Jason & John Hour 2 (8/17/18)

Jason & John
Friday, August 17th
Joined by CA Sports Columnist Mark Giannotto to talk Memphis Football & Basketball in Hour 2. 

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And listen I know Jarvis in fantastic shape still at sixty war I just found a little bit of felt a little. Strange that you would take pride in losing to one. Two nil through one. And you lied about it so now that we've got this right now we can move off of London who else who horizon right now. Rundown visited by America employees nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million FM RE SP. This first story. I saw last week the annual night basketball category took place in California. Most of the top high school players in the country were there skill development debt exposure in front of a lot of NBA scouts. They had a showcase game. On Sunday and there's a guy named Matt Babcock who's a former NBA agent he was a year. And why you care about this well couple things to McIntyre targets were in this game in hand that was easy Jefferies. And CJ. Walker both were in this game the night he'd ask or academy showcase and and that he actually wrote up some evaluations. Above the age of everybody in the class everybody that was there that he'd been caught his eye but specifically did Jefferies and they walker those the ones we care about. The care for me to read you his analysis please EJ Jennifer please do. Jefferies according to Matt and a cup former him gated is a solid all around player with ideal size on the wing in a 69 wingspan. After recently. There's not much last to his game but he's effective as a straight line driver and finisher in transition and has the right type of tool box to fit in. As an NBA three man he's extremely athletic with a above average handles and shooting ability and allied has potential to be a nice complementary player. Down the road. I'm not sure if that means complimentary in college or complementary in the NBA. But he did say he's got the toolbox the thin as an NBA remain. So I had to assume he means complementary in the NB. R&D j.'s what we're torn country and as me and new. Who is so you have. He's not complimentary on the on the post a wreck if he's Yzerman can talk to dozens of both our players. That's the bottom line right out he's asked to be talking about I'm surprised to hear him speak of DJ and and the NBA what could do that level quite frankly who. He is skilled across the board that there's no question about it has been for some time. I think he had playing with James why hasn't this summer for a for the secretaries or from a mistaken. He had a good summer in the sense that Johnny was his stock was dropping like a rock yet format and has with some other sites. I think he had a solid summer showed showed. It's or from all levels right solid rebounder and that size you want to have to be it because W will be expected to contribute on the boards. He was good enough this summer that he. They proved he belongs. And that topped with a top third born of that those guys. Are the ones that have a shot the emit. I've I've always wondered if he had the F lettuce isn't to make and it and we've discussed this before you know. He's not he's not. He's not on athletic rec it but he's not super effort gonna have that super well a quick twit she met Babcock says he is extremely. Athletic they eat quick twitch at photos doesn't undersea. What we do we get those dudes are right in Memphis we get we get there if he if he's got to go if. I don't think it's India quick twitch but again. You all rolled Babcock and you'll meet. You got you'll make your choice here. I'm young I'm never talked to Matt Babcock thank you go outside and I know his I don't know his about elation through he's athletic he just say no it isn't so Bradley by the way. I got a direct message he's skilled enough. I got a direct message yesterday. From a guy. Who listens to the show. And he had some in Saturdays from me. And it's very wrenching news and since Saturday. Reread it. Please there's a little bit of mystery to. Where it is direct message. There will be a bit an official visit to the University of Memphis to the University of Memphis in September. For a major prospect. Top. Five. Part two. What we don't kid when the kid tweets about it I'll be able to say more. I also talk about the show all the time to the prospects that need to look to join the show while they are in Memphis. I can give you a date will be available after tweeting out. If interest thing though tiger's. A first reactions we've had now appears that only achievable. No not not not Matthew hurt the settlement is African Americans. So it's not going to be matched us. Now the hurt Perry on I had them figure out you know steadily on who could be what do you said top five top five. And then I asked this question. Class. He told me then get ready for classes or of 20/20. No wonder wrong one there have been to go tigers baby on that one brother in at that rarity indeed. And I didn't have that read those were talking about an unofficial visit was not committed no case take officials when your junior now what does it change. When general terms. Nazi questioned as just. He's immediately if it goes and Campbell. Either way it's happening whether it's official or unofficial. It's happening abound pull other two down moms trying to get there quickly John and are slower. Did you you messed me up because I'm go I was look at 2019 and some and that they were you're talking about Matthew hurts yeah a year to doesn't you evidence doesn't eighteen on women into doesn't wanna. 2000 when he. He has been in the other stuff we did our man in he's harnessed all that he can't get it up in our man. What are you put an arm and Taylor Green in that integrate and there yeah I mean that's you go to talking marriage is tough party's number two corneas the end. Are Evan Mobley is number one I don't think it's I don't think it's in anger. Well that's who Sam has a relationship with that would make sense and why you turn of I geeky going analysts RJ Hampton. He's got a little old Texas Scotty Barnes West Palm Beach, Florida and the number five is Taylor and Johnson sun prairie Wisconsin. You whose influence Texas. I said RJ Hampton. Reason number three in the country 64 and into town guard spots are of course at number three in the concert in 2001 and this gentleman who direct message me. Agenda of then it wouldn't let me right lives in Dallas. Bring on another top for 2000. When he. Besides they were green another one. I am so if we are doing if we are doing. Where were put in two and two together here. Salary I was in the is going to be on campus next month how you doing. Could choose how you doing. Top five in the classroom doesn't wanna will be AM that BA Mike Miller connection there. There's leader lots of lots of possibilities ladies and gentlemen for this university amid all of that this is a money in Texas list of the showdown and tells them. Was in my here tonight dead in Texas now the gentleman who direct message me it lives in Texas. We've we've had people that live we have people that live in Florida that put us also Jay Walker. We have people in Texas that put this is an authority Hampton been William nationwide. As big time man lightweight we've we're go we're like the way you sniff that out is because on the you have me all off we all know it sounds like god you always sent to put Georgia together RG it's gonna be here. On campus next month's top five kid in the class of 2000 and Torre there was one more valuation I wanted to get to four take a break early for a move on. CJ walker who is also a tiger target in the class of 2019 and this is what Matt Babcock says about him. Along lean athletic slasher. Walker was highly impressive despite being ranked lower than many of his peers at the event. He needs a fill out and gain weight but sold a lot of promises of smooth wiry athlete is outside shot is decent. He has some ability to create for self walker is definitely worth tracking given his length and athleticism which could translate nicely to the NBA. Where wing players in his mold are always in demand so he likes both tiger target which is good news alike that. But that was mad Babcock former NBA it from a the Nike basketball academy. Next Hillary. John have you seen this picture that was taken after last night's. Pre season patriots Philadelphia Eagles games picture. Of Tom Brady nick fold shaking hands at CNET. Of the currency must turn this computer around in shorts here right now okay. And I want you sort of describe. Tom Brady's demeanor and then describe nick foale's demeanor Tom Brady looks to be. Pretty happy super happy right in the polls looks to be unsatisfied like we could like we did need to do this noon. If you remember after the Super Bowls big hubbub about it. There was no shaking of hands between the quarterbacks that usually happens. And Tom Brady's been asked about a bunch. He responded you respond to a couple questions about last night UN should polls say that the pre season game didn't have Super Bowl what's up. He talked about not shaking and have miserable I was kind of made up to me because that was never my intention that I would be a bad sport. But I a lot of respect for nick and Carson. Speaking of cars once course all those quarterbacks and that team and the way they played there a great team I don't know how hard it is when that last game they did it and correct congrats to them. But we're on the 2019. We got our goals ahead of us were trying to go out and put together great year here's what I'm going to say about Tom right. What is going well for him he is mr. role model right everything's good son come over here and give me a deep kiss right or give me give their case will be but my point. When Tom Brady when things go well other women is great and when their looser and bad news is bad espy's what you tell your school sons to stop being. The receiver last year. That he was don't remember last year he had a problem with a receiver he's going off on the sun on him and Josh. The office coordinator didn't to a says vertical doesn't put on a little a little temper tantrum yep and that's what Tom Brady does not realized the great ones. Date they do these cancer look Jordan would would would gourds with attention not maybe on his baby like but you do this to raise the level of play around you. But when Tom Brady loses. OK remember when we got on campus this remember when Camden wanna talk afterwards and what a story that McCain yeah. Tom Brady lost that Super Bowl he didn't wanna go shake hands 'cause he's a Porsche sport right. Last night after rebates have been pre season he's happy to go run and over their jumper to make polls shake his hand and look all. I'm happy doing it and nick polls and I would have felt the same way all now you wanna come oh yeah right you couldn't do this there look I know it gets in Tom used as it gets a little low. Crazy after the Super Bowl everything's fallen and all that stuff but we've got. But we got on the pistons for this. For not shaken the bulls heads up the bulls are a bead of I respect Tom Brady's greatness our review he's one of the best and our respect a lot of things that he does. Off the field the way he carries himself but one things I do not respect the way we hold him up. All the charm and we never sit here and and and criticize him like we do KM and like we do others when he she knows. The truth that he's a four sport and that's that's a nice way to put OK there I don't like it. In an and the reason he's never had to clean up. 'cause we never hold and elders speak to the fire about it 'cause he's so greatly when's brings he wins rings exactly jar. It hold into the same standard we hold air and everybody else. It's awful it's not a good example. And he was awfully happy go one and over their last night I vowed that fold assay. SR. This year at the Super Bowl last year exactly check out my ring. Check out in the he would push are you more but that's okay not idea you come in our eye off the basic and know why I'm no I'm not listen I 'cause he's he's that kind of viewed people who win a high level get treated differently they get covered differently it's just the way goat takes you know that's the same reason why are from Mars and have a job to come back to a DJ Durkin isn't. If I mean just to strip. So but I but I definitely I definitely do agree it is it is different for timer job I have one more react against it next story and it is chief. We have an it we have a new NB AB. And this one is this one is very it's gonna closed around us and every other unions who you you believe the waves are one of the best power couples in the world do you not. There it is. Well. She president's current picture yesterday. Tom getting out of the pool getting out the swimming pool. And she looks great she looks great she's she's wearing a little cropped top. And you can see it show me that a lot. And in this not the same is he's shown their foals Brady job and there I mean listen you shared your right oppose this picture you're governor you of course. Jimmy Butler commented on it all my lol let's Jimmy Butler all my lower Jimmy Butler commented on the picture. And said in all caps well Deo. All. It is in the gym and no we cross alarm first of all you cannot do that oh why that is it adds noting he always at a time that is out of bounds I don't care how attractive your you know. Does the woman may be my she's married to your peer to your colleague. Mania Jason is ready to allow meted talk to faith. I've never anything like this. So can you imagine what would have happened if they exaggerate if fate is doing what I heard live videos and I've come on there and I say well did you grow up exactly to your watch Joseph Mathieu didn't like that think about it. Well joined played like the pick no don't like not only one another tour ought to know. Jason doesn't even won the debate to be friends on page and have folks we'll talk mama back Bennett. About anything like controversial. I want to be don't and we don't have a conversation these be up three way conversation full. This led to so protective of right. Crazy anyway to wait wait has responded. All Jimmy Butler Ben Gurion at least come in with an answer because Tim has finally he said. Pro world damage caps on my wife photo again and you'll see what the good the bad and ugly as light. Now here's the deal. I feel the Winona I'll let you kid that's added my books. But. Any I mean he had to goad Jimmy pushed him he has to go public and say that you've got to brought here's the deal. I'm having a conversation with my wife. I'm also having I'm putting that out there intelligently come one come all and all that stuff like me oh you think it's out on Albert oppose the picture I'm having do you remember. Because we can localize this. Natasha how would that give. You just do that was awkward what you just did what was that well I. On the did this time guests are constantly about that he he music he knew exactly what I was talking Robin because he still. Follows the Sasha. My point was remembered how that. I was trying to speak depend upon fears she's there she's a philanthropist and I'll show NASDAQ and some of the pictures. Right it'll rights. That picture of of to have real beautiful picture it is. We know how men are when they see pictures like that John. We revert to the flesh. To that die all. Okay. That's what you go back to the adult. So I'm having a commerce Montel and Jimmy. And you need all of you crossed lacked the Jimmie that you're pro you gotta respect them got to respect that yeah I'm having a conversation with my wife sent. I do want tall and now this would be lied I mean come on this would because some of that is on you got. This would be equivalent of mile wide posting a picture an air commenting on it and saying well damn. Yeah and got it makes me more comfortable just you sang and or Brad. Or dairy. Area like digitally simulate dude are you serious like I'll have the last burst out. Like it's not as Bonnie. When it's a professional at what we know and a major routes that like he wouldn't tell you wonder why don't well out of four main players and our people well damn all sick all sans picture. We wanted to talk out right outside of the palatial that are comment this studio complex you wouldn't do that Alia you would just laugh. Well first of Latvia. It's edited do you coming up of the scenarios could you would be the culprit in this situation straight news. Breaking news Bennett we all know it I would never ever comment on any of I think you crazy. I'm married. Bill Carpenter wrote 2000. Chance publicly no way. Absolutely not that's a death wish Jimmy Butler don't Qaeda would be boring and why doesn't he married. So that matter he's like he's trying to start some stuff let me hang out with. I don't know what I was thinking at any hung out with him before this takes like that so he could be just of these could be. They better not be getting quite like that don't. Because of their friends it's a much better thought out brands under them and not be for and I'm pretty sure they've hung out oversees the F and Idaho now Blake. Still that doesn't that doesn't give you license did comment well dale my wife's picture like that or it's a violation. I can't believe you go to blamed every our union for this the you heard now denies that the way he's got to do what you gotta do what you gotta talk now two assists as you get it up you know that doll give us is all borrowed 'cause they just post pictures of her in in a patent suit. She's beautiful. And even do that you talk about. She's at what is she and she's a beautiful woman in her forties now she can't act like is not just selling sex John did you sense did you see you could do that if you see Angela bastards pictures. From her sixtieth birthday. Are you looked as. As domestic got a little strong when she performed would you wish to play the role of Tina Turner a defiant and I was I'd look since because are on guts so be it just didn't like tentative she's fantastic and by paired. Anyway. We'll keep you updated on where this what this new NBA beat Cisco it's used to outside of that. How is Jimmy got to respond she put the wind in the spot. Yeah they do it away in the spot he violated. But John again the doll comes out late at night. And that like it it's embarrassing for to win because they're vice commenting under Jimmy's comments saying you're such a legend she's got a she's got us you know whatever. So it's yeah you're right well that's a tough spot to be a jet to Wayne is he has taught him a spot deadlines come spot so will keep you updated I want to come back Marciano Jones who would talk. About Mitt this recruiting with him. That does it make the top ten. Davis frenzy to reserves who know about. With heard on Wednesday we'll get to that. 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Jason advantage out of NE SPN and every Friday we have distinct pleasure talking to commercial appeal sports columnist margin got around that now. Commercial deals sports columnist Mark Giordano. Live every Friday eleven totally fine for Jason and show off a nutty tonight have very ESPN and six ABA yeah. Mark what's going on then. Now my friend knows the new promo sorry am I'm a little later had some I think you got I got appointed technically this I'm assuming you guys talked about it on the head and on the issues. Yes it is everything OK everything's smooth. EA and now I told her she just. Yesterday when Alice Walker. Analytic out of that car down concourse. The building crossed out there. And we we going to this neighborhood across the street Pierre across Cleveland avenue to get to written. And we've done it. Dozens of top ten and you know we don't really usually do it on the crosswalk we just go in the middle of the street. And shall sprint across and whatever ball good we entered Asia immediately get into the middle of the street and I get some links Booker and she just like. Plopped down in the middle of the street. And then you know survival instincts take over here in the middle of traffic. Saddam might drag her across the street. To get her out of the way it traffic. In the pocket of dragging her she'd like really kind of scraped up turtle kind pause because she was you know I can backtrack the fighting on them. On taking her across the street and haven't figured that. Get those checked out his cheek. Pretty gig. He's probably around a little but you don't air that's no place you may play in the street the market they they come around that curve right there I know exactly where your arm back curve around which we crossed her right there and you can barely see the cars come and sometimes it comes a fast there. Yeah Rihanna do probably won't do wrong there anymore at all about it by now I would like it was literally like survival instinct take over your life just didn't like oh gosh. Carter comment we got to get added a couple of and yet now she's she's all good she did you know. No worse for the Wear I guess she's she's so we hobble around for a couple days but it's happened to Sears. I've good to hear all right so there's going to be a scrimmage tomorrow in Jackson I'm assuming you'll be there for the Memphis football program. We had Mike on the show yesterday and he said. Obviously was not gonna announce that it believed the starter quarterback on our show but did say that you know Saturday's going to be a big moment. For the program do you think we will though. It essentially about time tomorrow's scrimmage is over. Who the guy is gonna be. A quarterback. I'm not sure just because I mean I've seen I've been there probably three or four practices at this point. And and neither guy has really stood out. And you're the kind I've gone you know there's been certain guy looked a little better than the other each day I went really like you know. At this card it look like it was Brady why. But the past week it seemed like David Morse come on. I wonder if you really have a guy come out of this weekend but you know obviously the coaches have seen more than me so for Mike to say that. Let's reject that. He's hoping someone will really grabbed grabbed the rain this weekend. I mean you could mean I I got my guess is lunatic you act. I think even going into that Mercer game you're gonna be but I mean both of them play. Mom and end and by you know will he name a starter sure but I don't know eight and two yeah I just think it is gonna. Be prolonged because from what I've seen I don't see a clear difference between the two and mom you know right now. But maybe you know I you'd think after this week in and it is when you're gonna start here's some of those questioned what came right. Cool your starter Luke. You know the you know what when you gonna named someone I think. Mike would like to see someone really unit slammed it trip kinda emerge as the leader and the guy. On. But they both have different strange feeling pretty light turning didn't eat probably more accurate. But I have an eye socket and a poor practice I haven't seen him throw good deep ball any of the practices are being asked a whereas David Moore had the flash is because a better deep ball by the flash Israel like oh my gosh I. You got stronger arm. He can line but consistency is really an issue continue you know I think putting together two great practices let alone in the problem from there. So when you take that into consideration might get hit Brady's wife is starting your particular person act against Mercer. But I said all along and I've seen these two guys in the spring and and now certainly. I really think both of them from toy this year. It's hard for us got to practice given our times and and and like you said you've been out there. One birdie white committed to Memphis I can only assume we did that because he thought that he was going to be able to get the job so if you're telling us that that there doesn't really seem on the surface to be a difference between. You know Brady why he was started. You know division one college games and with started in the Agee you know an army all American. You know game in high school what do you think that says about him or her or does it say more about David Moore. I think I think he I think radiate more accurate I think when he's gone he's better than David Moore. Pick the questions so far is Warren. You know eat me eat me I'm questionable decisions and a lot of in my diaper can connect scrimmage black Saturday. He had just horrendous interception in the end on a and might gave them in your self your fault the cut the arm and I think you know learning the police still learning the playbook and he's still trying terror. You know even more I think one thing I've noticed it with those playmakers on this team he established guys that Tony Pollard the Darryl Anderson. You can just see in their interaction. There are more comparable with David more data more of being here for three years right where it radiates skill you know that chemistry is still developing he seemed to have a nice to pour with. Sean guy. And in that every big play he has is to die. But I still think he needs there. You win over the locker room and then make any sense then and that that can mean what can make my decision so top occurred if it close. I think the locker room would like to see David Moore get a chance just edited. Probably a little conjecture on my part but just from talking to some guy on the team about their relationship with David. Mean it immediately green white and got to win the job and I don't know he'd done that it but he played poorly I just don't sense that even. Taking control of the job at this point I think they're they're kind of even and and that put my can really top spot at. If David Moore is good. Should it be even. The cut off for all the points that you just laid out he knows the offense he's been here he's got the guys behind him down. I figure they're pretty whites only. Learn the playbook as you laid out you know start still try to you're comfortable that and the decision making that goes along with a he still shaken off the rust dude just getting back out there and competing you know what another ten guys out there you don't sort trusting you. I'm if David Moore is the right guy for the job shouldn't he be ahead of Brady right now. I I get I don't know he's the right guy for the job because again consistency. Is a real issue there. I guess amount ideally you'd like to see if if if if braised just struggling and it's the deep ball ideally you'd like to see more right now I'd be clear cut. He'd be better right out I'm just that. For me. For me it's not so much about hey you've got to go out to be great right it's just not messing it up and so if that's permit if that's David more than maybe but for me Brady. You know if it was that David Moore was a guy gets the point trying to make it feels like to me you have already won the job and. I think you're right I think I think. I don't think they bring in Brady white if they really felt comfortable ride with David Moore as their starter. I'm excited about just yelled. But. I think. I think don't want that thing would break even you have to he can't even more accurate you can bomb. With the way this offense is set up in the play makers you have a guy like Tony Pollard Darryl and understand the monkey Cokie I either guy you don't necessarily need this detainee to have the deep ball at the top right I guess. But it's not something you're gonna do regularly so acting in this offense if she had a hell bent the Fed up. The book playmakers in position to make play with coincidence though yeah yeah yeah and I mean personally I think. Brady like it that I think Brady rule calmly beater starter I just don't think I think it is not going to be a clear cut decision from my. It and it's going to be something where I think. I get it you know it's kind of like what Alabama did a few years ago like I think that Mercer game. It's kind of like just did this scrimmage is important I remember streams can almost be an audition for the navy game like K. In how they did they pay your campaign on real live action you know atmosphere. To show like this and the final pass. Does this beat. So I. I think it's a tough decision right now but. You know there's still two and a half weeks but this campaign and I think it land that trip is important and I think might win in November I really didn't show. If if if there what I mean I think they did Saturday scrimmage will hopefully I think Mike is hoping someone. Well stepped up and told inner just completely out differentiate themselves from the other. Got a course on a margin out of he joins us every single Friday normally at 1125. Here on the show I know this is a bit of a tough question. Given that we don't know who the quarterback is going to be but we do know everything around the quarterback. On both sides of the ball the over under is a to have mark for the season. The win total is they to have. Where are you that with that that seemed I mean it it seems like a big number now they are planned. Some cupcakes so to speak early in the year but they had they had navy weed to out there like that sets. That's a swing game and could lose this and the rest of the year depending on the outcome where are you on the over under for the for the University of Memphis. I think it's a great number by the alias and I think that really is like where. The over under is that the I've said that I think isn't going to be more like Riley Ferguson's first year with the team Mike's first year in net. The first half of the Eden there's going to be some ups and downs. And an inconsistency. Be content you have a new quarterback. And because while I think the defense is gonna be improved I don't think it's going to be key and second go out. You know we knew it gained necessarily like you're gonna have. Have to score some. But like you said the schedule not to get a call. Before the middle of October. I've got an act like eight or nine win that probably lean toward any kind with what I've seen from the ball and so far along but I could see you know. Like like you said this schedule that's up to where if things click like they did in the second half of Riley Ferguson's first year. You could see I could see him getting to ten win Beckett CM. Living up to sort of expectation of getting winning the division. I agree that navy game is going to be really tough. And you know are really out of good indicator I guess. Of just how good this team will be. The connecting the 88 going to be better than last year. And it's a road game bonds I would say eight or nine win I would probably I was going down the tune occurring now. I think I would hate the under running NASCAR and they're gonna get to eight. Bite. I like it that I think it. You know there's a couple games in there that could totally change the trajectory of this season. I'll bet there's this there's this feeling it is I think actually higher than last year's team for that team for this group. But I think the war is low because you don't have that established quarterback. Mark on the basketball side of things we've seen that does make the top rates of of several guys that 2019 front what do what do you make of this sort of John and I sort of describe it as well as on May be a widening of the net in terms of their 2019 recruiting you know it. That when we started it was all the names that we've talked about for per year even before we have the jobs why has been. In all all the stars around town everything else but but. They sort of wind things here lately what what do you make of. Yeah the I think why they get there they are you know they're obviously a small herd you know president AJ Martan and collegiality down in California. Jane that the Randy I think your paper the name yeah JD heartily teammate put him in their top and but I just wondered like don't kid called up meant that today and Ed I want undated I wanna commit I don't think they would hate them in now. Like they got only heard you know the trend in Watford but James Weidman the man you are. You know the DJ Jeffrey they're gonna wait for them to make a decision and I think Peter Pan out. Back up plan these so to speak hmm yeah plan B I mean it's it. You know so I can eat what what I find him attractive about it is you know it like they're going to California. We kids like get you know I get you to take Kenyon Martin and Mike Millard know each other but they've essentially gone out to California. Putting minimal effort. On two kids and they are we put him in their company. And it just kind of show you get how powerful. The patio that Penny Hardaway and Brandon this month has brand has quickly become the kid. Were really stick out to me that. With wit that stuff but I think. It kind of a weird you know they think are being a winner James why then and trying to block heard in. BJ Jefferies and that would they wait until spring to this guy you can't I mean you got to wait for a year and you're in really good with these guys you've got to. You got to see how this played out with them but. But if that were to occur that really puts you in an odd spot if you're good stat because you hear it really big or your left. Scrambling and tell me you know that's what I think it is. You know what they're doing right now is okay just in case from the left scrambling yuck what to make sure we have some relationships. Even though these offers aren't really like I don't feel they're comfortable all the so that's. There maybe since I think that makes a lot of sense market rigid time is always meant thank you man. I got a Grammy and actually dipped Griese is the market Jia not a bomb counselor at image he had not know he is of course the a source comes over at the commercial. PO will come back Dave McGinnis gonna join us. At 130 tightens the of course is the titans radio analyst former. Coach of the cardinals nearly coach your bears. We'll come back Jason and Jon eyes and offend ESPN. 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From the lawn more store within the commercial equipment company. Jason our entire lives have been alive and well you lied about Jarvis. Because of battle according to the browns. Low on the proper pronunciation for Tyrod Taylor is not Tyrod. Excuse but it wasn't. According to the browns. The official pronunciation of their. Other quarterback. Don't have to petition for his name is tough rod. And so are my main. He can't you can't change it. When you're in the middle of life part of the brown senior vice president of communications injured and a proper pronunciation for Tyrod Taylor. Is tell Ron Taylor not Tyrod. Please use this going forward. What tiger was it that we kept saying his name wrong and his mom Farley had had enough of it. And others on its yellow sun. That's it. We were penetration on most Trace on its TR AHS so and so her sons for sun. That's right we were saying true shock. It's not. And she looks better but how do you guitar rod from a name it is spelled T while Rudy. Tell rot. What are as guilty as this are what is this just our announcers on them is just systems to what is this. And this is simply is this some some some plot our own hard knock on and then. No doesn't tweet that NFL network put out of their check officially each. They're changing differentiation of the browns quarterback to talk entitles them but it seems weird he's been an NFL quarterback for a long time so Robert Byrd.