Jason & John Hour 3 (5/16/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, May 16th

Talking to Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Gary Parrish about the NBA Draft in Hour 3. 


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But I don't I was I just do not think they will. But maybe don't change their mind wasn't it I will come back. Jim Strickland will once who talked about that. The sports boom in Memphis and how we are because these are good time one of the greatest sports cities in America that's up next day's Madonna does Jennifer India's it. The official who. National contest to. You restrict supply. Pennies from Edmond. Playing OK now another pennies from 7000 dollar winner in any payoff. No access until seven weekdays on 929 FM ESPN. Are you a chance to win 1000 bucks right now you need detects the word key week K I W I text he week. To 72881. Right now BJ's when 1000 bucks again 1 o'clock keyword is key week text key weeks. K I W five to 72881. For your chance to win a grand Evans an attitude street when a grand. Coming up at 2 o'clock but right now you got when he time takes the words he week K I W I. To 72881. Free chase when 1000 bucks the money tonight a month. 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On the sponsor of the win economic development corporation join him for a one player scramble on April 28. Look Chris Brooke as well as well. Thailand is businesses such as these funds are greatly Lawrence takes a look at the menu is vessels at any time at the club med design dark. Did you know 120 signs or symptoms of diseases can only detected in your mouth during a routine dental exam. Good health begins with a plan from delta dental of Tennessee. To learn more visit cover your mouth dot com yeah. Casting underneath it since 88 man on line at 82 million espn.com. This news. That visited John and Jennifer ME SPN and has promised he is the mayor. All of Memphis is name is Jim Strickland and he joins us now met Strickland how are yeah. Why Larry Elder who well we are fantastic thank you for joining us right yeah absolutely has never been better for the city of Memphis as a sports city. Then it is today. Kids' age it may have been better but this is getting awfully close. Between the upgrade of the gulf turn into one of the top ten tournaments in the world. To minor league soccer. To Penny Hardaway injecting huge excitement. I think the grizzlies are on the upswing. With my hopefully be in helping next year did a good draft pick. That professional spring football tiger football league in the top 25 of them. And the red birds when a championship last year. I mean how can it be bad it'd be better man I guess the tigers and then the grizzlies win titles. Yeah are you now at a course that I've been around long enough I remember the tigers in the championship game in a way that was pretty greats. The grizzlies being in the conference finals. Back in 85 the tires mean in final four. Suburban. A lot of great things but it's it's it's setting out to be better than ever. No matter how long alleged Minty goodness they have secret hello legend and know about this because John Mara was all over he's trying to figure out won't you kept the secret. I guess it's been a couple months. But they were they were very insistent that it is that it. That it remained quiet. So we complied with there their wishes act I think spring football to work. Remember the show boats that be a lot of love the weather's good. You know football so popular that you probably play twelve months a year. But I did not know about Mike Singletary told maybe the day before and baguette bag got me excited to it and and just got to have another and then right right yeah yeah I mean were frankly more about landlord in this arrangement because. You know normally have local ownership well the Lee young all the teams to work when the landlord and I think we're gonna make money on it which helps. Maintain this stadium it's a great stadium but you don't hold stadium so we got. We got some deferred maintenance parameter that we need help whip. When win now as you know mayor struggled a lot of folks tend to make jokes write about spring football they say it's not gonna last longer than a year. Whatever goes on and I just like that back and arms and I'm sure you like the fact. That Memphis gets chosen right firfer verb for places to come here organizations that come here and choose a Memphis. As a city I think it's an honor. A 100% agree would you they reached out we did not recruit them. They came to us which. You know I was talked a couple of reporters at the announcement and you know if if it. If it doesn't last very long I don't think that's a negative reflection on methods at all. I think it's exactly exact opposite you know thirty years ago we were trying to get to show bunch to prove ourselves exactly. Now they're coming to us because we already have proven ourselves. And of all the cities in the country they've only got eight and they end up being in that. We know Orlando and at planner the other key cities so far that's pretty good company does a great cities. It is terrific company let me ask you this measure Clinton Penny Hardaway help us with our population loss problem. Couldn't. I feel like he is like that the plug there I feel like you can help execute and. Awfully good recruiter. And we know he can recruit you know ten to fifteen guys may be we get all the turning loose in recruiting you know 101000 feet. I've got an. I don't outlet I would empowered him to do that I think there's anybody who I'd like him do it. It's a minute they are a slap a bit does the penny affect extend to your offices I mean do you feel it from where you sit. Beats the excitement is really off the charts. I thought there was a lot of excitement when coach cal Perry came here and there was. But this tops that this is beyond me if I'm god you people would be excited but you know to sell out of the hat. He's a winner and people trying to dress like him. And just every little town hall meeting I go to. People are excited about it and tiger what number number one tiger basketball means. The world to a lot of people and he is a legend and and you know if he had gotten injured. Would be a sure fire hall of Famer back. When you saw Orlando trying to use little tennis is Sharma as yeah it feels disrespected as we did. Again I'm honored that they try to tap into the members magic. We we are truly tube city I mean really from great old high school. College and pro I don't know of another city has a better basketball players and us. I'm with you and we are of course talking to Memphis mayor Jim Strickland here on Jason Dodd and I also wanted to get your thoughts. Obviously the cruises are huge part of of our city we are pro sports town now because of the Memphis Grizzlies over your thoughts on on Robert pear retaining ownership and. That was a home that was a good news we wanted rob prepare to be a buyer not a seller I thank you and so I was very happy about that I think that's good news for Memphis he's. It's throughout his entire ownership time he's indicated that he's pro Memphis and wants to keep the team here and and wants to make it better side that was. That's another thing that I thought helped in this momentum that we've had sports in the last six straight months. May I realize this is no state level butchers your your stance where your at all not you know the the states having that now be the choice. Add on gambling where where yet romance. Odd at first glance I'm four I've wished frankly that we could've gotten in the casino game. Look back when. Two that it was taken off. We were forbidden to do that by state law that I hit the state still had an. Act I think. In this regard but I think I think that would be benefit us now you know it's amazing what's happened over the dog tracked. Across the river look look how much is grown over there. If if fassel or senator Brian Kelsey said he wanted to put the money into education that I think that's a win win. Forever and I agree what what can be the effects of being a great sports town have on the greater metro area here may districts we see it at the university level I feel like. Within enrollment right leg when Alabama and Clinton and those type of programs are in the cause of a playoff. They see massive spikes. In enrollment so can that can that translate to that to the city global can that what can of what effect can that have here in Memphis. I think it I think it has been good I mean I really do it again have a positive impact on the Chicago and equally. Sports town. I think. And I think it it adds amenities and people. One of live in Chicago because there you know one of the reasons I don't because sports I think it is a drawl of people to your city which is. Good in and of itself. I'll go even one step further. Economic development trying to recruit businesses to cities. Has had it used to be who gave the best since senate rules and incentives are important. But they're really going to cities. That had a good quality workforce say growing population. So it's almost you have to recruit people first before you recruit businesses. So I think having the amenity and beat a good sports town great sports town as they plus can you imagine all the business executives who play golf. Can you imagine that strike you bring in the man to determine next year when tiger and a top fifty players are playing here did the yeah it would be great. The unbelievable your your basketball guy mayor who's up who should the grizzlies take a number four Russian expert now. Well first of all I've been discipline I thought Chris Walsh would be calling me to schedule work out and lol you look at that role but I've not heard. Eight I don't know if we will be I think he'll be picked before we get to pick. But I'm high on Bakley. My son to. My six year old son got into watching him this year yeah. Wish I wish we could have I'm afraid he's going to be gone after that I don't know. Porter yeah I'm worried about the back injury the but if he's totally clear if I'm guessing that's who I pick out that would. Cut and then one win one last thing for a let's ago merited that yet we have so much momentum as a city and then you can feel it every day we're doing lots of things right. But we're missing one thing managed to get just one just one and wanna get you on the record. There's no top golf in Memphis oh my goodness there's a tough golf in Birmingham mayor Strickland. To me that is unacceptable Birmingham cannot have a top golf and a son have a top off so. What steps are being taken to get a tough golf and that's that's. I've actually met we. With the talk off official good and mayors are competitor bears outfit to drive shaft. Which is the same sort of concept. Maybe I'm not as good recruiters penny so we're. But we're out there recruitment and they are definitely that concept is is it on our radar. OK so I young art I would you say you are in talks to bring one of them to Memphis. That it. Ed that may be too strong well at least we are. Making efforts to bring them. Okay I will accept effort out I trust you'll get it done here soon missions like at stake in ninety or dollar. Average which is Jim Strickland the mayor of Memphis drive shaft I'm unfamiliar with that I think he just schooled you on what's happening he did so there actually try to get drive shaft. To the city of Memphis would be a little better deal may we get from top golf. Like maybe he's playing maybe get a better deal we had you're gonna love us now we got to get you to a top government. You're Atlanta and you end up unbelievable you're below imagine that you love always it would have ended nudes of golf you would like crazy that he does have been now. And you guys out of options for me that I am I am laurel and you are got. They're like you got done with all your work over the the idiots yep gauntlet yelling and all that although recruit workers don't for the show. And then late and I like swept the top levels that good that after a long day of watching prospects like 1112 and nights ago yes. It's that much fun it is fun man yeah come down man an open mind on down for get out for whatever there's not one individual and go to Birmingham. That's depressed. Well got to go to Birmingham mayor whose work moments others when a national announcing what what's closer nationally based Cassandra nationals excuse probably Nashville or Birmingham well matched up micro international into Afghanistan Harrisonburg is like bird there are very okay so we had an international. Even worse I hate given the money if you have the youth in in this case chart. When we come back Jerry payers are gonna join us we'll talk to Gary pairs. About the NBA draft is a mock draft up. As CBS sports icon that you love the mayor on one Jerry Jackson now he did not say you hear him say Jerry Jackson said he said Michael Porter junior and that's who he said at the back shakes out now you love Gary pairs is my draft because it includes I can wait till we talked to won't Michael Porter junior at at the four spot that's why can't wait. So Gary there's gonna join us on the other side Jason Dunn editor of the Fed ESPN. And he is Kevin Johnson near GM really screw us they cast members so what's good and Bruce periods OR tendered delicious view is the prime states for one. There always is. Speaking of sizzling in that time a year or seasonal three course menu inspired by this season's first nuclear springing up all of us. Your racecar shift in sourced some of these flavors so you know you're enjoying fresh ingredients credits of AP. What's more our season and three forced me starts at 4498. 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Drug testing on an 89688. PM and on line at 99 espn.com. This news. Own medicine destroyed stations and 32. ESPN. Visited Jon at age nine FM. ESPN. The grizzlies have the number four pick. In the 2018. NBA draft Gary Paris is working for you he's got a CBS sports I come mock draft up but he's got the grizzlies taken. One Michael Porter junior and he joins us now Gary pairs how are you how is Florida how is your life. I was pretty good right now not Clark is nice there's no humidity critics itself corporate or other. I don't think there's not a cloud this guy can there are cloud in the sky they don't bother because they create shape now. A portion eight the ocean looks nice and peaceful aren't good you guys OK sit in a dark studio also. Well don't we turn the lights on. OK now you are pretty good idea we had a project if you're ever heard of Jerry but it still equally is crap I have to know are you staying at the Ritz. I am staying at the remind anybody how much the thing I. The finest men around hotel there is a. That I was comparing. A bit rich to other rich I would I was staying out of state and the whole works. This little clip little stated that on the Serb. Yeah I don't to declare that its hero William Daley I would speak into the Atlantic coaches and athletic directors. They stayed here this is where there's Grenada bumpers aren't multiple U out of necessity I had no shots. Poor guy that is awful man I really hate to hear that so you're there what are you by just talking about. The pitfalls of social media like what are you don't. You know there are some of them. That likes them or talking about you know you're out of their promote the leak from their respect Serbs. You a bit impact that they can be made. Explaining certain stories certain ways. A well attended at their conversations. And I want it both of them to be more conversation than just giving the speech and not to talk for a while but then let's talk about they. You know I'd like Oprah I can give my perspective on everything you know travel only major. I do that every day of my life that's hardly a liberal but are registered quarter and got concerns quick. The media whipped talent that's called general with the directions sports and solve that we got into some pretty interesting conversation. It settled into. Mostly. I look at them that the most important thing we we had a as the real discussion about what. How could yet march opportunities are really shrinking. First schools outside of the power structure and whom a college basketball and seeing the ball you know power conversely go to twenty. League games and it's not just to create more empathy toward a particular networker the FCC network. Is to create less opportunities for people outside of their leaked in other words. Their selection committee and all born with just a tool that is what you creating move last year to squash court system where they put an incredible. Amount of importance on quadrant one whit. And the more quarter when when you get the federal you are born. What happened that you don't even get the opportunity to bring order out is that Oklahoma. Got into the NCAA tournament in the main black even though they shot. Finished with a losing record in the big twelve well it didn't beat anybody substance but true straight mart's lead immediately Turks. They got put into the main park in which US the end car company wide they would say all the debate at six squadron one wits. And that's true. But they had fifteen opportunities to get six quarter won't win because they play the big twelve and lots of OK but hole so. The plan they've figured I was speaking to each hit a march meant to say Barbara to coach was right tactically I think delicate Arctic. Lester they got the recorder what went affiliates six opportunities. And most of them coral neutral court or away from home. So in what oral. Is getting six opportunities and take advantage of glory. Not better than getting fifteen opportunity but only ticketed they're just six you know what Oklahoma squandered one opportunity they they got about a 40% rate. They've got a victory got about a 50% rate. They about a merger of the top thirty or ya get Oklahoma it's put into the main bracket saint Barbara dressed either the first or law. Because it skewed in the direction where this where excavating. Only focuses on how many you'll want to. Not how many opportunities to god it's like talking about somebody and saying hey EE. 45 home runs. And you say OK that's impressive I guess but how impressive this bit icky guy. 14100 at bat. Not really. But if he got to look back at super impressed. What same bottom that you hit last year was more impressive than what Oklahoma did the bidding to order that way because of the system the selection committee has put into place. And you know at the new bottom line that would I wish there was a good solution like I I got I can I get a by the problems just like Becky. But until you get on the committee and you change these these speeds but wait a committee does things. They've had some exit itself is a bite you gonna have to keep our and so what you would have that conversation Paul Weiler. I don't know that we we get answered but we. We figured out ways to make him make it a little more balance than it is the biggest trading for people upset top five extradite the wrong direction. Well I feel like David Koch right now I really did I feel like you really get educated me so now I understand why. You were the choice more so than idiot Jeff Goodman or idiots at Davis you that you're the right choice Gary and some glad they chose and I'm glad you're have a good time. In Florida so move it onto the NBA draft fill in the blank for me. Last night was a Blake night for the Memphis Grizzlies. Too disappointed. You know when you when you got the second best lottery odds of a chance to pick first and and no chance to alt border instead. I know that the most likely outcome was for what you had an opportunity to do better for yet you did an end and you and you had very little. Risk of doing worse than four I think there was only a 5% chance or something like that of them all and actually just yet. So delicate 95% chance that you're gonna be stitched BS what you actually are at a decent chance that you're gonna be better than this. And they're not so it is disappointing. Because I do reject. All looked. Old see how well taking war or you like. Commentary because that's just. I mean that is nice save second save it just look at it like you've got a longer Taylor we've talked a little bit. For months. What do you not understand. It site lottery. At the end of the day. What we had last night what they lottery. And the ball belts in certain way and what they don't bounce your way it doesn't mean but it wasn't Smart to put your franchise in the best. Position possible. Boy those balls took to belt a certain way. You know eighty Beck like Jeff tweet at last back. Quit have been battered chicken night is that what you're saying. But Grassley did not want to change based Sox. Like Charlie got hurt and they saw so they look at us soccer no matter what so they decided eventually. And later that I want them to. Which ultimately might have been a problem. But eventually decided what goes suck as much as we can talk to try to get depressed lottery are what you get. And they got the second best Larry op -- and it just didn't bounce their way but that does that make the approach in the US intelligence what Viacom and got her. And it was clear they weren't going to the playoffs began the only Smart thing to do is exactly what they do. And people orca that unfortunately it particular per second or third but it it picking ports and it's better that hit six. Seven or eight. And by the way. They were only one game away from having the best plumber guidance on what the law so like if you actually moved tight wreak. Or shut him down earlier we get there probably and by the way pertain to actually get tapes perfectly but they got they got they got. So what are you talking about them saying taking god at work just picked up at work exactly the way it was supposed to work. Or cleaning agent at work the way it was supposed to work. Torment that but the idea that. The gripping front office. And JP bicker staff approaching the rest at the scene and the weight they did it somehow now. White stick is just dumb like at the map that the Mac if you at this point don't understand the math and logic. You're probably you're just eight stubborn. Or stupid stuff person correct I'll let you pick I don't know who you are out there but if you don't understand why they do what they did rediscovered or distinctly out. Said look that's what we haven't those on too much on our show because I'd still like those holes can be helped at this point because it's it's logic continue right in the face. Here's the question Gary you've got a number four going of the grizzlies. In your mock draft over CBS or start comet. At what we've been talking about this a lot should the grizzlies select Michael Porter junior over Jaron Jackson junior if the back checks out and if so why. I would get but only and I preface everything and I wrote it this way you only get my doctors have access to the style that. And they are comfortable. Which what they say it very any. Paul's whatsoever. That we're just gonna pick Aaron Jackson or John or let them figure that out or have a conversation you have the sounds like. Let it assuming. And I would assume. They're eight and off the board under pressure the and Dodgers of all the board 100% to. I've actually not certain that result the board we're gonna Atlantic could do anything. But for the sake of this conversation. Let's assume Bagley of all the poor yeah. Why exactly not on the border if they end up taking a larger Decker but I have taken mark back into it actually on the border for a particular Laura backed reform. They have three. Because honestly that's who I would take it one even I don't have a vital outlets until the sake of that conversation. That. Eitan object and I actually multiple. And that will pick. If my doctor tell me automatically I mean my part by doctor coming Michael Porter yes check back sir. And yet Rick spoke to the freshman year. Why there are no long term concerns there they're not taken Michael Porter younger yes I taught myself into it over the past few days because you're the bank. If you go back to. This time last year. Certainly before Marvin back then reclassified. You. A lot of people were told you Michael Porter junior is gonna go pushed the 2018. NBA draft went badly reclassified. It became that a lot of people died Bakley or quarter and then at the kingdom went on it. Deon curry eight look the way you look at it became for a lot of people beyond create. Michael Porsche to would always in this conversation Owens and he has cooked it for the modern NBA. Well I don't know how much if at all what you guys saw him on the grassroots circuit but I saw multiple times and keep remind everybody thinks trade on the top ten pick. If you went and watched could I don't know people know that Michael oratorio played together on the Nike what the upsurge. If you went watched for a young and Michael porter's team. Have never not one person in that GM ever. Well it's a trade young going to be directed by Michael order subject nobody would have ever sit back and so if he's sixteen and he scored at all level. Super quirks of the attacks attacks attacks he's got a great reputation. He's considered a hard worker they're only saying there is. And not try to pretend that not a saint but at the doctors say that it's not. And don't let the record drop support I think he could be a scenario. Where if you take advantage of other people hesitation. Or just take advantage of him being invisible for the past year and then you end up with what some people. Eight months ago thought would be the best prospect in the draft what the port pickle ball go back to Europe. I get to the 2014. NBA draft. In January of that year. Chile OMB was gonna go number one in the draft he had a bit of a battle to being where it was just like. Oh wow this base special unique talent joy of these going to be in the Baltic strapped to get hurt and it's steer people away so one project so. Eight wicket. And in the next projecting your second trip to Ari Parker. And that Philadelphia say you know what we know there's a risk here and we know that we might not have him exactly at the urgent appeal we want immediately. But after that prospect in the draft and would have taken and it didn't look great group one you're too but right now at this moment. Who would you rather have you answer bigger radiator Jolo a big. I'll tell you all very who would you rather have Jabbar Parker virtual Olympic and be all that. Joel I'm being basically missed two year old. Just started career ended and he would still be only player from that drive class to make it all started. Nobody else has so if you take that same approach while recognizing. And by the way I get a lot of like research on the could I know Michael Porter had a back circuit back injury. I don't think that people know exactly what it what but if you look at what it was fiction not go would you rather not have a back injury that requires surgery. But it's about the best urgent of that particular or back surgery. You can have and what most studies show at least the one memory. Ever talk of what people about that over the week but what most people show it says what most studies show is that with the type of injury Michael Porter had a and again we're not look at the medical so there might be something and edit problematic but it but typically what the exact shirt that he had. Two years after work there is no big you can tell no difference in the player. And and and it also does not. Take away from their career there was really no long term evidence. That what Michael Porter junior dale where it is going to be eight issue going forward it could be. But it's not like it did get but it wears black when you're sometimes about. This player got a the issue won't wreck like it because that is going to be issued subject. They're not necessarily true about Michael Porter junior extent I would bottom right to deflect. It might doctors say. We are not sure there are not even think about this another second. I am taken to somebody else Jarrett Jack in the Obama but great young column sect whoever. Bought it might doctors are eight okay quicker. I can absolutely see myself pick Michael Porter or they'll all because you would be getting somebody that's coup a year ago look like a future NBA star. Improbable number one pick EP get a look portrait of the drag it. Now let me ask you this Gary and I wanna see if your information matches of the mine I was told last night to the grizzlies were ecstatic to get the fourth pick. And they're going to select Jerry Jackson. I got it I don't doubt that. Oh perked up and I'm ecstatic that's stupid why would you be ecstatic about getting the portrait well it is very because it's express wrong. That's dumb can you get paid a lot of money to do your job did your job and the hi my idol this. Yeah like yeah right all we could depict sports and now we don't we make it a mistake you want. They're dead chicken there like dude up. I understand Howard Utley pressure. 'cause you're not gonna take the Arctic could be gonna be off the table and achieved not Corey. You won't be questioned for that I understand the logic but if they are actually and that feeling excited. About taking fourth instead of first second or third because it released pressure that maybe you're just about they'll put a job. Like you don't like it you don't do your job you're gate to get it right deal with the pressure. You've read a good first and second second and third third and so I reject the idea that they might be ecstatic I just I think that's what should be ecstatic laugh that was not a good night for the great job. But it's not a killer picking or is still puts you a place to get a difference maker and I do know that there are people that sort Albert who like Jarrett Jack sit. And I don't I'm not going to be the guy who stands up and says. They're obviously a mistake if they take care Jack declared a lot of people I respect. Who think that he could be the best prospect in this draft some day I'm just not in love with them so age. Lots of other ball but but I could be wrong like if you at this stupid always tricky you know if they had talked about that before. We checked into dry actually even the people speak about salutes all the guys gonna be great this guy's gonna suck you don't know and I don't mean to. Or leave I mean the people running the NBA don't know otherwise how about the Mitchell but at the top ten. How did every other nobody broke out of a little gonna be also. How did edit out it only Danny Ainge go to Tatum probably should be the first pick in the draft. Like people are now most people are taken market all the ones that grab what you after scouting bridge here that you're here. That would clearly a mistake and yet it is what mould at Bay Bridge I would have done so I'm. I'm a tie I guess I've learned over the years. I don't speak absolute about these prospects I tell you what I stage but acknowledge I could beat wall. The same way they've got to run and secretly developing along the same way the government to secure at all the law the same way that guy running basically every franchise. It all the wall so I don't look Jarrett Jack and I don't they. I would take him at four but I know there's probably separate item that would take him aside to do so active she ordered out absolutely he would undeniably talented. And kicked it in in unusual ways and if you did you know turning into a dark it would be the most surprising thing I'm just not in love with him as much as I know some of the. How how much of its system that there are that it that there wasn't more production for Jen you know effort for that one year how much of that team was loaded. That the lack of production how would you I didn't watch and as much as you did this season what would you or would you put that what was what was. I think Obama the only way I think yeah I think all of the way the pieces fit. You know at Michigan State I think some of it is east young Korean. Code class. You know he's I think the youngest one of the youngest players. In this MBA drama the summit it was back. If he is. A college basketball player who straw poll. In one year of college so called NBA stardom since the oh yeah. I mean I don't know you well qualified beyond great Jordan as the star but he he had been an all star and he was terrible detection they it and like the other Jordan played for Mark Turgeon didn't start protection they are there. They couldn't keep them on the court similar to the way they couldn't keep your deck on the fort Michigan State. Like he had unique gifts so he would still drafted in the first round and they he developed into. A real presence in the far court in an MBA all star and so. I don't love. That the other day it was incredibly productive but Marvin Bakley was incredibly. Productive and talents sect in Detroit younger and so many freshmen around the country. And Jerry Jackson was just a piece at Michigan State. But I also acknowledged that it not necessarily get a permit him from being a star because there are examples there that contradict that. Well I Gary enjoy Florida in the Ritz men appreciate your expertise throughout Syria it is Jerry parish of the Gary. Paris show I'm I agree with both of the I agree both view about. Michael Porter junior I think that if you believe that he can changer franchisees Kevin Durant you can you know he can be you know we've scored easily. You have a desperate need for that. Did you ever and you should draft them. You know we'll have the we'll have the whole month to argue about this so let's close are we arguing it's going to be just a matter of you reporting and so that's what the rules are still plans again Jackson or have they changed or not correct because we want you not only are correct as you with yeah I don't I don't get the sense that Jerry Jackson has a huge fan club in Memphis. America than the alarmingly weak elements it's that big gallery. And now I understand that. But I wouldn't let him island let that I understand that's just like let's just like I tell you with Chandler Parsons and swinging for the fences don't allow that experience I've. Two days you know you don't swing form anymore. It's a way around as he got to specially for this one. All right well we'll come back grab all of Jason's done that is Jennifer NBS via Apple's. This is the newest personal transportation vehicle on the market that 2017. 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It's time to Modell Tom sue mare before I get out of here. Earlier today we did a very important. Social act. On the show up what I've determined is my hearing is more elite than you do I'm not sure that I'm not sure how you arrive at that conclusion. Because others told me they heard it as well the changes well does the poll mean nothing to. And so we're like now America match poll why because it doesn't support you. That why don't care about it you indeed in Bernardin in it in for you didn't. Presented correctly I said are you team laurel our team yacht are you for people want the other Intel more than geared to another aides let it choose one doesn't look like late shows the one that's right which is laurel. Now do you have to clip that it is getting the club. Trying to explain that the ebit is that it is get in the clip he's gonna get it folks calm down it's gonna happen it may not over the warm up things like buffer uncles were all want to go to that you have to worry about things like Barbara. Earlier of emergence of we're and so close. But he was and yet you've actually simulate links. That explain the science we've talked about I'm hearing a different frequency than you battle. It's not you hearing at a different frequency it's on the frequency of this out itself right you guys play like because trees I know we didn't decide you have sonar here. Like you're like way more lectured all I can hear everything. Right you get that he. Yeah but like a super sensitive hearing and and that's why was it Leo the change and you were not like there's no there's an article says that more sensitive your hearing. The more likely you lord here. Johnny Orr in your case as you said yeah any. And made a do you have to clip this is this is the clip worth. Now what do you guys we're guys here on here that I'm good guys gone laurel or Yani when you heard that. Others are shocker broke Iran's. Staff of this feel stupid numbers are every time thing or not. Go back which you know using original so we played one good enough posse and humor that's what you're telling our lives and we played another look at the rest of the guys which are sent this. This is so. Your laurels that's all I doubt where this show is very simple when this show is done we're gonna go my divides people here in Yani are bad like I without that are below what what year because I'm hearing the laurel that you all then that's separate and we are now when we get down with a show. I want globe podcast. And I'm what you tell me what you hear the promise you we always have been at one clip. Echo from the ABC ABC fifteen now that's that's a does that ever Clinton is actually from the girl I think original decision media influence or what's her name Chloe felt she's playing games Chloe Feldman now she's playing games. Yeah I told the he's the source or she's the one the social media influences us of the subsite are under the dress thing a scroll all of our heads what is a social media influence your little one and read the thing from the story what she calls herself. But your part you know your segment you guys explain that actually Arab profile that says. Princes CLO living my own fairy tale and that's was you don't ever plan folks mounds. Does sound a little fishy so I just what I can promise you is that we only played one clip the whole time. Give you my word as MA and hopefully I give you an hour is a male don't com. Like a month. All of Yahoo! resume on the Bible Brock or we don't have one and studio enforced would you do it yes absolutely a Bible that god cares little hallway were meant I would do that. Our particular hearing Yani are just pretending. They're just trying to get attention that if you think that I was not sure if you look at me ventured you see the people that have respond to me on where there were angry you look at me and you can tell that I'm telling you the true is all I heard Johnny one time that's what's weird you are laurel the rest of the time. I heard this more into and they are before the show on what get up. And you can yesterday all ES MI what's the whole laurel okay and I have played all me and John they might have played if and it was it's weird stuff promise me. We're done with the 666 doubles stuff we won't talk about again tomorrow I can't promise you that. Why who what your infatuation with who knows where this story will take a slice it RS. It's like Marv it's like Michael forging numbers Jarrius Jackson it says no they're not know that you know there's one answer to that question Michael board there weren't answered it yes it is laurel. Sizable forty got to hear we're gonna techpodcasts. As always Jason Dunn has presented by the wing sure is only one way to say that that's the best chicken house and found. Thanks of course all of our guests who joined us today do not have time to admit them all by name and your preset them all the same. I air cap size up next for Jason I'm John we're off. The official who. This thing you wise for twenty years I was Memphis TV's chief consumer investigators amount of TV news now but I'm still ignore consumer investigate a launch my own. 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