Jason & John Hour 2 (7/12/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, July 12th
Joined by Memphis Tiger Great Antonio Anderson & Nevada Basketball Coach Eric Musselman in Hour 2. 

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Coli Leonard Sarah in San Antonio this is happening now because guys. All indications. And I suspect we'll hear something by the end of the day. All indications are that call why Leonard is probably headed. Not that the lakers. Not to the clippers. Now after the Celtics. But to the Toronto. Raptor Ers. On the blog wrote them in a deal. I believe someone on the show called this weeks ago. You call the rap surge yes I'll say it louder Bennett and I know what I know I don't minister Ariel are like why it's because that's that way you look at the Eastern Conference link it he wants to go to a top team a playoff team. Well now the ones most he's I'm not want to go to Toronto and then Mosul someone you say some we say what so I think yeah again is that what I'm just saying. Is it easy triggers or sixty when it wins them what. You know I mean that's one shot and knowledge my credibility it clearly where do we that we will we will go grid by minute you're gonna get the credit at the door Obama right there to dole Obama. Old old Ronald who's going in the trade been. Well see I was I was assuming that they would be able to bring him and pair him waited DeMar and now Larry but it looks like that not the case. What is first and bring our image though it's not like a pay attention in the Toronto Raptors and forty yeah I like what what this first external Ibaka. You know they want from the lakers okay its markup on June so it sounds like it's going to be. I'm piecing things together here there's there's been no official report about it right but it's nothing is going to be DeMar DeRozan oh GM and Obi. And and our ability to head OGS and that Madson picked Indiana. Every Olympics why does it is so you a you have reached that point now because where this is you figured out. I figured San Antonio for a way to get this looked at this point and they'll figure out they're gonna try and trade deadline or whatever maybe working over maybe they figure out what you can mandate they've got the most money to offer that to. They have not done that and that's the thing right the one thing you always wondered. Right about about. If the lakers again and not willing to give up everything right now when you've got the possibility if I'm walking right to your next summer in new notebook but one thing's always been well. How the heck squad in a word back in spanning. Right if he doesn't want to be there how is that going to possibly play out yet and any not allowed to jock. You know LaSorda looked at those. Don't know I know. With Tony Parker there was not a anywhere sand and was was will take him back right the right price or whatever. But but seeing him walk oil. That's who some of the got sideways with light with Cole while I was that you know Tony making the point that no way out at the same injury I got back in this much time. A cloudy day in its I figured. They're there was some fallout there between those two have it always come out and said look at is great player at a meeting diet but yes I got back up you know and that I figured that probably so when you trade when he unseat not traded. Yes it signed on the when you loot I figured maybe they were even set it up for him to come back with the guys he likes right you smooth this thing over but. No man and and to go one of the points and you know they can't afford to go back in this thing quality or sit. Like you can you know as we talk about use leverage ride today you if that's the cure them as they delude you just nailed it that every hour that goes by. They lose value because once that season starts that's right like that gives beg gives debt trading team even less time to convince collider re sign even. I think he's I think the raptors are are are crazy but they're clearly. Gonna blow it up anyway. Well they want to blow it up why are going to IC well that's a good quite because he was sideways rhythm and I we ask then why he's gone over it's just like Martin are all quite frankly. And that about the deal the Martin you don't loan deal to marred by the way okay of course you do the mark for awhile uttered out. Right I mean isn't even a debate on now yeah I guess so because a DN. I questioned the bars toughness is just me like you know you never know when he's not like I don't fit for this modern NBA personnel are seen at that we've said over and over again it's Iran does hit its ceiling wrapped it's just the case without their currently constructed. No question about it now. That's said. Still although if you were going to it and you wouldn't have known it then obviously but if you just go out and trade. Trade trade him trade rules and you should've fired one case now that means it deftly took a lot. I talk all day what was gonna happen with that well and there are about one that was part of part. Prophesied that did that wounded and a little trouble things on this directors are now even money so if you wanted to go to Vegas and bet make a prop bet wow where people live on Saturday in you know the raptors are even money. Even money and then DeMar DeRozan. Last night. Put on his integrated story. A black screen and the following words we had some homes along the way but the reward is in the journey I'm in my bag. And then deleted isn't to grammar Diaz bleed off this picture that is what is the what. Does that mean I mean he's good he's Molineaux he's going somewhere he's gonna Antonia that's that's her sounds like a minute that's too cryptic for there not to be any thing they I don't know the man who deal raised almost falcons stuff and he's still I mean come on like. Right yeah evident none of these guys is do would just be doing usually funny dramatic 10 maybe so they may be so I think that you have to put take that into account with newsletter find drama but in the line move. In Dayton dugout. You know remain to the rafters even money all wouldn't doubt that you're onto something with the so does that mean he knows he's got a good raptors you know why not sure yet I think you know you're gonna blow it up a year anyway probably. The east is wide open now than you would think I mean that it's a lot of the Celtics if they're fully healthy now but everybody knows it's renewed hope elect you know if you're the pacers or the rafter was kind of alerts. They got to feel like they're taught for example or why not take a shot bad which is exactly what they're gonna do it Kauai litter so I had no issue with that I mean. We're OG and Adobe gonna take you we sort of Marta rose gets a gets the sweep against LeBron but a hole almost use the Nikolay you hold off. OJ can be as I'd link at a time away and got we don't what's the all the way and they're like just when you can get your hands up why are you a G and I have my. My health concerns number one uncle Y and then I just got my mind concerns like word wears his hair that there are no India. Who is he being led by now Posey listening to this uncle says he had really had his best interest at heart. He does is they'll collapse again he is that you that you know. You've got to take begged consideration do because I don't settlers were such a well run organization at the raptors have nothing to lose. By throwing a prominent. I mean they are aired this and chill with the backcourt of of of Kyle Lowry in the mart anyway is that fan base so they'll still sell that thing out there go right I mean they're made it took Kyle goes I think there's a good thing only one team what in the I don't know who that is different between gripped the grizzlies fans and rapturous may be there is that of directors always just get swept. They waited a bit like the one of the sushi in the biggest sweat once they ran into. Daddy. Exactly until LeBlanc of their grizzlies would legislate everybody's gone now the rigor grip and this series he's got edited every time and so I think their fans were definitely. We've plateaued with this group with a score. Have they were probably feeling that that series but I bet I bet you they're ready to go back added now do you think you've been ready to go back and an ally in the run out and I think DeMar DeRozan is beloved by throughout the rats on the other beloved to not only large amount and I suspect there are many fans and Iran that don't like him but are they gonna go back at with the same. With the same I'll construction of players with LeBron going above lead they'd take it. Or I believe that build and be sold out there to be sitting up front of one year and fallen a little blip or would you rather have Kauai and Kyle our UMB ram quiet gallery. And if it doesn't work coli leaves and then you blow them they up anyway it doesn't. Again you're you're no state basing this takeaway is completely held court has no problems and network that's a gamble gamble but it's one that I think they don't have to gamble right now outings they pack in there to be top three in east right now the beat top three. Yeah top three and then you feel I ordered the lowest because of India they give you it's if you if if if DeMar DeRozan and and Kyle Larry met the Celtics themselves fully healthy. In in an Eastern Conference finals you're taking the Celtics all day long if it's collide who's helping Kyle Lowry who's helping invalid tunis as though they don't. You are always well taken ball your -- Richard and we're also I can boss you're given them a chance is on sick call why you haven't it's a little better physically at the top three player top I would get rid NBA game just about the production Johns about the toughness and about women's coach Tommy you'll be DeMar DeRozan fold up Michael fetus or you won't go is your football career Weisel Gaza plays off wind he's good. Well he's always good reliability I mean good and healthy and I'm in good when their bodies than I had heads in the right why is it's definitely something to consider it but I think the rafters more so than they can stand pat if they want more so than that like the Celtics don't need to do it. The lakers don't need to do it lakers definitely do the route orders to get a can potentially get a finals appearance out of it. Who knows if he's got these are again and I understand it and that is the latest the gods have moved even for the raptors. Being coli Leonard's next professor standing back and multi next story. He goes bumps in this because we've talked about Papa John's pizza. I won't say. Oh I don't need to say quite frankly oak tree the Stuart what do you mean you don't need to say what I think about pumped up told the only elements that are what I thought about yell try to put a gag order on me please speak there you put your basic game and Obama in Arizona I. So mafia dagger mom well you know I thought things out about Papa John pizza it's. I think your real odd to some just a mile of the pizza itself when you bite into it and he didn't digest it's good. Brawl Papa John's is good pepper to pub well. Then we'd. We're not having that debate read we will commentary is not as good today as I was yesterday good UConn iridescent our vision and good around today John where we're gonna get some pizza. Oh man so we got some great pizza here in Destin we got Papa John when we got. No we didn't think it. If death in Brasilia to only two clowns on the light pop downs Abu lump of doubt that would take it first I your first option you're kidding me I'd just. You what are you like to be that you like pizza but extra pepperoni Al date then crossed Arnold destroy it as well geez as an employer is and as an. The latest state funeral that original guns gangster. Its fourth that is that is an employee at the station Allopod Johns on he's I know we love it well OK let me get to the story. Just a matter of Cheney's. A prominent University of Louisville boosted the man who founded Papa John's pizza chain Vince favorite. Submitted his resignation to the school's board of trustees Wednesday after story came to light reading from ESPN. About his use this is not a joke. Of the inward. During an internal conference call little board of trustees chairman. The Grissom said he believed that shatters comments while inappropriate. Do not reflect his personal beliefs or values now what happened. Of Forbes was the one the first reported Wednesday that shattered participated in a conference call and made. With Papa John's executives and mom marketing agency laundry service was meant to prepare him for an interview try to repair Republican Mitt image because remember. Backward in the the AFL protests were going home. This should only come forth and say. We're suffering. Or suffer an area I need to tell your players. Are to protest anymore so he's trying to repair his image from that. He'd left his position from that as CEO of all the jobs which was an official sponsor as the Soviet foe in December arm. Basically use in this meeting with them. And it basically tried to. Of despair phrased it basically was and that meaning he says I don't know why everybody got so mad at me those girls energy society in word except he says it right. So when he was at it and and add and people try to go back and find that documentation and people that he would sit colonel Sanders was like. I don't know the full history but that it according to this story. Girls and a love it about all people. All people while he did refer to black people as negroes. Okay. He loves all people there's no doubt we can't find any documentation right now what. Chatter would be referring to Iraq again I was wondering if they're a gimmick shattered is in that meeting with those agency folks with those executives. And he doesn't say wolf colonel Sanders said the end word annuals okay. He says the word itself and there were that people that run around as he shocked by that he's obviously leaks forced its first. As 'cause they're directs revenue care you know we've we've talked about the usage of the word yeah. I realize there is some context that's there it's because he's not calling black people in the room the end work all right so bad so that tells take. That out however. I have loved have some sense right in it in the in the way you're doing it because of the way you do what it all colonel Sanders didn't didn't trouble. That's week to themselves so it so did you add that to this coming and you map the way did but I can't help you. Right and then you'd you know you know what I've been to pizza. Well I'm you know I mean they'll admit Stiller has made it the next story button where he loves Papa John's we weren't necessarily learned to move on their idyllic. Be very careful here. Very careful you should never you you'd be your next piece orderly puffed on there yeah yes. I have this owning hand yeah we we we I just. We review that. It can't be your next when he can be your next next when they can't quite let it blow for a first brought my solo support for the concert date you can't minutes. You cannot honestly I'm probably not gonna order poverty has a Loria it is skipped it one time he knows that your eye witness we were at this piece of Catholic vote did you unravel. Apologized teapot hold you'd be careful limited to apologize to our African American listeners for that I'm sorry. To our African American listeners sorry to our African American listeners they deserve better and you don't that I can do that he no he understands what the gravity of what he's you have to give it a week he's with us I believe. Another Papa John's is I don't wanna you know. I hear he is so it is. Don't condone you know my eye roll out a little tense I was putting it to you this way so we gotta get up at Johns is now worried about what we're saying on this station today they got bigger fish to fry a man okay yep. I would I would say this. It's whether you're on stage at a Kendrick Lamar concert. Whether you're given a rousing speech about whatever it is your doing is you just never ever ever ever use the N word if you're white. You can look at and say well they say not 122 which you know then that's it's it's. Just look at it is and we it's you're you're doing as a a couple of courtesy respect and browse it's one word though it's the least like every league was. We can we use. You don't don't don't rationalize years ago yes I we don't need to do that right we were just there are other things that thinks that can be equally and we can both do just give us below the one common courtesy and respect the nuts and that's how that is that it will work on. Because we need to have settlements that will work on trying to get it. Out of our music I've I've tried to stop saying it was not normal guy and tell them. I've got to hold all Lamar and I screw up all the time I'm trying to stop because I don't want my son to say it regularly. You know we got work to do to them put it that way it's a word none of us need this were Iran has never done it's never gonna work is never done yet. Next story. All right the World Cup final is set ladies and gentlemen oh it's going to be France vs Croatia this Sunday 10 o'clock. Will be on and rally. What are you kidding me yeah I don't know we don't want of the World Cup. You're not gonna botched did you watch yesterday you are here again yesterday there was some great games of the grown up. I in team Nigerian woman were eliminated so was shot. From and it being lynched in this at all I feel a little bit of allegiance to Croatia here because. Fidelity in the ancient in May two days that they were known as the Balkans right that little that little trio of islands there. In Europe if Croatia and that Serbia back once upon a time. So the Balkans are represented in this my wife is half Serbian side do deathly feel like I should be rooting. For Croatia there are small market team Detroit is actually bigger in Croatia. They should not be here. A lot of domino like gotten out of another French are a powerhouse by you have no chance yeah I waited in a budding croatians got some players of moderate racquets it's. Men do catch pressed flat panel bad day. Men's duke its roadways if you watch the game yesterday challenge men took it was pissing me off at the end like cheek he kept acting like he was hurt. At the end because it was that it was at a time Tom Eldon I know believe she's gonna say this but oh well I don't think Clinton was trying to like help him up take like you know as a courtesy to him and he kept saying no and I don't still hurt like does that. A cigarette tossed on the clock buzzed on the name Mara because his love lacking unity you know apparently he got. He did because this writes it's as it is shame he does is a long ways it and I want more pronounced this year than ever he's because pretty much every result earlier this the one part of LaSalle like that is the woman apart on the island of socket and I did its part and that's that's par on line like it's become it's it's the floppy in the NBA and flopping becoming a part of and they try to kill it right there in the cheated it was a party. No need for access fans got complacent like putting acting in the middle of of of a sport and ought to take a drop out of Internet your hard it can be big a deal in soccer that was they could just. You know outlawed god does it he's not hurt not and you play the next match I don't know gets stop this stuff I was at a high DDoS one in basketball you can thank him. I was I was a Celtic and it was a very sad scene. The various vendors may call me bin. Around that time on the I don't have a match all of course wasn't watching. And the salaries in the closet and has only sold silent and he's Tellme and I was like yeah did you tell me you're going to kill there was little rowdy when I walked all the plays Aminu it when did what our guys say you when your child parents agents say an incident ended a two Israel's offensive give it to us again instance. If they're gonna sound a little bit more Australian Gaza hey man you know how how's everything go view. He turns around he's like. I may to return after the game. Does such a polite way to but it was idyllic so one out it was an away like you definitely do it all Karzai and edit is like you mind if we snatched the guy might. We kind of Washington. Dude you've gotten announcing play tres. And now this brother like that's too that's twice and like a week's time that now Clinton give me that hey I can eat at chat later clay said if you come in my neighborhood. Amanda come meet you but if you come to my neighborhood mobile laying out. This this guy you know you knew damn well you are gonna get access to is neighborhoods you talk about I have a seaside shirt did that I had security gates like united and there aren't confused as to going in closed Glenn Close eagle Gator retreated to a clip that's my that's fair that's that's good if we went down SEC media days that catch him. Would you I'll poke clay before. I've met clay what when you stay home now okay it was just it was a big group of people who doesn't remember just. Verizon really I do about this talk to you this is before play was big this is before clay would have had to beat south of he's a nice guy and LA and he says things that are at times probably offensive but. The public either. It's not. He really at once we get to know after they give you let them you really like it's random abilities so popularity play would walk in here. He wouldn't want you know which one is Jason which all of those darn I think he would not I wouldn't yes he would. You look at clay just need to yell at you needed it more you guys need enjoy some Papa John's about are you kidding me I would spit. About talking up against he's. When we come back we're gonna talk Antonio Anderson. Who has an announcement to make he puts us together this is important is not pizza related okay this is something serious and oh yes and as a that he wants the same city of Memphis. We're gonna them do that we come back Jason and Jon and it's not a fan yes it too. Easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free she favorite 929 FM ESPN on the radio guys come out. We listen at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Reveals just how. Listening anyway. ESPN that. That summer is finally here lots of days that the pool lots of nice on the grill and if you look at perjury to contribute to all the fun. This is Gary Parrish from idea to do what I do and grab a bottle. 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Louisville is still on there with it they're finished depicted here back I think we need to do the same thing you know we have a legitimate case do for the fact that. Into double A cleared Derek took the current housing still have no broke. So what they claimed he did or didn't do. Many I've been they've they've pretty much big hit out beat him they thought the fact that. We want one of the Pol Pot who got they would like to have had that had receded. And now about their luggage best we we might as well to get our get back out there on the back and I'll record back in my wind back me around one back he'd learned about. Because that that bag go along way am I let a ball Simba. It always people that actually do like eight B Derek really ticket as Jay Pickett has fought incredibly when I couldn't stop they'll. We have a we have reason to fight and I know I must be a lot of the god as we get elected yet. I hope it's gone gaga today column. And I think I think we have a legit stuff. Who did you talk. Who did you talk to yesterday tone. I'm not looking down a lot about it look at uncle became about it. You know. I hope they can't about it not being brought back the other top today ego Bentley go so I know we saw that synagogue where. You gotta be noticeable Green Bay involves. I'm aren't you a bill to get supreme bay in on it. Guarantee that I'm you know either big big fan of integration. It's important dealer ought to you know you can ball America you know without him we went on he had thirty to 38 went. About it all the way you know the brother debate so you know I know about are obvious answer man you don't want to you know what does he know to us he's I'll let. Taught that you guys got a better case than Louisville. I agreement I don't really do agree I was looking up on yesterday. And I do think they beat no date baker. The pick got called cal in the rose about and it kind of stirred things up a little bit because we have such a small school dominating. Think the country. What recruit him in game and I think they're. And we had such a heavy blows man it is sad that they pulled out ominous but I think we get about. So when you don't want nobody I don't want nobody here. I wanna I wanna I went back. So why is it important that I'm with you why's it important to you all these years later. You know tip toe fight. And you know excuse me and I think that he deserved it as well man people. The government is mentor but negative reason may be due to violence in the media would not vote. We brought so much excitement at city. On the help from me. Those who interviewed me 137 wins in my career and a huge bed you know not NBA player not. I'm hike glucose and or am I the guy now you know back at me and I mean although to be great to meet. Not so popular I gotta I put up. It's almost a legacy brother that's what you put of them and that's what you put the sweat than did the tears in the bloody and for that your legacy that's what you stand for. I think I did it. Oh yeah I've got an agreement that they're not elect my legacy means a lot indeed and in this man I got fingered you know that you got those people. Look at it only does the blue collar hard working god man those winds. Those without are poor you know under an hour hour battle those we know we put some work. So much so lucky in some of team effort to get those who admitted it means so much. We are of course under a former tire Antonio Anderson who says he wants to. Lead the fight against the NCAA alike to give those one's victory talking about doing kind of the same thing that will those doing and filing a lawsuit. But I wanted to remain you know I think you know we get out the awesome war is no outlet and it had I I what is meant by for us. And you get the people in the eighties but you know behind it and wait I know a lot of people will be. Homily you know I've got to be I've got to finally get in contact with the right lawyers admit it so output that. You know local ready to fight. So you know I'd have you talked to any attorneys yet. At all. Not open to anyone yet look at speaker on his from the schedule that's in the background a look what it comes front. Yeah I'd have to listen and you wanna be involved in this and your attorney used the deathly get in touch with. Antonio Anderson if you reach out to us we did hear from John we can certainly we can definitely do that have no idea when you think back to that time you know after the season was over. And and and coach cal left and then you hear about the you know the sanctions that were imposed. What what. What feelings come to mind when that happened. I'm now dedicated well you know look at when it all shook out meant Derek reached out to me. Called cow you know ability got to trust sort of decked out it was because they're both up coach cal political topic or days ago. You know like. The they have no reason to lie populace. Mean and mean and Mike I Derrick said members. I could get that like. I mean I want the president got no you have to be ID you see them and make big it's all part of it it she actually sees you as. I can and you got to go to the crap out of you guys know. You guys already many delegates will go all the people are well the whole process. So I then they're put that stamp on Derrick Rose Maine if they cleared the on the school of play. Felt an illegal thirty needing to now he's not now he look at eligible that it did that enable them. Are you do you play amid because. Obviously you guys as the players were affected by this but. John cal Perry had wins stricken from his record as well view player talked to him about getting involved in this as well. Achievement but I don't cultural arbiter about a billion. But I want to quote walk get a Bobby can't I'm not out of Monaco commodity. He got another school Randall great being iron but I'm sure you know we needed help you help us you know he always had our back. We'd when he left lived it up I graduated and he always is a lot longer allow an architect met you always called me check somebody I know so I know what back when bigotry cares about being POW the 400 so. Do you think this is important to Derrick Rose and and can you see him being a part of this we know it's kind of been a little. NATO. Did a Dicey between Derek in Memphis do you think this is is still important to him. I think I think you didn't and I think Derek knows what men in bossi talked about those moments. Limited means a lot to him I think it'd mean a lot in the broader shoulders Beattie. And the university did well like he got the support they got good support as well enough people on the fight to get that either back because that's also a legacy of world. City to treatment you know let you do not want to get a drop would know when that is make those sent death you know so we don't ya ya some of food well. So it's going to be a mean in theory can be used to be the heroes they could be supreme bay could be. Doubt they'll match could be really care do you think all these guys are gonna be you know sort of involved in on this let's go talk. Oh yeah I don't know what all be all and then we're also close you know Chris has his supreme you have to go I've gone on but we go we could speak so you know that. At that one that got him out alcohol later on but I think he got paid. Some media I don't imagine anybody nor in my room and all three years on me in Yemen goes over major street there's you know there's it it it got together. We're about Joseph you think Joel I mean you he was the singer's well I think Joey will be involved. Motley subpoena Joey did in Europe but in other. Yes you know another another veteran Carlo is well did not think it may not be Joey as well because that would Joseph we've seen a year so you know that. The fact that it be that kind of thing up I gotta be tough and as well. Well we're behind there 100% wanted to since only thing we can do to help you please do not hesitate to reach out and again. If you're an attorney near listen to this than you would help. Fight the NCAA course and Saudi residents are about what is going on with global please that I hesitate to reach out to us or him by the way real quick for let's ago. Aren't you coach and Archie coach and turn the TVT coming up. It is based on a I'm a evident evident Saturday nickel and got that trotted out Virginia tomorrow tremendous. I'm buying up from Boston tomorrow so we we get down to replace that air to bury. At BU. Did that and then there is a website where if if it folks wanna help with the expenses the travel expenses of the web so they can go to. You get the girl on the page on it not I think you got the link hopefully I can pull so much what are you can't can reach out that way and help. A lot the got it driving up and rented a bit I their own pocket thousand dollars to rent trucks and band and hotels so any little thing what help them you know in terms of you know food gas and being Baghdad. Anything from small to me it doesn't matter what it is that will be appreciate it. Did that well Antonio you gave so much of the university this is absolute belief that we could do I skin and you know get if we could help out anywhere along the way please tonight as take to reach out to us man. Our men appreciate that so much. Yes sir he is Antonio Anderson who who wants to fight who wants to fight the NC a lot of late and you know I I think it's it's it's a noble cause and it's it's definitely is simply worth Antonio appreciate it man. This hour. How about that j.'s move. Let's I am not as bones load either or thing. You know on the puzzles of this they're better taste than Louisville both they have sort of a mayor as well as required by the clearing councilman Tony earlier that we've laid out exactly how they'd ever had proof they use that term strict liability product that feels like it could be. Pretty well poke through my court of law is my quota owners here here is something our or ask you. Do you think cal would do it involves a big he would because it's his reputation as well it's a season he had vacated because I think if he does. It helps face yeah I don't mean exactly yeah I mean how does it not write it yes it's important to him too that will help a mini helps his reputation because. He's you know he put two schools are well based on I don't know how interest that he isn't trying to help his reputation is all fame are already you know I mean I mean his directors are laid out later you had if you were known as sort of the bandit coach which is what he was known and he's not an age he's at he'd sort of shed that a little bit out I'm not know many of us split and layer them as your mother should abide Mitt taken that number down to one well. You have nothing to lose in this and that's why we got Smart it look good for you yeah you care about your role players you care much time in Memphis. A minute there's nothing for him to lose and that's. I imagine it not their attorneys all over the city. Other would be willing to look at this for Tyrone and and the team so. I'll hopefully there's a get a off the ground and go like this and yeah maybe can go farther and well as with the employer Tony has put some thought into he's already reached out to some former teammate is gonna talk to CP RC we supreme day. Later today Derrick Rose as it is very inch that in doing this as well. So when you have that and then you know how you know how this community is we love fighting for every do so. This is gonna go somewhere. This is gonna go somewhere I think I'd just might so they government's anyways and we appreciate him coming on to day will come back Jason Dunn editor benefit yes paean to. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free 3929. SO ME STM on the radio I've come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Reveal just how. Listening anyway. Fans ESPN that peers around once it. 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Only on Memphis is sports station ready to go NFL Monday ESPN that. I go back Jason and Jon and eastern nine FM ESP has been monster shows so far that's gonna continued because we are joined now. I've about a coach Eric muscle when you guys no one. Not only was is the head coach of very successful about a program right now former NBA head coach former assistant with the Memphis Grizzlies the man's done and all of the highest level. And for a long time we are happy to get him coach muscle and how are you served. I'm doing great it's great about you get. I appreciate you coming on any chance we get out to pick the brain Novo. The country's best coaches and we we appreciate the chance to get to do it's we appreciate your time this unmanned. Our man Gary Parrish who has a show on this exact same station has got you look number six. And is pre season poll Nevada and his top 25 and one. You've got the twins back coach you've filed your top six scores aback as he points out yet just the second McDonald's all American and about a history and five star recruit Jordan Brown I mean your role in coach so I've got to ask you. As a bit anything that hadn't gone like beautifully so well for you over the Euro since the in the last few runs we sixty like yeah any bad luck because it seems like everything's good for. For coach muscle. All sorts of all. Give Gary some friends so he's got to fix probably could be like speakers so that pretty. You know that's where you belong you know that's what's got back. No we're really excited you know we had three players test the NBA waters. I mean in coding Caleb Martin transfers from North Carolina State as well as Jordan Caroline. And all we decided to come back and you know forbidden nature that does not happen very often. So we're really really excited you mentioned Jordan ground. I was due to get it inside play it so for us. You know it was a it was a magical run making the sweet sixteen and and and and then we've had a great summer selling tickets and the enthusiasm the energy. Here in northern Nevada is at an all time high and we had high expectations and and so we're gonna have to continue to have a great summer. Because these guys got to understand. Other platform in the spotlight to go beyond them headed into this season not just. When you make a magical run that there a little bit of luck was involved obviously last year. Coach what it means it's to get the twins back I mean obviously you know you're you're you're trying to do what's best for them. You know NBA would be great for you but also you wanna win some games so what what it means that to get the Martins went back. I think the biggest say we're quick we're paltry guys that tested the waters was. Noble water our jobs staff does try to set up for them to get as many workouts as they possibly can here. And then the war in the NBA work out request start cubby is. It's hard job to be able to look at their roster. And then we'll also look at their draft picks. Could you don't want to guide to go work out. If it's in the spot it unrealistically. Our kids not gonna get drafted routine doesn't have a second round then. In your and you gotta have those conversations with whoever is calling though was that you guys interest in purchasing. A second round pick or trade for a second round pick because. A quality player. It's more work out requests the needs. Able to go on because when you test the waters you're not allowed in this class. And so that puts this window. Really into a weekend situation for the most part. And so you gotta balance all those things in and then you gotta get the player feedback on what you're hearing. Four in the NBA teams and you gotta be open honest. But yet the players got to feel good hey. Coach has my back coach wants what's in the best interest should give me. That you really. You keep you you can't have any selfish motives grew up that process it's all got to be about what's best for the student athlete and his future not just this year strap yeah but what's the best interest that this control over a long period that jobs can you just. Speak to I guess. Or in your opponents you know McDonald's all Americans out in the body and its history. I had I had one of prior to use your pull the new talk about Jordan relevant to started off but. I think if I'm not mistaken correct me if I'm wrong coach. You were the first offer Jordan you started early but you were coming off like a viewer who are you oh a month removed from like a nine and twenty season you talk about top ten top fifteen prospect did you actually think you had a chance with him when you offered and come off a man pointed. Well what I what I knew was. That we were gonna hang around. And if we didn't get returned text messages. Or he didn't pick up this fall we were we were still. We get it we get we felt. There are program was gonna build and build and build leads to hold in that you'll Leon yeah but that doesn't mean that that he and his parents. Can see the same vision you do but I do think it making the turn that. Prior to this past season. And winning the mountain west regular season and conference sort of that. Although we lost Iowa State in the you're hitting NCAA tournament that. Open people's lies nationally but then when we made the run this year. I think it is parenting and Jordan say you know what. Like this is a team that is going to be a top Chen Ching win so why. Why not really consider and then you add in the fact it will only a three hour drive. Asia ex actually two and a half hour drive from his home and you know what this really makes sense from the geographical standpoint. And now is playing another team. You know bit they can win. Or at least has the opportunity to win and and and playing for the big crowds and and then we got it I grabbed transferred. It was a Big Ben Tracy Porter I think is that. Was the final piece. For Jordan's family say you know what I don't have carried the burden inside. Last year Nevada was really small. Am I gonna be the guy that have to battle against. You know a big player every single night and then getting straight quarter allowed Jordan Brown the play the fourth spot I think that was really treaty didn't spam. I could grants all melanomas are slowly used to do you welcome. I'm I'm curious in your approach coast you welcomed the lofty off stricter expectations and they end and the sort of final four talk of a new guy pair saying you guys can make your first. Found or when you're number six in the country at least. This pre season you're gonna talk about your life do you welcome that we are picking Hardaway here in his first season in Memphis you know he's talking about trying to win national championships he's. You know he's not put any limits on on expectations here do you try to temper that's up to you welcome and he loved the Iraq obviously excitement scoot. Which in you got to go out there and do it so how do you treat. That. I think there's a fine balancing act and we were trying to educate our guys. You know hey look man we we we are very talented. We are all of a sudden deep which we haven't been key in the first three years here as far as gap. But hey let's take a look. At the appreciation top 25 teams over the last ten years they did not even make the NCAA tournament. And I think the minute that you start looking ahead. Yeah you gotta get slapped in the face up that was quick reality and so for us. Look at. Yes we came back. True really great comebacks last year to advance we could've got knocked out by Texas. They had us down. They were playing really well they're very well coached we easily could not even that cancer one game and and so I recognize that I recognize that. With this sweet sixteen run last year we did not win our conference chart in the San Diego State. Pop that's really good in the conference permanent sole. You know you're business finalized in sports and we talked to our team all time. Right now to day. We know. Good at the end of the baseball season that final weekend of MLB month it's gonna come down to the final weekend. And they play under whatever games they play a game in the NBA every NBA season after 82 game goal laughs. Regular season game it's guaranteed playoff position is still being fought for and so. We're trying to tell our guys like hey look here's the deal. Yes we had talent yes for highly ranked. And guess what it can go away really quickly bum and we know we can we open up against BYU we each we have play against three pac twelve schools. Two of them on the road like. We're gonna have a that's a really challenging difficult nonconference. And we are not living like seven the other teams in the top ten. Ranking what they play a majority of their games at all right not who we yards in the major. We are of course hogs in Nevada head coach Eric Molson in here on the show now was brought to my attention coach that. Once upon a time you coached a man by the name of and Bernie Penny Hardaway is this true. This is true. Coached dailies such other daily staff. And and so yes I was around penny when he when he played four Orlando and and I can. Remember many of post practices in three practices where. I was rebounded for penny and then luckily he was there such a great shooter I didn't have to break a sweat. I could stand right at blue ribbon and not collect the ball through the net but. Why do you interpreting this can't even describe how great he was and you know play in the position at his size and his court vision and and just an incredibly. Incredible talent. And then finally obviously you're an assistant here in Memphis with a grin as you were an NBA head coach a couple of different times. It is is there one you preferred to the other. You know college basketball. NBA basketball through the jobs or are very different. So so which do you. Prefer. I you know I think it depends on where up coaches and is. It is career. You know for me my father it was a long time NBA coach. You know he also coached in the minor league he also coached at university of Minnesota and south Alabama. And it's kinda eerie how are two careers. Calling aside from the timing standpoint college and and and the NBA end and I don't provide dad. I need definitely definitely enjoyed the NBA. Coaching much much better than college and I think I'm probably. Slightly the other way I I enjoy college more. I got my fix. Of coaching at the highest level. There's no doubt in my opinion that the NBA coaching this is the premier. Coaches in in the world obviously we all know that the players are the best. But I like having an impact on young student athletes and and for me and my family at thirty games schedule. Is much. Easier for us to spend time together obviously an 82 games seizure and then. There is there is pluses and minuses so with Pope obviously at the NBA level. When you walked in the office and walk out of the office it's all basketball. That the collegiate level it's marketing it's it's you know you guys graves it's. Checking collapses it's all these like skill lessons so. You know I think it from me at my age being fifty plus years old. It's it's a great spot for me and and and you know. I think early on in my career being a part of the NBA it was a perfect spot so I feel really fortunate. You know working for a guy like Mike could tell with with Memphis when I was there with with the grizzlies and you know you you work with so already great coaches I mean. The guys that I worked with in the NBA for Helen and Doc Rivers and Chuck Daly and the.