Jason & John Hour 2 (4/13/18)

Jason & John
Friday, April 13th

More on Tyler Harris, the Memphis Roster, plus joined by Eric Bossi of Rivals.com to talk Memphis recruiting in Hour 2. 


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It's a little says it is if that's going to rain you know wars Kamerion agree hum endorsed a no fly but but even on the fly what's coming in is high level. And that's the difference now. Right it's not Christian Tennessean and Chad Wright good condition. That's what's so exciting is that is that even on the fly here even at even and you didn't insulate you gotta gotta put this together yep which Padilla looks special. By the way. Kind of an over signed with scallions I was happy for him see that out mom had a printed because. It would have been tough for him here it would have been in I I think it's actually it's a blessing for the kid that Tubby Smith got fired so I'm not really believe that because he would have. It would have been a tough go for him I think if you members of the so. There you go to nudge exciting and it and the more you think about it. You know possibilities in my can you imagine if if if we go and 2019 U got all these Memphis kids. You know you don't that nineteen plaza de Nugent Lomax is reunited with most of disease team yeah hopefully that include James why has been to yet add in Tyler hairs here with a couple of guys that my nose gonna throw along with a with a with a with a lot of Matthew Hart perhaps a veteran and Wofford. Brother. We talk and we're not talking Nancy bold and are now but we could very well be talking about it and looking and saying ohm and we can reach their. A year from now so just the mental disarming him in home visits you were on our way. Well that's evidence would Nicole. We're going to did you up to speed on. Or whomever is going to be going and home with and jealous Zito. It's in a very classy tweaked we will do that when we get bat Jayson the John hello to kind of NB SP. Yeah. Things have certainly never cuts corners. We only cut prices what choices Suzuki dealer special states. Big Papa John's god come. 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They have large UH I don't know as the mood you change I don't know if it fit the mood of the day where there is that plated he's got a documentary coming on this to tomorrow night on HBO and that's one of the songs from the soundtrack that always has a meaning behind the song was always wondered that I a lot of ways it's called tomorrow is. I don't. The Google's not enough and oil. It too little rundown let's just talk like Elvis but the rest of the show. Drew a rundown new rules all right Jason said it and so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna the rundown. Rundown presented by Matt Aslan nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On nine ET nine SN EST. First story the big news out of breath about tires at this moment we are talking about James. Wise and know Jim realized that I like to say to restart cone Jimmy Wiseman no. I think that's kind of catchy I don't Jimmy Wiseman Jimmy wisely and there are a lot of rumors flying about old Jimmy Wiseman. Is get ahead on doing this is gonna catch on did I promise you won't do trust me Jimmie got by them and now is got it. Can you give it a day and chance. Can you just given the chips like Jimmy Chitwood. Metal just like Jimmy Wiseman yeah angle worked on it Jim Wiseman. Jimmy better. Anyway. There are some rumors fly about my main Jimmy Wiseman that he may not be back at east next year and obviously. Are we had Paul Washington senior on the show who who who hate you apparently. At least why you said that they just out of his gracious not come always my wife is a digital sound like he's not happy that day I don't know he's busy these days ago she fell about. But we asked him about that we said is is is as James was meant. I had the guts to ask you got nothing illegal don't you possibly say we are now are you asked him is that I would not they're a lot of rumors out there that hey James wise in May be coming to join your family. And Ahmed said. Your guess is good as mine has more like. It is not a very measured was not happy and I haven't got anything we asked him frankly. But we do have some quotes today. From his mother. Tell Morley come from very much and stuff SEC country dot com home. They're doesn't escape his mother's name is Don easily artists. I got to get my Sarah dons a league that's right Don easily artists and she wanted to clear everything up. It is amazing alike amounts coming cleared up this may be. Some of the best sets of quotes I've ever we have got to get her own notion there's a question writing these quotes here's what's. Jimmy wise man's mother the number one prospect who I thought that was a stock indices for Promos on news columnist saying his name wrong. I find this is what James Weisman the number one prize for their last 39 teen's mother had to say. Let's all get on the same page how mama feels about school. Mama wants James to go to school and be happy mama don't play basketball war momma won't have to go to class this move mama is the supporter. As far as James college right now James has put Memphis on his list. But James hasn't decided on a school loved this third person. Then she went on to talk about. Pity hardware offerings as weissman scholarship on his birthday two weeks ago. That made him feel good. But people wondered why didn't put his offer from Memphis on Twitter until the week after his birthday. That's because I had James doing seventeen year old things on his birthday he was enjoying being seventeen years old. Sometimes as parents we have to step in and let these kids be kids. And then they she addressed James wise mother did reclassified London we're going back to what I said before. I can't imagine James leaving me for 2019. Much less leaving me for 2018. I want James to experience is much of being a kid as he came because once we step out of the college world we have to grow really fast. We've talked in James wants to be a kid right when she's around all of she's on the money without. Cal Perry in just as his assistant up there are still my favorites coached out there still marble there and we people they make us feel like family. If we come to play basketball there we're gonna be family real family. And James is really big on that and makes a big difference a British or discount still use the La Familia I think is that what he does so I'm out yeah possibly have a lot familiar I think is what you know they're a solid evidence. Gary got that from Drake a producer and did a big Hardaway. Last but at least this is from James why she's mother led an all out he did I mean she she did. Ping has these two he said doubt explain that to the boys this is life and sometimes we have stepped out of one stage into another stage in our lives. And he told the kids he also wants them to keep their heads and be able to step out of the situation high school and pick them a great college to go to. Then the writer says obviously it wasn't case Hardaway hopes that will be Memphis mom says he didn't say that but I'm sure he's gonna be partial now. But we have to be about what we need for us also that's how we're gonna have to look at this part. That is all from James wise man's mom I gotta tell yet I don't feel great reading that. I wish she would have said something about how much she loved bid isn't any hardware. I do wish that dude Kentucky has put in. Years of work on James wise as I appreciate her being. Real wood where they're at right there clearly still the leader as you would expect them to be they put in the most work I got totally kicked and say our I love conducting a bunch of different languages including China including Mandarin Mandarin. Like deliberate case elements that may have heard I'm sure he can. I'm sure you can't. OK but he wasn't where he beating Dietrich he didn't come up learn and that they don't lack. As Tubby Smith was the coach here are right right they have the word I learned that line now he does John. Now he does all that look this one's going to be even our main what Tyler Harris war times ten. Because he's the number one player in the country yet and Kentucky's are gonna lead because again they put in they've put in years of time they've put in resources in there and recruit this kid. Other not give them up with what I appreciate my only an all out there are now paid that's got a couple I didn't come away more encouraged what while I'll tell you that. Going to Findlay prep ain't necessarily a bad thing from Memphis in the sense that. You got Paul washed and senior out there whose wife. Is pinning our ways 'cause there are right in and who's very familiar with getting the sense that pity coach's son for three years there you world right. All the you've got you've got that there but but here's what I come away Kurds back from from listen of that. You have right here in your backyard paying a bill pop over anytime he wants to make it makes it so much easier when he. And so from warned him to play catch up right because you are Kentucky's ahead of you clearly. Yeah and play catch up well love it I love having the advantage of having I like our backyard that gives me more opportunities to get caught up because tap okay keep coming back and forth. But I can keep hidden right. What's up like I just more on it's it's easier for me but I'd be wrong to come of that is good that she's insisting he will be if he's I have I have my doubts about east high. Next you're just as a basketball program right so but. But I mean. If your beer decently in the wherever the players are whatever high schooler here but I'd be wrong to take away from this article that James wise and has a mama's boy. Yeah you would be wrong well because that way because what you should take away is he said I can't imagine James leaving me for 2019 much less than even me I mean she Felicia and she loves a board met this sounds like keep Leo I made a major role models blocked a caseload and derogatory thing to be that I'm just saying it sounds like you know he obviously he does monitor relationship but he wouldn't necessarily want a lever it that's kind of what I what I read in the that you know. Like well she I mean there was that deadline that says you can't imagine doing it then two years now and in nineteen runs a year from now in nineteen yeah as a but it is in specially can't imagine doing announced your derive meaning having that in there the thought OK he's leaving college he's gonna lead. That she's scared and yell it appears that and if she's I think that's another lease merging and letting us write about it it is a if he goes into occupation movement oh and yeah members are but it's you know there RD you know an artist you're looking for you look what clues inside I'm I'm I'm I'm looking for a realistic Kentucky has a firm grasp on this kid but you've got the right man for the gig right to hopefully get it turned around like we saw without layers that got the coast of western high school to god just had him on as a U squad and a guy hopefully according to mom. It's gonna have him right here in town in his backyard when it's time to come in and get on in terms of recruit he not. May meant this madness. Going to be beat in the recruitment of James watts and and that's once and you dispense this man's. The most import one they've ever had. Right out of ideas because of this 2019 class. What's potentially going to be sitting in that building trying to decide is this something I wanna be a part of and I'm talking wise but I'm talking dude column. On talk in general also I'm talking all on job of our. Heart all of them did they got the Mike Miller can bring you our restaurant and Watford. It is the most important in this man is there has ever been I guarantee you that. Got a little news what do you. And I they've had found is that. I don't know who I don't know what we've classified assess its is that big you're looking forward Jason. That big you want is a Jordan Ricky I want I want to know her eyes as you know now that you've got a got a they had a they got a 610 Hugo. This from margin out out of commercial feel sixty and big man Isiah Maurice. He's a 2018 kid gotten through years of eligibility leisure do you read started and played one season at Kansas State before he was dismiss for violation of team rules. That normally means like one like we. I generally they obviously I don't know like to do would violate I do you Mosley one of the things you're dead there's some like. Pretty prominent things that we get all under that that's one of them he averaged a look at stats right now it's south plains and you code. Averaged. Thirteen and six. So they'd be doubt that the depth that they're talking about another got to do so. I mean getting Jordan Brown is going to be hard he's one of the top prospects in the country for 2018 the West Coast if and most people we have moans that if he gets in the Stanford academically that's probably where he's headed. But I wanna I want let alone try to get him. I want to get Mike Miller officially hired and try to get him on Mike's got ties out there are detaining in the doorway that and see if you can if you can turn it around but I like I've. We just editor until I told you as you what 56 steps ahead of the subtleties work on big man that he asked him and that's and that's what it is Isiah Maurice. Come and in this sixteen is that. Six and if there and shot some well from 34549%. From buried on an army took. But you know. Yea basically I'm a yes that's right they only the most threes he took in a game was. Three last season but he shoots well he shoots the ball well so gives you sort of that stretch Ford. You know can spray you know it's a look at the defense. I would love to add a top fifty prospect to be a big on this 2000 iTunes well I think it's going to be difficult. I am comfortable. You know with what you've added with what we things come and uncomfortable. With a starting lineup that's got my pars and giving them boarding and for (%expletive) I'm not comfortable with the depth behind it. But I'm comfortable with those two with a four and five wrecked the way they were planted in the last Ryder you didn't pay our way given that staff. You know you're fine and they're in the spots right now yeah but you are not comfortable with what are you clearly after asking them. Right so very yards as wise mom laid it all out SEC country dot com. You can read that story we're gonna get her show. Album what they wanna miss room next story I just Zito obviously is a former. You know at this assistant coach and and you know by all accounts was pretty much the only got a staff who was working. And he tweeted after Tyler -- signed a committed to the University of Memphis a picture that he took with Tyler from his official I guess this would have been. As of when he when he officially visited the University of Memphis jumps to depiction with a minute Memphis uniform and had eight we have that picture today it said. Happy for this young man actually enjoyed getting to know him and watching him for two years he has what it takes on and off the court I look forward to following his career. Ash tag BAM. A spate Joseph men because no one they were behind to win was either confront potential without a state it was frank there's the Kmart and says Mitt you know Tubby Smith. Joseph Esposito those Gaza amid a ground. What can I respect the work you put in not out classy message and I'll be I'll be lands somewhere good. A road of death. Didn't so I didn't have to like did not have to send that out you know. Because they they weren't gonna get ticket. And Andrea again so when he has it takes on off the court. Reforms were very very cool of Joseph west seed are we come back without aired bossy rivals dot com. He has tires ranked higher than anybody else in the whole entire world Jason you know we're gonna talk to aired bossy. About why he loves to hear so much and what that its fans can expect from him. 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On Friday night John Paul Keith on Saturday low country nationals. Are catching on 8680. Yen and an online at 99 ESPN dot. This is there's. But the wind. Memphis is forced him yeah maybe. And much ESP. The. Well on there about vision of dye and magnitude nine F friends. DSP and as promised his name is Eric policies and national vast violence over rivals dot com. Got Tyler parents met with his newest addition ranked number 66. In the country he joins us now hey Eric picked you for the time sir how are you. I do well are you guys who have. I were only on MS is basketball's back man it's a it's a good day in Memphis Tennessee with the commitment of Tyler Harris. All right Karen I was it's a great day in the city of Memphis went with the addition Harris. Source sacred sites like export OK okay they took donations and doing great. Yeah it go out of my back and yeah I think JJ group in Florida rise hometown I don't know so no doubt an apartment where it. There it is not yet they absolutely do too so yeah I definitely feels like that's that's claws back how happy should tiger fans be that. You know Memphis and Penny Hardaway were able to hold off Baylor for Tyler Harris. I think Michigan very happy. Are discussed in the suburbs. I disclose if he's a competitor in the ask another of our girl's well nobody mentality. And I think that's what it's saying they're. You know grow loaded up their program or invest or. You know they've been big in new reports earlier is that it's a sit in any local cities it's it's more Newton. Should be able to come and about her way in there have been lost or. The character created could be. Especially given you don't want walked out. Certain he'd given what you've seen of tires were were al-Qaeda obviously. We're sort of breaking down where he fits with the current roster or he got out Lomax joined in the old Jeremiah Marten is already there. On the roster arm what are you envisioned for Ty Harris. You know as a freshman at a kick him. I guess just sort of what role do you see him being what roles he best suited for at the next level next season. Thank you I think he's a scoreboard until mom determined that some place so there's that's that's it that's all about they're teaching him. You know he's he's got that score is that there are a lot of thoughts. I think to have a yeah it experience they gonna be different now than it was Lomax slovaks or. I think you're going to play a little bit more traditional. Throw back point guard kind of runs he gets people involved placed a sense they're not sensitive also. Tiger is definitely a score community democracy itself teach something that's been as well and. What do you think about the staff and I guess I guess when asked that question has the potential of an hiring Mike Miller. We've seen and he's already changed the name of his age you squad so it's it's all but official that Mike Miller's comic he's got connections to whether it's of a tree and Wofford or you know Matthew heard he's got some connections there we saw work. Well they're gonna do it in all with with heart. What do you think of the staff the way it's made up so far to say they're still they're still working on that associate head coach type of thing once that once spot. But the recruiting with with their ties Kenny Mike Miller. How good could this be. Same as at. Can you comment on aimed at her home. And I'll tell our current I a national or local business can come. Through there's several programs especially their. You know having having. Trouble on the need to predict. The premiere of a controlled with a perfect you know we've seen. Some guys are gonna do experience ever caught cursing their commitment that you really well EEO we've also got. Or. The most interest and Arctic ever. When you're Derrick could this affect our converter work yeah you know they're being broke her or her defense are up but I. Still a comparable work that you don't like it. You know and go recruit a kid you know like I can put it is tree that this happened. A socialist attention a lot about these guys now never be more power. You know I'm old go watch basketball movie it was my. You know any cartilage in the NBA but I. The front and won't Eric that's that's half the battle and the only derided or. To begin with this issue since shouts out we'll look we've got to search and. You know. Heading up that Democrats are. It was kind of like the regular. Yeah yeah I think god you know obviously there are some guys that Mike has connections to whether it's hurt or trend then or jail in the Q I guess this right. How realistic is it for her for Memphis given that they really have not been some relevant nationally. I don't know five years how how realistic is it to expect Memphis to be able to get. You know one of those guys are mean trend and is a top fifteen guy doom accuser you know top fifteen top when he got Matthew Hurd is being recruited by basically everybody. How realistic is it to expect Memphis to be able to get. One or more of those types of guys. This guy. The bulk of our current it does the right right. So you're content they America can bite and hurt you know. I would say right now. Kansas and North Carolina and maybe you could call it the best out of that it establish. Your roots are present welcome. Coming unit and we're going to go out there are produced for two years is not going to be very non. If you look at our paper compared to wanted to cover the most likely to hold a just because it doesn't seem all right. The blue bloods is really prioritize. You know he couldn't look around and I think it's like here. Could really. You know see the benefits of a look at her way to attract. So the cutoff. Old. Chestnut COLT. Yeah that our corporate partner the parent of a and international part of. Our great edited it ever walked this planet right right well. You're gonna get guys he's gonna get certain war. This shift yeah I think she kicks off. And you'll feel like we regard him more content literally. There's no particular one I'm Robert Schroeder is a strange. We're gonna work on it. For a couple weeks preterm but it into the hole and a couple we should be a wash them offered on the road here. A couple wanted to valuation at night and we'll go out there are young and again just. I don't know it's fair that are that are depending your honor staff says. And at this you don't yeah Gregory you're gonna pop this or you know that going into the curriculum such a week. Eric I'm just curious on your opinion on this disclosures so plugged in to talk to so many college coaches and and and you've seen so many good staffs. If Larry Brown wanted to if your opinion Larry wanted to be your number one assist to want to be associated coached the schools offered him consultant. Larry's not mention that he wants to coach who wants to be the you know the associate coach I've underpinning. If you were pinning would you do it aired. I think for a I don't know what they're noted that they're sitting next to me especially. Whether it is an experience of a goal that it. You know the guy is but it back off wondered but it here. You know he he's offered to crack you know. Now her ground. And in Europe or road to Indy grand lucrative Donovan had it brought back. You'll go in the senate will be a little hole wants. You know don't think this is your outlook it. Don't get it can sit around all the other room completely Colorado won another war entered its Asian Croatian. He really be a it is a little bit you know. We need. He runs across a fair question or are you bought there's definitely because of that labor and as you go out there there's enough of those are. Are oblong sure absolutely of a percent. We of course want an air bossy of rivals dot com go more for let's go there and there is a there's a thought. That you know met this could get involved with a guy like Jordan Brown who is. You got number twelve overall in the country five star prospect arms seems to be opened what's your understanding of of his recruitment then would there be time. Four Memphis state to get in there and perhaps lend a guy like him. Possibly you know he actually. He's got. I won't let you there have been teams in the ointment used. In her room. The catalyst has all the bad it'll work it out connoisseur is I guess or Jake skirt or did. And go to fourth circuit visited counted and errors at the panel portable players. Father and all saying they're constituted an account I don't feel like. He died booted her school I think you feel they were quote could have led that retreat colonial and dead so. I think you can kind of look at it occurred by North Carolina. Trick there are. I think you're treated by anyone who could comment or and he wouldn't have to play. To mark. Most important or very important persons under five. But it definitely better than. You don't anchor are. Cochran got 15100. Are only coming to you traction not bird secure border tribute. All all. Back. Parents. Ordered produce and you got to throw it won't Arctic at a panel I'm Betty look back on the outskirts of course a albeit slow. You know he's lucky he don't have struck quote an equal chance. About love the sound of that aired mandatory say so time has always been that we know are going on thank you. Now. Paramount. All. TriBeCa Obama can't say. They go Eric I appreciate your brother. It is Erik bossier rivals dot com like what he had to say about Jordan Brown so if there's a you know it's difficult to get in on these kind of kids late but if there was ever a situation where maybe you could. Sounds like Jordan Brown is the one. Not necessarily it sounded like it's Stanford you know that's the when he really wants and I've just from the information we have forwards on the boss if he gets in that's we've. But my boss Mason ladies I'm really. He's not really you know. Lean one way or the other well which is good while we gotta get Mike Miller and officially Nevada we need him on the road with penny Tony Matlock. Google put in our two cents over there it is I'm telling you it is imperative possibilities are endless that they get this deal done today. You come on my no yes yes I LA mama don't honestly yesterday. Because tomorrow right now today it's today Fries it appeared SARS now today yes you've got my days mixed if you don't have him on the road this weekend it is a massive fail. It's a fail and I know that's. They have been working overtime. You know my AK and his guys and his attorneys and those they have been working overtime to try to. Everything they're being asked to do they are trying to do there's a lot I mean to get to we talked about before sort of disentangle and all year associations. On. Come compliance over there America's mayors who got all their time and Paterson I needed to and that's why until he could work well Larry around right now because they're all over there no doubt going through every point fine tooth comb on everything generation they're not making any. No no issues no look like no mistakes whatsoever right you're already working overtime as the complies Spartan satellite they're throwing Mike through the ringer yet to get this done. And I'm telling you you're already you're ready set dirty setup. To be able take all Larry Brown but that's that that's that conversation could be different I theatre guy Larry Larry feels like he's been slacking first Arkansas now you don't do on art piece exactly it is because it is insulting and yeah I'd really like he's offering to be an assistant you all you want to offer ms. consultant position it's we're gonna and it's the kind of a weird though has all from the consultant but but it but according node so everything we won't take the cult's. Throwing out out Bremer yes are you at all when yeah layers attorneys column that you wanted calls which often consults it. But not known so I don't understand it I don't know but yeah in time to move won't what do you what do you think about Trent Johnson. I heard Gary talking mountain ash as real lesson we're at three other agencies that Gary didn't blow that by accident or imagining did this so what do you think about turns out all I don't. I like. Quite frankly I don't minded at all was what I was going to so he's been successful of the places he's been com. And and I get the feeling for for Trent Johnson who I'm sure again wants to be a great coach again. You can trust and in the sense that. EC again I don't know the man who. We NC Mikey did no way in terms of trying to make it all about himself frightened he's not I don't think he's that eat it from what I know about him he's not that type I think penny could trust him. And and what what he's amid bigamy if if I come. Do a couple of good years here you know they make a run I can use this as my jump off to get back in. Bomb I don't I like it in a lot of ways Tex a lot of boxes from yeah. You look at sort of what he's done in his career. The only place he really didn't win that. Would Malaysia had 211 and forty years LSU but he's totally record audio received is this year and houses in the no disaster. David H with covenant language you that but. You know Nevada a tease me or you. Just tough place to win now. But it's both Ellis you largely at TCU. Fellas toward direct you know at any you know he had a pretty good run yeah he made it to him he's he's made two sweet sixteen in his career how are again he wouldn't be my first choice. Because my first source to be Larry Brown. But this is a man that we get this is a man that is one coach the year's three different times. I'm in his career. And it now has done this for a long time and and and I've said that before and I will say it again. Gary asked me yesterday before my dogs are going crazy what I would like in that role. And I I don't know I don't know if we talk about around the on this show but to meet you what you cannot do it hired NBA guy. In that role and that Percy you've got that box tackle Mike. The guy does that in the NBA your coach in the NBA level but not a college you cannot hire him and he does not do anything for you. Even if he's probably the NBA level you need so. Muddy that if I did a lot in college coaching experience more of that dome as this bitch yes Larry had somebody gonna teach pity how to be a college coach. Period the day today the recruiting the scheduling that didn't get to class and all right frankly what I what I what I think any needs most is almost that does someone go tell when he's wrong now they wait wait yeah when Ewing did you ain't doing this one right any. Someone that's not gonna just be you know not that not a trusted friend from the past not not not a Memphis got you need someone let's go look at them. And when he tries to do something wrong or something that that's a look at my Jeffrey as number you don't do that well thought out and and that's what you do in that spot so no no MB eight. And preferably someone from outside. Our little circle here in Memphis I think you need that I think it's important you need that other voice tragic death because from the Wesco he's from the West Coast he's been you know you just nailed LSU TCU he's been Nevada Stanford's been everywhere seen at all for the most part. This is yes he checks the boxes for that guy for me I kind of outside Dayton come in and tell us when we're doing it wrong I like it again not tell us how to do. What kind of got a king guidance counselor with that X. And yeah I'd I just think again. It's got to be somebody who can just sort of show pave the way Josh had Willis Wilson that first year. And it was instrumental in his career here that was his gap in general and when Willis left enough just had a hard time replace and that that one spot in I didn't. What he's done and now Georgia Tech it's what helped him get a whoever we're 70 yeah former head coach was in Portland they would support WS had been a former coach at. Josh realized. You realize that that's what he needed any in and I give him credit for for recognized in the air and as weighs on the parting going on didn't iron and about her staff over Georgia Tech. And don't get an ACC coach of the year last this is amazing. I don't know Davis but it kudos to whoever did this. Over at the nation on Twitter account if they posted. The gift. Of any Duncan on houses viewing I think. And they put Baylor. Where you would head is. No word Baylor and cities as Duncan on Baylor well done. Very Garrett Connor that Connor anti social media got Connor you they have been economies are gilded today I don't phenomenon that is a good one. So. Ticket out when good laugh I will come back then able to us at 125. Jason's done any Jennifer ME ST. And and. The is that he's going to gamers and game. Thank you for. ESPN is the business or. 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Wolf was scratching tattoo not quite everybody feeling that I quite agree I mean I need a little bit of sun but yes we're getting closer there we're getting close. Tires committed to the university mavs and oh yeah I heard he signed as a new I don't know if they've announced it yet but he if he's still going as the things alone I think actually I think our coach scales just took the stage again dvds out that's almost there I think guy actually has one more story from Tyler there's is preschool days that you'd like it to our post as we love you we do like all the time you need well he did with those with a decision like they did air. Yes it was like Al honestly doubt it'd been Baylor. And scales have given us that long drawn out. Remote look big move will salty. Middle solved the day justice that's just human nature we all fall short it is sort of start to feel a little bit like one of those like senate. Filibusters. Was that you were at. Was that did this one very similar overtaken as more dramatic opponent out oil well another what ever touched the they've those are announced I believe I'll comply with a plan to what was robber one of them though they played world's greatest that's our deal which ArQule which Ryan knows how long and I am a solitary yet related music if I am an eagle. Related it was to his I loved it he's been remand but -- they've played that men I've been auntie came up well with the best form that is not to speak mom came up to speak eight U coach you have the measurement of playing music neighbor came out to speak man third grade friend came up to speed I mean it was like everybody that ever read any kind of contact with debris came up to say some words I think they wanna do is they Samardo layout as they're report today and I got to do that. That I remember that it was at a white haven certainly does what you and and that none and I was you're not exactly here's as a top fifteen times that it. Is that a white David shirts. And they have let you know what those projectors that you pulled down a one. Is there's almost like a funeral because when you are okay it was like gives his face you know and that's tough. And they start playing. Dark Kelly boom boom boom boom. I am the top three in the mid season USA highlights against the US team USA highlights. And oh. I was a kid it was touching but it was like all right let's get to commit never seen a lot and he committed it I would say it probably less than about an hour and a half. If I had to put a number on. Tyler's is only like 35 minutes but I tell you what a man scales. He was filibuster there for a minute he was but they did was sleep they they were Todd is certainly appreciate what sailors and retirement of his Jersey that was a cool moment. They want to Ireland and in accordance does tilt the scales with the points that that he said donors who scored over his career Cordoba. Which are memo scroll up right now to 26472006. And forty some points according to my keys to gentry book. John you know it's like the Bible for high school basketball around here other put in twelfth best recent episode twelve best. In terms of most prolific scorers come through your high schooler. May may well list they got. That's older than you know this buckets goner is what this dude is meant I can't wait to watch a minimum as uniform on the arm is excited about tires. I'd number one for me always will be Austin but I think Tyler there's is moving the number it. I'm Al mound I think I am I am I missed almost almost as intrigued about tires coming and as though was when Austin that. Do you getting intrigued when I was Crabtree here for is not solid and take let's be honest and take much to YouTube right you know what my requirements are normally. But I'm I'm making an exception in this case. I'm Kathleen just that I love this game and I have for quite some time now you know who else loves his game. Who Scott drove by it looked old and scoundrel Scott Drew of Baylor loved his game and we head into his schedule on the shows that like two weeks ago seems like about two weeks and my main and I don't know about ever heard a coach as confident. In a different cities he will lose it on and on a deficit is Airways. Did Scott Drew was with us armed. To give you just a taste of how how good he was feeling. This is a clip from from our Scott Drew interview for a few weeks ago. To make you know that. Can open them back to my little more than I have done to the Yankees are okay. They put out manned and got your homework you all over leader okay. I'm curious your your thoughts on the transition in Memphis from touted opinion what do you think pennies. Chances are being successful. Well and that I know opinion though we we gotta get a good mood when he bogeyed you don't recruit take a lot of guys that I live this legal with a couple. I'm happy and you can not hide you've been. Scott you may want to revisit the terms of that nailed my friend. Yeah very present observe that alienation he was so great to join us that day and he was he was gay community was deity yeah. You can have. That kind of ran over. Well he's not a meant when he was silent Memphis that's a you can get that's what actually that's what we met we use that Nowitzki as we actually make kids that. Were signed. To Memphis and you have carbonneau congratulations. Did you SE does oftentimes this thing about how great is that Memphis talent home. Jonathan stark was like if there was ever gonna come to Memphis. But but you numbers career memory came back when Josh was told coach kill them when he was the pedal playing he went to Murray State had a fantastic. The year they are it was was accomplished player of the year there this year did you see him and do it though both ouster and I'm just I. But you told me about SOW like you got John stark. My point is my point is dude there is talent all over this city and what we have seen the last three to four years was it going everywhere else. And it's helping other programs weather's. Until it is all right here. And if Penny Hardaway and Tony Matlock and Mike Miller and whoever that other assistant coach is going to be. Can do what they're doing right now lock up the best guys in Memphis. Sprinkle a little bit to see is now on there with some of the top recruits from nationally with Mike Miller's ties with pennies a Utah's. Man. This who we could be embarking on absolutely. Our relief fund Tom I was about to say maybe the best ever I realized those four years of cal let yourself big chair away but you can even you can you can start to think coach down to. And let me tell you if it ends in a national image of I don't care how good those four years work it'll be better it will be better. Period. And you get all that kind of talent that's that's the kind of talent that can win your national agenda no question about it that's that's that that's the majority of the baton as compiling town and that's exactly what pretty Hardaway has done. In three weeks with one assistant. That's a risk it's honestly is incredible. I think he's more impressed by the job of members Josh to the worked about a week or we can have her alone was by himself. And and if you remember it yeah it kind of ran into Elliot wins comes back from duke book but we liked remember we liked the way. He kind of put that thing together as we're committed Batavia is William Donaldson AB Italians we like that I mean he was hostile and you know as soon as he got here and and and I tell you what I mean pennies. From a mall when he got in and always been on all law on its grand say it you know they can't we can't let the other guys out work let's. So far the work's paying off it's paying off. A quarter of what I always wondered like I remember the morning. That the news broke I think wolf and editor Jerry Meyer. That lets it is was going over to China and there was devastated from. AM and like we need to let's say it is yet you know I'm in another way it'd. And I felt I don't know if you would have been all right first your urban farm. Yeah hey what a big they were they're closer to the road obviously there were more on how does have a dissonant I guarantee you that you may I don't know I don't know if you would be very but he here and now wanna be very Martina Ingle Laura on camera. You've ever admitted no. Frenchman who's a freshman all in any event yeah no issue anymore they yeah they never brought about over Israel I would have done an acceleration of those days I wonder what that dude is doing now I've always wondered what martini and borrows do what he's play basketball. He's plays overseas playing basketball I don't know of he's good but he's playing. So the big men allowed johnsons are Macau and I yum it's own Angel Arce yes where's he. Oh I Angel. Did you know apparently he took a pro deal Manila's CC must I'm Josh and I know yes he did approach do you know season is he somewhere successful. He came back a thousand bluffs in the classic. Is he successful I do not know about them look at that our value you'd you'd do take him back and make me. Take it back in a way back machine in there that they're just saw him at the bluff not a loaded dudes that know how how about another great what if Ricky Sanchez. As a gravel and that's a great what if any others in recent memory well John Wall DeMarcus Cousins and all I have that would hurt that bad that stinks you won one title. That when I got hurt you would add John Wall Donny don't do it's obviously not in Labor Day is put you had bogeyed cousins. We you stop. God. Hope you know computer aided the end now that it's over green brother what that bit what is what happened today only pay as a comparison to that other than that this. This day went on a show you this ends in championship we will say that these are the best that we've ever seen no doubt about it that's what that didn't yet know.