Jason & John Hour 2 (5/22/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 22nd
Joined in studio by former ECS/Alabama/NFL Star Barrett Jones to talk CFB/NFL/Memphis and more in Hour 2.

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Ground gang. Okay better know what a light at the link to learn how games are you probably get some a little bit and made on Twitter but don't worry about them on the ground game one it's nice and simple and good bit around Dallas and grout and moved. Our scope are you ready for greatness yet because I've got ten of them fit of them are going to be better than rallying well one of them we know we can uses the Parcells the jungles the ease with I think. And Jeff has reminded us. The women's basketball team uses that still. I believe that is still the case or not she still serve they use but I know they. Hasn't yet I don't like that jungle would be part that I got to come off and doesn't and then Melissa had come all the pain. Alright here's what Melissa to get a beverage well I mean. Who knew me the most right now Erica. Melissa armored guard out and let yeah you a cup. Melissa is doing a good job I didn't tell me did we love you said you come here and you say that weekly yes more we all roll our eyes. Are you ready. It's fitting with the song about BI. So when I hear that I don't know John Boehner I need it now it is your turn and always feel you gotta go on Twitter and explain not I think I'll and a guy. Now you do and I think of it do you hear this song I hear but it will be better for the gore told the golden hurricane. Probably true. That's probably Hillary you are solid the first to Parse that and not so good stride city. Of gates. You make bottom line what does that say right air strike city. I doubt that anybody because doubled had it well I did say good about it is easy now. Yeah Ali I got this over Bennett sack lunch crew. Around is that you are yards. On. Jamie what then the exact words pennies pride. Not gonna work city's pride because pride the pride of lions. Yard line down to the tigers have a prior years ago and I'm not got you. The zoom. No that's Pittsburgh student section out. Pittsburgh doesn't pay their pit Jeff Capel was there on relevant anymore they're they might meet him just the other day I know this is the real lineup are. Had a bunch of like miss direction this is the good. Cat country. Stolen that's the myth and stolen and we shared Memphis. Memphis zoo. Has a section dedicated you don't like Jack irons and I love cat country I go there live actually. Categories and then I'm on an N has the name of the students that had perjury is the best part of it is it. Don't have and would not do this and we're coming out as with a growl gang. I'll dole star Peyton went unasked I had strikes city written down do I think grading is better than cat country. I think ground game is good and other strides that he John strides they because they'll both had it if they had a lot of misses on his list I have to do is cross let me tiger trap as good annualized given enough credit strives sitting in my city bridge city right you know broad I guess it. I did it in its like say at this particular is that all does the start them up thing Harry Reid now have a guy like grabbing a little bit better though. Is that is that they had. Yes now it's been quite an album and Catherine mall bam you have won't you have as a visitor do you have one you like that we submitted besides obviously pennies each month. Except Helen yeah. And I don't play around and let the one I forgot the one Bennett said. Oh grumpy and yeah and my talent in this makes it does it's its stake tigers then that's true. Tiger has been. The most summit protect corner from a man stumbled from Arkansas. You like that country. I don't know that country is the zoo that that I know but it's everybody's at this newest Memphis everybody shoot tigers and have been. I don't fit that we feel funny if this hey there we eat I mean that's fairly I liked. This is where we are at. Well yeah right over the tigers in this we read this is where. And you get like a player on the and number you can do you do the dame aren't you got the view of their feet and you know you're feeding this what we. Yeah that darn I lets you filling that let's weigh in less rule on this when we come back. And we'll go to some of these other submissions because our Twitter has blown up so we'll do this we get back Jason's. That is kind of NB SP and the. The official. Gary Parrish the blood restaurants sports bar is a great place right next to the University of Memphis campus on the highlands strip if you have an event a birthday party wedding party a graduation party any kind of party books in space at the block you can ran out any part of the book affront to the back to the mezzanine and the place is big enough to accommodate 600 people they can cater the event for you or you can provide your own catering terrific great and you can trust that's someone on staff is gonna be on site to make sure your bid is perfect people -- Mets dot com and click the bulls turned into I have to get booked today depot of Memphis dot com. Everybody's is CJ McCollum from the Portland trailblazers are doubtful. Love this season McCullough. Giving you an inside look at the NBA with the podcast to discuss various topics including playoffs draft. Space agency plus easy insights on the games. His players. There's been a question posed whether or not the pros play and the best basketball of his career I think dad to my ears are by far the best use of his career but that was his class performance in this playoff bust season in his ability to manipulate a game. Let's get at this roster. Do a lot of resources control of all he scores the operate the offense at times what she's become what's in the past but the difference in this year's team made passing. LeBron has been able to wrestle a bit more on defense. Podcast is CJ McCollum disappeared over the conversation that people can relate to listen to gain some insight on and just learn to. The NBA and get your free and on demand subscribe to listen every Wednesday on apple podcasts go every your shows. Good that we love and unfortunately so don't tell him. The last time you had two home stands for all you know the only thing keeping your house together there's a bunch of termites holding hands. 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So I'm just a mall and wow can I sound like a game now they would most of them I know it sounds like a few moments ago monolithic resilient all from all and also we cannot call it pales posse. Because there was Phil Jackson called LeBron james' friends posse. Is a big deal and any spot he's included in all of them in a life and he's passed people of anyone's garage and you know pennies people. Is the net more peaceful more politically correct view at your PC you have to be politically correct it's got an eighteen. BB. Beatty Baldwin's point four. So let's section 90. Mountain. Pockets of other only eleven but I do. But it's sticks out I kind of lies down yet those definitely 100 that's a valid and so what bomb. That's that's your that's your bleachers that your rope right their section on a one ala like. It was street bandits some in a tunnel for YouTube people have responded. Would already be changed our listeners are let's go through some of these go through some of these any interest to know answers now. Let's name these people they must beat him you must be accountable for your actions as T DeWitt Orlando like the jungle to our women haven't. Our oil and have that and we're not taking anything away from Melissa and it bears he's all the resources she can get a man Devin jobs you can they amend evidence a mother's some variation of this. The bank. Someone else on the penny button. The pay back. Our guys aren't zones of the penny role. Pity you now. Know that the payroll art Billy brown says pennies pupils. Liberation going on there there. I don't know high school of these people you heard me well I think it needs to sea of blue. Sea of blue from a man is on original as as any ink. I'm. Clueless a clue surface or ask well out of the blue crew seed they got all these people love it it is all right I'm gonna. Mom and Andre Woon had the best suggestion on the native team the Memphis it's I'm not fanatic not explain the double meaning peasant self explanatory it's correct. So he's weighed in on this American since he was so good they have. And name in the Memphis they melanoma put out his submissions are you ready yet. Under I'm not sure bra while trying to. The call patrols. No or that's what's your son watches now let's all patrolled the play on that or the counselors. Andre I feel like it's a little bit elementary this time LL also the role of mom patron word written there like play time low but you know. Catherine Weaver's what you do as the honors and and you were fantastic on AF SW I think given the Canadian French and I mean eats and now it's about how do you know it's about where at the it's about at club patrol club which rose and it hasn't won here. You like your ground and fans alike have I feel like I'm a rally ends the best when you birdie I got it thank you after a feel like I've got a a list kind of narrowed down of the ones that a lot of people are saying which is tiger's been growl gain any posse and I like the statue he's feisty I like the section on wanted me to and I can't lie that's coming up. This then ended catch countries dealing so we're gonna have to pennies pack. I come to still liberalism packet so pity I'm sure they'd be happy let's innings and he used it and they'll easily pack. Now it's like a pack of tigers and attack. Literary somewhere in here we've had the name it's the only tigers banner or get a ground gang. Hardaway is hide away. Now because we're not hiding from anyone read the good thing because this is our this is where step and it back into a man about it. Don't be scared admitted is so passionate about the subject I was elect well loves being the show names things we've but because they seminar. We never actually navy. I know everything is shot down that's why I feel like we have to keep trying to relate that finally I say Golden Retriever that chip it on the nose of the new owner here to inspire and they're. What I don't believe we fail. We fail every time this one weird what we've got to get a name we never even got closer than that as hostile in everything we that we name BA team that's going down it's not because there is nothing better than than this hits there is nothing out there you'll bring to me has been an emphasis I think you're right nothing I seriously I like that name I am I can get what kind that. There with all caps Ajax easy. But without another have you disease I want the ZY. Why do you wanna CNN news that I don't know I was listening to older than Nelson looks cool and that's like early to bottom out there will be busy or they SA that is the name is die a lower case or is everything capitalize Leno last piece I just told you all caps full cut. And it's like with a Z yeah we got to have one of business and get guns. They were doing tests in all caps on an art that's I've got them I'm Amanda compromise a kindergarten kids as they can use the music's. What we can all agree on loan from a weak dollar area so some ground game not a one sex section not along a tigers then. Yeah if if there was you mean people like cat country so it's on there he'd like that country I liked any spots these notes on them. We were not viewer we're using our guys are dinner that one best now we can all agree is that. Souter student attendance at games can be a whole hell of a lot better now a man. I don't even those names names my info on Twitter he said because last night. In terms of solutions right solutions for attendance. Who retire and promotion meal deals with suited ID a former tiger as an honorary blue crew member. Brew brew crew member of a blue clue member free tuition for year half court shot. Limited edition Nike gear for lower level students like there are things that you can do I think that would instead of why are you smile enough announced. A morale these submissions on Latham and everybody's involved in this knockouts since John and they sense the important and boy it's true it's true that there's value here. Then there is Smith is maniacs. As that may that would please your heart of this is my sweetheart it's time to bring the Memphis maniacs back okay. So there you go Q senator minimum we will reply over reprise on cinema tomba won. Incidentally they're good dude done can be a big job for him knew this kind of sift through. If they're of ours it's that they you guys were coming through as always. You invest aren't we come back Baird Jones is gonna be in the building we will talk to Baird Jones. About his career. About what he's up to some college football. 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I liar he's singing that song because I have a gorgeous voice and we're going to Wal-Mart we don't have to get out of your card get fresh groceries these guys get her busier Finley as we ordered online and other bringing them right to our cars for free. Greg do I the ACL. He made a bit and guys. Did you think your. Mouth earlier crashes on Monday when campers saying if they got down on the lawmakers react and start shopping now it's refreshing thing about them more. Does indulge just weed through what I spend state money Paula don't have from a Deb I don't I don't know what's his gallery app. Only ten dollar and jaws again tonight that's downtown. Get to know that. Number one auto and home insurer in Tennessee state farm I'm Cathy turner head for the Asian number. And the reason my name is on the site is because my talented team inside cool and I know 1777744. Were all there. Blizzard. Broadcasting on Haiti tonight succeed he. That 92 million espn.com. This game is there's. Road station now 829 NFL. ESP. There's been done anything nine F and ESP. And then. Indo Billiton is the one the only bare it Jones he's just product Alabama product. Now the SP NE is an area what's going all male. Some guys I was doing good to seal. If that person are actually been here in studio numbness on the phone a lot that. It's pretty glorious and here I am an all man. When you get star I can't tell you what happens intimidated him the man you're not saying god authorities yes do you are. Man's man. You want all the awards as we said earlier before we enjoy what I am saying. Are you I think that's the best I mean I hope hopefully I didn't think you were unchanged I don't think I don't know that there's a reason really to change its laws for the better I hope I'm the same guy I it. I always tell people like. My in my career honestly if you're not Alvin offender prior order hazard over this that's normally when I'm told that some people are so. But I was like the worst player on our team probably a I am so audiences I'm just so. Uneasy about well don't we had every Sony credible as a there I still don't understand why. You know like anyone paid is engineer this kind of block my guy every time and try to do my job and then if you look up then. People notice I guess say it was a bizarre ride and then. You're starting your role and that's what good that's what told you ordinarily role they love the badge there have been many awards. Are handed out in the history of time and they all belong to you. Every award it's ever been given out belongs to give. How well. I don't I don't have a whole lot of folly property as a partner and I now as I don't know we got I don't know we've ever asked you about this art did you did you hand right. A letter to Jason when you committed. Is that true. I that's what Jason said I could be sure about the handwriting on a day I'll get him out of hand rated did as is that a lot of medical unit allowed me to break it with a low around still don't say computer yeah relief here are still is valuation able to him for that differs nowadays out of the house and now wanted to be as simple process since I've. Yeah I I didn't want to the hole dramatic if video thing where right you have a pet tiger you know who. Eats a certain kind of meat you know or someone you know I've had via I don't play I just thought that you know there's all kind of like bizarre commitment things up. When did as I just drafted a letter to explain where I was going. And I told everyone when they could release of an additional Jason he could lose a few minutes before rails does I don't names again it was this or take every day got to take your local guys you can here me. He has my own experience with a local guy and I always like the local guys and I'll amendment. You know it's again it's a it's a good relationship me and most people think. A lot of players have the the mindset that like the media's out to get me my right and I always try to tell guys you know if you if you are nice Toomey you hang it out just look at oil I know there's. Then the other actually help you they can help you you all have them in the palm of your message out there and life and. Exactly and and that's obviously that's of manipulative and encouraging manipulation but it is a part of it and this it's as if it's. He is saying it's a people business yeah I just like any other business about people a year if you text a reporter back. A promise just wants you have them there they're getting text them back he has talked to him and you know then then sometime in my DO favored. Tell you about some on the horizon that might be coming out you are now and now you are kind and showed some time now may want to join then the dark side yeah and so you are here actually year you're gonna be doing a podcast let's write a is it on now as it on the origin I don't know if you heard the podcast I've actually listen to its hollow words and I don't know if I'm I'm assuming there's no kind of you know secrecy but I think it's on Nick Saban these it's only save that they're the origins of -- stay right where do we start with the origins of Nick Saban and it's. Guess somewhere in West Virginia probably if you're really get technical yeah technical as is the origin that Saban but. A man it was it's gonna commute on the talk about it is that it was a heck of a journey a day it's a good Brodeur for fifteen minutes on. On this which are on sale will be a few minutes. But. I'll never forget like my whole recurring experience of actually grew up next door to Jimmy sexton and so I grew up now liking Nick Saban because he was. Dummies client and actually went to some games like as a kid. Yeah and and as it's on the sidelines as and there because of the Jimmy how this past is there anything you ever want and so. I'd I grew I'd admired him from afar guests and a surrogate recruited I looked a lot of from places. Really did love Alabama does that endlessly therein when you know ever ever ever think my. Junior year they probably went like three niners and it was just I want to win now I think. And so. Syrian occurred about is different schools was looking at Auburn not only to allow them fence that much bells and all resident of Florida really hard Tebow is there in out yet I wanted to win. And then it all changed and all changed when Nick Saban went Alabama which it was that at some hilarious story because. You know he's up there Saramago and held them Magnum and our number two and he left and the whole time I had some inclination that he might get out. And he went. And he can't in my house pretty soon after went and sat down with me in my family had lasagna are any kind of pitched me this whole process they you know you always hear about the process process that's right. And I don't have for for whatever reason I was vote I was like I got to play for the stand so you have good the lasagna was he yeah it is it is is some kind of Italian cinema thing so yeah he's Italian it right in the right yeah yes I mean I guess we're trying to be on brand they're really know. My motto is meals on this I mean I'm not afraid of that but it was you know it's at that kind of sort of the journey have ever every carriage tell us you. Kind of the same thing as far as we're going to be good and I went all these games you're gonna be employer but I hit his pitches is different like. He almost even though they were coming off 39 and 76 is even his first year his pitches Morris like hey you wanna be apart some special. And we love to have you it wasn't like pay up front you're gonna play no it wasn't over the top roses. You know you're going to be challenged here and we're accomplish some special things whenever I tell you that for whatever reason when he said it. I believed it and iPhone you're gonna win a lot of games and sure enough when you have that thought they can ought to say in this is again not any thing. Due to me are I would say I was 150 of this maybe about I wanna say as a starter was a 46 and four so. For those it was just pretty absolutely incredible Inkster has a bad for the four years I started we want a national Jim did three years I mean who would ever dreamed. What happens those crazy around what. What coach Saban say about. Coach Harbaugh taken missed controls take you know his kids I guess the know what is out there now South Africa next Tuesday and at least on friends what he role as as a bad what do what do you say about what what tar balls overly sore about her all first of all we may just. The set as well as he has driven the kind of random idea for a nother animal but yeah hassles living here so I salute. Hardball he recruited me very hard to Stanford OK okay so I'll never forget I say this voice over fri five years he called me in the locker room. Right edge they'd be USC government leg and a thirty point underdogs. As they just beat the SE literally there's the players in the background as a great message that. Appears it's Jim Moore wrote still every university which is because he wanted to call can tell you about it. Call back tomorrow I like you know he's young like kind of an all go hang in. Anyway. So everybody else when I committed and went to Alabama the other again I wanna do the right way it's our call everybody all the coaches that haven't been Alabama and wanted to be surprised you. Appreciate all you've done for me is the best was that's Rima family. And so all the coaches are generally pretty nice yours say that's great you know Nixon good carriage so good luck to you we have to do well I think most of them somewhat media. Our ball literally blast me. Why it's he's like. Are you doing here that. You gotta come to Stanford again beat her zebra hurt. I have no way it was the most bizarre almost seventeen year old kid that he. It was wrong it was there it was bizarre and goes with everything that we aren't going out his duties of it was bizarre it. And so. You're here you can't tell that to a seventeen year old 9 AM it's who's going Taliban know it from Nick's favorite but you got any big though Jim Harbaugh is not the only photos done that. He isn't he until he is one of the concept. Our fast forward. And I uttered a looser on air force that area it's closer Muslim so. Fast forward I'm my first game ever called this past year. Michigan Florida writes I first came ever called and so I walked in to my first ever production meeting. And you know it's I wanna say it was. Joseph tasks and holly road and black what did you think Conan on TV we're the ray Yorker. And so walking in and markets churn and I see Jim Harbaugh on only one real remembering. And I go to any. I'm still matters you. No way that favorably and I'll never mind. Yet I didn't didn't like that do that's who the Ottawa school I thought it was I mean so are are added I'm not bitter. He's coming matches that you write about your guy you want a title that uses an emotional and I lost yeah and I think that you have to be way too here's a better hurry I absolutely I mean you observed you know you Bellwether for yourself. Anyway yeah his his character of let's say I'm not. That's sort of a hundred intended to be derogatory says that. He's a character you really he actually is as much of a characters I Houston and that's the point they can it be both good and bad yeah he's he really is character and the I think he's a fire competitors some guys who played for life is gonna mixed bag of Barcelona as a platform 49ers. Anyway I don't know it and out a win is I don't know I don't know whether that's an area like what is this for all this jointly dawning on the side if I had like they glacial out in right there the big question is we haven't seen any results for no and it I thought. When I call on the first game of the year that I didn't realize the photo was that bad yet Macbeth of the defense was going to be one of the best teams in the country which they were. Pretty solid and they had some good players on their butt at it offensively didn't really. Everything herself out it's. I don't know it's a weird it's weird deal obviously to be very issue see there's a big year for Alicia Patterson. You know now he's eligible. Whipped to answer your question too because they're that it would year old in his eyes absolutely sure he's well realize that I mean that's. You have to think in South Africa all us. I mean isn't all that camera device it's cold it's are hurting us what he's got to turn in the sump and exactly how ridiculous you all tomorrow it may I don't know their tires out and it may turn into like getting like oh I get to go to like a set South Africa I by the you know here's the thing though they got to realize as. In and I am not a cynic I hate America realists I think that Syria closes. I I don't know these numbers on top mad but I guarantee you Michigan's and making a bunch money. So right I think that the universe and carry either the put out few million bucks probably right but they're gonna back here for full domain. I always say this like I love also want I'm not the guys it's like those blow it out. But what other business in the entire world. Can you spend like forty million to make ninety million like some of these schools here Mike what other tiger there's not a whole lot of business models. We can do that so mean of course these universities like sure spent a few extra million bucks right I mean. Why not take himself averages were making so much revenue right now on TV and you know that obviously Harbaugh has been given the brand of Michigan. And I'm sure isn't good for their piggy bank as far as merchandise and all that goes in TV rights in the Big Ten. So I mean as long do and that it probably you know and how the fans the big question is out when the fans get Russell's I think is the big year. I think he. He's got a Villa has that this year I'll be honest it's this America that it is going to be in trouble than they please be our day does that act not an actual words they should not last year but I think so I ain't got that South Carolina team. Herschel over chief Victor I think Lola sensation pretty coach and you'll get enough credit. A these you've coached they don't have a whole lot of players this year. But that was that was a bad loss all of the mobile game that was a bad loss this isn't this isn't it was frankly very difficult to watch as well there was so yeah I was as those of ruled it was like what nine to three at that moment it was for us to watch a who also watched the Outback Bowl the united three laughed yeah I mean there's there's that sense after the Outback Bowl. The other was the outright I don't know about magazines obviously didn't say that I'm trying to be you know politically the only bills Gaza miserable was the Outback Bowl because they're trying to figure out there when the blue and under the or the stroke play there are if they are things like marriage like this trip and like it yeah I got to figure out what I'm going out Becky get. You all American iron and it ends there man there are incentives I always said. And if you're out bag efforts welfare out back executive who wasn't actually love up back. I'm a huge cheese Fries guy you're at the cheese yes with the spicy ranch. That's the take if now if that was the war really get rid of the sharp. Put in the Fries and beyond a little more time and then you will be your your all then I'm all that I like Ireland as a matter who's in the lead in the outback ball Kerala does that. We have Baird Jones and studio obviously. Award winning Alabama line in the time of the NFL let me ask you this. What do you make of the situation. A quarterback that that's going to be a question that you're going to be asked the prods or even ask that 134 more times before the season starts that's on the generous side so we'll get the first look at Korea ivory said this a few times and. And like this search thing is like I kind of got not troubled like I got an adverse reaction. From some Twitter folks last time I don't think it's. Really that was or conversational and I think it's too and it's not. That place exactly but I evidence people still seem surprised and I say that I'm gonna look around like did you watch the you know I get it. It's only half beyond the guy that you says that kind of stuff. But I mean when it just I don't know if your football guy you're watching me to just. Opens up the sovereign so glad that I mean it it's it's not even necessarily. As much by the offense it's it's the way us all the players respond to because of the hoop player there's a new level of excitement and intensity. Guys are fired at me ever as you have all this freshman receiver coming alive I mean it's just different I don't and if it to me like general seven apart if you quarterback battles normal like the team kind of knows who's going to be. Enemy like the team gonna have a guy they're like this is really who should be up and Norway as a coach takes none out that the NSA all that the team decides and then there's other factors. But a case like this like. And I had I don't have a decent first inside scoop like I know the team is overwhelming I don't think that's because he never likes Jalen Molly jail is a nice kid. It's just that to me the body language of the team told me. If they follow it tells the right move. And I was there responded I'd rather won the national cable definitely and by the way one of the guts he's moves of all time I know that was like people now are like those obvious usually does so guts it out their guy all year long your Poland I mean there's. Incredible army. Well I says let me just kill one save and soapbox here while we're soap boxing here and brother gets a break just was for my hero all we know we have number I can get our. So I think what makes saving great. One of the things but the thing that really separates them from other people. This is never afraid to adapt. I like there's so many great coaches and leaders out there. Whoever great method a great way to do it they do it that way for certain amount time B Smith and time got around them but not no questions like those guys are great had a method that way they did it. And there are got. Nick Saban has always evolving literally I mean he's always bring a new guys and new point of view he's always looking for the next thing I mean think about like a guy who. We all know as low crazy Lane Kiffin right yep he allowed her Lane Kiffin never once that nick you were crazy including people close to get that make it what are you doing to Ireland Kiffin right. And I'm not this is saying Wayne was the guy but but the idea that you would go out there and hire someone so contrary to everything you heard on offense. Starlink because he saw us what football's gone right is that we get it and there was no Johnny Denzel just play tennis all salt away the no huddle everything was the only. And so we got to change we got to change or die and that's that's kind of it is MO forever it's his constant reinventing himself. A the next the next entomology right and another example. Is you look at 2009. Or or even 2011 the defense of Alabama and I don't wanna bust the stats. The sunlight 2009. Vs 2015 national championship teams. The average front seven guys thirty pounds lighter. Now I mean he he he he went out and so okay can't out recruit these Big Three hundred pound. You gotta GoDaddy I guess I gotta get some guys who can rush the passer he goes out and gets Tim Williams he goes out and gets you know Jonathan Allen these. All these super athletic guys who can rush the passer and now they look totally different they did. Just five or six years ago right now is simple area Benedict as he understood he understands where its go yeah that's pretty impressive that a guy. I think humility when no that's success all the way you've done and yes it doesn't taste humility to say there's a way to do better even though I just want to reinforce national championships. I need to change everything right and if that's pretty incredible and that's why keeps winning he's when he. I mean I get another example this is a four like he brought ambush Jones like devoid of our favorite but says. Maybe that shows us an idea as I mean he's. He just gather and collect that much as well that's a stretch as possible. Butch Jones still talented guy like this guy's Nydia I've talked to when I was up there as a Smart tells me. Eddie has some silly marketing ploy is yes and that I needed to get a better PR guy who says Bush's trash can corn ball not the best idea absolute never easily by ever bouts of that track there is no you know for the sad situation where trash has a good idea ever. Spent trying to say is cool. I thought it was cool has said the guys enjoyed it like they got Ali may seem like dunking the ball in your I boy you don't wanna be a clown know managed I've made this point and you're exactly what was coach K you know decide what bass was going of one and done so I've got to get with that I've always had the best to do that they adjust and one I know you're familiar with Arnold's local and bring them high school of but Terry Tippett dude I would see him heading Josh pastor practice he's right down on said the storm here before he's going he's he's he's drawn out Josh is pressed in on seven toast at. Like dude you. You've been doing this for years what you learned from this young guy and that was his point is right you're never gonna learn and never done adjusting the best on I think the best do what you just that would next door there's no don't go search of the examples high school that's focused on like half. And every you you're exactly right in an and that's not really just in sports that's everywhere. I mean you look at or am I mean really look at. Like Steve Jobs is an example grandma apple expert and he constantly reinventing it constantly changing finding the next thing you know I mean it's really. If it and it takes a certain amount of humility is a leader to say. You know even though I'm on top are now only to go out there who learns to stay out that is really coach reach you tell me what I can do better and that's that's a that's pretty. That's a pretty incredible quality I think he has that now many have stubborn ones will watch out all coaches are stubborn they are they are and why don't you don't save discovered. But they are stubborn and they do not a lot of them don't wanna be told that there's a better way to do I mean just have been. Huge arguments blue line judges heard from the media timeouts on how others are better way to do it and in other like you know shove revenues of thirty years and you know this is that's that's part of four plus part of the sub culture of football is like this stubborn ass yeah. And the fact that he obviously has some of that. But he hasn't enough humility and vision to see were things are going it's pretty amazing it really is an the as a credit for that. I become more thankful we can and you you got another busy got to take care of armed to do this holiday would you absolutely pleased to have her come back anytime in Indonesia India and you have a real job now about LA what are you don't. I had some on the financial visor working a place here in Memphis local closer to Egypt financial forgot. I don't talk too much and I'm getting like really edgy like it's my day compliance violation. But it's he if large funny and I'm a lot of I don't know more I ever ordered approach what are they go you have yourself together the coaches with my money jolly a lot of money now that no he's not this has learned a sincere and here you lose studies dressed up real fancy exactly you can tell you can either money or not that's no doubt as hard as I try. I can't I Gucci loafers on me has rest guys you this seat is Roland I saw the the only news summary about now in the NFL is who's not attending OTA right I'll resist all these guys who got attending organized team activities now. Most of them are stars and most of them are embroiled in contract negotiation if you were a silly NFL and you had a contrary to go she's coming up would you be attending idea. Who. That's that's tough minutes. That's all that the way the contracts are done I mean it it seems like. It seemed like it's changing I mean obviously NBA. And MLB if you're not a Conn triggers have a lot better than all the money guaranteed rights that's. Yes the big thing is that I guaranteed so why would I go to TA voted especially if I have any kind. A contract negotiate on and the four ideas like. You know and other sports they don't really bull you as much say they're such a bully culture NFL plate. It you're a bad guy for not there and in Canada I knew terribly sorry I was yeah that's you guys don't look like ancillary itself. You that the team's push that narrative like to their guys in the media to census kind of everywhere like. This guy must be a bad guy and there's always stories that come up it's it is it don't think that's just buy through that stuff is all. An illness that's all that's all planned by the teams they're Smart these guys that are bailout money buries in the Smart. But now it's. You know I think absolutely I mean obviously depend on situation. But if you're if you're all of a big time guy. And now you have a contract yet and that's that's really your only leverage you have writers and news organizations pressure whatever position I agree and in normally. It works out pretty well and that's the thing if you're willing to do it Willy did. Pay the price if you're gonna play and I got to realize you have some self awareness as true as well if your guy who. You know that they're willing to part ways then absolutely ask them okay don't do that yeah I mean. Eleven on Belle I mean. Now that's a weird I don't know if I would have done all he's always on the lookout your goal to done. Because I mean he news in the franchise tags are a little different. And yeah he does he wants and a monumental some money and which is planet but import cover Kirk cousins and a skirt at that hurt played it just her height based cornerback guy is usually doesn't think elementary that doesn't cornerbacks a man it's that's a lifer and they're in a teleconference of the budget. Quarterbacks in several backup quarterbacks that's. That's a nice job out there were and that kind of contact quarterbacks man that's their job and immoral making three million bucks a year or something and just being a back all McLemore and it's. That's a fun job literally and I imagine you know you're back a lively you got to give him a lot and yeah it's not there are quite as fine of up. Deride upon that you and it's gone headset to me you'd look cool site you'd get signals. Sometimes you get little camera down every down this journey you know your wife and family gets to see out there on the camera announcers August. I have often your bins you advance and it's a good gig for you ever take it most like it is and you're you know you're not yet be part of that is losses down eroded and exposure is still for those guys for sure but it out alive and eloquence and that's all right I'm out there it was a great. That's that's what they can do they can throw. And the funny thing is you know some of them are not even that good of athletes in other biggest thing just throw it really well whom I jammies on grab its. It's all right I like our guys who like you would not drafted directly basketball team guide him and I. Maybe find a different squad night I don't know if you're my guy you know these guys are making your four million dollars a year nearly odds. Because this guy can throw absolute nicest it's funny the way the world works sometimes. Do we got there we enjoy doing this with viewed as a blast always has now I do add that I do is good brother my attention I'm going to be in this ECS alumni bass on your what you do and I'm on team Burgess an old house Eric and they have warned me. That it's I starts June 4 down agents what it's heartwarming that you have a team identity of its right now not very good that we we have fun now I don't know like are you like though are you the football player gets real physical out there that you here's the problem is that does that. I'm not a good enough shape them to get physical anymore though like I got run and on the court few times and light it's. That's was tough out there yeah. So I mean I don't know I doubt I try to do that again and I get so tired that I. I'm just like put me on the John Mark whoever that is the worst player out there and our guard that gaffe or he sandbagging you that's right now I'm kidding yeah I'll island I know giving a guy. I'm look at the guy like what you feel is not and I don't want any motion offense kind of stuff like does the guy is gonna do said the post Augusta downtown guard what are you a big man are you the post are you on the on the perimeter like what's your game I mean that's the lightly having. I and my touch around the basket right now is soap I am chuck bass Wilson's last season a perfect on the league's up there and I'm terrible. I. Let the free service as last year was probably 20%. I won't have lost everything a more golfer now like golf this is a he's hustled me like why make ends up down and I did was also mama I'm good rebounder still in any good distributor energy again and I I did some pullback high IQ player as you and I know I I never I was I mean I. I've never worked in our work and it's that's the thing. It's a big they lost forces like don't especially you know work at it exactly like Miley shared out on the golf course is a guy who's like actually pitching a temper tanger every time it's a bad shot. At first take a day did you ever practice golf. Right do you expect any good there's like iced the victory get a full because that's been hundreds of an 80000 hours practicing be good at it did you expect trying to with a golf club. And you know private driver and like you can't do that's how sports work as like a dozen guys or more town knows Blake. You don't does you here don't deserve to be mad right now I get lucky you don't you haven't earned that right you don't practice enough so if you're one of those guys that there's a golfer. Go on the right going to raise OK if you build more now you earn the right to be mad but don't be throwing clubs. When you never practice in and it's popular that's a good that's a good at it sort of an out I'm gonna also boxes out and you on the world yep I'll see you on the court. Did rent and bring in an ominous I'm Powell makes your body you I did tell your soft you'll find he's nailed that you're one of those guys that when you you know push some old you know you got to figure out what's inside the newsroom as this drama and has in the next few weeks are working on the that's right that's very common in Manfred says he's always pleasure there was always guys Stiller is Barrett Jones a comeback Jason had done and it's Jennifer ME SP it. National contest it's pennies from him then yeah blues. Isn't easy. Grand tasting had you guessed it. The best chance to win 100000 babies he's coming up at an angle to. Anybody seven till seven on weekdays on 92 million event ESPN. That. This is near firefighter rescue of glory at the firehouse subs do you know. 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