Jason & John Hour 3 (5/15/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 15th

Talking NBA Draft/Playoffs with ESPN's Amin El Hassan in Hour 3. 


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Sutton. Or else in the league that's happening. They history that legally guess that happen here's the deal that they're Houston's only game in the series and let's Chris Paul is not being Lopez all had 111 last night so I'm close to enough. You've for their come. Pardons given your 4041 right that that's gonna continue to come. If you're gonna have any chance in the series. You've got to have Chris Paul thirty point crisp off you gotta have 41 point Chris all of that she saw the into the you to all series wanna get past that and that second round first on his career and he shut it down yet with 41 point. They got to have that Chris Paul the guy that is killing people. With his mid range game is getting to your free throw line and he's killing you with a fifteen footer they got that super aggressive to 111 for Chris followed all due respect I mean you know. For there was a lot I so last night's amazing at eleven assists right because a lot of while one a lot of heat check basketball like I told you direct. That does it it's not gonna work for the way they play he's got to be a thirty of forty point guy with pardons for this thing could even be called McKinney began against the warrior I don't think so. I don't think so. Not my whole thing was we didn't see it we didn't see it from and he was not using that midrange game in game one he's got to do that right now he can peel you would admit right yeah I mean like they have capable players right they have guys. You know Chris apologies harder or two of the best in the league now now as Brian just hurt. I mean I don't know what's happened is Sami he's coming in he's right spot and it has he's got effective at all he's got me I mean you're getting nothing from Ryan and that's been his season zero a mile an average nine violent season so he just TES fall out of favor nothing you get nothing from them down. And you you're stuck with Eric Gordon who's got a competent government all kind of an off beat he looked like he kind of got it back last night. Our finishes six of thirteen from the field for fifteen points but right now that you're not getting enough from the other guys. And including Chris ball. Right I mean that my whole thing was and you saw early in the game and we know we know James cards defense or we know how bad it is. But to see it against this team they attacked him I mean and they're gonna keep doing it right. In other gonna keep watching has no hope it beats you know if he tries to guard you dollar whoever he wants to guard they would just switched him. Every time he was on staff or or KD it's it's like he would literally allowed them to pass. It was put it was pathetic and other Houston is a top sixteen defense but it was pathetic. I'm the only reason he's not Carmelo. It's because of the triple doubles the ability to put up a ton of assists when he wants to yet other than that he's Carmelo all day. Don't make any they don't necessarily make anybody better yeah you can add up those assists and a regular season game but in the Soviet it's all about the offense. Defensively. The effort just. He didn't even try it if you're accused of then how does that approach HI did at Seoul also know watch him come down any kids 78 breeze and rode off. Go flail at them at the basket or hit a bucket for a short shoot a free doesn't you'll flail whatever get the alcohol. But on the defensive end to this too didn't even expend in an effort not even that's not an engine that not like you lose until you lose and on this if he's he's a minus something because he's not getting back on defense no doubt he is a liability or ran it into the floor and minus and is just as they. And if I'm Chris Paul. And I'm sitting here telling you he's got to do more for them office with but if I'm him I'm looking and Harden in an. Here's a guy who holds people accountable defensively did with the clippers for years end. I'm frustrated with our newfound Chris Paul I got my own stuff I gotta do it below more aggressive offensively but had you ever going to be a good defense would James Harden wonderful in that you won't be. Because of his effort level. And I actually I can't get behind Amber's ariston basketball because of James Harden. Yeah I mean I realize he's a great offensive player he's unbelievable day today it got easier for the most part they got to win game two. Could it I intuit a comeback to use and after I feel like it will bigger hit like 222 threes and revealed it'll be a blowout win. Right it would be a blowout win just because they had so many birds if they don't see it if they don't know it's going to be a sweet. Amazingly it. Which is just another notch in the bed post let's alas I did last night they were thirteen of 37 C 35% they get that up to two or threes which they're table loved one point 1120 threes. There's a chance they don't have it there. They got no shot. No shot. Yeah now I was it was staggering because again this is a 65 wind Houston Rockets team. Right and go say worries dispose of them. I I don't know how I don't know how you can even have another. Choice. For best team as a collective. I don't know how there's another I mean I'm having a city of thing about the 72 win bulls thing. And I love that team to death a man and and are probably would still try to hold by just because we have that regular season record right that said. Brother it it it doesn't match up with this that was about the transcendental greatness of one guy exactly that this. You're right you're right this squad dude. In its its boarded the regular season. It's partly why is it board because it doesn't matter what looked at them they can mediate see your heart real freak and win the whole thing because they've they've got four superstars sport either on a present right they don't they are just won't sleep they want injury he's gonna but I slept walked that they could had a steady two wins like this team could do what they. Why put that much effort when they could just take home Corvette with a doesn't matter exactly one way only a matter they get home court. But how important risk guys and basically you just try to find a way to amuse yourself during the regular season there that's how good this team and when you are no we. Eighteen that's how you should look at the regular season. It's like tinker and tweak and what I learned seventy wincing in this press you look at it this intake up at 72 teams wreck today and you put them side bus that. This thing better than me like there's yet more stall things stand Livingston is a great guy off the bench to have Wright but I mean he's gonna do what he's gonna do it. You know he might give you like eight and 475. Late by here's what he is there a voice their bench is it that great no it's not. It's about doubt that starting fives. Now the starting five they carry the load they do it every single lighten. There's four different dudes who can give it to you ought to get an act. I don't know if you can ever be I don't know if you're able you have been an able to say that about another unit. On the war Washington's most we ever had been murdered it would love the regular season you will love the offseason the people player movement and all that stuff but. You tell me. How excited how excited. Are you for these playoffs but you know it's about half what this is as good for the game well I think can you tell me there's I rely does Arnold reverse of that they've ruined again that's that's ready that's wrong because we're still watching we're watching in droves was the love we love this story Lara. Once it LeBron when he's gonna do right. But there's some there's got to be some sort that did this this this is done for the next three to fortify what they decided they wanna when ring it's bad the league is since that. There it takes the suspense out of crude champion is going to be. I Hulu could ever but we're still gonna watch always said that's true then the beaver because the deal on the watch the team has fought a lot. You know who would have for seeing the Eagles win Super Bowl nobody but that's the beauty of the NFL there's always that as surprise team. With the NBA because it's a seven game series format rarely are you ever caught off guard by I guess that's it it's it's hard to hate them as much as you would maybe someone because though the stop. The way they played well it's almost a wash the warriors and it's not play and it's not just offensive bass while the play great defense straight month obviously anchors that are about to tell you last night I think Katie was seventh in the league in blocks this year there is a slick good defender. I mean look with a look at of these African spider out there with those launch there is a U it's it's hard to hate on them as much. Is that what they're doing beautiful if you love basketball. I didn't read my complaining and all that that's that part done whining I guess you could read that mayor they could get activated but just I don't people wanting the ball in the shots they get the shots they may as they do Amanda did they lead the league in technicals too I think a lady weight crazy this year you've assaults you this okay a play go look at the last night Kevin Gregg got rejected here we know about Stephanie Fuller. Should have been injected right. That was thought what they did anybody in the give objective here. Did he get put carpet checked the board yes they both can reject the right sorry but I don't get a soft as it is along time ago man weave our memories are Fuzzy after the three years ago. WU temporary suspension on your. Or Newt you're ticked off he denied it was suspended that's what was it did not get suspended for on the mouthpiece but he should have this do you get thrown yet that that's been that is what world. 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That's all we're all hold them back. Robin will skated. Leonard say it's our time our time down here likely born out of his place city anymore that's part of a little scared to say because we know. Say what your chest reality of that the history of the city. They just believe that. Will it will be worse case scenario what do I told you where I have many I have many. Motto that I live my life box as we know. The wolf is always crashed yet. Arm but I also live by a sportsmanship exhibited that there but but but another thing that I believe. Is that. The most profound thing you can have in this world. Is belief in self. We get this stuff on Josh. I do not get this and Josh and I get used to do the segment would definitely what Josh whether it was going I was on the day yet it's like graphic goes well a lot of was well that's where you get a lot of stuff. I didn't get this from that like the stuff we use with that thing was like. You know don't worry about that they're getting wet in the reins go a bit of a light you have that was like this. I'm always one where you found those are just just real Google like inspirational book so we did and any other road I believe in the in the power. Of self belief attitude if you believe. Bet you wore a great radio host and Ed you're the host of the number one Sports Radio show in Memphis. You can get there wouldn't you know not only you get there but you war. You are and one out of you already are I don't believe it. It is so lots a little CJ before issues that shot to believe that it's gonna drop because Elliott Perry taught me. And that's that's that's treating his own pace and be out there exact opposite to. Confidence is key you believe that I saw some Florida shot did it says I'm gonna go to Disney World for the thirteenth straight year. He's going. Because he believes our hopefully because he believed it when you believe it you can make it happen a saucy we go if you believe you're almost illegals were also looks falcons is so have you heard from the don't don't go there I'm not doing our. But if you believe. That degree is gonna have the number one pick and they're gonna have their pick in get it right. And got her got up there and do it there and they're gonna do they're going to do let's go to our callers we go to Brian in southeast meant I had. Yeah how long it's true I'm here yeah yeah it's. He didn't pan out there and there are truth of the matter. You know I can't say how old they initially excited to get the number one pick because that would think we need to pull eighty. How the board and I don't know that we want it to because we love the coach. You know. There aren't that I don't know are so. Yeah. Like there. Are more livid at the number of very critical vote for the number one. I understand that and I can I give you another model that I live by. Particularly here you go dig up the course. Of the past and drag it into your present and you wonder why your life stinks. Okay your nose that you don't have to put them up on. Leave the past in the past Bryant today and that includes. Judge brown 5353776. By everybody as you like that one but where do you get these wrong. I am a repository for useless information what website is this there is no website story there is a website we got a two Casey Casey you're on. Yes our our. First call us sailor you blow your showed. And thank not only what say you love us that go ahead say that it SA levels as we look at the reason we love you better. But. I'm an AD about the the policy and I can. I don't they were there we go into three or four they're gonna pay Michael Porter junior Picasso or Shakespeare but don't anchor it is OK suddenly uneasy. Michael Porter John like I gotta Michael forging Uga. We kept our Casey appreciate it man basically cowards I can give Michael Porter junior guys on their backs OK I can do it for. Before you can live wouldn't let it tip do you have that in no attitude no it feels they're Chris Wallace thank god that yes number one fled the country as CC. Actually Alter injury issues so Chris Wells. Is that both Chris Wallace picked in history are wrapped up into one of sons he would Charles and I about. If you did want it's almost like OK well then we ya wanna how we will mess this up. Others are more severe you know as opposed to three. Or some cut blocks like gone talent because efforts though and no question people are understand we all that right just there as there is not as as an untitled Bob exactly they get outside motive. This the same front office unfortunately Willie's that the digital mental test is is the same one amazingly. Bedroom that was Bayer. Win the draft pick of of Hasheem Thabeet is as a nowhere else in the league that you. Know I'm telling you know where else is there and if I we go to Robin he's met his Robbie Aron. Hey guys I'm excited about this I really am I I'm I'm really pumped I really feel like. I don't know I think wage turn to Tom. The page and I think. Or recent history in recent signings are are. Are a lot better and I just feel so I'm really gonna happen midnight one we're gonna get number one that's hard. Let it rob let lol I doubt excitement begged me more like oh we need five they're 53776535. ESPN. We're gonna go to Toby Toby how you feel that anybody. OK it was going all those above. Hey hey. Where let me give you my perspective on it in got a question. Well I actually are while wanna be excited you know are panicked you know. Victory is a friend immediately excited. Because we're getting slow you know the same old Unix so this because Pixar but I don't know why distillers welcomed here to walk degree map. Yeah do you think this is a long and then Clinton and the top. And our hardest John Paulson you know Harley goals was just girl might say oh yeah. And out my question is about something that you are talking about women are so it was so yeah it's about its heartbeat as being not a great our display yeah. Is a great up is is integrated racially heated seat avatar or does he just did a lot of able Carl he's got a ooh there's a house. Because he's travel and hollow course. That's a good volunteer. The way he gets an idea I've done and you gotta give the credit for the production right the points and sells them to your point how he gets it done you could. I could make a couple cases. That they too far on the watch he's not such as those Soviet Britain's got I was appreciate you told. We go to Tom in midtown time here on how you kill today man. I want to have guys I'm bill's discount you know it is limited. With the with the privilege you know the fact that in your credit Chris Wallace. Uptick is in union. Mediocrity we'll continue to show on regular old decision well they're big number all of 23 whatever. And a little bit typical privilege draft but OB. Everybody in the in this city and their buddy Jim all the sports station the TV show police say one thing that Chris Soto are also some obscure. Oh. Of sleaze somewhere in there we're never heard of thought about how did he was and is over the watched. Well I hope that's not the case Tom Patricia the colors and brother. They've they they can take it overseas got is always name's Lou could dodge it. I'm file that Crispin over the ready when and a dollar of the season when Saul yeah let's go to Josh Josh in these Memphis. Hey look go on all Phillips Dylan. Mellowed out doc I called they're caught in this day I'll go to air that a lot. Girl or are. You much here at my hand I want to feel maybe. You know you're in the bunker you're that I bunker jobs they're talking Atlanta aren't all pretty. Who you like to lose a guy. Out late match. It's it's actually. It's it's almost anybody but doctor Perry who. Why no idea why they anti darts it's by the why that the F a as the number. BA if they can't let it through my other free and get swallowed up the odds because of the NBA. Yeah you know oddly a clue about the opposite. No man he'll do some like well you know that they're special beer usually have undue black youth. My best yet there that are sort of week that light and that special okay well look you gotta get back on court brand really low led. Not saying there. We're gonna look at Dodgers wouldn't do any measurement no dress. Com I'm not they load you need to downtown park right a sample Parsons right. There's been an option that like I actually did you. It's treaty. There you know that the Connecticut he's come back from a Mexican man in Egypt they got a lot we have got one right so well ban won't be particularly. Where I can also outlined by six foot eleven where. Just Obama comes a point like sequoia to me look like especially the longest. And people are gentlemen. Out anyway. He looks special message don't start if so did mr. Ryan vote go to agent in Maine in my opinion. He could be the Stillman all of almost like you know over a really like Booker over the top couple got. Because not a memorial mass appreciate your call or rather they did their work. And then we go to Raymond and mailing to Raymond you're on. And what dad will. Man out and I'm pretty much. I'm optimistic man because. I've lived it like if I think between India beg the chaos. Lou what they get longer everybody's cup. And it everybody's helping would have you peak typical day to it. I don't know about that done is gather them up to a new name right. I don't know I had the brands they know what the other two dead a nit and vaguely like. But lived up to tell you may have. I watched it he said they write I don't know how they got on TV so much watched Villanova all year there. Almost killed gridlock and her to death they all go back home I feel like I watched him. Again gaffe from gang Lu Lu and India through it and send us I really like Timbaland mark there's not question the whole making the peak. Off. I mean it's a good one do billion U I guess is good as Mario Lopez and everybody it's going to be an easy remains on numerous stab Chris Wallace John how injure Ed Stefanski everybody's gonna beat what is don't tune town though it's Chris Wright. I I think that I'm in no way I go out and operating I don't know. Matt I've treated native didn't get a bid goes down and upload separated though it didn't go found they go to run him out of town with page book and I can. And it's going to be ugly man. Right it's amazing that he has not been around yet yeah I. No real restaurant we appreciate the time now particularly they solicit. Yes. I'll consider that perimeter he did but like that is kind of gets up under the rug. It is a benevolent god inspires you you know you'll go you know welcome back to the office right now he fired RC a lot. Of the that they did today more than once oh yeah okay a lot of Calkins was not very successful in firing RC. Our Seattle last Hawkins that he arts other. If front of big. Yeah I didn't know he did not I don't think any kind of period yes they did Riley absolute must fired though you already know you got I think he did a multi you do have been tight deadline has told us why tubby was coming back for year three. He did not get that one right he said here's why tell these it is coming back for armaments of the said Jeff said one thing right that I would be bad for you through exactly right that's right he's out he was not. Car I'd look caught it's been great. And a great career but and he he was he missed the mark on thought he did what a lot of people that he was Rufus a mole he's a horrible and it's. Feel like those took place finishes and Jeff what about your fifth place it on two very useful for me off all right when we come back amino has again joins you talked to him aren't. About the NBA draft lottery. About the playoff slot to get to with him he is up next Jason's done any Jennifer ME SPN. This characters as you likely know my wife and I have media regional health last year I cannot recommend them enough just tremendous but understand like I've told you before. You don't have to experience emergency get great care from region one health I'm here. But Amanda best of a Stanley nurse practitioner at their east Memphis campus read that as you gotta tell about what you guys do to help with wait times. Cheered when a patient takes and our friend desk at the Monte specially clinic each patient is provided with a clip on match not only to patients Wear the badges that Austin for Paterson staff members. 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Before untimely bright and dictate your decision today these systems offer increased efficiencies and more temper control than ever before and yes financing options for every match. Today investments I don't trust just anyone we are unique comfort company can trust. Policy keep up fab 1111 or visit us at landmark heating and air dot com. Broadcasting on ninety. Six CD and online at 92 million ESP. It's. This is sports station maybe 29. ESP. Not a bad days and they've done nice united them. He asked CNN has promised his name is an email has. He covers the NBA works for ESPN appears on various programming including the jump. He joins us now I mean let's go to our brother. Now the market actually in or out to bought in right now we're gonna do the jump live from. Fury you know all week yet you're gonna get to gain control than it should go why did little. Nice to jump I read last summer was the smartest basketball Jones televisions so you're not watching it. I can only assume you're an idiot. So why should definitely check that out 2 o'clock central time and money is being our enemy you you. Once upon a time before you did the media thing you are working in front office and and in for an NBA team in the Phoenix Suns. What was this day like for you in terms of lottery day were you aware that you guys and at great odds that are called correctly to pick one or two or three. But what was the daylight. How warmup first I wanna do my source lottery day. We actually all that Wear lipstick. And it always talk very protective. So we needed to Atlanta to hit shore lol yeah. They believed it to be left out of the that final act finale ever that the people that and of them and archery gold level of the interview and before that it will be a little ball. So. Editor and they're being imports are going to be number irritate and delivered them there. I coordinated our guy big toe played Nadal or order of its. And perhaps they'll let out a yeah told that or would that word out strip around. Streeters ball. YEC. A lot older than they all victims I've blues history. What other than that rebuilding years. You know I did you wonder he's so it really didn't need much what it is what you're looking at the twelve. As we like 49 would you do edge local org you do it didn't work to get a military just little love. And then and then the last. Couple years you worked thirteen or fourteen. Both of those you saw dared. We're just too good to have achieved through a lottery never mean it is not my first Watergate solid one of the one that I remember forever because there are. Spending or you're long doubting that and another part but look at that little all of. He he. You got a guy in this draft that you like most of mean or that you're in love with its maybe that's you know head over heels you like about the rest of. While I I I don't know a children pluggable there at the burger over and over but it's clear specifically. Ugly girl at a word go to that it's no good oxygen and who did because. And I've told a group billions are now but. I have a friend I want to play Torrealba gave yeah cleared to go and and when we went I had them. Happy holidays hit and the dollar coal and that will be an elbow and it's a little seven a ball below the bat well that he believes preventing. As it called again. Ordered out celebrating this fifteen year old kid he played on the JV squad ever want to bother Caldwell and get garbage wanted and that gave. Well you better every single player on the team light now and all the players know it and all the codes north and only person who doesn't know yet it's here. And I could never look at don't get. It. It may not come as a surprise to you mean but the populace in Memphis obviously the grizzlies have a great shot at a top three pick. The populace in Memphis is mostly anti dungeons and that they they did they don't want them and I and I guess they're I had. Yeah glad I'm gonna go adopt I could see why because you know what they're also ordered strict European go to Olympics right. That is true. Yet now it's it's you rewrite but it I think it I think it also really stems from. You know the fact they haven't seen him so how much how much you know it does is it is doing what he's doing in the Euro league. At a place like Kansas or Kentucky right same number same stuff. How different do you think that the rest of the nation views him. Lobbying group for the whole. We what you were getting a small village are really really strong and you're only you know meat or the best players purely. Which in indicate order a lot of you'll probably about bonds usually good but we'll into the oil lobby avenue all the equipment to being mom well the key to this case. But what if I can't always you don't have to go 28 year old 29 year old guard veteran NBA caliber of player. That you might will be trying to and then he played you know for the record here but Sergio Rodriguez that so it's not like you're doing it against other children. What do what. You won't be going again. Beginning at eighteen long lengthy world of veteran is 21. A plan to be 21 or thought golly I reject the bar is probably not an elite prospect. So if it could. You have to adjust to the great on a car for that. If you're really doing here at war be over a year old but in a weird way I would be as impressed. Bigger guards say what you're doing it again sub par competition on the whole this we you're doing it again appear. If the grizzlies do good for once get some luck in this lottery and and they get the number one pick overall. I mean they have sort of rolled out a plan we think with a healthy might get a more engaged mark next season and that in a top three pick we can make the playoffs again. If if that is the plan and they have the number one pick who do you think makes the most sense is that Don sits. Or Jack and they're good they're good word they're comforted but could eight they. Well maybe Arnold well I haven't yet been bombarded who have not meant to disparage eight nerve putting the law about it that he did it well Lola board. And import got an excellent acting. Where the great out there and I think what they've gotten a bit. What it could have been going wow well it that there have multiple cats Obama more. I wondered why why well when guys are hurt. Whether it's moral or Michael Bolton them. You can go there's nobody really create for everyone out all about the former governor belong to delegate at a at a lecture absolutely they're the great big and that's what doctor Julie are. The advantage over over eight in putts. Eight he is more athletic. Eight and is I think what traditional offense go. This good guy and monitored here I know how he feared the Gardner good rebounder he seriously and other any of the pick and pop player Ricans based support we know. Now we know how important that is the modern but what do the warm they're so good that you could break or so. Patent badly they'd be throughout probably let it docket that's what you bring them up acting very important. I'm a big believer in the more guys who have played like that bit easier it's everyone else I do all of the golden state of being great the government out. Two MVPs and yet they get to alleviate the period and why they're great that they could go bad so many great as people the more you can't focus it hurts yen on any one got. Because you bait go to the next start you. Perfectly capable of making a point bar bubble bath. And knowing what things has life you do if they get the one that is an easy decision do they go Lleyton dotted with what do you think labeling. I I think I can get up I think I you know obviously they've they've been looking forward. Well bonafide charge there's no doubt god inventor he's been OK but not quite a margin greater than you know bears shouldn't they have the country's terror alert. Eight innovative bold and I would let Obama listen it bigger than it usual for them and upon court. Of eight. We're all but okayed me he thought on quote we're gonna go that occurred there'd yarder in obviously won't you'll pay eight hour and a half drive south from Phoenix. But then they could get more than that group also. A couple of great. A great motor great efficient feed give the dog doesn't big. Are you old Tempe Arizona. You even see what is the local boy right and then you download dogged and you're below the bottom consult with the worst feeling date in terms of you know gold all of them mr. And provocative thing baker and obviously they're new record you broke caught up to close dumped it and we'll be here over the European division saw. There but the thought of all week long kind of applied. 43 really great prospect I don't know would legitimately. But I would do that eight is good because I know there's even 100 car. We are court's order to Armenia has I catch him on the job 2 o'clock central time today live from. Boston and Cleveland what is going to derail the warriors I mean any thing any other than aids because I feel like. You know I had sort of held on to this belief that clay was gonna be so selfish and leave for money. That's clearly not sounding like it's gonna be the case so if it's not gonna be agreed that he rails the warriors what could it possibly be home. A meteor singers the I really alien abduction news. It's the well. You are really really bad to it would bother you that left there a couple of weeks ago I thought okay. It's only about quite specifically. I heard people have been saying that for years and it's you know one of the great city all of the normal what do you do go to LA a lot we go to work aired. Great all the political pump them were hurt if you know I many in the radio voice of truth for the lakers. It's so I've got a lot about what Michael Moore and I want to be on. And I out of the way it. What are they got what ultimately clear is that Michael are full let me apart. Yeah I'd give it a within the war overall pick out discard thirteen rather a bunch of forward and we were terrible and there are God's little acre. Editor you Bernard dog but we're going to go to parliament are due to lower go to. Could you Mozilla. I don't care what you got that we do all proud that can only be a part of this winning it figured nothing like it and so. I think late from an earlier obviously you know. It. There apparently well all but beyond that early age. Added instilled in them like they're that you get a conclusion like getting you all won't tight into the wields all law. And so if you're not going anywhere. I think. At every big it will be just replicate vehicle or a large area we know what hall of Famer with or without itself. So I've made enough. Money out what it according let me big when he got bullish call it what they're not quite back for JD Gordon did the wizards it's something although bark but in terms of I'd like way grandma my dad an unborn you are because they realize the difference UT being hailed it will be displayed is Ben. I got the hall of Famer if they hear what an older. How many games he's in the one in the series and me after seeing what you did last month. Our I'd warrior replied ordered that there's. And act like well why why are. So what you're told well aren't I wish I pick warrior did urge you to aren't better than if it's a little bit and where. Shoot a good shape argue this in a war over the warriors don't agree it. Then abetting an all day and other local wide eyed although only the gun there which order nobody can flop brought it. This one team that should not exist in the post flight but there's there's there's Frankenstein monster of speed and agility and shoot your skill and IQ would you they're all white and gotten them. Agree there are old. Bulk and and somebody earlier said. Wiping the last flight attendant had to be reminded me youngsters not the only cup winning the career. What you would probably twelfth event couldn't hope for a moment the quarterback of sort of went market there wouldn't go unless I do play all the shooter. Open that have become a what they're get there are gonna get yelled go back the other way get need to back it. Are at it again or not I'm not on you're gonna be there are excellent. He's a devastating. People need to recognize the world would it be a Golden State to relax you're looking good generational thing you know one of the best capable of if not maybe the basketball. They're every bit as rough could be on the other side you've got Boston. And Cleveland. I go back and for that because like every game's a referendum on the bronze supporting cast a if they're good they they when the game and if they're not the usually lose the game. What do you foresee for the rest of the series I mean. Yeah I mean very eager to vary as he won't division by you because. Fatah they were one for twelve on uncontested lead or got Greece. They gave more right now. We can stay I don't know how good they are before it got it is one thing I don't know if they're catalog shot for you prepare for glory. Al Gore Dublin Dublin brewery and get that shot called the order in the big east on the feet. They're the 82 games over the one game where they did it and prey upon the cavs a bit darker. I had guard like etiquette incubator breakdown defensively. Yeah follow that happened what you want that's what would be 8 or 9 o'clock because that would have been eaten without them now is the guy didn't shut. And we'll look at those guards well I'm not a lot of dead people the world that don't ought to be that guy that we know are streaky all Balkan about billion god. Our goal until they got water policy all all the league of Nutley that are open. For a report shot and it on the cabinet unbelievable. Last one Maine settle this won't force cooler due to hang out with Stephen Jackson Tony Allen. It's too pretty cool do all right I broke. I'm tired old guard. Another that you're the one guy out or what I do here I do a lot. Oh yeah only the 100 you're on a well known about by and that it will not my teammate yeah exactly a bill. Don't understand it run they're both fantastic amid a precision I had they view thanks so much both. Yet he is a need allies and you can catch him on the job. This is the show is over the court's time from. Of course his own take on even Jackson's man from the jump yeah exactly you're exactly right if he isn't love and I appreciate you doing that he needs as you know. I've been playing basketball recently you know levee can get yours about that is that's only a little fidgety on T agreed with male sports nation as attitude that and he's got to tell got a problem now is that a media. You know national yet he can be we're getting them there aggregate demand. All right so we'll come back and wrap it all out here on. What could prove to be. A fateful day in Memphis Tennessee. As the draft lottery gets underway to knocked and hopefully the grizzlies get a top pick. 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Not not subscribe to that theory can be located through her through. Okay bowl. We'll look bid aggressively but if they can unite. A blue from and star of the show this yeah. Are we re thought about writing a song bad as I've been I can't touch all right. They don't Romo throws from the divestitures drag away at the mid may be out the GM Mets UK met red. I mean if you are going that was well back. Is that is that these admit it was good solution and it's recorded data it would have you're making us feel disappointed to hear about we missed opportunities. I don't know that there's like the hope square goes like. A grizzly. Never leaves is that scored. But I had to get the customized layers that's why it's no not yet vote. You do the right. Thank let frank is. Let's find the right look at the I was walking around Bed, Bath & Beyond a you don't use all weekend all weekend balancing and luck to maybe I led to a degree is enough. My wife hated it then he was walking around doing but he couldn't do it was more pretty humbling realm. Keep this draft fight me Paula writes. You like and don't hold the lyrics over there I'm reading from Google I'm really from a who's doing is on top my head of but yet this is. Flaps on I need to fix on the record what happens Olympic we give. Bennett you know I've had in my. Had always number four it just feels like it. All blue eyes I want number one clearly but it and really on form as of now there's little for their argument Bennett dole producer JJ John. Both the JJ. What is your official automatic and I announced the pick as all blue eyes. You go whatever you need do Memphis Grizzlies will be selecting. Number three over all number three. Amateur interest at third but they'll get what they were get. Marvin back to the U the third which is what she won and all the stuff I'm gonna go. Well enough plot. You know blew up. Oh blew out about. Us law can be related or. Any for the grizzlies. Number one pick I decided happening. It's our time down here we're out of breath players getting it tomorrow. Our time down outright because as soon as you said number one like you heard that the the trumpets and you don't could be dropped movie it is almost fate. Talked us into. Luck is going to be a lady tonight in Chicago Mike Wallace is there is gonna bring back the number one pick as his Elliot Perry and slack that low and it all out patently insane sorry pat Arianna and now. You already have a little you already had your luck buddy rice it's our turn to. Where it was 630 right fixed thirty on ESP and let's hope we'll see you there bro let's go that's gonna do it for us two days. I think it was good talking like franks and out of there as the day you. You have the views you edit. I'd scheduled for us today we had a lot of guess and you think that we need to thank Mike Wallace me to think. 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