Jason & John Hour 3 (12/8/17)

Jason & John
Friday, December 8th

Catching up with Memphis Hustle Coach Glynn Cyprien in Hour 3 to talk Hustle, NBA, Grizz, Tigers and more 


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And who was on the side of the road. You could see the fired like obviously right there and there's a wild rabbit. That has. Gotten dangerously close. To the fire and apparently he saw it from some distance and ran up to it. And you can see in the video he's like calling to the rabbit like he's getting closer and close to the buyer to try and save the rabbit. From jumping into the fire. And dramatically. The bunny. Jumps into the arms. But he's waiting for about 45 seconds because it since danger and the bunny jumped into his arms and I tell yeah. Couldn't beat me. Other like bugs I'm sorry bro are happy. I'm out I cannot be so I cannot be risking my life. Rabbani now my dog. In a different story but a wild Barney. I mean I can't say that I would risk it. Would you risk confirmed while Bonnie. And boring yes you would know. I would not risk it for awhile but the first thought that what that was a domesticated my first thought is that this man's extremely brave and extremely stupid. My second thought is that this man has to be white. Definitely white. Oca. So so your turn your basically him. But it it's tightened if it's 'cause it it's tighten your doing it yes right so it any benefits my club I don't know man. If there's an animal that does not like listen I if I have a soft spot for dogs as we talk about on this show but if it ain't mine. I I'm not trying to calm the risk can be an incinerate it for a damn bunny. Our red if he's not a minute domesticated Bonnie like it's like if you know it might have rabies or saw happen. You know I mean. When you won't say a prayer afforded you drought brought about right blue bunny I hate to see the look they hopping and jumping out of a McDonald's at first I hope it bounces the other way him. I certainly don't want the body to be you know Lamar Owens what if you get out to save the money. And you die. Because you try to save the wild rat is that I mean it's got to satisfy acceptable. Is that status he might like are you on a child and wife that I really don't grow. No one data hero if you died trying to save about it and oh god the credit you gotta pay late edit on you. No so you think it if he doesn't have a fair where he's located what are they gonna say at the eulogy jar and your family. About your about how brave you work they're gonna say man he loved what he loved wildlife. Like Steve Irwin. You think Steve are it was stupid. You don't in my column I don't you guys I don't know if you don't know or even though I'm not a bit and you knew what was coming out not by you know ads or send out your answer. I've by you not buy you declining to answer you'd think Steve Burton was an idiot coaches stop. Why is it is so offensive to you Bennett I was a bit I was a big fan of learn how do I think it is listen I think it is a fair question. To ask when you are dealing with wild animals. Right I don't care about you and your putting yourself in the line of a danger Baidu would regain staying race. You know and and bears and crocodiles. Oh well what way did you what do you had gone with the animal is so hard to educate the people well gentlemen I'm not saying his word was an important. You know I don't need to know how to ghosts swim around sting rays because I'm not going down there. You know put Cindy out I'd like to see it but I'm with you that I'm with you. It I'm all about you know conservationists and conservative or a challenge are those animals and their habitat. But dead man like that rabbit I know you didn't necessarily add this when did apparently felt the spirit in the pool that matter I don't know but you got no idea they could bite. They could sit takes you out and just like I mean why it's like trying to live there's a fire or what if it was a dog I'd feel like a sense of like. May I say the dog's life this is now my pet. You know you can't just keep a wild rabbit. It's weird what movies you. Work. The kind of things these pet stories that really moved you. And you like to talk about them on the air on our show I just I remember a story in particular or at the impeached Brett impeached him data. A man mark Weber former though when I'm former stilts the issue and my former partner crowned. We're all in the car together you go Willis. And we see adult. A straight go button. In North Augusta Georgia. Sucker won't. And John looks out the window. It was almost like having a nine year old boy in the backseat he John mark and I are having an adult conversation know and John Johnson says when his little. As low as lies in the window at little boy in missile studies. That all looks Hungary. And we're that we didn't mean it seemed dull but John had spotted that stray dog he's got a soft spot for animals man. Got a soft spot for animals and have a great dogs as do I. Specifically like bit as to what's on the with his dogs every day would ever tell write every time we invite dad to come out to lunch or drinks like now David I had a bye and a FEMA doll like John didn't darned NTELOS. Like us aren't adult conversation that I'm so used to your mayor when I was oh team winning watched twelve putting twelve years old and he didn't tell stop the car but I got to Philly wants stop the kind of have that don't kimono and they're just we were in a hotel resistant we could have done on the place bootleg guy energies on Osce what does this Ravitz or is resonating with the elected instant. Which I mean we we we do sports here we don't. Pets and a threat we don't have speed under pets we do sports but I just want to bring the store to your attention because maybe you would. Have some appreciation for this man instead. You have none at that are not only you brave man and you invoked the theory darwinism. And basket that's gonna be that. But he save that money. He's that's one let's casualty. May not too many black folks don't know is the real. That's just three and a fire didn't hell away when the other direction yeah I would do and I think most recipe would do the same thing but it is in my book he's a hero. In your book he's an idiot that's is where we stand on it. I will this man whom we come back where it talked certainly about to go instead where he's at 145 we'll talk the glib about. The Mets also what they got going on Austin Nichols Kobe Simmons I've been wrap it up there on the young guys are future. I thrived as grizzlies right let's focus over the future years this is the way to do that yes sir I welcome back Jason's done and as Jennifer heaviest it. You know 829 FM ESP. Since he had. W an offensive Emily Stewart. 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In like not mattered you know not a downpour of rain I can't label myself watching that rather earn. You have to watch it UW I'm not a lot you live allotment and you think you are. Yeah and you go to about their Randall Lockwood and you think you will. You're gonna be burning what it. I see you guys and I go down together not sure why you hitched your wagon of the rabbit but you have rest in peace Bennett. All right earlier today on that it's united Geoff Calkins. As he normally does started the engine and he asked a very interesting question that I've honestly feel like the answer to is easy. And the question was. Punishing that you think it's he's the question was which outfit is going to be in the post season sooner and that doesn't mean in IT it means NCAA tournament. Agree isn't going to be the grizzlies or is it going to be the tigers. And you know what I think the answer is pretty easy I think the answer given the crazier things is probably the Memphis starters. And the reason why I say that is because. You can turn your program around in one season. At the university reps and you have an advantage when it comes to getting players. Right like you can just. Lock down and have one UK you and you historically have had warned until now. But you can lock down all the top talent in your city. And that can equate to a top ten top fifty recruiting class and if you get one of those. You got a chance to be ranked and if you're ranked they're gonna have a chance to be in the tournament like gets is the way it goes like. And it would in the case the Memphis Grizzlies. They don't have any advantages when it comes to getting players in fact there at a disadvantage because they're a small market that is true and they have to rely. On and you know bargain deals like Tyreke Evans some that work out like Tyreke Evans on the don't like been back for more as not to this point and they have to rely on the draft. And they don't have the greatest track Gregor when it comes the draft you know I mean when you're getting picks that are in the late teens and it's when he is like. It's just it's a total crapshoot total credit and more times than not you're not getting their. An all star player. At that spot. So. I think he enters a 100% the University of Memphis that's what herbs because it's easier for them to be. Operating at that level I think we've taken the run with the grizzlies a little bit for grand. I think the idea though. Where is your ideas on surprised that you think it's so easy. Hum but I only so far fetched. Grizzlies could could be in the playoffs next year they could be if best case scenario went with your plane and yet you get a decent lottery pick let's just say it's miles bridges up. You know we just talked with Goodman whose thinks while bridges would be a good fit with the grizzlies and kind of arranger expect to be. John I don't I don't see how you we could start a season with bath if mark and Mike are healthy. If chair herself because you gotta throw that immunity you throw miles bridges out there with what you've got you have a shot. You have so I don't think it's easy you know yeah and you have a shot obviously do it next season which would be much sooner. I think in the tigers could get into whatever I don't think it's as easy as you say well I agree with the audience yet there's. Tigers well let me ask you this they could make it next year. Let me ask you if you get everything to go right let me ask you this. I don't know we use if a lot with the grizzlies if it obviously the grizzlies bassist Rick wells is next year and after that like within a matter that's where yes so us why you're saying tigers went out to lecture. But let me present you this notes like yeah let's say all all goes according to playing with Memphis Grizzlies basketball right. They take this year according you are playing Marcum let's say they did do the Smart thing. And use my plan I keep mark. Mike comes back healthy. They add miles bridges on the make a move here there on the fringe right sure you have to and that's say. That all happens yeah I think they're gonna have a chance to be there it goes on. Right but let's say this that they have a chance that they wouldn't be a lock by any straw on the law. Let's say the universe he lives does well makes a change that. Let's say they make a change after this season. And they hire somebody. That can come in here. Locked down I Tyler various and can bring in some contributors or graduate transfers in addition to Jeremiah Marin. And some of the assorted junior college talent but is on the roster a little too I don't even on people yet you can't keep it. He'll have his attorney Richard. You have a tip if he brings in the right Gina cut that you do it right graduate transfers are any gets top players which you were there will be a chance there will be a chance that's and it's a done deal aren't they but there would be a chance. So I I think the grizzlies would have a better chance of making the playoffs next season. Did the tigers would if they make a change. But the tigers would have a chance as well. And I say I think both of them are missing out next season anyway so that's why go on the tigers. A I'm going in with the tigers. Foreman in the same reasons but I'm going with them the more because it's the quick fix you can fix the faster do you do I think that it's all work out the way that. We just talk a router does know. How how come a guy who believes that. Once markets sickened as losing. Was involved so why isn't Alaska as his me out of any. So I don't think it's gonna in the way. That wayward all displays out you end up getting a decent lottery pick and everybody just comes back oil that is don't see it that way Fries usually doesn't play out the way you think it will for the Memphis Grizzlies just kind of what we're used to round here and with the tigers to YouTube to your point. To Jeff Goodman just said if we heard him. I mean. You can fix this thing very quick your kid it's it doesn't happen it doesn't have to be a four year unless it's so good and then sell you know me that I got a brand new practice facility. And movers and shakers the way he put it the way I've always put it you guys have heard me say at a hustler what your husband clean her husband very hour but your work. Working his tail off. And I say what it would be it only in it and you have to be working in the Taylor loft exactly it's a little bit of work is a little bit worse like with the resource. To me I was basket the Memphis tiger basketball job. Though not as easy as it used to be because of the power five and some of the sort of disparities there whom. Arm it's still operates at a high level program you know I mean if you get the other tracks facility fans would come back and throws if it was a winner. Like I have no doubts about that we can sit here and and I understand that everybody always says when my kids don't know anything about the members are your basketball program that's because your kids oil and ambivalent about what we're gonna sucked. And if your kids you know to kids knew. Amidst their basketball program that was winning and we're only going eventually turn in the lead day in their plan on the dump in the third weekend or whatever thing began. And your kids would know mr. basketball. Okay all it takes is that program getting going. And people will support it and excited to guess like it's gone away forever because they've had a bad stretch out listen. The brand has been damaged so that's why don't they get as it is as easy as a job as it was this election 2012. But it's still in the easy gig and what are Memphis Grizzlies is not. You know being in the coaching mr. I don't think that's an easy job and Islam because your constantly sort of fiddle like you know you're at a disadvantage. Because you're again a small market team uniter freeagent destination and you know you got your your your your tied up salary wise. You know with my can mark in Chandler they're you just don't have that much flexibility. You know so I think it's opposite Egypt University of Memphis and that's why I'd really appreciate. The job that the grizzlies have done over the last 78 years and I will miss it what's happened at the university of us. Particularly. They certainly you don't read the grizzlies job the fact that you have missed on just about everything the first round since my Connolly and achieve stability that's absolutely it's a massive amounts of love about which Obama. You know. With a smaller deals and that kind of thing to John on. Because that if if it. My hope my hope. Right is that they're back in next year. The grizzlies yes yes and added that it goes according to your plan but I just I dolce well things just don't see it and the thing is those that went south so quick this year I feel like did it is there's a little bit of stability. Go on and nation that it is big I mean again we're talking the first two weeks of the season that was the best team in the NBA we're talking our bounds or any. You never see you go south like that fast it feels like an MBA here is my fundamental problem with the grizzlies right now. I'm watching the rest of the league they've all got young player out there to take a lakers for example right they're young they're new they're not gonna go to the playoffs this year but you watch it. And in whether it's if it cools Mo right now the best route. Young team up. Alonso you watch the way Brent Ingram coming into his own finally. And I just see in you watch the way they play it's the way the NBA plays are now it is a fast game yeah it is moving at all times and right now you were in the middle of that if you're grizzlies. You're not breeding ground anymore you're not doing that you said you wanna move on and you have you don't have with Tony's gone he those guards not that's style anymore. And you're not at it like I told you have deny anyone point trying to play fast. You don't have any idea what you are what your gonna be right now. And that's with mark and Mike samarra that's why I thought I'd go into. Take the risk had the two you know again I don't know if you can get that first round from clay even that that that nets pick from Cleveland for mark. But I sure like to give it a shot not sure liked the idea of having to picks like Jeff just said he's right there with me revenue picks. That whether I'm using those picks Daschle title or on using those picks to move up. That gives me some room to be a mover and shaker in 2018. Before I don't have a first round pick in nineteen like I say if if if it if we were gritty grinding you saw that all the personnel and we're deciding we're gonna fight the new NBA with grit and grind you're going that way our. I've seen great ground work here. I don't know if it'll work for a few more years but let's do it all right we're all that let's do it but. It ain't working and you don't have them personally more and you're so short personnel wise to be able to run and gun. It's like right right now there in limbo. So let's get a vision let's get some young players are watching wrestles legal wanna get young I want to see if we can Danson stars because I know what Mike and Mike from mark in my car. And I love to death don't give her I'm not saying that. But I wanna see what we can get particularly for mark I'm not trade might. Well I know gotta have you gotta have sucked but I listened to everything I'm listened heard about Tyreke it was about mark elicited about Mike. I'm I'm you have got to find out what you have. Fizz had a vision it is wrong whatever but at least we felt like there was some vision there you were going the direction right now obviously has a direct I'm Wilson I don't know what they are. You're our guy and I don't know if I necessarily agree with your argument but I will say that if you were to try to do a rebuild and a quick rebuild because you need to do quicker you'll. The best thing that you have in place is Mike your point guard and in that that's. It's easy when you have the point guard in place I don't keep the point guard right because the ones you have are ready it's easier and yet the point yes like as you wanna keep the point guard me welcome if mark was averaging 25 and thirteen fourteen after the U can't touch and right now but what is he right now he's nineteen and six. He's taught me wanna and interior and he's sometimes on you look he started like a beast in if you got that mark for the entire season that's okay. Which argued that he is not bad guy anymore so that's that's not what I'm just ready this. I'm ready to take the risk I'm ready to say I'm ready to get out here young in Iraq now and let's do it I know I'm with you guys you can have a law rebuild hero we will lose this team will likely in Seattle sitting right there and and I don't know at least the local ownership it's up Iraq and we'd we have no Liberia and out comes a point of conversation yeah. It jet made the point. This team hasn't really ever had a long rule as it was three years out of the playoffs 34 years like it they haven't had a long rebuilt ever in the history of the team being. In Memphis so. That's why it's gotta be quick and even Sacramento which is a dull team right now they've got so much it there. They're fun to watch is that for me is a friend because they got the year in boxing's down you wanna see what those guys are going to be in. And we just don't have that right you know you got deluding Brooks. You know that your hopes apart going forward who else they do he's a part who's a who else apart will slow developing right now for the future that you can feel really good about spurted. Pretty much it may know grab ends up being a guy but it don't they got it up I want more of that I want I want to find some stars wanna be something different. We get a new vision right now there's nothing and that's why I'm open to listen Altria offers no doubt. I we come back we'll continue the conversation about the future talked to go on separate. He is the coach of the Memphis or so we'll get the other day for him about it isn't going on with the Memphis mostly is our team. We're talking about what he's got going on over the next couple weeks Jason's going to be should benefit ESPN. John Maher and as you know the holiday season is here and we know you're gonna be having friends and family in town so what did you treat them. To a good slice a local Memphis at the blue. Lou monkey so come on out trying to cross vision biscuits racist creamy with generous bits across this tells us perfect. Furcal holiday meal and don't forget my personal favorite the crowd pleaser the people's champion the famous. Morals and Tanya everywhere I go whether I'm in the streets where the grocery store on tour they always treated so we John Martin. He's one of the best things I've ever tasted I do not lie I don't know lies go did. Monkeys the loop. 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The Memphis toss right they get a three game homestand coming up this week he joins us now sit what's going on man. Got to tell you don't know very bless this man what's the one that's you. Well we're just we're we're getting ready for a cold there and so we've got our you know what we call back to back our church in the and we've got to try to win cigar when it complicates so we're excited to be at home. What have you but I am learn most about your group. Early in the season. Well I knew had gone into the guys you know you're rosters so Bol to you just don't know from gain gain data Beirut which put what I've learned is my core group of guys you know guys that you in the gym every day what does. And playing for the most part. That we're talented we're just we're accountable we're just really yacht and without seeing unbelievable progress throughout the roster. To the NBA guys would come down to. Or GB guys so. I'm really encouraged just like everyone else wanna win every game I was twelve you know. That's not being realistic. But when you look at that number and the development that we had with these guys are more excited about the progress early all of. You set out and ran down Mary's he's been really good is that an 189 rebounds what's he been really good that in what's he's still got to work on folks were all here. Well yeah are traded before he got hurt or he was on a roll yeah did he sustained a concussion and it took him. A little bit time to come back in and you know met with him this morning. This week and will play a couple of teams. Now that's gonna double in the polls and so he's been that good he's got a good view redux where he's got that much respect among them routines where. They still to me to double team in the post. So boy he's done it cute all foolish keel out of a program reaching global actually shoot just saying the seventeenth. Knows how to play he's got a great basketball IQ. And oh boy he's just a gym the bureau also. He's very character it's the media gathered recruited by Irish who are Karen had to shield forms but you know looking at an outreach for years later. Board usually come along way. I'm excited for Amanda Austin because I feel like. You know his role as kind of change it's kinda you know evolved over the course of the season but I think what he's proven. To tell everybody honestly that's been paying attention is that you know this should be no doubt about whether he can play this game. At a high level because honestly that's that's what he's been able to do for you isn't it. Or get out and he's done it inside and I think more importantly as he's done it although the perimeter and you. I think you've hit seven threes forces leave that you precautionary. And each owner he's capable of doing that you know he's good car. Without shooting coach every day the one thing that some of the girls who caught up in front of him that you could make it long term that you've got to be able to play out on the perimeter. Shoot two a trail of the reason and just give a form of film forum and he's done that butch. There's never been any doubt in my mind adults followed liberation. Of our us know that he's capable playing. I think you could see it industry and it's still you concede your desires. And the only thing he's. He's had. It's just Ingrid book you know he's tweeted critical care and it looks like she's gonna be out well for Jim. Could possibly a week or longer so much goals are really the only setbacks were and but it turned up every time he's been on the floor. He's been really productive or come awfully excited about him then and where these she's so I'll always come. It just in terms of his widow takes a little bit about it you know because obviously the goal of these guys is to you know get a call up at some point on its ten day they're they're the rest of the season. I mean I. Do you are you seeing it in Austin's future like do you think that day will come. And does he talk to you about it I mean just so what do you think that is in terms of his you know his pro future prospects. Yeah we you know there's a few things until all just you know jet just wanna be slow works and we don't talk or call us we don't talk about numbers. We just talk about getting better and better I know it's covered cliche but for a guy who took a year all yeah you have to you have to wait it out and just try to keep your expectations. To a minimum one million units during games I've heard a unilateral here stairs we don't dropper world are British. They're people understand agreement call and then go to ball. I was I was probably me takes it like it's honestly like it was probably me how. And over things that are trying to keep who bearable or. Yes I'd like extraordinaire retired barrel but also like we have you've always set our screen who put out the ball. Do what a strange to show skulls and people in the trouble is that he's typical quote do another claims except for being buried in the pay catching the ball you know white had left hook. There he's got a good IQQ do work thanks so. Again the expectations have been minimal of course he's exceeded our right up to this court. So what you're saying coaches you would like me to stay away from the lenders and Africa or it could have. It's everybody held your situation is I'm the guy enjoyable as winning the job I was the guy who jokingly Ellis was screaming free Austin right so I guess I'll just let the a stay away for the foreseeable future gossip fortune spirit that. He had no what once you do that watches are watching young reap. It's a large yellow room were on award giggle scream all they execute our. Our watches yelled basketball terms that things are you want to spend so he not only here for me he uses out here are some of butter jar marvel at. Better check it out. What goes up like about seeing them go descendants still tell us about NTELOS how far he's come to those out or is gonna go. Well he's he's got a lot you got a lot of twos there yeah and we're only about two or he's got a quick Richie Kirk. He's got a first their greed got the ability to go home from my basket from one in together and increase durable finish jerky yet. To have such a light training you know he's able to finish around the rim when he should regards she's got on political quickness where. You know he's they would really have activity on the ball much. There's a lot of very judicial work on the bit to give that she'll talk about a one and done guys. But you lead yeah I mean to bear and there were costly caught them on him. You know too great you don't have the ball square of the floor Alou hit it it's you can make play. You've got to do better on ball defender so much work console working on him or other areas of the game you're a big. But size is offensive then but boy he's got a lot to answer. I sense a confidence maybe it's a swagger might be is is the word that's not an overconfident. Simple and overconfidence we can't coach a kid but but every. Every point guard every every potential leader of a team's got a little bit of a swagger told me if would you agree with it that he's got it but it's not a it's not a thing where he's at he's too overconfident. Yeah no I agree which you are you know I want my point guard to be right military curse you look at Chris all that you looked at because of what. You know whether pure point thoughts about you know you'll just does curry you don't get you know even charmer is direct it and you know years mate pitch doctored. Dump big things from that position so every every deployed Glaus was great point cause it got to have a lupus whack it now. What about life is about like certain to be more vocal on likely going to be more here returns that you looked I don't mind the square one there. We are of course soccer in Memphis hustle head coach Glen sitar hero not a charity event yesterday coach. How about this had been doing a few games at the lenders and would like to get out to more. And what they know I'm always struck by is you know when they're opposing teams come and then like just the name recognition of a number of these dudes like these are good. These are hot and a lot of cases high level college basketball players are playing on these G league teams are you ever like. Am like he's in the June legally visit ever likes the likes strikes you when you're when you're out. I mean all the time and again at some good match you know going into it you don't you just. You just look around like this which he got markets page you need you in your heart. Guys that are common name has come from big time division one programs let Christians were last week's. Who you know are always an okay player. Who live out who would make progress because he's been in the G leak puts yet dare you question that I think the talent level or construed here and I sort of a long time without stated our young you know we got the younger team. In the G leap in our Greinke got used to have a little bit bought dire terms they look at rather their play against guys who bit an NBA it was quite response but. It's a very talented league in the same as really made it more competition regardless of two worries and a two way players sold ball well good on each change. And that's what make you so countered. Yeah I saw that did the news ever in my my help just days as you know we have we have a Julie dear my hope is that sort of perception catches up to the reality about the GB did you know used to 510 years ago it was sort of like guy I don't want to there's no point me playing their like it's not relieve the burden of system. I think clearly like you're seeing guys you know that ought that you all mentioned any look at your roster you know this is a place where you can really get better and like. How I want to get to a point where you know leading edge low ball in the low ball player for Glenn Cypriot with America closer and not having to go overseas you don't have me. Well and may not be okay what Derek shepherd there's one part of family there wouldn't be. So and I'm writer called Mary is that I'm not it may drop for what. No I I give and that's that's. The pit strategy lead against gross location wise is that. You know whether baritone Simon guy gets hurt he they've come down plate which made you look at these losses from the Joseph Kendall was on the on the roster few weeks ago. Tony Parker was all the while there were minute when he was hurt so that's what did you lead dust or in the you have the ability to move guys up and down. Because your team this location was close. And at last thank coach you have a pretty unique perspective because you've got it pretty much every level in this city. You have an inside that Memphis tiger basketball program we've spent a lot of time talking about it. I'm just what you and you haven't had a title like dedicated to know what's going on top of that program but just as some might it's been inside a bit and kind of knows briefly what's happened and right now what do you make of the situation. Well you know give out probably to publish and all of my career all his career followed everything he's done it's been you know facts about swelled every level. I do have a unique perspective they're mad you know being a tiger MacArthur course. Much like most fighters are. And not one assumes win I want a sin when at a high level and I do thank you to great job upset that you know when I was here are spirit Ford got yards. I'd love to suck you become the bad as they have the only thing I said that senator Jim. A different look regionally. Meant for the that bigger job as Pataki in terms. The way people view it the resource use you have. And even now what resources and carpet in the awkward situation back on the things that uploaded to which I mean it's in my opinion a top ten job. There's no question about it and then once you get depressed supporter rather than me who I mean they're staying years I mean it's it's really at the return jobs so. Would have been spared you know Lott. I noted had some close games cheered and exempts some talk when they're not most judges don't do a little bit talks works my wishes that and hope is that you know in the community. Keep there home around the program and we just can't afford to you don't have too much negative view rather than editors local guys here they keep kids. Let's try to help well I mean that the board statement could ever happen it's just go coach herb street or. And and just you know a lot of negativity out a gun out pretty soaks. My hope is that we can really get this straight Gordon and there we can do all we can support taught yet tiger program. We try to do our part coach John is actually prayed all mayor of trying to help them be glad players so we're doing everything within those guys didn't work we put we appreciate you brother. Depreciation and what you are doing. I'd have appreciated lippold got two more about it and you always have a Coke or straight should. Tomorrow locker so also. So we're okay you John downing down there tomorrow brother so you. They'd like last thing left next time they'll come and they're told Jason have a speech radio check. You hack yeah. 'cause that BA put me on the spot that one he gave was is so bad it's due to. Like Mayweather I would give a brother heads up and I could have some prepay or. I walked in my Thompson's speech I want them. What the real and I want to make sure I don't want my god what an outward change their molecular and it's very. She didn't do enough pig but it might promote their jobs. Well I did actually diagnosed DJ he's a practice player yeah here so. You got to you got Jose you gotta practice player out of it. Yeah I mean we give me your game we had also Nichols recruiter prohibited try I don't want to air that kept up ever. Recruited to a murder trial boom period and so what I yeah I was productive of course since it that's the main thing coach. All right got to take care team is considering coached you'll lifts. So who. Don't. You like that. They're coming in their lives this thing they are no doubt some of the silly CB UNC. BU and south agents team. Yes I think the only Honda I mean that's their best there is alleged that that's their biggest demographic is south haven people off course connections it's eight it's easier to get to gaze for them you know I love the nervous also but it's a hall in down there Matt. This is this it has offered Memphis also. We're in say a break come back grapple all of Jason John outage in attendance here this. Michael do listening in 99. FM ESPN Memphis. Coming up Monday we react to the 2017. Heisman winner plus we react to NFL week fourteen look rhyme cartoon just Saturday joints toward Kuwait Oman. And history window you listen to ninety. I have been ESPN Memphis. On the holidays. Meals together with a friendly spending time with people we love the laughter and joy. What's not to love credit card bills right credit card girls. 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I know it's tough Bryant got players in an hour and I understand any more from my cult. I'm just gonna hold coach accountable I understand that I think you want nothing he's Marcos I can all accountable he'd want nothing less we got grizzly thing it's that we're gonna give away here momentarily two pairs to tonight's game. Against the raptors and then. About life will be there by the way into pairs of tickets. Two tomorrow night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder so you can see. Oxy Collins Russell Westbrook Paul George those types that's right John. While he's there right now and why did you say hockey par saves for the thunder and you're going to see hockey. You those lucky so game show which. That's right that's kind of weird but you know what it's Friday who gives a crap you know effort as Smart as some might think. So we're going to be given way those two gets here. Momentarily. Have been grizzlies have now won a game against the Eastern Conference I cannot imagine tonight's the night I could not only seven I do not think we would be here at this point. It's at it's to say that the grizzlies pat are are winless against the east. But here they are. And I don't know that streak ends tonight. Always using nets opened a bright is that until a bit and then muscle that they're gonna go one on one on these two big gala Donna going to be I don't know if you do underground. I gotta die of they're just candidates for the raptors. Yeah and directors are like top ten based on room. Well every category buildings are also in the east and to your point we are not being an eastern understand what exactly so I think based out of the grisly split. As an aerospace is a desperate bunch right now ticket they can't afford to lose in the business. He Google did their best punch. You elect and I will be tough I think Carmelo if he's gonna have to accept or off the bench a simple what I have to do what I've come to grips with Jones what you said with shall we talk about the released. They go into they lose these two games. Is or could trust processed the hibernation in effect then we got to be happy about that and yeah they're coming here down and then lose both of them. Tentatively like you're like over the last seven years you've been so used to. Getting angry damn right you're coming here bump wrong and grizzlies while they lose both this is like yeah at least he paid again like you got to change the way you look and think about this team. It's true you know like this is this is not like. Dover top four seed anymore that was that was so three weeks ago the goal in a twelfth seed. What's so funny it's a lottery wheel has so few weeks ago yeah like I mean that there's no budget at five and one anymore and that's 740 more. You know I mean you're not atop the west serve bad three game from the bottom let's say does all of the top but now yeah. A guy you need you need to understand that lets say you did you need to accept that lets say does go in need of them the wrong direction and you start or the right direction however you doesn't look at a variety is trust the process so are you don't. Why does early carting hibernation it's hours. Right arc. We're good they're Marc spears on. And first Mahoney. And like the highlight hybrid or whomever you Marc spears or you know now he wanted to he also wanted to be paid so. Listen I mean you you don't pay him and you make fun of now we've when we view. His yell on before it directly it is the first time we've ever made fun of his on sports is. But yes I think that's the official that's vicious attack war room. We've talked I was sleepy town for the ministers are to get to Perry's for each game two pairs to tonight's game against the raptors two pairs. Through tomorrow and yeah Oklahoma City under 5253776535. ESPN Carlos 246 and you go into the Memphis Grizzlies. Basketball game this weekend or two. 5353776525. ESPN callers to force six and eight that's been doing for us today things adjacent states. They suggested and and thanks to Glenn synchronized under for us air can't find them next for the last weekend. We're all. This is okay he's never once we're seeing your WMS. W investment this broadcast to mementos sixty the end of the dilemmas at online in 9290 EST. What's on Memphis this is former Memphis kicker Stephen just casting. I know you sort of flattened Jewelers by now you've heard from former prison Mike Miller my name DeAngelo Williams tell you about them got taken from me a two time Super Bowl champ flattened Jewelers is the best in the business Darren engagement and wedding rings specialist I can do anything. Including custom design drinks they also have a huge selection of drinks and stock. 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