Jason & John Hour 3 (10/11/17)

Jason & John
Wednesday, October 11th

Gary Parrish joins the guys in Hour 3 to talk hoops and more 


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At bank of other package includes nonstop airfare hotel accommodations for three nights of luxury hotel located near Central Park. And Rockville center was better in that you're transfers as well from the airport to the hotel. Reservations. You go out there without in the back of my. Watch live is beat Louisville going happen right job for reservation call Obama traveled 3735400. Or you can email Janice Janice at spark that traveled. Dot com's. Paper bag of our takes care of all your needs including your travel Manges be fairly tigers went ahead of two. Last square gardens in placing that in about 3735400. Against Purdue email Janice Janice act Bartlett travel. Dot com make about it. What should drink. I gave her schedule as it won it twenty. Five before we get to Gary breaking news out in Dallas. We've talked a little bit about this story. And this is comes to us from ESPN and a meeting with coaches. Dallas Cowboys players were told to bring their concerns about comments made by Jerry Jones regarding his stance on the National Anthem. To the owner and general manager according to ESPN. Since Sunday Jones has been outspoken. Regarding his stance that players must quote not disrespect the flag. That they must stand for the anthem or they will be benched spoke on T Dallas radio on Tuesday Jerry Jones said the players could express themselves prior to the National Anthem. In a similar manner to how the team you know things before their September toy of the game. At Arizona which is when they kneeled before the anthem. And they and they stood arm in arm so. That is the latest on the Jerry Jerry. Just an Anderson for me as a piano also reported today that. She's talked to at least one cowboy. Besides the granted anonymity because some I found out what he says Jerry Jones found that was so it might be angered I've but according to her. This cowboys that I'd never heard this tone from Jerry ever. Goes against everything he told us in Arizona obviously referencing when they had the bail knelt before the answer them. With Jerry Jones including Harman on now before the anthem but stood up for the anthem hum Jerry told us to trust. Jerry told us to trust them on this sit there and now I don't know what to believe that whole kneel before the aired them was trash that's accountable. John and I says when we swim when this news came out over the weekend. And Jerry Jones coming out and plainly saying nobody's gonna nobody's gonna kneel or you're not going to play. We civil what happens and so my changes their mind I figured jar that Jerry Jones had to have. At least a promise from his team. Back in those guys is Dax command says he's not Neil. I figured he had enough of a promise from his team that you can you can feel you can go out there and make that statement I feel like nobody's gonna change America is still a tough spot. Because we're humans my tomorrow might change their mind and with the with the way things have been you read you read this this quote from from. The cowboys had just seen Anderson talked to from the way this he makes it sound like Jerry was given a crock this stuff about cared Stefan in Arizona. And that you're going back on your words oh so there was always this possibility. Is a very good chance of this and you just wonder how much it's gonna boil up. You just wonder how much is gullible look if one of those guys comes out what comes out of this meeting today. There's can be some players you you can't. It's tough I mean at what she can't have today announced that it you have rules you have rules that toward plays the NFL has those include. If Jerry Jones says you can't stand up a mini that you can kneel down every once everybody stand and those are his roles he can far you for the same thing with Japanese same thing with Janelle hail right social media policy to Melville. That said. I don't see as an all around you could put your guys in this position. I basically tell them telling them that. I don't want that I don't want you to have a voice at this time. At this time right now to tell them look come on do everything I can for your it would allow wanna make a difference but just during those few seconds those minutes that that Anthony is on. I need to stand there. If they've all agreed to that's one thing done but it's hard to get if it's hard to get five guys who agree. Got a whole team right here I knew this was coming. I just assumed Jerry Jones about something like friends. And honestly I guess is what I assume. He he donated to fund. Trumps. Inauguration in you know so like does I I don't. Nobody giving a by surprise. Anybody on that team is surprised. I don't. I think did you did you get a quality if you'd expect nothing less from the items supports publicly you know. If he gave them a speech in Arizona that says guys I'm behind the 100% and you go back and tell what they're not gonna do later on and to get I think he's hypocritical hell literally they clearly sounds like being the one player at least was surprised that he's gone back on. It is that he's put the south and he was the only they was the only honored that they gave for the inauguration Iran Kraft gave the outcome you know your date inauguration damage Dan Snyder. Stick rocky shot con of Jacksonville Woody Johnson Bob McNair so he wasn't the only one. Arm. But yeah I don't think anybody that locker rooms surprised to be honest with the black guy you know and and that's that's where I met with a and you and you wanted to open up for calls. God is not a we got a lot of cowboys fans in town I wonder if there. Added Jerry we order fits hey if you're you're cowboy is Jerry's World Series rules you did you did you take an eight. You're not playing Arthur five ESP about their factory cellar with outlook hasn't. How can cowboy fans again that's why go back to like do you what would you expect from Jerry Jones. You know. Do you expect him to say no I want I want my guys the third to express how they feel he's the he's the Dallas Cowboys owner. I got he's got he's going to say they should all stay. For the anthem again you know tech beat Texas that they've bigger Texas. You know military pride. Probably no more prevalent at Texas then they more than than Texas. Maybe that's the way they feel as if it I thought she got what you guys pissed off at our front. I mean I'm sure there are people in their locker room who are who are pissed off if not you know even if they're not surprised. There's the pissed off that he you know one week it's. Let's do this for unity. And the next week it's. Have you can do this. If you can do whatever you want to do about it quoting goers that's what it is that any and this sort of bluffing right there hey is if are you down with bidder or not. Right that that I think that's but the anti basically the entire NFL has has since relented. Owners like yeah okay we were down with a for a week now were valued at night at state. Because it's affecting the bottom and we'd like things exactly to legalize it they just Jerry Jones is just you know it's game headlines because it's Jerry Jones. But it's every it's every NFL owner is it not like I mean now there's there is a memo going around about. About hi everybody needs to have everybody in the NFL's gonna have to stand there's going to be rules put in this in this in this and the new week now. That ledger had this thing across the lead. They've your right. They've got to a point now where they said you know what this is affecting the business on the NFL as a plan to meet with its players talk about what he can do and I imagine that means going to be like look guys. The protests are affecting us now affecting us that a far from a financial standpoint what can we do for you guys to show that were in this with you. But not affect our bottom line that's what that means going to be about it's going to be about comp traffic trying to get these guys compromise. A 100537765. Or five ESP Alyssa know this is not a good week for you guys and you're you're probably more are also two in three. Adding that might be checked out are also two and three but. Let us know if are are yet art does that does what Jerry Jones say. Does that they shot up to 53776. We go to Gary Guerrier on. Gary. Gary you're wrong. That make this a site last year and he can listen to sit on YouTube globally Jerry toe. Detained afford gang that. They would call stand otherwise there'd be playing somewhere else the next four. So just and I got clear from the get go on this that's what you. There have been the owner's box and ordered him he made it clear to the term. So this can detonate. So you guys a guy gets. I'm sorry can't hear you well my own. Appreciated Gary thanks for the comment. Yeah I think that's that's kind of that's. Again not surprising to me. Not surprising to me at all that that Jerry Jones would do this will take a break Gary Parrish would donors in the next segment Jason and done and it's not a Phineas via. Beer belly come away unhealthy diabetic. Tell by your primary care doctor to lose like our house was Scientology's Elizabeth a pound of fat per day as much as thirty pounds in thirty days completely healthy and without any exercise. Hi I'm doctor she summoned have you tried out a program that just didn't work did you put the way back on. 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For whatever reason perhaps on another big deal or maybe it cost more to fix the anticipated or maybe more than you had it doesn't matter you say no thanks. And you owed them nothing. They walk away you know before any. There's no on the cause of why should probably 451. 8765451876. And they're on the web Aberdeen Group that can't get pairs of those scared yourself. Reset or CBS sports act. He is an American I'm not sure he's a proud American but he joins us now Gary pairs are you Dylan. I'm doing all right you're are you all right because is it looked like on Twitter you were having like a little bit of a meltdown started to feel kind of bad because I know you're a man that has a history in soccer and last night was not a good night for American soccer. What exactly what a joke and so love you anticipated at night and attempt to do it would look what it. There are the result is embarrassing and there'd be good to be clear like our. Under normal circumstances I would you care about it like we could figure out baseball game on ice I had nothing else to watch so they work out what the soccer skill and I know it was like I understood the stakes going again. What it was all so. I think I read the kick off the United States had 93%. Chance yeah. Come to make the World Cup are being there exit wasn't even like you know if they don't land like you could it was like yeah even if they don't we have Mike from elite. Craig. And then like legal down 20. And certainly these other Mac hitter in a place where all while they really my this World Cup that became a oh what would. Appear to be in the afternoon a mostly uneventful night in sports became like a bad but not a sport in any kind of like that how good it it upon I don't know whether. Even you been here a lot about how to fix it today. And then you know you go to find ways argue why in the name did more players that wouldn't otherwise have opportunities whatever he did more athletic what everyone do you think. Like the bat not look at how ordered because this thing slowly but look like come on demand that. Well I'm I'm meant widen the net in terms of the kinds of you you go after you with much right on an hour. On do you think we'll ever reach a point to enough people care scary I guess is the question I ask you that. That we make a change like we cared in basketball in the college guys Alou and we've we've made a change or when they're when they're dubbed the pros that weren't that good will as we made a change we start bringing in the best pros what we do that in soccer do we do not do enough for us not care that won't go there. We will get there at some point and into our country of 320 you'll get people. Where we have youth soccer league. Well you know he nearly every community. Major League soccer is bigger. Now than ever urged not to be confused with the premier Li could block it. A bigger now than ever and and it matters are market. In ways that it never mattered before the confidence is you know all of these explanations and I. The white grew up playing soccer I don't pretend to be a soccer expert I don't wake up every Saturday morning X 7 AM to watch games. Like I do realize about it and that you fear and so you'll hear a lot of explanation about like. The most common one is our best athlete right. Don't play soccer you know our best athletes are Russell what sport can look on Jay darker aspect leaks play football or basketball. And I like obviously that's true. When you watch the matches it's not like we are physically overwhelmed by other countries. You know in in soccer. You know Christian push it gives like a 140 tell. I met these might hiked. Way she could go quicker. So peculiar look Christian blitzer can go. I mean that that that's a guy who might who is probably gonna go to out of the greatest American soccer player ever and I hope that you look at him and go wow. An amazing that we it is we don't have an act we probably have a skill development problems they're simply put we don't we don't identify. And develop talent but wait so many other European nations do as good a story in the New York article by FaceBook I don't post it to today. Because every time something like last thing happened doubled my the other extortion 2000 champ. And it focuses on. Howell a Dutch soccer academy. I get a five players and then develops some extra supplies basically help appeal to soccer dog what they do they actually pushed gal. Four year old iGoogle. And they just look for certain things speed may be excited. And they identified and played at a very young age. And they take them to a category. They don't say you're gonna play your little community leaked or you're gonna play for a couple of team when you're here and then try to one up. Regional championship or you're gonna go to North Carolina and played College Soccer. They're not that it on the papal when they identify somebody who agreed to meet Alex. They bring them to these academies. And they do there. I mean it's like a school but it does soccer training academy you can go to school but you also trained like eight hours a day. And milk eggs that's the other thing work that's what this country. We we love to play games like you are I'd update my three year old out to a soccer games every Saturday morning we run around to score. I don't do that in other European countries. You can't don't like any it's just practiced practiced practiced in small groups skill development just touching the ball touched the ball touching the ball and going to play games. Like I can't might not play game until recently took a teenager at all and that even bit. Like one game a week one game every two weeks they don't really compete speaker clean and so. The lady we developed talent in all sports in this country I think it's if if outdated in it not ideal. We're able to get away with it a basketball yeah completely straight back to operate as stupid to Greek epic our best basketball players didn't. From April through August just flying around the country of playing a mostly meaningless games not practicable at all Internet based in saint. Or able to get away with it in basketball. Because they would complain that sport longer than most of the country all of the countries and after all he had a game of applicable legal we can always we have got back. Or more critically at you so it's kept up fundamental problem that hole. How do you go about identifying. Elite soccer talent in the country and then developing nick com admit that we are moving in the right direction we're just not there yet. We are of course talking to get a pair Sosa gave her show. I was here every day on HF ME ST from four to six RI com what do you think is the deal with Pilar Harris and why we haven't heard. About a commitment from him yet. I'm sure the other stats that are still involved with a hammer or like crazy week and trying to make up whatever ground they need to make up. Are you on the right side of things again you want to put a time. Like not that long ago it's got Memphis wasn't even considered. A serious option for colored hair and now suddenly these schools that. Thought they had a chance there are only appear to be on the outside looking in and so I am confident Iowa State per instances. On the phone with Tyler and on the phone what Franken they're saying things along Argo. You know we were there for you from the start we wanted to from the start. Like a pick nor Q do you remember way every game this summer. And we protecting you every anxious that we offered a scholarship to the beginning you won't pay any official at the biblical cheek and collection Obama Covert who. And now certainly they look you you're the priority Alter that they got burned by Alex flow back. Or at least ball they ordered you to get that done. And you're they're back up plan is that really what you wanna be somebody back a player but probably recruiting war ultimately. I don't think it's gonna work ethic others gonna commit to that side with the university bumper. And I kill him under the impression that it would be sometime this week. Com what you know recruiting at if I cut throat description. You just because Tyler Erica tonight's visit. Over the weekend doesn't mean the other schools recruiting democratic get well they're just gonna ratcheted up a few doctors and and so here we are. I think with the spends the being hit. Maybe more so than we thought originally I know I know but there won't have ten to 121000 people and everything. You think they're starting you think this tower here's news and everybody kind of expected that happens. As kind of a maybe generate a little bit of the son of excitement form you've you've always examples of this thing. I don't it's real common bacteria that that's woman's turn of the tiger. I think it helped her beat him. B it would be. Disingenuous to suggest that the developments without their parents had their health. What you know the perception of the universe ever basketball program and the status ilk. It here you meaningful prospect in this community probably the best prospect by 2018. In the Memphis area he's not Tony Eric. Think about Derek rogue right you're not on the level of any number of members prospects looked on with a tiger but. Given the state of things right now he's he would be I would incredibly important commitment would help but. If you're gonna change what that really look like tomorrow night. Now I don't know and that the idea that it comes. In between greatly games and particularly after. 8830. Greatly game tonight we got you don't get. I know somewhat to different audiences but you're sued if you're the University of Memphis and I know that people never Portman understands this. You are competing British in some cases. Lack occasion for that for the same person and forget about call you know they forgot about. The money it just the Thai company people can actually make time to go to effects form. When you don't Wednesday night and back there on a Thursday night him back there on a Friday night like I don't have that kind of talent and I got to stop preaching it. Yeah I can't all be angry and our magic a lot of people are attracted like so. You know they're gonna be some people who might be there tomorrow night. Under different circumstances but they're gonna say well just at Drexel until 1030 last night watching Chris Paul and James Harden. And gum you know we got school tomorrow morning's almighty god that it's just that the timing is not ideal billion together connect to the program is an ideal. And I believe I hope I'm wrong I would love to go on the radio Friday go out. What extreme left side effects or but I'll be surprised if if the turnout is. Is anything that makes anybody feel good about. About being great IR I imagine the pictures are not going to be flattery when you start comparing him to what you're gonna get. Kentucky and you know other big time programs are just not gonna look like different. Gary how brave is key wanna. Nigh gear. Night June that that she was willing and she reiterated that she reiterated today that she posted that video of Chris Forster. To just bring attention to racial injustice. And racial inequality and I I really think she is she is as brave as anybody else on this movement. What do you think. And the connections like our whole hell of releasing a video local old white man blowing lines off the table. For all the attention to it. Curricula because of these in this country but well whatever I don't care what her recently hit like if I did polarity itself. It's just the whole story is but man as I mean yeah I first saw. Others sympathetic to a guy who might be a party. And somebody got a secret and I got a camera on and secretly. Like that's that's that's dirty business what that's like oh man I gotta be careful but. Yo somebody did you wrong. Guy I mean I I can't get past this competitor yelled at all the stuff. But some comfort not going to come to view video yourself doing that yeah well. I mean pretty accurate in Motley Crue I mean maybe if I don't care what spot recruit which finger would act if but like. If you have all your public figure with a real job and real shout what you like it that video ever circuses you know Kurt will stretch out why would you be the person to make their studio. It graduate appeared to be additional. Aloft bake a stroke or how much you loved her. Out of the video Colin cope prove to anybody could you love them and then pick that's pretty yellow. You put it in the hands of a woman can't possibly truck yeah put I would put the video myself doing that it hit the punch. Mike that's where the person I trust more than anybody in this oral. I wouldn't want to hear Marco or her having a video of me doing that. And get these guys put it in the hands of the script work. Where the only complaint here for our audit the work they're the only true thing could happen or action that video. And it took the podium where she UW to extort extort. There's nothing else that can happen it's one of those mistakes. Sooner or later what do you think you're gonna happen. And obviously late at night without doubt that it was explode and now he's the man without job I don't know platform pretty clearly have a drug problem. You know this wasn't a play somebody get after the weekend. And then step back and relied on Monday. This guy I would like literally getting ready to go work Beattie a couple of liable for a work meeting you gotta grow crop so. Acrobat format respect that'll be Duckett and helping their unique oh my god the stupidity connect at all that who took my bar. I'll just give you an idea I don't know if you seen the or heard that the interview that she did with with Dan Levin tired today. Which is just amazing get by Dan low avatar to like find this woman and get Iran it is but she said. That Chris forced to use me as his cocaine platter. And so it apparently that is like that is why he sent her a video of themselves doing the lines because. It would hearken back to live their days of him doing cocaine off of her. By the parts. I would have just sent flowers and I don't like I think flowers were true. Since well the biggest flip. You don't send anything else Vegas strip are part of that you reported district everybody rule of law breaker trippers enjoying a wider look pretty here. An illegal. Could I could not like I don't know I don't. Like I imagine there's the stories somewhere where somebody fell in love with a walk Vegas stripper it actually worked out well for them. But the pathetic you'd have to be very very low. Like if you wanna go to all of Vegas eventually cocaine strippers or whatever else or regular opera. Racquet up I don't care but like it took control all the oil and that incriminate yourself but wait a critical to your job. I should incorporate video I'm being achieved are really up there the dumbest thing you could ever possibly do you mean like. Could they. I. Torture cost people their careers you haven't had called people their career looked faintly. I'm under the Internet traffic speak about the whole thing. But the idea that you would create a video and imported in the hands of somebody who clearly had motivation exporting more exposed to extra boy. I mean that at all time all time double. Here's the deal Gary thank you gotta say that thing on like god likes netstat yeah I think that thing. If you're if you just are compel and you have to send it to this woman you've got to send it to her in a way that will be if that will disappear. I just can't send that over text message that is like you're right there's so many dumb parts of the story and the fact that he didn't say that on snatch that. Probably is one of the dumb guys why does do one half. I mean he's he know it's NAFTA we are now he knows what's that Chad is obviously he's messed around the Las Vegas strippers so it's not like he doesn't know. You know he's if maybe it's like you know when you make to a half 1000003 million dollars you just feel invincible here. I don't think you should never done that. Let them yeah super duper high electric super duper high and making a decision sort of cocaine pain and I acknowledge that. I understand. I'd go home. I've been around a lot of people who have been super duper hi would you leave it at that. And the idea that it would cut popular somebody's head. I'm going to take I make three million dollars this year and I'm a public figure because I've worked for their help or Josh not come like a video of my shell. Blowing lines and I'm gonna cook it in the hands the bowl Craig a stripper. Like I don't care how high or at some point it's basically hit so we're gonna go okay but this is too stupid kid can make it easier if you're gonna make of this economy immediately. Also I also have a meeting in three minutes. Yeah I mean that's the other thing like they're so any missteps here why he's here I guess you could rationalize. Why are doing Coke before you had a team meeting. May it be like if I had a advertising leading today at 230. And the poor are not leave the house select OK let me knock out couple lines and then I'll go this sabotage. And then let's say our enemies in the video are Kelly. Yeah I would one go where you go to work. I look at you gotta go problems so what OK let's say that can be explained pretty easily. Why would truly be greedy you'll look like putting a different story if we found out that he was party with a little extra perks. He's super high you're distracted entry got a camera secretly on him at all and Alltel will. One thing that's just like a guy couldn't pretty sloppy and and reckless. I can't overtake complained man who cook camera or internal and put the video with a head that would occur. What can win like we go. That like whatever you get that you know probably deserve. How finally there how far along we in this FBI investigation on the mood read your stuff seeded Oklahoma State now been sent us than the subpoena from a New York grand jury. Looks like they're next. How much more do you think there is how far alone is a lot more lot more schools what what we look at that. Yeah I mean I'd I'd. Tip the iceberg so cliche but like it works to PI expert touched up here. Made me a call you know who want to get to shoe company executives and for college basketball coach he you know financial advisor. I think federal prison like a circle for the guy donor. Gang members beat guys aren't gonna mossy oak. Because don't live by some sort of coal you know what I'll do my car but I'm not right now and burn in some guys promote he. Men in their thirties and forties and married with kids college educated men. You know they're they're paying betting that it could take the pill and so they're gonna talk when NAFTA talk. And the last thing you wanted to do when you know. I've covered these types of cases before. And the last thing you want to do whatever I hate it it's been talking to you is and they're cooperating agreed to cooperate. And they're all pretty good deal could cooperate. At bat that about the time we are calling this a time when you get up every bank. Control or go quick because they're about other people on the air though that there concluded Sean Miller or you can't boy am I gonna say on other people to a good thing about other people US. Including an infield. Quarter the company executive gonna say about. Other prospects they might have done deal for other programs they might have helped. I mean if we can all acknowledge their Iron Bowl would not the first prospector benefit mission accomplish. And look over the first school code to get a player because that should company's influence. Organ. If you got the guy who were making no deal. Facing federal prison they're gonna look. You know when they start pocket they're gonna have story itself go a long story not quite get along here it is a very very beginning it looked up into here. Instead. Full of all things coaches in multiple blue blood program we'll ripped apart by the FBI scandal it would not surprise here. I have to ask that should pseudo super butch Pierre who was at Oakland second 2008 to sixteen like is. I imagines. What this thing. Well yeah well I mean it'd hurt. Under there's certainly an easier name every coach they should be worried right now about the F one yeah I mean we've all been talking about that's that's got none know more about the but fear is that Oklahoma say from 200816. And what the US attorney's office had requested it literally every document initially create everything. Even possible incredibly violent I hope he's dating back to January 1 2014. Cannot be recovered the timeframe when butch was there butch was obviously. Their most high profile recruiter. And so you know you can connect about how we use our foot short I will butch Pierre. I'm I'm website it's good lets you know yeah yeah elect cup he says I go. The softest politically content but I am competent to script. No they Tubby Smith has never done any black belt which we have no that would give ever read anything outside of the local pickup truck and there's a federal crime. About the Oregon but short of that. Of course I've been there. Cynthia present destination if you. I think the soft this fellow corn Chris Forster is a Las Vegas strippers booty with cocaine on it that by being soft pillow according to Chris forced her to. It's a good job talked to welcome welcome back grab all of Jason generally benefit NB SP and. It's your chance to win 1000. Dollar. Others strain can. These graves and a grandson Eddie SO ME SPN. 3 PM. And painful. Then you can't teach him the box instant game. Price of 75000. Dollars its terror thing creepy to celebrate Halloween. 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A goal alternate foods dot com Jason John rapid and all of all they're wins in ninety none of them years you know we've talked a lot about facilities and scout leaders trade in. Even heard from Carrie Irving. Hadn't heard as much John from Isiah Thomas. Some pretty strong words to say the Sports Illustrated about his former boss. Let me tell you what they are. Again talking a Sports Illustrated about the trade and about specifically about Boston and how he feels about the city and the team. He says Isiah Thomas Boston is going to be all love. I might not ever talked to Danny again. That might not happen I'll talk to everybody else but what he did. Knowing everything I went through I'm just referring to the of the death of the sister playing through it all that you don't do that broke a sound right. I'm not saying a few but every team in this situation comes out a year or two later says we made a mistake. That's what they'll say to. They'll say that John they'll say that trading Isiah Thomas was in the state. All of us is Thomas is hard alike like the player that he years John phrase you'd be wrong. I don't think Boston's gonna be looking back in this two or three years from now on stand. We shouldn't have made that trade. Unlike the nucleus while I feel like they'll take a little bit of a step back this year as they trying to figure out how to play with each other. As they step backwards to make these economists finals until they can force as they foresee dump. I think two or three years from now they'll be the team to beat me so I think there's certainly on the way I understand why he's so upset. What I don't know I don't really did it because honestly like they're giving him an opportunity contend for finals. Like Boston shipping him away gives him an opportunity to be in the finals we made it he made it pretty clear I felt almost anyone to finish his career I think it's more you know. The way that the fans they aired though that you know look what he felt like if I did what you're saying. If from a competitive standpoint the video love Boston that was clearance for misconduct. He wanted to finish out there. Yeah I mean if Saudi darn that I understand the of the center decided but it's a it's a business that he's a professional bass player he has the know that. Very few guys stay with one team their entire career. Their players were better than Isiah Thomas who have been traded. So I think he he's being of a little bit naive here are and time will probably heal that. I would be thinking Boston by as Isiah Thomas I'm sure you can you can still love the fans you can still have an appreciation for the city. I'm even though some of the fans are racist I would probably I think he's done that for the most or thank the city for blood on their how they treat them does about a way I look at it as love man like your your your country a better this year. So it would be different if he had just signed a new deal with Boston to me like if he would sign that extension and then they traded him. I think that would be different because that you're tied to Cleveland. Who was gonna be rebuilding in a year most likely when LeBron leaves. But this way like either you get one year to attempt to likely make the finals contend for a championship which you without done embossed in the way that team was constructed. And you're gonna be free to go after this year you know as an understood to freeagent you'll get the pick where you play next though arm. I I guess it's raw and I guess that that I can understand that if you have dreams of being you know Derek Jeter. For the Celtics but very few guys are doing it and I think he felt like endeavors are tomorrow how ridiculous is that. The ridiculous part of media center will look back two years later regret and I think that's being naive they're on the idea that there are better. But the part about film about life like that change we don't know what ain't what. He may feel like gains lied to a main thread you said you never undo it I know it's a business and you gotta be a big boy about it do but he clearly. Gave his heart soul everything he came back after sister died immediately boycott it but I think that's what it is it's more about BAA is a yeomen like I gave you every day and you emotionally and you just. Dealt me away. But I think kill I did he'll put you look at its own deal. Look back and let you know what those five events and have my especially B has a good year you might Iran figure digits for LeBron. LeBron makes due to money. But that's what he does and how to play also invited Thomas is healthy he plays any substantial amounts on the brown will make him money. So I think you'll look back and he'll he'll he'll forgive and forget and who get paid. But he always is going to that's gonna do it for us thanks to Barry Jones thinks the same as Loftus. 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