Jason & John Hour 3 (3/12/18)

Jason & John
Monday, March 12th

Talking to Keelon Lawson in Hour 3 about the Memphis Basketball coaching situation and more local hoops 


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Make the right call to hang on to the most point to keep your bracket a lot to the finals sign up today at five hour energy brackets dot com. I Bob wanna start with some news here locally. In Memphis concerning the University of Memphis. Expecting to hear news come down about Tubby Smith really any minute now. Did want to ask you. Studies you. This attorney they had a great weekend advance to the semifinals look like perhaps they would get to the title game. After their win against Tulsa which was obviously very dramatic. Tubby Smith's attorney said. But it wasn't really his client's responsibility. So put butts in seats at at at the FedEx Forum as somebody that's that's done this obviously. Your your reaction when you hear you know a comment like that. I think that's an incorrect comments it is your responsibility. It's it's hard to control other people's behavior. So. I want them that's when you're in a place like Memphis state played great basketball city that loves basketball. On the you know you expect to have a lot of good attendance figures and in the when you don't. Button. Is a lot. Whether that justified or not that's you know that's a whole different story. But I think most coaches at big time programs should. Trio that it is set up to them to. Yeah make that happen now you have marketing people that do things they're good people and she can draw on. The success of the program of course is what really delicate. The and so obviously. It here's a situation. Where. Our seats are not being filled videos. Some sort of consternation about especially in a term like man. What are some things you can do as they coach other then you know winning games. That helps your cause and an end in that way in terms of filling seats is it like having top fifteen top when he recruiting classes. You know is that something that can I mean we're just some things outside of you know winning games that can help your cause there. Well waiting game is the main thing obviously and then setting up a culture sometimes exciting styles of play or. Sometimes like it was conscience not exciting style of play it's the way they light. Wall attracts people. Sometimes you're in a place where it is not the most deuce no big. You don't you get great attendance or you have a large. You know you go around to dispute needs and make speeches state them and try to get them to complete games back try to click. So waiting of course is the main thing and as you mentioned I mean it if you getting. Good public. The kind of players you're bringing in that's gonna help always as well. Absolutely ours are moving on to the NCAA tournament Bob it was a an interesting format yesterday on TBS. What did you think of this election so for back with the alphabetical order. I put it where I was glad that I'll come. The agreed it was publicize it that's out there Lugar bill. I think there's the different network CBS it's added all these years so. They gave it a certain way and that I think could cost of the change. The new network wondered Buick fairway they had to do what they're like they had a great from. The previous format so. Yeah I was flying you know me responded by. You know it's. Its really funny to me if we have those. Try that things are currently work. Coach looking at the one seeds no real surprises there in terms of names are the ones we expected but of those warns. Which what do you think has the most favorable path to the final fours at Villanova it looks like it to me what would you say. Eight yeah yeah I think Villanova you know Villanova is it me or are we spoke last week and he has no I love them and that there. There's such a experienced team you know they have this stimulant drugs and he's big he's he has 31. The other night. And the guy can't jump you know you actually come in that game yeah thank you would. And it was dramatic Israeli deputy barely got over at here this guy he's this superstar player. So they play with a lot of passion very very good overall scheme. You take one guy out it doesn't matter. They give people on clay and they have. A trapping defense that dialogue. That work as long as you don't these are all of the time that may use your collective arms. So yeah I think they have a great chatter you know achieved. You know I mean. I'm not sure anybody's happy got to win six games like so sick you know any trip is going to be difficult but. Virginia man America is ready or they have proven their you know where nerve to anybody who's skeptical of them. You just watched them play in the ACC tournament they'll let you score. And they get a quality shot every Chon every ten. In the end game situation against Carolina. They were growing and Jim Carroll or her look like they were stumbling around a little bit actually so. You got there you've got to feel good about them. To take it back to noble really quickly about what would you you talked about runs things a great leader would you would he get your player of the year vote will he be your guy would you go train young. Yeah I would not so sure yeah. Yes yes I expected to take. Whatever means you know as a lot of great players. That there are so that. You know I rarely when I was growing our go to USA today for years armed. You you just you just pick the best player on the best team you know now Kyle guy. I get a game last week in it was sort of television game or get a leader treat their beat a player of the year you're. So I put. Trial guy as well as his glove fit in there and the guys in the trucks that Kyle got what if you can hit where I attribute it has brought about eight. You're it doesn't dazzle like straight yeah right sure young is wow. Khalil guy is. Boring really good. So. You know there's a lot of great players certainly did you know every every single game you could pick somebody who could. Big player of the year the top six straight. We are of course under great Bob ones that caused basketball analyst former Rutgers coach as part of the five hour energy campaign. Bob turned to the midwest region kid's gotta like what the hell that we did to deserve this I mean yeah I've got kids says the one and in the same region duke as the two Michigan State is at three a team like Auburn as the four. That's about as stacked the region you can possibly have right. Yes exactly and you've got to Oklahoma in the two months or so assured deserves to the end frankly you know you lose a guy you're less aren't against I'm with you now. And and he what you've done and that is is that you've proven that you're not capable mobile app of avoiding the national championship certainly. But you're eat you know I mean he's he's. He himself has that eight starting preceded but once teams got the idea of how they were playing in the blue day eight out of there last term so that Brett. You know that was a little disturbance but you're right Kansas I mean. They beat goes on with them right I mean every single year they won the tournament and this was supposed to be down year for them because they don't have. Josh Jackson and then Joseph alone beat guys like that car. The market where becomes the player of the year and certainly that was Azubuike playing. You know he he was Kuerten I think he's crap they're good yeah. So that your self said he expects them back this weekend but just kind of company won't we don't know we don't know exactly. It's bad that stage yeah yeah. But you're right that's a tough region you know Bob burns is probably the surprise team nationally and duke is duke. So. You know there are some very very tough draw. It stick into that region you mentioned that this game that that Rhode Island Oklahoma game. On how do you see that one coming out about do you think Oklahoma gets passed roll out of I love her release team. Yeah I do too. I think what you have bears toughness against style. Go to Ireland as the partners equation and Oklahoma has. Great style with which train young. But Europe about you know that that's a very aggressively earned. You know trade could have a big game there are obviously didn't put any good but. I think Rhode Island. It is a more well round to change and Oklahoma. I heard Bobby mentioned Oklahoma I mean at eight hit thirteen probably should not be in had a loss say their last nine or ten games. I agree with you and there are certainly some other teams out there who didn't make it namely. A Saint Mary's namely MT SU. Who were the non par five we probably have a very legitimate gripe today. Do what what can teams like in TSU in Saint Mary's who were obviously in. They'll lower caliber conference's. Who are gonna have trouble getting great home games and the non conference. What can they do. You know it's it says it's a better enhance their chances of of not being on the outside looking in going forward that this tournament. There is nothing that they can they're they're very least it it stacked against them okay. Is that what what one could do in Erie. Is claimed some of these preceded events where there's a lot of top teams but I guess you record it's the best of their minds. They've married some day may not. So injuries you try to build up your nonconference schedule. That's easier said than done you know I mean he can't. You know you're not gonna go play a little courtesy yards and in that now you're not gonna get home gold against big crime being. Much you go to improve on or something and and nowadays people won't even be back. So. If it's really stacked against he's and look you could see. A comfort that we are not having a permanent. And our bid is gonna go predicting that we're in the regular season thing you can do that gives you react but that he wouldn't be part of the you know all of a kind of parliament and excitement and so on. But let conference that was left was harder for idea that the old way and then two years ago they switched and now they have. They don't really have a conference tournament is only fourteen. But so everybody is doing that and your kids your players become part of the excitement around college basketball. But it does it doesn't accomplish detained that you're talking about right there. There will edit it in Iowa say I'm I think for some for Saint Mary's you know I read from Gary pair she doesn't show here are stationed that they had an opportunity to schedule. Better teams and and on congress and they and they passed on that like Nevada. And some others in the case of in the issue. Though I mean they play USC they've played Miami if they played Auburn this lost. You know you're it you're not gonna win every game like they'd especially away from home so. I just wonder if they should've been given a little bit more credit. You know for for being willing. That have played those games maybe not win them they also have a third team all American indicate and I just feel like yeah maybe MTA's you should've gotten in. Well yeah I then and certainly their argument you know USC the warden in Los Angeles USC knock one in Columbia, South Carolina. I mean they they're complaining today to I mean hey. They were they reached the finals of the tournament lost to Arizona and they were second portion belief. So. You know somewhere along the line it it could sit the very top of the outstanding and you know the American curtain with their source middle Tennessee I know that in your geographical scope. You know they're playing these games are trying to do what they say where are it's who what what order venues those are all the way can't workers are neutral court yet. They were out there with a chuckle about that. Well that's pretty sure I mean you can't do better than that. So but but it's still a loss. At. So and then the quadrant saying you know you get these these big example of the so called Barry. Objective but it should not. Mean it's good to say which team is the top 35 of the top fifty yarder should eat and your between fifteen every car. And they netspective that there today and subjective. Are. Opinion somebody. You know I read all of a sudden attack well not a good week but yet he's he it's you know I mean did it. I don't know it's it's very very difficult for a change in those recurring and there's no doubt about that. And I had out of content yet but the Atlantic and benefits because sabres certainly determine. And Bonaventure in her own it and so they get straight. Same thing happened in the mountain west this year Nevada was clearly the best team. And adding injury too late to their point guard which is gonna hurt them by the way you know NCAA tournament. He's not playing in the so they're upset they get upset San Diego State went so they get to instead of one mom. So it's those teams as the middle Tennessee's. Person. He mid level teams in the SEC any agency you know better. This election comes down through. Coach but look at furrowed a double digit seeded sleeper to get out of the first weekend make it to the sweet sixteen. Hum there's a lot of people talk about this Marshall team that's got Wichita State apart what about New Mexico State that got I think it's got a kid from Memphis that's. Right there among the country's leader in rebounding any of these double digit seeded teams that's alike in terms of Eddie did not the first weekend. I like Loyola Chicago side. They're they're playing Miami Florida Miami arteries without ground. He's injured and firm. So. They've won 26 games this year germ in the they are. They've always been one of these four guard teams you know. But now they have a six foot 9260. Two issues during the middle name correctly. That they want to Missouri valley regular season they won observed that we are meant. They are great coaches got a quarter molesters are Lipman share sentence I don't know if you remember Rick a gun he was an outstanding coach. So. I wouldn't I know them better that I know of New Mexico State that's why I would probably go with them I've got a few of their games. Like a pink bobs in Syracuse a bit in this tournament. Probably not. You know during the course of the season that you know they say. Eight they have a very tough schedule which is a little different for Syracuse and they usually go to the and a couple of years ago they barely made the tournament you probably remember they got to the final four and he's so we have this separate. We think deserves to be in the tournament. And we can't say what they do would determine. Is reflective of that decision right you know. We're saying okay. He's the king did deserve to be in it and that and I mean DC you'll remember that a lot of people didn't think they deserve to date that they went from the first or to. I know war that year I mean I was pretty amazing. And searching is did the same thing a couple of years ago they got to the final or they have sort of a similar situation so. I think when you when you when you have this is just me but. When you have a losing record in your own lead yet you know it's hard for me they're. In Oklahoma State terror forget what Syracuse was but I think they have a losing record nation should maybe they were 500 are. It's hard it's hard for me to pick those teams what other teams are sad. In their home mind these. Great successful seasons you know where they win this championship or something very it's. It's our citizens can change my friends not search page. Coach I got my bracket in front of me. Let's get let's get your final four picks. You know to me I never take. Teams because that way I don't enjoy it as much I don't gamble. Well I wanna watch the games have been destroyed them. So. I think Michigan State and it is true for you that I think you wanna think about a little bit not as my bracket or credible. Arizona Michigan State were both picked in the top two or three in the country before the season began yes. The FBI saying and a few injuries derailed Arizona for the middle part of the season and now now they are playing. Like a number two or three just in Russia. So that that would be something that I would think about and then Michigan State. Which take second or third in the pre season. They had some issues would close games and so on during the course of the season but they've warm. And losing in the turn of events a big turn turn that might be helpful to them give them a little break you know there's there's a rusk. Person is. You know play right away easy with a Big Ten this year right. So. I would look at those two teams and of course you know I loved the world. Absolutely and anybody mention it one more thing where let's ago. You mentioned the FBI and there were some bubble teams that that that could have made a case like global. And Oklahoma State in the what they both had condos that they were mentioned in the you know the FBI investigation. Do you think there were other about human beings it. Do you think that came into play. You know in in the room when when considering the reservation and everything like that. I don't think the surface but maybe subliminally. Obama's statement occurred work hours home in that same category. See this election committee chair rats me who bet that question somewhere I didn't see it but I read about it and he could not that that had anything to do it but. You never know it's. It's a curious what I could do a lot of basketball people on the committee corner straight you know people who who played coach whatever who were in their. Because if we're just gonna have these metrics. You don't even need a committee for me he's from clerks if you're only getting used my numbers to determine you know what you know. Who's better if you're a basketball person you're on the committee and you say to the general public. I think this game is better than this team that's why there could be that's could not matter I mean yeah if you'd expect. Is it your responsibility. Then you know. That is you don't. So well but anyway after a two more days of this we will be talking about that will be just excited about watching the game. Axl actually Bob it's been a pleasure look forward Todd did isolate you coach. Likewise that did it take care good care of yourself. Yeah we will have to let Bob is Bob Wenzel. Join us of course as part of the five hour energy tam. Pain Alitalia. Just to sort of looking at this bracket there. I'd love Arizona every single year I love them every year and they burned me. So I as much as I wanted to take them to go very deep in this tournament because of BI create New York. I'm of that that I've got to stop short of that this year can't do it you know who that is for me is that Virginia. Every year they look so great right to shut everybody down defensively they're so they're so disciplined offensively. It eventually to stop the shots stop drop and for them. And I'm not I'm not I'm not put them on the phone for. I'm not true on pick and out of south yet but I'm not put in Virginia there because they burn me every time it might be a cakewalk for the uptake in Tennessee forget it. Tennessee in the final four. I mean Tennessee Tennessee looks good best thing for them. Lose and that SEC SEC title game good to have you this weekend best thing for me telling you right now if admiral so feel did not have a concussion yeah. They probably win that game. Went out when turner hit that there are about they're gonna win again I'm telling you. They're gonna come and angry that and focus that lost can be the best thing form that was cartel members of the file folder that was the big east fourth street in as C turner championship. I never did either they get bored of that now. And I thought it on the guys there's no way is entertainment and I insane. Like he's doing that every year with a whole new group that's impressive. It is an oil while Memphis has missed post season there are the best players you you know our country awful well usually until recently Duke's got notes but yeah I mean you're right I mean you're the top ten tuchman takes almost four. 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And IDC nine FM 688 am on the WMS best that I had 929 espn.com. This isn't Jason. Yeah. The. Angle Monday at this time. We thought the cable Lawson. And he's here now. Goodson gets. 45 PM on the Jason and John share an. ES yeah. Bad news you. Its as think I like to open and it's hard until you get to the techno music I don't. Collier who pick goes straight. Very. Oh I don't think I have it embarrasses me. Let me ask you this coach Olson who serve are you look profits. Last Argo crushed the very last week on this show in this very segment. You and I both of being in things over the weekend and we will able to put our. How are what we heard together and come up with something that looked like any Hardaway might be. The next coach of the University of Memphis this dispositive as you heard anything different I guess is the way to ask that question do you look anything that would lead you to believe. That tubby is not out in that it is not. The crowd up longer finding out where oh do know. No recourse no good out the way you treat you that it hit it go with your local nuclear codes are desperately hope we're looking so good they're so I think here and in. The broken that down oh their car. They're being nuggets reserves. Spain you know here are the old joke you know. Right. In terms of the reaction coach I mean you've seen such a amid the the city across. Across Memphis everybody has been so excited. About the possibility. Have you sensed that just how excited people are about the possibility of pity I really come a moment. You know being the coach of the University of Memphis have you felt that around town. Yes sir I held with certain though is why don't. What they're good up go through a free food you know beard there you know they're terrified that they won't be somewhere site and here though. The noted it is known to have offered told her. Note if that happens you're also compel rove or the bigger goal there you go oh you're gonna happen so they know they're Abu. You know they don't live near notre Gordon sort of places. You know this. A lot bigger sister site and you know people get excited about bear well yeah. As the news gotten over to Lawrence. Our coach I do have DJ Jerry Jarrett the news weather so they have. Would you know occur I think they've made public in the lord and I'd do it. You know well look so we'll let it go with the book they're dead they're studio. I'll see it's a big Kentucky they're always about whether or not they're going to James hasn't. Russell plays on and let me ask you this is a question we asked our callers earlier in the show if this doesn't if it goes the way we think it's gonna go to Torrey Smith is. He moves on getting our way comes a I forgot to pay our way at all who who's more at fault for this not working coaching you're the and a mission to ask you the question could your god it's been in the middle of it. Who's more false or not work and if this goes this way is it tubby. Or is the administration that hired. Well. When you don't or not altar server urgently need a pair yeah yeah and you say that you did know. Not much situation so to prepare at all to a pair of strikes my. You know so so water will the Coco illustration. You know. There's to a total work appear worlds are nowhere nowhere near occur in the future maybe so. You know indicated we have a beer and then you get the sudden they become available for the column and Purdue would you woke him being here. You know took her broker too cute they're little. I've made that point I think it's it was a little sabotage from the get go coach has a point out is my opinion on that. Who are rather large so blow up vote in Europe though. What if I got convicted and you know arcade you're not like they've around the world know where there's literally took him. It look obvious appeal there if they go look at the maker of abuse of the retired in both hardware and read it bill. You know obviously motor supporter here you know. They're driving decrypt supporter Greg curl and go mow. On the marisleysis. Though this were you know I could it ever thought about it it's it broke resorted cyclical perhaps. And you so in you stayed in it and and. Yeah you are so I could we will cope craftsman kick it locate it could trade referred go to reduce crude cool though. They're barrier that would have been. But he's but she stayed because you'd why why why did you stay a what what what was it about you know the situation MFS you know where. Maybe if it was it what you were promised it would be. Why did you feel the need to still stay on staffing keep your boys at Memphis. Cut off or what could be good news is that they're you know there ought to be here and there's been a miracle you know that's what it's very you know. So no refund your putter what appeared here or there won't occur computer shares to work out what cochlear. You know because we know. That feather river loose somewhere and been very cold clear we know that we concluded included. Total owed over the reason go to it would no. It would the bears have of their situation because. No we're so it's not real familiar with Elliott then go be and there's no market where you know what's so we came out. Computer near you got period in the the pre draft book. You know we're due to a Chicago we started in oh. Oh in order to reboot you know we just sit you know. Although the school here and we'll go live to dribble it's very. If Penny Hardaway becomes the next they're coaching rumors to Memphis you've got a couple of sons that are players form right now out east high school. I'm curious coach wanted to ask you open and on the record what would would being an assistant coach and is happy something you'd be interest in that. No no no no. Our Rick under acute period. Some way didn't recruit me Cabrera about me there will go back and murder or. Even. Do you did you got any ideas on what his staff. I mean you've you've heard it we got the report from Gary repairs last week that said. It is at least considering a Larry Brown you know Paul Hewitt's may has been out there where I am Mike Miller's name obviously Tony Matlock a former tiger. Lot of people expected to come home pennies they may coast. You got any field if you're not a part of that staff. Do you like that the Manger here and so far. That would be great you know they're also got these great and then go. All square at the Pacific coast news. We'll be you'd be viewed as. You know they like beer to go out and where you know he let us go out they don't have upheld the convictions you know leaders. They're they're near perfect to be your regional local or no record only agreed you know you look at what they're up about in this south. These weird reason to create your crew being that will include over. You know and and fixes don't pick it up about it GAAP include them in the middle near where would it go out and be able to view. Not the first or clear out of know where police are sick and certainly there's. Q do you think fundamentally that Penny Hardaway as they as America's best while I was like do you think. It would go well do you think overtime. It would it would go well people would would remain happy. Yes yes I really do not I truly believe it and I'm not saying nick you know. On spray it with the book as we go here but it diluted there. That you black heroes there are the Rick restricts all. I'll find out who look at it let's say you what bureau orient it got whether you believe me they quote to Mikhail class whom don't we're no. No with good people believe they're going to win of the property the school would go right. I bow to the proper go so. He has proven it over the risk appropriate for a year. Coca name that you IPO of beer because co owner bill tomorrow all the concern about where to go. Out in this deal Buhner with the political side than the beard thing you know Buehrle and you know what to meet Euro the popular weekly and noble I doubt they'll already but won't be your usual because he's been doing news no more doubt that in the clears. Well no I just think you're a regular week of logistics and be a a college basketball people are they overweight people clay yeah no. Picture if you give their pocketbook or could've caught a cold to slow or cold in Chicago you can build a Coke you know continue to reduce real deep zero. You know their domain is exactly are. Being a thing about it that's pretty or because they know do. It is a proper protocol we're going there are no clear though clear when they'll focus not abuse drug use and there's there's there's no they're they've come a come local political. Do the thing. Had you had so much have you had enough of it to the point why is that why you don't join it I'm just curious is that why you don't join a big east you you would coach her kids over Hamilton high school and yet. Obviously the two youngest already east. Was there any thoughts over I'm going to join him at East Coast and with a. Yeah it whoa and you know like bridge toll it will it loads. Let send me a clinic talk about your city your wall people think we will be able to go cord blood flow there you go like he. We try to mix record out we're all right Nicole passed it like how we're running so we are making he'll play also. No that's not true. You know our pinnacle. They called it almost or want your vote. I a couple of close to matching it in and in fact what I know little prayer around there and Omar saying. Well there you go I would if the current outlook could no colds. In this situation because it was cold I will won't put their situation they're so I. It in my laws Q and com back to call back. Doing the wrestler answer on the post. If we can do about it yeah I was here is that that year off that obviously he's and you've got John in general there. Its the seem natural almost have to him and ammo to have a satellite and asked him no because we don't want and it's the sounds apparent that we ought to let you back on men. There's certainly got her to go. You've got to go out bit yeah. You you're you're you're finishing up there of which you got cut out some us your work cut out either but you were saying that he had he had said. Now we don't want any any signs of you know favoritism or fizzle out like he asked you know let's not let's avoid that are. That you were issued. What do well well you know either our Christmas dictator who know. You know because you know about to go the other relatives yeah you know OK coats and book. Well that CO2 a quote wave bought they are and what Lugar that I got this pop that goes straight starting your program. Good luck vote rule article. Girl. Quote some girls. Are about about uncle and a cookie for correct when I was thankful you go toward your vote. They're not about coaching anger of so I've been closer and not understand. Cut the perseverance would curb Kermit could you. So we go I just respect papers say oh lead with rare academic experience trigger an out of respect your guy didn't get to respect other creditors. You can go go go go go schoolgirl. That's and I can overcome I got paid to people being bitter. Where the outfit over a bit either you're Burton at OPEC where we took it out beaten Domenica I would know that and we'll go live Ottawa didn't. Your nose where our respect coaches because the optical. So you know you can figure created outside of me so this played well all of the vehicle territorial border photo op while they're not a series go over. Oil must suddenly appear on the floor when they Clayburgh global call to go court who allowed a little bit. People wouldn't you would accordingly neither wanted to go. So we know what I just respect their you know. And you know in the front bearable. Yep we are of course talking he'll lawsuit joins us every single Monday here. On the show obviously what are your family members did you Jeffries is making his college. Announcement tonight you are a profit. Do you have a prediction where he squared it just happens commits tonight is at its Kentucky right coach I mean that's. Did I have dealt blows in like a great I have thought all over filed out of the red about oh courtroom where in. Where a war. Well out Ripley's their white space room. They're they're creating a crowd they'll vote goes I think part of the computer club will be considered. And and and just how good is he like I mean how obviously he's he's right atop Torrey on ESPN I mean. What kind of kid is Kentucky possibly getting in these are Jeffords. Where they're in a good view where you know but he won't look like you're there are going to be very very cold wouldn't hear all of whom you know you don't sit out topple. Because he's very quotable. You know. It go work and equity issued a letter you know it being able lucky though Pitt coach how would give the Dickau scooter during. Conosoga what they're called out critical moments ago Coker. They're about children who you know. There would you gather data on a cold like you know their goal. Chip and reach or drained into an open door and got good you're you're popular you're you reach children who you know you pretty harmful. Coach you said you don't wanna be an assistant coach of the university of as a Penny Hardaway is named the coach about how does this sound to you. It will need a new team and a U circles out as a team Lawson who. We have so I go. Well we're not there were going to put them all too well well it was spared because attacked at the fact that they're out there that are single being here for the I'll. Luke and they know talking and apparently it did feel we've heard Peter Eric so concentrated Robert Peters Contra. You will there will weigh in what do overcoat that the little idol apparently. Things are okay bears very good about the boat got crawl rule though they're so you pretended you go up. The certain go to circuit you know I could career but you're not. You know I'll be prepared you know I got a great they've got there at the current sort of they go it we're going to vote on the ball. And even then it's OK and you sort of have gone dynasty and Syria and I don't and it can be you can be head coach at Memphis lie about it. Yeah like satellite that it played OK we always appreciate join the cause then coach thank you didn't clear this up keep it real. Opt in top fuel and I. Could all the goodness that amber yeah. I know you coach. The issue of Tibet SA keeping him relevant. And and you know Don I know it's crazy. Isn't a little early at all over the country who do impressive that you were cute movie road there's periods. I we'll come back rabbit Jason John attitude and opinions via. An FM ESPN these medicines Ford's place and Memphis is number one sports station covering. University of Memphis fast that's all I intelligent decisions like hello this is tremendous news for stationed there. The only story ID FM ESPN. Two. Don't think so and Justine musical yeah frenzy incident gains came just wait for the next commercial and you know any pets are. The red turned up frenzy instant games with so many prices you're going to need a bigger boat only from the Tennessee lottery game changing but just remember the play responsibly. Joined a frenzy in the daily drawing for a chance to win 500 dollars cash this city and VIPs the dugout winner. 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Lots of credit where it goes on out you can do it right now a five hour energy brackets are comments I American energy brackets takitani goes a five hour energy that you feel alert in energizing its shots act with vitamins and nutrients contained zero sugar and only folk or allergy treatments like it's good minutes. Last roused shout out all the men eons. No Indians in double a charm of this month John -- no one's I don't know there's just that the Jonathan Williams to jamario Jones and have icicles they don't from about him look Gerald bake with topsy they have this sick. Of we have our our board John start to a Murray State why Butler to life Memphis but it sends out sound my friend if got a real job we can't watch the games out of nowhere you got you covered play five hour energy brackets on every device. You location think in order for five hour energy brackets we do have grizzlies tickets that we're gonna give away here how many four fax Bennett. Now we have five fair we have five pair out fairly regular everybody payers you could see you agree freak. And cheer on those myth is prisons or whatever you go out there what you get seventy trouble before we do that. Obviously Memphis and Tubby Smith. Will meet tomorrow evening to discuss. Of the future. It would be. I think a shock. Would be an understatement. If Tubby Smith were not. Given his walking papers run. As the universe however they choose you know that's arm out and certainly with the way that the attorney has spoken exactly. He he will not be back as the universe emit as head coach. And being that that is the case we obtained a final phone call. From one last one Tubby Smith one last one to Todd Harris take a listen. Indeed ready to China we had it. We had. Only because the bid is there. Goal. All the you don't reach this point mailbox. Young times. Well a little bit. I don't go to keep this short. Not a parent is book. Thought they didn't give it all don't we used to be exact but the real is call. This place. What do they want. You have to sell tickets to the ticket office didn't have the piece I took me. Hot doll itself and how pathetic all my little man. They told me don't worry about it you'll be in the big twelve. The scandal would no big it will it knocked on the door and told we have. And now disputed blood thirsty for panic auto. And that like little panic. And we'll look at opening. But not like my picture book it's not like Kermit miss Dick he was booed more upon appeal to our. Palestinians say a renovated and it's it's good may have political player will never won a national title. Ordered BA ring. I don't hold nothing against that Mahan. And get the experience. Doubt. I could get any little piece but I still don't recruit and I've activated it. Staple. Doubt I'll be watching. Georgia. Native from top bought. It looked at your little brother I can't see any NCAA. And it. Well let me and it's. Tibia. As emotional content being married thousand stay home and I you know stay out of play for the university of as much like Mike she says he wants total Austin Nichols. Stay home that way yes true oddly Thomas they held so. They added ladies and gentlemen no news yet on tubby Smith's future but it it really is just a matter of time and so tomorrow we may well. Now let's had to have for us today. Thanks to Bob Wenzel thanks to Corey Jefferies thanks to Q a loss and Eric asked size up next Carlos 246810. You're going to the grizzlies game tonight 5353776. For Jason I'm done wrong. This BA's Memphis is sports station covering the Penny Hardaway still. Hasn't finished one. Best Memphis. Then god I just returned from mortgage industry but I can't spin it around so I joined sound company would love to help you sell your home or help you find. 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