Jason & John Hour 2 (5/16/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, May 16th

More on Grizzlies/NBA Draft in Hour 2 plus joined by ESPN Sports Gambling Expert Doug Kezirian to discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling.


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If the latter had a great plan probably already know you never know who needed eight in the eight ball he's who was currently in the old sweet it though. About Donovan leaves no. No no added to a bad day so or ten rosier. Or zero easier for balls and zero OJ earlier let me go boasts. I have re ignited the ROP. Okay oh man I have all of anyway as I think you just pick the best of the business that was gone had a better career. I think you did congratulations. Is percent at her job drive 37765. The last down about the growth ESPN. We go to you Toby Toby and why it was a total. Old Myron lol yeah how. Oregon lose get rid of walking all our our little bet. And I hate. When it well I don't think we're surcharge solo carpet the morning. I don't think is much saying that you are might be because I think day whether we got number two very notable for big oil that would decidedly. I think I think they will go into it would Dutch youth and die hard what do you think bounces off of yeah big big crowd I think date teams are high here are I think bank in patent are gonna go what they're gonna go. And I think that there are some teens got a higher call Michael ordered they would it would create if I want my my granddaughter and I think there are some teens there on Matt as our own darts it's. Caves is being approved predicted. Let me and I decided I decided they draft by the way they dread guards that four it would be the best pick of the draft as far as I'm concerned. I did all right yeah they announced but they're fun I just I don't think they have that I'd love to lug home values Dominica have pretty like I would have amounts of debt by 3537765253770. Please write. There is no chance I'll see Dunst is Wallin for him he's is not. Are in a few more let's go to it's this morning. Majority he's nervous forty Euro on. Yeah oh I don't. Paramount in my two I don't go outside the box out or don't pay increase go where no material bridge news. In the reason why he's a great face of the great dude. He also has an outside shot if he's as slow as soon. Any soul into it rebounds so we will not know what creation arm too rich that's you know. Not going to be low battery. You're not really what you gotta gotta say right thing. Well yeah I like Mikhail bridges is real switch double through on defense all the other great I was talking to somebody about Mattel bridges last night in their opinions that he's got a long way to go. So I'd just I'd I am not I don't like him where you read about or knowledge undertaken ten or eleven and little different look they're not and so I just don't and and I gonna trade data draft let's come off are you get a few more radioed to. It's the markets it is Memphis markets or are. Hey guys well I think we've got to be flexible with that number four pick I think actually walk the straight down I think he could straight down. When LA clippers are picking at twelve and thirteen navy search of Michael and there and then you've got the twelfth and thirteenth pick in the draft. And that IP into Gallic happened not. Do I think it's gonna be a start exactly at twelve or thirteen I think that the deal and out thinking get a Dallack mild British C can get that this young players. On the grizzlies there's been other market Micah you know they're getting their gonna get all got to get rid of him similarly there's an hour. Over time get divorced so I think they're picking get those. Two really good young players at twelve and thirteen I think that's better than anyone checked airport and let Michael Kohler junior so that's a month they garner. I got it's fair marks first come out on a Montrae don't overload thinking that way OK I don't mind that way at all is don't know what the return would be edited it would have to be gay Danny Ainge like return that's what you have to have for that. And I'm not sure that return and he's put that there is enough if you had the number two pick the number three pick I think it's different. Before prick I just don't know if that's there now will sit out six on draft not enough got a couple more we got to get to let's go to Devin and olive branch DeVon your own. Or gone broke about. I I'll post up almost are about Sarah mart the betrayal but I'm afraid of basketball not written their foothold saying. I a couple of bad mere three I would like to treat. Molly ball book fit because. You will Coke and look at it would clear Coco let him go produce it could be put me in the matter currently being reviewed all revealed. Why not bring some young after big guy you expect or opened down four are very encode possibly. Not only that they can do what possibly. One would like Houston or go to straight saying if you put the right people around in the mid two per year. I I I like Mo bomb I don't like him for the grizzlies right now I just don't. You you know I'm someone for the most for usually you'd like he's ready okay Iran let's put his arm around on the working together whatever and it's super athletic as he says. I just don't know for the grizzlies if that's the if that's the fifth dad died four here now with this plan or for the I love Obama Vardalos. I think Obama be a great pick for Dallas is you know a bad their own there was gonna walk this summer. But I am but mobile's rigor as these to me is is a non starter and then we unit did as a white haven that is drawn. You have Obama. A man who are outdoors like schrader and I think total beauty. The Curtis GM and ended toxic dark future whatever his name alone stands true. Man I lived in mobile YouTube army could look all you look how old man army engineers and Eric. Area and they're not want premiere a great thing I'm allowed to America and how well you know my current status Hearst news minute sit back and relapse are younger guys looked good guys hello Troy your main countries it's in the winter conference and you won't filmmaker also our team because you know worship can't you do Blair demoted because we didn't see your home. Fueled going to leave do you call it gold come out on a pretty might convict and impartially bring. I agree on December oh lyrics of the elderly man I don't know I don't know we were originated from bird amounting to head between my car companies are great point guard yet he not go dark car you need not go below. Local law drilled where you don't want to call yeah and also just my opinion rarely if they are being a go order and that he would be a tertiary. At present we import. Yeah and I figured I don't let them my card too much and always icon that might have you know he and earn what he got. Kamal mica microwave background someone please warrior barrier is a war worries yeah we also got to be an all stars because he's in the west and he's not thumb. I don't ya gotta consider this. Lows and I love is the last time we saw a healthy Mike I hate you guys injury history and all that yes that like won't be a little bit more durable but. If he is Luke is a war he's been a warrior for this French yes yes yes yeah all the way through Obama might Alia. I will come back there is a great. Controversy. Sweeping the nation and it's not and it's not. Michael Porter Jerry Jackson junior one of nothing else matters is he any. Judy it's Yani or laurel. 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Why did I actually got to that stage. Four. Of the wing grew yes and I saw him math sciences does it run allowed concoctions man as Billy in the last. All those periods awesome he is the way into rudeness is not just particularly those great premium flavors he's got a fantastic gourmet burger you should try. Brad Carson gets it every time he goes can you can't get enough of that legendary banana put it at one mob mob while boys to squeeze the other night. Was he did for a nice little before bits maxed everything out there's legendary negotiated 56 and I'm not large column of at 50 and I'm 2405. When you get there it's a bit in Richmond that your home is Jason and Jon since you believe that I'd ever heroes out of the rundown of what we're gonna have it. Rundown presented by med insulin nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million SN ESP. That's true story I think there's a great controversy sweeping the United States of America Jason. And it has to do with this clip that I social media influence are posted on Twitter yesterday. Is this voice saying. Yani. War laurel it's almost like that number that's a different words like it is very easy it is remember remember the shortly the dress well there was no I'm black and white and gold to the social media influence or put that out to a big so what are they do this what are what did you come down on the draft was not a black or blue or white or go I don't remember. You don't remember now I know not no clue are and I will listen I have to say it's one of these freaky things now I have six Bennett the clip. And he's gonna play. Or and decide what this voice is an insane there's a minute go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. It's the computer for more pain is saying he did. What the computer from its base that I'm joking about them up it's like a computer voice yeah and saying. Yeah any. It's saying yea that's what I hear you here is just you need or use series Jason played again what is won't tell. Bro you you're lying slower now I'm here look that's different now I hear laurel that when is this does the same things I want. Not in here now are gonna lower that's all I hear I don't hear you anymore now you change something I'll get this is yeah playing the same way and it is they don't. Don't look at me like I'm crazy and two different things I think you might crawl the road he's not just yeah it could have played that they don't list. I was older lab guys and again today it was all Jeannie union evil computer voice and now it's obviously saying laurel I can hear the different I don't look a bit. Bit all hell only you know Diana parliament here look I'll never had a Guinea no never heard it never ever I want her that you can hear it out I've ever heard oral until now and I listen to different clips like different ones that people didn't post I don't I don't like -- he's stockman has the double and I don't like it or does that focus they've clip that is the same it's not us that it is today I'm glad of their listeners that can back me ideology or lower power psychotic I. Ladies and could hold thirty years that that's the folks in Raleigh. What were here we heard and we just started it's two different clips we know we're here and I are solid vote I think you won clip got played a clip again a guy. Perry got. But it's different. Nearly Laura are you aren't into the first time you played was saying yeah. Yeah. You're not gonna make me feel ready to put on straitjacket that's what I you to look at me. It's two different clip dude it here's a thing of gay and I never expect from us and obviously playing a game no I'm not lasts I don't know I don't wanna do this is that here's why this is so crazy all right so this morning because I knew -- we're gonna play on your damn day you are gonna talk about desire in my wife she didn't know about this phenomenon has taken over the Internet right now kite and patents out walk in the room. And I play an essay telling what you hear in she said yeah Johnny. Like today and I was like are you see here is now Graham how wise your eardrum is busted like twice in a lifetime so she had the best in but still. Like bro dad that could never said in British said yeah any you can say yeah do you herds getting out I am and what I heard that they have good hearing I agree here. You any is now one of the options it's Yoni or laurel. Is computer boards trying to say Yani in command any. Oral. A Mountain View. Now okay do you know the science behind this on YouTube relatively little tricks and really play in and do I not have to add you cannot have people tweeting you those two different clips I did get I did a bigger attacks others so you can just look at means they Jason's the crowd I got here and another guy out there with me but I'll tell you that we did not play two different clip we did not like Derek I swear. How can I prove it to you this announcement and comfortable. How can I approves either we did not play two different clips you cab I have to go behind the blast. Would benefit the city. So what would you go do. It. Televised IC glee I saw I don't know what the friction this is a free track click at any. Clearly Heidi come back and look. Apparently. If I'm in there you wanted to come around a right now or what I got another I gotta run now I'm I'm not on his way for the show. I guess I does is okay to here Donnie. There are a lot of people that hear the words Yani yeah. Until John Hurt us while we're discussing this because there are like people who say they hear Yoni what is the significant yeah what is this I hear one or the other what's that mean well some more left brained and right brain like what they'll dissolve is why is that the social media influence are doing this to me now so. Yeah it's about what's the point frequencies so. Higher frequency you might hear one word at a lower it that the higher frequency the more you hear the word. Yoni the lower the frequency you hear the word lore so you can mess with the frequencies of this though that's what he's the he's Russell the frequency. It doesn't know how to mess of the frequencies now I cinema clever play like any fan I mean it's from Twitter it's the video I cinema video from Twitter and why are you looking at me like you can't understand how I heard two different things and you've got people tweet you sent the same things I. Should I look at. That's alive it's correct it is it is wild card I mean I'm not here but 666. No because it's like the words are even similar. That's right that's why it's crazy to me. Like Yani and laurel does not even sound remotely is elect floral and laurel or coral in laurel. If Johnny in laurel. And you hear Donnie and I know you heard any. And now all of my life heard Yani and she said that most of people her. Office heard on her looks yes there was Jonny I don't know just a Muslims and laurel and we did it again this morning are all her with Johnny. And and switched it bothers me it is like it is really gets through this fascinating more than anything else. I don't wanna make you upset no way you have done that. It's okay you're not negligent passionate about it nobody on that he had nobody is Smart Ord or not a on our yells school gains around as I thought wow what a play late when I can promise you is that you don't play you don't do as much play play and I'll play a game on you. What happened like I swear on my life I didn't that we did not play two different clips. We played the one clip. I put it on my mirror mom and writer David Wilkinson is backing up everything asset I heard anybody can still hear Yani I heard Laura wants. What you heard everything just like I did OK that guy is hearing voices in his head. He's schizophrenic because up another one Jarrett Stansfield is back and are a 100% heard Yene the first common laurel every other time I'm a 100% would Jason on this one stop playing games with me. That's clearly lol we can hear it now. At the Glen I was knocked it is. Bennett's you're disappointing me right now usually you're on my side you know and games. I'm with you we don't want Jerry Jackson but I doubt not witty won't miss a day going to be the same clip this is an honorable man a white source from the streets is. Chiming in what does he say. The man on the street says Twitter is making everybody a bunch of dumb abuses. But yeah all right Obama yeah. Kamal white source. Authorities and tell me which one easier. Act again it is okay. For you have heard a different word. But what I am telling you and promise in assuring users freaky DT is hat. It was just one closes some freaky stuff right here man this for you that you heard Johnny you're playing with a double. This is not playing with a demo videos do you believe bid to be an honorable man. Degree and beat a troop sounds like value in year on the urgency of the bombing Iran not in you know I'm I'm not mess with you a feel like you're telling the truth. Of your part and that's. Well John since YouTube clip you think you're clicking on the same thing you're not out we'll show you must sit email on tennis right now is our right. We had not come to a consensus here we heard before different words. Are right. We are reported for work I ever heard any other word than moral neither ever on all three of us were on the same page of the show apparently. Knocked. Next Hillary controversy continues. A view and I mean you guys do this and every time I'm not doing it you give me one minute from my segment of the rundown. And what did you use viewed fifty minutes of fifteen insolent. That is what it was. Got to get what makes yes I may say my around I'm for all you don't you don't know what was a rundown it's the run it's a reset of the edge of a lot of how would you do that later series until I got to why we've only found about the grizzlies therein I was gonna just bring some perspective and real sports talk to the show. But now it needs that you guys won't play again this is the biggest story in the country right now man. Loral Loral on any bigger than a drama I'm gonna today is my goes for a child laurel Yani Marten that's what I'm gonna name my kid. In the yeah any and I did that even the idea you know that he had an options out yeah that's crazy because you'd you'd change the word you're not Disney. Are fanned out rabbit fantastic listeners out there in the same thing I'm John Martin that all we can all agree on is how you say our next guest name. Doug Zairian zillion his original expected sure that we will talk to him we ask him what he hears. All right we may just do this for the rest of the show. Back in a minute Jason had done anything out of him yes it to a. In real life beauty is taking a moment for you yeah that's why can't CVS pharmacy we have all the latest beauty obsessions. When he shot cosmetics and skin care or hair care it's easy to stay downtrend on your time. And now when he shot beauty you can turn to 100 dollars extra fast rewards. Beauty in real life almost at CVS pharmacy. I'm proud demeaning he's restriction device or CBS dot com slash weekly get more details in store or online. Commenced Exxon and mobile field test. 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If you are. Interest did or participating. And sports. Gambling here to help us break down the future. Is Doug is series and ESPN baker the co host. A behind the vets post college game day on ESPN radio he joins us now Doug coward you. Well well rejoice seeing all of the Supreme Court ruling on Monday this is good for your business. I would imagine all imagine that would foreclosures from a personal standpoint Italy then rolled daddy you know just. You know. Jews like. There's a stigma that was out there and there. Really and introduce. An aunt that wreck there there's certainly Gary label it been like that. It was good to finally. The first domino all be erosion of that stigma. Meeting and you've been in that demand to spread the gospel it appears there's Jim looks like while everybody wants did hear about this and that's gonna change the world a minute and frankly I'm out on the little. And that guzzle apartments if it changes everything doesn't not done. Because at least we think it does now at interstate depending on the estimated whether the American gaming Turkey or are higher and they. You know so people think reluctance 400 billion dollars is that the United States. Illegally between offshore boats and local bookie so all budget that is gonna need it substitution effect of people doing it. Right exactly for the convenience does that mean. I can. You know I've got it pointed to a three or four guys right now offshore is gonna be and it's it's it's much easier do that I image that sort of how they regulate that let me judges dug. Will Lane Kiffin lead the charge. I prefer coaches openly discussing points spread is he gonna be the guy that he's got to be the got. Bigger correction I forgot about that that only all of but I doubt people. Go to W. All you can do you think they didn't. I was gonna say do you think there will be 888 car a comfort level with coaches talking about is is a great quote or do you think that. There will still be the reluctance because it is such and if that let you talk about the stigma and and even though it will be legal hopefully. I still feel like there will be a little bit of a reluctance to talk about it. Yeah you know I think they had to be careful that they could be a big game I think that the important thing yeah. This because. I know they talk about in it but they did they knowledge being the key they never say AM and try to get. Are my guys not be Kurt joked about yesterday ends where your heart. I'm just an hour and now. Right but usually they don't want to talk about the point graduate because it is all is there's so much overlap with the actual outcome of the game. When. Depth reports are gonna Doug Zairean ESPN anchor cohost of the behind the bats. Podcasts are you of the mind dug that legalizing. Sports gambling will. Decrease the odds are the chances as it were of games being fixed. Actually don't have no bear. I could be people who beat. That never ever at camp is going to be the same sort of potential. No matter what. I get that the it been going on forever like on Monday that there government did all of a sudden dead and invite. And I hit it on a law I'm adding people are kidding themselves. If they bought like they got work or better or whatever. It's been going on forever and it's not like it issue impact the people who do it on the underbelly of things. Are the ones to worry about so we have more legalization. And more moderate Ernie. That's only good thing. For the army businessmen athletes for that slap it will never ever ever wrote game they'd make much money. Gain for coaches now there's the refereeing that you MBA about a decade ago they're noted scholar athlete yet to worry about. And audit it is going to be more regulation more monetary. With the involvement of authorities. Ought. It's just not an issue but the professional level addicted bookie there's still get a good bit. And I would say if the book it is still going to admit that I think you have to worry about more armed but those will keep getting that. Lou. That's the that's it yeah. Are these states gonna end up paying and integrity tax is that we've heard about it where I am there's tons of questions surrounding it right the leagues want their child they're gonna want they're chunk of change from this. And and some of the speculations that they'll charge an integrity tax. I assume that a former new Jersey state senators had no way we're in New Jersey he's not been any any tech arc will states pay attacks will these least get their money through attacks or will that not happen though. Oh well I'll let you sit back because what other players that we originally were all of you integrity he would not then opening comment do. Or bedding industry grew stood up anymore race. When it gained need more integrity that nonsense. Not you want it solid act Europe for I carry a move that bought an 80% right now about eight federal site back the 25%. And that is com. Sort of like you know you handled it because certainly the cooperation or compromise. From. East or setting authority that there's something to gain if they do what can you game. Well if they want the league who cooperate they didn't get Albert why he's based in commercials and more. Formal in game and the Jumbotron or sponsorship build what you Ogilvy not being in the arena has our end. Arm or just employ it at the arena or even on the Jersey down the road and restarted in the NBA. Ordered it quickly iceberg with their they wanted to cooperate that ought to be up in the get in exchange for that accurately. So willing to let go back my favorite part about that they don't need the permission of belief that interest lights the league. Our light water or hot air like so what all we needed a television monitor and a box or always eat. Then we are of course under a doctor's or ESPN anchor co host of the behind the beds. Podcasts as you know Doug it's one thing for for betting to be legalized sports Kevin to be legalized another. For sports leagues and entities to embrace it so let's kind of go down the list here we'll start with the NFL or the NFL embrace this. The bat in the million dollar question wonderful wonderful point on your art and it will be a media bells. That really covered it picked up is no longer banned millionaire beyond orbit it. Right now and you'll have a cop that. Com you know like I don't think if I don't get a bill allows hard alcohol advertising commercials so that we got up is legal doesn't mean they're all about it. They're very careful with the audit and I have a feeling they'll be very slow. Do you all until they get that flight took off. I felt like on the other end of that spectrum is the NBA I feel like they are probably the most progressive of the major sports leagues do you think they will embrace it. Yet Adams over on record want to embrace it for the money lesions and I don't played them and what he said all along too big one. He's like I'm not that Billy that the biggest gamble or broke audit of gambling but I also understand it here to stay up to might it will get Orton didn't regulate it. And you want it done the federal level and that different for our listeners out there that what happened on Monday. Almonte they did was remove federal ban well the federal ban is gone all the states were banned is that we're Nevada which is grandfathered in the early nineties. So the federal ban has removed. Right about every state can proceed according to it which is that appetite on a state level that the bat. State legislation that would be so federal did uphold any current. On Monday they just removed Albania. About every state that got that down. And the lawmakers demanding other constituents than what they said before the morality and all that stuff. Every day could be different bought. Every speed all the need money you look at Munich beat though this is the best way to do because this really party get this kind of all your money overnight. And then how about the NCAA. Very sticky it feels like kind of dirt because they give a college athletes are are. Getting none of this how do you think there they will approach that's. But to that point sort of a principal in the spirit of being how is that different than before Monday right now that's true or. Is that. Up until Monday you know late debit that was all going on guarded her to vote yet again they don't median wait permission. At all. Yeah I at all. So so how soon and a house sooner our cannot walk and a tunica Mississippi in the casinos down there into Atlantic City, New Jersey and met and make a bit on the bottom of the playoffs like are we talking days are we talking weeks for these steps that have been in there. This year we all want it has been going on. Jersey what happened eight law and add it all done now I'm already done it yet. Some form of legislation. But the states or all ready for that and you know I think that city could be up and running by all these are and journal and we'll that would be a couple weeks. Let let me ask this about this Doug I don't know that it won't where you come down a but if it is if today we where I've seen in Memphis and Tennessee. If it is legalized. In Tennessee. Is it just going to be one of those things where you do it on your phone is they're going to be a place you can go to do would like us sports book like. How is that gondola look. Right so so. Jurors either earlier or introduce a bill without the app or technology they wanted to revitalize Atlantic City right and also. There or extract so that can be brick and mortar over the counter but they take down the road introduced a bill to add them to incorporate. The others because it is 2018 and that's what people wanted to convenience but there are being in these terms of lighten that you cannot just like be ready at brightly I'll let. Sports betting legal understate. And so let. In relative rub that out of our rightly certainly you have to pay a lot of money. Or it might it be and in Europe we get the ball where he wanted to be out but beat the future is definitely the app. And it's going to enable people to bet the proper they're all they're going out. And there have to put up money. Or that can be out or there's going to be broken brick and mortar places that allow you to do it over the counter. And what's gonna happen you're going to be GPS under all that you're into that he's set it up. And you can do all that if you fly out of business Bob Dole Wednesday and Thursday you Thursday wanna get NBA final game you can't do their. Because you're happy you're not DiPietro back in the eight even though you are resident and you'll be out in the eight. Are you at the end of April that the bad as well. I and then do an exemplary we're gets out of here Golden State. At Houston game two looks like Houston is a two point favorite. Who do you like god. You know what I really like she's in first quarter and I barely got there and I'd really I'd love help it regain want I thought. I just I wish that felt that law like that that I absolutely love them all the points in game three three back big. A lot of and be happy about spot like what the spot for the team and that means quite. The situation that the situation will play reach that Houston but you really solve them fatigued. And the warriors are just pressure whether because of the injuries or because of our rotation or what isolation of a rocket so. I don't know I can bet against the warriors seem. But their spots says she missed him. I think if I get the ball to the small play on the warriors. Got you guys if they were that I mean it's a sweep right obvious they're not a group Houston's not winning a game and oracle. And I inked a but they have a knack for being super bomb apathetic and weird times I don't I think you've been getting good bet that that I am. Yeah but on. Eighties he would let the warriors team is is really strange they were crept in game one which I love seeing that they have a knack for turnovers and boom and it. Strange strange place so I think you can command their interest or of like it doubled their double digit favorite against the kings they might lose. Burton the rocket they get maximum effort. That doesn't presage the ice eyes are thank you for the time will lose again soon. Well. Appreciate you dug up is Doug Zairian ESPN anchor and cohost of the behind the bats. Pod cast there you go out and also those caused gaming on here on ESP heard you guys on both Jennifer and yes. We're gonna let you talk about the lottery. All right. You gotta get your chance to talk about the lottery which we unfortunately could not get too. In the rundown because of the controversy that swept the nation days and I apologize that that's I know you have a lot you wanna say about the rest lottery it's not just the grizzlies. Iraq there are other teams out there that we need to talk about. So we're gonna do that all things. We come back days and John Asia have been me as it. I'm huge savings on new Chrysler jeeps judge. During the spring playing singles event at just six Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. I knew 2018 ram 15100 quad cab trade demand for a he too and I. Or at least the all new 2018 Jeep Wrangler unlimited for just 27. 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And of every now and then we will get blast. And we have been blessed today Jason Witten by the. Wonderful people at four innings. My because what a blessing here in Memphis got to give a huge shout outs have Brett Clark and Craig gore who work. Avid listeners of the show com we'll have a low there on believing you Adelman will. I mean what a blessing I got the New York strip. Medium of course it is exquisite as you might imagine and what are what you get up when medium well. Got sick you got the read about this or that it is absolutely. They I didn't want to I didn't wanna ruin and John for those the whites would have that I ruined it if I've got to cooked well done right out of course you know you guys I want to look Fleming's prime steakhouse I mean they hooked us up man I mean there'd be puzzle to jump on it I got a bestseller Wheldon. We got cheesecake. We get we gotta seasonal salads we've got creamed spinach you've got the clinics potatoes or oh my goodness. This but it has worked enough this is this is a real blessing so once again Joan thanks to Brett and correct for for hooking this up with in this out. From Fleming's it's actually a fantastic. Spot amid Arab money eat during the brow I wish that at you right now please don't but I about my gonna do that night and ended aren't we do have some other things that we discussed the mayor will join us mayor district will join us. At the top of hour. You don't beating up during our interview ironically now that's a very important interview I would not even during at a car owners. But the draft lottery is set Jason and I know that earlier. About it we did not get a chance to discuss the other one billion yen in laurel phone. Now I think I did take a poll that we'll have ago actually or more a more inched in that now the main. It tourism in the lower or not even the million grading. A lot of area. Art I'm want known as hard as you seem more old team Yani. Now. Why it. In the sport is about a USA did you hear two voices did you two things are why I hate to Jordan because you choose that which one did you clearly wants out of the other some people are both like 71%. Said they heard lower. 29%. Said they heard dot. None was making anything unless he has some people did here Yani I think you entry 9% of voters are crazy yeah. Or or lower corn you vote on something like were higher on the I am a failure on drugs and this and you may need drugs because you're hearing voices you may need some prescription medication. Solutions like Somalis resolved. Bullishness know what I had actually was dog reset of the draft for that that last bit to the rundown and that we know the top of the dynamic Jonathan you've always got out his new. Mock draft coming now that we know where everyone is picking and they're John at. Number four is that name that I don't wanna say. I've been a goal it is dear Jackson junior. I I'll I'll I'll region what what what he's got written because I think it's it's were pretty. The youngest projected first round Jackson might have the highest ceiling in terms of ability to affect the game on both ends before. As enviable physical too well tools including a seven foot four wingspan tremendous ability. Jackson's ability to space the floor. 40% from three which John has mentioned that 80% from the line blocked shots 517. Or forty minutes which is an effort outstanding number. Of blocked shots for Ford admits that it's off the charts switch on every screen increasingly put the ball on the floor from the perimeter makes him an ideal fit. For the modern. And be a new ready. Exactly that is on that's about how I feel like I was unnecessary perfectly placed drop I Angelo not perfectly. Don how to carry out for for curiosity sake think for where Michael forging where they've got him taken go. Its interest. Number eight. To the Cleveland Cavaliers who probably a little bit bombed. Right got a little bit a lot bombed yet but that nets pick turned out to be. The eight pick up an awful night. I don't think by the time Michael Porter junior is done with the come on and work outs that he's going to be draft of the slow they now you will not fall if he was gonna fall this far. I tell you are hemorrhage that bulls' deal for seven and wanna yes get a real enemy you now but I don't think he's going to fall that far. Some of the other picks that he's got. Of interest and we know that the top 12 or three he's got eight and go in Phoenix he's got Lou could go on to Sacramento's got Atlanta and not passing. On mar and back to third everything we heard that Atlanta's not gonna let that guy ago. Obviously grizzlies Janet Jackson junior will column JJJ I guess right now. Dallas Mavericks bumble. So John likes mumble with the marriage of like that fit Orlando Magic I do out there that they've got taking Troy young. And then the blend a Orlando Magic Google could indulge in worked for by the way yesterday not so much Jerusalem's old Japan Williams told your. And then the Chicago Bulls at number seven taken window Carter junior pairs of socks and we said number eight other casting in Michael Porter junior wants on now. That Barack is right. This dude is 62 and Katie too. Our next taken Colin sexton. This bill's going to to a point guard. And then the setting sixers. Other big via the lakers they've got taken. A guy we mention the coverages a guy you be who we like yeah which can take top four but I got it well I don't understand is the love for pound sacks. Like go to the laws always been there he's always been top ten he's got he's got a pretty devout fan club yeah I mean. But for the grizzlies context and makes zero cents. Zero cents. You've got you've got a six. A sub 63 sub 64 point are already in my Conley well he won't play forever listen I know but like he's only thirty let's not act like mice got a five or six years of you know where you're not gonna try to develop someone else in that position yet but he's got at least for Rita for more I would like to believe you know he's not going to be watching the army's 3334 years old that he you know he does that he's he's playing. His best basketball now. So it's not time that changed the gore or some out of the way concerts and plays again. Yeah I don't wanna grab him because he is he does urged any article idea Lozano I don't know and we hold that against him for waiting on that occasion Hardaway. But do I think she's. He's good he's got a I would definitely he's a top ten talent if there's I don't know wherever you think he's been the into the draft. And here's a guy anyway I think here's here's a save the grizzlies here's the other one and and some we have one of our call to bring this up and up and down wouldn't take him. As high as the grills are going to be good miles bridges and has a good player in the sleek. Some people asking what what he is he's a small for power afforded 66026. I'm gets a the NBA's position us now belligerent mongering that is ever so it doesn't matter no matter tell you that miles gonna definitely be drama green but this dude can do a lot. And you do a lot on the perimeter and and I think as a wing as the face of graft also reveals that these immediate and if we're talking about a Donovan Mitchell tired. Right who's that guy in the teens somewhere that we didn't seek common that could end up being up a face. You and I mentioned this before. Shot from Kentucky goes Alexander he could be that dude I figured he could possibly be that due to possibly be that there but it. 66 great leg then just now and just it's the basket they got better Yasser as the season went on Barcelona at the end there was taken over for Kentucky and I salute taken a deputy was not as offensive option there for first stretch after that though there's a there's a big drop off in the draft. Yeah does it goes from solid there goes from Gonzaga standard I've. Robert Williams and Kevin knives and die years men Johnny walker yeah Miami to guard day it's it gets ugly fast there's a birdied. Drastic drop off. But the grizzlies to go back to the group sees it does do second round the second round he's got the released McIntyre has battled the shooting guard small forward out of Syracuse. 32. I am really not rather Donte' dimensions of equipment I'm not really familiar whatsoever on the second round prospect to be honest with you. But. To go back to the grizzlies like. They clearly believe it's a four player draft and in Chris Wallace kind of had as much you know they feel like yeah and also mean the Germans in the four. I think I think Gerry is in the four even Chris Wallace mentioned power forwards they that's the first group of of players he mentions. It's only last night only literally Mike Wallace that he you'd the first group to mention was. What power forwards any minute don't wanna talk about point guards so. I think the choice will be Jerry Jackson junior if they don't trade out of it. Which I don't think Chris laws in most of trade out of it and I'll leave that option I'll tell me Michael Porter can impressed them enough for network other we say did this is a can't miss guy. That back looks good actually religion Jack Williams and undermines can be changed well and I think what you're playing OO an entire season body armor to you that's the same kind of stubborn this has got to the point you are now if united and willing to go. Look at the other side you know I mean I understand that but like I'm taking calls on mark from their perspective though it's like we saw they both cities that are where Jackson we're you know. We feel the way you feel about him. We're gonna let one or two workouts. You know change our minds and I don't know that that's the media's. Again that can be Dicey that's why you have the work out why you do the energies that's why you. You have the guys came look good in workouts and then not look good in games though I must say that's the case for Michael Porter junior I was just also I would change their mobile games you talk about. Yeah I mean I think he didn't look good old model Ford did not look good James. Ocean the ocean uneven and counted last year that you shouldn't count those against them yet is like 60% are they going to play the last time to save terms of you're weighing the body of work for Jerry Jackson junior vs Michael order. I mean Joseph Jackson junior was a number six when a concert. You know it's not like he was a a Tug. 35 ranked kid coming out of high school what grade body of work or you've shown me why told Jimmy he's played in the big tent like he's played in real games that's what about you know the didn't apart 36. Numbers. In LA New York the last time you saw Michael what do you could say it was reviews and yeah again I think that's fair. But he did not look good. He did not look good enough about those of some what to what that's not the plan which are getting you are certain amount got certain X 60% was coming back from the analyses and you certainly would hope that's not to hold those games against him. In terms of your pick. The absolutely ridiculous yeah I'm not saying they are but I'm so you're talking about you have. You're making the pick based on the workouts. Right I mean that's what you feel looks like I stood and he's tearing up everybody goes against and I'm looking at announced that okay. I could see this dude being like AD death. Yeah I would I would change my I would suited to that I would say absurd just sub in the great work out as well Tony wrote liberating work out as well. You know guys can look good in workouts now the differences. This is the number one player in the country. Two years ago Andy at one point was projected to be. Animal planet's element of a it's it's not swinging for the fences for me down this is a potatoes that the artists that needs to do this. A suppress other thought look but that's tied its its cartoon to Marc Gasol as as we've says. But if I'm in the front office. And another word were real world or medical history here but. I was sad mark and is now in and out of my wealth until both look. Mark I know we had me scared because students is I know you can do this do right now but I am tied to both of you for right now and he got a little work it out and why. Because mark I know for fact you might not be here in two years you mile walk on us. This guy out identified as the God's gonna be our visionary for the future the guy that's gonna take us the next step right we've dealt away NBA says he's great. I would not tie everything to him when this guy's going to walk out of that that it's okay so you arts and those same people that made that decision. Right gonna go with Marcus always your. They're not gonna have for very many more years. It's only okay it's gen Jackson I don't Benjamin's that would. Stating. John that's kind of go the way they do things. Doubt now I want some vision that's as well at least and I think that's happened and just because you did it and it didn't work what channel Parsons doesn't mean you shouldn't swing for the halls everywhere else I guess it's more important that you do it here for and for Memphis in the small market team didn't get a if you think it's more important swing for the fences don't have a phrase sounds like this there is a city where it's largely free agent at that Ford you can get a guy. That would change or franchised you have to grab your with me on absolutely you would draft horses don't believe they'll do it out alive a cup. None out and I would not argue and yeah well and I think if you believe Brian and clearly he's the type but do that has that capability rests. Did you should draft him. Better than they give that back is to have intercourse with.