Jason & John Hour 2 (3/13/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, March 13th

Talking Grizz 18 game losing streak, more on Tigers/Tubby/Penny, plus joined by Clay Travis in Hour 2 


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Born in doing that deal all the sap in that office what was your favorite moment when he quit when he had to take a break in the middle of the press cards go house. It was that some other than that it must really knows how stupid it was the my bed was covenant or for like forty hours. And the people Lexington were like look at lessons. Come to Lexington with cal Len Smith were you like Carter Daniel it was a joke the daily report on our door you know within their as rod Strickland told them fools that he's inside police stayed up over 48 hours waiting on cal come out because his car was in the parking lot was an athletic director. Was an ugly out there aren't a lot. The white Audi. I can get a wide dowdy at their knees was long gone he was in someone else's talk rod tells them that he's still live there the full state camp out there and then because the things get so many hits from Lexington. Fox thirteen is that we're gonna keep this deed go when. We're gonna keep a camera out there and you may want to do it from Lex then doubles gold in now the shot my dad's in front of smoke cigarettes it was the main dish about your. The terrorists and your dad because defeat never stop. You're just ethic is always there just aren't that's why the police are right now at historic effort. Now you're Edward. May have less clear is like it was like that I didn't marine no matter what they were saying about it but remember they feel like any other company like chat room here nevertheless yes and at some of that album that they didn't have Aaron I remember watching it at night. Every time you're dead came in the frame everything we pray. They're washing of feet. Of a camera all of door does the athletic department side door. How ridiculous man out never forgot that on the crazy how America we were all we have doubts out of Cal's past and yet to stop go back in there's one forward he wasn't a car. Duck down and left of left those photos from his house in order that store yeah from his house he was and one woman dug down all these results there. You know I only hear nothing but anyway it was all crazy photo where we've come a long way in coaching search in my and the goodness have we I mean they just faster coaching search appellate. If the last two coaching searches it felt like never really even began you know because they they hired Tubby Smith pretty wrote that pretty quickly moved relatively after they in it and it never felt like they were seriously mentioned with another candidate you know to me arming our Greg both were were early and done because it would cost too much committed from there want to study it was the first name from the search firm and they they went on I mean there were no other names have been out of this coaching search it feels like this will be you know. You know direct. Cross and he's got nice Penny Hardaway and you know so. That that coaching search was I didn't even know where it started not until been at this point they're not hiring and writing go a different direction now we do a real sort night. As does know what her yeah and I did pay full credit well they better hope they're right on us. I get finished you formula agreed because if you killed it last week you still have an opportunity to do that and you still have an opportunity that you've. To look without people assuming. Act all of the city assuming that things the next guy if you killer last week yeah let's elect could come back job I give pity total credit for doing what he has done. He boarded the Memphis job. And he positions himself well. And put himself in a place where he gave you the universe and it has no choice but to hire him he is on you're right you know and and you know whether what. Again I'm not saying. That. Pity is is the only person qualified for the job that's not true but. You get hired about his notes are and I can actually force you can't hire somebody else alternative Vince has got to embrace a really great will come back may be may be the end for excellence in Denver we will get all that no and then clay Travis will join us at 1225 back and adjacent to an editor benefit ESP. National contest data mistress of blood. Are your chance to win a grand right now and we need detects the word knee. Cake and eat eat text needs. The number 72881. Right now for your chance to win 1000. Bucks against your 12 o'clock keyword is neat. Text needs Kate in eat eat. And number 72881. Your chance to win 1000 bucks we have had six local Memphis winners I want you to be a local Memphis winner and win a thousand bucks. He needed text the word neat. Right now page in each each of the number 728813. Chance when 1000 bucks good looks. W members of families U of W in his basement itself golfers we need you to sign up now the magnitude nine FM you get right to challenge how. 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If you have not what you don't want all that good chicken ads both in good. Expensive. Cholesterol. We will then that's around you but cholesterol free all this stuff. Phillies fans they don't preparation a soldier that's what separates them from the other chicken houses so whether it's those waiting. Those former burger. Or is legendary for medical it was all good swing gurus and 56 on the mound memorize all the muck at 524. Or five of them all I'm. At honey suicides that found no support Memphis tiger tomorrow after the Richmond. Jason Spencer introduced looking for that 500 dollars and there's been permissible I was under Tubby Smith every day at this time. We do the right now let's get to announce. The rundown is headed by a matter of when nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million USA and EST the true story that money by the way will go through a great here to streets ministries he won't do gambling here on the show we do it for good cause a traffic that slows periods we should evidence and intensity levels puts money down some. 500 should be the number you get right when you win at its core to our favorite charity I like that that way we help the city John Mark. Here's the story. Memphis Grizzlies dropped eighteen straight the most recent was last night once when he won 1030. Loss to Milwaukee Bucks. Last I've finished almost particularly painful to watch it was especially when the Greek freaked stuck out that they'll vote and then Mac or more just went down to the court in a heap. Yes no I feel about and it's been tough for me this season. I've had to come to a realization that bin is not good. I was happy about it when they signed him up on it might be a good deal are sought that's in trouble dealing with the season but I have got to come around with is not a good player. But last night to see justice kind of throw that elbowing new and look down at a white bands of a peasant I would have liked is he's got a new low by how are yeah allow them all. All I need I need the players to get up against a MySpace you're getting beat up at home in AFC is just great it's that it started to feel like we're just get a little bit too used to this though they're not worried about though because again losses had a prize behind. This as a team we know. Again lost eighteen straight here's here's what I've done views mile wide station optional school where. OK guys you guys stand. On someone to keep the slow that you were there. US he has ever they talking about white station you all listen to each other. It's got out of here's what we do the show together every day I don't think you listen to each other here's what I've done. A broken it there and he's in a white station map. And I have come to this conclusion. The grizzlies. Will have a top three chance that the number one at its own market down right now to NATO I don't see you right. Around don't matter and under that I'm market they'll have a top three saves the number one pick the correct fifteen games left here's what we don't. Of those 159. Against teams with winning records you figure is Bob don't have a chance that's of this is how measured its but the danger had against teams with losing records the teams down the bottom right now. Grizzlies Phoenix Atlanta those of the three you really need to be listened to be worried about. Grows as it got six left with teams have losing records so you look at just generally a six opportunities right Thabeet another bad team. Atlanta now. Only three of those games are another good thing you've got to land as you've got two games are two games worse than them right now their problems Phoenix. The problem is Phoenix. Who right now as in 1949. John and they've only got four more games against teams with losing records now the rest if you wanna throw an Orlando don't stop. Because they've got seven against teams have losing records they're gonna win more games Sacramento's in the same boat with 21 wins six left against teams have losing records they're gone Dallas that's when one wins and thrown them off. Brooklyn it's one and one went seven games against teams have losing records it's going to come down. The number one pick. To the grizzlies Phoenix and Atlanta. Right now John scared that Phoenix is gonna have the most balls in effect yeah you know I look at the rest of these fifteen games of the grizzlies how many wins you see you know. It we did that before the show began and you know frankly I think the 810 game losing streak ends on Thursday when the bulls come to town. To reliable beat 3 Eastern Conference teams all season but you're probably right around you figure they'll be favored in that game. Yeah it's going to be tough it's gonna be tough for them to lose the bulls at home. So I've got them women that went on Thursday that it's gonna be a while they're not gonna win a road game for the rest of the season I have not wanted to needs so that at Brooklyn man I want earnings to come anymore and I'm gonna now on that street will continue. I think the only other game I see them. Winning or having a chance to win. On paper moody beat Sacramento keenness. On April 6 at home I'm gonna got a chance to lose to Detroit again right after. Did you mean when she's going to win yes they have a chance that I only going to be favored so. I think they will I think they will be favored either way it's okay it's it's a backwards as we are looking at the season it's the way you look at the season having good data when I'm in a road race in outfitting its way to have the worst record he'll get all of their feelings about it that's gone we're roared Dunning and let people get in the fifth. Patriots don't wanna get some of their feelings got to say one thing about the game last night just want to serve whatever conservation and announce odds on the game well OK so. It won't put in a jailers on I think he's playing well like seventy minutes a game maybe a little bit less land less but he's playing. If your plate Chandler and he's out there with all the young guys. I need to see Chandler taken every shot on the offensive and we you have are you trying to win and no I'm not sure I'm saying like oh man has hope doubt no. We will bring it home and I'll power play for next year with some of these guys that are playing in it like man if he's gonna then let's get back to let that sit on so they'll do is gonna come back to form I wanna see you like trying to go all thank you look right they're much younger guys to his point it would be nice in these dog games where he's out there yeah okay and get some dog teams are you guys. To see him have much 125 point gain ever just so you've got some hope form for next year regretted that apparently he does have no interest in that series passive is is that. Yeah I mean I should is on the way to change it would be nice seven that is just emits one into an eight enough hint. Yeah I don't know I don't know what without LT Jake is he's making some shots every now and again I'm saying. Now try to do it if you tell me can't you tell me then he can next you know what's the what's the word about the job Marin playing well so that's where I'm giving. That's where I'm getting. I I gave perhaps miss read. This situation. Our job market admit it's dead I thought that may be. Especially if the right that there would predict that take obviously but I thought that maybe 8888 or badly or dungeons or whoever. I'll wave felt like every time someone says the name Don since we pronounce differently. The what I get when I hear people so column Bian John I don't and I eat and then yeah it's 888 and excited I thought it was as it is a darn sick. Or Don sic Don take on a marathon shape and we know he would put out today has done chick. That's how he always does hard c.s appear on it whenever you get Luka you guys are within our daughter about I thought that one of those dudes. Would pretty much did you back in the playoffs now again the spurs are. Out of the play effort out is amazing to see they're currently tenth in the west we'll let them raise a make the playoffs but how about that how about that how to apply comes back. The spurs but is as the eight and they are knock off the rockets as the one did not happening that would be polite welcome. But yeah but there are about the grizzlies could be close enough to the playoffs. To be able to draft a guy like that it may be right back and however. My god. It's past the point of like taking rather his losing these games in other does losing these days because there's so many holes on the roster. And it's in his bags exit John we're back at me at the eight seat automatically does that not he would magazine it's not a guarantee that I and not got ease these aging it's Max guys you that it's not a guarantee done about it. Edited yet I would be now again. I told you this still the best course of action though for the it is well doesn't know what they're winning any games for the rest you have to try to get a potentially franchise changing point I will concede this that. I am curious to hear from grizzlies fans like. Do do do people you know I don't see detailed logs are gonna go to the games and they should because you pay the money but I can you. Can you still like keep up with the seas in the same way that you would. You know they were the player comes days later you still. It does is still appointment viewing. Agree still sitting pretty busy day man thereby and then Michael one out of every game is that why don't we initially went and he went on vacation and Jane arraf watched every day of the rest of Memphis as somebody who has made sure to be in for his TV for every minute of the action even though they lose all the time. And it's a big time bruises and adding to those big time grows his fans are still tuned and I think that's largely government in these ornate they Kazaa -- MBA and I mean now I you know it's still fun see another team why don't you be eight and I'd rather watch again understanding. And I mean yeah I live in jail weirder elitists it was a broccoli and is doing right now in my that's a fair point Ahmed others got to take it you know even though it is the best course of action for the team for the future. You know. It's hard to watch as it happened I do the docile like I said all along the salute to be able to go that's what matters that are down there through all of this as the Baylor taking their family of three or four. Now they're trying to have a good time rabbit and going is is a lot like I could defend going. You know with the argument have been used as another T right it goes to the grocery frequent was I it's harder for me to justify that would it's just on television like LC appoint a matter of trying to you know enemy in but. It's it's a weird season imam in being told me he's lived there it's gonna be done soon enough he's lived in several Chicago he's lived in Philly they've out he's obviously lived there when they had bad basketball teams. He says as a met the president now. We don't know how to have bat that's. We were we don't we're negative or basketball craziness found the number one bass wasn't in the world and I just gave that information and they think overnight that's why we we we don't deal well with it. When our basketball download the knobs are coming off cemetery playoffs here we go crazy in. And I think they're gonna went through war I think that's gonna end up they're gonna end up having probably second or third best odds. But a loser in Philly though most fans don't get pretty nasty. Yet be right yet the yes you know I am sorry come home Dino Dino with a single season. Worst in losing streak is. I think we're still ten games away from its gotta be like the release I think James I would say 29. It's the single season. It is 26. There are we ate away from they believe. Spanning over two seasons it's 28 that's where must incomes and yet the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 26 games and the and the Philadelphia seven users are tied. They both lost 36 games in a row Cleveland in 2011. Philadelphia and that's an eighteen is a big number you look at us like holy cow man he's holed that one and yeah. And we'll finish anywhere they want this year I don't think. And they want they had they oil once in January when Willis and mark right I mean February they went and I wanna January relentless wanna so they wanna maintain growth for all of you who relied just you know totally you know so sad for the players. I think the losing streak will be snapped on Thursday. At the hands of the Scoble I hope you are under arrest and my bowls. They're loud they're going to be try because they know lizards and political one from then they're gonna yet they're gonna try to eat. We have players. Yeah I wanted to know what you want to acknowledge it or not we got with Lorie with Chris don't play we have players and that is the difference between us and the rest of the league. There were other teams bad teams that we play of talk about this what has that they've got first round patients did that we don't have first round picks out there a bulls don't take a fine from the NBA China take that loss on Thursday to agree and you know you're eight and 45 on the road. I'm not my America here say we got talent they got 43 wages delegate to lose those Chicago sports fan compared to the rest the most losers there near Orlando yeah knicks were a better position then are you about a man Zach Levine you know what you do is crap on the bears moves you love. The ball there which were very important for you but you hate what the bears are doing in free agency he was our third choice over its favor. He's he's Torre thought the pro bowler it's appealing yeah it's no we don't know about. The ACL injury moderated had to say his name I know about his trigger me out of round. If it in modern medicine mandatory eighteen you can recover from ACL injury. I wanted Jarvis Landry doesn't mean he's of around I know we could have saved them who does he want. After about once every Watkins he's sort of the GA chief aren't Sammy Watkins I got to take the guy would be ACL that's trying to have a rebound season I would take out. Rounds and I'll likely to contract a short alike and like I told you get out and I'm Sergio you have three S and outs and there are so I just I had my heart set on jars Blanchard anyway. They're big grizzly bears lose again. Eighteen straight. Good overall. But I know some of Euro upset this thing about this is going to be way more when Phoenix is the one pick it's going to be the two picked John Mark had been bacon and video other words if they're still want the pressure that you know like in Michigan State to another lead they're gonna learn we will surely get into their draft European what Luka. No we're not we're taking bags to put his name actually tune you should be happy about this not being a one pick me I don't are getting out of hand I don't think they're gonna let a guy rated 11 other guy and again he's got Killen at the work out thing bag at least in the NC we'll see we'll see I got one more available record. Next Hillary all right it appears Paxson much as time and Denver's done when free agency begins tomorrow. Case kingdom is going to sign with the Denver Broncos he is a better quarterback then Paxson lynch says you guys may know. Eighteen and finished the season with 3500 yards. Twenty touchdowns to seven interceptions for a quarterback he's proven that excellence has knocked. And you know he's got a couple years Lebanon's deals that don't go I think they'll move off of him probably 90 discuss or as a back up the next year or two. Then ultimately he will be released by the Denver Broncos and then who knows. You know who knows what will become of him will another team give him a chance. I don't know. I don't know I he hasn't shown anything he just hasn't shown anything and that's depressing. You know we had we had to carry over the guy's name did you and Albright we ended on an early and he said the reputation about Paxson LED's is that he's more inch that in play videogames is getting into the playbook and that's just to wrap. But it's hard to shake as a quarterback and heavily exactly you know and so. And he's been out votes I will say this to his credit. And I get why default excellence and it's a grim always been doing his post workout video that's it. A he's just trying to show you pay I'm working I'm in the gym everyday which he did watch L one C in the classroom but he just show me some some film you in the film room he should have been doing that went through years ago as a rookie in love exactly and so. There you have to think actually it is time as a Denver bronco is official Ali firms in your own thick Roger Ferguson here on deck in the very why your leg after that. Heard good things about Brady laughed they have high hopes for a vote that. And I went in the spring and see what he looks like yeah. So we come back Griffith quite trap is about the most annoying media member bracket. We were talking about instantly turned a bit about Tennessee. Lots to get to play charges that next Jason Dunn that'd Jennifer and yes it. As a leader in the treatment of red tile dysfunction the Memphis men's clinic is proud to introduce wave therapy the newest most advanced treatment for a tile dysfunction. 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For the announcement that Penny Hardaway will be the next biggest basketball coach how about that. I need to regularly get good players certainly. That's the part of the battle certainly in college basketball so. We will see it looked used to BA ya. And a willingness to coordinate Don who haven't been at church is that the highest possible level if they play or are certainly at the highest possible level her walk look. What faith do you think this is dangerous I just our luck to watch out what you wish for thank. Well I mean I don't know the first ball that think a lot of coaches and got beat by the quality player basically yeah so let's look at you at a really high quality player I don't know what the real risk is great frequently. It's not like Kenny Harley doesn't understand how to play basketball meat and a point guard at a high level. You know basketball to me is not that complicated not quite know each city and Ottawa basketball. Whether you're great basketball player or not could understand what you're being asked to you by and wore gray like but what about it or not overwhelming where it. If you put on a headset and stand on the sideline of a college football or in her opening. Even at its plant Eva Coley football. There's a very strong likelihood the you have no light you'll walk being that great you know. I think it got people something where you are better players can win it more often than not. Does it launch of its dramatic advantage when it comes about it all adults ages certainly we get it or heard it quite. Ordered toy and game tonight or the difference in overall talent becomes so less significant. But that they should have a lot better talent on average than most of the teams in their conference on a regular basis. It feels I sit claiming a lot to get to with you obviously but it goes a little bit to me like Phillip Fulmer. As the AD at Tennessee right leg Fuld former kind of put himself in position to get that AD job. Kind of the same way that penny has put himself in position to be a Memphis basketball coach at University of Memphis. Yeah I mean you get over to get his head coaching job to be spiritual and had to work your way out inclined to wait for coaching breaks you know be a lot of people still talk about how we get the architecture of at over John Major and what exactly went down their but he had to work your way up through the coach he brings is not like they'll all low wattage. A really successful high school football character that kind of (%expletive) you know what we beat this guy and a great job what it in the rain I think decisions like this. Are still relatively rare. But I don't necessarily I think Eric I thought they got to see certainly in the NFL term wage. Become Biggio love ya of the 49ers at least doing a pretty good job. Eddie came right out of the broadcasters. Currently step right out of the broadcast Booth and took over the warriors are certainly examples of guys you could point to. Who did not spend a lot of time at the Craig this is so to speak working their way up in the computer and before they ended up as characters. Yeah I think the risk clay with with penny in so much of Kenny told sort of did you figures don't put a good staff from Afghan town as you as you point out I think it's. That he's a booster you know has donated millions to the school and that he right now and as a U role. You know could it kind of controls a lot of the town the city and it if you did have to fire him now maligned image which will all coaches are to be fired. I don't think any orderly move saw anywhere. You you risk that you know met committee pissing off about it some of booster and possibly to get back into the U world. A guy that could tell players and they don't go to Memphis they did they were all I think that. That's that that's them. The risk without. I'd model and boy do I won't in this or has the quality of mental high school basketball. Not been as dominant in the last and I could be wrong you guys do this better than me. But in the last decade had there not been as many dominant players that they are or are they be content 1540 years. Or how about this because it's. So we actually we actually like. We we actually looked it up clay and and Memphis has produced the most Forestar or better recruits. In basketball since 2003 actually tied with New York City 31 Forestar better recruits since of three have got to Memphis so it's up a man clay don't say. The last 56 or ten years at that it's quite a bit because 2000 people walk I remember weight or are I think rolling. It seemed like every year Memphis had to recruit guys never got audit. I frankly I'd be honest don't pay much attention recruiting now and buy it back and two in general both football and basketball what they got busy with other saint. But I would be actually BC out of the ports are typical example I note this in general speaking. This figure national bird and that's Derek Burton. Our call on a college basketball I college football cock out yes all of and the city national was never a you know when I was growing up we occasionally had good players and football. But it the city's population has exploded as it tightened recovering your Nashville was producing a lot of four and five star guy gonna go to Butch Jones is recruiting classes. Even though all that talent didn't pan out all ward measure his success came from just getting the best or you're a national so you audited Aldridge grabbed. The trajectory moving up or I just don't know I think a lot of that has do you like that population in the site. Yeah but Eric seem to remember that dart out period in their later years it's dark out here. Was not recruiting them just as aggressively and had the column or the national recruiter Rita Margaret got out it. Beckett could be a little bit nervous just it equality of basketball and that this is not as good as it has been more range. Dart cal series going out get the best player in the country I think orderly need to be able to Peru they can also go out across the country get the best players just as well you can do and then just. I grad I had to think national profile as a part of it recorded between acting class certainly is stacked south at least in the short term. It looks to be promising formats and ask you though clay you had a very very interesting poll. They got almost 31000 votes while what's the most votes you've ever gotten on one poll is that up there. You know it's funny most of our polls now that's why I want to Twitter to dedicate our audience reaction. Will get the work of 40000 votes now particular order one that people weren't replied it could topical and hardly. I'll bet that big yeah I like all won't get over 40000 coach Alan. It's funny yes about between eight and the thousands of dollars to be able to get old like I am not only. Got Michael would necessarily represented about the nation got the all. But I think it's certainly representative of the audience they consumed out gave Clinton remark showed got a big audience at this point. And so I'd sometimes surprised by the results. And and this one last night that I put out but certainly a lot of people wanted to go to. Yeah oh that this year that is a good Paul that is a dilemma of a poll. Would then this is the question would you be OK with being married for six years if your husband or wife cheated on you during that marriage. But you got 100 million dollars. In the divorce it wasn't even close it was a route 76%. Of people said absolutely. My husband or wife concede on the I'll take the money. Were you surprised by that result. I was surprised at least 4% of people said they would if that's. To me half of marriages end in divorce right now I believe is still the number roughly anyway. So half of the people out there getting married or getting divorced regardless. It goes through people hate it also you know hundred million dollars. In exchange for six years of marriage I just I don't you guys are remotely caught decision it would help him. Toward greater human organs. Was working at an apparel store it sweep them. Which got hired to be yes purported fixed new. Yeah him. And without getting a job. Mary Tiger Woods and went from any 200 billionaire encourage your market data is an unbelievable trajectory for her and people up there likes her did she hurt her money come on. Cheating heart or whatever that Matt is eighteen million dollar a year election living. In North Korean prison during that time reaching the lyric to. A hundred million billionaire and a political good lifestyle. I think most people out there would take a hundred million dollars in a failed Barry typically it's your coach also. Was completely. Free in terms of not having to have been buried at all. PH a third or certainly had a hundred million dollar might need her as good looking issued the most eligible bachelorette in the history of the country. That's a good point but in fairness it was it was also very public. Are pleased that should be it was a very public these yeah. I mean I I don't agree more toward the one who attacked him with about what that I don't want quite yet it's probably impaired thinking after they reached it. By 50% of mayor it and you know I I just it I think they're very public nature of it. Gimme a break I think the vast majority of people think you're right now being boat all the course that the Republican. Circles as well. 300 billion dollar I can pretty much make paper many think are six years. Like we talk about your road to the final four and the 64 most annoying people was forced me another I should say in fairness to you this is a list that I think a lot of us would would love to be on. On they've got it's basically a who's who in terms of national sports media you sir are for a listens I don't know. Are are seeded number two in the Brittany can really region now you've got to I'm not so tough match up maybe a first round with Terry Bradshaw. Those numbers you could probably take a key to the voting totals are beyond any Terry Bradshaw has nothing. No negativity associated with and I don't heard anybody say it really got like a scratch off the signaling they could be yours and your yeah so you're old you remember the 1970 I don't bickered in those people. Or are voting in this poll so I can't look at the bracket that I've got it easy route to the sweet sixteen today and can't bear tick bite out like that it's fair to say he's colder I think some people walk or other people hate him. I think got to be a battle Ed I think outweigh the in and out of it yet to probably whoever all the top side of the bracket look like why are we get the W aided greatly. To advance the plot or that's. Britney can Arianna Yemen URG more hated than Britney and her. I mean I think that they're being great thing about that it in the elite eight in order to be hated. After all duke. All ought to write like we would create bipolar eight or her it doesn't matter where you're the president or they're all right senator. Orders speak your. Even if you're the best sports figure in a country like LeBron James like about 50% of people like you and about 50% of people HE. I think I've probably a bigger question on Britney Eric. I think they're guys probably won't give her the benefit of the doubt she's good looking human wall Gary. So I think it's probably likely that I would be your arm out war exit from down the top half upper bracket got into our records. I. Do you view it as an honor like to be so highly seeded at an end and you know how real contender in this bracket we're in big time bank. Look more people who hatred of America. The more money that you make it general like I edited Garnett like that the guy yet unclear values. The people who know me. Enjoy working with me indoor living with thank you what everybody else in America thinks I don't really a impact on me I disclosed on the beach house down and Rosemary beach on thirty yet. I'm political well when I sit back put my feet are. And double down at the ocean with a beer in front of me at my speech help. You can better damn bully yourself I'm not sit around they can make it. I wish more people likely I wish. I'm Lisa I was we are more popular on the Internet liberated a people. Who who decided they don't like you really don't hate her past acts as much as 10. Listen I take it are. That's a good life lesson man does that tell me out of nova log as rich as you but it to embrace sure haters because they have they have a role they they have there. Here's what I would say go up and if it's just her body and mediator who got a thought process that I had all or our ability to have what I need. It's a very rare no matter what you do. That people who are more successful than you'd. Spent time waiting on your success move to get great life lesson or no matter what you do whether you're great high school basketball coach. Whether you are this mortgage. Getting your high school what do you are working Ed yes sir FedEx deliver our beaten. If you work good at what you do it's very rare that somebody who is better being viewed at what they do inside disliking. Right and I think that the general behavior eight I think it typically predicated air and austere. By people who are upset at their old the lack of success I need to act to protect it or could you or your access it and there are thirty times or I've found myself thinking man I hate this person who has more successful than I am and I spent time but I equate that focused on the I think in general spectator scene is predicated. All of people who are unhappy with their own lives and their current projected onto other month. Or critics don't understand right I mean I think they don't understand. There hate your the other side of the coin prologue you know people say oh my god I try to say that I owe you everything go this is decided early Garnett but what they don't realize. Is that people who love me are gonna love me even or based on what I say and the people who hate your gonna hate me even more and I don't really worry about to change anybody's. And I think it's it is a good day and stress for doing. Why you're Charles Barkley told me that throughout the error. Couple years ago. Because the minute that you start to worry about the people who don't quite cute. People who aren't like you won't like you anymore manic a lot of extra adolescent furlong pole regardless what their background is on social yet at this water or lose so people are public and so many different ways. Interest and then we wanted to ask you to play Utah we that your supporting the legalization of medical marijuana here in Tennessee it's going to be a close vote. How do you see it shaken out. Well first of all if you could pull out that we got believe one of the guys who lives. Also a boat you're in it it was an area right now I guess yeah. Brian Kelsey and he's totally undecided I think is Twitter is at Bryant LC. On what I I think guys completely well ideally quicker period it pretty secure the war. And so I think they're about to target our law enforcement spinning. Trying to worry about something like medical marijuana when they're all I guarantee you a lot of people listening to us right now. Rick had enabling our first caller you'll look air behind a loss of appetite. Pain issues. And they had to go by when you legally corporate corporate boss ordered all Koroma who works. Or something that is that medically it really does make an impact in their ability at all your life. And I think that your yet an absolute minimum between a doctor and patient and so I don't like yeah right yet. Our of our police officer all the birdies you excel like yeah yeah you know people like alike are comfortable coming out. You know like. Yeah I mean aren't you pushing for the legalization of marijuana. In the critical seat a senator like that says they're bright Kelsey your risk of what people in the district are looking at right now I think try to make up this morning and it will agree would mean. Then I think we gonna OK okay. I make it look like Travis I think code for the bill they're sharp they currently would be I think you're really cargo air a lot of people of of reasonable minds or a lot of people will odds against it and I happened before so uncertain why you have an advocate for our capacity and I think it's the right direction. For the state of my country. They had a claim they're appreciated time is always meant thank you. Paper audit report yep yeah physically. Travis supporter of medical marijuana and what is going. So the interest interest. No news obviously. On Tubby Smith that won't come out again until 4 o'clock but. In a minute what it is what it is we know what that meeting will entail just BM really have frankly a matter of how they choose a word it right like. Is it a party way we run is it of firing his today you know however you wanna dress it up it is what it is. And Tubby Smith will not continue as the University of Memphis basketball coach and they will inter. A quarter quote coaching search I hated for him on her margin on a talk or Geoff Calkins. This morning and mark. A bank scams that have that he thinks so we might be interest in Georgia problem has Georgia's already offered the position of that month was the timing a little different for tubby in the sense that but he could have put in his. It always did over there and and I would Georgia but life of me like rob Elster says the B a spot for television if if it's not a Georgia don't look like will be and I could be back home is Almonte why does. Dot what is Doug Gottlieb obsessed with Memphis. Like he's tweet about Memphis again. It doesn't get it he doesn't seem to be particularly informed on the situation as a free tweeted a few hours ago. Tubby Smith is owed one point six million guaranteed over the next six years of no offset if Memphis fires and today there will be no Georgia Tech to save them financially. Yet but of course Doug what we hit it. But we know that. He needs to realize that that's actually a plus for us who have that this actually won't. The fact that you've got six years to pay off his contract he's only got three left on the and look at. In this since Memphis is making this move to to save money. You're you're making this move debate Serbia to save money. You you would you stand to lose more if you keep Tubby Smith some maturity he knows the map he got he got into a fight with Gary Russell Madeleine William but that was with that was. You know. That was just sportswriters going bad and there wasn't much meat there are the owners tailgate to liberty get well and that's what Gary does it is it is not very difficulty with automatic automatic. It doesn't seem like no it and not have your stuff straight yeah exactly your ducks are no question about it art will come back double file was or is that once when he Bob we were talking about Memphis basketball and more Jason and Jon did you have been ESP. Jason and Jon show and cash chances at the top of every hour weekdays money. Jason yeah. 7 AM eight million. 1 PM 2 PM 3 PM. Yeah what if people had a battery level icon. Like on your phone you see a lot of us walking around all they needed a real challenge. Thankfully there's great tasting by our energy needs because just once sugar free for calorie. Despite an intact five hour energy shot can recharge your batteries all the way back to 100%. And is it like better 100%. Five hour energy to get back to 100%. For more information go to five hour energy dot com Patrick was waived. I know unease IRS taxes yeah. Way over my head. But the the total amount and the Latvians were pulled just over 30000 dollars 30000. Dollars. 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They grow gonna be right I got Cincinnati going to the final four but if for some reason it looks like that is gonna get upset. In their first game I can change it so as my bracket doesn't get busted before carmody who. Start the Sunni change of the low points if that's works I'm now a five hour energy brackets dot com that's our our energy bracket that army has no five hour energy helps you feel alert and energized. He shots that were vitamins nutrients. Zero shiver in four calories in Reagan's second spilled amendments last for hours dumb are you talking about being wrong. You and rob dostum both off you know who's come in for the final four out of the south it's Tennessee let me tell you how they get their brother they're not golf right state then they beat Miami. Then they take down Cincinnati John all they have to do after that is beat number one seeded Virginia they're gonna do. At malls or Phil Gramm we've taken Tennessee to the final. Four grand total differ he's still there for a soldier first Ed given their for like ten years of soldiers you tell me you did you tell me to get a real job. You can't watch games I've no worries we got you covered play five hour energy brag on every device and any location standing game longer. With five hour standard old Rick Barnes racquet. Pick a little bit and use 40. It's not like huge but it is interesting we had diaries about on the show pennies trainer in the trainer of many top athletes that come through the city. Amid his what do you say his. Classes are like 25 bucks. I don't know how they got a biggie and he said he charters or by plea by buddy class he texted me during our opens them. Noon and he we do that's when we were going down that list of death of of players prospects of an officer of the Memphis and minerals found is that he turned every one of them while. While. And obviously Penny Hardaway also. And he was the first when they sort of mentioned navy PR is gonna be a part of team USA right well. Now look at that now we have our understanding. Darius Garland who is a committed to Vanderbilt out of Brentwood and Penny Hardaway have both been chosen to represent the 2018. USA basketball men's junior national select team. At the Nike hoops Summitt moved and so Garland is obviously before you guys get all you know what you get the vapors. There's Garland is signed the band. He's sun's data about you were about in the papers yeah he's signs that without him I think everybody like if Kenny comes in contact with a player he automatically just people assume he's got his exile that they have pity breeds sort of subdued and he is identical to viewers in Memphis and people are say he's got a missile DJ I swear I didn't even though she I won't get to that in just a minute but yes so there you go Penny Hardaway gonna be a part of that USA basketball men's who's who's in that met many that will give us a window what matters is who exactly will tell me the other not just the players but I want an obvious as the coach as well as well Wallace left. Like as Paul Hewitt who has been with the USA best walk in the past is he associated with that's true I just don't know the roster set let me look here. The Nike hoops Summitt. Mayhew who somebody to be a big deal in Memphis we say happy here early yeah we had bad young here. Like it in the hoop summit if we used to have a year. Of a hairy guy got all the players believe this is she's. This is juice. All right and you look and see if these are all signed somewhere okay. Most of them will be but let me get up on my trusty you know to force of sports spirit Goran Darius basically. Where Seattle now. And give me enough time. As he had let's say he's he's committees here are you up yet a cut bull bull. Are indeed playing with O'Connor ran over Ed yeah prep right now is I want to say he's undecided as the as he committed this the undecided for a. If he's organ. OK I do not have been untouchable there is Garland we know bandy Tyler heroes see on the side of the he's going to Kentucky right. Noon or so that's right out he's gonna Kentucky. As Lucy Kelvin Johnson. From Oak Hill is and pretty Simons and Kentucky. The kid I NG its plan OK okay X actually says this Trey Jones the other brother ties Jones is going to do obviously. Louis king is going to organ Romeo Langford. He is an Australia announcing his name on the top on the list it is a farce Oregon yes he is undecided in his decisions not come until April. Okay. Dave didn't and Freddie Simons is on this list 0000. The man was named after a penny. There you go dog is your destiny silence to play for any us IA I think I believe his leader on for a foursome sports and some people are sand. They might be he may not go to college but I think his leader announced Tennessee yeah there you go I mean right now if you go to an US AB dot com the head coach is Mike Jones. Both. And then there's one assistant coach. And a steady Carla I see your Romeo Langford six one and we've we won't get him he's got. He's got UNC GC OH AI think it is avoiding bad dale but and pretty Simons. Is a target. He's there I mean the guy I was literally named after a and he plays a penny son die MG pennies on who saw. Prep school yet after flying over for his father at east for one you're a grown up in Miami Florida belief. I think JR was going to be here maybe Red Shirts but I think your beard and I think. While he's down and don't talk interning Simon's in the complaint for his namesake. I mean. Why would you use that drop at the sarcastic. I don't think anybody admits appreciate why would it be sarcastic as it does not sound off on a bad time and it sound like science. It sounded very sarcastic committee. To tell me at ease my drops some pennies go investigate Simon's. He doesn't do anything without a without a poignant OK so speaking of Vijay Jeffrey I think you're right on that there's no doubt about it and he's put himself in a position to where mr. really basically had to hire him. Stated the Jefferies though. Then of people are anxious to get Finney always first recruiting lost I don't call he'll be in that desperate to get tubby isn't first recruiting loss before he got to doubt that there were many. A thirty day Jefferies committed to Kentucky amid a standing Kevin. Respondents who have Kentucky fan and said. That is definitely gonna be big blue nation after penny does work on this kid. You write I guess apparently just tweeting that you know he's gonna flip or whatever and indeed they Jefferies and liked that week. Now baby DJ not only recently he had I don't like you're saying that he said after Australia prize that he still going be be here one night he said it he he. I think he's as being sarcastic mice treated tweet that I don't have the Tweety was respondents in the guy deleted it. But he says it's definitely gonna be big blue nation after page does work on this kid. You right. And then follow a big blue tie I think tiger's the man that is he being such as we saw those big we don't if I mean that's the way tiger nation listening and Henry that's sweet that's what it's. Yes sounds like DJ like that we don't maybe be dated really rearranged and amendments added they photos that would probably mean it's always a rod Oster proposed a look at this is opinion authorities there are I would tell you these other coach that I'm sorry but keep in my. Played last summer for maintaining we have his father on yesterday Corey Jeffries who John put the quote on Twitter says. If can't operate on its right now with getting out there but if he when he if and when he did become the coach he's some they'd have to take a long look at look at your Penny Hardaway. Right now and you've got DJ Jeffries who had Al coming in here back and forth right.