Jason & John Hour 2 (8/11/17)

Jason & John
Friday, August 11th

Grind City Media's Mike Wallace joined the guys in Hour 2 to talk about the new Grizz uniforms, Ben Mclemore, JaMychal Green and more 


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Visit them online at the wing Hulu dot com they'll support him if his tiger. And somehow got through Richmond that Jason Smith since you Shaq Goodwin went over there yes they just doesn't died after he got off with a so there were fantastic. He's right. Glad to send experience. The wing groups though. The respect that's a good friend John Martin sensor lights were back Jason had done that in my guys feel the lines down put that on my town of they know you. Yeah yeah we're back to sit down at a ten a ME SP it everyday around us tell me the rundown. We're gonna do. Now rundown presented by med insulin nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. And Jason and Jon. On meg ET nine a thing and ESP. First story all right so NBA two K eighteen which is gonna feature carrier ring. On the cover up to kind of awkward though isn't it because it's gonna have. Carry every on the cover. Like knowing he will likely not be a member of the team law court yeah I like you you know. He's gonna get traded. Pretty obvious at this point yet this is a matter of win support and I was gonna become a little bit awkward move because normally if your cover athlete you know of your very important to that team and your Iran. And if you very important that team most times are not gonna be traded. That this is a pretty unique circumstance but anyway it's coming out. I believe in September October. And they're always changing things you know how it is it's a video game are always trying to upgrade are trying to improve and innovate more of this particular version of NBA two K eighteen is gonna feature. All time teams. For all thirty franchise I find that really cool yeah like so what they did to get eighteen dead I got two K team believed to Kate did. Like four or five years ago is a sort of put in classic teams there. And not not just like classic to you like cardboard cutouts of players but like you could play with the early nineties magic. With penny and Shaq move and pining for. Felt and looked and played like he really did it. So they would throw and they do like the thirty teams and you know unique player characteristics and traits and skill levels and all that. They did it for the classic teams to death all so it was like so like to play with any. And it was awesome dude it was so cold as to whether you do now they're gonna feature all time teams for all thirty NBA franchises so it got us thinking out of obviously. What would be Memphis Grizzlies all time team. Beat now I guess we could go building go being picked in here right an elitist who's on the roster right. Look at the easy ones first starting point guard Mike Conley Alberta Jason goalies and players Jason Williams is back. Jason's gonna go hunting them ashore there OK so my count that's got there's two. I thought about what I what I write this down at shall run right in downing of a yard it out yet some Mike Conley Jason Williams as your point guard Tory opposition is going yeah we're gonna -- position rials about positions guys loans going to be adjusting shooting guard. Mike Miller and Kelly put in there I think so yeah yeah Mike Miller Gerdes starting out I have a submission on what you don't take it it was pretty good. Michael Dickerson. That it is not the 21 shooting guard and hear what he's back and he's not he's not top tended who's who or what is your guard eutectic. Really got you got Mike Miller who else who else do. Tony Allen Ali gosh Tony you've got to put Tony I'll fire inside moved on your right you have to east first thing. All right so Tony Allen and Mike Miller. Our dollar slipping on Dickerson who's good and shooting guard really a day shooting to add that I don't know why hello Jason smile on television I went ahead and you don't know how does life small forward he was fantastic open obligated and I got really get a bigger some really gays are starting very. James Posey is back in and out. I don't think you can exclude Shane Battier how do not have Shane Battier OK I love polls from a sentimental you're right on the guys say I had I don't honestly I don't guy you're right you're right sort of and a Posey and Eddie yeah. And now Rudy Gay was Rudy Gay was better on given Rudy Gay all the while narrative like I know we don't know it's cooling crap already gave pretty gays are started during a mom with serenity and Battier. And here's where it is going to controversial. Who we are starting four is it powers act. That's de sac okay that's some politics pals coming up and eat. If you take 2000 heavier yeah I think he's he's 260 W 268 you know how we feel about power here. But he's still would like one of them but he's a hall of Famer is all farmers solved you bring it all the bits yes OK are we physical talent senator was brother now because you're not. You know I'm gonna put him in front of mark you may need it because I don't know tobacco centers going to be we know the cells and I was thinking if it weren't good. I guess for. Amid MS is Hillary isn't what is the opposite sex is easy the second wrestler had a guy that who is it it's it's got to be Rick. Yeah like who's to say ambassador all time. Andrews is history there would like attended a guy we don't have Shareef Abdur-Rahim on this list. You realize that this is and I realize that's Vancouver worse that we're going on now on moment as I did was awesome. Our guys they need to ask partisan Randy I'm my is Indian the decision not could have meant a Dottie on this game on a you know he's out he's not making the cut. Who is it Jake Tsakalidis no no love Jake Tsakalidis but no. If it is this that is Lorenzen on the radio writing and try to insurance is an all time. He's an all time great we love the northern part of the question that's because what happened but like legitimately he's probably take investors are played he was pretty good it was a good sitar like he started. An enemy. We are are right so here's our list that we know what -- know there are where we come out there about what they're just always are. Mike Conley Jason Williams Tony Allen Rudy Gay Shane Battier Zach Randolph I was saw Marc Gasol Lorenzen Wright who we missed. Well mr. anybody is good fortunate to end this grizzlies then that feels like a good list I'd I'd order I'm having I'm one I'm really isn't in the Dickerson talked about because you've got to slip it on day what's Dickerson might be on around to some low for the tin man right now. I had a tin man rotation. Michael Dixon was stunned Maria served at that polygamy fifteen guys on this and right. We're not doing two ways yes well let's fill in the other five let's fill the other five derivatives and it let's go to so Michael Dickerson. Absolute hours or reenter Abdur-Rahim yes. But we're doing Vancouver which I know I'm we're not putting big country on there today as Posey Fuzzy. And I can impose on Carlos Navarro up that we got two more spots want to lay out all I've got his Dickerson Posey so far. I've you're name we've got put out during winter well we regularly now we are well then we got to add my bit to be okay Mike Bibby. But it is the fourteen. And this is the full franchisers who is the fifteenth who is number fifteen. Who is number. What just you can throw him or just want your one your favorites now well now now what has to be what historically accurate well. Bonds it. Now. Is it either character what got him and yet Mario and I don't care about characters duty from fifteen to Manny started playing in NRA. I don't know who's good who's who's on the wild and like Darko or somebody else goes on the sticks Barre. I might be on the sticks Obama I wanna put Barnes you must started to line up. So who is never fifteen. Chandler Parsons no it's I wish this on stuff man who was gonna come up with a fifteenth player like the sold out like throw some honest it is. I have is that they don't follow on who's gonna try names of relevant players that have played degrees as G I mean the evidence you got Tayshaun Prince. I shown below what he's here. With so events. An honorary Latino and on billions in bonds the bonds he's the dude do you think it's Bonzi on on on on on the way ya gotta come off so the better and bonds the other thing I don't hold on omelet and I'm looking right now you can be whatever position at this point to -- on an -- felon out the roster. But I this is very difficult this is a lot of heart that I about I got a couple Bonzi submissions as well on Twitter or Allen Iverson that's a submission at that they'll you can isn't embarrassed lets you people are telling me buys your absolutely right obviously I was Orlando Nomo. Eddie Jones. Now Eddie not long any sort of toward the tail end the year I was a good player you are us what about Courtney Lee hey no no. It is my back couldn't hit a jump when you need him to. They aren't they did attorney and stop there also developed and AM I would to get him about those patella today and Damon made another went to the playoffs I don't need we kept mum million point guard and the doubt yeah baby. Mike Conley you don't need Damon tea man. Davis is making the cut if you're not taken stroh's Shelvin did anybody easy on the wherever I think we have the given Bonzi. I think we have Darius Miles I think we got no bonds there's no doubt you got to give me borrow it fifteen I did you bonds and we got here I mean there's no other well there's no other. There's no other way that people love my Michael Dixon picked thank you I am and Evan thank you Michael Michael Conley junior Jason Williams. Mike Miller Tony Allen Rudy Gay Shane Battier staggering out how to solve market saw. The reds and right Michael Dickerson Shareef Abdur-Rahim James Posey Mike Mike Bibby. Bonzi Wells we have got the best I feel really confident that Lou I do to don't have him in another yeah yeah how can there be another. Fifteen. That's the fifteen you don't mean. I think that is the exact on the work for them the only question is. Like David was pretty good as agrees and it was did he was pretty good as a grizzly when bad in the three point guards we got. Bobby Jackson wasn't here long enough he was not better and baby Jane will or Mike Conley. That make Qatar. I think that's her I think we had I think we did come up when that so. We Vasquez now. Non signs are you now I want the law I want him to be tosses I want him to be top fifteen I thought he had a chance man but I had a chance. But yeah I think that's I think we've put that we just came up with a Jeff Green you did not make the cobra unfortunately next Hillary Obama to Wesley person. It and make the fifth and now. Allied allied I love you man Eddie Jones is is is pissed off I don't look he's all right on the cut list is beyond should because he's right there I think I'm Alaska adding Damon is though is when I'm. In looking at the list is looking at all the guys on the grizzlies dame is the one that stands out that I might wish we keep getting him in this list David Watkins were not an Anderson on the team. Now stop he's not even allowed in the building you're you are drinking this afternoon. If you started our late. Art let's move won't. Attention all ball urged. This may not in here this means you out of I want to see you out here tomorrow did you know the Memphis as an ABA team I've written about written a little bit about it while I was at the commercial appeal. That kind of an on off at some ownership changes I think Vincent askew was out there one point coach and when I got a new owner John. And start tomorrow. Over Mel rose from 11 AM to 3 PM all you Boller is out there in Memphis another a lot of you out there. You wanna play for Memphis is semi pro team BA BA team they're called the Memphis jazz they are as I said under new ownership. And I'm told very stable ownership. This woman and owns the team has teams as well as Chicago in the Bahamas so they're very stable now Johnson got situation stable until the will Coleman. The former tiger is gonna play on this team this season as a mental outlook for the folks that are interested in trying I'm John Martin I would love. As much as you come in here every morning and talk about the 25 you score and you charge sleek. You need to go do this I wanna see how you stack up the thing is. Yet his sixty books down not paying I'm not paying to go try out a young page while also they should pay you to trial right Nellie a lot of that money to come where anybody can grab one for the state late at night that I should be allowed to try out for free because of this year possibility to do you know how many people they have out there they did that. What. Does open tryouts just anyone they get the whole city out there and a bunch of brutish post like you'd think they could play really stop saying Rudy proved. Stop it. Made it clear to use not. That is correct usage of the term we've looked it up not to go do that again they are it's not real. Your your wrestle was the one saying it Rome not wrestler whoever you said whoever this wrestle with that Rudy poo Barack should have been through this rats he admits Rudy pooped. And didn't finish all the run me finish it off it goes coach and his team former tiger sitting at its is that coach. I will be held down by Steve fracture and if you listeners will recognize that name the former long time. Carver high coach. GM as Winston banks and as I said they've got a new owner a very we should think about haven't how many female owners other professional sports. You would be the answer by owners yeah. Well this is Amanda realizes the ABA but it's a semi parolee she owns teams of the Bahamas Memphis. And in Chicago we should have her on the show sometime. Upon this fast and began the team is under new ownership the name of the teams the Memphis jazz of the season thus doubly SARS in December. Trust all I have to pay. Yeah I sixty bus trap that you make the team jumpers sure you don't get a check. I doubt it. You get a check nor should do they think will Coleman sort of for free my friend that is a different ownership group the must Bremen now for like 64. You know he's not very good he's good but like he did you know he's just a 64 gathered to shoot there. It is a bad leg he'd he'd played on this ABA team back when it was called something else. And the thing was about harming a big weight he ran it. But big wink yeah yeah that he's the GM of this thing is think they're Winston backs yet he mom and right he did not report getting paid. Now maybe it's a new ownership group and I don't know should Grady they have changed I hope I hope that I hopefuls debate but did any I didn't have. Energy have. Child's back in the daylight gives US. I feel like they did people were Amy on the go Trout for the I would energy. Well. I'm not sure but I know that tomorrow at Melrose if you are interest did you go try out for the Memphis jazz but this is a BA team. At Melrose high school from 11 AM to 3 PM tryouts a sixty bucks a better. But bring that and you better be a ball if you don't pay sixty motion though if you make the team hum the Memphis jazz. The NBA season will go on John they're under new ownership airway net. Story all right it was a week Elvis week is officially under way in Memphis started today go through next Saturday I believe this is forty years. Since Elvis passed away. Com AF and they are expecting the biggest crowd. Maybe ever grace went for the vigil have you ever been to the vigil a number of individual men too gruesome couple bombs. The vigil is something that you must do broad. It's it has decided not to expect that to come any amount you must do it for this year people watching experience. It amazes me. What it imagined this when you guys. Forty years from when you die nobody's gonna remember you about nobody's gonna remember any day you say. But she did. Thank you will be a distant memory. Most everyone rate they did it will so he had that camera and not do it it will be as if you bleed out while you can just be when you got them because of how much you right now. It would be as if you never even exit I'll always remember you I'll take you with me everywhere that I go but it everyone else about you never existed. Elvis forty years later. Brings people from. England and they cry it's us we don't like it's amazing how big this dude still is on the other Germans and attacked and it's it's crazy in like you go to individual. And I believe in the maybe once or twice but like they have like candle. Exhibit on the ground there just sit and play it's the weirdest thing ever it's weird. Listen if you're admit it and you go I get why you go only one how did they get you out there. I can't remember I think rose or drag me to it may be if they come check this out and we will have a few buddies and I don't know hate it is. How strange is that you go dead man's house is endeavor forty years to sit there. That he was king and don'ts I'd expect Elvis but like can we not find a different way to besides sit in for this house. Just do enough and how else will we honor him you know listen to his music to know the crowds like Barry White. Yeah in that seeming all copies and main engine yeah between their forties and bit irritated out there though on the disk I mean anyone that's what I wanted to do at some point those 42 funerals. And sixties and sure of it they're gonna die. Yet able that's edit or this will allow imagine what will die down. I don't know it is I don't know on the net maybe as well as those the kids of those 405060. Girls feel the same you know I guess they're gonna get a gift she rather than they are different planet. I guess you got their man is forty this is forty thought of me the token black guy out there I know they'll be other black guys out there. Let her black folks that feel that way about Elvis that he meant so much I don't know you're gonna have to tell another white folks out of their eldest crossing the picture the cry at this time. Elvis was like he just passed away the king of flagged. He was inside Kundun. No question about it I mean who did it like helps me get into a main went machines are back. News here in Memphis that's right on. Whichever of us are. Terms under return to sender. So you do you like Elvis. Muscular fan of them don't play musicals you understand Elvis phenomenon audio doesn't like mystify you about what might change again yeah okay. My favorite Elvis song is Kentucky rain it's and under the radar pick but. Not really it's and its own it was famous somebody nobody's radar picked nobody and that he's meant so proud of themselves. A under the radar picked out there and does that slog through this thing. And the lone content. Learn and it's. Could they scare you yeah everybody knows that song you don't know what not sing and you don't know it. Not a big fan that he doesn't nowadays I did Jason doesn't acknowledge it's okay it doesn't it's not a big deal we're gonna get Jack they're gonna live for else. We're gonna get you out you're injured now you don't we're gonna get throughout the vigil. They yet candles. Yes OK get some candles we're gonna bring them out even come visit us there are a little bull will carve out a little corner there is to our offense around it's god when you won't catch me after we it is goalies are human takes them some bud lights down to the vigil. We can get after UN. No all right was seated down there. When we come back we come back Mike Wallace covers the prisons for Brazilian media they got some new uniforms yesterday I'm curious as to know. His opinion about them how different they are for the grizzlies that's confusing. Yeah have you seen Michael Green and I'll have you heard from do we know he's okay. We'll talk to Mike was we come back Jason Domenici on a ME SP. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- License in Tennessee Mississippi and Arkansas license numbers 114015006256. And money therefore. 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Pop revenue in the nick about the shopping plaza gets a bad eggs MDC candidate or all night no 1774065. Yeah well just a salad at Leo's head at all Italian cuisine made fresh daily that's also affordable monetary pairs have been thrown about out there for awhile now and felt needed just three miles across state line at 775 Goodman will be for the customer. Were forever you should become one but don't just go for the full understanding angelenos. You've got the perfect place to watch the NFL each Sunday Natalee was also happens to have the largest long term benefit globally in this other counties have been looking for a week. Those likely have a spot available for you for more information go to Seattle and of pizza pages FaceBook dot com. 688 AM on the W in the best and 829 espn.com. Yeah Sears. Tyler back visited did you ever MBAs here we have some developments about my. Fledgling. ABA career. Can't wait reveal those details. The next segment right now his name is Michael while he covers the grizzlies for granted immediate dot com he's been busy. And he joins us now might what's happening man. It was gone off from a third class Bradley give it to be back with the. Of course of course so. I gotta tell you man this I gotta tell you gotta be real with you. I was very excited. About the uniforms that saw your tweet your like there comment hash tags stay tuned sunblock on my Mike sixth would account. And this refresh and Connecticut have seen other other uniforms and on nights you get numb it's gonna be so much different in. And I see their uniforms and I'm like and you're forced to what's what is a bit different like the way they look at him. How did I tell the other day you know yeah. It ain't none on our you know are you you're you're right about that you know that really have taken more the traditional posting says some latitude in terms of you know how far they wanted to go to you obviously see Indiana. You know Cleveland Detroit. You know some other teams have gone more drastic with their changes to grizzlies. And probably have to leave the morning had the lead you know so what more subtle San Antonio has pretty much you know from the look at the Mecca it's pretty much the same gruden go the same with the exception of you know different stitching here in the air it's more. This was more hopefully this flexibility more so than been been passionate terms how drastic the fashion closed. And it released so you know from my understanding is so comfortable what they're confiscating it felt comfortable with their. You know with the tradition that they've that they've I would be this latest model. That there will be some you know from what I understand there will be you know developments coming with the European okay. You know. You know annual tweaks particularly to those uniforms and that merchandise so. You can have some harm and they'll be some problem that to let this woman more volatile currently. Want to go back a little bit. Pete did the excitement from from from my ending in the entire cities into that. You've seen all of these other unveiled and how these other teams have done it. Call the detainee being used their franchise marquee guys base their unveil I don't think you seeing any came up with the production quality that you know varsity media and the reviews are putting into it in unsanitary conditions in the commercial with the arms saying the column. And the whole nine so it's more about shooting flexibility. And and that's what would would be unveiled was about you know I understand that you know how it was. Matta let's say if you will fall scheme can color of the game would it matter what they would do whether middle of the ultra inflexibility of the of the the bridge itself. I know that Nike there's going to be O you know more possibilities with them and and perhaps more iterations of the informed on the road my thing is. Mike I was a big fan may be the only fan of the original uniforms like the black in teal and red joints. Like I know there like that code makes no sense at all. But like I love it did you is gonna be a possibility. For alternate slight lead to sort hearken back to the original like day one arrival that this group these days is that perhaps on the agenda. You'd like he has basically they have the icon addition and they have the associations of those little boo boo traditional home and away some seem to grow and expand to two to some of those alternates but they're gonna have like you know 67 different alternate uniforms you can go to. Complex dilemma what I'm not sure how I wish I knew that it. My dog I do know Mike you who's who's is close to the vets with a lot of development because they wanna. Maximize their you know their their potential to show these jerseys and all those things like can't tell you that degree these new merchandise to be yourselves September 29 so. Actually ordered that stuff in your Ravi did a lot of that coming in at that point. Michael Sorrell bit Maclin more. Obviously there's we heard the injury news hum is it several suspected to be you know twelve weeks roughly 812 or we look at that. Yeah yeah it's it's sort of missed three months man and a guy had surgery. Monday. Picking on back Wiegmann has been a crazy week Newsweek where. Yes certainly more coming out we didn't you know he he fractured foot. You know mayor of maple we'll wait to last week normal work out in LA. Basically it was part of it is his regular all season regiment anatomy you know his agent who's reached all which. You know obviously we're called as we closely and Enron's culture sports which LeBron James whose. Umbrella network they are so you know those guys in different segments were doing their work outs and you know he stepped on another got split from everything I heard an and I have a freak injury so. You know army counterparts and do out there working Loudon and recapping and all the guys across the lead whether they're playing in the public league like the truly do whatever mom everybody's quietly got all this point to get ready for China campus was just unfortunate situation. Did you look at that November's mid November somewhere around their projections hold true. But I everybody's foot injury is a different situation comes at a recovery. On the other end alma she's been to this and other are the doctors the grizzlies on medical staff they're pretty company it's not a Jones fracture and that wasn't mature and all the release. Yes yes yes I was listening to you guys that day you know we will we came out of the peace and yeah you right there there was no mention of the generals fracture on my understanding from everything I'm hearing it's not sure loans also hurt you don't Carlin always walk home county you know come on and we talk about. You know you're still dealing with reg Jones area you know I mean it's right any time you and at that matter also. Such a delicate sensitive area and not covered to move NBA players who Agile fractions. And and that some more loopy recovery. And it's it's it's more of frustration delicate issue. Everything I'm hearing at this point is that that's not with the surgeon who was to correct awesome. Hopefully in the rehab as they continue to move forward there aren't any setbacks aggravation that could impact the Jones. Area but that's not what I'm hearing at this point so they they select goes good clean up successful surgery. And then we'll see how we had goes but you gotta keep. You know you can keep your fingers crossed and edit these guys go to these rehab is because we've seen you know especially here. It's been a different roles every single player that went through recovery. The government and some light there. We of course saga Mike Wallace who does this thing over a grind city media covering the grizzlies I know it's got to be frustrating for bin Michael Moore who finally gets out of toxic culture toxic situation Sacramento and the person happens as the B obviously breaks his foot. But it's got to be increasingly frustrating for this organization and David is out because you make that decision. You know what we're gonna start over at the two we're gonna go with the youth movement we're gonna try to develop this cat. And you can't do that now think he's he's coming out this this foot fracture so how does this sort of changed. The plan. Believe that the plan mean it's it's the flexibility it is is sort of it's it's you meet right now because it reviewed are ready you know the I don't know what you count. You know a guy like judge Michael Green and you still already looking at 1617. Oppose and between guaranty contracts and you know Mario's more let's make good type deal you know you have to prove a trade Camby can make between him and it's a guarantee that come out Tibet but even still there's not a lot of wiggle room when you talk about veterans that can be bought it. So that means that you you look at a wind still gonna say hey Rick can you build or you're someone who truly do different his role will be drastically different. You know in when the season starts vs what he had a player to go to guard somebody can he be more role player. They have primary defender at the wing you know you look at other got the mean James and this could certainly slide a bit that position. Troy Perry who's still around there Tyreke Evans obviously display combo guards can all throughout his career he seemed to be on the menu working out his trump. I'm from from everything I've seen him so you have options there you hope that so we're not not so you'll. Michael Moore can sort of fast tracked their recovery a little bit and work his way back and so is not complete panic but he did it was a gut punch because this is the guy you targeted. As your created you know free agency reset button for this year this off season. And now you know you still have questions coming in because sure we're really hadn't solidify don't you know himself get in there is even though he's he's healthy he's what he's healed now. You got two guys are last in probably the agent pickups coming in. Dealing with some major question mark going into this season so we'll see where it goes and that's. What's next for on the on the Jay in my front have you seen them. Have you seen him around Mike Wallace can we get it done. Or and I hadn't seen him you know talk to some people close to home you know at various points of the there's some of the last month or so and you know it's frustrating part of Michael that I mean this is the guy you know he was. Either he was so they do leading to attract became an elite at the buses still you know to get the opportunity at San Antonio didn't do the same thing here live as did pretty much everything you've got to do is change due to gain. Saint whose body composition. And restricted free agency that is just it is such a drag for. Some of these guys because they're at the mercy of the businesses and are no he's better you know about the way this has played out. He certainly didn't expect dubious freeagent at this stage but. You yeah I still think this innings in my opinion. Was with him with the grizzlies because I patenting he had placed. A lot of places where he can come back and beat a starting power forward. I'm right now he's still slotted at that because you know you're restricted free agency means that we can make any deal. But you our government should get free agency too is not uncommon for got to go almost to the cost of training camp and maybe even into training camp before they get a deal done. Yes as I've I just hope that bitterness doesn't overshadow what what is clearly a perfect spot for him that had hoped that bitterness doesn't reach a point where you don't wanna be why would you not want to be here it's cut out for his acts going on looking over your shoulder. Hum I guess I'm just eager to get it done Mike I guess that's. And I'm a human yeah I. Are you write about that that the bitterness comes in from when even your teammates and your agents in the league and everyone's saying when you come up you won't get paid and how do I even told me he told us look where everybody's got to you know you couldn't pay their policies and you know he's still gonna get ready speaking of what he was late incur. About being in the league where they might not be that you know 1010000121000015. Million dollar a year that he was streaming and that you know he probably was told he could do. Going to be something we're taking part of the summit short term situation and make you re created to Mexico or arm or you know take a look smaller bill than what you expected but the market certainly didn't. Breaking his favorite so to speak right now. And what I think what what you have trader and most are farm around I think that can log back into what they're really here to do. You've covered the run in Miami obviously what what do you Melvin we've asked you this what do you make of sort of the very public. Yeah it's bad for you whatever you wanna call between Tyree in the brown right now. It's funny to me because this is the first time I ever remember a guy indicating he doesn't wanna play in Little Rock more com you know but usually LeBron. Probably but you know what I respect I read it because we've always been sort of dissolve to protect marriage he's. He's played you know he's margins will be of the different drum you. You've done that you know all the way it was like I think it's because you know his upbringing with his bag and be an overseas for bit. You know having to deal with that diversity with the injuries at duke. He's always been a believer in his own town has almost like he's had a creative mindset that you probably lose you know 151617. Years old and you know the ability does that look it was his franchise so to speak when LeBron you know he had just signed a long term deal because he was going to be the senator franchise two weeks later LeBron comes tactically what they're winning. I mean they're winning it doesn't seem like it's the best ideal situation a walk away from that book is kind of restated OK look up into the finals already won a championship I wanted to establish you know wanna be you know be established star of the team and we'll see where he can go to make that happen but it's. I don't picky but I have a clear path to the conference and in the NBA finals where he says it anywhere else you if you walk away from the wrong. The league. Adding a week trying to trying to kill these these risks days for some of the Sargent like what they're doing with the stare. I do not mean the season's gonna start you know we only two days earlier. And that they're making sure it seems you know the full 878 you know being stored you know all star break as well. Com what what happens over doesn't want is this season to experience includes a lot of the movies clearly that one. But I agree they have to follow through with the bill because the back the backstage should be able to alleviate that you know you would hope they mound you know could make some of these restrictions going guys shoot Reston shouldn't. I think that helps I think that's going to be policy to list but I do think it's more Arctic could be fired on that because I can't wait to see the first came out of it fine. Or have to face repercussions for electing a guy who legitimately has already have a nagging injuries. My man we appreciate the time is always there they are you. Taylor you've got particular thanks. I got back he is a Mike Wallace covers grizzlies over a grind city media dot com I we come back we have an updated development for you. On this ABA saying. 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And we're gonna put John Martin on the spot now ladies because if you listen to us a little earlier this hour we talked about. That this is ABA team semi pro basketball league. And now under new ownership the name of the team as of Memphis jazz and having tryouts tomorrow at Melrose up from 11 AM until 3 PM. A point that out because as I've asked John if he would try out. Some kind of break the news too much pain for trial sixty bucks Trout John. Obviously use that. As an excuse for why he's not gonna be out there tomorrow but here's some new info John they are willing. To let you. Try out for free so are not just acts. Tell Johnny can come by and be our celebrity player at every home. The game John this is semi pro basketball. This is the chance you've always waited while I have an eight revealing. You're gonna was out of this well one thing I always did the sixties out the window now there's no excuses John how about we get over there and for the show. You try out tomorrow overnight ride and I ABA I MIC you are what are you. I got mush is playing now. It's always excuses alternatives like a ball I would dude I would tell you I would do this this is what I'm on the they need a white shooter that is guaranteed they visit a white person. There's a little diversity isn't what I'm willing to do to bridge the gap. I'm not trying to. However however. If you'll just let me on the team. As you're celebrity. Player. Who can come to every home game in check in when he wants. And get as many shots as I do you what you've got this kind of leverage. Police. You kidding me I know you're all year Phelan. You know your. Your love your little smitten. What are you talking Meryl smitten by the ownership group and I'm intrigued that there 83 that today if that does have a female owner in loans teens apparently all over the country said you go RJY posted a picture of our age you said I am in three I. I fell flat Joseph what is wrong with you how many female owners and what are unique dot I talk about a married mayor and black players. And I admit it I'm intrigued buyer look at and now the why me. What else could it mean I'm intrigued by heard the woman be part owner of a professional sports last branch has not just here in the what did you guys on the mile an hour my man is backpedaling and and why everybody's paying. If I've posted a picture of another woman and I said I'm intrigued. Let me tell you what's about to happen. I'll sleep and in the red room tonight brother brother you do get some trust in that relationship well it. Believe meanwhile wife just my lovely wife just brought me lunch here this afternoon. She trusts me John if you that's what marriages are about David if you want if you tweet a picture of another woman you and you say. This is a woman who does so and so and so and so I'm intrigued well cruel and your life said. And you know she's you pried me like what's this mean not explain like Jason just did. Betsy had 88 I just got out of the trouble I think I don't let's try to get an abiding I want another comedy background only a fun. I don't know why you don't background because allow me to shoot aren't sold chemical plants I usually don't hope for John you remember. Yeah he's got the art RB. The urge is that you're just try to get them back dreaded vote for upcoming fakes are not a talking head like you I'm a real journalists. There you go now it's out there. Wow since you won't go there would mean not that he wants argued in trouble with faith I probably wider I can be a journalist would ever wanna be. Period I can take I could turn it on a tart at all. Right now and I've got to be a journalist. But the idea talking head today while Washington and a semi pro basketball so what I again my offer to big Weinke is that I will be. The celebrity banks that GM was that. We're on that kind of relations are great culinary wink they are waking across Muslim name we'll tell tell big lake Illinois listed at tell the owner who is on though is also listen. I will be your celebrity play here. And I will perform at every single game I choose I don't want I don't want to wink you hear this disputed this is where it goes off devolve board I would change shoes when you go in stop just has a real coaches and Citi acted to play for the tigers Sydney you'll meet and I felt so gradually you amigo had to come to an understanding Michael Watson assistant coach not allege you just come and when you want to. Did that we're at come to an understanding that as the celebrity player of the shots I'm taking all of them period. I don't care about will my check go out there about what the laws like out there are no goals or home I don't think you know RJ white or the GM Winston banks is gonna. Okay are proven power that he can be out in December he can be our celebrity player every home game no trials needed John that's all that's a unique. You're then you're audio on the damn TR I will Coleman. Like. I am I gonna get paid. You don't you shouldn't need to be paid you make good money here I thought well this is about your legacy where that's basketball player Elijah do I get a beautiful with my name on it. Absolutely I'm sure I'm war Shirley org that are you kidding yeah we do that if you if that's if that's a dud dot. That's a dud audio out way to have this woman lived your life size again I'm fascinated by you kidding me I can be up on a day on the Memphis jazz. You such huge opportunities would be great for the show you don't dumbo will Coleman give dollar amount on live going to be tell why we're going to yeah. I have some practicing heated par office. You're Barbara. It's about celebrity practice as big wink I think you have a distorted view John Mark first of all you calling your celebrity player. Let's let's that's that Brian has had to write your right yep bring down only a week we don't bring down John down a pig not not push him up blowing it up a mob of a champion. A celebrity champion of the putts will indeed get backyard sports core hole whatever you want when you put it you name it on the champion add it. What is the latest yet of the text uniforms yes uniforms yes there are no more excuses for you are right. I have laid this out they have rolled out the red and Barbara let me play a way we play home games are men. Ultimately it's not a done deal yet I believe on guys are going to be big constantly over a big way keep send me a schedule. To John Martin Memphis at gmail.com. A man who are you on the phone with David that big Blakey has definitely affect their ago. Did in my head going to be an ABA player dude this is amazing I'm trying to tell you that you Ted true. Oh this one's very bad. 59 and everything yeah Connecticut new Ted's gotta get the new probable fed to man I gotta cover up cover of that sixty Danza to you this is amazing big league thank you so much for the opportunity we can discuss compensation I don't like the owner RJ why aren't they want to look very forward to meeting we have our on the show. And I'm now an employee of yours. This is incredible. Report we do did I achieve my dream I'm gonna pay a professional to be the game. Info about the child's. Odd data for you right here from again from eleven to 3 AM it's that Melrose high schooler tomorrow listen to me all you pro bowlers out there. Another podium here in Memphis 11 AM to 3 PM at Melrose tomorrow tryouts. You get to perform right there in from the old graphic I know the GM and the coaches and Atkins and go to scratch your former Carter coach. And again Trout sixty bucks. Sixty knocks out for you have to make a Marta a team you you on the team with will Coleman Young minds Timmy will color teammates this is exciting Davis is Greg I'm gonna live through you unless our man so I know I've now the proud the news I'm never made the newest member of you made it as let's say meant it was you know it was a great journey for me you know and there's some nice where I was wondered is that we'll have to for me. But through hard work. And it just gotten it done Britney working the gym and be there before everybody doesn't leave a matter everybody else out there agent on Travis king junior Travis king that is wanna thank god I want to thank the deacon for letting this happen for them for the beat get well Don we're gonna. We're gonna we're gonna achieve our dreams come about in my house. And I always get out there when she's then so I can't wait a glorious day for me. Well basically we gotta gotta gotta get the schedule and I get the updates that are into foul ball and I'll poke out a good number to go holder didn't want the number two. For what Jason royals we're sure we'll well we come back we're gonna Swiss skiers yes. Take it to a little bit more a serious place where I talk to William Bedford I can't wait former Memphis tiger he's in the lobby right now. Does not delay interviews but he's got a lot to say lots tell. We will talk to him when we come back Jason and done and it's not a fan yes it. Have you received a notice in the mail from the IRS or state cleaning needs you owe back taxes are your wages being garnished is there a tax lien on your property don't try to fight the IRS on your own. Grab a pen or put this number in your cellphone let's call coast one financial group today at 8552380984. That's 8552380984. When you call -- speak with one of our trusted team members coast one is a team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents who work directly with the IRS on your behalf so you don't have to people see if you qualify for programs that may dramatically reduce what you go to the IRS coast one financial group as an eight plus rating from the Better Business Bureau your tax problem will only get worse if you ignore it or try to handle it on your own let the experts at coast one financial group -- -- today -- free information call 85523809848552380.