Jason & John Hour 2 (7/11/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, July 11th
Talking recruiting/Peach Jam and more with Evan Daniels from 247Sports in Hour 2

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And though won't work and everybody who's listen here in Memphis. How to they get involved in what is there like guys are central website is all on YouTube where as yes plays to kind of get all of us. So if you go to guardian con dot C so that is our web site pretty event if he. Go to the web site on the front page it's got to stream up the gut the donate button and chat chat. That the best place to go will also be light streaming beat the cyclical event. On there as well we have the main stage in the site's state shall be streamed they're Good Friday and Saturday. And if you have the money if you wanna come down here for a weekend. You can ticket art school there or block. We're doing everything that we're doing online right now. You know we kind of bring that end and put them on as a means stage show as part of our physical back that we have. We're working with. Also partners for our main stage this year including bungee and scenic flat. Four the creators of dollars. Once he's going to be there with a playable demo of their you keynote gambit. And doing what it means stage term and it's gonna get last. Awesome man what you're doing a great thing bed and it was awesome to catch up meant they say what you but what I do invent. Thank you so much for having me on I appreciate it. Up close hours it is been Roman he has professor brom and on that twitch. Where you you heard it there twelve to sixteen hour days as they that's that's what you do. This is in your life thousand lightning it was very interesting. It was very lucky I believe. Just. Play video asking are you suggest it's insane I can believe that I was doing. And I didn't buy it where you are now we are not silenced that that many hours. You were not tell you that's not true are generally right lowers our global ranking exactly. What was or goalie that this is the task. More city and they put the sticks out Jason but this is there but again the website is guardian con dot co all of the money benefits they do that's awesome I'll I'll I'll love has been through in saint Jude. And I just hope in my life was this did exactly CJ is getting extra screen time tonight. And all my mind all training it's training you know so some kids. Big big day bared their steered towards soccer or baseball or basketball we live in a new age people moment six figures six figure salary per year. Exactly what what does he have a better shot of going pro and soccer or videogame Simi. You see me gotta be honest about it I got I got I got very little athletic build what I think about it pretty you do it by thought he was the next best thing I don't even know where he plays now. You know remain Nora this Freddie ado I don't know that's the point. Provide an ugly streamers are fallen off over YouTube every day for sixteen hours got 200000 bottle huge he's a big deal he's one of the he's one of the bigger ones for my mom has not all amounts have been yes indeed. Yes and they won't let me down you're going to be probably the oldest streamer. So there is a market there on the beard like Lauren and it's his dad owns TJ when it comes to gains a more output if he's not claiming game he ain't working exactly there you go out. Welcome back let's get through the rundown. Including. Some news was share rights. Perhaps they need. Top golf club and MM I'll stop Nadia do in the rundown Jason agenda to Jennifer NB SP. Download the official that he ME SPN radio talk time masters and anytime anywhere and favorite us today on the offensive and at least when Bartlett. William fast Memphis is a sports station. 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Hey stories from. Jason and Jon. On the 82 million SN EST. That's true story I was so all along with the assistance of John Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan are taken on the NCAA. They have officially filed their lawsuit they got Morgan a moment ago Morgan Morgan Morgan more. All morgue crew you know the deal. John Morgan is in the build and when that truck driver saw my face I've treated me the issues and look. Be careful now but you think that they're naive and advertise. Does that not good they rose as you know I don't want him to come after us next is what I'm saying but we don't need him he's got millions he does have millions. But yes he's the lawyer who took on medical marijuana in Florida and now he's out millions to do the NCAA. It's ready as a cat sneaker sneaker I was just about to say that he's got a cat sneakers and a beautiful for Irma yes indeed and now he is taken on. It's a boy. Five plaintiffs Luke Hancock gore he's saying that Stephan van trees Tim Anderson and Michael Mara. Seek a declaration that they are completely innocent of any wrongdoing as implied but in some way they want the lawsuit basically seeks to restore. The team's 2013 title and associated accolades which were vacated by the as ugly as you guys know. Along with more than 100 wins because of the escort scandal. I appreciate you guys I appreciate you fighting for your school I appreciate you. You know pay in Iran maybe it's pro Bono I don't know what the situation as John Morgan. I appreciated I'm sure that rule book cardinal fans L one C four to the day I die I bet they all. Love it you're wasting your time. You're wasting your time zero chance. Zero chance that this changes. Anything with the NCAA they're not going to all of a sudden reinstate. Those years those championships those who wins because you say you're innocent. Do you five guys run clearly. There was some guilt in the portly within the program whether who has written TO weather was. Their member's name it via the assistant or the director about part of it and shamed if it was not revenue black equality and guys Hoover. I don't think anybody is necessarily contending your. Guilt or your innocence and Luke Hancock for example. They're contending the program ends of the circumstances that the program. Perceive these sanctions under right and so that's why don't really believe that this will go anywhere. I'm with you ideal weather coming from individually you you know are you did was follow the rules I'm sure for those five guys they did everything they were asked to do and you know they've they've become. In other become collateral damage and that's quite frankly and it's unfortunate for them on an individual basis I uniform but to your point it's right thumb. Our man Michael flowers on Twitter to says you know why not why don't we just go fascinating get better runner up both. You know the final four get it on well this will do what what are we going and try to sue and get it back. They don't blow early you mentions we do according trots home job and try to get the try to get the runner up finish back we get our banner back right yep amid Louisville's go on for a while. Want to the big dope for their and their I'm telling you they're they're not going to another candidate I relied on what's on unless we are used to fighting Goliath every single day in the sports world I don't think there is any Goliath that exists likely NCAA again I did it I understand it from Morgan went on to tell gonna tirade against him similarly accused the organization taking advantage of poor and disadvantaged kids a college players not a cult and athletes. But rather students servants he said the players have been falsely accused of being a part of their end of the scandal what they're made clear. That's fine. That's fine. And and your name as a part of that team your name is is brought into it in its sullied as well. But in terms are restoring. I feel like those two were sort of mutually exclusive of one another right late clearing your name right and as involved in the in the in the scandal. Vs restoring the championship in the 100 plus wins. Those are two different things in my opinion. Who could we get. I'm who could we yet as a determining what Memphis attorney they got Morgan Morgan who want we get to know more that I wouldn't mobile attorney. We can so we needed him I don't think they like anybody. Else can we get to get the vacated are for back. Well one Bordeaux on keeping the local legal battle of know where you go where John-Michael Bailey. A month away with his work. John-Michael Bailey on for me as an injury attorney in town to deliver his laundry nobody knows who John-Michael Bailey you gotta love the name all of the name the okay. The three the three name name yeah I think it works no balance. I go and ask Al go to ask him skiing in more I don't know balanced and do it we're geared at a price we can afford. I hear about they they I think they're specialists like I don't think they do everything no authority. They need injuring. That's on science and some of these yet they don't Obey is nationalized and Wyoming are hurting you who do you like what doesn't matter what type of attorney do you hire in this case. A what is the hot what is the it what is he supposed to specialize then. Sports. It's a sports attorney. Made my morning as I was or start any of these take care for low and we're gonna have a sports are turning right I mean he'll learn if he knows what he's fight against guys also the bar of Solomon. Carl lawyer. So you're you're would be yours would be tied him up and down didn't John-Michael Bailey get a slot vacated final four back they are just go with. I would just go back well own. Obama iGoogle pull it says meant this entertainment and sports lawyers who are now there's a web site. Well who's good yeah and entertaining yeah at Indiana on Yemen and does go grab anybody knows you eliminate mercy that popped out behind Memphis entertainment lawyers. Gary Wilbur. How about Gary Wilbur. You like him a man does not familiar men of the promise that to one name recognition on the thing you'll Louisville's got going you know what I like about Gary Wilbur. He doesn't have to have like it's not a team. Attorneys for routine fire. Is just Geary Wilbur. These guys announced that family and it's just him this is like you did what you value company what you see is what got me yeah purple there's no like there's no and there's no way of saying you don't mean it's just scary. Wilbur Laker I assume. Morgan's grandchildren. Then they're beautiful. You don't say that it. That's what he says for. Out of goodies as guy got all idea now dominate these ends the yellow and went over Wales started out slow he has a lot of of spots that Roland I know I listen to the moment and I know it is very descriptive that would site. When I was struck on Saturday noon Wheeler. Remember the debris. Circling around me like a tornado. When I got out that router saw below was. I got this very much better I have to admit it but you told I don't just transcribe and I'm not making fun out just transcribe a dozen well don't address the dough hook we have to stop doing that the sandman. You still really appreciate Morgan Iran or Iraq. But we do not believe even Morgan Morgan is gonna have a very I don't know go to our openness that is gonna have a difficult time didn't mobile their championship back. But if he'd sorry Luke Hancock if he does. We know who to go to. To get our wins restored. And we have more the case of mobile right absolutely we do yes I mean we have a real case in Memphis we have screwed. The clearinghouse clear to us how do you ever heard what was it retroactive he was right he was when he was a garbage strict liability. Never seen anywhere else wrote so I won't be ruled ineligible you won't say it won't it ever did. Stupidity so we have a case techie episodes are you don't have they don't John-Michael Bennett and get this done we want to financial damages. We want the wins we got to get it SOD rose on punitive damages we want some punitive pain and suffering damages we want that banner to hang in the FedEx Forum. We want. While I wanted to pay him back yeah because he gets sued guests who did get money that they don't why I was so Morgan mortgage interest and I've given him some money but we know who we can go through either Gary will over or Morgan Morgan. If he gets low on their championship back. Next story. Are this LeSean McCoy things get a little. Because a lot deeper that we got just then and yesterday. You know look it was just coming out you know that the girlfriend of of publish John's former girlfriend. Obviously goes on social media posts a disturbing picture of her friend. Says basically that she's been beaten up by LeSean McCoy goes onto the list a whole bunch other things he's done. We got the response quickly yesterday from LeSean McCoy is within the key part of that response was I haven't had any direct contact with these people. When they need of people involved in months. Of the there's been a lot more than it's unfolded since then. I'll read a bit from ESPN Georgia police have filler investigating a home invasion Tuesday at a house owned by a Buffalo Bills running back was Sharma court and which is estranged girlfriend was allegedly beaten and robbed. Of jewelry now they are claiming this was a targeted. Home invasion because the man that came in there and pistol whipped this woman and apparently her friend was in there too she got she got this or does well. Asked for specific items okay comes in he's asking for specific items that we don't know exactly. Everything I've read so far in terms of he's asked for specific jewelry items we don't know specifically. I LeSean you know yeah the ones that ring back what what exactly was said but we know that the demands were of jewelry here here's word. You gotta have a little history ran out in this thing and it goes back. Apparently. LeSean McCoy has been trying to get this girl. Out of their home apparently it's it's in both of their names. For awhile a little while back tried to evict her using his own family members and friends while she was gone to a sister's graduation. Goes in. They try to get his stuff give her stuff out basically evict her and she stops it because she sees it on the alarm system yet the police come she's legally hasn't stopped why because. Dealt with they are to make because our names on the house to get you can't just evict her so she's old she states right in the meantime. He changes a barn system's okay she has no access to the alarm on or off. And now frankly John it's what part what her her the attorneys that her friend is higher she's tired they're saying that. They wanna see the video. Of this beating this man comes in 3 AM in the morning. He's beaten him with a pistol whip their a bit of I believe there were sleeps of their you come about easily be can be damp and you're asking for specific jewelry items. And part of this couple's breakup live shot and LeSean McCoy has consistently asked her to return items of jewelry that he gave her. So it doesn't look good. That there is a you know. Robert that comes in and asked for specific items of the jewelry exact that'd mean that those two things together yeah it's hard to look at those things and think there's not a connection. OK so so while McCoy yesterday. While he should he you know puts on social media I've had no direct contact with them in the last few months. And we said man that's a that's at the statement that's one that could be easily proven it is proven right that you'd you'd be able to. So so to save that you must feel pretty good yeah but you're not involved in this well. I'll tell you what if he hired so money go do is go go beat her out get the stuff out. Is just as it's just like you do them so ugly and he's it's just like he was in there anybody there and beat her himself Iverson and so right now hum. Obviously got a lot of things pending or in the house is still pending whether or not she can even be there correct but for now she is there didn't. Again police in Georgia investigating this as a targeted home invasion. Anthony's male heart. The Sean why have a lot to prove there is this pledged to keep this heat off him. Because it because again. If if you edits are mistaken. If it's this it's it's an ongoing Mukasey one of you wanna be careful as to cast or you have some versions and who did what but it would be easy if if you rains that it would be easy for you drugs they haven't had direct content his victim in my mom of course that's that's hard for some sort. But it can also to be sure that you arranged with half. You know remain and so yes. But James and have what James Harden always was accused those of Moses Malone says son. Yeah how about that and elegant they overcame. So I don't know it'll be insincere but yes your every right if it's if it is proven that Osama gory arrange this to get the jewelry back he will be done all the things. Whether he did it weather yes my to do it done. Exactly dog you have many NFL ever any terrorist thirty and like two days so I mean still a fact of but not that effective and so. There you go I we come back to pitch game gets under way it's then it's the July evaluation period it is a national holiday again here Mitt is because there after great. Recruits so we'll talk every day of get the primer from him. On what he's gonna see this week that is tired basketball recruiting trip to watch for James wise and all that. We come back Jason and Jon and his jazz and yes it. Summertime is here you can tell by the humidity it's basically unbearable outside and it's idea about the best way to beat in the C that's by grabbing a country club salad or my personal favorite the southern salad at the blue. Month to eat the salad is massive fresh greens haven't Chrysler fried chicken. Crispy bread green beans and finished its roasted corn peppers red onion. Tomatoes instead here in Monterey Jack cheeses served of course but their house made. Ranch dressing and got two locations as an out it's on Madison avenue in midtown at 513. South first street downtown and we can take him out. And blue Martina has dot com that's blue monkey man this guy. It's a good club this summer downloading who might get a cold and of course the southern south. Live team Tripp yeah karaoke every Wednesday and Thursday brigantine and win some great. Live music at the blue bug you midtown Friday played he's known as Saturday to. Today Memphis generous of boxing finally set to make it's a tournament as it's been ten long years if you can believe that since we've had shipments of boxing in this town is coming back. On Saturday July 21 it's the big. Pay back its ten fight. Extravaganza present about that the state of blanket seeing is that awards Balata Melrose high school like promotions in association what affiliation management and of course you're gonna have Floyd money Mayweather in the building he's going to have fighters there. He'll be at the after party again July 21 at FedEx form. It may have been seven time world champion future hall of Famer demarcus chop chop core is taking on WBA lightweight champion. Former WBA light which it did billionaires in the main event it's a twelve round rematch for the IDF world title. Mayweather is got his fighters there as well including five time female world titleholder a bad night charms hold he'll be in the building the nail KO bellows will be in the building. Again after ten years Memphis were finally back in the fight game on try to stay here this comes the big payback. Get your tickets now at the Fed ex form box office Ticketmaster dot com. Or like picking dot com and for more information on that after party tickets with Floyd VIP booths visit like picking dot com. Or call light entertainment not a 17790380. Not a good day one more time 7790389. We are back in the fight game Memphis let's go. Force is a serious thing. 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Memphis Tennessee 38119. When posting on most jobs thanks you get candidates are in the sales director moos tells her I was our director you're looking for when you postal indeed dot com you get to candidates just rank for you. I'm a sales director with an MBA over ten years experience. Is also fluent in Japanese. You can add screener questions for less time consuming proved your short list of qualified candidates I got irons better when you finish. Save time hiring when host job. It's starting today you can see dot com slash. Broadcasting on an 829680. Yen and on line at 92 million ESPN dot come who is spears. Jason Intel. But the wind. Only on Memphis is sports station and 929 event might ESPN yeah. If you live near Memphis. You understand that there is no other place in Memphis in July and August it's just the things muggy cut the air with a machete got a he or even. The Mississippi River just looks like it's about ready to boil over. That's everywhere Jason about a non anniversaried way to beds. Or you can her drive to tie and made pro cars three to fifty miles an hour. In a C bliss John I love the amateur on Monday and through to Thursday which I love you more and get one free race at a lot of arm for every two. That's perched. So while everyone else is sitting in sweat in this Memphis heat humidity you'll be move in and Sherlund. Or just thriller not a lot of un endorsed either way and events fast fun and cool. By the way you will purchase students raced out there that much fun muzzle anyone else. Got there about indoor speed last Jonathan can come with it and you don't know exactly who it was fun I'm like I'm like an ego boost honestly that's what I am not there yet you don't like drug hey not get a little I get a little while motion sickness. Spoke in an assist me that's why I'm afraid of a push the pedal to the metal elect. At the data is either going to be going full throttle this week as the July evaluation period kicks back up he of course is the national director. Basketball recruiting for 247. Sports is what our favorite and he joins us now though have been how're you do. I am doing great good liberal for the medal right now normal at Atlanta Georgia. Our evaluation period off. You have. We're good hey arm broke quick what does James Weizman announced his commitment to Memphis. Such a great question I don't know it's going to be Memphis or Kentucky vote. There you can not enlighten me you're still there's still a Dresser poker nice seven. Big change you're still sincerely Darrell leading exporter Saudi people. I applaud Tony little or are intrigued getting recruiting followers. That's right yeah is John rusty put out and he's just been married to struggle Memphis as a blade ebony left Memphis out of the top five and they didn't season rankings and eleven halves out of his recruiting alcohol and so we've been we've been little disrespect that. By John Rossi anyway you're going to not go to the PC and today though right. I will. Iowa had their tonight after games in Atlanta. Albeit late arriving. So who's in Atlanta that year incidents in. Com hello this is under armour circuit so there's only got emissions and here we're gonna come back. Well my schedule and I'll get the age of six gathered guarding Lewis and Jim springer in the I can't laundering and AG Edwards are hard to all those extradite small or large or our game tonight enough. People live brought to an up our drive go to this year. In terms of the peach jam obviously you've got we've got the Memphis connections on the gloves in legend James was not on that's why they've gotten it. You know looks like they kind of pull things together they got off to a to a shaky start. A home wise and obviously number one prospect in the country some folks. Have dropped him down to as far as three is is that. A that we ass and I might be too strong a word Evan is he did clear cut number one. There's not a fight what can Bernie can Vernon Carey tension how do you look at his watch the number one above all others and everybody else. I'll be out all the Alter your ensure a cute little will not Serbs are looking at Muriel is where I can I don't know where you have a love about james' wife when you member Lawrence. Our poll had any number two in all they're not actually free it's starting to become a tossup I didn't think they're. I Bernard Carey had a great showing it to seventeen trial okay console. Precious and Shula. RJ can make Daniels those guys are kind of all vying with Vernon for the majority leader Vernon street right now. But can't see your question and are acting change lies in a player right now. I really like it upside I think she's just scratching the circus that it was going to be a the mobility and ability to reverend. On hand the ball touched the ability to impact the game on both day and golf and currently NB can truly ethic is there are also Allstate it. Calling it a lot of really good spring and if you. Tightened some things up. He's going to push him urban or more Spock. But right now games why it's gonna react. And you think it's genuinely. But you think is it only talked to Bob battle cut Kentucky Memphis like you'd think it's gonna come down. Or do you think if you think it's got to be something that you know maybe. Goes into the spraying and skip is one of those battles I mean everybody in that is obviously. Very anxious about it or you come down. Tell me why I I legitimately think that the battle between the two are obviously. Then there's the it's former coach and I think that a factor in the Kentucky. I really had a big head start on everybody else but the model I don't know I I think Kentucky was the clear favorite and everybody knows you have now. Armor that I think they're the clear favorite until concur the Memphis I don't think that it's big deal Hamas Olympics site. We've got a little ways to go and it didn't seem like you say you make your decision made and seeing you on the call on her. You need to automate its USA and diabetes that he can't vote yes you do I can't say that right now are actually believe it's 5050. I do to them if you're old let's do it let's do it this way fewer Memphis. What was your pitch to James Wiseman bit. While markets would be. Stayed home. Operates. All of you keep this program. Back to national prominence. Conclave. Called me a guy that we are dumping all the way. We had success together reform championships together we got some of your teammates already and you're there are good big east peace symbols pol. All I'll come help us win come help us win a title coming output screamed something about America that hasn't been done Obama's. Keep this program. Back on the national level and you can do with your former teammates or your former courage. It's a good pitch seven Evan you're hired. Quite frankly if I'm if you'd like to on the staff I wanna know what you think about shouldn't watch for a because you know I yeah as you get a feel on a kid. Evan and we I've got the feeling that their kids governor revision just watch simulate the way you you know there's a video and kind of given pinning the the other the other day after he gets a big don't. I feel like Trent Lott for coming and visit if that's the case what would Memphis get in and turn them off. And cooperatively or about all he even bigger pol move forward and keep America free or they support. I think he's really in college and captured armored Cadillac or sports. I think that he's probably an hour after the patient or from the mismatch standpoint you can really score the actual. Are we take good shots. You that you can make sure either Richard are being the tendency to take them off the dribble pull up for the Anthony cut out of this infopath but there's a lot of offensive ability there. In either score a considerable ability Serb terror. I'll make jump shots or midrange may come from three. Eight a high high levels scored one T shirt that the shot selection little RK eight it's going to be be escalated even more. We are we're sought and had been Daniels is out recruiting analysts 4247. Sport so. Obviously a he's been a lot a lot in the news. This week and last week this week because of that that ugly broad of the AEA used in his commands that it's not us but then lastly because that there's a lot of change a lot of potential changes coming. Two of valuation periods. Do you liked it there at the suggested changes they make any sense to you. On the hate Texas they're good terminated or I mean I think this Cambodia's states. In Seoul and came. I also. -- bit of everything they're proposing isn't exactly like eliminating a year which apparently completed goal and I think I don't think it's Smart scroll we get our armed. I don't know meet. I think bad. I would guess you know the main USA about what camp or sort adding more players and I think that's a good thing earned. Let you know you can't support an 800 kids are broken up so we don't care it's around the country it I don't like the idea at all. I don't know I'm looking outwards from the Mona. And ACC coaches you know. The east coaches wage everyone's action tonight. You obviously another Memphis tiger target that we will be following closely in July I'll actually be in Vegas. Later this month or you go to Vegas here I think we go to Vegas. I will bet in Vegas yeah I'll be there front center to watch math I'll hurt our. Arabic and so to me I know what's halo you but I have to do it in between watching Matthew Hart games. Because he's one of my favorite prospects on the circuit because of of what he can do just bid from a versatility standpoint. Does Memphis seven woods I mean we've had data on the show and he said Mike Miller is a is a family friend and they've they've been in this house and that was before he got the dive Memphis obviously but. Do they have a legitimate shot at Matthew hurt or is this one of those things where they'll be top five maybe get a visit and it's a going somewhere else. Bullying at all marred. I wouldn't get it yet don't admit it's Rick if acting like it's imperial academy and spot and share beating Canada but that's not what got your equity current current output probably knocked out of probably not. But if the close relationship they didn't apparently there are strong. All and he's been on the neo Trace you can't get you a chance and if they get an official bigger lotion you never know what happened I mean will it ordered hypothetically James why wouldn't say yes. That you got an even stronger pitched Vanessa. Whether that be crucial doctored ordered that you heard it whoever may be so. There's still a lot of play out and all these recruitment. That's her doesn't charge me to doubt in my early to say either. Exactly and if it admit I'm sorry there was a report I think it was from from Europe on their website Evan on 247 that that turn a whopper apparently was a recruiting. You know two to Memphis. If they kick in Matthew hurt in tray and then I know what that met the staff they'd obviously that this is gonna say every by the recruiting can play together but realistically. Can Matthew heard intern while for play together on the same on the same floor. Yeah I don't wanna a comfortable together I mean. You could hear you can use Merrick. Toward are probably in college agent is trained and it affords very. Yeah they are you know give you produce killed a court. You have to see Evan I have to ask you as we saw it and it made national news and you've been and so many jams. And seen so much of the stuff. You receive are on yeah I want your craziest fight story. Brawl story ever been in a general. It's funny it's funny I'm driving to a game right now I'm Jim and Emerson I have I have seen a couple arm. Probably the biggest one. Well leash. Ancient fears that Boo Williams is a new law I'd be okay. It would mean streets I think it's somebody else serve America maybe even. I remember who they're playing the one of the guards. Came up behind another guard the other team just clocked him right back and head. And then you start of people if people come inaudible. And then alarm Soviet. I mean that's seen like actually coaches are eight. On the sidelines for a neutral on a regular thing done and endured this. For somehow the Jews and what I hate I hate to say or eleven years old our nation so really old and probably three was around for three years of oil back so. You know our fair share altercation that apple can you regularly seek. As is evident as there is this where Ouattara to go out of the say you've packed an up and you don't have their one of those things pops off. Well I remember the 1 February and that they don't get tired in the bleachers certain get a better. There are lots of Bihac. I am sad have you ever gotten have you ever gotten into a five wood any other recruiting analysts have you ever have like you know ranking on raging fight. Total. Either early or let. You either. Like you got along with all the other guys who do this like is it all cordial or do you have like a guy cool you don't like I did. I think it started really get. A fair point Evan appreciate. They appreciate your time as always and I'll get the answer off the air thank you for the seven. Syria a judgment is an event that Daniel weir weir put -- on the hot seat on any got a couple yeah. But we're glad to go. I think there's you know listen it's there it's a competitive business. This out there for the stuff they don't I have serious tension from some compete against when it comes trying to get a scoop. It all on tiger beat. Religion I was mean Gary's Gary's NN let's hope he would swoop in knowing get him in did it get him in 08 when he gets unfair resident that you like scary as an unfair advantage as the college basketball on this CBS sports icon who happens to live in Memphis never reddish or Memphis. This is something you can't well I can't mess with that I'd look at is if you're on an every day he's the National Guard if you're the guy that's on every day. You ought to be beaten here. So if he's beating you you're not getting your job it's but like the way I look at that they've done luxury the national guy has as the national guy who might be able to help that occurred coach and Jaaber situation down reminded that he's got a little bit more he's just got to say what's the deal with this while you're trying to figure out wireless Witherspoon was suspended for example in your didn't you run an indoor wall. Gary can swoop and say what's going on Wesley Witherspoon gets all the better. That's the way it goes it's an ugly ugly business. Sometimes. But it's worked out for overall it's worked out over all right we'll come back of every joined by Gary Parrish the formatting dinners at one scoop machine five Jason Dunn editor and NBS he would. 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Of the reigning national champions Villanova which opens with conditions which means if you beat Oklahoma State you're playing Villanova. And on the nose out of like he's got Florida State your baby and and LSU for us in Charleston at the bar that's the duty and that's the deuce side of the bracket that's I think that this is in the great spot inside the bracket as you'd. You get you one name brand yard play and you may be. Yard playing LSU. Now there so you wanted to you wanted to play it some new blood. And you get that's exactly what happened that's Memphis asking not to be on you may be an LSU side because I have those in scheduling is that accurate and so this way you get Oklahoma State who is a big twelve team and I mean you're getting a real game to start and there's a diehard his term whereas everybody else's did not. You know I was a mother be loyal to evaluate any feels like they're getting a real game. Well that's true but coming against when you're right it is Florida State not EAM well I don't like it securities competitive sport or is there may be alienated they did they lose everybody that lost a lot of loss at about Edwards it and yeah. There are perennial power. Armament for what I have said before that I don't. Necessarily want to see Villanova. You know in the first game I think that's ridiculous it won't be the first game though obviously some file that if you win the game you in the game that's what that term works out. Now now it's now it's Eisen was a Villanova in the first game that was my only thing did you of course and so it this way you you know you win and you'd you'd get Villanueva and you know that's. That's that's a very intriguing little field there. I like the schedule. My that's their thing and we have been through years of it now where I can just remember France Sweden Maine man wins this thing and get better you go through with Tubby Smith on schedules not all that great. But listen that he is responsible for some of what's on. This year's schedule some of it yet not all of it are it is definitely suited up taking out some of those. Just worthless by games yet you know against those two RPI 312. Can bomb 300 teams. There's just no reason to play those games unless you just feel like you've got a squad that's. It was going to be crap. Did your new wanna I wanna add up you wanna make due to fatten up your your win total arm load the scheduled a they've got the had to carry you you mentioned the other day. Because we're talking Texas Tech playing Texas take down in Miami. Cleared Cypriot. A will be a member of that Texas tech's staff you've got Tennessee on the schedule. You mentioned UAB you've got LSU. This is a so it's a respectable Scott. I would say it's a good it's great it's it is a good schedule it's a respectable too good sketch. And it's it's our mostly likely it's not what you with what you would see normally I would say from your first come here first your coat now you're right avengers because it because again this goes back to the ball where I was making in the open. This nature just regular honeymoon years that it would be at other programs Penny Hardaway taken over the first term. He's bringing in in his own class got to get out the people you know the former class subs. Because what was left over from tubby is pretty good. You add this into the mix with with what he's brought in number what's when one class she said most the most recent rank him 21 class and they should. You've got an opportunity to be very good what appears more like let's go to let's go back so it makes sense to play a good sketch of good competitive schedule around us let's have bonuses and your attendance you know you have you have attendance bonuses and contract that's the other thing you want people back in the and that in the seats in your eyes lit. You know scheduling games at Jackson State and Tennessee tech are not gonna get it done. Now this this this area despises those games while continuing to do now lower than necessary. Compare to any scheduled Josh his first year. Right now so these jobs are still have a lot in your first year is going to be our you have you know who it on the schedule Josh responsible for Jackson's state. Josh pastor they played Kansas in that hall of fame showcase. That it probably already been scheduled right here's an advance lease cutting played Tennessee tech in the Arkansas as part of this home hole if they took it as well as Oakland goes all part that's all part of it. Arkansas State that was passed there. Montana state that was passer. Arkansas Little Rock that was passed there there you kind of deal with and you've been played them this year I think you'd been playing for years not a not a not a right not a contract deal Rambo you know honestly though that was passed. We truly that was pastor John load play Houston Baptist that was passed. So that schedule was hot garbage the gave that they had. The good games they had Tennessee Syracuse again dagger predated him. Pre dated Josh so if you compared Josh his first year to Penney's first year dose schedules they're not even close ones I'm not even close. Some of them the dirt there is a alive and you can over schedule. And and and that is something that if for penny first time college coach that it for me. Not a concern but something that obviously he's going to want to approach very carefully there because I've seen. From a first time head coach a guy that skit that admitted. He's scheduled to our thinking OK what all I wanna do is get our RPI rats on a go out your schedule all these good teams. When you get clocked by them that backfires on so you know it's got to be a delicate balance. I got the sense of when Peter gets the job he was later he won't play you mentioned you like to tell you won't play duke to a budget you wanna play everybody because it's sort of let's just face it that's the way you do east. And you could do that because you had it for him at east. You had the most are on college basketball it can it can back are you there is a delicate balance between over scheduling. And getting the competitive schedule. That you want a lot of it depends on what you roster looks like for sure but again I think he's got a good balance here you don't need six or seven. I games in the eyes narrowed so I don't you just don't need that but that said. Enormous home and homes against reels too because that can backfire Ewing junior cute to see Reggie still rather have not only for an attendance here fans absolutely you want as much gums is a response yet an end I would say this you know payroll penny walks it like he talks it. He talks about championships he talks about when the company talks about all these things and he schedules like that. You know be one thing if he talked about winning titles but he was out here schedule and he's in bad taste and and all these you don't come in case they added Texas text of the make exactly like that is that won him that anyone a better game than what better a rather than some chopped by game it's like the old. Beat up on you know beating up on Sanford what does that prove nothing. You know Brian northern Kentucky mayors. Like Ayers it was like. What do I what do you quarter we've been to take from this game exact because yes you won the game but did you get any better playing event that would that was the that was that was indeed and does it help you in the end and I know it hasn't for the last four years made about a dozen up unions on your RPI in terms your resume for the NCAA tournament. Another reason not to play those bomb against those days hopefully are behind us. Now you are again. You wanna have a competitive schedule because again it's going to put you in a position to have a good resume for the NCAA tournament you're back in contention that. So these things. A all the sudden they mattered in just like Johns on wells and we can. Follow recruiting again because it is is actually going after top fifty top ten the number one player in the nation you can get excited again about recruiting. You can watch it here that same way with scheduled. I was changing in wanna have you all watch. Right exactly get nothing out of so they go their play Oklahoma State early on the season they won that game it if if we're to believe. John rusting. They give all know how well what can we get Charleston. That's all and so while we have in Oklahoma State in the opener get a guarantee when you're saying there are at least one as the whereas the way the code and start again. Most talented team is pressure out there in Oklahoma State. And I are good coach after you are you lied my boyfriend of a crowd of I've never heard of him before last year. Some I'm surprised to hear you have such a conviction about a boy and well I'll feel better about him that I did sorry Travis. Okay yeah he's always on who always underperformed Travis Ford Travis or is this like Al ansari Travis. While he called sarge because that do hit in NBA talent that the child at the data that's data mart is smarter sort of like Rick Barnes when he Ryan analysts. Yes boulevard one of the LeBron when he came to Oklahoma State people thought. Can't miss guidance of staying in right in you know it doesn't you're one and a guy but he had tons of talent they're due didn't. They never really one day he got an extended chance there to I would say not know how would say dusty and rusty I'd say I'd say Travis dust era why did you repeat their budget to buy a beer can that I think that's a good scripture. Into Justin really say that there is a solution somewhere and I think head coach is that it coach it's Lou loves ski ski health. That's. You know. Dusty does feel Travis not forgotten the he went twelve when he won his first year he's whatever it is thirty or even he would look at our won his first year 76 is any copyright effort I forgot you a thank you had our man Roby either funeral was he did we do have our Olivia you're exactly right. Art will come back Gary pair had noticed at 125. Jason's done a good benefit yes Ian. He's he's ready to nine a ME SPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and saved us today on the offensive and he's more of our let's tell them fast Memphis is a sports station. 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