Jason & John Hour 2 (6/12/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, June 12th
Grizzlies news and draft info in Hour 2 plus joined by Clay Travis. 

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Eight picks we need young talent even watch I didn't watch those teams the multiple picks the first row all year long. As it appears that that's what we need we know where this to Wear this franchise is in terms of the picks it owns going for. When you. That that's why I think I mean overall to the boys it is about it comes out about is not we don't look at each other like man this sounds crazed. And I think it. You know yes could I talk myself into it may be a good start to see if it's the bulls at seven you're taken shown promise to come up because you value someone up that high so much. All right I start to hear but. Is it do you really Apple's gonna take on what is it twenty million rode a become addicted to go and pick out cute pic. I'll bet they think porters or drop down of them and so I don't know what that I don't know what the deal looks like I don't know the PayPal you have to keep it the pick and yet to get it right. Yeah I got to get other grounded out well rounded. You know you got to capitalize on having a top five pick this raises is Tuesday got a risky. It is. Art we'll come back clay just rejoice at 1220. Fives and doesn't studio in the third hour. I know you're weary and your sweat man on the word develops and pitches this gap. The looks nice yes it does while I will address Russell yes hello good times. All right yeah you have to address welcome back Jason Dunn and his Jennifer and ESPN. The official. 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On 92 million SA and EST yeah yeah jewelry together both of you please throw on sharp today. And bad news but it was your news and an official. And man do I feel good sand because I've had people all over my back about this. It is official. Doing guru. Presenting sponsor. Of the J&J show. Is finally open up that new store ladies and gentlemen and it's happening bid. We'll bids in the show easier. And man I can't wait to bust the doors you have 11 AM next Friday it's happening I don't you provost dobbs Jason you said it before what was it supposed to be last November. Even talk about this since November got sometimes for the good things we have to wait. And our patients in the army be rewarded yeah John throughout told you for the people out and Bartlett for the people. Knocked me out in Raleigh the bark at Raleigh area just like a ranks Friday like it and also you gather outside the wings lose spot against anyone that announced they drove it was little subway if you guys remember the old subway that was in that spot it is done. It's official next Friday at 11 o'clock and John thank you are. Will be out they're doing a live show it looks I wouldn't get everything set up we got to get the tools out there we got to get everything set up to some hammer and some Nalen. But I think we can do it will be going through next Friday congratulations have been and where does this rank him and he's expanding happened to rally and Bartlett. Where Williams is number one number two record is right well. Killing those Killen a lot of moll. And finally have been some progress they're big very big for rob yeah rock not so big for bar right at that part of that you including both areas. Yes it's its top two or three in terms of developments for that area that notion that we don't have to go to afford anymore to go to mount Mariah. Right which you should do right now if your hunger ready six Diana do you. Aren't you guys gonna like read it. Think of a non due to external I don't say anything foolish or disparage area like a drive either of them got to go show without talking bad about run that is what I do you better now I'm just trying to ask. Are you guys are like a drive banners on the players. Something they'll get new dads drive ins built in this day and age are bigger rallies what did you see that I CA or rather arrivals are on the cutting edge inning as they say they're gonna get a drive and now brother we've got a big development all right in the heart of it. Now looks like dobbs in the big ditch and built it looks like there's going to be a little man made lake there may be. Gonna have some nice little rally red day and there residential I think as well as some commercial right in that area. The rebar allows us let's get a million dollar development you just our job at telling about a Vermont that it'd be about it. Has started broken ground. Are we talk about the same thing the volleyball. That's all spotter you talk about a different spot all your yet he had the rise where the rice springs mall was. How about remove all without you. So it's slow do over here you're gonna have caught up I've been telling yard drive past it every day full lineup I think Jenny about the progress I just can't bring myself to believe it's happening you don't listen any time limits in Raleigh and there's new EG stop listening I think that's the point you know minute both today. Yes you guys where were you elected that you're gonna get and first let's talk about all of the good to have an environment Rollins a buzz obviously didn't linger that opens up next Friday. There's and then Ronald Friday 11 AM it's official and then Raleigh is getting a new library. Each week is a news release is three saves you're getting a skate park. And an eleven acre lake with a walking trail I just told you about the man made lake full build more since says a Raleigh is an area we can turn around. Why are you smiling. Because you don't even down that aside do. You all do our call here animal make a one dude Decision Day. When it's time to move. Are told you about unannounced one take in my services in a while wind up taking a border. Elsewhere and probably because of the almost camera all you've done is make me feel. Even better about where I live yes it my house when Cink and I'd stay. Just to spite you don't don't don't do that. Don't live and rallied it was five people who now was this course right there also that sought doing this ahead aroused. It's not funny anymore. You don't talk about Iraq as a great place to live with particularly if you're by the legs are I'm happy for you as those I'm happy for Billy Richmond who's expanding and again the news is next Friday I'll will be out of the shows he'd be here autonomy for must. I'll be counted damaged because we've been waiting and so all by 11 o'clock 719 and onstage wrote your new wing guru. That'll be a glorious day is coming that will be a Gloria special day because you know what you write people by the good people of Bartlett and rod deserves unarmed people of our he's against Roddick people like why do you do this other districts Ali you don't land they heal and no good added you did you did meet. I know triggered every day you send you tweets some assorted despair while it. I don't a lot of millions out there full. I know all right Riley's he or she won't be welcome rally has contributing members of society in that neighborhood obviously as bill Morrison said it's an area that we as far as ma'am we won't tell me 719 onstage is not Riley I know without obvious Bartlett Brock but we've told you that. Ronnie it's really quick to get over there will law. My goodness we appreciate you this is for all of us brother we appreciate it has him listening first and foremost. I don't once you get there William project on him -- about all you guys going trash on Riley liked you like like we got nothing out there I did not out there and trash rally on though you haven't been island on our anger is directed at I think you guys have real bonus real I'd like he's getting on board real honest than being some plain and I think you guys have real momentum that's nonsense. Did you close learned to slam the library will be all out in the huddle around a library card about that. The sound good he will not be invited to view. Speaker Robert Egypt ever. Look at be as good news all around the way gurus coming you have a story by their story to mention story so gonna get to it. Next Hillary East Dennis Rodman has become. A diplomat for us. And the intermediary appears to be true between North Korea and the United States of America. That this Rodman was was going North Korea before it was okay go to Hillary. Before it was cool yeah I was okay and he actually did an interview with CNN there was that's quite interest and we've got a little bit of a clip he was emotional abuse emotional in this interview that you might be able to imagine I mean to. What was did did you have any emotions same dollar Trevor Kim Jong OJ cans like hospitals and they do a lot of touch fund a lot of touching Kim Jong Hoon on one of that was OK with to him down. Did you notice that. I doubt plays so Serena god pays close attends the body language it is a win when trump touched Kim Jong I was characters is that how he would react death and take it well. It is so surreal to see that happen. You know I just feel like. At some point there's got to be. You know like I've I've watched too much wrestling. You know sometimes like you'll have the they heal in the face go in for hand safe. I'd like Kim Jung is going to rob Bob Riley not as expect like us don't go stutter like somebody like Donald Trump has taken what many total gold Solder. I think that is possible interest in and is it possible thing to consider that they're both fields but somebody's gotta get this don't call you don't talk about like wind so called life. Create his lab it was the other side and then bank starter you're dead on the mat you know obviously and a half expecting that it happened but it has not happened yet apparently they've made great progress. But didn't drive it wanted to and part of it and this is an interview you did Chris Cuomo from a from CNN. And please. We're back home how does celebrated don't risk. Let us all we don't listen I was sitting up protect it everything. And I believe that we have and Republicans all I could go hole and he couldn't go home do I ducked out. Put thirty days. I Google. Yeah a crowd like that want to you know where you Crowe know why you laugh and on the YouTube at the running him normal respect today. Our. A crowd liked that one time is at a funeral. Right you see while the laughter was a little inappropriate yes I'm sorry thank you nice word that my grandmother's funeral I was fourteen or fifteen and that that reminded me. There is a there's a sobbing we do. Where you do it there's are we Yoshi. You buy it it's almost like you can't breathe it'd never happened to me and until that day and I'll think I've ever had that it Ian a job and and that words. And maybe didn't happen as much to us is because it's so. Big you know we shouldn't cry of those men ready many women experience a more. But I was it was out of control for me and I say that's say Rodman was like that was. We can laugh at it but duke was doing something right in order and I don't know if it's some people said joy I think I've read it as well did but he sounded like. Like he was you know almost. I don't know that the people threatening him in the LOK and I ended it was weird but for a long way they'll see it's senate super emotional ride and me of a time when. When it was a bit early he's very proud of of what's happened what's take some I wonder how much we should kill this you know me because it's the warmest Dennis Rodman yeah it's weird it's the guy that used to. You know in the league how crazy was not just on the on the court off court number that's another thing we've put on the wedding dress and how big that was imagine if that happened today in social media always is is he's conflict that I mean I think we're that we're dealing with a you know one point you may have he contemplated suicide Jim another about those rom is a metropolis. In his truck and contemplated suicide talk about the are really that he's been through its army ever got in the truck yeah. While I'm sure they don't they got news that did he contemplated at least in if he's been boots on so so I anyway and when I first saw it come out and I since Celtics like what the heck is wrong with Dennis Rodman there but the more I listen to it. That was of whatever was I don't know why I was joy arm of the sadness he was clearly emotional well covers. If he's what's in and said yesterday is hates our greatest resource. On Kim Jung. I mean if likely to it appears that yeah this anyways disarming right he's gone on for a long time in terms of Americans that hang out with bad dude and would know what there what kind of T that guy likes what he likes the eaten everything else in general Donovan has really didn't he's done more for us here. The job receipt of by special when he when they give their cameras they're occurred as the cameras and North Korea and its in the EC east wind. Kim Jung and they're doing like a basketball tournament and there's a nice feature related unusual for a long time out of respect this was years ago a much respected. I mean to us from our respect the work and I respect though everything you put into this. Our I want to come back clay chess indoors with Oakley Charles about this very story. We'll get his thoughts on Dennis Rodman and ask him you know twenty years who threw his choice heard next MBA player to help sort of you know resolve load nuclear crisis. 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McCain on the juices sports station now 829 event. Does change. When and then. Yeah yeah. Kyra back Jason we've done that it's Unita Bambi ESPN and every Tuesday at this time we talked to do one of the only clay Travis he's here now live from New York City is that correct clay. Yeah outlook here or were you rate the show live from the US open all I'd per day of Friday. For about it it all islet but aired so what would it go to a quick they are better at. So I actually just got back from from New York City we we spent our our one year anniversary of their me in my life she's from there I'm just curious as to your thoughts on. Manhattan in the city proper. At large what do you think you deal like New York City BAB York city where you come down on New York City. I like I mean I think it all it when the weather's good. I yeah I I get out all of the weight debate that I don't pick I'd wanna. We a year yeah necessarily I don't I don't have the body. It's like over a live very well you'd be eight GO got kicked out of body. It a little bit yeah I've gotten pretty yet we are getting it. All right so obviously the big story in the world right now is the summit in the meeting between president Donald Trump. Min Kim Jong-un and ended his round has somehow become a part of the story you've got to polyp on her Twitter account. That that that the the people of spoke and they believe that. Dennis Rodman as a North Korea expert is the greatest. An American sports upset ever do you concur. Yeah the I think you were attacked exotic to you IT IE eight at the last year of the Chicago or outside the and you can bet that hey the guy get a broad underdog or right now. Is going to be able to battle it originally bringing heat to the world. Through his relationship we've paperwork lucrative hopefully he dictator. It sort of react to it I think that would have paid more solid all week all could be. Could it utopian 1998. A double what you'd get allude to pick me. If you read any get the other one eight got collateral are you further back you know I said we're going to Concord outlook or. The US would be viewed twenty. Ardidi. There I admit I Katie I'd. I at least what you speak from Oprah. It about a bloody revolt when wondered if he can it reported that individual as a result it could be I. But what they had went of people walking through rock inquiry now and theoretically anything could happen. I think actually been quite like they've all agreed upon her outlook probably the most shocking portrait sold the spotlight. I because I think most people or you quite tight to coordinate a global. Like I think they're dead they're caught but it or eight or typical cookie that any of the other great. What what does that say about us so I guess CNN was the one pass and off the heat that Rodman is our best resource for understand Kim Jong-un that did do you agree first the Balkans is there a better guy we could send what do you expect. I don't know how many people actually bet hip younger of that are do we get outside and an official capacity though. That your number of air crew would edit or other interaction with him jogger in general would be low like eight and what every guy I think in general the theory is that they're probably curry easily. The group that bad it certainly there are happy people who go to Donald talk he had through Tokyo jogger. Claims forty years if we if we we look up and in the you know we're involved in another sort of nuclear summit and you have to pick an NBA player. To sort of be the face of it. Who would you pick. And the all the all white so yeah let's go what you are denied that he eight if you with. It'd BA player I take a look at what. They get it brought that is probably the worst it and yes your that you. It's not just figure eight and a pro athlete like I hadn't thought it would take out there edit. Be released but likely girl athletes could be at all bad error a lot of probably intelligent athlete in the NBA right now who basically. Equally active when their careers or Oprah built border really I think. A big question is wrong with Bill Walton has the right there with the week slightly Indian BA right now. Yeah AE ITE eighty you don't like global. I think it will certainly be there. So they'll let me I don't I don't no doubt about it or I'd like I don't like. There's no Kyra quite a bit of rock but it did eight NBA what they're like what you eat it today. It worked great white paper all agreed to a little agreed it relatively normal outside of you know that it and I get it on the basketball court the Ed. So you know like I agree I agree with you totally normal guy outweigh the packet to get Terry Corbett electorate where oh wait what. I can't eat it could see it's not just their odd bit. Was eighty on the hit 1998 at eight. It take their body and a corollary. If you thought that they owed to the water date the crowd I'm not an original work. If you go with every port of our great Al. You guys even bigger guys that are brought to light character right now. I mean I've not not anywhere close to that they ordinarily Wear a wedding dress and all that and and and just the colorful mess but I mean JR Smith is kind of aloof. You know. I'm out most is that we are like leg and then they've zero point though nobody. I kitty that they IKEA to give a big body to just be NBA I can't think of a single athlete in general. And create a that budget I think that Couric polite destroy me everywhere keep Williams back in the day aired. Yet as well equipped cricket black UG could get it yet Appel. Biggest carrier big wooden ladder or. Stuff like Tyree are big it is a bright white doesn't other whites see exactly you know quarry the right I I just I I don't even know her and it. Play here in the politics of school may maybe this is significant maybe it's insignificant but try I was watching trumpet Jim John nerds the photo op. A trump goes out of his way to touch it. A couple of times Kim Jung in a situation like this do you think it's Smart I watched enough thought OK he's reaching out to him you know it. And to some maybe insignificant some don't notice but did you do you think it matters. You know putting a hand on and kind of short and AM. I'm with you you know. I think. I speak in general. What I said about the rocket docket today is that I think he's guy might have or doubt that big you don't walk exit adds we EO. They gave. Theory the idea that they're right way to compete at all or did you pay an update. Certainly we are. And area that would that'd perjury go to the odd that that they are audited or edit negative way to do great cat across the board when it comes to flat that. Market or baking and everybody got. I think bet some type it take crede hit a great. And I date period to elevate coddle chalk it able to interact with a jogger who all have a level. That'd go a little bit different than maybe president love and it certainly. And they've made yet I take great yet trot to be able to back back to the great you know. Oh yeah joggers yeah with the ID you. Yeah I think that if you had somebody who incredibly. So over and Ed you don't like not in any way out of a lightning rod if you look at what much of the last several broken right whether or straw. It is clearly that order was no talk of whether or George W pushed it. Before that Ronald Reagan Georgia. In your I don't think any of those guys were in Iraq. We can't jogger I think they're just all we can't. Are you there obviously you're you're you're history buff we've never seen anything like this in history in the media obviously between America and and North Korea and dignitaries. What do you think is next. I have no idea all the anybody at yet you've got a guy they work group of people out there are currently rabbit or whatever. With Alice in Wonderland at what you got. It brought back on CNN that would act to bear in North Korea and Malaysia. Are you could eat it eat candy that batter I think so I. I honestly have no idea I would like the bully. That that North Korea which is huge danger don't obviously for budget the world Rick Dudley to rob eight. Democratic it Czech Republic light like about Korea could that we can beat. He quickly did the modern day version of wall can be downloaded that book without create their car to have. Normal relationship I would have won and other can't. I don't have me agree that occur for what that's gonna happen. We of course talked to clay Travis joins us every single Tuesday here on the show listen to a show. Out kick the shows that an ID AM. Our eyes and we have not we've not touched on the NBA finals obviously that are wrapped up that got done and for how much of the LeBron hand injury are you buying. Not ready now yeah I idol I don't doubt that it secret. Have prefer Abby got it there a lot of guys that are by Saudi get could be yet that he can order. The FDA all the world eerie that they have wake up by only there a lot of guys with baker predicted that all the or. Make it grew older people without ever those issues are high but. I thought that back if that became a story that abroad for some reason decided that he needed gathered at all and yet. In the interview right after yeah right after the game ended. Why excessive had a bet dairy air edited out of YR old. Really don't like apartheid and everybody if you're like go to the good guys like all of that golf body. Put off the bat good all the work of the division just make him I think everybody white girl and nobody would agree April. Claire we spend too much time I'm with you on them by the way we spend too much time talking about this cast now fake it is or whatever and not enough time criticizing from punch in the box or in the first place we got all Amare Stoudemire Ford what are you doing injuring yourself off the court you're not supposed to do as a professional athlete right that's not Smart yeah I mean the series is one sided but. We should be hitting him for that shouldn't. Yeah I talked about that you draw on my development equity 33 years old anti war. Yeah I mean to hear your lead 78 year old Europe at about a pig in you know blacked out by talking. And that would object. I think that's a little bit work at the couple even that your early forties. It still be agreed to do agreed but what you are a professional like RJ that you're giving as much. I would say Korea or your decision making a general as war. The fact that your. RG exhibit and Tobago particularly while he put out progress here in the U bat a bat well. I mean you know I'll be that would have created all of the people a story if LeBron James frustrated over the way. Gave what it did at art some big and broad category that they've been unable to play. I mean I don't know that you would've ever an escape this story like that there'll. I think you'd need to be more control of your ocean. Obviously you water if that were quite. And who's doing pushups and you saw the secret handshake with the kids and stuff I question how hard it actually loans. Yeah I agree it. Obviously the World Cup clay sands the USA gets under way this week quote you watts the World Cup even though America is not and it. Yet but I wall. I don't actually early Doral. I've all really BA you're able to pick who's gonna pay at. If that makes that that don't like right you're to bear market World Cup band you kind of it Richard tell all of the group a game today you know your pocket and being that figure out what you need to do order a good bad. Our wolf it could hardly at all the facts and I will watch the sixties around at sixty Ed that basically take a look at patient. I surely watch other than a game like. I would they buy into her level of the World Cup gala probably. 75%. Without the US involved because. Were you when you talk about it at all like I'm just curious from a radio persuaded you do national radio and I'm sure there will be interest however diminished because America that in and on a national level. Would you talk about the World Cup on your show. Probably I figured I could imagine that there will be great things that happen you know somebody get a bite somebody else. That you know there's I think every April the first start this year yeah girls out. Look what I get paid they need a big bite the court I don't outcome. By deride will there be supportive. Great yeah this story are right these are. World Cup. And Russia in particular and also the fact that there's not much else going on exactly you know we did note today and be glad we did in Iraq but I don't know what we don't let quit. Great blog that story had been going on if BA edited do we create a delegate at five games. Honestly there's not a doubt they are on the NFL story. They have VA created he had this story debate this for nearly a ball. Up for all that it duds and are not felt like. Oh my god you about the talk about it right now all it certainly benefit of the doubt they can about. And not particularly excited about how much are we got the bill would put could go real audience what a great big old port on it. Ball flight boards that remove the eagle regular people in particular still out at the tough situation to be at. Play last one you anymore optimistic in the future of Omani and Pablo show that you are and get up. She got boy did that joke to be all right guys to pick that spot. I do it's that. The I yet it could have beat it back. In Iraq should look like that is is not going to happen like I think that's probably much more favourable. Bad get up into your that their pay any word year's budget all. So the belt in general about very optimistic about that take that bet Joseph Borg forty got to get our walk pocket bill. And I think they orchestrated attack but are you beat it you have got or two ago. I'd be you'd wait and watch it go ever year with that choice it all right I would orchard there right football story. So why did you have a lot of yeah a lot of options that its good for October November December. They talk about at bed you know put all devoid everybody they graduate or quick and watched it. You that there had been I guess you could say well is not a lot of watching it goes not very good. There's not a lot of people watching back Ecuador Q I don't advertise the fact it is clearly there's so. I dated a disservice by starting get in June like they did not imagine they were probably doping. They get six or that game NBA final. And it looked dead that they get over it bears. There's not much talk about. Now be exactly red clay I'll always appreciate your time and thank you enjoy New York. They ought ought to do is clay Travis from out kick the coverage I was just looking up World Cup. Match is obviously that gets under way that starts on Thursday we have a a World Cup expert. Here regular army on the show Catherine live SA NV Memphis soccer player on the American domestic and she'll be breaking it down and neither do why in the world you know the worst part about this World Cup other than the fact that the United States isn't it no it's the second worst or did the times. Of the games because it's in Russia what's wrong game started 10 AM 7 AM. 5 AM holy I mean I'm not gonna watch any I'm not gonna be able to watch and I mean even if I wanted to I would not really be able to watch it and I gotta get up at seven million to watch World Cup soccer up you got state feels good though of what. If found in Russia. Just got this message on my phone there's a free messaging. What in the World Cup. A bat what are the only event what does that solemn got a rally. Service not data do is get over there Brooke you get how they spend 1000 rob what. So I can get to Russia. All data stuffs for so anything free so what it is that what it really that what is dated for the world who do you have what your service table into 408 got to get that message and around fielder hit Bosnia to Raleigh guys down on India there so good so that's. Disloyalty is I really give me if I need to rush. They say did you go to that you get free gas and on and Rita did I got that's on the list were about that's that's a may look into it yes. Should there. There's support that you were you got to adopt the T even you madam would have to think it will cost of this offer may rise audience who's the official World Cup team of Rollins and you're you other Riley spokesman. Well I'm still we're still working on will have a four Euro on the world and opens official. We're actually if I'm not look I'm going to come and ago I saw you too Brooke let's give let's get this on the open. What between every day about Robin has been debates between hate. Hey all we don't appreciates all the young brother tweed basically if he's if he's dating a girl the girl says where you you know I'm in Riley says our economy back. Okay happen and they each of you reach we did we we don't like to have their job is nice places in Iran we don't like this kind of hate. I didn't I didn't throws Livan by the lakes and Ron that's a that's a beautiful home but his would've just tell you that I'm not the only one. You know who won't step into Iran I'm not the only one that's not is like me projecting that there are other stuff. There are others. And we welcome. Now there's a record a look at all these times 10 AM LAM. 5 AM 1 PM Portugal Spain on Friday. That'll be good but will be doing Michelle Obama will be doing the show Croatian Nigeria is it too I think the latest game you're gonna get. Is that is at 2 o'clock. Our time so bad that that does that stinks to do you know if I don't care it won't pass the pool play and into the into the final round are that's allowed here will do that art. Welcome back Samoa Joseph is gonna be in studio. Com. He's one you won't want to mess with Jason. Are you are honored to eighty. 280 pounds of you're yeah I think he I think he's good I think he's the biggest guy we wrestler we like I don't I don't mean in the amounts in terms of stature of the he's the biggest superstar we've been on Russia because of her days of big do so former mortgage broker. Thrills you and your research as usual okay all right wells they didn't bring it to his door what it comes then Jason Dodd netted Jenna and ESPN. Now the perfect time to start organizing that messy garage or call that he kitchen pantries to get thinking about the what it doesn't get compares with a suggestion and that suggestion is to check out more than calls it which is locally owned and operated and a business that conservative damage in the mid south since 1995. More than clauses in the showroom in Cordoba if you wanna see the work up close but either way here's the deal. You call it eSATA unemployment they come in measure the space. 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That's what that's your next step is get it comedies comedies or cause about it about red is for to have it really it's really cater to him right. More than anybody else it's a show the lights and are nothing else try to do is love up or rather I'm telling you could take them to what how we were or my attic you can take him today. It wouldn't be appropriate. Yesterday's count to a thousand. Your son they can get there yes in countless thousands yes. Prodigy can imagine some are doing or your little or no. And then once you join in counterbalanced visited the I don't know did some stop. Yes I want to do it twice and I'm I want to be a Smart kid right but I want to stop counting 2000 leader and well your general what's not real lush. Does that ever. You weren't supposed to mention I was impressed with Zacks performance us I guess one. Jason watches obscured television. He's one of the allowed in and I just ended up flipping over to those moments when cubs brewers in this solve is that Air France on bare grills on this was not meant to be us only saying he had. Is that. Nation did not nature burials as a ninety fast as you say it was out right survivor Marchand went out of them companies at Celera is Garland that's the gist of the show. Zach care files commented John last night. Cinema tech stuff thank you know. Really not just the face actor. I was impressed by his his his fearlessness in with bear most of the celebrities that you would bear or not a touch of a dead groundhog. Sachs picking that thing up he's cute he's almost pew king. But he's picking it up bears tell them you've got to smell it. You've got to see it that meat inside is good coated open smell of the things already stated it's been land there it's it's stiff as a board. Like you imagine that a for weeks. Exact cause that thing open and Smith said. Drive even while he's doing dude it's tough for me looked he's not just the face in the in the body you've gained some respect for I did present a for a last night and I wouldn't go there both shot out Zach FR I you know perform the one thing we have not mentioned to this point that we probably should mention. And then by the way the AP came in and profile Penny Hardaway and we'll get to that how good this first walk or other threes walker yep she did have a combo of the weapons we have not mentioned yet is that window Carter. Came in for a work out he snuck in there not announce Disney we're always in play and where we get some top guys in here it was an individual work out that happened before the other group will work out that included guys that you never heard of suffered exercise and we have. Demetris Denzel Dyson tees and triple b.s against type and yep that's important you still love that these days guys that add and you know. Words to their last name but they slipped in a window lost all but they did and you know who knows how we I've reached out to his dad target on so deny get a response. When the corner is a guy we talked about it a little bit there was a little bit of a push there's been some bush in the cinema when the card from from a few yeah from a few exactly. If you Greece's employee's name went. And he came in for work out he came up for work yesterday was not announced which was the interest in the arc he's the wiley and when that we know of why do you think they'll go out and now I have no idea. Why why would that be secret I have no idea. 'cause to me like I told you yes they were sitting near Indian most of them bumps the man doesn't sports media communities. Asking the same question can win they gonna we did it on the show winner of the and get some guys that. If you might consider for the four big. And you you know. Number one I guess you're grizzlies. If you're just gonna go about your business right you don't do but but just of to kind of and you you could throw it after you got him in its not secret right got actually got reported right why not throw effort for those of us that were questioned her when you have these guys. It is in automating. Like like yeah exactly and there doesn't need to are you initiating our leadership in North Carolina where the Harley owners and then there's business. Like I said nobody room right now other noting guys they use your Droid I'm with you said you your everybody's questioning and outside. Here's an easy answer we won't come an end today here I don't know guys don't like the secrecy is it because it is it because these players that are. Projected to go around or they all like that Jarret Jackson that the Marvin Bagley Wright would is it because they all. There are people so bad want them to go in the top two top three did that went out there now facility when you're a corner window Carter is and that next year he has the know the right. Like so get four is absolute highest he would get a he's not sure I'm going on two or three he's happy to work. To edit point there are others probably not gonna work out for anybody below the third pick guys that exactly so that's the story of Aden Bagley Bagley and injured Jackson. Yeah those those three probably feel like. And Anita organ of the president on their looks like me an amazing work out. But I enjoy it and I understand that I believe me I do. I get that understand. There's nothing wrong with announcing that are working out of top six top seven caliber player like that would I do you feel about Wendell. You know actually. I remember watching him. I can learn what game was. But I remember watching him and I actually looked at another well he's got a good feel very good instinct is he's long he's ranging got a little bit of touch I light cam. Not at four. Out of four I just. And it's me they're just fundamentally. Picking him over the other duke being Bagley who are no 20 intent coming am I tell me what what window can be. And I know what Marvin Bagley is right now. My we talked to says he's twenty and right now right this can't bring myself that. That he would be picked over Marvin right now window Carter's compares and on NBA draft and then again I don't even know who runs NBA draft dot net and more. But his comparison according to this website is Juwan Howard slash our work for. Al Horford like what we're at a little too liberal with a little Al Horford compares that I recognize African Goodell operatives. You know as he's one of those big man pass Susan Li and reinvented his game in Boston then found a second life. All star you know like lets you can't just throw out or for comparisons out there let it be just like some averaged you know. Run of the mill bay he's not he's a great big he's an all star equivalent has been and and what ego for the overall view of for the Romans are and I think I think that sounds about I think that's right. I don't I don't know if I see Al I think I'd lean more toward the Juwan Howard compares them when requirement I think I think we'll look up and he'll BO pro for a while and I mean is that that's what they're saying right. What when you compare into those two guys who want an Al Horford you're you're saying. That's all you're just saying longtime pro. Right let's just like that but that's what I see in one of orders is a guy's gonna be really won't like wash out of beleaguered I think we're being all star now at an I do not X again. Roses in more than just pieces are guys that are going to be you know solid for a minute you don't like Jerry Jackson didn't you should absolutely rebuke when the Carter. Moments was recruiting by our sub regional window Carter's write ups everything you know. I was I was looking forward to it the Jason G I was dead on the show but let's say what a bit. Out. I like the fact that they're getting them though because what we say yes they've been important and you know. I don't know how you mark anybody if you're the grizzlies right now with this roster I don't I don't care if you know you got mark and Mike. I don't I'm looking I'm doing my homework on the Obama math I'm interviewing him on talk Alessio for every doctor's or so you got Gwendolyn you got a chance look at you've done your homework. Good that's what I want from a front office or study all of them into doubt know everything about each one they're because you cannot blow that Mike Wallace. Yesterday that of the grip these will be at. Michael Porter junior's neck they're more exclusive work out of that is either a bigger next week's on the like that and that they did give his records. So he will be a player for Michael ware Jeter's renowned in the Abraham god did it NBA draft god who we talked about yesterday reported that my order junior is the pit. That's who they're pit. They're do we think these horrible I don't know I thought the more I talk to on the more. The more I found out. Yeah about about mr. NBA draft god apparently. He goes about suited them. Rufus that's a real name Davis apparently one of Bill Simmons dog's name pitchers. There was another Bill Simmons referenced in this bios tenured mayor Williams a lot of playing a little bit that's why yet exactly although the more I dug in the more I realize that would be blasphemy put this down there would be there's big too much playing on the kid people angel's life. It could bid could now I'd I would take Barbara. On this show. We are not above having Barbara Lerner and yes look at you Barbara kind of connected to she treated her friend KeySpan a solution do an arm of the show. Her name is believes Barbara but teeny. Where we govern which account it was Barbara and taught at Barnes isn't is that is your account is grieving right now they're going to a lot and so you wanna come on talk fest. You know you have a very soothing voice. You could help her through him so wherever we're above that image I've got. I don't know there's an incredible artery of the star of this and William get a shot we looked at should say enough. Which setting its armed combat in a very import excise grim body guys on so keep it locked here on base and Donna it's kind of been ESP. I. The official who. My purse is a sweet deal for you today. Thirty dollars of delicious treat and nothing like pigs are only twenty dollars nothing much as two locations in Memphis can now open an early race. 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