Jason & John Hour 2 (3/14/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, March 14th

More on Tubby Smith/Penny and Memphis in Hour 2 


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A few minutes ago he was seen leaving his leaving the university of us president's office. Which is attorney. We do actually have ten. Pay real quick record girl put I wanna get up cash code at the national contest data message rates applied I'm gonna do it again in a little bit for everybody that's been we're text me the key word is find FO indeed can text bond FO. Indeed right now to seven to 81 preaching is 11000 bucks again its finding FO ND text find it to seventy anyone preaching eastward grant a given out again in a little bit OK so the details keep coming out of the universe amid this has released the statement which is a very interesting. They make it explicitly clear here's the statement that was just released by the University of Memphis after considerable deliberations and in the best financial interest. Of the University of Memphis in agreement of separation. With head men's basketball coach Tubby Smith has been reached these sales are to be finalized and no further comment will be. Offered when you know what they put that's for the fire officials and folks that you look at this from the outside looking and they want the reason to be right up third period. Right financial interest right there at the top of the of the statement after considerable deliberations in the best financial interest what are you see that. You never see a lot and I bet on a firing a bit of a coach. It clearly let me we just senator explains yet it's not about the coaching comes down that and here it is an emphasis. Lee domain right there in the first few words. They want everybody you know. It dawned on me and obviously this they're gonna spend their way but in this case I mean it is that's what it comes down to your life for Tubby Smith to have gotten a third you're just to see it a coach. Get time rides it to do with his way. But the problem was doing it his way was costing you literally millions of golfers he not gotten turned around fast enough. I would say that much of that was their inability to recruit Memphis I think that was at the heart of but it does it comes down to dollars and cents. And that is making that making that very clear insight and I can't say that ever were called this does that yeah. I mean but that's when Tony that's for the national audience John that's harmonized position is just so that they were actually at Edmunds about Hillary is saying that Memphis you know fired a hall of fame coach after two seasons but he didn't read or write that headline. Memphis try to make it clear that it wasn't about the coaching. As about what's going on behind the scenes. I so we theory we it would now be a great time to hear from you might be 537765. To five. 3776. We do have the audio this is the first audio Tubby Smith leaving president runs office. Take a listen. Revenues filled. The head coach. So well in the history. So there you have it now a lot Tubby Smith says he will be issuing a statement later. But he is officially out does confirm. What we all knew was coming which was that he is no longer going to be the Memphis basketball coach is this. The joyous occasion you thought it might have been. Near Memphis fan do you feel vindicated do you feel refreshed you played Memphis basketball is back are you sad now that it's here but they're 537 that it takes. 535. 3776. You wanna hear from you for the next 45 minutes or so. Gonna give you an opportunity to weigh in on what's your. Decision that it is official. We go to. Man I'm so damn excited right now. Like a gallon even know I am so excited. I got bigger they're gonna screw this some way mirror now I just kept digging the longer it went on that you know. I had a minute excited dollars and in San Antonio Miyazaki Alamo and Alamo dome oh wow I'm excited and to Mario Chalmers at that job all the candidates stand around and went crazy but. Yeah Maine blueberry and and now that's the first day out and ten. You know they've got to get candy you know I didn't say I mean any anybody other than any. What would be let down I want to play I want players you know I wanna get excited to go watched them. You know they they have a great opportunity I know I am I really can't do it no bigger than they're down by. And if it can get this thing Roland we don't know how else we don't know how long it'll take that relate to it to get back in deep sigh and well they're getting in other get a lottery pick may be getting everybody picture I mean you should. The agents are your roster into the end and went out of here. The review or second here a minute or they order. I won't agree at least let tiger basketball Bennett long before the release that will be a long after the really so I'm. That's that's built the now I'm excited and I can't I can't let time. In Allah of let's say what happened look at how a pair of Gilo back we'll get. We'll get a big role. Marty a person to comment and I think that's not listening him reminds me of what was at stake here tell us why you why you're making the move. It does because now that this is done I mean that it out. You can you can you can get yourself drunk with all the vote the possibilities. From the players stuck to how far you could go to now how quickly can Memphis get back in the NCAA tournament I mean you can really start thinking like that again. I need to hear it it it's a reminder. Okay pat forty wow. At forty has weighed in on Penny Hardaway. And it is a doozy with Tubby Smith at Memphis hiring Penny Hardaway would likely be a costly mistake. That is the column from pat forty we will dive into that here in just a little bit again wanna take your calls for the time being we go to Tracy court over Tracy Iran. Whether they're sitting down a little. Problems had each you don't they had not been all a Twitter bit hollow trees will argue the port. You don't need two years sort in each house program to be successful did not want to give a quick example. House follow mock Homestake team policy book are they are crystal. Our Chris told me Cheney. To the situation worse and worked so these smear came into. OK okay and yeah it gets first here he get to force stars want to restart. And was able to take the boat guys and I know. You know but by category different you know institution didn't university nation's books are steps out Qatar. I think they're on the same level because when you have a cold sick economy would vote. Go out here and first record he told after the Ohio made. Deck chairs you sort of so piecemeal. Lawsuits players and it's still refused to recruit and beer and deal excuses as to. Why beast is the way it is yeah this suit is the way it is. And that is what lost you know season ticket holders. And just can't support because of its flag to recruit nick and his understanding of fished so. Let's say I'm excited. No matter issues Cheney or any other Kosier big bridge in Islam that they have when a record that can read. Cruel and did you know but expect into the seats they give us some excitement India Marmol bounce forward. There Tracy appreciate it album. I did admit since of them from the staff forty story really quick thumbs kind of scan threaten. I was at reform. In the short term bringing back and Hardaway would be a feel good hired a major look at the latter of which seems to fit the modus operandi of university president in David Rudd. Rod loves sports and love loves his social media at the handle you permit the spread as he will tweet about the tigers aspiration of football program cracking. The college football playoff top 25 and able tweet about the basketball teams intermittent successes is that above little grandstanding but about that Twitter account. As of Tuesday afternoon oh road had 63800. Off of a check of Twitter audit dot com all of which assesses the authenticity of the accounts followers. Gave run a starting score startling score just 2% of 14100. Followers were considered. Real by contrast what are audit gave West Virginia president Gordon 69% score in terms of real followers among his audience. Of 102000. University spokesman chuck only had told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday that the school. The school will perform its own internal audit of the president's what are account. Wow. We go to tech quiz in south Memphis takeaways are on. Terrible and I yeah. But really don't have school might have bats would almost. Definitely appears as though there has happened limbs from affiliate. I let you know so that didn't get a lot of egg layers let you know yet if it. A look idiotic it will give my humor I want they have Big Apple loud or rattled. Repeat. Exceptional. But not worked in the about a year you know it's a big relief that you're not but eat badly. Figure out when he was none of the partly that we know here but we know now so you know we invite back after the game dropout opportunity that we did see it at all. Why not I failure in their own Phil Jackson made it LB can consult Duckworth appreciate the comment by the 53776. Father of five ESPN we go to Jodie and he's Memphis Jody you're on how I feel and Jody. After a career low single outlet also. I have to I got a couple space aboard the rock like lab coat fit every property you will be people who are being. It Umar live all veiled part give my iPhone like he didn't want to puke can't beat Nadal who played in and understand the Coca. What we got somebody here a little if we and you could hear what they have somebody who can't. Understand the culture or the bad they're cleared for car. If you care they're out of pocket written glared and how to recoup those popular family you know appeal crew got a very crude the other skirt. What they would try to do your little baker who who have sort of or he will quote go. If you KBP. Do more comfortable Kirkuk bill I took a quick basketball. And there weren't good enough. Do they understand they this is defeated there is in poverty. Everybody gets cold drink yeah any understandable caddie who want it show at all during fully understand they get a platform. Who puts you won't toward you can make it's we won't make it true. And he understands they get liquid cleared out here will. Afraid that they hang around with experiment so why did you understand all they cookie crumble it up her for it be able to help to these key. And people from people like the law also left in life or killed left a big step out things that could've been avoided if took a little out of work out well because. A jetted version commonality. They're 37 senators are there five years and everybody seems to be excited by seems to be were to that is how this translates to. You know. Butts in seats in oh it will hope it I hope it carries over I got on didn't text from. You know. I've got friends in Atlanta who are texting me tubby got fired to us and now we got penny I'm like not yet have they sometime they can't wait. People cannot wait. For this to happen I'll mention the ticket office not the lines blown up right now yup by the by artist 7765 to five ESP we go to Jeff all the way to tokens after Iraq. Well leg I got love this show live. Hey oh win and where is the celebration party would be about. Nice it's wherever you wanna make it man it's really not that into drag on for room. I mean like all. Yeah did you aren't sold out of my UT you don't even know like even if we don't get any. Like just the relief that I feel. Accord not have a company as I could just how to better direct. And Jeff a percentage of golf robot they're 53776. A lot of anybody else I'm 1776 not nothing personal against tubby. It just kind of what he represented which was. In out. What it is and that's what is exit represents as soon as that is a new start it's a bullet is that it's a bold move by the University of Memphis it is it's a costly move by the University of Memphis because some of the house or more five million dollars potentially some cost you more if you waited to do until next year that is on that also lost donation that is also assured reasons why I think people just like. Bold this from their university leadership they do. And this club they represent that but they're 537765. To five ESPN we go to Jason Jason York. And if they don't you just can't. Remember I've been away from his fourth since. From very warm out there are how many are different tone on my question is. I need to go because you were taking over except in this final four more than the garden together invading America. All right thanks as I was not lesser understood the arms apologies and thanks for being you would need to get the question again art bottle for that was a while about I think 5377653537. It's evidence we go to to render re neuron. What subject he's done our daughter about merry go. Did I hear Karl faded Toby has done an exceptional job. He said he's a guy like I said not exceptional acquire exceptionally to do that a good job though. All OK okay I'm like maybe need to learn the definition the public doesn't look at that he had really not done an exceptional job I mean. An employee can make ten dollars an hour work could not make the amount of the excuse to get Serbia may eighth and then and meant it and keep their jobs. Like if you are going to make dead much money. You have to beat a winner of people you have to learn how to win Brandon employed people left knee and air. Altered state in his book and you if you can't win people over. And real relationships. You are not. Worked the count Oklahoma City especially Americans because we know we know at some I did not call me and we don't want nobody would not. I doubt Griffin live DA in a barrel what they they hear about in and you come out and and make each queue today April. And girl dirt all our or our passion. Like it's just not going alert Raphael sold off then it rated good read and they're watching nudge you'll go back closer to block a while insult. Mantle I have been completely culled out for the last few years. If we get any man. It's a rat man to see if you're gonna you gonna is gonna take it one don't prior to say the least fell on the site. The red president because I think that's a good point. And that's one of the things a couple of reform that's the big added I had probably the biggest problem with of the Tubby Smith there is the fact that he kind of kept trying to tell us what. Exactly what we think we are is not what we your own and we don't need somebody coming in here. Recruiting sub 300 level players and tell us that we can't be better. That and when I got to because we know better than that we're I don't accept that right. And so okay and to his other point I never you never got the feel let's have it was all in all in on being in you know a mintier in all in all on this community and what that what that program meant to this community correct just never got that feeling that he was fully engaged corrects Obama I'm with him a 100% we may even take cause like again I mean this is you know so this man this is like a video is that we take calls absolutely do because we're we're so against it obviously a few more though let's go to David David Jauron. I don't buy you guys don't have the man busy. Man I am so excited men have been you avert major supporter of I don't know how l'Alma out there would be guys say that take its. I just a subtle one about this thing all the way out fake if you look at his career. And when he called to places like Georgia did take it they don't football schools where do you have understood admit to the basketball school rolled out all the successful. Notebook while Pena right now bit in the basketball school where we biggest fears we hear and read this well. I already feel bad retarded. Because the legal wished a lot of muttered to number one. And number two a lot of it's often think we're all it was because they are no way he created us army thing to me he should have your relationship with people he should understood. Important apart Tibet involved in this community and he did not realize that and so. You know it didn't look it up how our confidence up and then you get crowded marketing here's the report this student loan money nailed it. But be coached we are not. You don't make best about me every big budget vote while paying little of the money admit the best pocket to make money owed forbidden this they didn't. And to me is no different then what tubby left. They just sticking made a bid this didn't play in an experiment but he's got to make LaMont Bingham and the distance control this we made it didn't hit any lip out our proper. No matter what he was both. Because they we live so. I don't have a problem with it you know I am very bright I would be didn't see the ticket for me and my family. And hope they can become an eagle would double that of people made you get their turn to do his job in asking nothing but spit. In the speech. David appreciate the article I've got to thank you got a text from him a beloved former tiger. Who said finally. He can't those who have maybe in time maybe in time. Maybe it's our own but I will tell you that what would you when you're when we're also doing the autopsy. On this on this area in Memphis basketball we'll also be. Largely defined by her relationships that were not made or fostered by tubby Smith and goes back tonight. So you know immersing yourself in the community which is responsibility numero uno in this job Timmy an outsider here you cannot America's stable state few well. You know. All of them to call notice that it is exact we sniff it out you gotta you gotta you don't wanna be here. It's got to show that you appreciated right. And then not it's not beyond the words arms were tubby you know sort of said that but again I just got back to it you know every. Every every meeting every every every chance for an appearance it was more. Well what limits they have this thanks Bosco or or maybe you fans and here we had the number one class in the and the league will what would we were picked fifth defendant picked finished fifth which finished fifth just be happy. It was more. Talking to us until almost to your point. What we what we are exactly that's that you guys should be happy to have me rather than I'm happy to be here yet you didn't you didn't you didn't make that the relationships with the dignitaries like Leonard Draper you ended you did you head and you have those chances and her chair no doubt you were in there was no compromise you were handed. Contacts of boosters say hey get to know this person. I have a relation as far as that never happened. Former tigers didn't leave take its four it was just I mean it was just an amalgamation or just small things. Go recruit a kid like William Douglas people some ominous almost of the day got the job. This kid NC VHS that you will love yes sir no sir from a military family perfect count player for use 65 to do a lot of things you know. Disciplined. Perfect player for you to OK out to suck it up a month and a half later they decide okay what are you don't we it was too late. He was in was just those kind of things again not people telling him what he should do. But people offering their help and why do they do that because they care so much about this damn program you embrace those folks you know what amounts there's a question that I we're gonna get to. We had two. Well look out television over the how closely integrated live my life and others want to say to Doug Gottlieb and said they usually can admire the out. Finish off. They give him managers say the contest David's life and then we go who is losing dugout even who. Hans of that is a sad day it was OK there we go to my from the airport might you're on. Look well Blair but like Mike let bush let my that might well thought out by you know hack it failed. There is such a momentous day they don't let don't vote for bad Labor Department it up well the voicemails start taking these golf already try to call. All of a coma doubled down on a broad Utley can't give. I am. Are you let that if you wanna call it just say don't go like keep your accuser as we will absolutely except that. That a decade come as a kickback hey don't let tiger. You I. Mike appreciate it meant present rove and then Stevens out members would you also like Ford dugout lead to kiss your ass. Yet he can't I'll wait I just want to take camera quick. I was born that this armament but tired bad talk amber powers Britain born Alabama fans O box and I daylight this Nick Saban came out and said that. He would think our current anymore right then there are hand look at meaning it can't call that took our favorite John incurred start bam thirty gig context as player. They come in here mid these guys recruit we talk people here miss it. I eat Scott's goal and your your way to let them walk does blue well it's our commitment like that so are anxious. It's a winning that call recruiting those those players will be there. The press say the comment I'll run I Rea take a break we're gonna figure because again later in the show we got to get to live no more when I get his thoughts. On this development and more Jason had done to Jennifer ME ST it featured. Services for the price of one. We extended the AT&T doesn't offer that. Why buy experience. For better screening faster download. Extremely mobile. And mobile it's too great services. Not AT&T just. Nine months free here. What's even more speed as well. 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Bum of the month pleasurable retired coal and chrome. Dayton last minute to balance today if they practice is that the monitors so. And there. You live there get their money's worth at a UN backed. Yeah well actually could be if you wanna call it acknowledges it. All right so let's start we're gonna we're gonna get to the tournament here shortly but obviously some users here in Memphis when. Tubby Smith. Has been fired as the University of Memphis basketball coach after. Two years thoughts. Well I mean two years I can't see how anybody can evaluate. Coach 22 years unless there's something else going on there are big you know obviously the first year of Booth. Defection of the losses Brothers residential loans. In other smaller issues certainly you know may have played a role people look down the road she maybe. It's not going to be a development. Developmental. Opportunities but. I you know bad loans one at national championship doesn't want just good everywhere he's gone. It really surprises me that there to two years. You know they've made chain so. Part of noise in the background but you know or higher up. Absolutely so. That the University of Memphis in a statement it is it's actually a very unique statement and I Obama won two. And I read it to you because I think it is it's it's. It's it's unlike anything we are the first of its kind environments this is the statement that Memphis released earlier today land after considerable deliberations. And in the best financial interest of the University of Memphis in agreement of celebration with head men's basketball coach Tubby Smith has been reached have you ever heard it. Put so explicitly like that the statement. I'm not really two career as a true change to limit their financial interest right I'm not sure looked at me envelopes. You know talk reduced server cheered at Sharma on wanted lurched. Or something out then you know knew them. Kind of part ways here both again me in the best financial interest that should have been. Before you charge somebody you work on financial interest all of you spoke. Student athletes spoke. In do you have today. You know I think if you're not wanted. In many instances that do some audio Serbs who want to ensure. You know I think you have to work something elegant solution as it's going to be. Coveted somewhere else because they are not only is an outstanding coach it's good person and sometimes. You know he's trying to match which just don't work out. And that I think is what is going to be the story on the two years with so be it Memphis just didn't it wasn't a good. Match I think I think financially lamb what they're referred to was the is the seats in the empty seats in the they've lost one point one million our nations that kind of thing but I mean and and they're hoping and this is where I'll turn you. That a guy by the name of Penny Hardaway is gonna change those. You know that that financial outlook what do you think about a Penny Hardaway guy who has no college coaching experience. Coming in and and in terms of success what are you can do what do you think about. That potential hire. Oh look there's no question that when he knows he can't there's no question that. You know he's gonna draw interest throw mud on their scholastic player throughout the country. Now whether or not. After the a year are even shorter than that he can fill the seats. You know work to the benefit the financial benefit of the anniversary meant to be seeing that's why. You know in my mind slider strains they're you know you have little bird bad news bring in people that probably. We turn the program. Our purses allowed no audit team Kool Aid and do you even more if they don't Wear so. You know that that statement it is bill in congress to me but nevertheless they're choice. You know wish them a whole lot of luck in. You know wish Betty a lot of love it is terrific guy he could be very popular and sort on young men going forward. Oh he definitely then they would tell your kids are really quickly obviously for the games that took place. Last night when obviously you silly going down a saint Bonaventure. Ten KUCLA do better than it did Steve Alford just your sort of your your insight as to that program and then as they're maybe not having the success in the tournament that that their fans would like. How well you know I'm one. Oh that you always do better. It but you have to client who's better what better you know I think the result of dirt terrific coach and yet. They beat this dial. Just doesn't fit their personnel. I think some of that that was beyond that vote to. Control I think Eric holiday and a law that's cool. I'm not sure they played. You know as hard as they possibly but I have to match the intensity of saint a lot of matches and you know Thomas lawsuits seventh sort of a senior. You know you don't have to deal with they're more but I wouldn't look there's see them. Play a little bit closer to the basket and put pressure on saint Bonaventure but again remain out of fit. Steve all receive offered sound system. Split when you say can you do better. I you know I look at this slick in Jim Turner studios do better than me I don't know there's always somebody better out there are you just have the slide them. And hope that it's a perfect fit but you know you got somebody who's getting the job better but Lester they weren't that bad. Innocent undertaker dipped in order to get better so you know I really can't say it they can do better they can make the change and hopefully better. I do wonder though limit last night the bodies when beating UCLA you know power five team it is it Edwards is it is it proof that we should have as much Cinderella. In this tournament as possible I just look I keep going back to an empty issue Lynn who bit who passes BI says not all all measures. You know they got. They got job. Is there are are there enough of the little guys in this term of with the way laid out this year. But you know you never maybe have enough for the little guys simply be there again we. We see parity. Just because you have a little blood there. Doesn't mean that you're gonna carry out blue blood weight into the tournament and again on the other side of it just because you don't have. You know that household name that the media don't have all the players or Hungary will go out there and play with the talk there's so great. And the emotion that saint Bonaventure play yeah you know Darren Yates than a lot of people. Underestimate. Operatives like that and ultimately get burned out and got so that would you'd still like they underestimated big auto better that. The kind of realize there and all of fight. But I think body blow or. That led we know you're very busy man we appreciate Goddard guys are they by some us. They get uploaded sorry about that noise always gonna do when you we love is asking outside and got it figured. It is the land Elmore are gonna be on the call for bears turned against. This. Season OK so I think that yeah that this past forty thing and I needed and we've. Okay well we got to get to that at some of their site so much are given a what do beginner so much to get there. The Goodman report about Penney hired an agent pretty hard try to skate. While Oca. Penney hired Travis king weekend. They weren't in it. That may be his most I mean he's you know he's got obviously riding hood well aren't you studs will Barton. Lawrence gaga as if campaigns though he does have campaign finance scholar and more. Because that's gone I got a Penny Hardaway out and Hardaway has high corners have been they are always higher Travis King David vomit of independent sports entertainment. It is considered the heavy favorite to replace Tubby Smith. At and he's not playing. He's getting his don't put this this plan together without knowing he's the new the next coach Aqua man is this true. OK so couple things we need to hit. Quite a margin out of as they got to come as very interesting news to you. We started talking about the possibility of change last Monday when Kelyn mentioned hey I'm here and there could be a change heard it over the weekend. David Rudd. First according to the commercial appeal first started discussing the possibility of Tubby Smith sparring with the executive committee of the university's board of trustees. As recently. As February. ECU when they lost ECU. After they lost in overtime to ECU ironic. That is when. David Rudd first started mentioning the possibility. You know it's ironic about our jobs is because that I. I don't think she would minus and that's Damon Stoudamire. Who is now that my head coach over Pacific was an assistant here at Memphis obviously with Josh. Said after the Memphis is lost to ECU. Was that was the one that got us that got us. He's head in the direction and we work that not fired obviously because johnsons of moving on but the one they got him in trouble was DC loss. Yeah and British you know about that that one had been in the enemy at angered road and they get it back right. Right right it and until February then they lose two USF and how much when he four point one. And that's about as they left well not I do you think that would be easy thing the North Carolina because today you when he watched I think when he watched the games it looks like you're playing a team and like a high school gym and it's just demoralizing march yet when an easy easy and you Bordal Florida quite frankly both of them bombing that should have been. Should you use you can make an argument usually have two more wins on tiger's record okay and you don't lose boasting that Tubby Smith would've just had if you would have just been able to put his. And and assemble a good staff it would of worked. It would have part of ego was the word well the whole I have been doing this as motto you and there's some of I have eight times and he's safe debt loads it. Two you're looking manager assistant coaches one's blood. And I imagine it's much harder tell yourself that guys not doing an adequate job when he used blood as. And what's so what's so ironic about this as we had tubby on any talk about how. Awkward it was having that dynamic a father and saw him with the loss of its. And here you are you look down that debt down a bit of his own son that who clearly in it and we've gone I mean we we have. Through through most of these recruiting stories we've been able lets you know that you know Saul had help on many of the OK and been very successful at it any of these I think nickel Barry he's given credit for but Joseph Esposito had done. The work as we know my point you're looking down a bit of your Tubby Smith. And you see an assistant who's who's not. Who's not you don't get it done or do you just say you saw and I don't know if that's ego that they go to that's it but it but it's a mistake. Well we both know and I thought it and I just solid put up in yet another system one do much for either John Williams is stuff all of it now it goes together but it's a mixture if you would have been willing to just can put together you know reconfigure your staff and put together you know it takes off and keeps you went on and you know I don't know what the hell and two years to Williams in the and I say this now like an NNM not bitter about it but I do think it's and I do think it symptomatic and indicative of their entire approach. To this city. In two years. I reached out to pooh Williams that are reached out to Joseph Louis Zito. A present every assists on that staff what we used to have moma show via weekly right via via multiple mediums. And I don't think you will be friends or even talk like whatever. But I didn't get a response and that was the case off for every almost everybody here you know. And that's just not gonna work. Man I'd look they won't they they weren't trust and the media coming in here just to go the tubby Smith's history with the media particularly in Lexington right right that they don't. I answered not hate the media. I'm not a situation like that but distrustful they don't you know and trust is I had I had. That whose offices started off right. As good there but my thing was I got to trust you man right same thing assault they wanted to you know I don't I think it got so bad so fast. Right in where have we come on here John and not kill particulate. But Cilic in the in the interest of a journal skillet. What was going on behind the scenes to quit being critical of it because it was happening there as happened so because it has all the DeWitt so bad so fast those relationships that struck out the dole. And so that you stop you know there's no more calls between new boo or no calls between you and salt. An end and sit more severe saying you don't even with Esposito us in the middle of it all sit out back out while this was all bad say at least Joseph get that done. You know at least he's the one getting the players that relationship was dead too because of the toxicity because of it elderly don't. Where to come on here and say they're doing a bad job recruiting thank god for Joseph west is really got some players. I mean it it it was a toxic situation are god we got worse and worse and an army not. They're the best thing about it is that we're all moving all. You know the best thing about this is that now you can talk about to talk about what kind of staffing our was gonna have this is where he is is no longer fantasyland where your open open open. It's going down a threat and like I said. The possibilities now they're the wild. You can't get intoxicated on titillated again I mean how many players can you get now. Now I can start looking up on your point four sevenths forcing you to start scrolling to the five stars again at you don't have to keep scrolling down that's it now you've got a chance that these guys again. People talk about outside all these calls we get there rated buy season tickets right now in our way hadn't been named yet that's the kind of excitement we're looking at. It's time to get happy folks. You know that this is done violent that it needed to be done done that linger and almost pathetic. Now that's done let's get happy Memphis and one thing that we know. Because it's been terrorist Marlene when tiger basketball's good with all point one ritual the city's great yep and that's the part of it I'm looking forward to is almost being back on the same page and have some fun again. So there you have a Penny Hardaway Saturdays at out of Saudi when they get into this at forty come because it's so light it sold. Throw cold water on the whole thing you know. But I guess we should be out of the president oh lead after nationally did I don't know what how that's relevant to penny. While he did so weird places just throw them and he did it I EE what you what does that allow a lot of these national guys don't. Like David drug whether it's bull can whether it's Pete Hamel whether it's. Have forty they don't they don't respect it right for some reason I don't understand what we knew we knew about the our followers locally it's another thing to take it national until the rest of the world about. Yeah I obviously see what follows luck will come back and we'll take your calls again. Later in the show Jason had done and it's benefit ESPN's. Sorry I didn't see you with a beautiful it was tiger's been easy from my. Punishing America seasons ago. As a smoker good night to night. Visit by about a dozen just this remember raising interject. It won't say Toyota is ready set don't read ready for a big savings rates as always present at Muncie pulled. 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Rio time brackets as you guys now. If you have a team going very far in the tournament like. Virginia. Who just lost its sixth man more on the terror and new light Cincinnati a little bit better in the games began in Virginia looks like it's gonna lose. You can change your pick live. To get credit for. It's like you sound now five hour energy brackets dot com I won't have to change our particular region John there's like a Tennessee coming back you guys know didn't. Back to a hundred since easing with five hour energy that you feel alert and energizing shots act of violence. Nutrients or does most Afghans got the leading premium coffee. As zero sugar with my wife loves us or charging trigger and seconds two minutes last browse Johnson the news official Tubby Smith act now last year. How many years. Before Memphis. Is backing NCAA tournament we're looking at all these other teams will remove an arson. I mean I think tubby left any enough on that roster for him to add a couple pieces and it B eight a potential. Projected part of a team in year one and I can't get a C easily I RE three I would I would get affair. What it was coming out of the AAC and I guess is now that has driven me crazy but also like you know you have Tyler Ayers to that. You know. And about this member of it look at us putting expectations already are Memphis well you know that's the job that is the job it doesn't matter who it is if you get a real job but he can't watch the games live nowhere is we got you covered play five hour energy brackets on every device and a new location and stay in the game longer with five hour energy brackets are right. Tubby Smith is out just after yesterday. And he was supposed to take place yesterday it did not take place we actually do have exclusive idea. We have exclusive audio of of that. Needing that never happened until we can we can we use a bit. Or use I mean. Yes I think we can. I think we can use it again this to kind of get you back up to speed with everything that's happened and we liked it gives you time lines we doing this right in the meeting was supposed to take place as it between. University of Memphis president. David Broder and Tom Bowen and Tubby Smith. It never did because at 350 to tumble and left the building ladies and gentlemen and at 350. This was the exchange that we were able to obtain via sources between right and Bowen Nicholas. And Tom I don't take orders from you. Have a seat I'll stand lesson you're gonna take my orders today because I'm your boss has your boss I'm telling you today you're far. Firing Tubby Smith I'm not Byron Tubby Smith is a good man it is serves are usually is that they've got better things or use made. I don't care about what happened on the court need I remind you of the bottom line we are losing millions. The bottom line Roger what no good basketball but pick it up plus you know what they can bottle this up to for one you'll get out your table top five and wish you would if you paper once I got fired that guy you got another thing govern well just for the next eight minutes buy more Twitter followers all out just yet but I'll tell blot. I joke I. Yeah. It. And outside their door you know I can tell you do it late that's all you do leave right joke right did you. I heard him out here arcade and look at your place anymore out we'll do this tomorrow though law. You come back here tomorrow morning. Are hosting can be able to work together and I don't know I think the excitement of K we'll bring them back together RG yeah numbering a penny is gonna bring us all back together I'm going to run and the city not only does penny have to put a competitive basketball team on the court that makes the NCAA tournament. He's got to re he's got to unify this city again. That's a big ask. Man we opened the way to the world on this man's shoulder before he's even got the geek but I think he's ready for when mr. gotta be ready for play a plan like forty minutes 115 a believe what they're saying you can't see their future universe in the that they like there's no there's no two ways about this like pity is going to be the next bass while we talk about that last week Marty's Alabama different unforced scene circumstances. Penny will be the next coach of the University of Memphis. We talk about what your last week last ones and I hit with them what could possibly prevent it. In others they got to go through the the formalities background checks those kinds of things what you expected to come through that kind of stuff point correct he's done is he's got his as somebody asked me does he have his degree yes went back to school got Israel wants a 2003. If I'm not mistaken ten years after it came out of trees drafted I found on stake and so. Yeah you gotta go through the formalities all that comes out I heard. You act like you have a formal interview process but. All signs point analyst with. He's done too much behind the scenes we know too many of the people he's reached out to to me the names in terms of the the possible coaching candidates in terms of assistance underneath them that are out there. He endure all this begin though he's got the gate Iger yeah according to the AP it was 2003 he got a degree. Yeah and. Pro studies professionals that some. They just had an agent Travis king lives these from Memphis where a friend of the show we got Ramon before I don't know Judea and in studio so you know listen Nam. Let me why why would you Argentina. Agreement and at what Willie what how would that help you. And is asking the cow that help you with the university myth is in relation to the university America's top. If you mean like why why why change agents he had agents he has an eight MM a guy named at least an under my my understanding was the guy's name was Jeff. Once war. Was his name move. Has been with their base that is several agents over the dams that at the end of the tunnel yeah the Paulson Brothers right there and they had Wexler Austen wrote a Posey added and then and then. Now try to change. So and then the other was I see right independent her get a Obama yeah yeah I guy as they just changing agents it. Don't think pinning don't command in India hometown discount the salary. How much you think you don't get. Well I know he probably won't beg the question is how much in the universe in Memphis for two well I know he's going to expect fair market value. But what is fair market value for Penny Hardaway who has no college coaching expert on this is that now I did and they're not cut questions well this is what war or act now. I would not pay pay anymore. Than a base salary of one point 25 million dollars. Now I would I would. Incentivizing. And I would put it in the Contra story can get two million to would have million right where you have to but you cannot pay Penny Hardaway a base of more than that to me. Aren't going to want more pop art that's it that's it. You know because that with a one point six is still less than three or one of Japan that you are prepared to protect the first of all kitty has an electric. Like is it nobody else is gonna hire an excuse me no lever all he's got leverage quality sound they can't go down another road right now. This space base is going crazy nowadays if they spot and say we couldn't get a delicate because he's too greedy right in on a Manger that they'll let way to do it out of by the by saved because of financial but he's got some leverage brother my ego one got what player in terms of anybody it's either you take a diver you go back Khamese. Penny designate the job he did they know he doesn't but he also gives you a different kind of pop in butts in seats immediately didn't just about every other coach in America does give you an end okay and it gives you lever for the leverages you've got the fan bases export that maybe the love maybe that's why your are another agent. Rise to see exactly what kind of leverage I do have like you cannot. Pay him what he hasn't coached a contrast organ ever. He has a delivery recruit yet or you're paying him for what your what is to come so like you're paying him for the but he's gonna haven't seats to your point and then as the contract goes on you've given the incidents in the way to get I would put them into you know how it puts an attendance bonuses and there. In oh absolutely you know if you can get average back up to 50000 you get a million dollar and you'll have you'll have your usual which their own every coach's contract NCAA tournament bonuses AAC championship bonus. They'll have all that you have the opportunity to make good on those extra books yes I mean he's got some level I broke I think a of base salary between one and a one and one half million has done is totally fair were together on you know I think dole going over that would be. A mistake. This in this. A bidding them they're doing it for 800000 dollars right while saying I mean in fairness though Josh started making a 101000 dollars 750 Owens that's got a little around it. That's our legislative penny like don't go up on the first base but if you kill it will pay. You know you'll get that's never been an issue here it big thing that this has been overzealous with a contracts lately and so you know whether Josh withered tubby. Like they overpaid for Josh when he was considered USA they overpaid for tubby you know. I would think now is Thomas probably dollar back a little bit and it was time they give. Get paid what is player which is a competitive salary in the AC one to one and a half million dollars. I think that is perfect island area and would now we see it that way I don't know I hope so. But he's I think they're coming they're expecting to. Or two and a half right. Or is like. You can put yourself on the same level as Tubby Smith yet. You know you can't step is a future hall of fame right. Who'd taken five programs the NCAA turn I'm not try to company's money for him but I mean I just think that your resume as short I consists of eastern seem penny and they and that's about it again this is it is a very short conversation if you the University of Memphis. You go to Tony say listen. You gonna be our coach you're gonna get us players are gonna get to inspect. Redeem your five year deal. Worth one point 25 million dollars annually base salary they can get you up to 2000002. And a half million with conference. Championship bonuses with a tennis bonuses with NCAA tournament appears bonuses. Recruiting class buys is whatever however you wanna put it in there you know and I think that like. Why would that be an issue whatsoever tons touchdowns and if you're good you feel like you gonna do anyway that's part of the job common that don't come in their low ball. From the Diego Memphis. Oh come on their low ball memory would be the start of could be the start of something bad. I don't you don't wanna get off to a bad a bad start within our it would be a disaster if I'd like I'm not we're not doing it today we're not talking about what the end could be when I.