Jason & John Hour 2 (8/9/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, August 9th
Joined by College Football Expert & Former Memphian Paul Finebaum in Hour 2.

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Stones they brought to realize you got going home favorite look like a dork I gotta look like a dork right now all right up did you Wear White Sox. Don't you look like he had every time you walk I've been here okay this isn't enough now we're getting off and he shot it in your arsenal in the well I think it triggered as they added you Wear loafers with free in gym shorts and hear every day. SS flag bats must allow that hadn't zeros lag you need an article harms you need dad. Wide Haynes ankle socks have been its trigger less income other Haynes. But the branch alien they are paying. I. They they have the their pay youth. Tacklers. I we'll come back let's get to in the rundown including something new coming down Mississippi Buffalo Wild Wings well. Something like that we might actually enjoy. We will talk about that. And more in the rundown we get back Jason's on its benefit ESP. And tonight FS ESPN's. This code word that. 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But before we do that we got through the run down so let's do that. The rundown visited by a matter of when nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. Fallen 92 million this look ESP. The first story. It's a little out random but you know like in that song beyoncé said Becky with a good hair. We'll start com bit that it with the White Sox. And bitter when the winds in. And okay Paula are on my Twitter account earlier today. To our mar ninth tonight and ask the simple question there's a question at a football game would you rather be. Too cold or too. There's a question. 12 answers and solutions which both the views said you'd rather be too cold longer simple to him because you can layer although. In changer and it won't now here's here's my only. Here's my only thing with that. You know if you're in the crowd. At that liberty ball you know I just think you would have been different and you would have been on my side. It was windy. Did it had to move he had to get out though he had that it won't change sections. You weren't properly later I have a pea coat. You should at all a little more underneath that you do a little warmer I don't know hoodie you can layer of as much John you put on sixty shirts underneath that would. That's that's that's like gets an extra set a long sleeves on and it's hard to move around magical pair of gloves was which of which the head sock or own like you can layer you can continue to toss and Valero the leg got a lot of work I understand that because I -- out of work go back to heat and awarded one available you wouldn't be bringing this back up with the results. Didn't come all of the close to what she thought they were going to be that's my third that's us spend about 6042. Car ought to be a landslide or France about 6042 called com. I'd like to me. If you're too hot. You can just throw water on yourself you can just drink more beer forget about your problem loans. You know use of their kid do that what would that be a good idea when it's super hot just keep drinking beer. That's what I want you go on for. Of course for the gold there apart heated nasty I did a party that's but another here to throw up now amid a party when you add the heat who in your your way of and cooler art and more. You've got more bush bush become more bushes and bushes in there light blue or whatever you need. You know I just think Arab you can get in the shade some of that maybe you should have come home Lesnar you can beat the heat. Right there. That you can be picked can be the cold. Are you you're actually you do your completely alone and ask area you do is that is all wrong just told listeners alive you can beat the cold can't beat the heat. Because I just told you naked naked that's the way to look at a jar there's no getting more naked than you are you go down to the smallest layer of fitness slayer you've got. He's devoted bacon but there are lost Vegas out there where outside did you just break your heart I'm sorry you can't wait to get inside it's not that hot. That's 40800. Blackberry didn't work out and you'll you don't sweat Negron I'm not I'm not going Adams avenue and it's not that hot because the humidity weather where you don't sweat is Lisa brought like a bacon I'm saying though like at least there are benefits and that's I was at UCL I mean it was hot you get you know I know you don't have to do well I guess you can't get a tea and you can get a I did I get darker brother don't think I'm incapable I'm just saying now light. We can get at 10 AM and we can sweat there are benefits to both X. If you use sensors. What benefits are they getting cold and that's a wide benefit you wanna give and we are now worried about it it is they want to benefit again that's from Seattle and here well somebody else pale learn milk. Yeah I can't tell you yes you can't pay you can't pay in the cold so why is it that a I can staked you out there. In the sun do come back here you can back from flora deprived what might your purple brown are you close to me that I stayed Jonah and Jordan out there. He's got that milky white skin he get a sun all day stays milky white. Why does that happen no doubt need an explanation from U2 I us onscreen I cannot answer I cannot Ayatollah has the best in. It's milk white no air force whatsoever in his system milky white and he can stay out there. And any tanner I don't like I don't like being payloads it's it's an if you know I'm affected by don't like being paid out like being like being you know. Like get a tea and I enjoy that I enjoy sweating I like this let those that pay electors yoga. Well we have many. Enroll in the stone. Rose. And Rose McGowan Al Rosen down okay she's in love want those ones is the current they're not containing either gonna stay milky. So doing somewhat you Lotta that happen some white people cannot say admitted are earned it that's like me I don't get it managed it sunburn. Kate how dark can you give our brother our marketing and the surprise you mutant sometimes my brother who works most times outside there as well from side to side and well look like most sound we look like twins are if you'll look. Like they're like even got a new white and his camera. I think is that dark we give will get that darkness that goes out there about but I might tell you you're gonna get darker than Memphis that's that's a benefit that's a benefit from me so I'm go I'm Tama county about rugby too but. Because I can I injuries and morals out of this one. And that is don't have enough players don't have enough players for a for two called let me check the Pope on time before we move on here one time for a little while I was 6040. We started the segment. It is now. At 6040 what I'd like what Abu like as a response have you gotten so they don't care what it is. Everybody knows how to be out there photographer Obama matter what they probably only when it these are some responses than. This is from coal Lester everybody that voted to call was clearly not at Liberty Bowl December. Facts. Rex Steele said I drank ate low lights during that laser hot UCLA game last season and was fine. Okay a this is from Ashley did. I was eight to have months pregnant at that UCLA game I think almost faded from the heat of one point. Would still rather be hot and cold at a football game there you go past that she says she'd rather be hot. Yeah. There Kay says can put on all you need to want only real horse under three not Arabs Reno responses. And it's. Jeff says it it is packed and sitting sort of sort of a thousand people cold as the only correct answer yes that's right Gary demon says called his Missouri I'm from the south and used to the heat. Sotomayor in my here I. Mike said he's gotten any element and yet they're adamant that there's only feed and explain the allied nations usually drink tea leaves it up yeah there's a guide that Stroud to different you know. Knew exactly I'd base and you can drink so. There Diego polls on what sort of character you wanna participate. Next Hillary co Y Leonard has spoken. And spoken to the folks of San Antonio drowned in a letter. He submitted to the San Antonio express news and it's weird how many words. A lot so I can't count on me more than he's ever said at one time I'm quite sure do and other problem the weird thing was he targeted in a blue font. Some think of collided typist. If you don't not only give you a dramatic reading on the under federal directory yes please yes. Bail out and tell you about this I'm not aware about you having any music prepared and so Australia and like I think why would I gave it to you San Antonio here it is. San Antonio. And going back and. Or must we structure of the right things aside and comes on two simple words. Thanks thank you a fan and also thank you for the entire spurs organization. And the people saying substantial. Thanks to everyone in my teammates who played with over my seven years named. Thank you I'll always be grateful for my growth under your guidance thank you to the fans. There's not a more passionate dedicated fan base the love wouldn't consent own. Through all the ups and downs well there were more ups. Never forgive will we shared accomplished you know. Well look at affordable next chapter in my career I'll always remember the Syrian people of San Antonio. Thank you exclamation point. Awhile and it. That was very good bows an and an act I think you captured the most perfectly not that you did edit of the build the lack thereof. Think I'm a that you captured pretty perfectly thank you specially. Whether more ups and downs line. None of that was pretty much freshman walk to school good to see clots often yeah you know I'm I don't I don't talk coming on out of his shell a little bit about talking using words though but yet using the English language there. I wish we did it Susie Coburn gonna. On NBA sidelined him for Toronto just like once the C user she could try to pull out my life is all they want to. I don't know I have got mine now it would be an add more harder than that was I've never been Nora possible watching programming in my life. Because. Clearly. Say Guam Barkley did not want to give his baby mama Sana. It is not a that is its cards you've presumably been adamant and get over look at the alleged he was like she's strong armed him into issues like she what they're beta decay was not gonna cut it feels like on Bartley said hello. And is late let's. He done. I said had you done and a yeah you did it did it do it through so it is is they get a shadow. Music. Is she got road ahead. She's gonna to leave me alone are we were we were. We need it to that level uncomfortable Billiton. All that letter put me there. A bicycle lock for speaking of the officers Antonio spurs fans appreciate that for the ride down. If I would say that they did take that letter and stuff yeah no doubt nuts about the match and that's how they're feeling but it was good for him to do. To get the full page ad in the San Antonio express news about a zoo can. When it doesn't do that. They sent a letter remain has good it was gives OK it was handwritten you'll eat enough and handwritten lol do you don't deny that aren't. You don't pay he had to ride it out first he typed it. He's not really think coli Leonard tied the some units of stroke strokes of sub keys this iPad a blue aren't I think you put on his longer exerting glass is said out of your bigger fourteen on the parts here yeah now we didn't. Look at this faux. That's not ridden Michael why did it doesn't make you think it is a plan as times new round makes you think that's logical why there he wrote like sixteen I think EU CU 65. Times new Roman no doubt about it it was written by him that is not true you're not a new uncle who's run and everything right now is uncle wrote that movement that's why put it mama family in there as well the end of the had to throw in my family thanks you. Skewed facts I don't know I hope I hope club or they are. It's done it's out there and residents and others are. Letter from cola next story. I'd so this is an update to be Brian crisper Lawler story. Jerry Lawler. Has a podcast called bitter with the king and it's hosted by Glenn Moore. And Jerry Lawler says in this podcast that out of post yesterday. Arm a lot of people have expressed as I have doubts as to whether Bryant Chris alone really did commit suicide. We've been contacted by inmates there were in the jail with Brian that said they don't believe. What was told is actually what happened when we just wanted to know what actually happened right now there's a lot of doubt and lot of questions they're gonna have to be answered. In the next few months it is an open and active investigations. By the Tennessee bureau of investigation they did not. Had a comment other than to say remain in contact with the DA's office during the investigation and provide them with updates as the case. Progresses. It's certainly. Listen. Who who knows. But would it be the first time that. You know a crime scene was staged not of course that Wendy. You know the deed Hardin County sheriff. Said. There was never any indication that Brian Lawler was suicidal then. You know I'm not an expert and suicidal tendencies I don't know maybe. It remedied is that a better job of harboring nose and hiding them I don't I don't know maybe he wasn't in May be something awful even more awful. Happened right and and now it's it's been you know manipulated to seem like something that it is not. But what it definitely does. Is it casts you know. Even more sadness I think on no question about to this case because. In at least if if you certainly never. Once who believe Brian I think if if your parent or your family member of a relative of somebody that they took their own life where you never won a belief that in. I'm I think people's. You know of people struggle that you know because like you talk about the questions you know and never having them answer never. So you sort of escape closure. But now it's like well you know did did somebody hurt my son you know rock and then try to make it look like suicide when it wasn't. It's this and it's incredibly it's hard to fathom really for refer you don't just put yourself in in in Jerry issues. You know. Not no one what happened. They can that it could be something and it's something I just I can't imagine that Marmara. And you said the word mama prayer for for the Lawler family is that there is some swift closure that's the word right in the NA here's the thing. Now that you've got his investigation and and it it opens of all kinds of doors right to what ifs yet. I hope that it can be swift right to whether we found out he did it fills a suicides murder whatever get to it swiftly right. Let this man get to because you answered your point. Mean even if it no matter what it was suicide murdered you've lost son or you're always going to be grieving to some extent there's not one you prefer right Omiyale like that means so so when it comes down to it. That the the only thing you can ask for because the grieving process Reggie you're putting absolutely only thing you can hope for is is some sort of closure for him whether one side or the other yet. And that this just doesn't go on for a whenever he's out you know it just becomes more intense that way. You know where you can't think of anything else and not again that's what that's what I would pres you have as you have to think like. I mean a couple of things one. Who who would brag Chris for a Lawler you know have. Beef with argues he wasn't there and and I wasn't there for long though there since July excited. You know it was it was it is like using their perk is an effort you are right exactly so. Yet that's a question Ers but the second we like if if he took his own life is asking the questions right because things are why don't you think like somebody else there would have. Known about it before likes. Are now you're saying I'm just trying to stay with your your side someone with sense that that he was yeah. Like that what I'm Vince are any indication as I watched it again like one of one of the prisoners were gone somebody instead ledger talking and I'm sure like your mean that's the hope that things. Pricing as a solidarity. Nigerian president in your prevented if you're down and an army doesn't come around and check on Ratigan you know. I don't know yeah. But either way like I said the only thing you don't for some closure for him that's it you can't you can't come down one side or the other bracket we know is I don't know the all the facts that it could be an enforcement west enough in this case and yeah that's the latest active investigation. Is ongoing and next Hillary don't have much time before we could all find bombs all I'll make this quick. Buffalo wings look to get mobile banking giant that is obviously some hurdles still to be cleared you guys know enough many of the states now you know. Sports gambling legal always say you're down in Mississippi a lot of us will be headed down their insured John can't wait have you been yet. You party did it then one last weekend. Are you into amendments and Russia's amid that in an -- they're there they're building it out well Bo there always is thinking about getting you know they they consider themselves the the most popular sports change sports bar chain and America and they're thinking of putting I guess pretty much at the tables at the bars. The option to gamble on games. Of both making. I it makes a lot of sense as does it does because that's kind of what have have a brand themselves right overtime and all that. You know but a lot about her Jeff talk about this and more heavily brought a good point. They're going to have to probably partner with something yet with some gaming know for sure and who's gonna want what Dick. Was a more brilliant man. That that was just what now I thought about that when he said he wants a well. Is it that they. You're only adding to it in with wood Buffalo Wild Wings and be the convenience of the right way to get that you're there anyway right in the Indian dance at a table with his kidneys also horse barn you're just adding convenience or effort for that gaming you know whatever it is that's gonna think about bringing about allowing then. The deposit right like a lesson is it's only extra it's a restaurant burst casino like there's just there's is a different perception of go to buffalo while he's in there is going to the casino. Yet you can still if you're that boat maker. They got a little box about a napkins and catch up and over there and I can. I'm gold pull of the box and intact wage if you think Memphis plus six and a half Kirstie CF or whatever the last going to be absolutely. Plus three and a half plus two would have probably. But that's that your intent at goodness citadel. But that's par for convenience sake it's a far. There would be wise thing to go out and gamble or not but a lot of money on it yeah. For sure aren't we come back Paul find mom's gonna go to talk to Paul find out about Urban Meyer about college football. And more Jason and Jon editor of heaviest yet. IDC 9 AM ESPN has met this is NFL station isn't for the titans game against the Packers tonight coverage at 6 PM kick off at 7 PM live on 99 FM EST yeah just like anything you're listening to Memphis is almost. This season this is no longer it was a team that loses. I spent two nights at ten years he's the titans on 99 FM ESPN that. We really advance this isn't. And this had any tips or rationing and if there's one thing. We'll grab. Your favorites. I'm gonna shoot this dog rule and sheen's live fast die so we didn't. It's your job sucking the life out of you wake up you can do something else information technology. 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Fight. We're endeavoring to par five bomb. On the show is a very busy man as you can imagine so. We're gonna work to get that done Terry Smith does chime in. And says. I didn't tell you. That I didn't work while you were in Vegas. I was cheating on you while you were gone. You guys you guys are lucky it's not a job. That is from Terry Smith. The man constructing your attendance like no one else. While the postal worker writer doesn't take a day off I believe that is true retire post or post or hurt a player and I think it definitely still is there. I think you definitely still is is is is in the field rising one tween angels they took off of last week now. Usually and it usually donation from me keep me in the I guess you'd be accountable so. Alpharma has become. Public enemy number one feels like four well Brittany Murphy is public enemy number I was gonna say like prostate Brett Morse I think that's doing this on FaceBook after like he is number two. I feel like Paul's like number two because you know I think you all to be reveling in what he's been hard on urban legend he does look at things like if you've given something like this and I don't know it's almost like she's on. He's ready for urban beyond he doesn't think very highly I would put it that way it seems over remarks I was gonna ask have you ever found yourself. Like on the wrong end of a fan base that I'm on the wrong side of a fan base. Like I'm probably that's the scale Paul find bond right is he's our national level but like have you ever found yourself like. Did you know how on Twitter like if you say something and whether it's about Tennessee or another program lagging. They all flood your mention ends and why did god is for example found himself on the wrong end. You know of of of Memphis there have you ever been there at all a given there with Memphis at all. No more so does Memphis I was there one time with Memphis actually. And it was funny because. I was yeah I was young and I was I was starting out kind of been in 999 and they were playing SMU. It was as players and you on the road I think and they were did to Rask it was I think it was two dozen 1415 that year there and I tweeted something along the lines of you know. What do you expect this is the authority even know why did this I don't even alive that. That's really what you expect that this is historically. What Memphis is like they you know this is who they're trying to compete with SMU not. You know not and they didn't destroyed there is a 2530 point blood in my and I did it my point was oppose him like you know this is not. Take cal yours out this is kind of who Memphis says I put like a little bit light and art it's a little bit. In May and I got wasted a hold my god other night I felt so bad. Mafia guy hurting after a personal land. Bad take it was a it was not a good taken it was usually that the timing of two. It was because it would it was in the middle of a blow out there and and I was just trying to say that hey you should you shouldn't be this upset because like this is what it was bass while it's. Or even how fell. Social and how a field day I don't know what I got caught up. I won't say it was a whole fan base the week we experienced this recently. With the despair. Well especially when it's harder for those of us that you know maybe. I was watching closely out how to coach and staff was operate in this area have our doubts and income publicly with our doubts. And and talk about them on the show did early on John what was it labeled it was labeled. Eight about a lot of people as little lady you don't get off this guy argued in time owners are down creditors that it was racist. You've got a tall I'm not that they're 31 guy you got a ton of event that you're not given Toby enough of a chance. Black guy and I'm in another object you heard that a lot and and no it wasn't the entire fan base come against you know meet your view correct but it's started a little bit like that and listen. You can you can compare that sort of to the situation with those 100 folks we just among younger that I could have and I'll I'll pose a hundred folks at an Ohio State where is it worth it blew harder it didn't matter what you've told those folks those Memphis folks about whether you thought it was racism not without races look at have a look at how poorly his staff is performing no doubt this is what we're basing our our claims on you. You're what you're saying I'm a racist because I'm. I'm I'm criticizing the staff. No but it in those numbers eventually started to drop off right because eventually it shakes out itself. What we're so what we told judge you saw came to the light eventually and the university finds it figures it out and asked to make it but led to that point. Early on do when you go against the grain like that. You don't even if you if you got all your ducks in a line you're going to get some of that quebecois because those those fans those ones I liked. We'll put Daniel who's going to rule for this thing matter who the coach is right and is it in the way he does it is going all in. I'm going all in for Tubby Smith a young that are attacked him right now I'm going to defend him when he gets the job he's all in all that's my point there you have those physical meet. You know just have a wall no matter no matter who advocate summit it's for the program there that into the Breaux well a lot of experience a little bit. That's a little bit like goat leg it just sort of go back to those days just got to go back to those that if felt like there were. A 150 people even though it was only five Riley was their like five to ten people you can expect here's a bit every time that this wanna game. They'll say five or ten people would tweet us and say or what do you think now television and it's stop it just paid on tubby. End and pick the psychology behind that was a social arranged well and then what what it reached its it reached a climax when he beat Houston yes for those folks from an out when you beat a ranked team in Houston. A minute they came out would work that you know. That that came as if we were like rooting against tubby down like that was never the case. My whole thing will go. Since word since we're gonna step back and diamond and discuss this was. I just know it wasn't gonna work everybody knew it wasn't going to work like it a kick it can be it can be patchwork and it would be. Forty games Tony wins are in a given year. But like in terms of actually meaning something in being relevant and competing. For tournaments and and more wasn't gonna happen at the level they were operative was at it and at that level they were telling us that was that was the problem no question it was insanely frustrating. That if felt hike only it will it wasn't just only a field obviously it was more than just a few of us. But it it it is and a fascinating sort of study indicates that here's a perfect example small store. Bill Richmond's obviously you know now proud sponsor I would hope of our show is that you know. And as a as a partner of tigers athletics John. He's on the golf course last year and I may have all even told the story on the air he's on the golf course last year and tubby is that there's one it's one of those you know big golf fans really got although all the big time boosters up that. And Billy's in the cart. And everybody's talked to him and tubby sand. What you don't mess and we Jason and dollar won't what you don't being on the show Mac they're Killen they're killing our coach right here right they're being. It is not there you know what they were saying John not not what's. Older being yelled they're being they're criticizing him fairly whatever right was they are attacking our coach Wright and so what position that put billions. Billy sit there like ma'am I'm opt out an advertising with those guys and they're crushing the guy that's right here in the card with me would quote. For Billy. There was pressure on him right there was pressure on him to drop us. And here we are a year later John not out and in Bailey's tell him about the golf outing now. And John all they're doing is and how much they love the show we were dead on about stuff but that's what I'm talking about so it's so bad I mean. You you got to be ready you can eat. If you understand it. But you do not so surprised. Yet the surprised by what's funny is now I had I had that meeting with with the president president rod for around the magazine piece. And and he told me listen you know you're shows it pain in my career but you guys were fair. It out that if he said if you guys were Smart fair I would've. Said someday I would every step they know what's being sat promoted you know and administrative level course that they have the note right and and it was there's as it was is. It up my eyes a little bit to hear that you know remain. That the president thought we were being fair but you know yet if there are these Robertson over may and that's just the small dose of what Pol Pot mom you know has to deal with on a daily battle he invites them to dispute with the but. Here's under a clear break hopefully Paul while I'm we have to join us on the other side is a very busy man so hopefully we get back off by mom would it was Geoff Calkins will be here with us. At 125. 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You know we are we love having you on some of all of all the signs at the Ohio State rally which one did you appreciate the most. Well I love the one about myself of course oh. Moon that that my they get that you took my picture or weaker than Alabama's schedule so. And it. Yes that's a good guy yeah. All of the Likud go further we're guerrillas they're the same fans to call my shoulder shorter period. And it's it's that's an interest in Paula it's a weird balance it right because you're exactly right like government if they. Nobody rallied for Tubby Smith here at Memphis but it if they did like that's kind of how would look I would some sort of think. The way I looked it up. Your career early as someone who grew up as a young cheered during. The record crowd college yeah Sunderland out dating video there. I'm excited about the tigers finally getting it looked at by vast bulk of its about time. And were up against a bad for a basketball game Paul that's the collect all it's going to be electric. And argue about gesture about it is separated or have done a great job crashed Josh afterward and they'll look that way. He they start coming out great hobby was going to be out it was a go to you have covered Japanese market. I tell. Wouldn't you urged people you won't it won't additional minute. Oh well either you know what's going to be interesting as you know I mean pity is going head to head with one of your guess on yesterday's show. I mean you know it's like it's pavers cal Perry I'm number one player in the nation Paul James was. Yeah out about well Cologne. They don't tell me about it but cal. Circuit City. I guess we're gonna we're gonna tweet deck quote okay. We're we're gonna make sure that one gets out there so loose a look at this fall of obviously there's still a lot that we com we'll find out in and discovered but. Is is Urban Meyer done. It certainly you can come and every now. You different opinion and I'm not usually wishy washy but. I thought he was a week ago. Balance sheet imagination. College at which will. Where they set the timetable before they do the investigation. Urban after being lower in which it socialization and those are all there. That statement out Friday at opal Ecevit oracle practice today and that's what people or. It often indicates that it that he had a chance for. Any local a lot of fans out there that are tried to assure you the victim in this case and none of this is news. I can't quite. Predict that he'll be done yet but this is a powerful closure you heard that they eat a great football coach. And I'll watch Lekkerkerker for. Then general admire. What is the best case scenario for him. Well. You know number one bit they're they're really just also want. Even named in the documents that showed it that he did at the right thing the vision. People get hung up on whatever they want to believe that need to be either about this problem or they'll. You do about it a couple of years you're gonna call he did was document and people like oral and only cares about should be doing it during the appropriate saying. According to pollute the office says Emanuel as opposed doing wrong in Cherbourg is gone a long time ago that he didn't. Because he was too close to the sun. It just throw a little out of actually his grandfather was a little oil and there's a cheater Woody Hayes of 35 years ago forty years ago. At Ohio State. Coach for an you do mentor and equipment including a great that it. That's why they're also post are you go to our future business or your orders tomorrow or grandson the first you're not objective. Katrina out of bell on asked if this is very simple question why are they so good at keeping things like Taylor's comments from becoming distractions for you see them. Those kind of young potential distractions at all is does it basically all boiled down to earth to fear of nick to fear of Saban. Yes the best. That's something we all do oh yeah. You do that you are going to give this answer all of your picture off the record will carry that nobody could hear of khaki. You know we have been getting is corporate slut lost almost surely I'm just social worker respected journalist ask the first question. And also I was in another lead that was sort of division or urged them probably not while the show's own. We're usually right afterwards so all I am. Going to have to follow and how can not add a follow up to look at the most obvious is burning question I mean it X. Spartiate contract got the wrong or at least it was your typical left tackle and computer here and I don't know what are you ought. It's immediate area it is intimidated by about Beckett got to hustle I can't stand up or about eight. And if he ought to escalate I saw unemployed and from within guys. If you have great job. It is you're covering Alabama for her own digital site Bloomberg newspaper or her anymore relative. And you go against Nick Saban you're maybe. On the unemployment line the next day and that's out of place anyone wants to be in today's world. As a lot of powerful. Let's a lot of power wheels. It is. You know AE and I'm not saying that. Satan would obviously get somebody fired. I've I've battled and they were not the case. Yeah and it is if people are often this episode with the figures you quote you guys they were the record media days and challenge them. I can assure you are not sitting right actually got. Like being challenged and okay the unload on the on the air he went after me again all of the year which showed fortunately had hail dot com. Of all the video part of her accorded and then. About an hour earlier you ought to you again I mean. It didn't authority figure he didn't like the beach out you guys all. If you John cal Perry advantage. If it entertaining. Economic reform and challenge. The Likud should or will he recruited or or you operated program and it's all done cal Perry or by a local gym. Well on the same level and you see period eat very little check and balance with these people. But there but to that point Paul I bet didn't you tell me if you think this is true. He goes off on you when you challenged nick and in that happened right off on the air off fear but I bet that respect level for you when you do it. It goes back up be and that's why he comes back on your show. Two item in this respect. Right there and let me say I don't I'll ultimately beat the bitch or soccer or do edit and sure I don't label bosses like peculiar. I think it needed to be done that and I didn't what occurred there. Originate from myself a bitter because all the little it was needed to get through a question about it as that day that need to be gaps and won't let our. I Kahlo to actually have it's a question before I am. Aspect but you know what do you what he did or did yesterday was interesting though their DEG try to blame all on other people. That got back could be an issue inside that locker bit I think it is yet. Well Nick Saban could have been happy with jail and urged going after him and appreciate what this day. Well of course she reportedly encouraging marital problems our players expressing himself really good okay. Art don't buy that. Do you think all say the two QBs fault if we do. Will it hurt his chances of one and a husband if we see both of them out there and of nick but doesn't care that's how how has priority list but if it does happen to pull back to a. Wasn't too June purchase capable of winning the job but I. He has not the better quarterback against analysts say that's and actually able to claim that you learn or meter reading and cultural making this Turkish origin he's so long and who made it into a big story he saw unfold jail and hurt. Not enough not under somewhat critical game in the national championship game that oh yeah. If you had failed them we would be having her conversation with which you are originally hurt. Can't throw the ball down the field. Alabama has a lot of receivers don't want the ball it's pretty simple. Yeah there there's a quarterback competition that's gone and Memphis but it's now it's nowhere near as. Another sailor gets nowhere near as you know you don't have the controversy around this one under serious folic what could be Alabama staff. Have have done differently so as to avoid you know getting to this point where you know there is very public airing of grievances. There's nothing they could've done because. It cures heard on the first they're a true old Jalen hurts and I realize you guys covered cover a lot of issues. He had he didn't have a good spring in this French football game which was nationally televised he was not the best quarterback. On the field. Into a wasn't in the game so what does that tell you and in I have I have no problem with him being frustrated. But what I don't like is his father opening his mouth a couple of months ago saying that my son is going to be the most important free agent. They're in college football history that's very Earl Woods from 45 years ago saying that his son was gonna be the next Gandhi. I'll leave Michael Jordan. And Michelangelo wrapped into one. And you know that his mother posted something on FaceBook which doesn't help the cause and you can tell I I think yeah emerges down America. It doesn't matter whether he'd done the right now. First game or if you do this season. All four are gonna get it done at Tennessee in do you like what you've heard what you're hearing on him. I do. But it won't be easy and I mean I'd at least got to get a role football coach. The world is that there are no longer have a carnival barker. Which they had which you don't it which show if you are eager recur pretty well but he couldn't coach. And if you have dollar and one simple saying you could find on the Internet. But by downloading an out of 35 cents. So I recruited hard core but at least doesn't have enough players to to win this year that is making can put five or six games. But I I don't see them beyond that but I didn't think the program is in good shape and are really like. Philip Fulmer. Are bringing him barrack and then buckle former exerting some influence. We don't have time and it already discussed. The chancellor. The president got fired and and the whole. Bridge yeah I know outcome Chicago's charged with John Currie but I mean in the Republican took another yet or not feel like. Even though it's down 38 to nothing before the first game in the public guy is it is at least has a chance to come back and. We are of course our our fun mama of DePaul five bombs on Twitter at. Far mom and I know your primarily covered as easy in power buy programs I was it but you're familiar you're from Memphis you know you know Memphis football and sort of their affliction DAD said. He wants to average 45000. Game they averaged 33000 a game last year. What does a program Paul like Memphis which has had great success in the non power five. What can they do what they have to do to get to a point where they're averaging 45000 again. Well it is simple answer to accomplish question to you exactly what they've been doing and then let's I have my. I continue to take my hair become I'm I'm an airport on Saturday 01 last year Chicago they're not the typical open their play UCLA. And I'd. They're not my daughter is the other bank robber might go out by the and you know we walk yeah or somebody gave it particular and have our own section. And I'd literally I took my wife Erica we got married back to gave your numbers or somewhat the same Amman. And I did marketed across boxing because they would just kind of an irrelevant game everywhere not like at all at an entire section to ourselves. I believe people. Figure out. It wrong guy I don't even know it probably got a good program gunfire right now it is I mean I edit I really there's so and trust and what's going on there. And I don't think you you know our number is really the key I mean it is the program is doing very well I just need a good particular. While the good thing was you know on that particular yeah at that particular night whatever was it must have been very romantic. For you and your wife has so yeah he's dreamed about taking my life to the Liberty Bowl another mile section. All these I judge you are caught in a bucket list off the melody and actually got this started out I'm going to. 220. To go to China in an instant trouble with very well. They got that's like at Liberty Bowl Great Wall of China I put them sort of in the same category could call me it's always good to catch up let us know to get down amid the sport basketball game looking forward to a. I wanna sit understood what you guys at center court and I am gonna. Yet my pound bombs from from other 1973. Run into. And finals or looking embargo and the ones in the eighties which early ninety's which probably no longer count I don't care about remember them and I'm counting. Absolutely bring about Paul thank you thank god by amount. Tiger. You got there earlier this mayor we've got tigers from. I don't keep data the Leslie and that was there's some real pros and and then you add that I felt that go tigers from all five love it a bad. Levy's apartment so why hold on your football questions to talk to your heart's got to motivate our own way and I milieu of about penny I knew you tell you talk like you got started will be inside baseball downloadable only don't seemingly on W sure. Pity trains since Paul or not all are good soccer question. Took pity pity transcend sport egos man's job I want some opinion right now it's just it's unbelievable men it is somewhat how I will come back just God's gonna join us and once they let go tigers Jason and Jon and it's Jennifer and yes. He is ready to nine a ME SPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and favors us today we have the best and least what Bartlett. Early on fast Memphis is a sports station. No my. You there and you're taking heat. It's so no room. 1800 knows when. Reynolds America's cup. Success. 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