Jason & John Hour 3 (5/21/18)

Jason & John
Monday, May 21st
Joined by Keelon Lawson in Hour 3 to talk local hoops and more. 

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And we've gone this long no one's from a way you know names the dentist anybody but Sam Mitchell you know domain bad no structures are either way I heard Larry Brown's I think you should avail Larry Brown got offered a a senior advisor. Role within a fifteen minute really. Committee may take. Hello that's nice retirement area of low and Laird browns got a new coach at their best of what I've been assisting children have just stayed wanted to consult. There's only goes so the at least the surroundings. Efforts enough to draw on their families of vertical place. I imagine Donna asked for us as soon as we want to show today you know make some calls my and is it the stuffs the stuff under what do you know ridicule or not. It was king of it is the Qaeda. And once we found it odd must only commonly used hopefully we utilize financial. Will sit I want to know Arianna. We it would. 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Why's he doing that John for the got the best chicken with the best premium flavors don't you love it ocean limited every time you go there and get some of that chicken out solid fields on the court. Well you wash the dishes it was windy. Excuse now the one the one area where I just I had no answer was on the post up. I mean he's just you know is a lot bigger night six 66 looked like about a sub 250 easy. Yeah we really felt like Eddie bower who are looking for excuses we're looking for you to those are good both in the flavors I mean what what you what do you the most well. I got an entire how different sauces. That'll take your fans whether he wants on the mile they got that again national hot that's tasty. Honey suicide what they're obviously known for. Whatever you want whatever the move where you're covered is the list has right Americas including those gore may burgers a wrecked cars and its every time he goes once you go get one now in fifth sixth and I'm mount Mariah. Head over there and see the wing go room when you get there tellem that Jason and Jon centrist. All right so. Yeah there's one big story in Memphis today. And it involves our man its mammoth. Gargantuan. Geoff Calkins. Is leaving the commercial appeal just to see eight people just to see you Saturday radio your nice yeah and ESP make it clear he's got to not pay. We natured but that it. Rockets were Smart. So. He is pinned his final column. Mines are shaking and the commercial real about what Jason and I thought. We would do you know what you know it's very popular these days. Audio books and people free to love audio and allow them you were you listen to a MM. What kind of books you got why haven't lately and use. Oral history well I think we believe while you're listening and there are many examples at all. This. You. That's the one that may go as they don't really loud though when people are okay we're on a lot and we believe you. Video why I'll donate more podcast kind of stuff but my there's an audio book as an actor you're talking about something else. I have listened to audio books okay poke us. Just don't want that they clearly know what I'd take them back I read real books OK okay no big losers there's something to be said for that and it's been sloppy for you. You money dollar I was a trade and so yeah I am in my head man unity and tired I'm right right here you have had will introduce tomorrow I guess. Yes we were introduced our our our new friend tomorrow as will fees for so he's definitely stick around for that attitude that is expanding. Elaine any candidates. They Sri competing it's grown one. Every day what we thought we would do is we would read we would take turns reading Jeffs and it's a doozy we're gonna be here till 2 o'clock you and so you're gonna have to wait. This is like Jeff does for his Christmas parties. It really is there really special if it is special it is one of our favorite pairings and so what we're gonna do was we're gonna read this column. Two week what we believe is appropriate tunes so Bennett if you would. And after 42 years. It's hard to say farewell. I Jeff. You're right I don't know that that Brad I don't know don't read anymore. The title loans only four minutes they'd better you're gonna go. Brandon Scott's mother sent me a video recently it's it's a video sir Sunday morning ritual. Every Sunday nine year old Brandon reads my column out loud and then the two of them talk about it. That's why this is hard. It's hard because of you all fit all it's hard. If I was nine year old Brendan Scott one's reading the sports pages out miles. It's right about then I decided I wanted to be a sports columnist and after a misguided detour into the practice of law I finally got the chance. In Memphis short sentence. A city I had visited exactly once in my life when I was the beer writer for the Florida Marlins the Marlins were scheduled to played exhibition game. Tim McCarver stadium in that game was canceled. Because of rights in the outfield. Someone threw a beer from the stands. It hit me square on the shoulder a less than two years later. And guess. What Karen McCarron and John stand editor at sports editor at the time unaccountably offer me the job I've held in love. More than 22 years. So that's why this is god it's so hard I always thought I'd write columns for the commercial appeal until I retired. And even then I'd write one week. Instead but seven down to join a new enterprise that you will be hearing more about in the coming weeks and months. I'm not leaving journalism and I'm not leaving Memphis. It's like Penny Hardaway says introductory press conference. I got from Memphis let me. And ended at the same way Hardaway did of course I didn't grow up in this place. But after more than two decades of living here of listening to meant incident telling their stories. I got the transfusion I guess it's so I'm not gonna tell you about all the fabulous places I've traveled multiethnic have been south covered for the paper. Because the most meaningful stuff. John it happened right here. Content. I like your dad living as bad column the best part of bigger local columnist is being a local columnist. My favorite stories with a one like it did to in my minivan. Like the one about Dave Rogers the grizzlies fan. For several falls who watched grizzlies highlights whenever life got to be too much for her. I think how hard they work even if they get Ty Rogers said I'll remind myself that they can do it I came through. For the one about Claude Humphrey moss who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after his beloved wife Sandra died and stuff when asked. If he had a favorite picture of his wife back home. Every picture she took Humphrey told me. My wife never had a bad picture he was a beautiful. Or the one about the end though Williams when he announced that he was staying at the University of Memphis forcing your season even though made all on cents in the world to go pro. There's nothing like running through the tie your head when it's inflated he said as everyone laughed all the while about thirteen year old. Dante. Whose mother was a drug addict whose father took off and compared to all those grizzlies guard are you around town to help raise money for the carpenters are hard. Yes forget the joy out inhibits that and here's the founder ER. The other day of his life was difficult instead I was in the third and can't think of any way life is hard. I don't want about Mario Armstrong performers as. Football player who took a job with the Memphis athletic department 1962. Never left it just seems like when I get when I got down here everyone loves Armstrong. For the one about bill and you know look okay head of the FedEx and your class. Critics and classic. He lost his first wife mannerisms. And then was himself diagnosed with lung cancer that ended his life at the age of 63. It's really easy to stop crying infants are. Remember all those six will call girls. Referring to its sanction. But it won't throw one about Molly requested I'm not use her last name in the column but who donated a kidney. To a total stranger named Alex. We've been became are fast for and I just wanted to do something nice moments that. It's not as complicated as people think or the one about Scott Patterson a basketball star. At Memphis university school and then Rhodes who lost his sight to a brain tumor but would still go on walks with his wife Tracy to look at the moon I'd tell him where it was in the Scott. There was at 2 o'clock trees set I had no idea beside but he said he did. Or the one about grizzlies coach you'd be brown who's hiring at the age of 69 was greeted with profound skepticism around the league but who promptly went out. In showed that the best teachers don't forget how to teach I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do and I was supposed to be doing he said. I understand that sentiment people often thank me for staying in Memphis which is humbling but backward gratitude goes the other direction. Thank you for putting up with me thank you for welcoming this Yankee into your city. And into your homes Jason police over the years I've come to rely something as much as I. Over the years I've come guerilla move your Michael Vick the biggest. There via a we're back on yeah the thought it would be trying to get a might that works. Over the years I've come to realize something. As much I care about Memphis sports that care a lot more about Memphis itself. Johnson left and maybe not be as glamorous as New York Boston Miami or some of the other places I've lived. But as a way of is anyone's if you're getting into your blood I want set I'd never live in Memphis said Don two weeks the owner of Gibson's thoughts now I'd never leave. At this isn't a perfect place certainly and maybe that explains the spirit moves Farrell. There's too much work to be done to stand on preacher. Everyone is needed here even the local sports columnist speaking of which are worked out an arrangement with Brady's got the kid as he's been Brandon Scott the kid who has been reading my Sunday comes to his mom I'm sending him a copy. Of after the jump our collection of columns that should hold him until I start running again John when you finish forced absolutely. In the meantime one last story it's about Zach Randolph another transplant from up north. I've never been is wrong about anymore and as I was about Randall I wrote a column saying that trading for Randolph. Was one of the worst things the grizzlies can do as it turned out. It was one of the very best things Randolph helped carry the grizzlies the seventh straight playoff appearances and along the way. Helped transform the way Americans think of their city and themselves one day I found myself talking a Randolph about this about a special relationship to the town. So I'm gonna leave you with the words of the greatest grizzly. Who put it better than I ever could. I feel like I'm from Memphis Eva said. It's never felt like this any place else. We're standing. He did say there were. Well that's not why we're here today. When I hear you talk about all the things that just got wrong. We're taught about all things that Jeff did right and there are a lot of room over twenty years absolute no question no Jeremy we've talked about it a little bit I mean there was just nobody that you turn to quicker. The day after a big event in Memphis. Then Jeff cog in the do you think about Jack. It is you know he was a sports columnist in Memphis Tennessee looked but. He ended up being just a Memphis columnist. But he didn't just cover sports he covered civic events he covered big happenings and developments. In our city that did not even necessarily have anything to do with sports because I think you he fell in love with the place. And I and I think that is is as important as anything he's ever done in his career is. Just when I think of Memphis columnist. And it just caucus. There's nobody else. Also a home. Aren't they would of from my own personal experience 'cause I know it's hard I'm when you're talking to someone that has just lost their wife out of you know decades or someone that's got cancer and so has a has as a limited time left Friday knows it. Of those are tough to do because you're in a situation where. It's bigger than what your riding didn't even write even taking the sort it's bigger because they're going through something right that you wanna. It's your one entry. Sensitively writes you wanna you wanna you wanna you wanna. You wanna take it from them right anyone present their story to the world and you wanna do it away that's gonna make them. But right because that's what's most important they trust you with a story. You wanna do it a way that's not going to embarrass them that's going to tell that whole story into it the right way and that is so hard to do it is John Marin this guy did it over. And over and over again and all those people. Write it down what and headed trust him with that story. What they say all the best things about him and because because there's so much trust involved would you do that when you open up to a person you don't know. Right in you and your your your trusting him to pin basically your story your life story and this do to it that is hard to do. I was I had that opportunity. Several times and opt out raise my acting come close. Tiptoed conveying it. With the with the way Geoff Calkins does he was the guy that you look at knew what and about it right like Edouard. I'd be pretty good at this so so duties at a he's had a tough it's it's hard telling our stories optic. It's so appropriate for him right it's it's he thanks us he thinks those people that told him those stories right as he just took them. And but he deserves it to you deserve some thanks to partake in those stories. And giving them to assault in a way that. It is a proud man will be proud to be in theaters jets had a harbors Mazar I did land. Yes I mean other markets but he's turned down I'm sure bigger markets. You know Andy's turn him down because he just loves the city MI Islami yeah yeah it brought the grizzlies here you could look at you with about Jeff and Andrew but I ecology talk about you know. A grows his column after all a big winner in other a lot of those and doesn't tell much after huge tigers win a lot of votes. But I always thought his best stuff was the light stuff where all of the other night he's fantastic award winning sports com awarded to the point that you start on his best doubles when it was just about Memphis right and the what people were going through. Right because that's what we were. Health wise and everything many heat dole stories to ever. He he made us relate relate to all of them enough. The CA. But I miss the mess of Jeff coffin. But again. Apparently will still have him in town now he will still be in town again and he will be a part of a nude there's just our answer is this the a version of Japan so anyway I'm like we don't get too caught up in the eulogy years once I doubt it I I I think I did hear if there is going to be a eulogy will be for the CA. I mean I and I hate to say that what that's part said yeah yeah yeah it's because that we love the CA. What what we hate is what's happened to it. And whoa you know what's been done to it by Gannett I don't know if it could ever have been prevented. Right that's just got in the way of the world you know that we are unique and that's and yet they're the CIA is that an everywhere examples it laid off papers close and everywhere and that's why you see these places like the athletic. Pop ups here's a look at it must just have to sums this stupid idea that there's like five people that newsroom pump up a little bit of Memphis news they want downtown connect the base that bad parts work you know domain while they're in this other in an assault was next at Knoxville in the national stuff and bring the paper Jackson. Sort of mean what are they what are they seek. What do you what do you while the bottom line that's all that's some that's what we try to get to is the beans they won't that newsroom down from what have been at one point you know we had 200 people on there. I mean a big debut here last you don't just down the fort that they'd like a bitch you protecting the five or ten people. Just pumping out the very basics John like pets from a patch. So they can do it so they can make their money it's ridiculous. Patches like a hyper local thing they have like like one writer her like neighborhood so my bad like you've covered like for neighborhoods like oh what they're gonna realize is when you keep cut now letting all this talent walk what. I'm not out Geoff Calkins present engine for days have been many before them obviously. You know for me it was about. As well what's left many people out there and mr. and not let us that I I don't wanna go any further without the right yeah. Man put my fist salute and the people that are still down there now than ever share the job of you know five and six people yeah. Let us salute you guys won it in there and there's clearly there's clearly an opening for another local. Venture when they're Smart to attack our announcements were filled by the way it is announced once the business of. And I'll say this. I'm a subscriber. Or what have whatever needs to be you know wherever Jeff goes I will be there with him. You know you win those tight. So he's my debt. And so nine Nazis is congratulations to Jeff on. On whatever is next he deserves the challenge and will be reading lube we'll be reading so. There you go you can you can read for yourself you don't want them if you don't want us there. You know you don't want our rendition of with a beer always profiles for human memory you can go reais affect commercial appeal dot com I want to come back as Q and lost about. Geoff Calkins. And many other things he joins us every Monday if he's up next Jason Dunham is Jennifer and he has yet. Have you tried that tackle. 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Broadcasting on these 96 ED EM and O line 92 million ESPN's. Visteon. Village she's then I'll show just another week. Our our business illustration it's. Yeah. It's. Besides the fact Jason John 99 at fan mail every money this time we told she calls are nuts and goats and while we get to speeds healing. Good Melancon good news team losses nothing goods inside the city of new business. 25 PM Monday Jason I'd jump ship. ESP. She lost and how are you sir. I got go to Billy Idol it's. There are a little bit of a little bit of an emotional show it's been coach law's not alone if you're aware of but this is it's official now that Jeff all these. I'm comes from the commercial real sounds pretty weren't answered brush. Are you. This satellite yet they just shot just moved off we'll ask about that later is moving off the parts they were saying all you know the touch and stuff today of Oceanic and kind words for Jeff Hawkins about his career it's commercial feel 22 years he's moving all real. We don't just look good serve at 32 good government search and recruit good. You know we're all. Older than its older. The audience though they give the ball well you know I think you go what do you think they're beat bill Bill Duke or. The other U third or at least you guys are. Now you've and now are you fixing a pantry right now called lost. No belt belt out O the school. Where you look at men. I doubt it got ma oh. Got your dollar at a fifth. So listen listen we're we're at this point now we're all talking about draft and all talk about. You know all these draft hopefuls look to the grizzlies who wanna ask you I had this one down this time next year. Are we doing are you fully expect to be did any info on Dietrich also on your son. Well created all of don't ordered them to go through. I'd start mask and do you Romania obviously you would hope so but it buddy you expecting him to be in that 2019 draft following what you what we all hope will be a good season in Cannes. Oh I hope earlier being handled the what do you do mixture of older players go 00 also you don't know what they're good players. Passenger. Has it been out there for both for both of your sons for him Manfred had done a we've read the reports that. You know of kill them in practice killed everybody KJ is well just how's the year going for them that was was it now tough as a year been. In other heads rog I think I've got to imagine read their top at the bit to get started in June. Yet but it go to work well alt rock it out don't speak occasionally out here at this. They'll be no big ears you're gonna come back to Europe is in a letter are being beaten out beta which Sherlock. You know. All in all core you know it's go through a lot of old versions. Under bigger big beer role in little beer right without being good did not know if so will a lot of it get close to get a close recruiter agreed. But right now to go there we go you old. Tractor until about Nick's little spraying but noticed. I went into a white line about nobody's suited integrated. And test is that Ted has the jailed so and AJ ghost you know. Oregon know he curtain not a cut for her what are you. And did you expect more leak back. No I'm not the only solid a demoted sounding like an agent if police are Travis king. Yeah that's down oh yeah is even yeah I mean is he's title locked in a vis this thing around paid right at the coach and they believe Millen obviously round pick. I think your secret the world there's there it is there were pretty got to fight to become oh no someone you might come Byron wrote. So what's a good Luke. What's that Kansas don't wanna look like thanks you think of. Oh what are scenario where they got Lilly logos. On a year ago but they're they're good real hot here to go without located you know there's a matter there could go out. The company is you know come here a little. The good reputations. Oh go to this camp albeit off your nose he didn't compare to date yet because they've been through. He's physical ability gets bigger grander than Margaret I think it. But you know from those people okay did you know basically you people here are noted homework and local. When you say though that this bill please note that they don't off at least it is it. I don't play a lot bad that I take from that situation. To add to this won't predict the starting lineup coach if you would for for months. Will ripple be. They're I don't park. I know our our ordinances are. Davenport. Culture of our. And you know to do you know has the last I want ready one page bill. And typically a low bid to keep you from route blow. That is why Jones. Use different acute big speaker Newt couldn't figure is very good between them through. I wondered coach if you play a lot of three for them. If if they're quiet as yapping he's 65 for about 210 rebounds real well for him refer to learn from his size alone as we see a lot of the three as well maybe. Behind door in front Rainier. We're from the run right by you if you go I think you don't believe that the peak rate cut you become bowl beat a low res but we did. But I did being built in it would get old dad at bear fruit out there was there are no problem this year due to an all brokers to overcome. You know incubator. No career builder and all the unit they went from milk. But BB OJ. There and held it up they'll be happy you took away Google might not go to younger guys coming vehicle because of it is not our. So become clear in no it'll look good ol' dad duties auto and it could result bill. I coach so over a 247. They've got their their most recently nineteen rankings and what we're gonna do hears them and ask you. Is this other is the ranking right is it to or is it to Ali great to go. Today as Wiseman is number one in the country recorded its when he nineteen court in place where ninety rankings right we need to be too high or too low. There are currently being his normal fled the country in your opinion. Do you really want to prop up triple curled your third and type how about Chandler Lawson at number 52 in the country. I think he should be. I mean he should be in the top editors want to go there and we are great bit and back are low motivation. There it all right DJ Jeffries at 41. I think you need to be Hulu. There through you know. I think it ended but it did web video about go go go where I know. I'm Ronald Reagan did all the PR people go these guys or giggle they don't. You know. They still won't acquired. They're they're your opinion did. You know remove all been there feel better you may have a good game this week in their already you can go here. What we know Nadal conquered. Look for a product that won't go oh well the cream of the crop arrives to file without being DJ who. Certain Serbs should be noted that out. No orders. Duct and Tate beyond column is number 111. He should be in the copies can tell me about what should be you know it can remember should be in the about the although I think these are thinking he's been in. And it weapons that I don't mean. Dole got cleared in these guys there are Red Hat at a in a place. All purpose out of it actually even be in Haikou the world we're India and it is the production knows a good look. Herb clip real pain though. Where they made out. Are made out a little like looking like he's been hit a whole lot of talent burgers. Those who did it just showed what Roman helmet campaign wouldn't do feel bad bill. Bill Brill now would be. Now he's excited solo single European with a lot of booze and opened up so I came will will would doom. I think we need unity will be Google looking to where. You know yeah it played it back was not his true position no more book to read. The wouldn't you got Reagan they don't older people right here well. No we're not prepared. You know. Particularly good we will create politics it's rather or cared if critique how would they do plan their career. Now look it up field Biden you know. My theory here about your liquor that you gotta tell it how old what would you go watch on the play in the circuit. All we've got or go all all award they don't Powell all that you don't ought to be a little bit. You got a bigger. Good positions which you can call. No guard what really they mean could you want to read your view labor broke out all. We're all their own you know they're good people look at it. All parties these people court. Now we got a couple more Malcolm dander so you know that he's he's currently the the only commitment in the twin nineteen class for the tigers he came in at number 123. To load said he should be taught it would do did you go here's why why why do you think he what do you think your stock has dropped. According it's reported dropped 43 spots that feels like a lot do you think it's a SCSI doesn't necessarily do a lot offensively. I think saw there are critical. If they get to do. That was true yeah bill allowed we've got to do with all go try to recruit for it where you problem. They try to quote book deactivate it or current school code written. Keep it had to recruit me you know well. Could totally get different crew let them figure out about our real critical nodded who will work. Through politics you're saying you are right the right you got a lot. The ranking game is a bunch of politics. Well I'm Omar don't Cuomo Mario and that's somewhat large energy. You know from what they'll probably got as we go out there what these bad week. All your low rumble good luck want Eric Mobley judicial Biden on the date through that whole period again. But Joseph blow look at where this gradual rollout. Is bigger than any cute alert. Which just sort of narrow. Which one you trust most of which wants Muslims it was when you like the best that's a that's watching that you Knowles watch. I don't you appear to be you're watching I know route and all of albeit remainder they have no go through all hope you're right. Bill. I know you had a guy or two that when your favorites. And that you think they're usually run on the mark. Welcome operator. Clark ripped through my operator. OG that the our trip could be a huge yeah a little bit easier rewards. Agassi it would it would live web site is quite France. What cooperate they're called school good I know you go to Nevada gold right you do about it there. No although got Clark Britain you don't go to detonate a group. Cordon. Though he's really do. It at the model Marco you're no good. Get cocaine in Beijing noted bear all the idea they're even here you know perfectly well being bit. If you know oh yeah nobody like her it would get be decoupling project. Is that rollout old car or if they're even my brother so no more virtual Google are right vote on the beat people that page you're on tour. Through value rewrite. Bringing me in a big key critical so you know I know aggregate goal. You know within. Their play poker. I got bill you don't want so as you've got Google or don't know what you're though. It global rial oil out there I could do here. They know. You're here like what no other candidate with. The Kentucky they came from the field and I wouldn't rank and I'll I'll let you know he's been. It in there about bill to cut people do battle note they did that that you got about a world where else. Spoke out a written that market is cleared real root. Coach ideally there. Ideally how would you how do you envision challenge recruitment going to show you see him go and take an all five visits or taking his time Vienna. Being a late guy and I'm Indian early and terms of of committing an end in the fall or you see him doing Adelaide how do you how do you think it's gonna go channel. Under an eagle commuter or Irving and all. Google but it didn't speak up you got ugly images color to marble well. Well not very you'd think you'd agree you know live look awfully good coach Trey don't do no good. Not a cultural they have their boat that you created from Butte group could trigger going through their repression. There is still the same schools. There are different spirit gotten a little bit pay court. Quote group. I was penny again because the penny is an even recruit Salem. I've I don't period so notre loved you all wrote the prayer we don't file or you know. Market I don't know why don't you know look good doing it part recruit a little bit quicker political. Eight coach what. Did did these high school make a higher per penny successor somebody said judge Philip Carlo that is is it caught the. That it would pick up about it didn't go there's the good that. There's a good bit of debt not permitted to lose you go from being out new group. Well for a longer stay here I'm not sure look good I think it will be gone. I'll just finds there'll be these high school coach. Brought it right right arm. But what no no we're good out there will be people out there. Our joint is worked with a lot of guys you figure most of them would stay I guess it's very it would just. Trying to figure out I guess you figure Muslims there was no study we think under which of contact or not. Well what are I know we could vote they're close look great you know carrying denoble have been open but it was good debt and regret my vote pretty. Big newspaper who broke. Look people could. But he did they're keeping they're being beat the other note. No it's created whittled from over here there's going to be an all cultural. Is older than older nickname. Then one more outing for Rio dish at your coach did you wake up early on Saturday morning. To catch the royal wedding. It got it watches. It's. You know doubted that you script Great Britain David there are a lot of girls grow we're about. What did you think of everything. They would pick and there is you don't distributed differently though they're good people treated Ottawa I think compared to you indeed news. Outlet is now about what is bigger chairman Margaret Barrett gold record how can you speak about this state rare moment like this are. Is that right now is that what you did viewing your own miss loss at Dallas according no way. Did they went through your house. Yeah. But small ceremony about him speaking people there will be no more wrote calling it we have learned that Bill Bennett goes about their motto no we're very. Did you have food at the wedding at the ceremony. Always be weird food round but I am told the guys do did you have like guy and a DJ and I the main. There are no leader of the day I didn't borrow the buckle one of those places. I'll be very good luck to. So we have to redo this area around tells vows and everything man we can poll we can take to do I'll go fun we could have all sit him into our outlets around million. Very little is being it has been well bigger orders or use. Bettering their vows to be carbon coming up on twenty opera would love you for yeah maybe you're romantic we've always talked about this nights you know I can get involved in never liked your how much are TV series visited great aunts and that is a great episode in your series viewing these are there when the valves the way it went. What they're under the newspaper the I think we won't know what the rigid pulls in stories coding do we go to cater to enjoy it. Yeah yeah we got elected it even uploaded properly it's by oh. I'm wiser to go for the win did you like 5 o'clock to mourn the loss of royal wedding. If there are you my wife immigrated. You are though you are legend here you are completely added he would appreciate your time as I always coach. Clear judgment about is pure and Lawson alerts and and from him every week sixty bucks he does these things they married longer that way say merit Lawler that way and what it was what else do we learn. Two Vontae homes by comedy that was news they'll still make fun of you about washing royal wedding thank you unload oil well also got a bit cloudy and watch the royal wedding. And embrace that academy have been here earlier and probably should have embraced the Dubin. Michigan ran from it well he he has brought me back and in and I'm glad to have watched. My good on that this student loan rate is cute and the most interest and may have laurel. Certainly in Memphis I mean he should be it does say he's man. You know. Can't believe did you let him get away with that I wish our life a living get away with sixty bucks in the downtown and she really loved or perhaps she loved that man. She cares she's one of fly away with Ki moon ago at those my. A team and they got a team a full team we'll come back grab all of Jason's high and I think I've India's via. Get a thousand dogs so you're. Any news from. He's so what's his money could go for under the yellow performers. Next just to win one. 2000 NEC's coming up. 2 PM 929 NFL ME SPN news here in my car I guess save this Dunbar high flyer he's singing that song. Because I have a gorgeous voice and we're going to Wal-Mart we don't have to get out of it Carty as fresh groceries these guys get her busier and me as we ordered online and other bringing them right to our cars for free. Greg do I he's the only way to live in size and. Playing aggressive on Monday when she understanding pick out some of the lawmakers shaft and start shopping now it's refreshing thing about them more. Yeah ten telecast I think you spend thirty un needs great deals and Lawler hey you're neighbors and CBS I'm. 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What do you need to commercial residential doesn't matter of the law more stored CDC has everything you could be from sales service to parts to repair remember remote distance as they returned great the more. From commercial equipment cover their easily found if out for a Shelby oaks drive our readers to write off some avenue the located back or across but we've come up directly not a 12758177. Again that's 2758177. Time the most. Drive your iiroc discredited by the way and always that is his way in the announcers who just went much if it checked and in my yard needed to develop about all the neighbors on the. Are there if you know if you grass it's until about the last year they called a moment before what could have that first time. When you grass it's like no man's on there we got good that we are good neighbors and good neighbor association's out there and run it on the bed and you think. I have a close to the colonial lakers and clearly saga fresh and backyards. All right coming. No not you this one. And I just twenty bucks I'll come you are what yeah a moment in the running back. Forty bucks and you send us Immelman and Obama on big deal forty bucks isn't going rate is that a deal. He's talking about a third visit our current incline. This bill I don't know I vehicle Lester that throws a wrench into it. But it just think stuff from him tomorrow loss than their about the east high school position yet at stoke up the successor. The Penny Hardaway there. Imagine Dovonte homes Bustamante homes I can hear some review new cars asking well let me tell you he's the trainer far has been training with east for April all time all during those many years. Are also trained team pinning. Nablus city legends obviously so is is as close just disclose. It has at a trading relationship with all those players that they are always coach also John another I believe this is great still. Will Bard's personal trying to thanks McCorkle that was well. Arm so he is Christian Watford we saw that's right. Yeah up in the over the Laura Walton practice facility did have Christian Watford they're always that a couple of weeks ago yet moved east Heidi and all the guys all the bowlers around Memphis all respect and and you lost. Says it may be the next bit socially I go. So inches are there for you and I try to get him for launch on campus stuff I got an end to a president as always Jason Dunn is presented by the wing. Guru go by there if you're hungry. Have a few people that we didn't think they thanks. Mike Schmidt thinks the chairman Louis thanks of course to kill loss for joining us on the show today. Or cast side is up next for Jason I'm done. Regards. See official. 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