Jason & John Hour 2 (6/19/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, June 19th
Discussing NBA Draft/Grizzlies Rumors plus joined by Clay Travis and ESPN Shoe Deal Expert Nick DePaula in Hour 2. 

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It's time the most. Are back. Jason and Jon ID C nine FM ESP. And the voucher is gone. Ladies and gentlemen we have given them about your vouchers go away Bennett who was the lucky winner who won the bouncer. It was Jonathan Burton why Jonathan bachelor's and gradually as -- not John Josh Josh are all ourselves we're sorry lives is are they Jonathan Gibboney unity says my bad my god I'm sorry moment and Jonathan Burton why he got real excited he got Rosetta permitted but then only for the be stripped away by Bennett it was actually Josh who. Is actually just all right every day around this time we do run now leg out. The rundown presented by Matt Aslan nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 929 FM. ESP. Ole Ole boy. Boy oh boy we got a new deal. And town we have a new face then we can add to our long running. Anti mount Rushmore now before we get to who that faces let me give you a brief recap of everybody that's on the anti mount Rushmore is John cal Perry. Them it is Hasheem Thabeet. It is coached out. Dan dockets who by the way let me get this out there let me say this OK very. I'm tired of playing mr. nice guy all I've ever been asked to do on the shows don't respond don't respond. So what is what's failed what's the thing you say they go low yes we know how they go low we go hi Michelle told me that exactly who. Michelle Obama for how Michelle Obama they got against you guys should know once word right yeah exactly but frankly sometimes I like didn't Doherty. I'll I did they are not you do that some of that you've still got to toes in the paid we have the parent exactly and then got it who came on the show speed and embarrassed himself. Embarrassed themselves frankly and had the audacity to think that he got the better end of that deal. He's all he said. He in between girl going in searching his name once where all he's gonna say Alka meg on the show any time. I'll go back on its own anti whatever federal government on the silly time because that's like oh on the puff out my chest and optional ear and out and I'll accolade I got less than them. Well we ask their doctor last week come on the show. I texted him and you know the man said. Nothing. He did respond I mean I asked them publicly opposed there are room. Because Aaron and not condescending. Right I was not condescending because he didn't think we had the balls. To ask him back all of our data publicly and you asked them in need in numerous undated did that he started typing too by the way. My sobs inside out those clowns are worth my time so let's dig dug a snow. That we we have expo we did try to go high road yeah welcome to back and I know this tournament we don't want a fight with you we don't we want a fight that day isn't we didn't we had a morons talk I had a bad day got a little balls out of bed and no doubt about it he must've gotten some criticism on Twitter that day. But now we had them we we asked them. Got back on the show you didn't and he didn't respond that's on the record now so go back to your entire amount that he's owned we are we right we've exposed their dockets. Once again all we do it anyway when is Seth Greenberg going on this thing in terms and we hope outside now we obsess on that we have only got. Kamal yet some strong things to say about opinion what was going on here when that I was officially made were originally made. He did. It is about the watch itself were watching we love you he he's he's a friend of the show he's bright he's moved on he like Sam Mitchell remember he's inaugurated on a column that's right he coached with them it's so he's he's supportive of the stack. We are news space that we can add to this mount Rushmore is anti mount Rushmore the over seven foot is screwed. It is and he only gets it seven footers on the anti mount Rushmore and the beach in the same or go Illinois on those clowns in the wall one instance showed. And a loser leaves town match Mohammed. Bubba is on the list. Because recordings and shot then go boating. Just came on the show about an hour ago. Obama has refused to do the following things here's the news. He yourself for the grizzlies spears refused to give the grizzlies his medical's. And he has openly told the grizzlies all of this according to draft express that he does not want to play here. That Nancy's not alone cellphones of those things are slow as finger as long as emails from the trip that's finger. Parity. You're pulling me to a bad but I can't help it. There you low I don't know. All right a Mallory do averaged twelve points a game at Texas you should be so honored. Designated invitation or go work out for the Memphis Grizzlies a father well he was Harvard second day after day after they lost when the harder they don't want that he wasn't the initial exam wasn't the initial target how does it feel to be Harvard basketball thank god it. Almost. I'd like that you know what I actually like I had a little bit more respect from Obama before this event that's the odds are he's a Smart brother of them look like it. This man what you don't want government is pretty big mormons all the media next ten years and truth that's contrary to your stay here. Obama you're scared because you know we've already had her tied admit this before. We we've had the seven footer seven minutes grove. I don't do that Tony Bennett we've had her tied in Memphis and use cluster. And so you're right you know what we don't have any interest in you are kind of thing might as well like the beach but I still have the same page. So it's hard Abbas like to be okay he's not going to be the number two well known as. But it's a bad business decisions frankly because you're not going higher than in fourth. Period. I mean you probably don't fit the Dallas where you'll win 42 games a year congratulations enjoy. Where are the cost of living here is great. It is our barbecues superior. And I wanted to go to analysts are great things about our town I would either defend Memphis and you don't affiliate I don't wanna do that you're both them and nobody appeal under the grizzlies totally unproven at this point. Twelve points a game dude. What tell me exactly where you took this this is great player who defies everything we've ever seen in modern day basketball tell me exactly where Texas went. Our party take man no doubt are I don't make me go get those all 2008 net Texas highlights seven a seven foot eight if you ever twelve points a game in college. Like you should be ashamed of yourself. Newton. Has just tell him you're out just onto his face. Eight he's better you're bigger than everybody by far a college basketball and you didn't dominate. You didn't take your team. You know anywhere in college basketball this year John you've level than he made him feel like zero. I mean you should be embarrassed you don't give a damn about us. Well we don't give a damn about him how's that. Ayers failure in yeah that's all I got. As I got around the world on but I did this information clearly rocked us this morning it did that I am on the all we knew was that the grizzlies did I get the Mets an interview. No you even know that do we know the degree they get the medical all the that was public information bronze Olympic tournament like I don't we're not doing anywhere where over your sane cow wobbled the grizzlies one even talk to him Obama turns out this dudes trying to turn his back bonus yes we said we we'd big brother and audio out Johnny has well now away if it's mutual the feeling is mutual you know you can't you can't fire us we quit. Movie that's out that's grown man when we don't want any party you would the played anyway. Man averaged twelve point that damn game. Down supposed to believe he's just he's this prototype that we've never before seen out of MBA at the grew as part of their brain out of cut out Obama. Right and act like and then. Crumble that soccer movie Tia yeah our kicker is to come out and elsewhere but in general there is final yeah Taylor is the DDT absolutely in front of everybody. Mode you should not happen and I can't believe this. I I would never been more disappointed in a drowning a clue on your trigger lists are you OK I think I'm okay I think I've got now what I need to say there are less ignorant things of that and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm really more disappointed than anything else. You know he appears to be a very astute guy sharp not appearance on me is high IQ all the way and for some reason he thinks that Dallas is a better situation than Memphis it is just frankly not. Maybe what does Dallas have both sides did a Smith junior. What are they have not think these are the specialists and JJ is old as out there they have an owner in the Pampers the messed up and make you feel like you're number one. Dow's also as. Tremendous strip clubs. I've been told that has nothing about it really you don't think advanced Julio who told you that that's firsthand experience you're talking about I don't know how that eluded her eyes I've got videos. I say that I'm telling you at the last minute as anybody they would tell you doubt strip clubs are pretty damn good. And so yes they probably in their face. It's just. It's just paste EZ go easy pace these now silly idea and I cannot ever let Atlanta's yeah that's what I use to you Atlanta and a detailed work that I've ever liked strip club cap right now or order noted that was our own figures top three. Dallas is up there. He says Euro context you don't talk to anyone know yes ample mussina right number of BP this news item about this conversation I believe. He maybe I'm just saying that that might be the one area where Dallas has an edge over maps that's all I'm saying that but any other metric food no. And it cost of living no basketball situation no. It's just silly yes they have an owner that but once we friend evolve as players don't take Deborah drinks but what do you if you're player do you think that's funny like do you think that's. It are you are you know like put off by others owner just you know I think he's going to be my friend channel appreciated it well out. Chandler appreciated. That's relevant to your teammates appreciated their relationship right but goes anyway mullah but not organ of the grizzlies that's not the only thing we learned though from Jonathan Dibona. On the grizzlies second round selects he says he heard. That they really like Melvin Fraser who of course are brought to you visualize and about a lone goal Wilson and he played for Tulane nearly led the two lingering wave. Two victory over over the tiger did a BA ref let us do that one out right at two lame duck yet they pulled out of tigers did but it was close but he was a big part of keeping them in the game over Fraser was. So he's working after the grizzlies I think it's tomorrow. Melvin Fraser is okay but I'll Melvin Frazier and then the other interesting thing that he said I would guess there were two of the things one was that. He Arabic kings are drew acting Marta badly that the third. Or trading down portal and my dad ordered junior right which obviously means an ass like you got it right there at third. He said the talks to did you have their hearts are Jerry Jackson junior in less they get a trade offer that blows them away. And I don't think it will get that. I don't think they won't get that so that would suddenly you realize the chances of Dodgers dropped into the grooves exactly so if you're if you're laid it out right the order of Aden Bagley. Jackson got his we therefore they'll make that's election it point two seconds not that you made a point you do welfare it's what Atlanta doesn't Paterno picked the right. Now I'm Donald Trump now I have been told below one dodge you know we've we've heard time and time again that the hawks. Love re young and they need a point guard they May Day they need a point guard with the uncertainty around that Schroeder but. Yeah how far. Are you gonna trade like it if a team is trading up to get dodged it three you gotta think they're coming from way back when you realize all the talk this week and your of ammonium prior Kazakh low there also marries dropping down not coming on the dropping dollar announced its yes yes yes they I mean. Go to put up numbers. I mean instead of soil and that's what a Bozo shortages on voters like the all he's doing is playing against real people on stocks drop on. I mean it it's like amino hasn't said yes and we put more stock in the guys who play at Weaver state against Portland State. If we do guys who or who have been professionals for two years overseas in the second best league the world when he gets a grown man put up similar numbers. And the res I have for whatever reason we discount that I don't understand that I psychology but yes. If you. If you wanna tell me you have questions about Luka dodge it's because of it that led a schism. And that's fair absolutely is speed is and in speed that's fair but you cannot deny. Production. It's the same thing we say with Marta Bagley and beyond grade at some point what do you do tweeted that he thought averaging twenty in ten. But he's put up big time numbers than a week where that goes against Pitt we happen to get second Ashley you the world is eighteen years old he's getting it done that after nine's the MVP he's not your prototypical. Weak European the kid knows how to play like he's not gonna come over to America and get pushed around he's 67 to twenty. He's got a thick frame them and so I think that's another hit physically. He's a little bit more equipped not pushed around to get blown by a few times it will it will but it did you write about night it was round and I think that's a big thing he's a great and in many ways he's a grinder to right I mean it right just it's a duck it doesn't have to. The thing you notice about him is he doesn't have to have a dominant line for the people that know that lead you know you don't know they're playing against. Yeah it's a dominating gang and he doesn't to control a game and I think you'll eat you sure you want him to have some sort of high ceiling right that that may be in a day when mark Mike the market gone. He can but many did that they've all told us he started period. But I can be a big part of it could be a big contributor but but what I like at the sort with him to the intangibles the all the little things he's willing to do to win you don't have to be sworn to win and ways not scorned it he doesn't fold up for what we see with many of today's players right. Point guards today if you shots are followed elder not distributing or more there those you know they check out of it does all the little things a sock it if they end up with him. And you guys know where my dreams of being right now might it feel like it's a risk you do Michael forging but if they in the dark suits. And I've always that it it's the best fit right now. Mean you're you're not gonna be mad at that the basketball playing heat heat that would the basketball next season I was gonna look good and it's going to be a good fit socket. Now they finished regard to some. I'll be happy to take that up I'll take it all. And then the last committee that he mentioned you can talk about Michael Porter junior. He's his Intel is that he's gonna pick a redshirt year yeah which takes him off of the grizzlies under this plan. It has to because of this plan. That's damn plan because of the grizzlies are doing. And I take her is that the right thing to do it well because. Accorded their plan no. If they were with were good phony isn't where I am that eventually and it's going to be sooner than later you're going to have to blow this thing out. Then it's worth going then OK sit out a year maybe it ends up being 888 and indeed situation. Where the payoff comes a little bit later but again I go back to roses made upon which to me. That's you know. He wouldn't do it well. I understand about why you guys are doing because vetting the plan right now but for those of us that don't agree with the plan right now buddhism is in stark reality committed to be able to face this come in season. Yeah and I understand it as I understand plan but I ain't with it yeah and with a but did you still take a chance on that if if you could yet again because of where they're at now understands small market you're trying to keep this thing going as long as you can't at all success in the world that's campers law you can't. We all lower stated yeah well there you go usually stuff from odds on the devoting. Today on the NBA draft. Next story. John's rove and off on me because my stories about nudity as well it's a little bit more classy nudity though. It's about the body issue it's going to be the tenth and once you realize that we're tent where we're ten years in here John body issues this thing you would make some news for about a day. Who's the cover that kind of thing Brad and the big one in this one and I'm sure the ladies will love it. A New York Giants were thrown back forms and states are sick on Barkley yeah going to be to figure out there denied his baby mama. President. Yes remember those surname. I don't want to name Lauren it is our. Oh Susie komen. Now you know usually she said us shall have a couch and his Yale admissions like other. And is and how you and a dead in your hand you lose so I comfortable in the mayor says hey how you doing what you like his. And they you know a string I'm assuming she's not going to be in the photo with him since he was so unwilling to claim that go to. They're probably broken up now some of the others Seattle storm forward Rihanna Stewart will be units Sue Bird will be and it. John and you get in titillated now. Seattle has no right way for me to do that now there's not there's not here here's some here's a mother and other ones though I know lol all from older generation. Okay I would like to see Jerry Rice naked. Are always wondered what Jerry Rice would look like naked or your litigated in the tenth annual what's coming out soon hear John come out this much warmer writer Jeff cook former radio good Jesse Jerry make it. And all has lowered here's another look forward on this man for his age come on be real there. Is in fantastic shape true. Greg Norman the shark John Q oh really with him that there are the golf for the forest and now governor ridge national Greg Norman pantsuit she's got biceps Lego like a freaking -- thirty year old like the dude still works rising graduate you're an already you know I if I looked like him and it is what would tell me how old Greg Norman is going onto their quickly you guys are faster than me on the very computers. Look at you. Imagine posing naked at 63 and we are proud of it. If I looked like him I'd be proud of Australia 63 years old I wanna show too as well as I would say restart given a damn tried metals torrid Boley. Is that any of any another list the got a woman yeah yeah she's the she's the spread our thanks very good sprint for us US. And then. Cross country skiing gold medalist Jesse Diggins and not. Not familiar are with that there's a lot of light here's a couple more I'm a prominent athlete some. It's about the long arms are laughing town's main impact. Okay and not really inched that in that. You got sealed week another guy that's in great shape yet Lawrence Chamberlain she's softball player in the US women's national team soccer player crystal Dunn will be as well as in the slow. So looks I'd been at me the wrestling crowd. WW performer Charlotte flatter will be in its own now that I haven't liked that yes I'm a fan. I remember my buddy had a poster of Trish stratus. You never Trish stratus just in the yeah I'm trying to see you as lawyers she is the first blonde bombshell motion issued earlier originated in my mind well. Sable. Trish stratus was better our government alleges that you say in a region and he was Elizabeth yet it's on its bit so look for lost it. Elizabeth Arnold Elizabeth wrestled no she didn't wrestler yet dazzled she's totally. She's pretty pretty princess in Russell yeah. I Alabama's Elizabeth downward. As before nosed around nominally hello I'm so little around Jason was a blond bomb just now she wasn't just sort of she's the one of the best things about rest from earlier all right I understand I understand where your loyalties arts and miss Elizabeth convert. A year a year year Richard earlier wrestling loyal Hogan's you're here all over the place like Bret hit man Hart as well. It was cool and that that he's one of the best workouts. But there you go what is this about visit out now. No John you can get additionally on June 25 and then it'll be available June 29 on your newsstands patterns formulate first all right well we obvious line socket they're got Charlotte player above the trash. There you are. We come back which doesn't it or if there's an international incident that we need to get to him. Get to with him and that's Landon Donovan endorsing Mexico from money we're gonna talk about that and why it makes them upset. We come back days and down on its benefit yes it. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast speeds feeds across our network. We offer more complete reliability with up to six hours of four G wireless network backup. To keep your business connect. Not so much we offered 35 voice features that businesses Paribas in solutions that grow with your disc so you never miss a call. Eighteenth tee no way clearly contest business. Call 1805016275. 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Including Landon Donovan and as we endeavor to get clay Travis on the show are right now we should discuss this the word it's it's. It's bad it's a bit fascinating to me well I'd do it I'm glad to rein her because I have a point to make a few doing enough so women Donovan. Pat obviously. Now with the US men's national team anymore in the US men's national team has only about 80 yeah he didn't make the cut and you know I needed the US men's national team frankly they may want him best yes indeed. And since the US team is not is not participating. He apparently got together with Wells Fargo. And they cut a deal somewhere Landon Donovan. Publicly endorsed Mexico as his other team he posted a tweet where. Basically says you know I USA are teams that edit we need to support our neighbor to the south he's got a banner. That says my other team is Mexico. It's clearly a paid deal rights coolly paid spoke Wells Fargo that's well spark. And his teammates his former teammates and former members of the US men's national tea. Are absolutely. Outraged about this like when Phil Mickelson golfer outrage. It almost feels similar I think it's boom I think it's worse because it's like patriotic it's like it's is rooted patriotism down an erosion of that country and and at and I'm a little conflicted about this Jason because. Well first of all it's a paid week. It's a pay tweet and so you wondered as is isn't there is Mexico really is there Jim are you doing this for money now and who among us has never done something that we didn't necessarily want to doable even for money. Like that's life. You know to me that I believe in the brand of of great American cookie. No but I needed money. I did it mean. Right and just behind I don't know if that's the side I. It was a job John that was a job if it yes it was a job don't have to believe in American cooking or do you try to your boxing say about. Go buy you some more what would you what. Not a Hindu he did he got paid for that he needed money what's he what's he going to need money so we got some money to do this guy to endorse it. So I mean it's different in the sense that I worked that job every day he got paid to push. Sort of call as opposed to a you know remained as the movement you'll yours is just work right right there measures the dollar bill it felt a little bit like a movement in that small space. If you understand aircraft that was apparently I don't some if there there's that right it's paid. But secondly you know argue you're diplomatic buzz got a number of those right there and there and they are our neighbor to the south in more or not it. And I enters oh so you're not outraged I don't like Taylor Twellman are not nearly as outrageous they're 12 and I am I gonna come on here and say that because duties triggered your America now again I. I don't go to battles with Mexico on the on the pitch. So I can understand and and these things. Have gotten. They're free. (%expletive) yes these match they chanted support for Osama bin Laden they'd thrown your Nana at. American players but in various models transformed batteries greatest way to Donovan pissed on their pit that's gone out was a lot of hard that's why they threw bags of you remember him and they do have been asked the US national and so it's not as if our neighbors of the south have always treated us with reverence and respect a lot. And here's a thing when you when you get him who's been in the middle of it right you talk about that situation is caught urinating on the the field. I doubt Mexico and then again where they've thrown I guess in retaliation bags Xavier and at him. You're you're taking out that was in the middle of it when is that it's nasty is right now he's telling you that. To come all and end and hey we can. Hey if I can get past this and yes it's paid but I can get past this right let's all root for. Then right there is some high road to it I realize that it's paid but there's a little bit high road to exactly and and I and I appreciate that yeah I always appreciate. Defusing the situation there now. This this does this. Are we gonna be nice with Mexico when that you know when it's he didn't know no it doesn't but. But somehow road this I think it's enough tongue in cheek that you can let you give it a passion elect triggered by it well I yeah I think it's because he's offended your country I think it's because it is Landon Donovan and everything that he has represented him you know about America and about you know US soccer how he was sort of the star for so long and you know he went to war is with Mexico on the pitch and now it's like it's a little bit like you know when wind. You know if hold and hold joins in W right it's like oh my god that you're once upon a time this great American hero. And now you're in the NW run and you're anti establishment. You know it's a little bit it's a little bit like that in some way I just know that there's a lot of upbeat because I'm not invested I don't feel like I can I can tell people. Not to have emotion on this not to be mad at Atlanta and down in the sense that we believe there's a way there's a line. Or you just don't take it too far right you can be mad and if you wanted if no exposure arch rival news that's one that you can't. That matter what happens once said anything that said formula be against that. You know I realized there's huge emotion involved with in soccer work. Look at the world's most obvious for people get into it and the way they say things they may not necessarily what you realize too it gets to a point of of of a ridiculous this especially does like I've read the stories this special down in South America do where they rule they were killed it will come after you wouldn't Hugh you literally for a bad performance or something you said like that's where it's crazy but I'm not gonna sit here Intel's in my not to. Now that emotion about you know out of Atlanta and say Landon Donovan planet not an excuse me I was going in and last name first job I've got a Nintendo and a great guy. All right very you I'm not as in tell you not to be mad at a McCain do that imagine manner of other odd thing it just comes to a point where OK don't go past a lot of well this is. This is what this is what Landon Donovan said as a follow up tweet as all of my three yesterday I want to better explain my participation the Wells Fargo war World Cup campaign. To begin. My heart bleeds red white and blue and no one should ever question my allegiance to export of US soccer. And all of us national team that being said at a grown up east of LA play a Mexican teammates whose passion for football inspired me at a very young age as well as recently club Leona league M acts. I always have had a strong connection and respect for our neighbor since the US ME NT sadly is not participating in its way to World Cup I am supportive of our CONCACAF rivals. I would like to see him do well in others disagree that is their prerogative. But slim similar to how the US soccer federation the Canadian soccer association and the federation. Mexico Canada football joined together in the united united bid to bring the 4046 woke up North America I believe in supporting each other going bridges not. Very good lord knows a lot of words. Let me tell you that. Yeah this is where I'm talking about this is the line of of of ridiculousness. Taylor Twellman and his tweet you tell me this is real or it's fake outrage now I'm sure he's hot so solve it I'd rather cut off my toe didn't route from Mexico. Like you really think he'd go for loosen it up so. Well now I know net and that's the point right now when you when you put it like that you'd try you're you're trying to act more outrage than you are I don't cut off a toe for this mess. Ripe old coffin told. Then you'd rather do that and information about why there's so that's where reaches the point look ridiculous milestone today and we're about to declare on the show. I understand that there's some people who just cannot look past. The Osama bin Laden chance you can I would back. Kanell passed in the beer buzz you cannot look past the throwing year I understand that there are people out there who threw it and I respect that click Jesse we talked which has every single to go around to it now. Kiss the cup bridge claims radio show. Weekdays from six to 9 PM on ESPN 7:9 PM here now is Jason Intel. Easier it's so let's go oh man. Just die out watching some Mo World Cup that houses were all in what match are you watching were clearly invested who's on right now. A mirage spirit goal is playing. All one. OK let's hear it they'll keep us updated so we were actually just talking about. The land Donovan story right the fact that he has endorsed for money. Mexico in the in the World Cup. Where do you come down it is there is their fake outrage or do you think that this is real and this is something that he should not have done. Well I don't about how rate Saturday night well like I IE I just did agree with. And I think people make that they had ever been a great you either agree or disagree with the immediate would be your life. Charles Barkley old big output side that says it might either Alabama or Tom Brady you know by other team. Tom Brady holding up but by that I gather he could go higher state. I ate. Alternately if you're going to take on the edge you or no as they get and you re endorse Ohio State Kurt you're noted that Auburn guy and you red door Alabama. I make I make a lot of people built quickly they're Republican a lot of people don't know. But it got the the US Mexico rivalry when that quite use college football player cold and because I hate people peg I did get a better that I doubt it I mean. Dare I ruled I would pay money to endorse. That you don't get out with the arrival I ordered that they'll. I don't like goes deep or that I think they're about about it good. Ed of people that I would I always should quite their outpour quite broad. So why in the world about bloody. You don't yard collection of tribes and you know wait it could be it it kind of great credulity for you'd be willing to endorse a member of you know you're hated rival you know if you were yea you're your read I thought I would expect a you do take it out the other great tight situations like that. But I I but we've all got a price directly and if if I gave you a million you say go to that rabbis were you just on my right you take that money wouldn't and to look at our. If I'm right it America. Or maybe for a high school are. You know a guy that forty or the radio reported that the Gary. I would take money for it and did you why greed for political candidate jury might show of course that's bout because I'm opposed the money. It's just I don't think that would be appropriate for you to do what I got it done all it L. I ought to tell you that day eight guide our bread and I trusted. And I'm to have it on the radio show you don't like it at all like him. I'll be that big radio is a yacht. It uniquely good medium to come to corrupt the Wii at that eight year. And and I think ultimately what you the only figure out of bell in a radio sure that you're you're critical. And if you have either don't sit back. You know it being a legitimate and your audience here trustees so. What Al I will for most companies doing illegal bits that aren't happy endorse him now I do every bit contract that I can burn down. Any endorsement that I don't wanna do. And and you know all the good example company. You know called to show him that well wait a minute you'd bet that you know everything at first sale and they've bought for what I do. I personally made you know like oh my personal labor. Polite not necessarily for my endorsement added at the product or and it. Have have you ever turned down an endorsement outside of the political and have you ever have you ever said I I cannot get behind this brand has that ever happened in the course. Only 800. Got better to walk a beat and apparently just like dial all right I don't and then I don't have that I've got three kids to bed. So I'm not gonna go audit and say hey I party in irked you know brand dog true. Because I don't do you know I don't I don't used testosterone replacement. They or whatever so that the big advertise during in the yet in the state budget I don't do it. I typically won't endorse it or I'll be like I didn't air replacement air yet the way I did it without the support I've got great air with somebody you don't. Note you whatever you're quite all right you're getting we've got to get it up on you way developing I think open at least. You need to make sure that whatever products you're connecting you. Make then and don't down completely artificial body out shut down bunch over the years. Think about the land and storage is that it concert draws me to Phil Mickelson just because I mean you've made this point they count on that fake outrage come that's how much of its real outrage some of its. Fake people just wanna get you know read tweets on on Twitter with the Phil stuff was that silly amended that get blown out of proportion what the golfers seem to say. You know this is us a shot to the sport of golf. Yeah I speak data will take that occurred a week old who called sky at a regular at the plate or call like a you know were or ever rear wheel ought to be I called the and and I hit five. I think yeah idea put them out that was their outrage when the embargo vehicle then yeah yeah no we got course right. Yeah I mean it what you got penalized for it eight violated a rule but it I mean. I partly to think of what could happen in golf I guess if you know somebody got popped for steroids and it would show they were one longest drive urgent they were taken advantage. You know kind of you can get caught it was waited almost like back in the day when. I'd give up with a cork bat in baseball and whatnot and you know I can see people being upset because I think the sport being questioned. But the mental and purple ruled not quite that Earl would allow it to be all right stand you know I can be at that it's a non story in the grand scheme of things now. I do think it was a party like I think it worked talking about because you donate at 840 build medical thing. Jogging around to try to catch your golf ball but I think the idea that some people that odors millions of people who what got two of I have no idea how they'll be able to do the same the year having caught. They do news we're glad that that he is it is quite an overreaction to what was. A violation of the rule that he played hard. There's that I that we are course ought to play tragedy here every single morning on 790 AM out kick the coverage and then before let's ago clay by all indications it looks like LeBron. May be headed to the lakers Chris Wallace said there's a report to Chris Paul has Toby that's where LeBron wants to go. Is it good for the NBA is it better be able it is it does it bring you lean a little bit more clay. If if LeBron ends up in LA and teams up with coli indoor Paula George does that. Does that sort of Pique your interest a little bit more. The problem the NBA still gonna have is unique among all of the major sports sleek there's only going to be two or three team they can win a championship. And bat and he is a major flaw and I I think all the time there are 166. A week that I think we take pretty good agency would unite states. They really great ball. Yet NFL NHL. In BA college basketball and college football. And Heidi if you look at Sosa six. In the other part I worked I could argue that it's been the best team in the creek these and or depicting Berger what do you got might find a way to win a tea if they just break. Every way at their direction right you can't make that argument about the NBA I think ultimately got it you'd alt delete. It it won't be good audience you became a great idea who is going to beat the best team. Odd and unique LB or the idea that they're uncertainty right now fatal car goes Kuwait curse you are the warriors got the rockets are the Laker. And then maybe you've got a best case scenario in the and 76 Ers their debt to exaggeration but every there's quite a team that basket when the title. And their 45 that pretty much the erratically aftershock. As he got back quickly. Yeah Claire prisoners of time has always meant excellent. It is clay Travis to his every single Tuesday. At this time I would come back home. Is Jason's new favorite brand man and remember replaced angle. And that's say that say a lot. That's and a lot at that demurred that is coming from the brand ambassador. A tangle with that I mean enough and how they got to take a little hey is a joke would you go about that blue when that Ernie gave you. So the opening night special occasion. And I can't wait to see the accompanying outfit that is going to be on me at Wyoming a Muslim I don't know 1000 like a real violent now Armond on and on and on there's much into de Colombia clown bit would you you'll overlap I think this vile that it now and Ollie got the dog got the wrong thing envisioned a year the jays move feared man we always known it. Slash and you bring about a hundred Everett at articulate to your bluff outfit. When that when that I'm sorry for the draft party I will be chopped off I mean you every time there's a big event at your your outfit rises to the occasion is that true. Yeah they're away at that maybe literate wayward Mayweather McGregor all of the freshest you have like the purple shirt on what the white. Big cults may you brought me out and I was playing when I was Reilly time and I'm not that southern tip. How dare you. Some mas got to give him John of this thing and I got to go to vineyards behind the give my fit you gotta go you gotta go to you know. Save these. You damn fool never step foot sand is in my life boy. And you may recall drive the boy caught on that one. You better get a break right now never been and Sammy school don't need to look at. Eager Prager wired yeah it is get out of here with a pinch hit it right. Meg Apollo the this is done loads better reviews do. Thursday out at the blow we'll all be out of the bluff and is now a little bit more excited and do. For the met his grip that they made their number reports election future superstar come at a Memphis excited dead at the bluff will be there from. From 530 to 730 watch our action bothers greens Jason Donald to say hello five revise Ohio and at the block when he's. Have you tried the tackle. 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Yen an online at 92 million EST. Excuse me. That mrs. Ford station 92 known. My ESPN. They know muzzle this thing Obama. I've basically done or did you not have been ESPN. And has promised he's one of our favorite guest is name is Mick apology cupboards. Shooting over the shoe industry free ESP NN nice kicks he joins us now nick what's good man. They outlawed militant crimson those little bit. The scholarship dads are produced a man he's as if he's look he's got a very great musical tastes very exquisite so you can say hello. This is a good look at this club but the new cardinals couldn't march you know there's other than the all all just because you'll come off but. Well for all the rookies heading in the all the biggest corners are so you'll pick this week's apparently everybody's puma. And pretty much of me. Well the gate you know they had their three huge. Yeah big name in the first round potentially a top secret work with Andre you are basically inserted. You know they actually offered a guard assured you'll armor of the class so they were really aggressive and permits it part of their declined to give back and. Name now I imagine you saw this coming we are and I'll raise my and we were fools because we saw the news about Bagley. And and here we were worse at all man he's VO if he's the only one out there this is trouble we laugh and then you made the point I mean they fired more than that it Jay-Z now. How long had you known about this push hello when you thought maybe is on the horizon. It couldn't work. You know probably a little over a year year and a half especially. We know they've they've been developing the basketball should behind the scenes look at the launch all let you know they had to have it ready in time for. You know guys like Marvin got what you undervalued. Well. So they've met with all those guys in a private trim settings about a month ago because I thought that's so choose they really like the comfort and former. Because we go to don't have issues yet they're offering a good deal I think a lot of especially rookie right that the that the real hope gamble political world but I can't go. They knew they had should ready in time. And the magic quota for sure and huge piece have been done and they could go on them to do a lot of on us. Mick I applaud them and I commend them for for getting into the seriously not just getting Marta badly right you know make it and make it appears to trade young getting beyond very aid and getting j.'s Neil -- I commend them for the effort obviously. They look legitimate but it's hard for me. As somebody that is you know I love basketball player that's followed by basketball issues that it is just hard for me to convince myself. To buy a pair of puma basketball shoes so seldom does sell me on this kid can go become. Can they insert the stratosphere of Adidas Nike under armour can they go read any of that share. You know obviously they're Buchanan. Really competitive than you are you basically have but I conundrum repeatedly and within like Jordan brand well I keep. Nike had about 67% believe square in the oceans but it is how the 62 and a half percent. Sore right there's a shoot majority unit like smoke sure wasn't the overeating or over 90% rather. I think. You know no one bullet hurtled goes into it. Other thing for prove that they're trying to do is not just make another performance basketball should I don't think people look at that they're gonna really do a lot of things of a lifestyle side. They've got a lot of music partnerships. Dynegy who mentioned of course split. Picture on the weekend Rihanna and some others and so. You know I think they're gonna they're gonna come out from a different angle in terms of the shoot. On the other gun bill Lucia tomorrow afternoon actually sort of look at the look at the current sitting here. You like they could tell you that it you've seen the right yeah. Yeah I seen this look it's gonna be it it's kind of modernized version of the original court and all of them triggering event of the stories. And do not think for a lot of people the contribution from a conservative are you one of those. Just part of what he's viewership is and so. I'm curious to respond tomorrow and done the other gonna have a public or lose them on we try to do the. Will they be at I guess. And if you're if you're getting back into it again and eat you're clearly trying to separate yourself from the other three major brand so how do they plan to do that are they is gonna make the most affordable signature shoe. On the market like our what what's gonna be their claim to break into this. You have picked up the great the great thing to cuddle. Classified so that it's not necessarily disagree current duke you know when they're Republican Credo Lil could called sexist card inhibitions and got a big on. You know there was never promised cursed are those guys that really earned it you know criminals are big like that. But for them to develop. You know I'd been good having moderate second release of the reforms could open that could that would transport at all or you know I think in the past couple years you know some of the brands. You're under armored either political that I can. Who got really technical really form looking into it and it's been. You know about what the people have been warned the world courts so epic that thing well they're trying to come out is this a little or virtual that got chart is a straight poop shoot. We had a a former college coach on yesterday were some of this deal with aluminum and what it would take to succeed he was talking about though the that the aspect of that he brought in was the grassroots level now he did earlier that some of these guys that that that the sign this year obviously aid those guys. You give them teams and their hometowns. And you attack the young kids from that angle from the grassroots and I was at that you know is a you figure that's got to be part of the plan if you're trying to make a big push. That was the big element that really surprised people in terms apparently. You know is it that it was and I think they do coach for awhile yet. Yeah and it was in the team was called the Phoenix and women they actually changed an incident like you say hey. So. Actually you know that Bluetooth spec assembly has been very close to the actual strong unknown and you know make you base this on and close to the summer and you can look into that however you want but. In October that was desolate part of the pitching blow another worker was. When this pops part in the second and then also trying to build out content and the framework yet. Model look you guys caught that plumber actually is also gonna make uniforms forum action you know the QVCU basketball tournament but I don't know. Unlike some good things pearl called on all other determines so they're they're going to be going all out on this that he. You know guys are seeing their investment vertical and they're gonna be super grip the sign that this all soon. I know there there really does celebrate and its work. I'm fascinated to see exactly how successful they are will be our course on an act upon covers the shoe industry is your game. Four years in a nice kick some other news that you reported today. Trade young has signed with Adidas. A multi year deal. With a deed is odd that feels to me like. You know that's a gamble that a place you know a place like Adidas has to make right because this guy and train young. You know he had star potential he could be the face of your brand right. And I think you know so many people make comparisons of current course. It's really actually except you know trade agency actually represented. And so there's a lot of familiarity there I think goes some of the talking points and terms looks. Maybe it would it pedestrian go to under armour and then all the insults footsteps I think are very. The chance to go to either of them and Promos really you know aggressive and try to attempt super. Are the chance to go to it is really welcomed sir how to create his own out there and yet on the potential weapons should be ability call it that was great pressure. You have any idea nick what kind of money puma is spending obviously I think the report was. With badly and it's surpassed Kevin Durant it's Nike deal. Years ago given ideal kind of money they're spending to get you know for example number one pick like beyond variation. Do so you know I think. To keep you association. Just to be quite honest look what kind of global war one of those first put out there and you know I didn't I didn't really in court you know include that part of my story and it wasn't with the registry Franken wasn't really true. You know K do you deal with a seven year deal for sixty million. Marvin deals five year deal for a little book humility here. Oh good at the clinic you know a big draw I think the way it was straight in the big distribution deals since Katie. I actually got he got out here Kerkorian was 2.2 at dawn or older or create three oh. All underage. But cook cook you know local local yeah they were offered because globally and have known that you're hurt. Per three and four your fuel which is typically don't you all are here for a. Preserve the lead to more things right let's go neck and we were talking about some of the prominent brands that and there was a time and I know you remember this because this is a you know if you're rally. There's a time where we were asking the question. Can under armour will under armour surpassed ninety. Because the they were to hide young brand they had the dose of plenty of guys like staff. And it just feels like an audio Rollins but it feels like they have taken. A super backseat and they're just not as much of a play here in 2018. As we thought they might be is is that fair to say that they have sort of lost a little bit of of of their their foothold in in basketball. Yeah I think I think this here particularly have been quiet I mean they were due to a collection trailed in the Michael court you're too. Parliament and also possible chemical. Oh that's for sure exactly who think for them what they spent a lot last year. In signing got a good junior drug check into that they've really likes you. And those guys are both you know this kind of talk about their dependence subscribe to that also players and so. You know I think they're opinions they always about a small roster and how you like those two young guys they wanna start go post welcome so it started that war on. I would love to get reporters ever recruit for sure but some blunt moms who brought those that you I think some real McCarty got. Absolutely they're finally you Cullen at a Memphis to replicate time zone. Are vocal and he's going there with the outlook two I think you know. Another year.