Jason & John Hour 3 (3/13/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, March 13th

Joined by former Tiger John Wilfong in Hour 3 to discuss the Memphis coaching situation 


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Are you scared if he commits right now on a Kentucky are you scared that oh he's necessarily don't know you probably feel like now wants some coach I could probably flip of and in what makes what gets my Memphis fans more excited than me didn't commit from conducting a guy who's already committed to Kentucky now. Josh used to have like to say he had a rule. Liked tea and a public that I've stressed like to set that when a kid was committed. Once he had committed Josh would stop. And now. That rule got tested it did. And you know it's airman Jeremiah Martan and that's where that's where Otto that is I and and a Jeremiah Martin's committed to Louisiana Tech. Memphis had a kid coming in by the name Randall Brody and the loss and saw already the Brody and saw and said you know what you need to didn't Jeremiah marred if you're taken ran a broad. And that's what Josh did eat a guy that was committed to watch that at that time it was Mike White in Jordan mincing. They're who's basically the staff data for an hour that's who Jeremiah was committed to and you cannot tell me just didn't. Go get a guy that was already committed right there now I don't mind why go to Florida before or after Jeremiah deep after the hour after hour after they after. From so that was after. Yet the government I remember talking to us that then that they were like. Do this this is gathered yup I'm doing is wrong remnants and AM I'm almost all of the positive. That was after name down the floor not so much until we're also about Josh Josh is like that epic for the most part he stuck to that up until Jeremiah. Are you so investor following him out if if you got a if you're committed to Kentucky in your living around Memphis have been on was the coach you think he's we'll stop messing with the right. I don't think so I want to ditch I will say. Barge and out tweets. If if Memphis hires peony and before that how hoops summit and he can't be a part right so it's like it's like it's mirrored right. And then they can they they can't obviously wait until April 13 to hire him and they. Now that's a month from now no you can't without lol yeah like you cannot amendments I look at the latest they hire him. What's the way Monday Tuesday. Wednesday and in the middle next week. I don't know didn't go that I've heard earlier the go union I don't know if you can't I don't I don't know if it's easy to be two weeks dad is the only will be in April. I don't think would be that long I would say this aren't because look there there's going to be a process with him in the sum we're gonna get into later in the week but. And we don't know how far along as process opinions but he's left at some things off. Including his age you organization including what would be going to an IQ so got a lot of interests right as a college basketball coach. He's going to have to cut himself off from now know what happens with teams in my assumption is that Nike gives it sort of to someone else has re branded. Under the lot's gonna have to be done there there's going to have to be time for him to get that done I'm sure he's already started on some of the job all right so that's going to be a process here you got so wouldn't miss this. Part of ways we are seated let me rephrase that Josh left for Georgia Tech. April 8. 2016. Tubby Smith and Memphis reached agreement with Memphis. They've reached an agreement April 14. So it's at six days. So it could happen legacy as they term is over I felt long periods in there you could happen quicker than that. So I don't know yeah you're right it always feels like with the public university. You know the border reasons I was at a you know really getting the executive post in all yeah you know but I don't know maybe this is maybe it's different who knows. But we should have clarity here. And the next three hours now that not that anybody's in doubt anymore but I think it'll be official and and what would you admit he's been more excited than getting stealing a commit from cattle and and Kentucky agreed. Agree nothing better. Now cal will spend it right cal was there and it's a DJ Jefferies you know it through various media members that he wasn't good enough for whatever. That a stocks slip but. Make no mistake they accepted that commitment today. And they in the timing was no accident. And even if even if count keeps did you difference. And once they get sends us into an asylum deal break from an hour and he's gonna get. Every just about every other one on exactly. So does seem like tolerance is just that we are in for some exciting times ladies and gentlemen I'd this could have cashed out for you double file will join us at 145 back committed Jason John and Jennifer and ESPN national contest in the mystery supply. All right so your chance to win 1000. 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It's not gonna matter as the enemy and its coach by then right I mean that's feels like until April 13. And you know Memphis has and hope it's gonna have an opening as of probably what 5 o'clock central time today moves though it probably is not going to no matter how long you. You know push it out at some point you're gonna have you can't wait a month they can't be it open it for a month rate. But I used to still value get the Arnold college coach so Geneva with the team we're so now that I saw you know obviously coach K coaches the pros Jim Traficant who coaches that hoop summit team back when we used come through here and I guess it was not. College coaches is guy's name is Mike Jones. My job who Mike Jones I have. There might Henry now's a good song you put together. Genoa was gonna join us all bets on any we've ever it was a good side is there a better way is better days back and I for the grizzlies have. Telephone is gonna join us at 125. But it is an honor for penny obviously be even mention what this you know beyond staff temporarily. With that night you saw it speaks to sort of the regard that people have for naslund and again a big part of you know why you hired another add saying. With penny there are no risks I think everybody. Everybody who knows anything about tuition will tell you there are obvious risks you know Memphis should know them. Officials understand them. Your howry got it's never done this before and you know who's never coach you never had to be of in charge of running a program. Even with ease up until recently. He wasn't even the official. Head coach. He was dead de facto head coach you know there's a guy named rocky Jackson right. Yet. Rockies axles and post a follow up are desperados. Sounds for a project desperate times call for desperate measures John Martin in Europe Europe and more desperate time and you were even two years ago. Are in terms of financially with his athletic department and yeah. You you point that out and and it I would also point out this there are other guys in this country that I think would do a good job with this that is job in. And down now the problem is and I go back to a kind of where you are right now is you're in such a hole financially that you've got to have got to come in and pop. Pocket immediately not just pocket but with any there's the potential to not just like get back to the black but did well into the black. We're here again making millions early and I think that's why. Some of those concerns that you point out some that I talked about with clay Travis you know what happens at the end with any it here's the thing there's only one way that this. And and now we're all the way and now we're past pennies tired we're going to end a 34 maybe your five OK then. He's not going anywhere for no other college jobs he wants this is the warm I don't believe anyone's coaching NBA right 3.2 beer once he gets the job. Think about the end of this. If pinning as recruited other unbelievable level which we all kind of expect he will look at it let's just say an elite level. If he's done that you know what's gonna follow. As we talked about is the expectations they are the ones that came when Josh was recruiting by his first year. A high level group. Are getting top ten class what comes after that at our expectations from fans that you were going to go deep in the NCAA tournament. With those players agree it's just naturally the next thing that comes penny will get the players. Eventually people say he needs to get past the first weekend. If for some reason you go years he didn't get past the first week in people start to get angry all this guy can coach. Okay about a steady figures as the first weekend we've heard a fourth if you get to that point. And you decide you gotta go in another direction. You better hope. That penny is embarrassed with the job he's done. Because I'm telling you you better hope he understands. Why he's got to step down as the Memphis coach because if you fired him on bad terms. When he still thinks he can get turned around her he thinks he can still win get to the second weekend with this next group of players he's got. You turn he's our hero into an enemy. OK a guy that's that probably won't be the booster for you that he's been now look at is it petty. I don't know that I followed petty if any if penny feels like he's been done wrong at Memphis they do more talking about the in now galway hit. If you feels like he's been done wrong and it was I don't know if it's pity for him to hit back. Which would be now your not getting my millions anymore but I did that out of contribute this university. He's got his name overall in the hall of Famer member people. No you're not getting any more players on didn't back in the AU game I'm not since you think it was you think Tubby Smith thought I was crazy. Wait till you see what I what I what I really get all these guys until not to go to Memphis so those are real concerns that are in the only way I think it should you avoid all that is it getting realizes. But now am I wasn't I was they had out for this amount dudes are that honest with themselves buried here so it's a real concern but being paid allegedly brutally and you only get fired at it. Yeah the end is a real concern in two years ago it was the reason why sit. And rated for pinning and of course penny wasn't ready for didn't have a plan a sport about the NF now because you're so financially strapped because you're in more desperate times Dole's concerns. You don't worry about them as much because of how much he stands to fix it right at the beginning. Exit that's it I think tiger review you know and again I also will say this. Penny has made it clear. Put himself in a position where the university believes I think it's clear that as long as he is in this town. And he's now the coach it's going to be a there's going to be a battle for you to get Memphis players at Memphis fair or not. I think pitting knows exactly what he's doing. All right well but he is smartly put himself in a position. Toward Mitt this has very little choice but to hire him at this juncture Burt in out for the reasons ever talked about getting Memphis kids. I just I just won't allow. I can't stand by and allow that would be the excuse of why haven't gotten any Memphis where I agree that Penny Hardaway is and I agree poison and the water tiger has it didn't it didn't stop you from didn't Jalen crutch right or Rob Brown arising as robust or William Douglas I about it that I agree like this this seminar on the stand had in mind control over every single outside area. The M Myers over a lot. I believe they might literally does he have influence with a lot sure he does. Not every single one now you know not free and you know what it doesn't have to be penny telling Malcolm benders and Alex Lomax a channel also don't go to Memphis. It can be the idea that they probably got just about what's happening that he's going to be admit well and also do you work it that way also tell them that penny has the best interest of the kid in mind. And if he doesn't feel like that particular kids best. Situation would be under Tubby Smith or whoever it is at Memphis. Then go to big deal let that kid know when. And and so that's just him doing his you know that's him doing right by a kid you know if you if it be if you're you know if he's without Lomax. You know do you wanna played an assembly part of a young man. You know odds are going to be better for you but just eaten since the facts right now. Because he got a supported tub. And that's where you go back to OK he had a point. Why he's won this for awhile and there was an at no point do I remember. Even when you talk to him early on after the of the higher initially. You think oh we don't get it done. You know that there were never any quotes in the paper Ernie stories that said manager. Best form like there were with jobs does he has been angling for this suffered back yeah how about that do you put on studied up because Josh made those relationships when he got here he did. And try and tubby never did. We know they talked or leases attorneys and so are they played some golf together or whatever but we don't know what was said not only playing god thing I did you say hey make a moment you know you you come work for me like how did you talk to finish you know domain like like that's gonna have a lot to do with it. You know was he just as you view that a lot to my staff was that I got I had you in other student approached a you'd figure from Tubby Smith is probably more than a boat the former. Don't I didn't need anybody you know. You know we don't mean so I don't know where they were in their relationship I just know that any Denver come publicly cannot support it did not. If not now a lot of people you know of the commercial appeal published. Some. Some letters to the editor today and most of them concerned. Keep tubby. And higher pay any. Right like the best we can't stop. The best marriage could be Tubby Smith as coach with Penny Hardaway as you guys act like this stuff was like this some new idea you remember when when tubby got the job at the press conference he was asked as the mound that you know they'll want to assist was it was whoa or Jarvis one Jarvis says Jarvis I don't I don't I don't wanna light. Miss remember this but I remembered tubby kind of be like. And zillow uses. The player is he just that I had reached you know I'm taught to me pattern and you know. I did use ready for the question like he said. If he was not ready for the question obviously especially not that high opened it and their press conference than you'd be an ass of you and I discuss insist that's probably the moment where you realize oh ish yes like when I'm out there do I ate away at his post until room bar. Exactly and who you are if I'm not mistaken it was like that maybe the second third fourth question was asked that day. So you brought you're probably ready by look at us all like you folks think they don't tell me who I need. Yeah I don't think either one of them would would do like I don't think tubby would except. Again that would be a perfect situation right in theory because you get other players that they has access to he's groomed under tubby says. Tubby Smith now its players about how uncomfortable is just haven't lost on the staff and that whole dynamics are not new for him having a father of players where you've got some in some potential for favoritism or other players looking at it that way you're talking about haven't hitting hard way you have much the same issues because many of those players if he comes are gonna be penny they you guys it's gonna have the same kind of potentially send kind of influence on them and the other guys and marketing guys are gonna say they're all those get favoritism of course and I'm with your present public opinion wants any part of it. Fact I know he doesn't. And I know dot I'm with you I don't think that they would want any part of it right he wants the control we know that. You put it in there and there's the possibility that they start listened. Am the U begrudge any first sort of a you know I don't what I use the term power play. I think that might be the turn the wrong term but do you begrudge any. Like I don't by the like let me just say I don't like it hit if it is it is not in your you know. You if you don't believe in the direction. Of your alma mater. There's nothing that says you have to actively. Helping it wired on the payroll. But it ain't if you think you can do the job better. Then by all means you should put yourself and if you want something that what are we taught America you what's been a Hugo hit. Yeah there's so penny has done that it over the last 45 years he has a masters monopoly. Of of great players both from here both from out of out of town. He's made himself and an attractive candidate. And we nobody represents so I don't begrudge any what's around there will be some who say what that was just disgusting what he did. But I I think pages put himself and had been the best is as we get the job. I don't think it's anybody gets Tubby Smith. Almost from within. There's a there's a right and a wrong way to do things I think for the most part in his going about things for the most part the right way there were times where. Obviously you can come on public support going to be. And still. Have goals to have the geek in a car and because he didn't I think that's contributed to you don't tell the only did two years yet might have helped. Might have helped. That said I can't fault Penny Hardaway. For looking over the University of Memphis a place he holds obviously near and dear it was our. Gives his money to it's got his name on the all the hall of fame over there I can't fault him for looking at that thing insane that thing's messed up. And I think I can fix what he loves this university if he doesn't believe that that particular figure is the woman's gonna lead it to where he believes it should be. But how can you possibly be mad at any hardware and it thank you in and I agree with Penny Hardaway that right now it's not where it needs to be if we don't have to it's not an opinion ladies and gentlemen we see it we see in the numbers everywhere so so I can't. Fault him. For saying I'm gonna be the guy that fixes it because I know it needs fixing not out. And that's what that's pretty much what I have to fall back on it penny thinks he's the guy for the job. He feels that strongly about it. I can't do anything would agree with that yeah well could you handle differently yes but I'm not gonna hold that against you because I think right now he can fix that. Cynics think that this ever like got out. Right. I can't blame penny either because he is a myth based born and bred. He's he's admit this is a myth is alone he's probably excited about the prospect. Of leading his university. If so you're gonna talk to people that's gonna have and pay is this as private as you can possibly get he is not tied to leak things. Right you know they like on eight he don't do that are gaining. And self league game right exactly people who work for him and who they are no doubt so you know listen I I get all of it. You know I don't think. And I think tubby could have helped himself. He could've helped himself and tomorrow that it delayed all defeat of peony as if he's just sitting there you know. Off with tell you read read these nineteen names to you again and out Intel you're in and as a reminder that every developed and so yeah that that should not be any part of than quote unquote narrative. Around this tire is and I'll be excited you know win and if that becomes a bit bluffing their official ExxonMobil. Public speaking are able can start. If you stop worrying about the details the why and how and then you know is this right exactly and you do your past as I have been pretty being introduced as the Memphis that's exactly and in what I want everything else you without ever have been chaired by Jones on that night out are able to come back Griffin John Wolf what about the mavs basketball doubt about the situation. What he thinks what the job deserves. Just his thoughts on everything we'll talk to John we'll follow about it when we get back Jason had done anything out of various. 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Hey there to a case what do memorize 240. What a good sort of self inventory to visit him on the web at Memphis used dot com they remembered it doesn't say Landers. Homey you paid too much are bad. Jason adds 99 FM the SPN as we expect some. Momentous news over at the University of Memphis here in the coming hours right now as promised his name is John will Fong former Memphis state tiger. Member of that famous 1985 final four team he joins us now John thank you for the times are how are you. And they're great guys thanks for having me on. Pledge what is a it is an interesting time in tiger athletic so we thought we would have a comic voice to help us sort of a sift through everything that's happened obviously. We expect the news to be official here a few hours about tubby Smith and Memphis going their separate ways and we all have our theories. But why in your mind is somebody that's put on that uniform. Did the community never really seemed to get behind Tubby Smith. Well yeah. I think Hillary in the community never got behind coach Smith is is I don't think coach Smith made it great effort to get behind the community. Quote a really interesting compare send the Twain. Courage commitment and by the way happy coach Smith is a good a great person and dirty basketball it's neither of those things of the reasons why. This is happening if indeed it is happening. But I was their relationship bears and between him and coaches they tell their throat while. The way that whip. Coaches don't taken a stand on some of them the present social issues and our community and and it got embracing being drawn to that that this mentality a little bit. You can even create difference. And I think I think there's no just more reserved that just kind of two years he's reserved person and he's he's a gentleman. I would I would guess he and I have had this conversation that I I would guess he may misread the community. And and didn't reach out the way that could mean locked people reach out. And so that that was part of it and they end up they did this start to. Some of the comments he made about where that this is. What he had to do to rebuild it and and what the expectations to our people immediately recoil. Because. Liz and I had launch of their neighbors Donnie Yen and ministers are here they're cornered me as I was leaving and she gave me a rundown history. On tiger basketball on the coaches. And the fact they've known that basketball is different than a lot of places in the country. And that's that sentiment around town as people take great pride has been huge city. We expect the nip this program to carry the banner and and do achieve and to excel. And it Qaeda may be front and turn that. And I think if fans and down just on the local woke up and say you know what this is done. The staff that's gonna get that done we want to bring somebody home that or worse. So by making a name an article on IU basketball some might spend a standard bear somebody we can. Well around and somebody truthfully that over the past few years. Has spent a lot of time money and effort to get get an opportunity here in town and out so I think that the reason this is happening. Let me ask you this John. I think it boils down to even more simply may be to just you know especially if you're not nationally row literally should have been built to that point yet. If you don't have Memphis players on that roster inept and not so cal did it in and was able truly level nationally. But what it was tic price or Larry your ordain or even Josh. They got the Memphis kids that mattered to this community in the sense that. Yet even if you don't have a national ranked team. You've got Memphis kids you wanna go out there when it's in the blood they wanna go down there roof or an insult my question is if they had a Tyler hairs or Alice Lomax committed right now. Do you think or any other you know maybe have one or two of the Memphis got you think he's still here for your very. Do you think it's this comes down the heavens of Memphis players when you're at the point that they are right now. Well I don't know. Yes and that that. Probably I mean there are federal probably so who knows. I I think that. There's not just about recruiting know the players are going forward part of this has been missteps along the way the ones yes. Win win one coach that got here he had a team that was pretty good. And he had recruiting inroads sitting on his staff. And and you know he. They've handled all the deal allowed Marco corporate or toll even look for that peace deal out later what really go to work. You know the whole situation and nick Marshall I mean there were the keys there and play. That allowed him to compete for at least two years. And with the right community involvement here to where you recruit well. Where you go augment what some of the players or even time last year you could have built this thing back pretty quickly it didn't have to be a part as he made it. Re 100% on the I don't I'm not trying to pile on as much as I'm just trying to understand it on our on our very first show that we did. Jason I Tubby Smith was our first guest as a matter of fact and and I remember him saying distinctly that he did not believe. That Memphis kids grow and grow up today and still wanting to play for members and he attributed that there. The other world is is is is a little bit smaller now because a social media and you know things like that. Do you think that's true or do you think that's just something you say. When you can't recruit Memphis. Hannity no it wasn't on recruitment facility would on the big note that be your first guest. You know on and on how long does that the end. But no I don't think it's true I I think. Hit the program is in the right order in other words of the program. Inside the player's issue this time. If the program and it is having. And support that it will hack. They in the programs competing for conference championships. And play and in the second weekend of the tournament but absolutely. More kids grow up here. We'll wanna go play. And put on America's tiger Jersey it's been that way for thirty years I think it's just they're now. Listen back in 1969. Malaysia damage. Basically grabbed his friend Ronnie Robinson got to hand it says we're going over their life. And hit community didn't wanted to go play there. There are a lot of people and counted in one go play there but he did so widely different today. If they did you know walk on the end of it different than social media today I didn't think that there is some there are some issues about that order. You know kids grow up and and and now they get attracted other school educated tracked it quickly. But I think get everything at equal. We had this should be a place that didn't get more players and then out councils get him think about this. If it were occurring had been done garage. In the last four years about a coaches that were here you're starting lineup last year would have been Chris Chelios the one Marco Crawford and Gerald pick on the perimeter. Yeah KJ loss and out there you'd have deedrick also you have a lot black jock played all right you ate that he wouldn't be in the top ten. In the country. Of course and look at a rate and they didn't go here is because recruiting station outlook are they really wanted to go somewhere where it's called. The American Memphis didn't recruit wisely or well. Do you think John busing some national guys let's say it may even even there walk and former talk to view our. Thought and then then then that I upon us and say that Memphis could become the Paul if you keep missing if he keeps going down this road and in my theory is John is that we would never become DePaul in the sense that. Look it could get bad right in and he gets people down or not affects form right now I could get ugly but it's always going to bounce back because in Memphis. It's like having the pro team even the grizzlies having them as sort of proven it. I don't think though that the tiger's lover go away. Number one because you've got all the talent here and the right savvy coach is gonna get it right and age it's so easy to setup for success but number two we've seen that even with the grizzlies in town. This still means so much to so many. And DePaul obviously so many other interest and in Chicago you know you could that you could get behind I don't think that this could ever become of the poll do you. Jason let me ask you this question did an Internet and I'll take you think about it moon and and John even John in. How many people in the last week on this story broke. Kept stocky where you've been asked you about it have you been out would go anywhere and not have some stuff beat up. I'm sorry am I gonna home anymore because my phone I'm always on my wife's like where you what are your mail put our kids my wife thinks I'm having an affair that's how often I'm on the phone it's unbelievable job. Yeah and so he do you think that happens in Chicago DePaul unclear what it bring more are back at their coach thank you. And so you know I I have been in every place I've gone for the last week. People and I don't even. And I think they knew my name. Yet been thirty years and I play or how mean people do more. You know I get stopped and people say what about it's what Ebanks and I mean it and it's people do and he expected the train it. So I think there's a slight risk that that if you go a number of years in this direction yeah it could be. But I don't think it is set up that way because there's not much competition there's just history. There's too much care about high school basketball salute as well so now I think done dry age and not saying. It it can get and then does the bank that bank each I'm here he's gonna do that they do have a natural that sooner or later. All right frankly I think that that the DePaul comparison is is hyperbole really not even you know you can even apply because from Iowa there's too much investment. You know as is DePaul pecos thirty million dollars does the politics when he million dollar tracks facility dock which you know our Chicago kids going to fall. The list here too much he's too much that you so yes I think that's a 100% right we are course and John Wolf long form at the state tire member of that 85 final four team. So your mind John. What does this job need assuming that it comes open. I'm what does the Memphis basketball job need at this current juncture. Well the first thing you need to play bush. You you know repeat what I think that people have asked me about. About any can you coach and and truthfully. OK after that probably is yes I've watched him with it seems to not watch him in the gym and he can actually coach I got a great basketball mind. But the most important thing about that issue that could be able to recruit and get lighter. You the end you have to be able to relate to those players well know we care about you know that your for the am. People do that. Once that happens you've you guys to coach relate back to commuters. And out and let this community know that you're you're there for the and you wanted the ball. And that that that a lot of different factions. But the defense they've got to come back and support and would win when all those things come back together. Then then you'll see that program. Accelerate back into the top 25 I believe. The conference that we're in now in America athletic conference and it was great conference because it's a multi bit league. You don't play enough pain to help your schedule. But yet you should still win Nader can't opportunity a year because you have more talent. And so every year you should have a record look at Smith got 21 win this year. It's not a stretch to say it better talent you're 25 to 27 wins he's every year and their four year old war proxy war to determine that. And if you got how honestly you'd complained the second second a week did you win your first game the second game second round game to talked up. And before long you know industries did anybody really so it can be darn good. How much John how much concerned should we pay. How much should we be concerned about the potential ending with spending you're got to solve. What happened with Larry in this community and out you know much some of it turned against him and what that did the layers. Do you worry about that at all with penny in how it could possibly. End here. You know here here's what I think about Penny Hardaway and just thank you about the history be our life. Look I used to go pick. Can you Hardaway out and taken to play basketball games with me when he was in high school and home care and if you watch from where he came to what he did she bin Laden. And graduate from the University of Memphis. Playing the career he played in the NBA being a Nike spokesman playing on the Olympic team. Achieving that thing that he had to cheat to. He had a track record of success and it's not just accepted that does is accept an Orlando and other cities. It except through business ventures. Penny Hardaway. Has the background as success in and around basketball but also an outside of Memphis. And so if he's willing to pay it all and and and I think he's wanted to work are not bad I don't you realize you won't be accessed so why should we be scared failure that it may in Portland I got to. Let him more about that. Yeah yeah I read some backers way to tell enter into it I knew would ask you mentioned pity coming in and doing some good things are here he's gonna do. Larry Brown's name has been out there Mike Miller's name has been float floated Paul Hewitt how confident are you done and just some of the names that you've heard. Associated with the possible. Any staff. All the things I've heard a great change that you know all all the names and I've heard just off all our hard what you are well. You know all those names would would make up a great shaft. I think he lies in the samba put together staff neatly ordered in the college or. We called administering a college basketball program take a lot of time. And and you have to pay attention to a lot of details so. I'm encouraged about what I'm here. And add a naive I can go into too much detail but just. It because you did have John that it SMU obviously under Larry Brown mean just how much of of a boon would that be to have a guy potentially like Larry. You know the help any sort of navigate you know the treasuries and and then all the ins and outs of college Johnson you really see him an assistant spot Larry. Yeah I can. The way brown was so different than LA brown I expected to meet and to be around my. Keyword is very humble he cared about the age he treated my son drew the walk on Mikey Luke superstar Kenny. He just loves to be in his hand he loves to coach. Cares about the kids. I can actually see him in that role and doing a good job all that and I doubt archer archer names. I was deathly entry in the house Dodd and I graduated obviously from from SMU. Last year what's he doing now what do you have to. Even Houston working or an investment banking charm and working about not reality we showed if you got pounded or it can go back a department. Dunhuang town be on the staff. You know how to measure that I usually you're gonna go ahead and name out there taking your name out that. You have you've got the first one did it on while the but. My name oh yeah I know some good days you teams CC John Martin may not know that but I I do. Yeah well and that proved right there that he got good players coaching the league. Wow that's that's exactly why I think we're all excited about that and appreciate this but telephone thank you yeah I'm a good time in the end I. Is John will Fong former Memphis state tiger again member of that famous 1985 final fourteen and I again I appreciate his honesty. You know he's a passionate guy I've been here basically his entire life. Played for the fur proud of the state tiger tomorrow program and wants to see get back to that level. Unlike the I liked the way he approached you know what about the hand with any questions out. There's risk when everything on wawa worry about the end when their successes. Potentially some great. Yep that's right with he's right right now I think ideas are welcome back crap all love here only Tuesday again we're gonna get some news about Tubby Smith here officially. In less then three hours. I imagine probably three hours from now it will have been made official. And then we can all kind of move on with our lives as can tubby Smith and his family edit then you know I mean listen I'm sure you. He wants this to. Did he overs as much as everybody else and minimize and over there waiting to hear what happens and the staff and everything and I'll just wait exactly I welcome back Jason Dunn had a genetic and yes it. There are dealers you can win a beautiful that is tiger's been inconceivable. Visa gift card. Voters in a dozen super good. It's. Tonight. 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That's our it's fast it's easy it's free it's only an O'Reilly auto parts there's been a parts but prices every day. 688 M. So far less gets under way I think officially tonight with the play in games in Dayton. And this year it's time to switch your fought a five hour energy real time brackets this is a very new and cool concept you know it we even thought about it for a few weeks now so for that Bob got. Cincinnati what all the way until the end and if for some reason. They end up getting upset the first round on things that I can change it as the game is happening and still get credit for us throughout brag if not Boston before terminator I start. That's pretty cool concept right there earlier do it the more points she did nothing you can do it full of performance remain again you sign up now five hour energy practiced dot com. Five hour energy helps you feel alert and energized that you watch this term a 100% each shot actually vitamins nutrients all about as much caffeine as a cup the leading premium coffee and within seconds. Feel within minutes last for hours John talked about post playing games tonight they are. In the sixteen slot LIU Brooklyn is going against Radford we like Brooklyn there. Yeah we like we got a that it admitted from Memphis committed to a mark Freeman out of south when we will go with Brooklyn there and obviously the eleven slotted game saint Bonaventure verses you show us a city where you have taken yourself in that game. But we're broad word I'm going for saint Bonaventure Saddam Golan. C woes donated 101000 dollars if kids for the game I was messing around effects artist a drop in the bucket for him as he's got a. On more yeah it is to get a real job he can't watch the game live no worries we got you covered play five hour energy. On every device and any of those cases standing game long it was five hour energy. Brackets my mayor Bill Maher who we've had here in studio to kind of see. The inner working home karma football star yeah of 99 in the Jason and Jon show he's he's he sent me and you both. A very interesting graphic here. I ask is with Smith this player will make the most noise in the tournament this year. And we went through it a thought there was only. Five day he's trying to each on make me look bad but there's more than five I had time it's going to be. It's Chris GOs of Florida I got him yelled let Joseph Vick go to Kansas. To Marion Jones of New Mexico unmanned John stark at Murray State said all of those eyes adjust ours on this list and lodges schooled him I think that season when he got immersed they got there they. That's eight mid this case where the guys that I didn't have a Darius Avery of Loyola. Daniel. A missed him sorry there's some who is gone the furthest we are got to make our picks you said Jim and to praise on her to various theories emerge stay with Jonathan stark. Ordered Adair is Avery yeah. I don't remember him. Who we try to with RD tells you mine Evelyn and I got I managed the most impact I got GO as a it's go on the farthest in the tournament nominee exact its its a three days later it's like keep p.s who prefer more of him jailed Vick can have a chance in. You like scenario zones in New Mexico what do they have fourteen MW and while there are guys that like point four rebounds a game is it's ridiculous so they are gonna Judy comes round almost done there's one guy left. Appreciate that don't brother Vincent yeah. Or I'm so glad there's one guy let you neglected to to mention who and couldn't quite. Justin Lindner it's not because he's wanted to know is better why you roll your eyes. Why do you know has been at a vice Florida State okay. You have this summer reits and real school we attain that then you literally rolled her eyes I just roll my as a you know you have white guilt. Justin lender what are people who hate he put a Christian Brothers. He's a warm hello Robert Murray State but that count walk. Did now Manuel then you need and you got to count Willis and he's on the term. And so will falls got a kids walk on has no word I would never does does most vivid as the Memphis player on it okay. We're just count the ones in the third so we think we've got a grand total amount of 8:8 o'clock what is it there is Avery do for loyal. We look here man who you ask him a look at it. He averages seven he averages eight minutes a game he plays. Placed in the idea was I played twelve games easier though that you might be heard of them. Anyway he's all about him pinned in a time out because he played the last game he played in was. February 14. Can you tell me there are other Memphis walk ons out there are determined to not think there might be. I don't know a couple wore a leading candidate good luck to all of you I'm going to hit the tournament who really wants runs you know I mean everything that they do remains of an understanding about that the list to get really at all. My guys that are. A look at me like that if there's they met this player on the bitch. That is that you automatically get my support I think it's that is a real team I think Jake or he's got a deleted Iran and on yeah. I think they're gonna gonna hand I would anatomy he was great all the way up to the national attention game Australia I think they're gonna go down I'll they're gonna go down to North Carolina. And in the elite eight but I think they're getting there. I don't this is the last. Here we look at one these damn brackets in the doesn't have been Pacific that is the case right. Put my foot down that's the case out of the last year that I have so it's so closely watched the nineties the winners Jeff. And then like this sadly turn it off when that does not mention it as Jack up those expectations. Maybe that's tied to time well overdue I had to endure for us today. Thanks to rob Dobson basically Travis thinks Saddam will fall by the time we go on the more amid this basketball is gonna have. And opening. Let the games of I'm done we're off. Did you members of families U a book W in the basement inside SF golf and we need you to sign up now. How the magnitude nine FM is getting ready to challenge how. Spending the summer. Whatever you're getting ready for coming to super cuts for our attention to detail and signature hot told finish here not just ready but super ready check in online today. German Town Car wash only full service car wash in Germantown Weis went from thirty after close cleaning and vacuuming your car we will do it for you. 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