow them. Advertise to the audience that may not be familiar with it that you the work you got it watched. There are not relevant. I grew up watching that VWE that would also Indian ought Joseph grant whatever else world wrestling at each other. I'll would not feel like wrestling has its big at all or. Played on slavery. Are you got a little bit clay Golden State's up gonna go probably 31 tonight I think we all expect the heavy favorites and they throttled obviously on Sunday at eight. Look an excellent Houston team they're 65 when Houston team you grew up in the Michael Jordan era like me. Sydney two win bulls of 9596 vs you know that that was Jordan Pippen Rodman Kukoc vs staff kiddie play in drama on right now what's that series look like plucked. And what what did what yet the principal are because I think that the NBA in that seventy to win poll's error out what don't want or physical. And so while that I seek their the out of about spelling sitting on how that series which Cole would be substantially different. I don't think there's any doubt they equate Thompson. And trademark green army all wore those guys stepped curry obviously. Or better shooters that the old team had. I don't think there's any there's no like what's up like curry the odd that this stretch were positioned victory mockery out of occupied. I don't think there're that many people who could play that position and wait it. And so I beat that that in general the warriors are more explosive offensively I think the bulls or physical. So I think it would come down to what style. Of game would that work or. And there was light like it is today you think golds they whence. Yeah yeah I do with you I will say I think it would have been almost impossible to court Michael Jordan. Using the current now if that rule that exists so I think short would have been. Even more able to get to the basket and I think probably. You would have developed a better jumper either short mid and late years became a lot better but outside her. But for a long time he was not a killer outside shooter. I think given the rules that exist now and given the way that they play off players talk super great and I think. Picture awarded would've developed into a better job sure if you look quite get it there. Scott Mayer broke clay said last night the warriors confuse anybody in BA's version of the foregone conclusion. How much of a problem. Has this year predictability. Bin. You know of of the NBA post how much of a problem has it been for the league and how much will it be of a problem going forward. I think it's a big problem. And I think it's a big problem because everybody talks about Brady. Like by far most of that money is made to the extent that anybody get paid all gain six and gain evident here. Beat guys that win their biggest audience that company and at bats we had the budget yet eight. Based on what did the NBA is selling or right now. And I think if you won't get there are six major sport in America today right. College basketball college football the NFL the NBA Major League Baseball or hockey yet there's well. All six of them happily see that they appearing side is a degree that's all let. The college football policies of which only got fourteen that it at large at the college basketball NCAA tournament which had 6018. All of those other parts for outside the NBA we do you get to the play offs don't know what can. And there are a lot of teams that could potentially which picture. In the NBA beer is. Water to work three at most out of our Jeanne Becker retired. I think got the law of the NBA game. I'm not sure whether they'll go back and win game five aware that they'll come back all the weight yeah 86. The warriors went and I think that theory is pretty much over and I think you're you're a trauma is pretty much over. I'd tell you this morning I sometimes feel like. The cavs in the Celtics are competing to see who's gonna you execs are Hearst or one. Eight it is like there's not Parker. Erica they're very that word the NBA overall. Or river the NBA people wanna well well a little thicker that adequate look at the contact. The Pro Bowl had beaten all but one NBA playoff game which you're. Are right and that's including the NBA eastern or western cock all. The art or they night football in the NFL which everybody grips and says the bat product Monday Night Football which everybody picks on the match ups. Crushes the MBA playoffs. So be it yea it's a long way away or BD anywhere near the NFL. And I think what the NBA at this thing is what is the most important in export. Uncertainty and draw up and I just don't feel like there's any at all the MBA at its biggest Croix. I ADB is not only it take players that Italy and right now abroad is more work to be MB yeah hey. Beating the athlete is treating others or care what. Would you sort of attribute that disparity to write because you're here now it's like you said the NFL gets ripped pretty much all the time of the NBA is. Basically lauded and there are still such a massive gap in the viewership what what what would you attribute that to. It's three been up to different ratings I think because. Barker are that he yet is it the opinion business are. Just completely there they think. It's more. To beat somebody who as a opinion that why it debate a debate streak and it so. There are a lot of people who likely are cheerleaders for Ian Yates who are covered the MBA. That are cheerleaders over it in a way it may Beattie NFL yet is dot cheerleader or your yet. I'm sorry for the NFL I also say there are a lot of people out there Eddie yet the end trying to justify. How much they've wildly overpaid. Or Ian BA television rights. And as they. The lord there won't hurt under. That doubts they're recorder. They're like hey bake it look like the you know yeah he is more popular but actually it's. Plan B I also that the card in order the governor and now like there aren't. On what Alpert that want her belt if you're that guy. You got game poor or gain yeah acting or are you going up against the outlaw it. What else is going to work. I mean they're a little bit to my knowledge there ain't what you want quality otherwise I always be the NBA didn't sit. Robbed two sports calendar that is otherwise pretty anti. Clay if you were LeBron would you get out of another supporting Desmond down last couple games but that but overall I think we'd all agree that there's no way they come close to beaten gold state if they get through Boston we if you're LeBron would you get out of there would you go to affiliate. That's gonna have some money this offseason try to form a super team in the east stay out of the western and hope like kick like everybody else that you can be don't say what would or would just stay. I don't know I don't relative matter so broad that you made all. Eastern proper bottle and hello. And he's not got bigger or. Got construction going on it hear it are. Article yet not that accurate or are big egos WBA finals and I think you BA Europe earlier like. Indian being good or bad shape IE 88 it accidentally better shape right now. That will go on about the way according to cap back to win after beat out or you want to say the cap. You're out. Because there aren't there yet that Africa war that you're in ball is straight luckily there that it suspected. And the cap that all that were on. You know I think we're talking about the captain Clark little is being on the ball all bills are yeah are you yet. Like ticket to the Super Bowl is that they just up here. Or there were a and so I would it Biden go wherever. They can find AT good did not repeat the Golden State Warriors. I don't look at. There were that is so they'll yep separate topic it Bakley. Vietnam I think your members in Iraq claim male relatives there is really appreciate your time as always enjoyable vacation. Having bought yet. He is clay Travis from out kick. The coverage I was actually talking to somebody about the bronze future last night. And out of nowhere this person said Minnesota. At our I don't know if they have the Miami and a man nobody likes playing for tips yeah and plus I don't even know if that team could be two wars with LeBron like I mean. You can have weekends there with Jimmy Butler. Com and LeBron like that very silly LaBrandon one awakens in the first place yeah he didn't really is supposed Kevin leveler in Buick delivers the most cents. Men would be nice to have a beach house. Yeah I'd put that out in my America came to got to put that on Iran new got to focus on ending the show. What's some class that you that you have. As some dignity that you also have our east you have a house in Riley which is almost as good to who's got a pizza bomb. Always think about this too though about the sort of the predictability of the NBA and we all know this are we on the other words gonna wanna tile everything a year. If you look around the league grad the NF the leak that says the NFL. Have a Philadelphia Eagles with nick falls and possible nobody would have ever guess than a million years right you can in hockey right now they got that. The Las Vegas guys who is now 501 before the season now they rigged that draft. To make the night's drew a spot but still they were still just hours vibe as I become one but yeah for the season. Death to win the Stanley you know I don't have faith and that things have like like in console while you are you at UC you have over Auburn are you don't you know so. In the NBA. You don't have upsets. You just dull now and I think I think olds really does take away the casual viewer. I do well I mean a lot of it. When you've got the best team and you've got a seven game series yep as my our mantra you Lawson says the Koreans don't rise to the top yep the BS go home. Follow it yeah volume and that's the deal. You're talking about a seven game series one to one share one game anything can happen yeah that game series besting usually the only. Correct better yet that that is ended you've got Golden State I'd above better and everybody else yep. And so that's. You know that's where so you tell me who's it going to be in the future that can break that up if they're not breaking themselves up as a Boston or is it Philly LeBron got a wherever LeBron goes it's not Cleveland does not get this certainly not Cleveland where LeBron goes is this who my answer will mentor and got to stay in the east right I would tournaments around the west and be harder. Yeah magazines for yourself as possible yeah I think right into right so where wherever he chooses to go I think as the best chance to bring you the words are welcome back wherever all of Jason and John Major event ESP it. They'd street lingo you listen to 929 FM ESPN's Soledad lingo come double Wednesday guy who was once we'll runs teammate and families time to adjacent table plus or just joins us our leadership scam I mean conference going into Wednesday that. Sports station in 929 FM the. 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Everybody's is CJ McCollum from the Portland TrailBlazer as a doubtful look who loved disease in McCollum you clock. An inside look at the NBA. Hi guys who discussed various topics include playoffs draft prospects free agency plus CDs insights on the games. Biggest players there's been a question posed whether or not the brightest and the best basketball of his career. I think dad at the Miami years are by far the best years of his career but so is his clutch performance in this playoff bust season in his ability death manipulating games. Looking at this roster look broadcast. Do a lot of heat source control of all he scores the operate the offense at times what she's accomplished in the pass button. The difference in. This year's team they. LeBron has been able to wrestle a bit more on defense. Let's podcast with CJ McCollum this vehicle little conversation that. I relate to listen to gain some insight on in this learn. 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We will have warriors rockets to discuss. Tomorrow and hopefully we will be joined. By Memphis basketball head coach Penny Hardaway all right so we will be able to run a few of these names by him again if we can get an approval. On any of them sounds good to from the man himself like has always a Jason and John Cho is presented to you by the wing guru stop by if you all are. Hungary. Had a few people that we need to think today. Thanks of course to clay Travis thanks to Derek Jones and. Social data favorite or as well as Catherine and doing as well I started absolutely but I don't feel that it's I am like losing my mind. I got about you know my bags have a bag you remember our first guess was either fill out a long time a lot happened to three hours. So I like when his name pray for Eric and you'll learn exactly want to tell you that soon Jason John. Jason Donald guns. The official who. 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