Jason & John Hour 2 (7/18/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, July 18th
Joined by Barrett Jones to talk SEC Football/SEC Media Days and Former Tiger/Summer Grizz standout DJ Stephens in Hour 2. 

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Knew he was vessels at any time and don't look good news.com. I don't lose the radio guys come. I'm eating dinosaurs ESPN's. These cooler this hour. I got a chance to win a thousand bucks right now once you get a winner right now all of this keyword text the word harper H a RD OR takes harbor right now to 72881. Preaching is 1000 bucks against the twelve looks like keyword is harbor thanks harbor H eight RD OR 2728813. Chance to win a grand I'll have another chance coming up at 1 o'clock A right now I got an hour worded text the word harbor HAR and BOR text harbor right now to the number seven tooth. 8813. Chance to win 1000. Plus the left. Broadcasting on. Succeed me in an online at 92 million espn.com. This news of the cheese then tell us. Don't ever see a sports station 92 million. ESPN. The Ringo roots and locations and our fine city of Memphis Tennessee one the fifth sixth then and now Mariah that's the original. About 719 and and stage road to bounce a you'll out of when the full swing guru before you open up the second locations months. Full mammal like that yes the menu fallen back. We've been there about you know they're about or fox are the last two weeks and out that's because that's our your family's got the town covered now energized feels like he's got it covered and it's premium flavors yeah I had I had my poker night on Saturday. Did an environment while I thought that was your poker night but I was I was having I was having a rivaling. Poker night and I see doors I was so angry that you didn't abided by it but spread odds like you know what I got catered for that event. The wing to action it ally it lasted fell fifteen minutes. I start the clock lasted fifteen minutes yet Nashville hot lemon pepper. Normal high 'cause I'm a little bit of a pay and they and they still did not last very long and there's a reason for that because they are exquisite wings palm folks in on the hands and part. Until I looked in good eye and folks cholesterol free you'll it's healthy for you if there's chicken. Don't just drop the chick you know got a phone don't sleep on this woman murdered is fantastic as well make sure you try that you column of a 509 point 405 or. Skoler two locations that six iron on memorize. 71 man announced they'd road swing guru and Cingular Richmond tellem that Jason and Jon sense are at every day around this time do rundown let's do the rundown. Down presented by a matter of when nationwide insurance. Today's stories from Jason and Jon. On 92 million SN EST. First story president is always a big day for people like me who love the release of Madden were about a month out so you know that means football season is getting close. Madden 2019 going to be out in the middle of August and they have announced as of this morning. They're cover athlete did you happen to know who it is Jason eyes did not admit to risky I got the info it's Anthony Miller you're welcome it is not Anthony mellow than they miss the boat he was later seven. The earlier date is seventy something his first rating low to love yeah but the good thing is they have dynamic updates they consolidated until we become and I'm going out trying to do you know it is. It was Antonio brown and how well morale. And as the vote it is Antonia go but brown never with the of the good ones parliament. Early. Dad I don't know Friday. If I mean I think I think Antonio Brown is like you know he's fine I mean he's one of the best in her top three pick in fantasy football and nobody's in a one of the faces of the leak and the fact of the matter is you know he's pretty. He's pretty flashy the flashy guy. You know I think if this is something that I moment he would embrace he's probably. I mean there's a lot of great receivers in the NFL he's arguably the best or one of the two or three vessel which put about the you know who Leo may know. Maybe I made from a physical standpoint on boring it. Every day underlies why I am you're right he he he is one of those one best received only I thought maybe you'll try to put up O'Dell when there. Now now does O'Dell has his injury issues a bloodbath there's a thought is durable yet that you're exactly right around him once in Little League receiving last year 15133 are on the government that we're seeing games that that not what I need you tell me is that it did the cut does the cover jinx will look is that dead end of last year's cover boy get injured Al does that apply as it was you know I'm ready right and I Bartlett isn't a lawyer and unique role that was wrong. Yeah I don't think there the Madden curse. Still exists so yeah I think it's fine he could go on. You know dare car. A Mark Cooper if you wanted to do that maybe duels from different Marshawn Lynch and on the plane just slam Mario Cooper who's a Lil Mac. I feel like you definitely you know regardless of your heart all their man one of the biggest bust in NFL history I don't like OG about twelve months ago yet a very disappointing season last year Jason. He did and anybody that Adam was there was more than twelve months ago. So you know. I I think he could at some different that is outside about the raiders suck brought this like I'm still strong convict at about that this is outside the box. But I would probably put John grip on the cover may you. Did it you need to hit next story on this below with your coach Quinn distillery makes you probe offensive genius come over from Casey brother did used the name nobody knows of the hill that is not Matt Nagy they know. Educated NFL fans know Matt may he is a no matter your not a native Yemen who is it out of the bears. You get out there's a deep his knowledge of matinee in he loves the NFL. As I obviously some players who were snow did you like that Casey offense last year how explosive that was it was great. As Nagy surprisingly good couldn't get past that they have tied though. That's going to be a problem. And while we are probably ever. Will get better weapons notables I have better weapons now that the titans do notable snubs and that's. Yeah acne say I'm all minute add me on Twitter without one models it you know they got better offensive weapons than you do we got a better backfield Kamal witted. Tell me we don't have a bit of backfield and that is not true we got I don't care I got Deon Lewis in there cannery. That is a way better bad it is not I got Jordan Nike and Arkansas are Cohen do heat are he has electric have you seen my understanding that they are but he did not have a better backfield this year but I get the number yeah that's right yeah that and it's a subject no let me take. Just read something and then and only ESP and that compared are back if that'd be the best combo next to Mark Ingram and Tamara. About anger suspended and that that's better than yours okay now if it's next to them as the best that's better in Manhattan. You like from July receivers don't endorse I know you love Samantha Miller. Do you like Elena rounds did you like I'm rob I love it that he Miller OK but you keep you like Jackie Robinson hair Pro Bowl parties come on now the only thing you've got better than me on offense is a quarterback I think that's proven. Everybody. Lot of layoffs make that cricket idol in that same year. Don't you come and with the right is John united in the conversation that's what's so fun now the results of mayors around Joseph it's not a sell Fords well I think looking at a strong 8810 out why I'm on the way back on the exit too small people argue about who's taller that stop you bring your organization is irrelevant right now absolutely yeah wires that type players is that we can -- on that brother hello first of all the raiders are gonna have a better record and both of you know I've got mint does. I mean there's titans fans about Al lot of minutes behind me right now for them to melt some notable snubs obviously for the Madden cover. You know derail Casey just miss the cut. You know who who really who were your Robbins of players and what about me area Mario did just missed the cut. Now I'm Hillary Korea is a leader I like Mario and Al Davis you know Dennis Kelly what are your fifteen ovens of Lyman. So. You know unfortunately for the time they will have to wait another year that you did Eddie George right Eddie George Obama that's pretty funny did I mean Marshawn Lynch you put him on the cover like what anyone really plays Mattie know who that is a month and as these triggered about coming that is tightens my. Marcel you guys miss these guys went one playoff real passion or other sudden you'd think you deserve some damn respect Marshawn Lynch please I mean come on you guys. He's really good five years ago who I can't wait to see how innovative the offense is under Brigham bright girl very bright able Mike Vrabel. Let's see how how you guys lighting guys here let's get dropped that you should have bush next door of the I've told hardy did three minutes ago. I'm very that's congressional titans are it's nice story. To gussy this. MLB all star and I watched on the bag and the bag isn't on the Bagram would you thank George and I says baseball. That's not all I ale 1862 armed they wanna. Six straight. And I believe that is now eighteen of the last 22 All Star Games the halos one John you don't have to worry as home field advantage is I'm staking more how figure that out you were concerned about that. The big story last night. Was this story surrounding Josh haters know the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher. Who has we've been through these stories before John where these pro athletes. You know you've got these media types they go to their twitters and found something they say eight years ago and he didn't trouble. And Josh traders in trouble after he got shelled yesterday about the way. And look he'd been on the studs in baseball is you're one of best pitchers in baseball or cut after he got shell last night there. It it's asking questions brother and those questions basically. Large use the N word and a bunch I hate you know you're gay slurs. Racial slurs. Little bit more than that are back when you were what seventeen years old look like this is about 67 years ago and arm. I tell you what folks it's not just quoting rap lyrics. That's the difference Josh later after the game as AA am in and that has been the answer for many of the of these kids. Is that look I was a careless quote rap lyrics. Dante di Vincenzo. Was in this boat he actually was he his or Iraq where his where revelers Josh later I think has one or two tweets that maybe have some rap lyrics and that contain the N word the rest of it pretty much like I hate gay people. All right it's it's pretty straightforward. I am and an ending his point afterwards he's respond the media is Antonio and he's saying that you know dumb kid I think it was some radler may stop. All right number one how do you even get to this point. I wish third let's set aside the violation which we all know it is it's always an acceptable to use how do you even get to a point your professional. And you still got this junk out there. Agent hands up like we were having this discussion before the show started in this day and age. Would social media if you are an agent some sort of representative of some professional athlete or if you are professional athlete but ask what your social media when it. But I've got the most acute state. A professional career might be possible you have somebody here even in high school guys who baseball pitcher you talk about draft and you waste that jock got through. Delete your social media because we all this kid's a sense that the stuff now when I was a kid didn't have social media so there's no record edit John Martin might have a few in my mind need to go through his stuff but I bet you there's a mess like that in there. And that's the thing if you got a mess in your past and you're trying to you're trying to hide from and run away from a don't don't don't leave bread crumbs like this don't be a fool are right now Josh Taylor looking pretty racist. He's looking pretty. You know homophobic yep. I'm and it if you can try to say rap lyrics if you want to on this one but what do what does it do for even shins though it was the truth and so back when it comes time to. You know what we're. Rehabilitating him getting him not to use the word forgiving him. If you've got. It's easier to do yep right yet when he comes to this where again the use of the word we talk about this we'll play yes they took my context context matters and how we punish. It matters and how we receive it I made the point yes they on Twitter try to explain this. When a white sorority we brought up this story okay. Wherever that school was at Virginia Tech over the school jar somewhere like that you write so role already Old Dominion tape is on is on video they're saying and they're singer con liaison and in word comes out. Always unacceptable rifle white folks' views were we all agree on that Mosul most reasonable people. But in my in my more willing in my easier when it comes to forgiving that and I am someone calling me the word or Josh haters saying I hate blacks and gay people now that is the evil kind of stuff we're talking about. That there's a difference there. Yes always unacceptable for whites to say. But as I said on Twitter yesterday trying to explain this to somebody what clay was set that was the the difference in what they if they thought they are from play when I heard from play. You know people mad and I go off on yesterday he said Claes said I don't use the word right. That's an understanding. That it's unacceptable. Where the context comes in is how you punish how tough this is I would attribute how mad I'm going to be about. 'cause as I said there are levels. That's awarding I'm gonna get over that a couple of days Josh later on have a harder time getting over this time because to me this is evil. Right and how in the world you are professional and you get to this point your greatest nest is still out there is beyond me it's idiotic. So it's just up there in that that's his whole crew limits at your. You know I can't put that responsibility o.'s agent as they didn't put that out there but the fact that you guys out here loose like that you've you have even looked. But how do you even get to this point yeah so haters and troubled the news is he's got to do sensitivity training right. A bomb will not be suspended he will not be suspended which is it a look I realize. Again you're talking about something that's six or seven years old. But it's a bit of the little bit of a different situation and a young kid tweeting rap lyrics with the inward in net debt this is yeah I'm not even gonna read. I mean I'm not mercy from. Good question is that while on how to confront that might which I decided I'm not sure if I'm a very oh outlook on Miller's bill Maryland. So I don't wanna I wanna I don't want. Pigeon hole holes area space the army like holes you know but not population is that's like inoculated animals and 8000 it's because already and from all now I understand it it's never I'm not I'm not just by him to say well argue why you ask that question and I was I was sort of curious to when you bring it up I figured maybe it's somewhere here in south. Right you know and from a small town yeah area there but some older. Be very clear always unacceptable and and look while on set and out of the zona central for Weis is I wanna say this upset before our show. We got we need to clean this up to black folks yet we we've got to do with two we need to stop use and I told you. I use it I got to raise my hand I know I've come through this raise that was used that it's replaced though the whole. Brother that we used to use in the seventies meadows respected sort of it's almost what we use with each other. At different ways sometimes terms of endearment sometimes we can't stand somebody but we're still use that. We got to take it out of our music too because I'm telling you the reason to still be instead still so used. They see us using the so it and no that's not excuse. Right it's no excuse at white folks had the respect and just the decency. Please took skip over the wraps are or not call them not say. The black folks. We need to erase this word to. Good or better than this is what they used to call us why the hell are we call it a call each other that I'm guilty of it I can't say hey you all fix this it's week. 'cause I've done it I don't want CJ doing it I don't want my kid doing. Why because I don't want some white kid hearing him ping an OK it's OK to say because he says. I hope I've laid that out clearly enough at other good because I I I get a ton of feedback no way aren't you should have brought down. Are you all what you all know where I stand on this unacceptable. Right but there are different levels to it and we need to stamp it out. There has stamped this mess out and it puts his teammates and an unfortunate position absolutely that they're there to have to go talk to is black teammate yesterday was another all star. And in their San Lorenzo Campbell always OK I'm glad you have IG had out to solve the I'm an almanac I'm I'm I'm I'm an almanac firfer in for baseball knowledge I am and I really appreciate your jock can lean on him right out here like you can really tap into me whatever you knees and a black all job yesterday out looking at you mavs are they couldn't tell you enemy or friend member right now feel like you are with me you are supported my brother and yes our. You pulled out that Lorenzo Cain and write out your you know what it thankfully the outcome of. But it puts away whatever and those quiet man is that now he's like well well. He's a member of the black race Brett he comes out and says. Hey I forgive Josh hater he was a kid which is sort of what he did say there. He's got his race telling him right you can't forgive just data for this kind of hate if we let it go that won't keep audit. So you are absolutely right John it puts his teammates in the toughest spot there. And it event of course they have to say. You know he's my teammate and everybody deserves a good chance when like it's such a probably a raw reaction there like as you didn't eat you know you think a certain thing about. Somebody what you have UGU had your own experiences with mr. exactly is his experiences I'm sure with him as a teammate or are so distant from anything. Like what's on Twitter from Josh Asia I'm sure Josh hitters treated with respect why. Because Josh hated knows that he ever said that word around dude he is asking right. He knows it's unacceptable. Rabbi post but Seattle is Kurds when you wanted to on socially I realize you were kids. This thing wrapped later specimen that's not stuff you put out there and so I hope I hope the sensitivity training or you know opens up you know his his world view. It animated and I don't know if it will earn our wells are my guys show last night night that the NL lost he's an NL guy Johnny's brewers were. I'm a cubs guy I know you've. You struggle with the division some there's a good but but with the way you pulled out are there are chains name exact we may just be or make a general baseball segment from. Who greater progress fantastic. Next distillery all right so this is an incredible story that happened right here in Memphis and I just. I have to read it. I have to read this this is. It's a crime and and and obviously. That digital men involved will be punished on sort of the full system lob it it it is new wage Pippen. As well. It's new rates that aren't so here's the story from channel three WR. Amid this woman said she feels betrayed. After her date stole her car. And didn't use did it go on a day. We've heard just this your plan stop. So there's the video is that. That's really oceans get into muck off that is I think I heard this in a eighteen and that's exactly what this young man told her god sister so they're young men. Texted other ability original woman's faith appeal. I guess his name is Kelton Griffith tells Griffin takes a faith few instead paid you wanna go out. She says of course has been allowed to be tall but sure let's do that perhaps important so he didn't bring his own car. He sees that from my drop them off but he showed up to the date on foot. Okay that's the first day I am so bitter and they took faiths black Volvo. I yeah that's are not enough that turnout and then she said he could not decide where he wanted to take your. So very indecisive this feels lives. And then they end up going to a gas station. And airport area gas station. And he asked faith could you go into the gas station. Give me a rollout. Hossa guerrilla. And then pulled out of the yeah. A lawyer I know now face and no he didn't know he didn't just Jack your car because he wanted to or whatever. He did go on a day. Drove that car to pick up. There's certain amendments famously took her trip abroad and a number he took her to the drive and where he was at. Branded. By quote. The greats just standing there with his cigarette the gorilla man are gone they use the GPS. Honor god sisters found detailed. Griffin in the black multiple layoffs and the committee found him at the drive it all summer in the black ball. They used car GPS for the that's no the good guys' sisters phone. They located but I guess the guys are. I guess I've got through it just says are amen amen to meet him I'm gonna meet up with him so that we can get him rest and get far back or maybe she really liked the guy. There's a lot to untangle here. Straight Memphis fossil right there on the fan I have to admit. I'm a little impressed. I mean that's like. Had no doubt about that de Leon yeah. That's just look at the results at the end of the storm got out and in married you estrogen as impressed he got she got the car back. Have you ever have you ever been on the day. On the same night with a different women's. Techno then I'm not that never play a player I have. And I never even had a steal a car to do it. Now no one now you're in a Nokia now we. On the I think you want to sell the city of Memphis that are Monday would be different women in the same our heads down while gradually as while I want you to bless those that that is not why I wanted to do what oh what a player player you walk up I'm not I'm gonna save or I'm not a I'm not I'm no Calvin Griffith that's I don't glorify that light job not I'm married I'm happy that I do that okay. But there you go she faith by the way is a crazy and the story great for her part says I hope he's in jail for a long time. I never want to speak to him ever again you have. Glowing moments there where I got to say trailers that got best of the they ago. We come back very Jones. Would join us tomorrow paper we will talk college football SEC. Where it came including. These comments from former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray about her Jeremy Pruitt in his opinion is not equipped. Affiliate college football program that's next Jason had done any Jennifer and yes here. Okay. The brain isn't. Boy knows it Joseph. Your vehicle is a reflection home. Fleet innovative. I was I was like yeah. Tonight you can save. Smiled and more dynamic. My destiny in the ice and I think Ryan I. Before your future husband takes the football field make sure they're projected properly fitted equipment. Cheryl from all American sporting goods they're the only place in Memphis I'll bring the service for your football player and proper fit is important for protection. Good play on the field. 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To squeeze the juice and this is sports station that he can. ESPN. Jason and Jon attitude nine FM ESPN. SEC media days or role long we've got a little bit of drama when it at that. In just a minute but right now he is Baird Jones is a myth BN. A national champion. At Alabama he joins us now bear what's going on brother. Well forget that we don't want to be on. Good to have Zoe do you have like do you know it's gonna be doing like this upcoming season for yes scanners that's still that's still come. I don't know the game exactly I'll be working in a similar threat to watch people won't be. Where Brett if you networks some games and other than well we do you seriously I've got my their schedule yet. But I do you know being an accommodation the radio games and those Canadians on this. No word. Where can you get sharper at that in the offseason like you don't know why you were so polished when you first started that's wired by predicts this huge rise for you we think the same thing you're you're already a star in the game but. Like can you what you know what I mean like me Aussie continues. Can you watched and you watch it in and kind of do it in you don't mean how how can you get better is a way to do that you just do. Radio hits just all is that he does know and actually I am Baird Jones it's easy to me. There. While you I did take care. It's it's tough to simulated obviously in some ways you can do he can do preparation. You you can be heard in the upcoming season do you have knowledge didn't. You can stay sharp early after game though that always went back and and watched. Or Bucky and kind of due to take note I'll there's been there to improve on until that you can't put those things but. I'm awfully capital bloopers for the actual calling of the game that. Victoria community can't run ended there in 95% of stuff that you do. When you call a football game than analyst is pretty much you're observing during the game itself. Yeah there's a word you do it's it's for a three church and so you watching film and obviously pulled up on the incident at preparations. Before those games go down but. Even that obviously that that's probably. I'm probably about 5% of what you say the other 95% of its. I think he just noted in the game you know and that's really look that hard. That's harder to prepare for orally memoir just kind of thing that you pick up over. Played football for fifteen years. Yeah and you gotta learn how to beat the football language you learn how to noticed different trend in the game and different things that you see every time. And directions and different situation than. Be able talk to viewers about Obama. And so when it is hard to tell get to a technical report but you can upload a little prep work just a payroll and other information. Well the answer is well thought was an absolute natural or did you not did you ever participated SEC media days as the player what did you ever get drug that angered them. As I did I did did I not a lot of fun on the Colorado blasted back on to maneuver and those a fun event and I mean being an Alabama guy and you're used to beat Alabama they'll. I have lowered the previous for the Alabama garrison who wish there were all types of different. Big fans who came out of the woodwork where you here. He had nick Sabin. T shirts and then Nick Saban tattoos and all kind of things so. There was it is if you have all the fun crowd there they were all jacked up and started to see. They got law be in over the phone experience. What was the craziest Alabama tattoo what is the craziest Alabama tattoo that you have ever. Oh man. Let's I mean I would. I think people that underestimate how are people in Alabama have album produced numbers that are. There are a lot of there'll be a lot of people go and had every time they won a national chairmanship they add up you know New Year's. A downturn I mean I've I've seen some pretty impressive because it is you know a lot of Bear Bryant had to do some crystal ball you have tattoos. All kind of things nothing. That's the right side it. To put on their body nothing nasty on buds right now than on behalf of the treasury. Thought. You know Obama because normally that's. I chickened strategy won't take their word for elementary received around fan but. Yeah I mean. Yeah I think armed dollars and most popular bother you at Chad and also just some pretty published by the men and maybe ever want small. No good cattle are back near region that's not really you know I think. Agree a lot of your mail but good sister those opportunities cost. What do you think about your your former teammate AJ McCarron says that's in Alabama boy. Out of junior editor good example. Well it's. Our it's our turn out and on imagine you have no mean. I know we can now I'm I'm I'm pretty much you're straight. Per typical suburban whites white kids now I'm pretty boring like but. I you know I'd I think I think that people get on the table and had twenty somehow lighten it. I'm I'm sure he continued danced around questions Orioles. It's a job you're already if I users saint John's old. Signs that you've heard it. It was a little it was legendary got a covered up small sixty contact details it was bad it was bad it was not as good as AJ's ages timetable we will we will move on because there was a little bit of five awards at SEC media days. Early on our air and Murray former Georgia quarterback said. He does not know if Jeremy Pruitt. Personality. Is fit to be a head coach. What do you make of that bear. Decibel that you shank. He's I don't really know. First of all all parent poster referred that's the question I'm really actually all out. In you certainly can't just garner what you're seeing. On. If from the media. As far as what you think you guys coach I think your recruits tremendous. I really good play and formed any term the CD only been here. Or Kevin I'm an old country boy aged you don't know any thing but I can assure you. Two things first of all he's extremely Smart he knows football very well he's really get into the mind understandably you remember two years. He is extremely intense he's a very intense carriage. To get after guys and you know what I had an intensity I think that some people really different have been lacking here I think. He had a vote that trademark. Of Tennessee teams. Back in the day was you know you here get a tough physical football game. And I think at all that over the last decade we've put Tennessee got more and undisciplined team that there was no they have that toughness that might. Why you know there are few big shots early but as soon somewhat wrong. Generally do they didn't care I have that. Ability to overcome adversity and I think that your paper won't change that culture I think he's. Absolutely good now due to beat beat naturally not a done you're playing the SEC. The other their inherent challenges to winning its. I you know I think he's the path to meanwhile injured in the last let's. I think I think he's got a good downhill taken some time but I think that was a he I don't I don't know are not alone. It's the I don't know I said that but yeah I don't actually agree with a. Yeah we are of course talking to Barry Jones three time national champion Allen trophy winner ECS alone. Right here in Memphis you look at the SEC this year bear now as you know. Whether it's Alabama with two whether it's a Missouri withdrew logged. Of Mississippi State that Mick FitzGerald south Carolina's got Jay Bentley armored guards theirs and it feels like this is one of the best years for SEC in terms of top to bottom quarterback play do you think they've got the best crop of quarterbacks in the country as a competencies they. What are you telling me to a start never villain. Don't Ariza thank OK and I've got everything out right there's a battle like he's you know he's Penske world we're really not gonna give the job to do it now we're gonna do this again I'm glad you have. I US on the so let them. In my mind that you did until now it's yeah I'm sure pair of Circuit City will not appreciate that monitor the side or the way he operates 2000. You're nothing you're given turned it. I think that was the I'm joking because I I got put a hard time or a cell Maria particularly in Alabama. That if people go out here like if you think he'll be 202 or jailing them. I just don't understand the deal with it maybe they turned off at halftime tendencies. And while I don't know I guess like eighty in the cloud that you viewed the football league the armchair quarterback also well. You you can't judge don't have a football Leo which would I get I assure you certainly can't do that there's flashes of brilliance but. Available flat killed more than just a flashes of what we saw them from June that was a different football game and frankly if you're Alabama fans. I don't know why I mean that to me was so much more fun. Watching that type of offense hadn't been watching me. You for your words of the club does start talking than pay a wall against an American workers are you understand. Football's changing it to me because the guy so did your original question of the gasoline is this is. Yeah we haven't had the recorders seemingly come back a long time. I think your system than other guys you mentioned the and shoot my high ceiling. Jake Ballard impressive kid is still very young. There's so a lot of a lot of kids who had received good in that. I've been really good football players and so the idea thank. It almost felt like to me there. It's such. You know the SEC almost appears to catch up a quarterback Garrett is you've won throughout the country started here you know a little sooner. You know mellow kind of get DCU these past 45 years in. You're now a little bit the quarterback sure are coming back and put that these these I think that'll be a trend continues its. Now a college you can ever gonna quarterback you know it'd be rolled out but I'm also it will say they never get some and talked talked to my handgun out there goes through hard. Schools there's a lot of really good quarterback coming back contribute on your wall. Who wouldn't want to play quarterback for coach all right. Yet. Yeah aids by the way. Nick Saban is on the back at the podium right now literally in real time being asked Baird about the quarterbacks to waste and oh and he said you can ask all the questions about it. But is still to be determined all right so he's he's preemptively salty about this. Know I could honestly did not even think it was a discussion. And I think you we talked about this tool unlocks. You know often for you you know Larry and and and out and I'm out an idea he gives you a different look and he and he's they've meet the more gifted. Quarterback to piggyback off that very let me ask you what so what will that look like and what we'll quarterback battle and it look like under Nick Saban is is it 5050 in terms of the pre season snap that you get collected everything charted like what does that look like under so. Yeah I think it'll they don't look like all the other battle would you have considered that a lot of access to us in the past. Yeah I I think it might lead to the point where it would not shock me if we saw. Jail on an end to rotate some of the first well greens so. He I won't be surprised at all and it's especially considering what jail on the compilation really eat almost earned her right to to get that opportunity and your quarterback this is such a tough position to simulate it obviously. Yeah you you kind of know that you see in practice so a guy is. By I think quarterback in some ways. Enrolled at another position. I don't want to get that non contact your your little bottles a lot of guys to look really good seven on seven year old to go out there. You know who are really good players now I'm not I don't think either one of the album again after that label. And just just say for example you know sometimes you do get a quarter very divided up. I'm practically no it has no real could be yet but that you talk about the game and then the other guys to return the opposite. There were trying to gamers and who sometimes and so on seven or something. Their local out of it into the lights come all sudden. They've barely goes to make plays out there yourself. It I think you I think ultimately my prediction is we'll probably be so on the field. Wouldn't shock me if you wish he would go to the first two games I do think it ultimately be to. Yeah I think. He never did know whatever that but it could be a situation where. Everyone kind of knows who you guys going to be but it did publicly yet to go to those missions because it's. What the other guys heard you know. Now again I have no facts backed out there that's you know don't don't don't I mean that's what I'm paid to do is give opinions because that's not doing itself. I you know I think it'll be Cuba I'd known shaven and the way he Canada's the process it wouldn't surprise that this political all the literally now. You know and then you know open up another read ministers say I won't do all the stake you know he. You want to say in the NB a back up this year or old disorder and academic record Greg does not great there until. I think that all. Certainly lend themselves to a longer battle and either read what everyone we can do yourself. I don't know I had to be fun to watch and I'm sure that there are between the three games competitive foreigner to even figure out. It's very good session again not read too much of that but I just watching it. To be our artillery that is kind of subtle feeling that. The team news to you know and have I have no again no facts backed it up but the way the receiver looked at just kind of way they read routes from what I heard. At a spraying it just seemed to me like. Everyone moves to keep so. I wolf if I'm right there have been wrong before and now there wrong again but that's not take one. The more things of Barrett the over under in the pre season for Tennessee football is. Five and half wins. Is that about right you CM six wins five wins what do you think for Jerry for its first year there. I'll probably take your guess six now I'm not a gambler but. It out of the look the schedule I just think beast is still. A little salt. In the schedule wise themselves. You know when you dumped nonconference teams get to six shouldn't be that tough. You have no incident I think that juniper that it. A lot more than just give employers I think Barrett American countries and cultures so that takes time. Never forget. Could save him you know what seven thickest perceive themselves. These people altered preannounce second you obviously want all the students Thursday on national championships so it wouldn't you curb what. It would take time can't come and overnight you just change it. And I I think. If Japan there was no way I think they'll get good results. What does a John Martin the basketball player looked like bear got a good question there because. I here's what here's my experience there you tell me the job of yours. If he wants to shoot the three is all about Japanese and he's a he's a shot Jagger if the shots following these feeling goodies topical stuff. Maybe imminent churches don't look Karstens Phil and so good but at the shot you drop and Barrett this dude gives you nothing. Like he's yeah he's not a social what did you see it has that is minds. Why did god I did what I've made more prudent John meg you know I'll. All if it. I played pretty ploy to get that bad at 69 guy because shut me down dominance wrecked eighteen plays together now dual Europe's. And it did just about those both sides did have a bad night yeah and that. That might not from lack of trying he was trying to find it all night. That produced and that's. I've known as the ball got pretty sticky yes it is area and you want to whatever they're definitely normally leave except for a seat. Flaunts toward the basket. I don't know I thought so if you sideways not from some teammates. That you haven't returned the our desire surge on the locker room guarantee you it's not a good tonight are worried about these he's Carol I want it done to get our inside guys. Absolutely broke there's got to be the best I gotta tell you break down there also bet that that you're you're a football guy but I really feel like Dell was that about as accurate as they did what my basketball game. They're just so tired it's fought for and against and then. He he was pretty wild guess I could tell he is awaiting my he would wait to make its first one Kuwaiti based in Costa. But it just never happened he's never never read the first one so it was home. And then yours about us bear man we appreciate your time is always and a few others see in the gem. Aren't so good guys thank showtime and or they give revealed to. We just sounds good. Barrett Jones star Allen trophy winner one of the best Alabama offensive lineman. And national champion of course that he's got to be pretty pars all you had told me about was the way and you've been told him that I get performed individual I suppose you I don't know if I told you it was a road game for me there's no question about it I definitely wanted to have a hand in it because. You know it was Baird we had to get a couple things on the line those more of the view of the contributions of Manassas and on teammate I would actually I was I was two. Since that might have no I think he's Jason. He's he's he's a big is it is it is obviously a big former Hooper outmanned and I'm not sure played like guy. But yet very skilled and that aren't suitable bit when you get that win for ginger. None I mean that's all a mess but I felt bad I couldn't like apply it. Have to to that game because I. I had zero handed right you can't make Baird commit to a week if not ahead like we Eugene B bailout ahead eighteen suicides these threes right. Got a bit like are you coming on the show week six non beat him but. I'm not yet he's he's right he's everything he's always just I'm not exactly it no question about our we'll come back because devils' locker room guy we'll talk to him. About what's next after some early Jason's done to cherish and yes it. Case Aircastle cents or ninety cnnfn ESPN and I'm here to tell you about tackle what I told you. You've been working hard lately. And I can help you make your life easier that's simple all you have to do is download the tackle act it is here to help you make life so simple. You can get your house clean handyman work done John called yard work finish furniture rearranged a TV on their hundreds of other sourced checked off your to do list tackle connects you to background check providers who show up ready to work an hour you. 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You understand that there is no hotter place then Memphis and July and August it says the thick muggy 'cause they air with a machete kind of heat where even the Mississippi River just looks like it's about ready. The boil over that's everywhere except. On about endorsed speedway and events where you can drive Italian made pro guard they can reach up to fifty miles per hour. And air conditioned blisters tonight's cool fun way to spend the day and on Monday through Thursday be Smart about this can get one free race for every two you purchase that's a great deal. So while everyone else is sitting in sweating trying to figure out what to do in this Memphis each removing your children your grown. I don't know out on indoors B win events fast. Fun. And cool. Are back Jason and Jon ninety none of them ESPN and as promised. Is name is DJ steffens you as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies summer league team former target you remember DJ steffens almost beloved tigers in program. Just now resting up I believe in Texas. DJ steffens is that you back back in your home state. Well yes that are currently at least. Currently in Houston has everything Matt how personal a solid I saw you look like you injured your shoulder there. Toward the end of that last game with a group are you okay and an end and how was some early. Worm okay. For days shook shook aren't so scary quote. I don't know I didn't get to see what happened at this got a terrible but the fact yes here it started sort of shut clear problem Packard. My arm wouldn't that could really need those little scary there are. We go back to two victories in their content back there it is true. Our home the diagnosis. Had a fingered. Him because of commercial during the crucial for a few days without B. So obviously you you win the championship there in France congratulations on that serve and then you don't need to really get a chance to to to breathe before you're playing basketball again here. You know in the United States with the summer league what are you hoping to get out of summer league and it did you get that. So I'm saying player actually get this side of the opportunity. To locate some Irish. In the states back over again. By the Sunni or Christian or hurts. Included they compete and to try to open my eyes and try to hopefully create some opportunities and at this point adventure. If it's clear that. Implode. From within the next two days whatever interpreted as some rather than. Phone without seeing news states with a call back first expect. That it's a that's what I wanna ask you was that at it from what I saw you tell me if I'm wrong dude re signed with Le Mans. Back earlier this I think July 5 if I'm not mistaken so it menu and then you play some little bit about an and that's Obama let's think about your shoulder and all that what was it. Did you look at as a risque undoing them to do this of me you know what I mean I mean if you got hurt. Holy council so did you look at it as a risk whether it in one worth taking clearly you do that. Our. Yeah that was so those are great book Assad. Assigned to go back Petraeus had impede out similar contract. If something would come back stateside with impaired. They're gonna put our got a record tractor trailer so. Still there in the world order a little worried I don't know what this you're anything. Opens just different corporate clues to guess it's fiction. What what was it like mess other videos there and you guys had three in massive crowd after he won the title there in France what was it like tea. You know it's there to capture that first professional championship. You know regular circuit also used Mason said Saturday it's a champion. Oh yeah that'll affect its infancy of the I hope we don't screw it gave. Although it is crazy to be because earlier this week I conceive that we have what it took to what it says this year. OK so we don't sit down with sort of read. We have so many roads are blocked this season so Boston Globe looks so conspiracies that are out there. And you got six man a year. They Tamil here. Weirder and courier or do they love their do they look bad muscles. They must love you over there I imagine like do you got shirts like you imagine I like our New Jersey you're Lebanon if you you must behavioral science. Or I would say that he sure is especially their we don't oracle could always gravitate toward because there. I don't want yeah it looks it looks. They're close to the troops when a piece of people would know it would go it would take to mostly because the better. We are for saga DJ steffens former tiger just wrapped up another some early here. With the Memphis Grizzlies and and if if you watched DJ steffens play today. It's a very different. DJ said than what we saw at the university admits at least for the first three years you think about DJ at Memphis it was high flyer you know Alter you know Alter alternate shot shot blocker. Was the ability to step out and and and stretch out shoot threes always there or is that something you developed later in your career. Mean I would advocate boots that look and I mean I didn't hurt each other that took purpose. Goes past employer or a loan brokers and eloquent gluten you're. And Michael used spelled kinda like our whole. In my won't do that to cook should do different things until mosque in your words I wish you heard it put up a lot sweeter. Look there's there's like. The co worker's. Outfit they're. The lord to pick a lot of it would have been lots of other work. I'm Rebecca corporate. State that you looked at work or they're you know they will soon become consistent are gonna sugar. And I'm an entrepreneur who work or. To try to holder Bernard thinks it's always so. That's something that I have are present or something you can that there are record Shaq could go through yeah. Being able to talk about like all of the global war I think that's our public art so. I mean I'm concerned it's important. If you do those things to prove that I belong here. Man I'm not allow to you DJ market you have to have a night marked just phoned you the value your daughter threw little tear drop in from our brother felt like old times I'm sure somewhere just past and was mum about how about mark hill. And it's only gonna chance that you don't play within the play pretty well look like man. We hear a live the current that at Ubisoft. I also got. I've played pretty well defensively. Oil are clearly could not or shut all. Removed if we go to a civil lawsuits I think you'll you won't ask themselves. I'm excited to see what happens they're the future because that though and could then go on the trip could what you are Willie clay assembly. Real quick and what about Jerry Jackson I visited the grizzlies first round picks yet to spend some time with him. How ready is he to contribute what you think his game. Not big users of security your. Business news. Own dead. You're currently not familiar with you with the conclusion. Yeah opportunity. Were so great quote until we didn't know the Q they don't. No longer could occur cuckoo cuckoo who didn't mean what about or it won't be. Well compete great clear that we are now our room but I think right now so I think who looked good treatment in the future. And I think he's definitely got broken into and so they're actually. Did did you we've had a chance to catch up with you since the University of Memphis or Obama mater made a a big time move ahead and that was a hiring. You don't alarm pity Hardaway what do you think of that move for a for the tigers. Europe is your Orton. Interpreted by their decision hooker code that just all. Went to being the capital city of her work and their coats and urged both the just the change that will be like this isn't there will be in just a Parker tells me look at that term threat. Won't include all or deficit equipment on a single everybody wanted it is where did those things happening if I think he gave this. Good feeling that it's starting she's a great eight it or ticket program. He still has that body Holman. Was huge 47 years old has that there would you gotta you gotta do got a good what. Eight more years of buoyant I've always thought that I'm throwing this at you because we've talked about here on the show that when he's done competing. That you know if you got a little left and thank. Let Harlem Globetrotters brother is seems like like I remember Michael Wilson doing that for years and traveled the globe now you are to travel the globe. But I disfigured man like like other guys retirement. Whether or off that might be you'll word that retirement you know I mean I just that'll bounce in the leg drive. All out there wouldn't be able to do outside the wedding or. More at home. I don't. You have a little bit they have looked ever try to get you a figure them didn't you is a no brainer did you gotten you know competitive juices you wanna keep it going for as long as you can but I figured. I've heard from them Europe no brainer they reached ever reach out to him. Are there so earlier that they're going to have our apartheid and I didn't get that message that remote. Well the quick release good and long with remarkable about it you. And it did in my career culture and protect their port counters. To address. It is he recorded that global alliance. Earl. I mean I respect what they do that I would train wrecks.