Jason & John Hour 2 (5/15/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 15th

Joined by Legendary Sports Columnist Bob Ryan to talk NBA Playoffs, and also joined by Clay Travis in Hour 2. 


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He's indispensable and and lead and yet and and knowing that issue you know and a little bit better check your emotions just want to Iowa to court asked I'm I'm I'm. Can't reconcile the senate that's gone on the belief that nobody can get dormant a script that. That it that he won't recognize that it must stop this nonsense. Bob it is always a pleasure thank you so much for your time enjoy the game tonight. Thanks a lot about that he is Bob Ryan sports columnist emeritus for the Boston Globe. Gonna have to reconcile with the fact that he causes team championship is it 2016. As he I mean at some point kicking people in the nuts was gonna catch up to his point. Dream I'm very Smart you are two years late last night I realized PJ Tucker pulled you down this is after you did you know hand and an end and that the album go to elbow hand didn't end Harden shoulder area pushed him. PJ pulls him down on that three. Right ad interim on thousand Eagles knots that you realize that. You can't do I realize your your frustrate about what TJ did it they don't care. You've you've you've got the X on your back I don't I don't get why hasn't spot why has to be able to control an affidavit he says I was too we have well. But I and maybe that's just you don't get if you I didn't full right all the way all children are grain going crazy right that he's the united pulled her mongering and what's the point maybe that's just the way he operates all the way on a Camby won't yeah that listen assistance superstar driven league right. But it is true that if it Terry munger had been anybody else right not name staff Katie will want clay what that was the part where he's getting but that was the part that though the one thing Webber and Reggie were right on last night that could have been anybody else. They didn't toss dep for that yesterday and you would just add the situation room Harden and had been warned so sought out here. 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There's nothing quite like that feeling when you win at something important to the person who was always represented all of what's good and competitive. About you that's right that's means it's fitting. That today John we celebrate dads and grads everywhere. A game of gift card good at for any time there's a need to prove who's faster reimburse them on line and out of arm speed dot com. Or in person at 63. I mean I'm Shelby do you drive right over our mark look like you'll spend more money than you did it right there and that'll be impressed your dad duly proud of you. New grads than me thinking holy cow that's Smart automatic endorsed speedway and events or they ask what do you race in four today. Aren't edited this time we do the rundown media why don't we get to it. The rundown presented by Matt Aslan nationwide insurance. Hey stories from. Jason and Jon. On the 82 million SN EST. First story our story is somewhat telstar lay in it is just disrespectful. That Pat Williams co-founder of the Orlando Magic the night. As he prepares for the draft lottery in Orlando's place in it. In the back now pat won't be out for a night in the back you'll be sit and you know he's done well these things before they say definitive defied the odds before they'll be sitting in the back. With a little dollar loans fans and that little ball. As little pain are right now we've already got Mike Wallace. Senior editor data grid at grand city media dot com. We've got him he's he's obligated tonight to slap the ball out of Pat Williams fans and the fact that they're taken down. A doll who represents what minority ownership of the Memphis Grizzlies and the university of his as head coach John. This should not be allowed now but it's actually good luck for the grizzlies. That's what they don't realize. Devoured you're turning into this is a good look for us paid gonna backfire on Pat Williams yep they don't unwrap the magic anymore. Eras Memphis. You know. Well penny hasn't had a commercial since the nineties. So what I mean well that's not their of their plan we put the finest minds we've got on this one and this is what they came up with. Williams told the told the Orlando sentinel. I'll keep that very very close you don't want anybody runoff would that's all have that in my possession the entire evening's talking about little penny. It's our version of the lucky penny we tried everything in the past lucky coins or that covers rabbits feet Lucky Charms Cereal we've taken everything out there. Are you would assume are humorous you personally are you a superstitious man. And yes. Yeah I'm not overly. They got to sums going well former. I'll stick with I wanna like give me an example like some and then you'll do our minute you know I I had a good day good you know drop the same way. The next when you tried the same way. We love subdued the road out talky drama you know I don't back from you know stuff like that it's a nice I like 01 not where I'm not a guy as well where same underwear that's Josh asked. Not doing that's growth stop talking about underwear well it's funny he thought he claimed she with a clean political that it did it was made it less grows about not one of those due to their takes on the symbolic on the take effect national championship trophy that they yeah. Said that they these the F that's. Bit it coat but you Graham you have completely taken Jason back did you let out it's like well we're supposed to like going on here I mean you are turning your back. Aren't your adopted home. Let us like Orlando but but not in their sports teams so they think little pennies they'll them defy the odds back like it did 1993 when the they had a one point 52% of chance of winning it and they did. Other selected Chris Webber obviously and then made the trade for Penny Hardaway. For this one. What do they got it's an 8% chance something can hate her low low low less than 9% chance of jumping up to the number one pick a point eight. They're open a little things don't get them through I'm telling you right now by the way Yang helping you Orlando Magic real quick on the easy let us use their title hi we have to reunite with a lot of time talking about it. Last week Scott frost came out and said Silas they are not the national champion. And other and they are demoralized and later this ever lead the party of let. Hey don't let you know he's he's embarrassed by what exactly gotten the point oh now I'm Barry if I if they had coach or coach the team says it's you know with a national champions and supported it too embarrassed you should no longer claim that it was. It had its run. That's what we said a couple of weeks ago like they've they count on just taken out a little too far. I don't like beaming in the magic though 'cause I mean before the grizzlies got here that was kind of Memphis is NBA if they're not I don't know I don't know that they're not in this isn't bad formed of to take it out that this is the wrong move feared that surround it is this was any of the mine owner of the this grows the grizzlies held out against not just that he's coach of the -- immense it has left grizzlies I agree only one thing if he didn't handle getting more for us exactly that's what I want to clear to pat Weems Michael Wallace filmmaking player whom he ducked and repairs on to a four balcony did say to Doc Holliday and a and a and a comment I think it's awesome. It's another way to stay relevant. There is no little penny without me. There's another way for Larry noticed they relevant would know why I don't what are they gonna do when penny brings back little penny like where's rove Jersey. And he's playing irrelevant he do that take the self deprivation not a right that is the Orlando. Are you offended by this you're gonna buy this. What they've taken a little pitted off yes is it manufactured. Are you really are offended. I'm really offended like business move like he's I'm associated with here is associate with this franchise now yeah if he wasn't part owner right. They don't then okay out I'd see it now Elliot Perry's take your socks. And and Courtney love the acre. Is that mall and we party established in the grizzlies have the best luck as far as representation at night. Yeah and there's Jami Gertz with the hawks. We mentioned Bastia Isabella city career mistakes he turned on the friend's role turnout rates or you can get them in a million dollars levs I'm curious to see yours you just don't know how well she's aged do you think you'll see her. Which just she sees Iran was our. They there's another catcher and a notion I know of it because she's not an official team. Machine is and she's though because she's connect resignation as husband is always right there. And then the Phoenix Suns are sending. Jackson Jackson Jackson he's only can go out there. I can't exactly. Ronald OK go like a British LE stolen one right guard and that's about Brenda entered according can go out how does that superstitious know of it's meant to be a mom one of those guys my philosophy on life. Is if it's meant to be. It will be. If it's not it will not. Is there's nothing you can do you don't win like that you know you win six or seven a role on mad nerves on the on the you know now like every V. You put the word did you pretty got it pays off would they did you know it's not luck up and there is a little bit of luck involved right. But it's it's when talent meets preparation. Is when you find Lana you really crying and was that a lot of drama training at all just that you pray to god doubted that did you not hear yourself of just asking did you. You just that you pray to god you don't for the rent houses that's in really prayer that was just the that was just an expression. It's an expression well that's just I'm not gonna pray. Over the grizzlies lottery pick it. Are you know I am buddy. I am not gonna be on hand you were just all that John to all of us and you say you pray to god it was part of your speech I mean what I mean by that is I hope they I hope you hope for the best yes. Well budgets are I have notes I have nothing. Superstitious offer you like I don't have a round round got to get their brain for more than just. Tyler or some moments. I've done my work man I'd I said my one prayer for the year. I am good you can give us a prayer for number one in the I cannot do that one because it seems trivial in the grand scheme of things it'll help the city. Not know amid it will it will have on it you're not on behalf of the city if it's not an Australian on behalf of roberts' error look Italian home half of the same I would rather parade that let whatever the pick is if I only have one prayer. I like to pray over Chris Wallace. Then he gets it right. As opposed to praying for the pick itself at some pick Marcy device that mercy for Chris Wallace if I have one prayer and pick and Marcy is just you know I just feel Tyler Ares I mean it's transformed. The program. Yeah I mean to you more than wounded twice. That's why you won't give the group is that I'm attacking our city I can't. I can't get paid do that right now. I'm we are doomed picks in now we lives 12030. Payoff. Tonight this madam Albright has faith allowed Fred Citi a prayer list city born and Wallace that era is it about their robotic. You try to use any ideas are not prepared to do a proper prayer. Disappointing about should always dated you don't have that he always just come from the heart dude the last so much at the last I might. Made a sincere prayers of power by Thanksgiving. Dinner was ruined. My Thanksgiving dinner around Brooklyn no browser break out here so I got to one's gonna judge you. Now I can't do that I can't risk it are far too obvious if you bother rundown on disappointing. Little penny going of the draft. Now it's still already APEC aren't excited about this. There is going to be a documentary. Released in 2019. Netflix and ESPN films are are collaborating on this. Called the last day it's. In the last dance. Is about Kobe the second best player in the history of the NBA Michael Jordan. In his Chicago SA CB's Chicago Bulls need. It's a it's a documentary about endgame is bulls you're just in your article and pour salt in that balloon over marriage and it features over 500. Hours. 500 hours of never before seen footage. From the Chicago Bulls last title. I'm about that a short amount of all day long go watch a lot wash off on announced. You're blocked Donald minge on how many days is that a lot every day is 500 hours. A lot you don't know either anomaly gamma count about about in forge this idea 500 about about 24. Is basically used its three weeks to. Three weeks where anyone dies in an access to over I say yeah yeah that's yeah that's sort of it's over 500 they were obviously convict condensed that you know hopes its audience and Michael slaps in the work that's left of around 500 dollars that's well look at Rivet their view but you'd want to hold them back through yeah I'm trying to get some federal tobacco film I'm might. Right and if there is there still a they're still and I hope the good documentary accomplices. We've seen them that Jordan. Title run stuff right like we know how great you look. I would not act like small nod at various small but my hope it will will be the best bubble make this the best documentary perhaps ever. If feet. Many many moderate this is wrong but I always feel like with Michael there was always sort of this barrier right. I can't really let you you all know you're Europe's little into thin light you see. The real Michael. You saw that the greatness on the basketball court and he lets you see that you talked about that. But in terms of Michael Jordan the human beings. I feel like weeds don't have a lot of that. And there's a lot of layers to him. You know gamble. That you know their retirement. Beyond retired they got his collect their so many parts of him that. We his first marriage his first marriage what they're Juanita what you got petty that's who Daschle and I wanna know about so if this documentary will explore the real side of my. I will be so I Diaz has been the best documented scores are bad I really believe that could you're dealing with the second greatest that's what we're all time. And and his life. We doesn't say only if there's that I highly don't go that route. We actually haven't read it I say you we have a trailer for we have a trailer for the last dance here it is. Once you do it. If you would choose that I felt. Tiers of that pain so what this really did seem that every. The last dance comes Netflix. And 319. Get ready 500 hours of Michael Jordan contents. All there for you to consider. A number Intel Meehan are a man ever to come back into the clay Travis about sports. Betting sports gambling into undercut. We were talking about all of that and you know what what it could mean for the great. 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NBA in an on line at 92 million espn.com. Plus the experience that she's. And the wind blew only on Memphis is sports station now 82 million fans like ESPN. That. Everything you see this this time we talked to clay Travis. With a clay Travis count. Is this bridge claims radio show listen to. Weekdays from six till 9 PM on ESPN 7:9 PM here and now Jason yeah. He has TN folks let's go to our man. What are you boy oh how soon will be able to legally bet in our state. On Penny Hardaway winning a national title next season. Or or else I guess it won't be next season but it at some point we're gonna really really bad on the. I don't doubt it I think you'll be able to drive across the border figured out that Dudek by what all these haven't quite that many sports wager that you walk and I think I've been Mississippi. It did advocate Sierra gambling. Sports books very clear and I just saw a Twitter that a yet predator state senator. It that'd be at this lady would you like to introduce a bill to allow or can't like I don't have. In any way a lot of knowledge about windy and the legislature agreed that it. So I don't know when that bill could be introduced or when it could be passed or who read it would be potentially big governor I. So they're a lot of detail they are so I don't know what I think if the majority of the population out there which I think you'll be quite as good Aussie. This going to be huge though for those potentially for those casinos until it correctly and have been struggling I think we may mean that one closed down. I think Atlantic city's help in the same thing though right that you can. Comeback place these bats in the casino and and everything's backed Poppins and me and going crazy again these casinos. I don't think there's any doubt if they do a good job setting up particularly given how popular at BC football is yeah. I can see how Utica at Biloxi yet all the missed the beat it videos could sell. Guy RBI yet pay a critical detailed gay what do you got here it did it ought to brew and they got a gamble on all college football considered legally. If you don't get it under your I could that be a pretty good bit of I view a lot of guys that fit a lot of guys that in if I couldn't that be a general. If this state of Tennessee in and I'm totally ignorant as I mean I'll I'll be toy. You know open up sports books like. Where would you go low to I mean would you just do it from home like would there be a central place for you to go and and play like how would that look. He would be good question I don't think there is an immediate area where I get a date period they're currently have. If you don't do it in ball be the ability to do for your skull. They had a lot of court docket to do it legally and so weak he go to it off short right now it quite that bad. And not have to worry about about a big Turkey did get a call or try to where. Yeah it's a Big Apple like if you quite a bet if you walk collide at. How. Are you really going to be able to get it your call or try to get it why if quite a bet before kick off for it at Applebee's game. So wide to beat. You need to have a component that allows people to bet for their vote because otherwise you're all it could be way our public activity. And and currently trying I saw you tweeting about this do you think this will actually. Lessen the chances of a game being fixed if if if sports betting is legalized across the board. Yeah usually occurred at global Betty mattered little wager you ought. We had a week wade paper legalize Eddie I'm a big believer that chided a greatly to the fact that there. Operative pain free Tibet politician a to have public fury I think that sports gambling should not be. Sort of under the radar route bookie and doubt through offshore site I think it tonight you'll world it would be under present legal the right date. Will these professional leagues get put the piece of the pie I've played but I guess they're they're seeking they want their part of this wrapping silver's even said you know that's what we're incident we want our cut. But I I saw all former New Jersey center say we're not gonna give you. Did you anything how's that gonna work out do you think eventually they'll be an integrity tax paid to these leagues that don't work out that way. We take activate Rick I'm I'd be very careful and get going I doubt be aired gambling debate on the result of the game if there is thick and integrity aspect of the game out that there ought be great all could reverse it and Emily charity group that they'll. I speak to wait a week make audio that they create they can help sponsorship they could sell all sorts of relationship back. Gambling company through their audience. I would expect that. Everybody. And it greatly aren't that budget your that they speaker deal they haven't fought victory they have a year. I would I don't have a sports gambling company could beat Beckett we have at some point it tied as well and did honestly that how did it ratings. And also the television ad dollars should go while we would all go go to the bottom line along Carol alt delete it oil. A new one more R&R and now on gambling would what do you think right now are the biggest unresolved questions are or challenges. Surrounding the legalization of sports gambling. Oh what they're doubled and I think what Howard. Who I take to get Caligiuri is a every state going to be truly different in other words if IE on board afforded that we can't if I decide to go to afforded this weekend. Could be if I can we delete edit the I don't give a legally or. Right now could otherwise I'll just pull out my phone like a lot of guys who would equate the bet on it ought to sort it out. Up so I think you have to be ease of use I think yet to be able to cross border when it. Up and I speak at the bill flawed be part of auto each other at any respect will be. You know we got. Alcohol lauded abductor but you know you go from the may I beat Alabama or anywhere you can try tech this. New York. You're going to be able quiet spotlight bright and docket yet what's your credit York Connecticut could it be that it is quick to cut you edited report are now forty. And I eat would be a great force or gambling there had to curry had. That wore a chip that well did it hurt a year and they do a debate where you Laura or you like the back. Now what well in the says this is far down lime and I will ask you to what wolf Vegas ever cease to be Vegas in the sense of of the huge draw that it is if if you know save Alexi gets huge say you know sese to a cause huge in every state once they have a a Las Vegas or hum well that would that ever change will Vegas hold on its grass. Gloria that quite there I thought of another analogy coordinates back that you wanna watch the do it western world. If you can quite read it or you're quoted quite at the you don't you're desperate doctor quoted a war right. So I think that Al equal work working that they waited HBO go would work or the other you know like if you are mobile. You have that that that the only beside break on the fact that you have a cable subscription that it. He even thought about it quickly credited Tennessee my cable subscription retreated Blake called the order that they that the about your capital Taipei that ought to. I had a couple validate go to Vegas because I did they take I think period epic I can't go. And I don't they pick Erica it will give people what ought they get I don't think there are a lot of guys out there that like. We're eager to go to break apart that safari or heard it. I don't think dirty people take that I think I did they get a place you go. It's great all day I think cricket you'd go a great idea great day in every dirt out there gave all day for a strike back where they want the idea proposed. So beta I had picked apart the diversified British goes for their bike clubs. Purchase of the war jockeying here and yeah yeah. But here except that they get is not easily replicate it you know I think we all go their gamble on before I think it's just quarter of million baby. People take advantage of what they're out. We of course on the clay charged him every morning on seven night in and out kick the coverage are all glad I get the sense from you maybe I'm off base here. But I get the sense that you're sort of fatigued about the NBA is long as the warriors are just running through everybody. Moron that. That the war here are 45 to create their last 48 games and OC. Happy David Bell that have a theory that they had gaudy but if they were quick you don't want laughter they ought to regain movement they lost game four after they were up. We're yellow cab I. They walk up. Game board game four after they were up to Rio de per they want it three after they were out to go to. It is not just take every body it's the only game they applaud or I'll have to basically they walked up and theory. And though I'd get the FDA right now I can say why don't we watched it we don't know what I. Right thing that most big like level why you watch okay. I don't look at our QB but for years ago when the title and it probably not going to be very close and they basically a rocket and they may well sweep the Eastern Conference camp as well. And priority you know how it an edge. I don't think quite a watery. During the course of the of the of the theory that like a big output and all it. I'll be able audit I want black eyed about the warriors would come out of wed by hater or they did a and they were white apple underdog because we began don't wait day. But I just I've got pictures to be your comfort and I feel like it like figuring out who didn't get decapitated you know to get a big cats are going to be quick Celtic. An added that the debate to be about that 45 or yen in the last seven here. If you buy that in different teams don't put it a little together. I don't ever want to adopt opening at eight gave credit game theory to get. A warrior and do you hold that against say the flood. I don't fight about Kevin director he will join a warrior and he's let's put him at this level that were that we're told he's still the piece that puts them. To that point where we're saying. And it's it's it's kind of boring these. Not a blade a guy aching at the paper it looks alike I think it's applaud the NBA general. They're currently under every year which I don't do that if you watch like I got out you'd thought you got to the very thing you watch the NHL playoffs or any any take it happen. A final four feet to the final eight people that are what's the yeah you want to get out well GDP. I went begging you what college football and go out there but what a lot of title but they were a stately fortunate to win that overtime game that they did those three only. And audible or that required that they walked Ohio State. There's no orders to work that had a poll circling like anything can happen once you get the post rig that. Ordered work bit it made by a tight unit as on the interstate down the stretch of crowd you can be at UBS. McClellan to get your thoughts on this documentary does Michael Jordan documentary. Netflix and is in terms of partnered up. It's release a ten part series debut in 2019. That's going to explore. The simultaneous rise of Jordan in the NBA during those years I in interstate and Jordan off the court any chance that this document which apparently. You know that they've had they've got 500 hours of never before he believes any chances documentary explores the other more personal side of Michael Jordan. I doubt it I don't know why you would agree to do it edit it edit I think I would bet that yet writer or you thought I thought. In order to to agree to do it now I would want to go back over those Jordan aaron's old team that watched a documentary because. Like a lot of your listeners are sure I grew up to air it actually brought to watch because teams and are yet Bulger factor. To be able to go back and watch soap idea so what you did career of being the game the play of the world might be putting a state that's for back. Like in general. IE yeah I would be very well try it you know you're gonna find out the thing about it dad getting harder. Or technically a secret to it by David a started to speaker and it relating to gambling. I would be very surprised if there's any take a particular. Do you are you are you of the mind and that's what happened. That he was yeah. What what are order or decree or that I don't leave. It's have to read it like joy or what the FDA what he did it but I think he got it occurred while they check for gambling ought to work. Anderson yeah that's definitely out there we all have our conspiracy there's clay always thank you so much time and thank you. You ought to ought to be is clay Travis valued at euros boards conspiracy theories but we are not going to get into those today. That's of interest and now you've never heard. Really. I mean that's because as they Michael Jordan's stand you have blocked it out. That's why. You don't hear any hand here. Period if Beckett did it I don't like a non negative and there's like a moat right between. You in the rest of Michael Jordan's fans and the rest of the world and nothing can crossed nothing negative can cross the moat. That's that's a pretty well I don't know violence when they've accepted. But it's not that I'm not accept that alerted if there's that is except if they're well circulated to area that he was. He was banned from the NBA for what was it two years it would have been two years and years there but yeah I don't you gotta believe that garbage. But you believe that Magic Johnson. You believe that Magic Johnson was of the you to bring Tom on big facts. And about trash. What's the what's one quick facts once trash you think big fact is that Magic Johnson back to my guns spears was frozen out by the government and yes it's that is very healthy. He's very health care we just reset it caddie say it. For the people that may be listening I don't know we're talking about need to do my Jason believes. That the government told Magic Johnson to say that he had the HIV virus to raise awareness in the black community. Which at that time it was killing us right there still lives frankly but yes at that time we had no clue was going all we needed to win and they show's Matt. Yes why debate she's mad. Why not. He was a phase of the lead and yes I and others are on the Data Domain of a candidate like underdogs as you know raw enforcer theory that and they said. We're wanna make sure that your successful businessman for the rest of your life right and he is there going to be taking care of bright bright and then I'm has raised awareness because it's been in the news this week you also have a theory on Stevie Wonder. No he does not have a yeah I think you guys are foolish to say that the skies can still see yes have you seen the picture of him on the dollar car. Yes that showed little get up the following his smile and a realized that he was born premature do you guys know the dinosaur on. Are you sure you know like are you sure. Why does Gambino says he watched the show. What is okay boy in fairness what he's Sosa he listens to my show. I mean I. Yes you know you know I don't say he listens to an abortion does say he watches your show right he can't. In and if you've outlined I think nine watch it as as yours that you bet own European spears don't put your conspiracy theory you're wrong I don't know I don't is that it's preceded it we've talked about on the show. Not that's yours you have got a gets mines as part bash is the Magic Johnson when I mean I don't get out cards alma yeah I got the pictures and look at it a cell phone bigots call you at a furious that it says here Bennett says that is bets that theory is crazy. Magic is. Is very healthy the most believable theory of them all you gotta tell you tell me magic got cured. I don't. That's what's down how does tell you that he is is not clearly it is clearly not pretty brown junior today had security given to all of us. This is a good magazine humanitarian philanthropist I can't I can't write I cannot begin to say that he never had it. But the boat the most believable theory of all of these is that Michael Jordan got suspended. For 20 I don't know that that's most legal. Ali come on deadly addiction do it is a bad father or his other it has been murdered they wanted to go play baseball. Just wanted to get out of what he was now no idea about how people deal with grief yes. Why can not that not be that roof it's a guy is certainly can't be it that's what I'm putting this one behind Stevie Wonder. I'll now yes now that's where it belongs absolutely okay now this is not belong in the same no truth to it what so ever well again there is a moat. Between they've Jordan castle which I'm rolling hammering away cable being critical Michael Jordan fully capable do trying to. He didn't do enough for the full twelve for the colts are all of us. He can step up it is too much about that the selling of issues. All right are you that LeBron doing it I've not said that all this before I had one person disagreement these days Mike Wallace. So that might get a lot that we didn't know about Paula and I went out OG Mike waited till late actor's career start doing that stuff but not enough I thought during his career. Especially when you compared to an abrupt. Is at the forefront of issues that I'm not so worried about the bottom line and the dollars that he's getting from issues rep. I could not figure cable you prove your marriage have done it before Michelle John Stockton well of storage in the documentary they would be great even if it won't covered like clay said he. Michael Jordan is working with them so clearly we got I'm with clay that I grew up in that saw on the schools are doing is reliving that day redundancy in the behind the stuff I've never seen on. Total is the basketball side I final of that and as a space campaign you know all of my mentor works so. I'm all it takes begin a documentary Johnny to watch the Vince Carter documentary. There is a little bit smarter guys like you are owners Chandler Parsons watch it last night went on that is only an hour long it's religion. Any critical thing is when they interview Vincent's when he was with Memphis is trucked in his grizzlies here of our Jeff Parsons announced tonight he had Cindy wanting to know. He denounce and on Twitter. Just wanted to let you guys know he announced that I'm glad he's again. Participating in team related activities are absolutely. Absolutely I will come back amino acid gonna donors. 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A main boxing if he's one that is our wars reference because is it of these video solo. So that the rebels or explosion at a let's say America is childish Gambino and then moving. As he solo now he is Atlanta land go to Orlando he's done a good run. So I was in Dana very talented this road America it really did us and else it is honest zoo Atlanta the other night. I mean on as Izzy is BS and are permanently now Ali's house on the other hand the and a performance of the woods super town. I got here it was that same as got in Atlanta series hero you is coming outages are watching him and he's there's been about as good management about everything you did did autorads as the Washington so for was the east India that's right they say what your bar and you know are there yeah exactly so you kind of how we can almost always if you could see. Basically. But yet yet in this America sun times Gambino is on a good round man this is because MB and all right the playoffs continue tonight Cleveland and Boston Boston is a one point favorite. It's a big game for Cleveland. They they they need to take one in Boston they wanna have a chance and obviously that's how worst I would wanna Boston the only two here's the thing about us as they'd known playoffs at home that. Is that's been playing other teams have not been able to do is to win they are we'd hold the key as we said it you use that if LeBron. We know he's going to be better it's what you're gonna get from everybody else you'll get the Kevin Love that you got against Toronto. Punitive Kevin Love that you had against Indiana because if you're gonna get the one that yet against Indiana. And John you said he was OK what seventeen and nine they they need more from him all relative and then write this thing right was good and if you're if you're getting that if you did not one of the Kevin Love from the Indiana series. Which aren't I throwing that is pretty much what your game one dude he's got to be he's got to be thirty and seventy. Like he's got to be thirty and 1230 in fifth of that kind of performance 79 cent in May and go to get it. In this series Bret Stephens to go to the coach we'll see if he steps what we know Lamar sent out the call in the and the and the post game press it took to Jordan Clarkson column Jordan Crawford I think on purpose I and others that say no way he did that I will believe what I will believe. I LeBron is very calculated we cannot that he sends messages to his teammates particularly when they have been bad right and they were bad in game one they were not good enough. Now the other the word is the third. In other Thomas shaken Tyrone Lewis Thomas shaken things up and couldn't Tristan Thompson in the starting line up so they can kind of hold down Al Horford. If you remember John Mark had this that Al Horford against the Cleveland Cavaliers just before this year's. One in fifteen failure yeah lots of failure bomb and obviously it in and we talk about there's about rap I. As good as Jason Terry has been as good as Jalen brown has been as good as Terry Rodgers there. DM VP for this team so far in the playoffs has been Al Horford he's been an absolute rock for them inside armed defensively. He's been a stud for them. And heat to me is the key if it if it's just bangs you're there not doing this are dirty but they're probably out against Philly. If that's the case or for it's been Iraq he's been the difference and he gives them got picked Cleveland six some stills to do that. But I would not be surprised at Boston moves on that and and I'm telling you right now orphans the main reason for that in his eleventh season duty is still I stood there has started up in these playoffs. A turn of the sport averaged 56 points rebounding average is up. And defense les and so forth. Yeah so that's on the eastern side of the bracket and then on the other side game one took place last night in Houston for a minute and I and I mean literally a minute. It looked like Houston may be able to get a win. Maybe I would take game one they start of the game up like 90 or some in my bedroom on green had they had he he had no control. Right that's kind of where you feel like you want the warriors to be you know. Scrambling a little bit. And of course they've stabilized everything enter mongering and I get thrown out of the game and they win pretty effortlessly. 119106. Kevin Iran out of sense 37 points so he's Klay Thompson chipped in 28 tis was even easier religious student this from a core staff only only had eighteen. Pedestrian I mean for him no doubt about it and they cruised by double digits. Against the team with the best record in the NBA now won eight straight game ones in 1415. Game ones and Steve are. What you put KD on this thing it's unstoppable. And that's that's what it boils down I mean you know yeah I mean did the rockets are going to be like that again. I mean those fade as the best team in the league and it's what I said before the series started. They play their basketball better than Houston plays their basketball it's just true you know because it's like you're right James Harden is gonna get. His 35 or forty on the one on one and they well he had a he had forty last night pretty every last night. But they were not nice and close to enough it will come in the loss. So because they they just you have to play. Flawless basketball. Against Golden State to beat them you'd. And I just don't think Houston has it in them to do that. They're a great team but they're up against what I believe is the best ever home in Golden State because they can give it to you. In four ways. They can give you Kevin Durant indeed Klay Thomson they mean what could does the sixty right step can give you sixty. And then very much agree to give your triple double like it's nothing too easily they get so it's like there's no obvious hole. In that team. And there never will be. Other than age that's that's what we will talk about the Golden State Warriors disbanding. Is in five years from now after the or sickle in titles and wanna go and they'll make their money for their fees you know from there further retirement nomads of and that's the end of that it but I yard play artists and I want in my back in for you know and win some more these optical less money. I that's the only things Emery get out there's not don't to soak up all these titles ones you know you can be to import and export five years now and after two big play in the fold. It looks like they are it's like we talk about the Mike Wallace you'd clay would be I mean staff isn't one anywhere. Right KD is it went anywhere right clay is award anywhere trait among green most other teams currently he's your first option. And they've gotten guys like staff and collate and very marked the take back. Eight.