Jason & John Hour 3 (4/13/18)

Jason & John
Friday, April 13th

Talking to Tyler Harris' Father Frank Harris in Hour 3 


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So are we come back Tomei got a join us at once when he viable totally and in playoffs with him. But we do have great news to celebrate and we've done that all day long we'll continue dad party buffalo when we come back Jason and John and Jennifer ME SP. Long days long nights trying to get this thing right. The official new. Gary Parrish remind you that the plot thread suns forced toward the hottest new restaurant and they've been. Memphis campus places the amazing at more than thirty big screens people watch whatever game you watch all while grabbing a cajun food wings that are. Shop daily every aspect of the available happy hours Monday through Thursday from 49 ladies night is Thursday. Which is always fun it's never too early stumbled. Holiday parties to go hidden today. Look restaurant sports score. Memphis doctor. 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You can leave that when you are considering your college decision right. How it's hard to leave Memphis. And the University of Memphis which she announced that big John but it's even harder leave. The chicken at the window which chicken house that's right as they stayed home I think Donna that entire set up because of the way and it was not it doesn't go celebrate with some national hot. Gold that perfect. At the new premium flavor Billy's got a gun does forget the name and our national them matters. It's on it's it's the best it's taken over my favorite which was on suicide I'm now on national hot man you've come up about a 15092145. Inflation order. We're just enough to go over there at six and I now Mariah and that spot on stage John it is coming. We're only days away phase what goes supportive of. Tires are good friend Billy Richmond Jason and Jon and such a perfect throw him a total they saw this about as a guitar for our his idea it is a party on the show today it's always a little Enceladus rise Friday imparting it is Friday it's freaky Friday just got paid it's Friday the third Friday night everybody got paid except my wife. What a year my wife texted me. And and she said payroll messed up. If you get paid today that's like oh god that's the only bad news we've that is meant is that there. But the good news is that for your wife where mayor it and and and you got her into one of us has money I did I did send their two dollars via been mode for some help so. To get up get her through the debt that's. It's more are just joking with her of course you think she'll laugh no grass and her two dollars on demo for some hopes of maybe maybe that helped get her through her day. Over there at across an elementary kitchen payroll together mayor well. But you got you know pay lineup anyway watch honestly there's no Federalist as well anyway I it is as other than my wife's paychecks after it has been a terrific day here it has and Memphis and the reason why it has been a terrific day in Memphis is because of the five tin dynamo. Tyler Perry these are aren't indicating any Cain. Has committed to the University of Memphis and this is exactly. How it sounded. Okay. They could do well it's. Also my good. News here. Yeah. Believe me it's. Bravely. Ready okay. We'll play though. They hear god proclaimed. We'll wait if they play on the charts a proclamation I hereby proclaim. That I got out. So hopefully you know like. Lou. Again then put. Food you move. Lou. Doesn't feel like all of our work is paying all it does it's it's rewarding a lot and this is on a personal level very rewarding for both days and I know we must say yeah we have B of can't help. Parade for this. The lead twice twice on the show ignited break on the show three times I asked him out on the economic realm Franken had don't do we have chips. May have your area. And we released statements we've released neighbors on their behalf and you know we've done our part and we don't want the credit credit goes to pay outs opinions on Matt law because when you're driving around today wherever you have going to be. And it comes out in your mind. Just think about Jason John. And the work they put in. In maybe wants an estimated cruises represented for the made fifteen spotter yeah and I won Memphis somebody's somebody suggested that yesterday got a special guy won't. Love that got one guy. And we should be the representative for the grizzlies it has to be somebody that's red that's official listen Republican and it couldn't do both of us. So what they what. Good big men. Now launches in the young and young cat always shooters and a guy with a solo career and now I want you to do you say like you're 61 years old to compare your forty what are you 41. Yes you're 41 this is your own man this is the moment that you do like our very Ingram you know this is the moment that loan not a lot on now I am yes you're gonna guess money nodded we're gonna overseas. Did you. I saw something else man there was something else I saw about on varying amounts when I got I can't remember what it was. Would probably shouldn't go down with this road than he had something happen to amend it like I Toby said something about or reasons and minute yeah and it's none of that. None of that have you get a game ball you know get a shot up from Kobe Brian that I hear over there in Europe I don't know I had met that never happened it made it more special burden for him I get that so that's where about whether it was all white that is not that grind and that a hard time with made all worth it. Bob what happened and as we've been anyway that's not that that's not the story that has started as time here as he is ranked number 66 in the country takes they admit this class and when he eighteenth. I don't know what it was before but it was obviously lower now they are coming in at number 44. The class of 2008 team so significant jump for the second AAC. Good percentage they Ciba behind Wichita State who is number 36 well according to run one there's this or that exactly. And they're not done they're bringing in Isaiah Maurice who's a 610. Big man shot 49% from three last year south plains Hugo was against the sale of they get some depth and there involved with a couple grad transfers net Dixon visited. Last weekend. I know they're trying to get involved with Matt moody but here's the deal. The South Dakota Kia they'd they'd love to get involved in memory but they got to get the deal would Mike Dunn. And if they hang on get a South Dakota kid if every unless we get mine on robo get him I mean that's exactly yet but now he has the most schools are right day he's got more eyes and I think internal I think he's pretty far along has been decision making is while writes enough on your dominant left on the on the eggs on the anchor leg but it you can get all the dealer Mike Dunn I think you've got a chance. But he got a chance but that that the best so the two of them produced its it's it's got to it's got to happen but again. It's an exciting time because it feels like Memphis basketball is back we just went three years. Without A Memphis kids staying home if all the talented Memphis players the last three recruits cycles. Were you either headed out or in that ended up did. Leaving the city of Memphis and Penny Hardaway gets the job. And in three weeks with one assistant coach officially. He's changed the. Programs fortunes so as not just. Posted on n.'s Graham saying hey where'd Camby out word that I work cared about they were going to work you don't plan going to work. Workers have to. Right I just tell us what to work and you're seeing work you're seeing the results and get out we'll go back to. I realized without Lomax the moment the pin Norway's hired. You know that has come to Memphis the what the wasn't there wasn't a war there to win and whistles they oust the gracious to have to have to give you the grim the release. A there was a war with Bela. Are in the end and you started that war. Literally behind. A menu used you as you started a couple legs aren't quite frankly Ayman. Everything was set there you heard Scott Drew you heard argued he was me promise to give thirty minutes per game. They don't have the point guard that Memphis does announce Lomax to be able come back from that yet with just two guys on staff that arm to do and with any. And Matlock. Oil the Arctic I mean it just gives you the idea that look. Once they got the full staff and their right wants my loans on their two and once whoever that associate head coach is going to be you put all that together yet. If taking guitar players come back in and you know come back from that one catch up come back to implement. What what can they do with some of these hollering national do it's can they win the James Wiseman war. You know that you you gotta go in this feel better especially with the news moms say in SEC country that did that wise it's gonna be here in town yet she says at least a wherever. He's here he's in your backyard it's just. Howard you're not coming away from this with what we said remember when Tubby Smith was so coach and we talked about well if you did it. If you if you cut him loose after you after two years here's the potential. And we're seeing it in it's it's it's it's. I mean just as the humans and thus it's gratifying to see it's it's exciting to see. And we were supposed to cover the stuff objectively but have to do not get sucked it right now but what Penny Hardaway is door opener agreed it talked about a resurrection of family reunion it's all coming together. I was telling the last hammered out the staff is where there but the work of I'm starting. Now worry about anymore might they're worried about it when you're starting before we really knew I was gonna come together in what look like. I'm not worried about it all it is not beyond what I'm not like to meet the only thing that dead of the biggest hurdle of this staff that's gonna have to overcome and recurring and again only because they're recruiting the best of the best. Is it very bright and because these guys haven't seen you coaching game room and those are the stats will be staffed and that won't ever hurt you in a well to that but believe me when I tell you. Those sounds are gonna have to negatively recruit against you. Today they're active because you're such a force. And so that's going to be. If they got to be all they wanna put the work in. M I'll tell you Mike Miller. Has a plan he's gonna put the work and what do you Hardaway is putting the work and already he had to get there is somewhat concerned about that merit and I think that narrative is dead as far as I'm concerned. You just wait till we roll out these tiger penis. What these tiger and other issues right and a desire and his Nike deal are you wait till we see this exclusive stuff that is gonna have you if you think. It doesn't matter to kids. What the shoes look like. Words when they're when they're gonna get to school looking everywhere and and the elite the Nike elites better get your crazy I agree because that's gonna help you to Obama is gonna become the first one since school mark my words you're going to have stuff that the other schools aimed at babies and -- will pay me wanted to let you know beyond Nike. All day. Basketball never sloping never stops like exclusive stuff from Memphis exclusive hear kids won't be a part of that kids one aware that that's what's he going back to you know. We're dumb at did the work the thing is done all that and it's great it's fantastic we see the results work in India Matta watched and within two. But to have that my key component this man and I'm telling you that contrasts go look good that one's up there's it's up this year. And that's a big component of this to have all that X exclusivity. But you're gonna have with Nike. It's gonna wanna be a part of that I urge you to -- if that when he that mean dollar practice facility don't forget about that. It is amazing how in three weeks. Penny has just he's woken up the fan base. Like it into words what I just await their story everybody you're either everything's moved like a water and everything others like Prada is on the water like get these from a back. There's actually everywhere. Well yeah and that's why we said like when we said that when we started this Saturday arm the decision to move off from Tubby Smith was not just about dollars in donations. It was admitted Bibby huge part of it was and have a big obviously a clue but there was more that went into it and and and that's a recruiting and the fact that Memphis let all these kids get out of the city. Alex Womack and tires were gonna get out of the city and and thankfully. President Rudd said no more no this cannot continue. Even though Tubby Smith by the end of the season. You look up and from a distance it actually looks like it was a decent season that things were proven but by and the scene of these since he's abided by behind the scenes. On page had never been worse just on our home court yeah off the court you're you're you're dying your your dying. And programs dying and I am glad. Ed and I took me a day like this. Validates the university's decision now we already knew the money was common right we knew that was happening. But you follow up the money with the results on the recruiting trail that university has been totally validated by the last. 44 hours in my opinion. To make the move a bold move a costly move. 1010 million dollar you know moved and you compare Oreo. They made the move is a you know what even though the results McCourt are fine. Our fans deserve better than what's happening. Both on and and off a bit. And so we're gonna make a move and so I I really believe that that that Memphis has now shown it's gonna be on the right side of history and you have to give credit that the president arrived for. Knowing what the deal was in acting on it home as opposed to just sitting by and giving Toby time was that easy to do that Jason. Would have been very easy to get tubby time. I'm just so glad we're out from under all that and I'll. Memphis kids don't want growth coming in Memphis and you know. Not my deal to put butts and seats yet this is the deal no doubt when you're the Memphis bass while coach all that's part of it. And I'm glad we got someone there who understands that now depth and it's gonna put the warfare and again I believe that you put the war in John with the resource as you have. That's all you ever said you're a top 25 program are you ever say it was Lou with just a little bit more work tubby could have been successful. And you know we wanted that for him yeah he didn't he didn't didn't seem to get it. We've got someone in there now who goes and then not only does he get it. It says it's in his bullet. It is in so I mean easy you'd like we said I've no doubt he's we will work you know into the night and this is him and toss about a resurrection that's how important this is that this is his life's work now. I'm I'm. How did you not want to get on board supported well and that's what the way that's what we're seeing from the cigarette you know you go down that list by top layers is a tiger right now are absent as it is you said something especially was. Made it feel like a priority exact you know. And that's the bottom line that because again we talked about he could've just said. That haze in the bar there he's going to Baylor there offered him thirty minutes a game I can compete with that I can offer him thirty minutes a day and unglued and I'm good about what I'd like out in Robin Wright with the kids and he was in. Diapers exactly. But instead penny said you know what I'm actually because I know men when that this town plays together you can work and it's a special thing. I'm gonna convince these two they need each other. And that's what he did it. Tells the elements is too common for you. Are you top guys as the match dollar mine this that hasn't told the today the medicis of them and to those little cows coach no question now from day injured. Go and get ready brother. And it is on DJ Jeffrey's death that you committed to Kentucky right now. We are working on brought up free work I mean all of that you know dude column. In who use I've never seen him you swear to me he's that he's a difference maker so I don't trust your judgment on that and to know the name and it beyond dude com okay dude column. You see though he's got to be on the blows that was just continuously paper. To be there catcher formats whose osu beavers while Mason messes sets college coach or our country and all other myths is that you know if you can play. That is they'll be after you and it's it's heart it's open you know. That is first real reprieve victory. This morning. With the commitment on the signature and test on Friday it has been what a fantastic party it has been we're gonna continue that otherwise it's paid that's all we need glad I had until now all that's left now I gotta get that you both get Mike Miller and their two official. But some relatives of those top at all the only they they can make this day better is if my wife gets paid the money that she's frankly armed. Okay to be honest with you she's earned that money. And for might go to be evident sign on the dotted line which could make it better to have Tom always had come all Larry come on now that would also make it better. That would also saw what has gone pretty good if these three things happened Larry Brown gets out on the on the staff. A wife gets paid the money that she is so abide by the carnival school district. And Mike Miller is able to get on the road today. Doubt that would make this one of the best days in Memphis history tribal school district had no idea would be on blast they don't management job well pay the pay your employees. We thought it was very go on strike I'm sure they're getting it taken care of and a big crowd at the Liberty Bowl tonight and a big crowds alerted the whole blood type I feel it's. I do feel bad for Memphis football. Why isn't every avenue Pomona was we we get bad weather and and now let's get your wish I'd get pushed a little bit yeah W special. I'm not playing a middle terrain they're gonna get on the arraignment Isadore until later amended salmon that grow both our man was already out there when he mama mailman are my Wii was already out is that area. That are going if I know what I know about mentally and the threat of rain. We'll keep people away that did this year for Iran has not been arraigned. I hope to those around the guy yeah yeah if you got Aly after you got De'Angelo out there components it's dorm nice crowd. I've already got him out there into wins out that's right you're born a man DeAngelo Williams that he humble you'd this week man Diego Williams made me feel like this I liken it they'll opt out should tell the story and I got talent I love the ends I still I'm in and we need that we need that in our lives in infamy was Lama Hollins. And for use there's always coaching you play I don't know I don't know which was harder though like because you're seven in person yeah Austin yeah I had to look in his eyes there. But there's no question about it and they're hoping he knows the arm and he doesn't. Maybe if you patronize this restaurant he will you know. He will. Lovie you may. Beat you and you go visit that's decisions up to me no way around on there's got to be what you're just fine how are going to be wonders why will sleep what are you what's the respirator because. Judge champagne taste and a beer budget no it's got a nanny math they leave no amount put campaign based on your butt Lamo I'm putting any anything get does that champagne all day long list of whether you read it we know it has maybe don't know. Now I don't know I saw yesterday I thought you said it yesterday and I'm Laden's assets less than what the cuisines is going to be which was southern inspired. As we call crooked finger dollars. Well being ironed that was about as hello hello hello good day it's just joke calling Danielle every drug currently has got a comedy show you give the kid the comedian. Not a terror. Says the deal it's got a crooked finger. That's what it's what does it the best name ever be real courage anger voters go to crooked relay allegedly a karaoke bar. I can't that's low as low as it is not loves it. What are you gonna meet Melissa is a joke and a break. However I think this is your most egregious insult you run race yeah not rape is above you can't go back and thought that I value I am not. You basically all of our homework very low early for Jason Smith. And frustrate the long time ago you thought the finger and it model launches finger lady weighed down all the time. Not at its core an embarrassment. To find my brother at my brother has nine fingers okay. Is nine finalized and are right. Good lord John act like I said something crazy here. We have a candidate right now as they say you could fly I don't along with its current can't figure. I think we have good and he's proud. He's not embarrass you guys act like it's an embarrassment it is not talk about it bears but it shows how hard you have puppy I was in that league I. Don't they give you as loans about his finger that he would think it's funny. You know and I think it's probably very in Lima don't think anything's funny I think it's a well so boy I don't think it's that type you say to laugh. No actually because he Dunlap would people like us well next NBC. MSNBC you boy its going to be EA will know why am. He might be my other son he does we find out what the name of the damn restaurant is. Filling our priorities a researcher who got down we knew yesterday please let's get him in man I tell us there are many feel bad I don't feel bad at all OK it is a funny joke your content from a funny person to exhibit may go as I'd visited an attitude to have failures beard. Larry Harris. Knowing that Memphis. Yeah. And. It's coming up. Nobody schools Tyler Perry is doing really slow connection Penny Hardaway at the University of Memphis and thank you for coming home. And Tyler with 929 FA ME SPN this same law. For twenty years I was Memphis TV's chief consumer investigators amount of TV news now but I'm still ignore consumer investigator of launch my own. Consumer efficacy venture called wise choices and anyone's choices dot com price still work your protection and where I endorse -- local companies with your best interest one of those companies despite persistent so I came to know for systems like partnered with Lee and mourn Cooper and their staff and undercover investigation of computer repair businesses we in his cracked technicians Albion cover some pretty bad deals they helped me hold lets your computer repair shops and accountable for over 26 years Cooper systems has consulting computer problems honestly and at a fair price you'll. Vegetation you. 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But they don't have a stock with another gonna find it or use most importantly live AutoZone is a highly trained experienced that on Anderson's body needs when it comes to purchasing services accessories. For your vehicle where the auto sales they're number one goal is simple answer their customers are completely satisfied to let them sell you. They've made it happen go visit them. And either two locations. When a member rights afforded them a good run given rodents out they've mortgages on the web admit this use dot com and remember the bad thing Landers homey you've paid to. Much break cares is gonna join us the father of new Memphis ID tell her she's gonna join us in the next segment right now his name is Tim McMahon he covered the NBA for ESP it. It's been a wild ten how did do a man. I'm good yeah well we're struggling because on the one hand it's very exciting here in Memphis with Penny Hardaway is the college coaching and on the other hand. This is the first spring in eight years that we don't have grizzlies playoff basketball so we're a little conflicted. Well I tell you looked so. True disaster at the feeling successful career he's. Got a lot of ping pong ball couldn't win. That's exactly right that's exactly right arm I guess you're assessment. Sam of of how quickly. This thing can get back I think when you look at the teams that are at the bottom weathered the suns the grid is the nets the kings it does feel like the grizzlies are sort of more ready made. To get back in the hut with a good pick. Wherever they end up that it is is that fair to say. Yeah it's good to get back to what they get back and all of the gender yeah. And being late lottery probably. I'm not just plain and yes I think they'll be on those are big I want the real I think absolutely I think the president making a mistake if they act like they're just. Okay draft pick you know. Assume that the place to stay healthy and I had hoped we go back and we'll play tell you man. I think they need to recognize that this is. A franchise that is indeed very early stages. Are we rebuilding process and I think they need to act accordingly which begins. We're determined to at least determining. What the market is more assault on me I do I think at the quizzes will be. Anything more of an easy first round fodder recurrent it is you know what ever let's just bookmark all these days. An impact can it be equally volatile. I think it's I think they're really. I think he youth movement is a poor opera like that. I do to attempt I had I headed down for you and I know we had when forced on and talk about the same thing like. Basically asked him what John just ask you of the bad situations. In the NBA deal like this when best because there's potential down back bounce back next year but in my. I look at mores a mirage and in just in terms of the you know you have to be serious about what about mark. And what's left with him and obviously after next series got the option year and I just don't know if they've been if they've been real enough put themselves. I realize you know small market you know small markets or keep them in the wells were involved and is important. But man I'm with you I think at some point they've got a they've got to look we're gonna have to do this thing you know for real for real in terms of rebuilding. And then they hate it happens it happens to every franchise looked. You know I mean they're the Celtics went through. We killed and that they did a phenomenal job they did a tremendous job of of collecting assets. And now they're great position. Market sold in the benefit I think he determined just how valuable that that he is. In terms of the trade market it and it did yeah you at least need to know you you need to know exactly what his work is. And then go from there adjust to should know well Patrick Gasol I don't understand ransom. Some with ER percent JB bicker staff we don't know if he'll be back in he's been incidents some spots obviously was in the Houston area and spot there. It's in here from his friend says they'll isn't playing with a full deck Tim do we know if he's a good coach bad coach have you seen enough of him do we have enough of a sample size to know. Whether he should be back whether they should go look for Vogel looks somewhere else. What should they do there you think there. You know I don't think you can Judge Judy Dickerson thought this season the war. So level I mean he was playing a lot of times 828 G Lee crossed her about it in an NBA schedule. I'm and then the goal. Wasn't aware of and so it is cold it is to win it he probably guarantee that either have a chance that you have to go against what what we've been told. From up above I I think I know this center JB is highly respect. The NBA obviously has great pedigree would lose his father did and accomplished. NBA coach. I believe JP because that can be a good head coach in NBA I don't think he's got the opportunity yet to prove that. Yeah well that's the real course audits that are meant covers the NBA for ESPN. Tim as you know Frank Vogel is looking for a job now Jeff for a second look for a job now Steve Clifford. Looking forward jobs do you think all three of these men find work as a head coach in this league. In the off season. You know what I mean he should throw it didn't say anything to yeah. And and I don't think all of globally and in that job right away you know Pluto a lot and look a lot of times. Maybe the best thing for coach gets fired is to take a year off you know go mandate because that's how they're. Bodies or cultural belief track you know I was sitting on mount training camps fractures or whatever. In 08 through local lacks a little to talk to these guys do. Our home so I don't think they'll all land a job got to weigh in the paint are conducting. Maybe one or two of those guys that that don't they take it into the year old. Can we try our you look at things from different perspective trying to. You know Laura may be different approaches I think they might feel the benefit from I don't know but it just as an example doesn't know Rick Carlisle did. Our treaty expires at the end he took you all to do its podcast maybe he didn't with a bunch of people. And it needs it that you really cannot think about it he gets another shot. Know who Hutus staff gonna be you know talking to two ten other coaches and obviously now that the mavericks are some situations we receive now. But they had a great run. Actor hired Rick you're you're include deliver a championship. And then you know he'd be the first state that you really didn't get it taken a year off. I'll start this weekend as you know our our you are you as intrigued as everybody else seems to be as about thunder jazz or is there another series you've got your round. Yeah I didn't think from the jazz is going to be. The most intriguing first round series they look so I think Portland or good picks pocket appeasement that. I'm sure he's been a lot of timely BTV to the market size. In the important. I that guided the fascinating series to be just because. Do you get that. Can't negate this whose. A top five this type of talent yes as they're coming up this spectacular season looking for the first clear when it is clear our. I don't play off series where. I mean playoff game or head home stand. You don't but I think that. The pelican the property it is awful would be a mild upset and I really think. This is series where. We we might find out just have good drew all they hear about people there to talk about it at Lowe's he could McColl. And that's what the best backcourt solely between all database or that or a great players in Lee and I've got to feel of that the pilgrims and pull off a little upset here he's going to be huge aura. I'll take that out of what. You're feeling on this Philadelphia team and how much damage they can do they're inexperienced then that they are talented and they're all role. What do you think they can do against the Eastern Conference finals you think and what effect. Well you know I think that date legitimately might be the biggest challengers to the ball in these. And that's a little disrespectful little rocker's side to see if it doesn't want the whole I I just. You know little boy on his Sudan since eighty I mean in the barges. As a mid told dominance. Upon I I would be shocked if black could be the bombers series. Whereas the other pictures of the meal sometimes being young at the worst thing in the world sometimes. You know when you view you don't know not not no better and in factories here at the moment and DOJ will be domestic beer guy's gonna shrink the mobile. I'll hold back a bit different and so I would serve OK competence does not seem to be an issue for it for real thrilled and and that talented team I think I still will pickle ball but it wouldn't shock me at all of its if Cleveland Philadelphia and equities conference final. Absolutely Teva Prez say the name callers thank you for this. Oh boy. It's having mad covers the NBA for ESP. And yes the playoffs do get away this weekend and I am very excited. About it and I'm excited sort of just got to recheck and to the NBA it's been. RC I haven't been able to pay much of any attention to the NBA the last month because one the grizzlies sunken to. We've been pretty much consumed by everything Perry is doing over at the University of Memphis so be nice that. It's about getting get re engage with the NBA this week and as the playoffs get under way I would make. Back god the glory is what terror. Yeah ORS. I break there is his son is going to the University of Memphis after Rawlins. We're gonna get the scoop from him when we come back Jason and Jon ninety's united NB SP and and. I have no. He's going to a university here. Thank you for coming. In his bed ESPN Memphis sports. The perfect time to start organizing that messy garage or call that the kitchen pantry did you think about don't it doesn't get repairs for the suggestion and that suggestion is to check out more than called this would you locally owned and operated and a business has been server damage in the mid south since 1995. More than clauses in the showroom in Cordoba if you wanna see the work up close but either way here's the deal you call it eSATA deployment they come and measure the space take pictures ask questions about what you want need to they go back to the office. 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Now you're a man it's always been true to his word. Amanda stayed true to your word here we appreciate you coming off and Dartmouth I don't feel met at a field senior son out there on the crowd went crazy when he announced Memphis. I was look at the pictures of youth was intense man where you where you daddy's had a field day added that they feel for you. On Saturday can't let our digital Ricardo. Our heart out on Carter's call out like. You are part of America aren't I part yeah. All right Craig RO bureau. Oh no you don't words hurt or go with the ports group but it won't know he. Supports Google about all quote yeah and all of Peter we didn't know oh we probably all the outs and I want to lose it. It. And I locker. I got a big market and our group market. There are per share. And our partners ordered. And looser and I appear to be your the reason why can't Hillary law. It speaker Pete the bottom line we'll. Aren't they go to people who oppose every bit Peter. We're candidate Edgar did. I don't know spirited crowd appeared do really good people like you really don't appear. They're the recover but they're it would. Are you melodic grader Rebecca Black America. You know a lot of produce. Created country prepare. For militant group you know prepared a brief appeared to have a lot of people right here. There are eager and older picnic pitched their spirit that. You don't you don't you do get this is where they're cute. I don't go to. I can read try to rip the darker it got recruited ought. Coach congratulations. For me I am obviously very excited for all of you that the tire chose the school we thought was right for him and I'm a feel like we are privileged to be able to watch his career right here. In Memphis can you just sort of speak to. Penny Hardaway and and the job that paid did you know obviously coming late and and Macon. Yeah deduct argued Kurt pitted you're golden years and how it a comic Allred go to work on pearl. Eric did you or did you end up. In a bag of articles on what you were really great. The whole time they've won it big attributed at all if you agree and energy. Do you don't eat you guys took root it out now. Doubt it manager Peter do is carry beard beard. When he debuted at lucky we are stable over recruited you aren't bad moment and oh yeah duke got a bit already hookers. Work. As always coach studios know what not who do go pretty good program and cocoa. Are ordered. Two it. You create. Oh they want to do you done. About a will look out well but he had real we're already there and I probably Oprah route to. But he can't peppered him down. Anybody. I'm on coconut pickers I got a different approach up what do briefed. Well I do agree. He he computer to a park on a lot better. Took a mobile that aren't. But all the local brick. I don't imagine it either didn't have a lot of people. If you do group earlier Britain could he do oh you won't be. Able. I'll alerting here that obviously does coach week we obviously know about sort of the concerns you may have had yelled obviously because pity. It was bringing her over is wringing over Lomax and you know playing time this is at a premium. What did he tell you just sort of about. How Alex and and Tyler can can fit together he's gonna give us an idea of what he told you there. He is there Arlo you all want people to pick it occurred here. Recruit spirit and he definitely picket. You know based duplicate. Quick bit of pleasure don't. Not on either now Brito. And what they Amal group got it. Are they will be credited or. It back on my new car owner Darrell wrote Peter. Would contribute to people aren't out there aren't that Peter Cook I don't look that Canada Olympic bid. They're both. Now so they're oh they're probably appropriate got rid. Editor Pete you've got. In that. Deeper. A duplicate copy don't under the glare and card route BP to get beat you've got a clerk at well. I. Yeah when we are reachable in two world blow Butler vocal supporter but we're broke what do people cut but it. Eric Brooke if you wouldn't be recruit you know tutor their vote. A beer can pick our. You're bigger 200. I'm I have my first. How how taxing was this on your coach on your wife on Tyler just you know I'm sure everybody trying to chime in tell you where you want everybody knew up asking where you're going. How how attacked was this decision on you was of on yells family. There are important if there are and they're quote all look great. Or you really don't know what you think you're god no not so cold to elaborate on what it night and I'm attitude level. So it goes to a hundred. I have been I got a call from which a cornerstone group how important it is more on our Coast Guard drew who bring great pleasure to see if they don't. It. We knuckle under. We're not going to be drug dealer thirty. And I these huge secret technical either Dierker didn't do they do play recuperate. Repeated about it via a what time the audit bureau tiger and votes well. On the ordeal. We are we're talking to frank cares a father of new mid society. I had these and everything in coaches and all of his letter and all the beverage is that done. Hello I tried it. OK but I think people could we do we government and I don't become still confusion. Okay and our outlook are I don't know who do their authority tutors or. Correct what's the plan goes get there in June and everything starts up develop what do. A tributary doom reach 200 people but it didn't producer. Oh not me but Asia editor who. Bigger loans and these are creeps into your life or revered won't be rendered their. They don't want community. I can Lugar I look at recruits. No. Where we. We are pretty hardware we got quite a little. We got us started conscious. I don't know little quick reproduction and you don't know they don't worry you hope people are. About it retired people card well. The artist aren't who have clearly released adequate to do it wouldn't. When you side with a rock Arctic because together with kids who agreed we're pretty. Like. Punitive. People were. And then less than four hours ago coach obviously. Big development today for Tyler committing and signing with the universe he lives if you could. If you could tell Memphis fans one thing they need to know about the staff in the future of Memphis basketball. What would your message to them they. It created bigger bigger boat you're gonna. I agree you are pretty he is ready and alerted her girl spoke aren't together and Ukraine and about. Our post computer dot net. Now victory and picked up a little community loot Luke. There were attributed to you won't somebody you know I think if you didn't really want your coat your column you know like hundred. Our our group on third third. They start Pollard be bit cooler to really won't should go oh really won't you do credit. Warm to really wants oh I didn't think I don't do very excellent. Once you know once or convert debt into Asia. Our our outer marker. Who people old people bought it all Pritchard out. I can do pretty rubric of real quick on. My total and a speaker. Computer and do it two console to recruit Kurt. Goes to grin and I don't look it up enough ought it's not. Thought we understand we will absolutely congratulates thank you in the family in town for the decision and coach thank you for doing this coming all this and talk on the statement we really appreciate. Are presented in Cairo. Marcos 200 milk and I was at all. I'll let you know where I'm an outlet to be added we're integrated an awful lot of their dugout. Freaked out. I dig out color right shares are only right it's been a fun journey and I'm glad it ended with tell hair stand home saying. And listen. You don't have the bank does have written ascendant there and you don't have the bank yes but Frey cares literally just said that we kept there interest up in the program. I'm speechless. I mean think about it than we've got a company that we are the reason why about how they're all relative Memphis may let you James Lyles restaurant the crooked finger. I mean I mean if you're not gonna find a better main event actually called Bogart that's the name. It's either you get that's actually not out on her really as excise aiming so you know the crooked finger you can open that they can be so what are your next endeavor you know. Yeah Notre Dame now. It's a great name is that a great name of an us there's a congratulations and there's family. While a day they've been very Austin's process and I kept his word came home the day Tyler committed. Could not be happier for them I think you computers I get gradually he says it's all about the big picture you want to get to go wherever he feels is best but for them. On a personal level to be able to watch him. Play at home it has to be. And he didn't adulation when he announces decision that god is love from the city they got to feel good as those of so that's the another went to a lot to make him know he's tired. Appreciate it coming all happy day for every day as of big weekend. Rampage is out. Do apology gonna talk about. Football tonight Memphis tiger slam petty dig out and so you're not gonna wanna miss that Liberty Bowl got a name CNN there admitting the Namibian as the gorilla. Thank you that's facts as true news days allows amendments and Iraq at all times and I lied about Rampage. That's good to have for us today thanks to everybody that joined as during the show today thanks to free cares as always Jason does that about. 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